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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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considering the history of this country it does seem set to do so and the terms of how many seats i think remains unclear but people we've been speaking to here are telling us that a lot of their friends will be voting for that party i think at the moment the only thing we can clearly say it's either going to be a left wing government or at the same time once we get those results around ten thirty in the evening we still won't know exactly what this government is going to look like there's going to be difficult negotiation between the parties to form a coalition government and of course in what capacity that will takes which left wing parties joined perhaps or whether it's right and then you have the implications of that for example on the. separatist movement all these questions remain up in the air it could take months before. what form their government is going to take. an elderly woman has been shot dead and three people including a rabbi have been injured in
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a synagogue and california. views has been arrested. almost one hundred people had gathered at the whole community center in synagogue in pole a north of san diego to celebrate the last day of passover in the jewish holiday a white one thousand year old male identified by police as jonathan ernest entered the synagogue and began firing a semiautomatic rifle bullets struck four people killing an elderly woman and wounding a young girl a man and the rabbi presiding over the service obviously look right now based on my last. conversation looks like a hate crime hard to believe as the gunman fled an armed off duty border patrol agent employed to provide security at the synagogue chased him shooting at his vehicle shortly afterward the gunman contacted police and was taken into custody
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without incident police believe his weapon jammed soon after he began shooting there was a border patrol officer off duty. at the at the synagogue and as the. church was leaving the facility he obtained a weapon and engaged in gunfire and shot at ernest did not hit him but there was a piers that did make. did put some bullet holes in the car that urge was driving law enforcement officers say the alleged gunman was under investigation for attempting to set fire to a mosque in a nearby community hate crimes against jews and other minorities in the u.s. have increased in recent years the california attack happened six months to the day after eleven people were killed in a synagogue in pittsburgh one of the worst instances of anti semitic violence in modern u.s. history in the past few weeks three churches were african-americans worship were
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set alight in louisiana president trump has faced criticism that his read it. has encouraged white supremacists he denies the accusations on friday the president drew criticism for once again saying there were quote fine people among those taking part in the unite the wright rally in charlottesville virginia in two thousand and seventeen which was billed as a racist anti-semitic gathering president trump says there were some there milledge to defend the statue of the confederate pro-slavery general i was talking about feel this way because they felt very strongly about the monument to robert e. lee general. one of the great the alleged gunman apparently posted a hate filled anti-semitic screen online on a website popular with the far right just a few moments before the shooting began that document will now be scrutinized by
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investigators who are also looking for other elements to his motive and the shooting is likely to add to a growing political debate in the weeks ahead rob reynolds al-jazeera hallway california a weather update next one of us here at the end no sign of any let up people in mozambique brace for the flooding. and why moscow is using soft power to get a foothold once again in afghanistan. hello again it's good to have you back we're are seeing plenty of heavy rain showers down here across parts of central indonesia we're talking about jakarta as well as down here towards bali that's going to continue as we go from monday as well as into tuesday but out here towards western e.g.
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where picking up quite a bit of sun across much of the area temperatures are rising to about thirty seven possibly even thirty eight degrees in some of those locations but up towards bangkok we are going to be seeing rain in your forecast with the temps are there of thirty six degrees here across parts of australia a large area of high pressure is dominating and that's keeping many areas clear of any clouds in the forecast so across parts of adelaide alice springs we are going to be seeing some clear conditions for you but we do have a frontal boundary that's coming across parts of perth all the next day and that is going to bring some clouds into the forecast for you so here on monday we're going to be seeing about twenty two degrees temperatures dropping a little bit by the time we get to tuesday maybe a passing shower or two but we could pick up a few spots of sunshine as well tempter there on tuesday nineteen degrees for you now would be too bad for brisbane with a temperature of twenty four degrees where across the south island of disease and we are going to seeing plenty of rain over the next few days temps are for christ church is going to be about fifteen but things get better as we go towards tuesday
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again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour a breakthrough in sudan after weeks of deadlock between protest leaders and military leaders protest leaders in the army have agreed to form a joint council to discuss a transition to civilian. polls open in spain for the country's national election in four years the socialists are seeking another term the pope he is predicted to win an outright majority. a special mass for victims of sri lanka's easter sunday bombings has been held in colombo as catholic churches closed their doors across the country due to fears of further attacks there you can see. shocking worship a celebrated mass sport cast on the internet in an unprecedented move by catholic beaters the president has banned two muslim groups accused of being behind the attacks but the archbishop of colombo who led the sunday mass service says the
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attacks lack any logical explanation he said to eat tragedy that happened sending his son and dil humanity. that human beings all alone in the name of god god love. before we talk about the latest of the investigation one week on from the attacks what's the mood today. basically one week on what we saw was the catholic church here celebrating mass coming together at a time where the archbishop the head of the church did see that their faith was being solely tested edge and we had members of the clergy essentially gathering many of them in their homes or on their television sets because for the first time
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in many many years churches were shocked on sunday sunday mass basically was beamed out of the archbishop's house live all because there were security alerts and advice to the church that this should not have this on this services one week on from the easter sunday carnage so we did have cardinal ranjit leading his believers his flock from the bishops house i was outside the city anthony's church in colombo and basically lots of people outside the security cordon lighting candles basically at a safe distance away with tears streaming down their faces just to believe what has happened to them but through volleying to rebuild one young lady talking about the fact that the church was a place of refuge a place that you ran do when you had problems but you said now the church is closed
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some of them padlocked because of the threat but volleying to get back on its feet again. what's the latest as far as the investigation is concerned you know. a very fast moving a set of circumstances where the investigations are concerned literally within the last hour we were hearing news reports that the father and two brothers of the mastermind of these attacks were among those killed in that raid on a bomb making house in the east this was really did on friday there was a shootout with police who had entered the property several bombs were set off by suicide bombers and now we're having the hearing reports which the agencies have confirmed with police and a member of that masterminds family that his father and two brothers were actually
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among those basically killed in that exchange with the police so the situation moving quickly as the net is basically closing in on those on the run we're hearing of cordon and search operations around the country as far as jaffna in the north in the south of the central part of the country we're hearing people being taken in another two suspects believed to be involved with that bombing named among those who had been named and photograph circulated also taken in so a very fast moving story as the level of security remains on high alert in colombo and elsewhere in the country. reporting live from kabul many thanks michel. people in but naina voting for a new parliament without any opposition candidates on the ballot will choose from eighty three will choose rather eighty three m.p.'s from two parties that are both
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allied to president patrice talent rights groups of want of threats to bunnings to mock receive our boateng reports from. this keep fit group meets regularly. and when they're finished they like to exercise their minds and this election has given them plenty to think about rove is retired he says he'll be making time on sunday to vote despite the fact that the choice is limited only candidates from two parties both linked to the president. what they explained to us on t.v. is that one hundred fifty smaller parties came together to make up two parties and we have seen that to be the case i'm not a politician but what we want to speak is whether it's oppositional pro-government parties i don't care i only want peace. jack is about is a traitor and is unlikely to give up his time to visit a polling station he's disappointed with the current situation.
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we're already in the election period yet in the city it doesn't feel like there's a real campaign going on there's no competition because two parties are fighting for the same cause so ultimately there's no lection because there is no competition . and new electoral code was agreed in the national assembly aimed at reducing the number of political parties five years ago twenty parties field of candidates but eighty three positions this time only two newly formed parties met all the requirements there both worlds a president who came to power in twenty sixteen as an independent there are around five million registered voters in any if everyone should know how many will play now because. of the. private overshadowed any around real issues making this election more about symbolism and. despite protests from opposition parties many
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been in these just want to get on with their lives she has been selling fabrics in the market for forty years. but he. is proud of its democratic tradition since the transition to multi-party politics in one thousand nine hundred ninety but this election appears to be challenging that with the opposition arguing sunday's vote is not taking place on the playing field. the government of mozambique is urging people to seek higher ground as the threat of flooding increases two days after a major cycle and it's the second one in six weeks to lash the southern african coast torrential rain has already flooded some areas meanwhile aid workers are trying to bring in supplies they say the damage caused by the cycling is extensive
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with at least five people killed. these villages have been entirely wiped out they look like they've been run over by a bulldozer and the people are asking for shelter then they need water purification and they need food so we are going to work closely with the government we are here in support of i n g c who are coordinating this response to mobilize the supplies needed to get these people assistance as quickly as possible the weather is still bad it is still raining but thankfully the winds have died down so we will be doing everything we can in the next twenty four hours to get people the supplies that they need and to continue to move out to assess areas and make sure that we know the full situation on the ground afghanistan is marking the anniversary of the overthrow of its soviet backed government in one nine hundred ninety two after the occupation by the soviet union in the one nine hundred eighty s. what's called liberation day signifies the end of russian involvement in afghanistan however thirty years on some now believe that moscow's influence is returning charlotte ballasts explains from kabul. for fisa
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has been learning russian for six months a couple university that i was at first i chose this language as a hobby but after learning it i found it is very rich it gives me broader ideas and connects me with the world which can improve my life. the course was started in one nine hundred seventy nine as the soviets invaded afghanistan they were in afghanistan for a decade fighting the mujahideen when the military retreated so did coach times. when nato forces came to afghanistan we only had one russian class now we have four classes because there is no sensitivities around learning russian. six thousand five hundred afghans are studying russian and three hundred sixty can apply for paid scholarships into russian university. i want to learn russian because it's an international language if i learn this language i will be able to introduce the
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russian culture in afghanistan and vice versa russia has turned towards afghanistan as the u.s. has turned away after eighteen years of war america is looking for a way out u.s. taliban talks are progressing seem to round a foreign troop withdrawal without being asked moscow held parallel talks in march upstaging the us by getting afghan leaders and the taliban in the same or agreed with on many fronts and the fall date in future can be succeeded made fun of them and on thursday moscow hosted a trilateral meeting with china and the u.s. would be agreed to work together to bring peace to afghanistan russia's rebranding afghanistan extends to a new cultural seem to hair in western kabul in the one nine hundred eighty s. this was the site for the sort of hit hard a science and culture that was destroyed during the civil war the ruins became a refuge for kabul's drug addicts now they teach russian language hold arctic
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submissions theater and movie nights they have soccer tournament's with players from former soviet states this exception showcases one hundred years of diplomacy between kabul and moscow an hour for afghan people to have an opportunity to compare it is yes and to the north west i'm calling. spent for afghanistan several deviance of draws. now russia is hoping for a fresh start in afghanistan one without us into ference. kabul. it is good to have you with us hello adrian forget here in doha the headlines i was there a breakthrough has been made in sudan after weeks of deadlock between protest leaders and military leaders they've agreed to form a joint sovereignty council to discuss
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a peaceful transition to civilian rule the military took charge after removing the president earlier this month one hour from mohamad violent car too. they have not yet come to an agreement about how many years the transition should take the military wanted to be only two years the protesters wanted to be four years they think that four years are the minimum needed for. enough but operations to be made for transition into a civilian government particularly an election. these discussions will continue as i said today and also during the next few days polls are open in spain and the country's national election in four years no party is predicted to win an outright majority campaigning was dominated by the rise of the far right on the issue of couple of years in the appendix. really what has been shot dead and three people including a rabbi have been injured in a gov sakit a synagogue in california a nineteen year old man with suspected far right views has been arrested
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a special mass for the victims of the easter sunday attacks has been held in sri lanka as capital colombo with a catholic church is shot across the country due to fears of further attacks it's estimated that two hundred and sixty people died in the bombings the country's president has banned two muslim groups accused of being behind the attacks but security is a situation still tense. people have been either voting for a new parliament but without any opposition candidates on the ballot voters will choose eighty three m.p.'s from two parties that are both allied to president patrice tallow the government at most and bring in mozambique is urging people to seek higher ground as the threat of flooding increases two days after a major cycle and it's the second one in six weeks so lashed the southern african coast torrential rain has already flooded some areas meanwhile aid workers are trying to bring in supplies kamala's here the needs are for you have a little over twenty five but it's off to risk it all vietnam next.
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model. they carry the bamboo for more than a kilometer. from mom and dad go to our. subway on the my way. up the you are going to go do what you do so with all of the to. thank you. for. the labor is just over a dollar a day cutting and transporting the bamboo. but the bravest among them can make ten times that much transporting the goods.
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the captions no well the challenge that awaits them. i don't need to know the money we handle the guy like such a way to get me on the penal law in. india by the name of the indian be indian if you bomb. it belies the following of our. oh not only do i cannot i'm going to. thirty kilometers lie ahead and five hours of being tossed about by the river.
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thank. god. i don't know what's going on thank god. i'm hungry. the time is the hold the bamboo slowly loose and every time the raft hits some rocks. the raft risks breaking up. thank .
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the legendary mekong river old mother of waters is vietnam's main waterway. it nourishes the six countries through which it flows including laos which borders vietnam. after travelling five thousand kilometers from its source in the himalayas this is where the river vent sits right. over time it's carved out the cone fulls one of the widest waterfalls in the world. yet allow fisherman jump into the water without fear. for me before the right one my fault for not knowing where they're part of garden for proper care and comfort you if you are going to your didn't call are going to part from god whatever that son knowing is fifty two. he says it's no coincidence he's never had an accident in forty years
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and steady nerves. that were like oh. my. goodness of god oh yes yes. i. like the elf. but. it was my last. flight
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i several families share the dangers of the rapids. each has its own fishing take. i hope. noah and his colleagues catch up to one hundred kilos per day using a remarkable method. i. love it not about. what i. feel but. the current pushes the fish into their ingenious wooden ramps all they have to do
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is pick the fish out of the woods. to make home is home to two hundred different species of fish eye the largest of which a cool with a trap i that must be set in the middle of the rapids. what . kind of like how hot hot. hot hot hot hot is i.
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going to find. what i do a lot i say. oh my god i'd go but what about the hot. slowly the fish disappearing. pesticides as well as a series of dams the largely to blame. in vietnam on the long river the bamboo raft as in smooth the world has the men take advantage of the calm to reinforce it. cuts as usually belong to the moment ethnic group. allies of the french and then the americans in the two wars that have shaken vietnam the hmong are still discriminated against. it's hard work for some of the lowest wages for you only
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talk and let me know where. that the we go a bundle in kinda looks like i don't need it yet and that the. feeling is you know i've been doing good but don't go to congress i'm told by my local one to one that docking you'll find will not. go. as the watch has become agitated the raft scene begins its mad rush. limbaugh. for. turning a run nearly fifty meters long. no easy task. in
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the distance lies the infamous ghost cave one of the most feared terms in the river . flowed. live. this time the ghost was leaving. on their last trip the raft was wrecked against the wall. and its bamboo cargoes scattered into the river.
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level pop music. thank you back on land the bamboo must travel another thirty kilometers through rain and mud before reaching the processing plant. for the jungle roads are slippery and the driver than lead can only take a portion of the goods. being parked around hungry been mounted him in the night out front and have been but it accurately and even managed to open our enemy in a friday and they have waited here but you know i did call buddy in the morgue and i share my body like you knew i wouldn't go in the car. seat i mean a bit of a beacon you do not go in the way that i knew but.
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focus the face of. the vehicle plods along at the speed of an office come. back up. after five hours the bamboo finally reaches the processing plant looms dirt tracks may well become a thing of the past in vienna. as one of the last communist countries to join the free market the country is throwing. this bamboo is near the end of its journey. seen consumers across the downfall
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put it to a variety of uses on the hard work of harvesting and transporting it will begin again. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these roads let's get ahead of saving lives is a dangerous job so vaccines talks on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these medicines who must be in pain lives are threats that once a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road that can do it with weapons risking it all to me at this time on al-jazeera. the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for all his conversations on global affairs and the future of the arab region
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. the thirteenth al-jazeera fall. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race and mostly. where is the gulf headed with the reigning in influence on the rise saudi influence on the decline. and the casualty crisis. the gulf from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twenty eighth in doubt. sweat tia's and sometimes blot but for them it's what that dreams are made of. just tells the story of a young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds and training for the mindset that
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lives. on the former champion who gives his all and six casablanca i caught on to sierra. this is al jazeera. new center if you want to come on santa maria and this is the news hour on al-jazeera all the talk started with high spirits and great transparency and we've reiterated our joint regard for the country a breakthrough in sudan as the military council and protest leaders agree to bring
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civilians into the transitional government to do security had to be. sending to you man a week on and churches in sri lanka close their doors and broadcast their services on television as fears grow all the more attacks the polls are open in spain's general election a fragmented field from left to right vying for power in the third election in four years. we just four strongly condemn the evil of it seven inches or men. and that's up to police in california arrest a teenager following a shooting inside a synagogue. and school will have the latest from the n.b.a. playoffs like halo i landed skies as the toronto. to win the opening game of this second run against philadelphia. protesters in sudan to strike a deal with the military that promises to move the nation to wards civilian rule
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this happened in a meeting between members of the ruling transitional military council and a delegation which is representing the protest groups they agreed to form a new council until new elections can actually be held of course this is after these weeks of mass demonstrations across sudan which have carried on even after the removal of the longtime president omar bashir we will start with this report from khartoum with him orgon. a breakthrough in the very first night of talks between the committee of sudan's ruling military council and the coalition of opposition parties they've been trying to find a way to rule the country until a deal can be reached on elections on saturday night the two sides reached a partial agreement to form a joint civilian military council that will supervise a transitional period so. the talks started with high spirits and great transparency and we've reiterated our joint regard for the country talks will continue and we are optimistic on reaching a final result that we can announce to the sudanese people as soon as possible. the
6:51 pm
coalition made up of opposition parties and the sudanese professional association has been leading anti-government protests which began at the end of last year. sparked by a rise in fuel and bread prices but they quickly widened into demands for bashir to step down and earlier this month a sit in outside the army headquarters in her tomb prompted the army to stage a coup since bashir was ousted the military and the coalition have been in talks on a future government overruled usually continues until i give you a rare over syria's government are asserted sisters are we seeing the military council is sensible enough drug very stern the long and some say. the settling for too is now in its fourth week as people wait for a new government the two sides will meet on sunday to try to work out how to deliver that as negotiations continue on the formation of a transitional government protesters continue to keep pressure on the military council over the past three weeks more people have been arriving from different
6:52 pm
states to go on the sets and they say they want civilians and not the military to be there want to have the ultimate say incidents future protesters are now also focusing on foreign governments they accuse of interfering in sudan's affairs hundreds demonstrated in front of the egyptian embassy in her tomb on saturday egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates want to see the military retain control of the country. foreign interference is. only aim to keep the military in power we want aid to come to the sudanese people and keep relations soley between the people and not the military. foreign interference impacts the decisions of the military council which we don't accept because we want a civilian government and this is the will of the people. to dance revolution for change started more than four months ago and these protesters say they will not give up until they achieve their goal is to believe in government. we've of course
6:53 pm
reporting for us from him as well mohamed how much of a breakthrough would you define this as i mean we've had weeks of protests we had a protest movement who said they weren't going to change their view on things and now we have this. it's considered a breakthrough and it's considered a giant step ahead because we have seen that the fossils you have seen the. in the thousands sometimes they call it millions amassing in front of the military headquarters putting pressure on the military. it's been a difficult period between the two sides now the protesters are already celebrating this they think it is an amazing step ahead they think they have now achieved the most the second most important step since the move of former president omar. however there is a lot of skepticism still around the protesters have always had have always
6:54 pm
expressed concern about the real intentions of the military they think up under all that is all the demands of the revolution met by the military they were they were always expect in the process of these negotiations. the second round of talks between the two sides is about to. speak in the presidential palace and the difficult issues are the ones that are ahead of this joint committee to discuss including the number of representatives from the two sides or members of the two sides to form this council the military say it should be only ten from both sides three from the civilian side seven from the military side the protesters are asking for a council of fifteen members and they want the majority by one to be from their side they want eight civilian members and only seven military members these are difficult points to discuss and also they are they have to agree on
6:55 pm
a number of years for this transition one side the civilians say they need four years the military say they need to yes only for transition to need up to general election in this country these are only two. point among many including how to tackle corruption how to get rid of the evidence of the former regime and so on well actually what do we pick up on that second point mohammed that's interesting that the protesters want double the amount of time you're saying they want four years in a transition when they're the ones who've been asking for this return to civilian rule can you explain that sort of disparity there. right they've been explaining this saying that sudan has been under a corrupt regime for thirty years that the deep state is deeply rooted in all the components of the social and economic system they say that for this mess to be clear they need more than just two years they are asking for
6:56 pm
a transitional justice to be put in place they're asking for reforms across the board and they think that two years are not enough and they have fears but if they don't take enough time to do this probably the deep state will be still around two years from now and the election will be rigged by an eminence of that deep state and they will not guarantee a smooth transition to democracy the military council they don't have this view they think that things can be integrated and can be informed in just two years so that's the explanation they are talking about interesting ok thank you mohamed vile in the tomb there we're going to look at libya now where hundreds of my goods and refugees many of them actually from sudan have been trapped by the fighting there after is leading an offensive to take control of tripoli from the un backed government schools and universities have been turned into temporary shelters for those displaced in the conflict this report from the mood of the well. and school
6:57 pm
in the center of tripoli now a meek shift home for migrants and refugees. they were evacuated from areas south of the capital when fighting broke out between the forces of warlord holly for have to and the troops of the end recognized libyan government. him and his family originally from darfur in sudan where in the town of got twenty five kilometers from tripoli when the area came under attack suddenly the middle of day we hear in the shooting shooting of the guns so very heavy shooting but we don't know so. after the shooting we see the. militarist us way across in the area of. where we were being. in the.
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night about. a denying the m. there are many many heavy shooting. members of the red crescent helped get the family to reality of safety they now share classrooms in this school with more than thirty other families and that number is rising most are from sudan or eritrea. many lock themselves in the classrooms they say to protect their privacy they rely mostly on donations for food but getting medical supplies and treatment can be a major challenge i don't just mean. we concerned about the health of the migrants we sometimes handle patients with chronic diseases in pregnancy that need specialized clinics we also provide the migrants with psychological support some of the sudanese migrants say they will be seeking asylum in other countries with the help of relief organizations they were in haiti are as recently evacuated hundreds
6:59 pm
of people trapped by the fighting. but as the security situation around the capital gets worse many of them remain at risk. a few days ago and many grants detention center was attacked two people were reportedly killed and several others wanted. the government claimed to have to his forces many of the migrants at this school have fled war on poverty in their own countries they say they feel safe here for now but they also know they may have to move again if the fighting continues more. tripoli. polls are open in spain with the country's politics more divided than at any time in its recent history no single party is predicted to win any outright majority
7:00 pm
after a campaign dominated by the rise of the far right and the issue of catalonia independence we're going to talk more about those in a moment after this report from sun in madrid. a final cool to mobilize the party faithful spain socialist prime minister petro sanchez surrounded by a sea of supporters urges them to go to the ballot box the country deserves to turn the page in the last seven years and look to the future with hope and excitement which is precisely what we are offering our citizens to the young what we are asking is that you vote for your future and therefore vote for the socialist party . voters have a wide choice decades of dominance by two political parties has given way to a multi-party system the largest players are still the socialist party and the people's party but their influence is gradually being away from the socialists maybe to head in the polls in the lead up to the election but the reality.


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