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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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but officials say they fear more suspects with access to explosives are still on the loose lawrence lee al jazeera. still ahead on a zero. clinical one region in spain pinning its hopes for independence on the outcome of sunday's election. and all aboard the beast by central american migrants are attempting a risky new route into the u.s. . hello it's still raining in china and the showers all heavy but not in the same place is not consistent line of rain this this is daily manifestation so you get some pretty big down pools for example in one g.b.
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hasn't like a hundred sixty millimeters in twenty four hours on saturday by sunday i've got a picture of rain spreading through going down towards hong kong again and sporadic outbreaks right as far up as sichuan but everywhere but the humidity you'll smell it you're feeling and you'll hear the thunder of a nonevent looks to draw a picture on monday for most of the south because the last about for the north through one of the yangtze valley and that tails off towards vietnam increasingly places like vietnam cambodia and thailand where the showers a light to build the whole lot has moved north it was concentrating in indonesia for the last few weeks but now the rain is nasty spreading though north into some philippines too and that consists of moksha just on the edge of screen that circulation is a trying to form tropical cyclone which is at sea at the moment my head towards india so everything's moving north in the point of view of cloud and rain which bring some rain up into sri lanka as well but of course mostly the story in india
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and bangladesh is the pre monsoon heat. the weather sponsored by catherine was. overthrown and exiled they a point they got to say before all the swiss army she knew an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth was forged by and we will not negotiate issue is the tool of the long war look for change this return of a president on al-jazeera.
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but again you're watching and you see a reminder now of our top stories this protest leaders and the military in sudan reached a deal to form a joint council made up of people from both sides will discuss a peaceful transition to civilian rule this comes after weeks of protests calling on the military to immediately hand over power. government has urged people to move to higher ground in the wake of another powerful cycle forecasters are predicting more heavy rain and that could lead to flooding and mudslides sri lanka's president has planned to griefs accused of being behind the easter sunday bombings security forces have been carrying out rates around up more suspects sunday mass at catholic churches has been canceled and fears of more attacks. a man is in custody in the u.s. after a shooting at a synagogue in the city a poet in california one person was killed then at least four people were injured in the attack on the chabad synagogue shooting happened just after celebrations had
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begun to mark the final day of passover she had written c. is live for us following this story from washington so she what more are we hearing about this. well about one hundred congregants gather at the synagogue some thirty seven kilometers north of san diego as the last day of passover when this nineteen year old white male entered and began firing a semiautomatic rifle four people were heads one woman as you said has died from her injuries three other people in stable condition two adult males and one female child there are some other interesting details there were as the gunman fled he was given chased by someone who was in the synagogue who was an off duty border patrol agent who shot up the that the fleeing vehicle but didn't manage to stop stop the gunman but then the governor himself contacted authorities giving
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his precise location when authorities arrived he surrendered peacefully so that's how it all ended relatively rapidly it would appear now the question is what is the motive and some new sources including n.b.c. have now identified the gunman if it is indeed this person to have been a white supremacist anti semitic christian fundamentalist manifesto of sorts that's been circulating in his name for the last several hours which is suggesting that this is a specific anti semitic hate crime but nothing officially announced by law enforcement as they are conducting their investigation as the president trump also said it does look like this was a specific on the some of that attack. my deepest sympathies go to the. people that were affected the families their loved ones by the obviously looks right now based on my last conversation looks like
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a hate crime hard to believe. hard to believe with respect to the synagogue in california near san diego and. we're doing some very heavy research we'll see what happens what comes up at this moment it looks like a hate crime but my deepest sympathies to all of those affected so we had the president there as she had saying it's hard to believe. that this this attack was a hate crime but given that there's been a rise in a spate of hate crimes in the u.s. recently there shouldn't be that hard to believe. right and there's always we should put this in the context of the u.s. history which is a long rich history of incredibly violent white supremacist attacks on minorities but yes there has been a specific spike in recent years of reported hate crimes against minorities are adamant there is a debate underway as to whether the president himself with his rhetoric is
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encouraging white supremacists white extremists to become more confident is interesting that in this manifesto if it is indeed tied to the government this government all of these in the manifesto it's all trump isn't right wing enough but which were true it will be used if it is connected to the gum and so there is this debate underway one just on friday donald trump was courting controversy once again by suggesting that those white supremacists who marched in charlottesville in twenty seventeen that there were some very fine people among them even though that was billed as an anti semitic white supremacist racist racist mob having said that to the donald trump is also using the spike for his own political ends it's clear that i was twenty twenty approaches he's not trying to present the democratic party as anti sematic and that's going to be part of his message going to be election because more and more democrats are speaking out against the extreme right wing government in israel the illegal occupation of palestinian land the brutality of
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the occupation so he's taking a leaf out of benjamin netanyahu his book which is to save him and he criticism of the policies of this particular right wing government is therefore the semantic and we're going to see that go on and on so i think we can expect no matter what actually happened what was motivating this gunman this all to be politicized pretty quickly in fact don't trump has a big rally coming up in the next few hours. he live in washington thanks yet. venezuela has said it will withdraw from the organization of american states on saturday the oas recognizes opposition politician as venezuela's interim leader earlier this year he asked the good to ignore my daughter's request to leave you organization or those supporters are carrying on with protests across the country demanding more do those ouster or his supporters have been holding their own rally the president has refused to step down despite international pressure he's accused of leading a corrupt government that's left the country struggling with nationwide power cuts
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and worsening economic conditions. a colombian tribunals has ordered the arrest of a former rebel commander because he failed to take part in the reconciliation process headline that laid down his weapons in twenty sixteen but a special tribunals he failed to provide testimony about his war crimes thousands of former far have taken part in the peace process and in return received assurances they won't serve jail time. a mexico is dealing with unprecedented numbers of migrants seeking a new life over the border in the united states thousands of migrants have walked all the way from guatemala honduras and other countries despite warnings from u.s. presidents that they're not welcome. as the story. outside a small church and don't allow mexico several dozen central american migrants are
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taking a break from the exhausting heat for most of these people faith centers like this church are among the few places left where they still feel welcome. notice it all in is for us and is here with eight members of her family she says she was recently chased down by mexican immigration agents and hasn't found much sympathy from the mexican people but a symbol that when they think we're criminals but we're not it's true there are all kinds of people in the caravans but we're being cursed for the sins of others some places we've been one even let us use the toilets and my kids have been denied water how could you deny a child water we're all human beings. over the past few months in mexico there's been a shift in public opinion toward migrants many business leaders in the state of chiapas have closed their doors to central americans publishing videos online portraying migrants as disease ridden criminals people in chiapas no longer come out to donate food and water like the ones did it would appear the migrant caravans have worn out
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their welcome. droney leave into also from on duty us says that without support from local communities migrant shelters are a last resort but the shelters can't provide for everyone. is that coming up we're going to say like oh now you we're not on this journey because we want to hurt anyone we're here because we want to better lives for our families we would never hurt anyone here in mexico they are brothers and we respect them but at the same time we wish they would stand by us because they do feel there is a lot of discrimination against us migrants and that is not fair. several hundred migrants have gathered along the train tracks their goal is to head as far north as possible we're standing atop a train car in the town of out in southern mexico many migrants who are worried about being detained while walking on the side of the road will opt for hopping on one of these freight trains this one's called the law or the beast but hopping on top of one of these trains carries its own risks and over the years many migrants
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have died falling off the sides of these train cars right. just before sunset migrants began to rush the train many of them women with young children. no longer feeling safe traveling in caravans it appears migrants are resorting to the back roads and train routes of the past even if it means a whole new set of risks when measured up and. down mexico. says in spain will be heading to the polls on sunday for this third election in less than five years no single party is predicted to win an outright majority after a campaign that's been dominated by the rise of the far right and the issue of catalonia is independence so new guy has more. in the capital madrid there was an awful lot of anticipation as to how the results of these elections are set to turn
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out the most fragmented seen in years unprecedented situation for this country which has seen really the dominance of two major parties the left wing socialists and the right wing people's party but dissatisfaction with that status quo has allowed for new parties to emerge through that gap that the socialists currently ahead in the polls looks set to take most of the votes but they still will lack any kind of majority to be able to fully form a government they will have to go into coalition if they cannot do that than that falls on to the right wing people's party who will then have to do a deal with the far right box party party that has been draining the support from the people's party for the way that it has galvanized anger at the situation in catalonia meanwhile ahead of that vote forty percent of the electorate are still undecided and that is something that party leaders have been grappling with all the
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way to the polls. and many catalonians are hoping sunday's results will help their cause independence leaders have been rallying supporters some of them for prison john holl reports from barcelona. the letters of support arrived regularly after eighteen months in prison and on trial in a drip catalans haven't forgotten pro independence former interior minister for him and his wife laura and their daughters know that you are kim hasn't forgotten them the desert island that is in my desert was a us. thing that he called next year we don't celebrate together and his mission is that. the trial of twelve cattle and independence leaders on charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds follows the region's referendum and unilateral declaration of independence which was met by police violence in two thousand and seventeen it's taken on heavy significance for a movement struggling to reassert itself last in search of
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a way to achieve its goal. i see very clearly that people don't feel like compromising in the sense of giving up of recognising that they are renouncing it i don't see that it is possible that some people may think that we need more time that it doesn't have to be an immediate but i don't see any reason nation at all if not now then what is to happen in the interim at the national level spain's socialist government may pay a heavy price in this weekend's election for its attempts to negotiate over catalonia a surge in support for the far right nationalist vox party risks dragging the entire political landscape to the right making a compromise over cattle and separatist aspirations seem less likely than ever if those first shift to the right and the radical right in spain everything is going to be more difficult because these parties in the right have the explicit proposal
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of imposing self direct rule on that alone yet again so it's not going to be only a matter off of the in the pens project but they're very. very core of the self government and the old don i mean that was recovered during their off of the market and so perhaps inevitably there's a quiet shift towards a more pragmatic approach because it is this is hard to see the republican unless the main political party of the roughly fifty percent of catalonia sing supported independence some of its leaders you can see are in prison addressing the crowd here by live video link the message increasingly is that unilateral action didn't work the way forward now is through dialogue and political legitimacy. that means winning as many seats as possible in the national parliament and influencing change from within the dream of independence isn't getting any closer but it does remain
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very much alive joe the whole al-jazeera barcelona. security forces in afghanistan are free dozens of prisoners from a jail run by the taliban u.s. special forces joined a raid in province the jail was housing mainly security officers some had been tortured during their detention eight taliban members were killed in the operation . in france and the government yellow vests protesters have charged their police in the city of trant strasbourg group tried to cross a bridge to get to the european parliament but they were pushed back by riot police it is the twenty fourth weekend in a row yellow vest demonstrations have been held across france the protests come despite president announcing a series of tax cuts this week aimed at appeasing the movement. chinese president xi jinping says more than sixty four billion dollars worth of deals have been signed at a summit promoting his country's so-called belt and road initiative that china is
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planning to build trade routes through asia africa and into europe russian president vladimir putin was there to show his support and in an apparent swipe at u.s. president donald trump warned countries against starting trade wars. but sure nobody wants any restrictions nobody wants any trade wars except maybe only for those who start these processes an overwhelming majority are lost a hundred percent are sure that all these restrictions harm the development of the world economy. he says al jazeera it's going to round up of our top stories protest leaders and the military in sudan have reached a deal to form a joint council made up of people from both sides they'll discuss a peaceful transition to civilian rule that's after weeks of protests calling on the military to immediately hand over power i'm an adult has more from khartoum.
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deterrence asked very sketchy and all we know is that they have agreed to establish what they're calling a transitional solving console what's going to lead the country for a period before elections are organized now that this is been the main point of contention in hawke's between the military the transitional military consul and the civil society organizers of the process as well as sudan's opposition parities a man is in custody in the u.s. after a shooting at a synagogue in the city of poway california one person has been killed in a least four people injured in the attack on the synagogue she has returned she has more from washington. the us has a long history of white supremacist violence against against minorities but clearly the house has been
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a spike donald trump and this is been an issue just in the last week where once again he said that the the extreme right wing rally in charlottesville and twenty seventeen there were good people on both sides even though this was an explicitly far right wing white supremacist rally where anti semitic trance drums were made of actually has a big campaign rally coming up it will be interesting to see whether this does immediately get sucked in to that political rhetoric that the we're seeing around the issue of the semitism right now mozambique's government has people to move to higher ground in the wake of another powerful cycle and forecasters are predicting more heavy rain and that could lead to flooding and mudslides. sri lanka's president has banned two groups accused of being behind the easter sunday bombings security forces have been carrying out raids to round up more suspects. those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now and it's inside story.
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it's twenty five years since the end of apartheid in south africa the end of segregation of white minority rule so how different is the country a quarter of a century on how much is the racial divide still an issue in the rainbow nation this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan it was in one thousand nine
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hundred ninety four that forty six years of apartheid came to an end and south africans voted for a new future with a new president nelson mandela during his five years in power he boosted spending on health and education trying to bridge the huge gap between black and white communities but today is african national congress party is accused of not doing enough and south africans head to the polls next month in a general election so one of the issues for voters now al-jazeera is how to tussle reports from johannesburg. mock them uneasy demand is a feeling of euphoria in one thousand nine hundred four when apartheid ended and nelson mandela became south africa's first black president she believed ending a white minority rule would mean a better life for the poor black majority decades of oppression since then she's been waiting for the government to provide her with a decent home and she hasn't managed to find work in eons. and open up
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my cupboards and see i have nothing no food i have to go outside and house in order to eat something before going to beit so why should i take my id book and go out there to vote when i'm suffering. in soweto township we meet. he was a member of the football club founded in the one nine hundred eighty s. by nelson mandela's wife winnie a group that was politically active during apartheid twenty five years after the end of racial segregation he says he's angry and disappointed with the african national congress led government. jobs. we are hungary is because of those guys not the. easy. thing for the people to protest over poverty poor public services and unemployment happen almost daily there's a general election on may eighth and the a.n.c. is facing mounting public anger over its failure to improve the lives of millions of black people. given no real knowledge we have while the successes.
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just the challenges. and all over the road to accuse us to protest but everything must be done within the law the legacy of apartheid where black people were considered inferior to whites and not given the same opportunities is partly why africa remains one of the most equal societies in the world since one thousand nine hundred ninety four more people do have access to clean running water education and healthcare even though many say those services are poor these are some of the houses are built by the government for the poor are provided for free others are subsidised millions i've been built since one thousand nine hundred ninety four but there are still housing shortages blamed many on corruption and millions of south africans continue to live in abject poverty they won the right to vote twenty five years ago today the struggle is with economic freedom which many say still feels
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a long way off. al-jazeera. the president says the day apartheid ended is one that won't be forgotten. why started a place with great deliberation. south africans of different races on opposite and off the scale of human endeavor and development. all the matters. they created trying to heal from front to it was a deep division in sold off on size. well before we bring in today's guests let's take a quick look at how we got here apartheid began in south africa in one nine hundred forty eight when the whites minority national party took power and introduced a system of segregation and discrimination against black south africans in one nine hundred sixty in the township of shop till police opened fire on protesters who
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were demonstrating against a law that required black people to carry identification passes sixty nine people were killed sparking riots across the country four years later the leader of the a.n.c. elson mandela was given a life sentence and spent twenty seven years in jail before being freed in one nine hundred ninety in one thousand nine hundred four mandela was elected president of the party eight was ended the president then set up the truth and reconciliation commission chaired by archbishop desmond tutu which began holding hearings on human rights crimes. so let's bring in our guests for today joining me from johannesburg is a human rights activist with a special focus on african governments and development from london joseph chain a commentator on south african affairs and former columnist at new africa magazine and from cape town via skype. ny to who's a researcher at the institute for global dialogue a south african think tank welcome to you all let's start with you ayesha have
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notes and mandela's dreams of a rainbow nation where everyone is equal where people are able to access their basic human economic concern rights and those dreams been realized over the last twenty five years. not at all. there has been some movement in terms of the enrichment of a small number of black middle class and. elites in the economy but really you find that. this is still a very very divided society socially culturally politically and economically and that dream of a rainbow nation has largely become a nightmare of a ghetto wise society where the poor are becoming poorer and the rich are becoming richer essentially broad and deep levels of corruption have become endemic both
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within the public sector and the private sector and you have a population that has become very very disenchanted with its government and with the promises of a better life that were made twenty five years ago joseph do you agree with that to what extent are race based inequality racism and racial resentment still rife in south africa. i think it's total the only thing i would add is the. president for there was saying earlier that the tragedy of up a tide is the rush of discrimination but actually for me out now on the twenty five years later it is actually. economic injustice which is not at the center bomb large i think. progress has been made a huge amount of it and twenty five years on all of us must celebrate that father care is free and democratic but also celebrate the fact that perhaps the guys who are actually making the decisions of the end of it are people who are mandated by
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the vast majority of south africans without bomb lives that are a hindrance but that having been said i think there's a huge amount of lost opportunities one when mandela was still alive and then to the early part of the liberation struggles where other already suggested we did not really radically sufficiently inject our resources in the direction that with this the south africa necessarily needed i think that probably needed to have big relief from tony blair not particularly popular these days when they came to power in one thousand nine hundred seven in there in the u.k. the proposed and indeed implemented a windfall tax i suggested some of these things to my friends in south africa probably ten or so years ago and many of them probably thought it was something rather too radical the idea was that actually to show how to shift the privilege the privilege is in the economic relations of africa which is in the hands still a lot of eighty percent eighty percent privileged eighty percent of the economy in
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the hands of very few wise and even much fewer blocs into the hands of the vast majority of those other control the white and black but particularly black and that language that i don't particularly like colored. solution why do you have just saying that progress has been made we should celebrate that but there have been lost opportunities do you agree with that how much responsibility for south africa's current situation does the a.n.c. have to bear i think part of what joseph is saying is accurate there were lost opportunities but i think we've also got to bear in mind that it wasn't a go she added settlement and it is in those negotiations there were compromises that were made with the arc of being a party group beam around certain. kind of issues particularly the sunset clause which essentially guaranteed some kind of protection of the bill service under the be a parted regime guaranteeing such exists except now here's where the structural
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issues come in because what when you allow those kinds of compromises to take place in the been negotiated settlement you've got to be able to understand what the structural implications are for your your policy implementation the kind of inequality that your heritage both structurally as well as in terms of the inequality that pointed out in terms of what currently underpinning the south african landscape and one potently with whether or not you feel so twenty five years later i think we can we can we have certain elements of the democratic process that we need to recognise and commence particularly the constitution but there are other different difficulties that have set in particularly in terms of the unemployment problem and rick or the way the spatial inequality of our cities has not been. addressed in a in a pragmatic way or for that matter the fact of the issues around leadership you
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asked you know is this the south africa that a mandela would have left behind i think one of the challenges we have in this country is assuming that everybody coming after mandela. behave like wind ella and so we have a constitution that tends to not necessarily provide feels safe mechanisms checks and balances accountability in terms of holding the president and what some of the the government in power the leadership that emerges all. in terms of their accountability and transparency and culpability in but we are now seeing in terms of capture corruption except for and the frustrations missed being amongst a generation on the board freeze the and so forth all right and they are becoming frustrated i said i see you smiling that why does the inequality between rich and poor black and whites in south africa continue is it down to to the constitution.
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no i think i think solutions right in that we do have a very good constitution unfortunately quite often the constitution and the supporting legislation are actually not upheld in practice that's one issue i also disagree with the new. you know whereas yes we had a negotiated settlement and sunset clauses etc twenty five years on the bureaucracy is fairly well transformed throughout government across all levels at national provincial and local government levels you find that there's you know there's a level of transformation that has occurred in the public service i don't think that's been a structural issue at least for the last ten years what have been issues i think are three major ones firstly there's been in sufficient economic transformation what people here young people here tend to call radical economic transformation so what we're left with is a very very small layer of
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a black elite pretty much no black middle class and then many black black people especially in rural areas and perry urban areas still living at a level of poverty or just above the poverty line. added to that you know unemployment for the fact is decreasing health and education standards etc all play role but that's the one though the economic plans from asian a second thing is the endemic corruption as as i mentioned. and the third is the lack of transfer of the land back into people's hands and they will come to those issues in more detail shortly solution just briefly before we go back to joseph you want to reply to that . yeah i think the challenge is that the sunset clause was created and you had to i mean there was this compromise what i was trying to imply and what perhaps i missed it my comment was that there wasn't policy that led created
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a cut and of address for the vacuum that that that this led in terms of skills transfer in terms of yes we may have a transformed bureaucracy at all three levels of government we also have a bloated bureaucracy that has created a severe pressure on the wage bill in terms of g.d.p. we have a public sector that's essentially the point six million we have a structural condition we have all been ization rapid we have people in the age group between fifteen and thirty four that have a forty percent unemployment this is all kind of the structures in which our education system is not meeting up to the standard the skills deficit is happening and we're trying to create growth at five percent which will take about twenty five years to address some of these structural challenges so what has happened is the impact of some of these policy decisions that have been taking place has been around trying to address some of the challenges in terms of transformation but not necessarily addressing transformation as if one in four south africans is
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unemployed an estimated two hundred thousand people are homeless universal access to health care and electricity is still not guaranteed in your opinion what's going wrong. yes many things actually did go wrong and i would also suggest that it would be extremely unfair for the for us to to to to suggest that they'd rather. if you're a consensus best course to titian is that is the cause of the problem is absolutely not if anything actually the fact actually that this guy's had it negotiated settlement is probably the more reason for the block majority leaders of the time to have actually blackmail if you like in a sensible way you know the guys who are going to hold power the problem is actually not even the size of government. miss him to be suggested is actually the structural element of the economy like i said before eighty percent of the south african wealth in this arc of steel is in the hands of
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a substantial minority land has not landed from has not been met in fact unlike zimbabwe where a wonderful was part of the constitution of settlement you know as i understand it it is not necessary and was not necessarily the case in south africa that is one of the reasons why you know i think the answer is sort of nearly to the vast majority of south africa and for granted before the various reasons the some of which have already been isn't it in the light of economy freedom body can mean so right now they're riding on it but the bottom line is still leadership is required in south africa or beyond the political leadership of the african national congress to create this tradition in which the vast majority of south africans actually see a gender vast to a political operative and the general advice to economy coverage i just want to just forward just to pick up on what you were saying that to what extent of those growing up in south africa today those born after the end of apartheid still being affected by the apartheid systems policies and as you point out that white people
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still have the largest proportion of wealth and yet form the smallest proportion of the population. oh i think it's going to continue for a very long time and my two colleagues will agree just walk into your home is big and it will not is the mindset of the people their manner of pramod which is actually good not necessarily talked about it is huge i think minutes of africans in the ordinary terms still will perhaps believe that it is business as usual and so came to see whatever they actually see you know i think it was incumbent upon the leadership including with mr mandela himself when they came into power to recognize this other they were taking over from it is interesting that the africans who actually fought with the south africans from a distance know look and see some of these issues there's no reason why the guys in charge in south africa could and should not see and i'm not saying they're not nestle seeing but see it enough for them to simply say that well they needed to
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make sure that they enable and not really transform south africa politically bottom line which has been and in fact the constitution is a strength rather than a weakness for that matter but economy the issue is i think the nearest person to attempt you know boldly to have some of those conversations with somebody probably a slightly different topic and as you know towards the end of his time he was not particularly very very popular isolation we talked about the negotiations that the concessions that led to the end of the past eight regime. to work said there was the failure of the state to completely implement the truth and reconciliation commission's recommendations further south africa's increasing inequality and led to where we are now. i think that the failure to implement the recommendations of the t r c is very very serious indeed because it
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is what has led to the frustrations of many people in south africa today particularly young people because the mindset of those who were privileged under apartheid has in many instances not shifted at all and part of the reason for that is that there wasn't sufficient follow up from the t r c for example where in you know they were they were as amnesty for disclosure but in many instances full disclosure was not made in many instances people weren't actually brought to book so people haven't seen justice to have been done and that is why there is still a very very huge and deep level of resentment among south africans because they feel that there was who really benefited from apartheid have not actually. paid any price whatsoever and are unwilling to even compromise for example on standards of living so that what you have today you asked about those people born frees we
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call them here are people born after one thousand nine hundred four those people still have. an equal access to educational opportunities and equal access to justice and equal access to health care etc and that is. hardening and solidifying a very deep vein of resentment and frustration among young people we've seen this come up in things like the fees and asked for protest i was as you know working at this university at the time and i've seen that the grievances that young people were bringing to the fore were actually legitimate grievances that you know that young people really don't know how to handle. themselves in this urban environment that is so very equal not just economically but also social culturally so joseph has transitional justice as a concept been
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a success in south africa i would suggest no one and actually it's very very sadly . the case that it hasn't really been and as i just been said it would appear that is something that we simply say that lead let's have a change without the gun and let guys basically go ahead and get away that is actually extremely unfair and unfortunate do you know want twenty five years on i really don't know how many born frees or south africa actually know their own history and i'm talking about contemporary history how many of them know what and what of the rest of africa actually contributed in part partly surprisingly now a minute this guy is blaming africans migrating into south africa when the reality of the bottom of this face is actually right in south africa is of south africa which is a big challenge and on that i actually think there has been insufficient leadership from the guys who are leading the n.c. most of whom were people who know very well they either lived abroad and supported
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abroad or actually they knew that they were leading this process that it was a global thing and the global support for the liberation struggles of africa was across the race so really the bottom while the privileged white in south africa remain if you like racial the vast majority of the inequalities and injustices is a really grab my for more economical and structural than necessarily racial or a solution. is the a.n.c. irredeemably corrupt would south africa twenty five years after the end of apartheid be betteroff now in the hands of the democratic alliance with the economic freedom fighters is it time to give someone else ago i think the challenge here is what joseph has been arguing and what. has been alluding to and that is the question of dealing with leadership and of course the question within the political part of the and see is the factional politics that seems to under the under plan the politics of the party and tends to school over into the politics of
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the state and that in itself is something that needs to be looked at in terms of our electoral system in terms of how we vote and we in the in the in the last two weeks of an election process where we're going to be going to the polls on. may and that in itself is going to be an important test of but the political party to see how much it winds and also of the opposition and pulled out has suggested that at the d a the democratic and has been through its own telescope and the internal part of politics you know in the west think it's been dealing with the. beleaguered former mayor. it has not necessarily had success in the nelson mandela bait with its coalition partner the effect the one little party that if there seems to be doing well in terms of its previous performance but the question then is other other political parties talking to this this boat and free generation and i think
9:45 am
that's the challenge because you as a born free generation that doesn't necessarily have the political loyalty to the sea or ever but they are the one that has to understand the context of the political structure and the part that struggle and as joseph rightly pointed out the country is made but the african country is in and its struggles so there's a sort of you should. and i know that i should just if you want to come back all on that but we're out of time i'm afraid thank you all of you for being with us for today's inside story i should joseph or chino and solution i do thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program again any time just by going to the website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion join us at our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter handle at a.j. inside story from adrian figure the whole team here though thanks for being with us i'll see you again i put out.
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a clam the stein will it of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological object you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors use the bank for selling an artifact is worth finances to be headaches and misuse in the middle east don't sal don't and that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. the nature news
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as it breaks. down could be joe. throughout. the. grains of truth details covering up the stuff up up to the coffee pot odds that doesn't look good at the both possible davis from around the last few days indicted and as that water is once more rushing down river it's an unwelcome thing for communities that had barely begun really. how have you changed since you were seven . touching the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change. south africa. zero.
9:48 am
al-jazeera where every. alarm has. the top stories and i just see it as a breakthrough in sudan after weeks of standoff between protesters and the military protest leaders and the army have reached a deal to form a joint council made up of people from both sides they'll discuss a peaceful transition to civilian rule demonstrators and opposition groups have been demanding the military immediately hand over power the military took charge
9:49 am
earlier this month after ousting former president i want to bashir mohammad out o. has more from hard to. details are still sketchy but what we're getting from sources swat tended the talks is that there were good we publish went over to the council which they're calling a transitional. council which will include members from both sides and will take the country through a period of transition and then organize elections that will see so done with time to see proper civilian rule the transitional military council as constituted right now has been problematic so far in accommodating the demands of the protest leaders who are negotiating with them they have not only been listening to them but they're also a made many concessions something that has really encouraged the protesters who are governed outside the military headquarters but one thing is for sure the protesters
9:50 am
will not accept any transitional authority that is dominated by the military because they're saying that they are fighting. a process where they don't want the successes they have so far hard these protests to be hijacked by what they are calling a deep seated. deep state which accuse the military offer of presenting at this point. however both sides are optimistic that they will not only be able to agree on the parameters but also the possibilities that will see sudan in transition and to full democracy a man is in custody in the us after a shooting at a synagogue in the city of poway in california one person was has been killed at least four people injured in the attack on the chabad synagogue. my deepest sympathies go to the. people that were affected the families their loved
9:51 am
ones by the obviously look right now based on my last conversation looks like a hate crime hard to believe. hard to believe with respect to the city california near san diego and. we're doing some very heavy research will see what happens what comes up at this moment it looks like a hate crime but my deepest sympathies to all of those affected. a muslim based government has urged people to move to higher ground in the wake of another powerful cycle on forecasters are predicting more heavy rain which could lead to flooding and mudslides. through lanka's president has banned two groups accused of being behind the easter sunday bombing security forces can carrying out ways to round up more suspects sunday mass at catholic churches has been cancelled amid fears of more attacks venezuela said it will withdraw from the organization of
9:52 am
american states on saturday the oas recognizes opposition politician one of y. dos as venezuela's interim leader earlier this year he asked the group to ignore madieu those requests to exit the organization why don't supporters are carrying on with protests across the country demanding most doulos ouster. supporters have been holding their own rally the president refusing to step down despite international pressure he's accused of leading a corrupt government that's left the country struggling with nationwide power cuts and worsening economic conditions in france anti-government yellow vest protesters have charged of police in the city of strands pulled couped tried to cross a bridge to get to the european parliament but were pushed back by riot police protests come despite president emanuel mccraw announcing a series of tax cuts this week aimed at appeasing the movement. those are the headlines we're back in half an hour up next return of
9:53 am
a president. this is the president of medicare ska mark amen amen and. the first time i met him was in south africa. he was in exile deposed by military coup so look really think this is it is good cheer to take a photo because all the here means chess where would you like to say. i want to stay on a plane. born into a poor families family who worked his way up to become one of medicare because largest food producers. in two thousand and two
9:54 am
he was elected president of madagascar. he was reelected with a larger majority in two substance six. during his presidency new schools health clinics and roads step is to cross the country. in the middle of his second term the mayor of the capital and who had organized a military coup against him. and. the democratically elected avodah men and i sat in south africa
9:55 am
while the coup leader this in chacha from madagascar. rumor has it that france the former colonial power back the coup you can see and if you're right you know what. and what is the focal point for me about this but. it's a. process it's. all good. the women but it's a day. in the business to go to so the excessive yes how are you going to go the president did book a ticket to yes you're going to get to get ok because the media did lots of video games where to go was a useful thing a step to get a little girl's laziness and yes some of them they foresee keeping. this
9:56 am
book this will serve with the with the senate intelligence said oh it's also a fictitious guises. to be to have somebody to look for both the possibility for someone so the obvious first post back always do we do that because it shows us is this is be yourself us isn't bait i respond to the kids. yeah that's obedient policy and it's easier to solve so that might that something might yes but that you have to descend to the guys who is telling you what to do. to somebody but. i did my best to do in the period of play dancing. their results. the school.
9:57 am
i or cookbook i were crazy within the muslim community in the. finals of the institutions like. the world bank the i.m.f. they helped me clean up all the depth of my desk. my priority was for the infrastructure of educational reform rebel development. i did them for. their children from. the need to be. saved we did now the need. of us because in their island. it's not normal. spans. thirty to forty percent of our budget. for the forgery i made it out.
9:58 am
to oppose it real. good and gentle. corners showed me in situ make you feel good to read i think i was really. tough in a good deal delightful molineaux i was a hell of a lot. of fun to be on but your little still body is a pro but if you see it if you look. for what you live in. i think it would be very too soon to get into it you didn't. because.
9:59 am
it is i think this oblique. all of the events that took them to seems to come some nine feet from the house. and probably nothing from the left i didn't want to make as cute as a single because it's a bit long. preachy fulfil release your former prime minister. the first to need to talk to. us to pay cuckoo to hands contrition. and prepare restrain missing was a beauty carrying out operation black monday was held in two thousand and nine fun and decisions were made to recruit. because it's from the slums in order to create a climate of insecurity and truck spots throughout the country. something the
10:00 am
league of government. is this necessary. sacrifice for the success of to create. one city hall this is fish. i don't want to dip into began in the book because for a very bad that this does to frighten. me in the west it's way from me say well. and then come up in my room and be a point. made for saying if you will bolt. we should you. know i don't want to the pigeon.


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