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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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with me here in the well for us what have you been to the match and do some of you if. you know to. continue to dinner and if you. have. as much as you can magic. sure sure. share more cigarette didn't have it could get up and they developed here. a way to. sesame. provokes. them turn our voice in ukraine. i mean the. way that she defend this
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song and it should show no. young lady of the moment. i did own lives near died upon it. he joined boxing club in two thousand and twelve and has become sort of his right hand man with. a little bit more that there will be some new console comes from out of the last album she sets an hour i need to use all slim bookstall clued into the law books. will do the same channel and she seemed. to do the door switch when you buy the deal. about a while back he was reading. the jungle machine and about. two
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years younger than riddle is cmon he lives in. want to go our own is god a from the first course you know they're going well as reading the governor of shoes he used to work in a metal furniture workshop but now he's quit his job in the hope of becoming a professional boxer. five years ago you're the one i was going to put in a mile maze read over. the railing up and i've invented the idea of rumors that. have but i'm i'm a how do you think nineteen in training to be a hairdresser she's done martial arts before but this is her first day boxing at. the limited telling the key phrase here will tell you a lot of detail we're like that. now there will be an hour for you. kommersant here richard referred to that everything should not be the.
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one percent of material or. rather. what. should we. look for let's forget. the origin the words margaret. they've won. by q one let's. move. on here then is that. the minister dominique that materialization. scene in the kitchen. please.
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if you. want to do still. more. cuts in this for me how do you get a vote on who or. woman bed the only issue of all. her. this is. a future. to be. able to want to continue need and using the. most. sure we watch and she.
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she loves me you. can't believe nietzsche's and. fifteen year old model one wants to take part in the national championship. oh what. oh i'm. sure they're going to just go. but it's not going well but at home or at school all of them which is how do you. have a guru. feels. good . to talk about the old days. when i.
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should know are you going to go down to my bed. i don't reduce to renewed walk another mad miserable. not are you. going to going i'm going to book you around not only did she know she do you know. me know what triggered this wrinkle we're from up our own tree in our garden but we haven't been much it will be right to exclude. those or just go on going out of the lot of our own are. orthogonal one of them not the one from like a problem from a lot more real out. numbers from most of. the wimpy. any more lol not only that mocha moms reduction in the other part of what america
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is going to watch are going to do much for both feet beneath their feet here with. the words you said you got out of the good words from the film buck and you're going to help him sleep good i don't want a crowd and all because that was in the. sonics achievements in the fifty's and sixty's still matter and are one of the reasons why today students use a term of respect for him that translates as uncle. and me and. this will seem. to me to some real. i don't know made you watching. a lot of the brothers on the left competed at the olympics in the ninety's and mohammed this top left is now captain of the moroccan national team with nothing this was a shout. but now. it is a simple city but. even if you're suffering from this yet this stuff.
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going on over there. is not. on us now so now they let all of the labor slush mcclish son i keel was one of but has stars and a four time moroccan champion sadly died in a car crash in two thousand and fifteen. one of them salma who walks by a switch she brings up maybe if a new newsman not in the same indiana muschamp little son of style been with her leave you for you to live rich and well more peaceful serene and we're going to but you know what box you have for an. old boss alan ladd i don't know they're all a sad. little. when i think of it i will call him a ned and what you mean needle she didn't used to double she pulled out of. one
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side to she had the lunch along the one when she had a pool. and. national qualifying is just two weeks away and everyone it but how will need to be the right weight for their class. cardio out of three or four year term care news they're not. going to know all of the owners had been going to doors and didn't resign right. now a lot on survivor. as it always gets a little bad i'm going to be in the woods. eunice's a bantamweight and so needs to wait between fifty two and fifty six kilos to fight in the nationals. so mostly. next on the scales a simo who's a flyweight and needs to be between forty nine and fifty two kilos.
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thick on then futile. perfectly there. are certain there are a foreigner there going to. be a. child daughter and because of their trick you know that. for their new homes in the mud the focal for real tragedy. for the world to wonder why i don't feel the. probably. a good career to. preserve. our profession we have. heard cement over the probable next his mother one who's preparing for his first ever bouts but needs to be over forty four kilos to fight as the pain waits. did leave something. from the public from. the start.
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of the race my daughter very well by this entire show. at forty one kilos might want is too light for the nationals which are now only a week away. means that that's already. they want. to. see many. of those you. know has a new little sick. so he says. me or tell me you was. cool with that you sell delving. into music or teach real solo in q.
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so in this world i live. as is always a. shove all. of them shall always will sell us out. of. the hole for. all our evil doing to them that. you see that. in january twenty seventh teen the sport's governing body set up the national championships with the winners making the moroccan team solid and preparing
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for the regional heats next week in germany. i thought. i'm going to get up. i don't. want to tell you. who are. very resolute on what had shot a lot. of wimpy had zillions here the same seem similar to no no. today is the general way in but a cool one not far from that of a god of. every young aspiring boxer from the whole of the casa blanca region is here to register for regional qualifying. the regional winners then go on to the national championships to try and get into the amateur national team player said play.
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such a play to. play. club and it relates knew what. was in there was no one knows your move and you could join the would be good man and all this one movie you believe it was the was the result of the little boy was. that loves these explosives. all my money to be under sixty nine kilos to qualify as a walter weights oh she doesn't want to fight much heavier girls than herself. like
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the berlo little oh what the fellow may love seventy one point six is bad news oh at fifty eight point four five i did is bang on for a lightweight oh. remember my one needs to be over forty four kilos otherwise he'll simply be to like to take part. but he's still not happy and i. love coming up in part two will he be able to add the extra. few grams he needs to fight. and can be when his first competitive pounds. number that have the book of cola did cause him to have. done in the house flesh was going to let us hope not. going to hit us on the head when you.
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look innocent and while they are going on. oh my mom has she has the opposite problem was she lose kilos in order to fight as a welterweight and they've been shot away head which has a bedsit in the skin which can. smooth the stream. from sustained and again to both sides of the pleasure from sustaining good can get cable it's nice to give through this. and one of my must be good enough to get beyond the qualifying stages of the national championships. only days away. from the french open. but. as you look at one of the groups you could see it to be a pretty. lame oh my god it. was i love that i'm with a hub of the a lot of lobotomy the bone headed will bogalay be adamant it is
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a one. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing and fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passion and drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. uncover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al jazeera . free education for all was the promise the reality provoked a generation. to. die how a protest over education feeds. into a national reform. everything
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must for. the witness documentary on al jazeera. hello again i'm santa maria with a look at the headlines on al-jazeera has been a breakthrough in sudan sudan after weeks of deadlock between protesters and military leaders opposition groups on the army of agree to form a joint council to discuss a transition to civilian rule the polls are open in spain right now the third national election there in four years the socialists are seeking another term but no party is predicted to win an outright majority and campaigning has been
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dominated by the rise of the far right on the issue of catalonia independence. roman catholic worshippers in sri lanka have taken the unprecedented step of celebrating sunday mass by watching a televised service the archbishop of colombo lead the service from his official residence as normal services are suspended indefinitely nationwide following last sunday's easter bomb attacks which killed two hundred sixty people in churches and hotels but this president and prime minister were at the special service. detectives in the united states are investigating a suspected hate crime at a synagogue a gunman killed an elderly woman and wounded three other people including a rabbi police in california arrested a nineteen year old man suspected of having far right views of setting fire to a mosque mozambique's government is urging people to seek higher ground as the threat of flooding increases two days after a major cyclon the second one in six weeks to lash the southern african coast
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powerful rains have already flooded some areas meanwhile aid workers are trying to bring in supplies. these villages have been entirely wiped out they look like they've been run over by a bulldozer and the people asking first for shelter then they need water purification and they need food so we're going to work closely with the government we are here in support of i n g c who are coordinating this response to mobilize the supplies needed to get these people assistance as quickly as possible the weather is still bad it is still raining but thankfully the winds have died down so we will be doing everything we can in the next twenty four hours to get people the supplies that they need and to continue to move out to assess areas and make sure that we know the full situation on the ground and people and then in voting for a new parliament but without any opposition candidates actually on the ballot voters will choose eighty three m.p.'s from two parties that are both allied to the president patrice tell them you're up to date with the headlines casablanca fight
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club continues next on then we're back with the news of. the. now but how boxing club is the new rundown part of casa blanca. it's run by a former moroccan featherweight champion salih a man who invests his time and money developing young fighting talents. the regional qualifying stages of the national championships are only days away and tension is building among some of the young fighters. the wait is as important for a boxer as for a jockey in horse racing they're either too light or too heavy one thousand year old my mom she wants to fight as a walter weight but is several kilos too heavy. whereas fifteen year old model ones it was and is still too light for his first competitive bout as they do near pin
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weight. was the sound i was used at zero zero zero zero zero zero zero as i deal with it it was monday night the office bustling. city was that. was. sad sad but it. was a sizable. lead to come so i don't like the song it was just seven weeks it was. going to be legal it is a. tough. business right now and i must have just lost my vote space museum crowd this is still something often happens off.
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the record should you worry about a voter very low budget with. inputs. you could do that make you scream go to sleep whether you're here bishop i don't occur i don't go to bed you would be around on the record books if you read with your well read. that i. could. see. that. when she. was like i don't want anyone to audience and only did all. i could that. was a little god message to my. sister. up south yes. there. was
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a good set of it up though. this. morning. i noticed. that. i see a new one. and even the most going up and down the block me wants to look at the tickets and still get in the new workers do i move things along with the good of the business or is it a look at the. now that all the boxers weights are known the tournament organizers have to place all the contestants in the correct classes. but the money can lead you to make me say something let's see i just said i didn't have money and you can take them with charging may you sentiment you want to keep your money to keep me and. i want to make this money. be
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a chill machine they find more money it will be to show you some stuff on the bench but over in the senate bill says this is. what the national championships in a few days simo who wants to turn professional chats to his brother about the fight coming up. until. the sun simpson monsoonal because. she. could feel the rush. was enough to know. that it's an injury we don't buy them to me and you. know how we're not a bunch of homes. lost them because hello mitchell what are you. going to. watch
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a lot of. friends. a look at the likeness of all of them didn't last and you know what a low looking isn't a summit for me isn't so and cheney. saturday and cmos fight day has arrived. the regional heats of the national championships are held over several days in different venues around casablanca. simo is still amateur and until two thousand and thirteen they would have had to wear protective headgear. but this has now been changed in the elite men's categories. simos in the blue corner. was. cut cut. cut. cut around one has gone well but his coach once emoji was quick combinations of
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punches yeah but what if played dead but it wasn't above ground to. cut cut cut. was above love one round three the last job. cut above. and said that's it seymour has done well but has to wait for the referee to announce the results.
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oh thanks. simo has done and is through to the next round of qualifying for the two you love to out. the coronation casa blanca overlooks the atlanta. ocean some of the boxers come here to train in the open air including on my mom. and her weight problem there may be unsure where her harvard grads. pledged to steam. vent and they get. a look less from sustaining good. gifts. of the main male for your husband's directly will unlock a left so distant his can was indeed excel. developers are beautiful mizzen. and white in a bottle. or two were the only mature person is
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a. well known grab and go oh well. oh my must problem is that she's trained and had all her practice fights at welterweight class. and their love of. bess that said that means an mfi among puzzling to any. meaning. but at the last way and she was more than two kilos overweight she doesn't want to fight at middleweight the next level up in case she's out of her depth.
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but i think. this was. the toughest day of. something this is a referendum on a. lot a crowd of people and. then. there's a. few. changes are making. them in her memory and didn't in. i think. you mean. she could see. this in the believe in. a way of hope it doesn't look now as though she'll be able to compete in her boxing friends are disappointed for her. as
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a coach but also one of but has best female boxers she's registered for the championships at much weight she didn't progress as far as she wanted last time in months to do better this year. she's also disappointed for in my mom. and talks today about her weight situation. could help any of us had. just shot at like a dentist months ago because in the couple from. the rest of the echo that. just was not us as we can reason a lot of the set of issues levels i would leave the shop still a few million muslims feel because he should. become so surveyed. when it comes within. months ahead. chad. can be amusing dial ups.
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the set of. friends at the have. walks with. a sweater which we then added just which is his attention to my man whose fight is the bout after next to the kids just. as the big meal is the colonials don't leave the it's an exhibit exhibit holds on the potential she was looking. at some of those were going to be true thank goodness you could see the chill he will. leave on much of it and feed it to. love the love with a how delicious oh no my lord. wanted to live better there i will dog. you did you know what i miss you are going to sell those items for the gulf i will be the first one of all my milka his possible opponents is in the ring sleep eat
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sleep sleep sleep. so they go and check her out. in the blue. was. no. this was you know i. was. crazy. but she gets a nose injury in the first round a. was. done. and the referee stops the fight declaring her opponent in the red corner the winner. unfair held up by a so was a little less let's go. ahead the bestial are looking better than i am.
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just a little lunch and the local level. the problem is made worse as she watches a hill get ready for her fight. and i think optician attention to national your life only newton has her own writing. but then if you're cornered how can your soul i don't use a clear view of. this is it for a moment it's what her months of training have been all about. she's in the blue corner. round one this is the. point to. my mind knows that her opponent
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might make up to fifty punches per round so no matter how good her on attack is because in her defense must be astral. what. we are. round one has gone well for a my mom and she looked to be all over her opponents. what. she carries on and around to where she left off and lindsay series powerful punches. the referee steps in and starts counting. eight nine ten it's a technical knockout. into my monster he gets her first win of the competition.
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i. happen to have stock symbol of the skull but let's run a love letter that she's a loyal ally. in the cell and they will expire. with the lock was off but. as the last guy was the one that was a place that c.r. and they said well amanda meade said as she you know she's walking a lot. louder because she's. now it's fifteen year old man who once turned. this is his first time in a competitive fight vision a hoax that exact moment. of the will of. general plan channel. live his hero is
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a man picked bronze medalist mohammad. walks alone how can a home live on a one and one a bit. to one challenge only. much harder having. it looks like he's put on enough weight to qualify as a pin weight. you know my story when i told her you know what you know. about my wants and experience shows. all. hell's. kitchen. how does a. hug a woman jimmy was. my one gets his kids he'll be in the red corner.
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i don't know. it's solving i think. the law of motion action if there were no other than. the. laws. and i believe good occurred here you'd give you both both good will from the one of your. screen good but haven't thought about it would you like to look would . be doing. and i think. you need. this. last. year to be. i meant for you isn't over until. they.
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got a lot. sooner if you didn't see them. but i mean they go oh. yes i thought i'd echo what i thought it was however. the thought of looking over here. i didn't read that and said to would be my first general would be voice who's more and i mean from one for your given that george was in the group where you would be . the referee brings marwan and his opponent together around one of three off was. going to have the force of the d.n.a. because he had the have been in the house less modest.
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but it may stand when i hit. the hell even. i look mistake you probably saw the. end up looking up. as it. was when i was not. what the us was. i got my one is holding his own so i'm not looking at the one no work oh. he's the one is in contention. when i go round to. the. one that i got but that's not straight up. i want to go but i don't believe in blow up.
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but my one lands are a really good punch but. throughout. the day. you're good but his coach is not impressed. the. kids go to school plays logo. as though there was no. one round she can my one do it. let. me. know how good you are the third round is tense and tight why don't you mark right that's the end of the hikes that middle made.
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the decision goes my one's way and he's won his first competitive bout. and so on. they want to. know tuchman there. was a world. of sort of match it some thought for a walk did you know. something. so i don't know. about a bad you know about. i don't think that because clive can did you imagine me do you know was saying they're going to get mad all media on a medical but no one else and then the mobile. phone to one of the little bit of
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the vault sale once you know them and didn't you know miss divestitures kitchen which still actually i kept. my chain saw how my i'd been in medicine we just said cured which had identical lights helium and as soon as she. had one which could get you been hearing. much buzz i had money coming in no one knows me as well as the law was and i was and have have. when the regional stage of the national championships is over sana goes back to his day job and has time to reflect on a successful tournament for him and the back half club. and sad not happened and what a cupboard had him another of us why didn't the one close in and a warning. sign of code in the top glug instead be updating that of course
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a lot of players up for both or not who are good at that have nothing at all for not about sutton as much as your brother is going to show to deal able to learn. from deliver. of to her body that. when her fiancé lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera.
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hello again to welcome back to international weather forecasts. well as of late we have seen plenty of rain across parts of northern argentina and paraguay the next two days look very good though we're going to be seeing some drier air coming in going to see most of the rain pushing up here to the north and that's going to last from sunday to monday as well you can see the forecast is keeping much of that area fairly dry we are going to sing some showers here across parts of rio up here across the north one is that is going to be fairly dry with a temper of twenty three but we do expect to see more rain coming into play by the time we get to tuesday well here across much of the caribbean we are looking at one front about to make its way across the bahamas and into cuba bring some very heavy
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rain showers and that is going to be a problem over the next few days as it sounds across the dominican republic as well has been you'll could see some very heavy rain as well as haiti that could possibly lead to some localized flooding particularly in haiti we'll be watching that very carefully but for event it is going to be a rainy day particularly afternoon with a temperature of thirty degrees and then very quickly across parts of north america we are watching wintry system bring some blizzard conditions across much of the north right here that is going to bring the visibility down across much of the northern plains with some very heavy snow temperatures into the teens for many locations and for new york we are looking at some rain in your forecast for the temperature there of ten degrees. whether sponsored by cattle or. my mates edition every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and of course there's donald trump town through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all they're listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and
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focus on how they were caught on the story so that matter the most him bad is a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. it's a door to climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan. spotless tree seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. a need or want to get down to the reality where on line hotmail shell that is and that is
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plans with the entire global federation and it is really hard to get a piece of that or if you join at sunset and. speak up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live you to chat and you too can be in the street join the conversation on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone on kamal santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera and of all of the talk started with high spirits and great transparency and we reiterated our joint regard for the country a breakthrough in sudan as the military council and protest leaders agreed to
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include civilians in the transitional government. also its polling day in spain left and right parties battling for power in the third general election in four years it's. a decent read had to be. sending his son to humanity pres for peace in sri lanka a week after the easter bomb attacks in catholic celebrate mass by a televised so since. we spoke or strongly condemn the evil of that sermon jism in a and shootings at a synagogue detectives in california are questioning a suspected far right sympathizer. so protesters in sudan have struck a deal with the military that promises to move the nation to wards civilian rule this is happened at a meeting between leaders from the military and a delegation representing some of the protest groups they agreed to join or form i
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should say a joint council until new elections can be held this is after the wakes of protests that we have seen across the country that have continued even after the removal of the longtime president omar al bashir has been morgan starts off from council. a breakthrough in the very first night of talks between the committee of sudan's ruling military council and the coalition of opposition parties they've been trying to find a way to rule the country until a deal can be reached on elections on saturday night the two sides reached a partial agreement to form a joint civilian military council that will supervise a transitional period so. the talks started with high spirits and great transparency and we've reiterated our joint regard for the country talks will continue and we are optimistic on reaching a final result that we can announce to the sudanese people as soon as possible. the coalition made up of opposition parties and the sudanese professional association has been leading anti-government protests which began at the end of last year.
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sparked by a rise in fuel and bread prices but they quickly widened into demands for bashir to step down and earlier this month a sit in outside the army headquarters in her tomb prompted the army to stage a coup. since bashir was ousted the military and the coalition have been in talks on a future government over the usual continues until i give you a waiver for civilian government our asserted ministers are we seeing the military council is sensible enough drugs that it stands out among some since. the sit in for to is now in its fourth week as people wait for a new government the two sides will meet on sunday to try to work out how to deliver that as negotiations continue on the formation of a transitional government protesters continue to keep pressure on the military council over the past three weeks more people have been arriving from different states are going to say. they want the billions and not the military to be there want to have the ultimate say and sudan's future protesters are now also focusing
9:52 pm
on foreign governments they accuse of interfering in sudan's affairs hundreds demonstrated in front of the egyptian embassy in her tomb on saturday egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates want to see the military retain control of the country. foreign interference is on. only aim to keep the military in power we want aid to come to the sudanese people and keep relations between the people and not the military. leaders in foreign interference impacts the decisions of the military council which we don't accept because we want a civilian government and this is the will of the people. to dance revolution for change started more than four months ago and these protesters say they will not give up until they achieve their goal is to believe in government he will morgan i'll get to. the latest now with mohammed val who is in a courtroom as well mohammed round two of talks between the military and the protesters what's happened to that i believe it was supposed to happen this morning . that round of talks was supposed to have started
9:53 pm
the few hours ago but until now they have not yet started on we learnt that the reason why it hasn't yet started is because the two camps are discussing among themselves the details of what they want to present to the table today and that is specifically probably the names the names of people they want to be a part of this of this joint council and also when they meet today they will still have to agree on a number of points including. the number of member members that should be make up this party the military say they wanted to be made up of only ten members three civilian and seven from the army the protesters say they wanted to be made up of fifteen members eight civilian and seven from the army so each side wants to heart . priority or the the big list of names
9:54 pm
more names on the others or more members that's going to be a point of discord and discussion and probably is going to delay any agreement on those details also other points they are going to discuss is the length of the transition period the civilians the protesters they wanted to be for years because they think that's the time they need to make sure that the transition of justice has been served to make sure that they have got rid of the remnants of the former regime and prepare the prepare the ground for elections the military they say two years are enough and these are only two or three of the points they are going to agree on or to discuss during the meetings to come you mention the former regime mohamed yesterday there was that attack by a group of protesters at a meeting of those formally allied to to omar bashir in the lives of events like that and then in the light of of this deal that's been struck what is the general mood amongst the protest movement in cotton. yes come out there
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are signs since like a week now signs of a new issues arising between the components of the protest movement itself because that party the two nations even though they were allied with the former regime of omar bashir they were also participating of late into the protests and they lost one of their members in the east of the country so they they they say they think they have a share in what's going on they think they have contributed to the toppling of the regime and yesterday they were meeting to formulate their position towards what's going on and how they would like to participate in the transition or in the next. government but some of the protesters because that party was a part of the islamist movement some of the protesters they took the initiative yesterday on their own and attacked their meeting thinking that you know claiming
9:56 pm
that these are the eminence of the former regime and they have to be not to be allowed to have a share or to have a say in the transitional period and the discussions going on and the military they sent some people to disperse that all and riot but you know this is only the beginning according to some observers here of probably more more more troubles to come because tomorrow some of the former is the mists also the former regime supporters they are planning they say they are planning to march in the streets of khartoum to show that the islamists have not been wiped out they have not just disappear they have a say they have to be had they have some issues too. to present to the table and they have to be a part of any future formation of government or anything so tomorrow or so expectation is that some problems may happen because those people who will march
9:57 pm
they are trying to go all the way to the. military headquarters and that's where the sit in of the opponents of the protesters has taken place has been there for days so there are fears of clashes between the two sides and concerns that this could complicate even more complicate matters in sudan right now all right that's mohamed el in khartoum thank you we've also got hafiz mohammad with us who is a civil society activist director of justice africa as well a human rights advocacy organization nice to see you how phase. this. pleasure this protest movement it's still got life in it yet hasn't it even though it seems the protesters are getting some of what they want my feeling from here and maybe you can tell it is that they're not going to take their foot off not going to take the pressure off. yeah because the issue is lack of class they don't start in on them and it's a constant because they believe them accounts. and two or three weeks ago the
9:58 pm
powerful very deep and you know almost there are actually they've been a lot i can offices and i've been promoted because they are mean to the beginning that is why they don't and that will enforce history that you know if you don't put pressure and get what you want immediately then it's us then that issues might be. forgotten and you're not going to this is why it is you know it's better now to get what you want and ensure that that evolution is actually right up to the success and instead of yes. listening to you know the promises and not and let that these people are not going to fill this well we know we were dealing with this and they don't actually on the everyone so then do you really believe that a full four years is needed with transition this is something that interested me
9:59 pm
today the military has said two years for transition and the protest movement has said no we want four years because we really want to root out every last element of the old regime are fought for near desperately need a reason for that is we have too many problems to solve while doing the in thing one of them is to have to form a civil society we have to be formed a whole because we have to agree on a permanent solution and most important issues are we need to negotiate a peace agreement with our movement in the fore in the market and insults and all of that we have more than four million either refugees or we need to repack the people back to the villages we need to address the grievances we need to compensate . we have to start a provisional justice process and get justice for and we need to change to spark a d.d. our process for the from part of our movement and that is to me it's not an end and
10:00 pm
there's never enough but is there enough trust sorry half is to interrupt or is there enough trust to make that happen because from everything we see the two sides are very distrustful of each other yet i think the main reason why democracy fell in. ninety four and a billion one thousand and five because there was not enough time for anything we don't actually need right now be spent for democratic process to start if we just don't do election that means we have the remnants of that he didn't the still have the money and they can use their money to also they are actually on all the government institution that instilled that we need actually to clean them over there and to make sure that we have people who are really to actually run the election to do what the government supposed to do and that is need time if we don't do that.


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