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political debate already underway she had the outers are still ahead and al jazeera a life displaced a tibetan refugees in india say they feel they've got no choice but to adapt to a different culture. and all aboard the beasts migrants from the south ride the one way ticket north to their american dream. hello it's almost nice you wouldn't expect to see very much more in the way of cloud all right in started around to the east or to the west and that would be the case of the four crossed the sunday the temperatures are in the low twenty's or high twenty's if you're lucky a bit of green suggests a shower or two in turkey as a by john and afghanistan on monday otherwise it's just slowly rising temperatures twenty three in tehran by thirty three in baghdad and middle tetons to the west are
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at an event the interruption in this has been clouded in occasional thunderstorms this still visible on sunday so cloudy skies could return to qatar behind but i think they could be disappearing and gone by monday where temperatures start to rise again the fairly strong some forty in mecca you'll notice without too strong the winds could has been noticeably strong from the north in the last five days. it's also dry and i think pleasingly so for most in south africa particularly in durban notice the wind direction or less coming on shore and disappearing sas was not really conducive to many showers so it's sunshine for northern mozambique there we still do have that potential of in hearts in the end of the rainy season with the remains of the tropical cyclone so heavy rain for two days.
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how have you changed since you were severed. from the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight south africa to. zero. watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour protest leaders in the military in sudan have reached a deal to form a joint council made up of people from both sides now discuss
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a peaceful transition to civilian rule comes after weeks of protests calling on the military to mediately handover of power. to see. a special mass for the victims of the easter sunday attacks has been held in sri lanka's capital colombo one week after the bombings all other services across the country have been counseled with concerns about more attacks. a man's in custody after a shooting at a synagogue in the u.s. state of california one person has been killed the attack happened just up to celebrations have begun to mark the final day of passover. thousands of people in northern mozambique of being urged to move to higher ground as more to rancho rain threatens widespread flooding that's often a second sign. clone in weeks last the african coast aid workers say entire villages been wiped out killing at least five people laura bowden monday reports.
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many people living in macedonia stayed when cycling kenniff hit with heavy rains forecast they're trying to rebuild their homes as quickly as they can. order. the other day we stayed outside next to the picture and that's where we took shelter right there with all the rain. others here lost their businesses and livelihoods. lost everything i do not know what i can do since that day i've been sleeping outside sleeping in the cold. little was spared by the storm including a maternity ward. where the experts say it was the strongest like her ever recorded in northern mozambique. kenneth stormed in with two wrench will rain and wind surges of up to two hundred eighty kilometers per hour tearing
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off roofs ripping up trees and downing power lines. on the island of off mozambique the red cross says the storm destroyed about ninety percent of homes aid agencies say the damage that assessed so far is extensive. these villages have been entirely wiped out they look like they've been run over by a bulldozer and the people are asking first for shelter then they need water purification and they need food. islands as further out in the indian ocean including the commerce chain of islands are also starting repair as. our houses have suffered a tremendous disaster everything was destroyed meteorologists expect more severe rain across northern mozambique threatening flooding and landslides. facts from canada may require a major new humanitarian operation at the same time that the ongoing. response
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targeting three million people in three countries remain critically on the funding . six weeks ago psychotic died devastated the south where more people live neighboring malawi and zimbabwe were also hard hit killing at least a thousand people and leaving a trail of destruction the extent of the damage caused by this latest cyclon is still too early to say. nor about a manly al-jazeera at least one fighter of the un recognized government in libya has been killed and several others have been injured in airstrikes in the capital tripoli military sources say several drones were heard followed by a loud explosion shown in video people uploaded to social media. the leader of hamas has called on palestinians to unite against donald trump's peace plan ismail hyun it says the deal does not include plans for a palestinian state and says the us president is favoring israel is calling for
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a committee that includes national regional and international players details of transplant are still not known. egypt will not accept an infringement of its sovereignty and we as palestinians will not agree to anybody else having sovereignty over our land we also reject being moved to an alternative homeland in jordan. let me a putin says he has not ruled out syrian forces backed by russian air power launching a full scale assault on syria is it led province but not at the cost of civilian safety russia and turkey brokered a deal in september to create a demilitarized zone in the northwest it lib region moscow is one of the syrian government staunchest allies but it's concerned about increasing violence in the area. just when you get a shock from prior to taking such actions we always coordinated with president
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assad should we need to factor in the presence of civilians unfortunately they suffer those civilians under the oppression of the terrorists who are located in great numbers we need to balance the scale of what is happening in this is own with the civilians being oppressed by terrorist groups and the potential cost of battle actions. security forces in afghanistan have freed dozens of prisoners from a jail run by the taliban u.s. special forces joined the raid in a ball province the jail was housing mainly security officers some of being tortured during their detention eight taliban members were killed during the operation. voters in spain are going to head to the polls on sunday for the thirty election in fewer than five years no single party is predicted to win an outright majority after a campaign dominated by the rise of the far right and catalonia has bid for independence reports madrid. a final call to mobilize the party faithful spain
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socialist prime minister pedro sanchez surrounded by a sea of supporters urges them to go to the ballot box the country deserves to turn the page in the last seven years and look to the future with hope and excitement which is precisely what we are offering our citizens to the young what we are asking is that you vote for your future and therefore vote for the socialist party . voters have a wide choice decades of dominance by two political parties has given way to a multi-party system the largest players are still the socialist party and the people's party but their influence is gradually ebbing away. in the socialists maybe to head in the polls in the lead up to the election but the reality is that even if either side does when the most votes he will still have to go to coalition with the far left regional parties if you fail to do that but it falls on to the
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people's marty and they were have to do a deal with the far right either way it is a big compromise for both parties. the main spoiler in this unpredictable election vox capitalizing on the populist wave spreading through europe the anti immigration policies have resonated amongst voters angered at the status quo the constitutional crisis caused by catalonia as attempt to secede has also dominated this campaign it's the first time a far right party has entered mainstream politics since the dictatorship of general franco so what does it mean sovereignty won't be broken in catalonia it won't be surrendered in brussels we're not going to kneel down in front of those who don't respect the n.t. austerity together we can and center right citizens parties have a chance of being part of a national government. previous coalitions have struggled in spain disagreeing factions have failed to pass national budgets the makeup of the next government is
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far from clear polling ahead of sunday's vote suggested forty percent of voters were struggling to make up their minds there are some people in between p.p.o. there are some people whose if they've been between. a man some of them between. so we can see that is not a cure but on all four you know one party. whatever their. results forming a coalition is likely to take time and in a reflection of what's happening across europe the only certainty is that politics in spain has become more fractured it polarized a sign of the times when increasing competition political stage sania agel al-jazeera madrid in france and the government in yellow vests protesters have charged the police in the city of strasbourg the group trying to cross a bridge to get to the european parliament of the pushback by riot police the
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protests have been made despite president announcing a series of tax cuts this week aimed at calming the widespread anger. a colombian tribunal has ordered the arrest of a former rebel commander because he's failed to take part in the reconciliation process hernandez is laid down his weapons in twenty six states bought a special tribunal has ruled that he'd failed to provide testimony about his war crimes thousands of former farm guerrillas taken part in the peace process but in return they've been assured they won't serve jail time. mexico's dealing with unprecedented numbers of migrants trying to get in to the united states that's despite warnings from the u.s. president that they're not welcomed by all the apollo reports. outside a small church and mexico several dozen central american migrants are taking a break from the exhausting heat for most of these people faith centers like this church are among the few places left where they still feel welcome. to notice it
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all in is from us and is here with eight members of her family she says she was recently chased down by mexican immigration agents and hasn't found much sympathy from the mexican people but a symbol that when this they think we're criminals but we're not it's true there are all kinds of people in the caravans but we're being cursed for the sins of others some places we've been one even let us use the toilets and my kids have been denied water how could you deny a child water we're all human beings. over the past few months in mexico there's been a shift in public opinion toward migrants many business leaders in the state of chiapas have closed their doors to central americans publishing videos online for training migrants is disease ridden criminals people in chiapas no longer come out to donate food and water like they once did it would appear the migrant caravans have worn out their welcome. to grow neatly veta also from a window to us says that without support from local communities migrant shelters
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are a last resort but the shelters can't provide for everyone. is that coming up we're going to say like you know now you were not on this journey because we want to hurt anyone and we're here because we want to better lives for our families we would never hurt anyone here in mexico they are brothers and we respect them but at the same time we wish they would stand by us because they do feel there is a lot of discrimination against us migrants and that is not fair. several hundred migrants have gathered along the train tracks their goal is to head as far north as possible. we're standing atop a train car in the town of arriaga in southern mexico many migrants who are worried about being detained while walking on the side of the road will opt for hopping on one of these freight trains this one's called or the beast but hopping on top of one of these trains carries its own risks and over the years many migrants have died falling off the sides of these train cars. just before sunset migrants
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began to rush the train many of them women with young children. no longer feeling safe traveling in caravans it appears migrants are resorting to the back roads and train routes of the past even if it means a whole new set of risks. a mexican india's capital is home to a community of tibetan refugees they've been living there for more than a decade after suffering from an ongoing crackdown by china in the second part of our series a life displaced al-jazeera soho rome and meet some of those tibetans in new delhi they say they've had no choice but to adapt to life in india. tibet and culture and thrives here every day every hundred meant every step every smile has a meaning generations of tibetans young and old continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and where they're from. this is
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a suburb of the indian capital new delhi tibetans have the refugees here since one thousand nine hundred sixty one at that time this was open ground there was nothing here there were no street lights not even at all when we came here we lived in tents in our understanding and that was that but then one or two years we would go back to their bidding. indians helped the with food and clothes and as the photographs show the homes were flimsy protecting them from harsh winters and blistering summers were simple brick and wood structures or tents. the community of a few hundred has turned into a few thousand this maze of alleyways is a part of a much larger community on the banks of the river yeah but not. the display of symbols flags and bunting defined it has to better the area also attracts tourists to see tibetans at work and understand their issues. have been defined as migraines are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the one nine hundred fifty one
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un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up their own businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. under the watchful eye of tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama students such as tens of beauty are grateful for the educational opportunities offered the young to belgians like me know that the aspiration to go back to their own country i'm still there and they don't want to settle in someone's day. to settle here. it's an aspiration many of the tibetan community have but isn't going away as the years pass by or tibetans around the world wherever they are they feel that they are staying somewhere but their real sense of home is their culture and identity and and most importantly driven by our hope that one day i will go back to
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tibet which is my home. for the moment new delhi is a home away from home for successive generations of tibetans it will continue to be so until they feel they can safely return to tibet so robin al-jazeera you delhi. and that's part of our series our life displaced we look at the thousands of bengali and real hinge of refugees living in pakistan. this is all to sit with these are the top stories a breakthrough has been made in sudan following weeks of deadlock between protesters and military leaders about the political future protest leaders in the army have agreed to form a joint council to discuss a peaceful transition to civilian rule the military council to charge earlier this month after ousting president omar bashir well how about zero has more from the two
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and it turns out still very sketchy and all we know is that they have agreed to establish what they're calling a transitional solver in konsole what's going to lead these country for a period before elections are organized now that this has been the main point of contention in talks between the military the transitional military council and the civil society organizers of the process as well as sudan's opposition parities a special mass for the victims of the easter sunday attacks is being held in sri lanka's capital colombo one week after the bombings there you can see. the mass was broadcast live on television to homes nationwide the president has banned two muslim groups accused of being behind the attacks but the security
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situation is still ten in addition to the mass dozens of people have held a prayer vigil for the victims people lit candles to remember the two hundred sixty killed and those who were injured in the attacks a shooting at a synagogue in the united states is expected to intensify the debate about attacks and houses of worship and links with far right groups the gunman killed an elderly woman and wounded three others in california. mozambique's government has urged people to move to higher ground in the wake of another powerful cycle in forecasters are predicting more heavy rain which could lead to flooding and mudslides the leader of hamas has called on palestinians to unite against donald trump's peace plan is now honey is the deal does not include plans for a palestinian state and says the u.s. president is favoring israel is calling for a committee that includes national regional and international players details of tom's plan still not known those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera
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that's faultlines by fire. the nature of news as it breaks. through. bringing to the truth detailed coverage of the. odd. bit of data from around the last few days in the water is once more rushing down the river it's a wealth of food for communities barely begun. his feedback and many days when. he was nineteen when he tried heroin for the first time. dog. by the age of twenty three it had almost ruined him.
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in living a while. when he checked himself into this drug treatment center in texas he knew that getting clean would be hard work. but soon he'd be introduced to a new concept. work based therapy. and then they. work these men also ended up in rehab seeking treatment for addictions that had taken over their lives. but their treatment plans were soon dominated by long hours working for private corporations. as a center with a low cargo containers. they often say can't do this anymore they work these jobs without pay. to work every day. have nothing to show for. and they labored in dangerous conditions. before when i thought i was a. little. low i was over the lead. to grow if they
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so the next wind clean and there's what they call work there what is work therapy is there such a thing they say. you work to pay for your tree. but it wasn't really a lottery. so often people go into these programs blighted for their labor they're injured they're made to feel expendable this is been going on for a long time and no one's really paying attention when these two reporters began asking questions about workplace therapy they uncovered a national trend of all things called old work ok. in the midst of an american drug epidemic they found high demand for low cost rehab and a set of labor practices that might be illegal people just didn't have enough time to get their required hours of counseling because work came first these are the stories of four men who were told that work would help them beat their addictions
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in this collaboration with the reveal of the center for investigative reporting faultlines finds out what happened to them instead their place was. all about manipulation and greed. for five decades a nonprofit called the center court foundation has made a promise to people seeking help with serious addiction lol i was loss loss in my addiction to my life a spinning out of control check into one of cent of course three long term rehab centers in texas and louisiana and work a job to pay for your treatment but there are also. treatments tell it to me that truly worked with the counseling. center for two years later you can walk away clean and sober. can help you right. they make it out to be
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a sweet deal until you get there until you get your mind right after you get then you get a little clean time and you start at thanks for anything and then you nine and then you start to think well you know this is kind of shady deal you got. when he entered the program in two thousand and thirteen ethan sent us agreed to work without a paycheck. remember signing this. president received no monetary compensation for assigned responsibilities in the facility all funds you see go directly back to the foundation to help offset the costs of treatment services saying isn't right here. soon his days were spent cutting wood at this sawmill outside of houston called. load for the day you know bunch of pals full of wood solid hurry up and get it all down and i've been down about one o'clock and they bring on
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a good start on these anybody is going to get tired of working for a year straight not getting a dime of it you know cynical clients work unpaid jobs at private companies for eighteen months if they graduate the program they can be hired on as paid employees but the problem is the majority of the people leave around a year they'll make it that long work for free that long and then get mad and tired and leave the power so tight they just they're constantly given a year work a year or ten months for work from people and then i turn around even in the last five years said of course partnership with more than three hundred private companies generated about thirty six million dollars making it one of the largest and most lucrative work based rehab programs in the country. in a written statement from the court told us that work has therapeutic value for clients and says his job left a little time for actual therapy sessions the whole time i was there i could
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probably count on both my hands how many times i want. to grow and then go lighten up on a work and focus more on like recovery. reporters amy julia harris and shawna walter have documented similar stories from about one hundred former senator clients now their investigation has turned to the accounts of former staff sha is the andrea. after nearly three years as a counselor at some of course but facility andrea brooks left her job in two thousand and eighteen. and curious what role you think work plays and recovery and what that ratio should be to counseling just five. hours.
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so in staff meetings we would raise the question they're working too much and he said they did not work that much now we heard that from the client so we wanted to know for a fact thank you bilodeau also worked at the baton rouge facility as a clinical director of. the year at sun a corps she became concerned that work was getting in the way of her clients recovering and did other counsellors there have the same concerns as you every one of them to. every time the issue was brought up they would deny and say no they're not working those now the hours we would say it again they will deny deny and then we just made up a spreadsheet to show the truth at a staff meeting peggy presented center court monitors with a document that revealed that some clients were working twelve hour days seven days
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a week it was gratifying to slide off the spreadsheet. across with the data or data that you had kind of proof of what you were saying yeah i was disappointed that we saw the facts the facts were delivered the facts were not acted on that's what i was disappointed about and so i was hope that we had could have made a difference where we could given a more solid foundation to move forward on but it was not it was not that was just kind of fell on deaf ears. outside the baton rouge facility the long work days continue. it's just after dawn and these white vans are shuttling senekal clients to jobs. many will end up inside the oil and gas industry some of the most dangerous work places in america. in two thousand and fourteen i was to williams was working at a chemical plant called for most of plastics. the job building scaffolds put him
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seventy feet in the air. you're right there's this crime right there i was cut from here to here on a rainy day i was just slipped and fell shattering his knee when he care was nearly on the side of my leg i'm in a really strong shade and i'm crying and carson and. you know please give me to the hospital pay for the jobs you had no training to do. have been a job for very dangerous you know people went on jobs where they had no experience at all. you know is right in our going into the real world and just looking around and just be like you don't know which direction to go. after surgery i was to had months of recovery from the fall so i had to learn how to walk on. that's once in a corps officials called into a meeting they gave me an automated. you know either get
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a job. and get to step. twenty two that's what i was i was faced with. get a job. i get that. kind of job really yes. for ethan nevers the choices were even more stark. he could work long hours for a subcontractor at this wal-mart warehouse or face prison time. or you ever worried about him saying you need a break or complaining about the type of work you could get kicked out of the program you know we've been told that several times if you refuse to go to work you're refusing to pay for your program and therefore you can leave the program. about half of old son of clients are sent to rehab by a judge that's what happened to evers after he failed a drug test violating his felony probation i could go back to the judge and see if
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he won since since it's me or what he wants to do and more likely was he listens to me and so we're talking about three felonies. go away for a while. or you say some of course. across the us some defendants are being given the option of drug treatment instead of prison. you may be seated inside the dallas criminal courts judge ernest white says incarceration won't help people on his docket beat their addiction. we did lose one of our clients about a year and a half two years ago to her when. we tried to stay on top of the folks particularly after her. judge white special court program requires people to seek treatment make regular visits to court and stay clean you don't test positive for yes come back positive. i'm not buying your story about how.
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this is your chance to get it all right. if this man continues to fail drug tests judge white has options he can lock him up or he can send them to a treatment facility like. if you can stay clean it's going to be back to jail and it's going to be inpatient. in a decade judge white to sense many people to live inside cynical facilities. but there's more to the story of this court reform the unpaid work programs that clients are sent to labor and might be illegal they're facing the prospect of jail they're addicted they need treatment they're desperate and i would say they're being preyed upon because of that desperation because of the position they find themselves and i think that the government broadly has an obligation to try to protect those people during two decades.


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