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have struggled in spain disagreeing factions have failed to pos national budgets the makeup of the next government is far from clear polling ahead of sunday's vote suggested forty percent of voters were struggling to make up their minds there are some people as he did in between p.p.o. serranos there are some people that if they pay in between. and then some of them between. so we can see that is not to be your pattern or for you know one particular set of electorate very highly of this whatever the result forming a coalition is likely to take time and in a reflection of what's happening across europe the only certainty is that politics in spain has become more fractured more polarized a sign of the times when increasing combative political stage. the uncertainty that has been dominating means that it's going to be really important to count all those rural votes and those in the provinces as well that are going to
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be particularly important because every vote is going to count no one is going to be able to predict what's going to happen here but this is an election in which has signaled the end of absolute majority in spain's parliament. in madrid sunny thank you for that let's cross over now to jonah hole he's live for us in barcelona journal. is of course central to the national debate in spain so what are the hopes and fears of councillors going into this election. daryn i think among the roughly fifty percent of voters who support independents and probably more widely than that as well there's a real sense of unease here about the rise of the vox party the far right party in the way that it's pulling right wing politics and sprain more and more towards the right it's explicit policy is to revoke regional autonomy to reimpose direct rule and try to stamp out separatism the. dependant school altogether people are very
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worried about that and turnout figures here in catalonia today have been extremely good much higher than they were in two thousand and sixteen bit of a lull at the moment but people coming in going pretty steadily doing what they can i think to try and counteract that shift to the right to try and prevent a right wing coalition government giving vox a hand in power now as to what they hope for will clearly not a right wing government but a left wing government probably led by the socialists given the voting intent possibly with the help of cattle and peas in the national parliament there is a quiet sort of recognition here that the direct unilateral action of the last eighteen months hasn't worked and that the way forward is a much calmer steady a pragmatic route via dialogue and the only government that would offer any form of dialogue if not a solution but any form of dialogue would be a government of the left no doubt thank you. for having on the news hour including
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the un warns that floods in mozambique could be devastating and more rain is forecast plus. i'm not what i think and i'll be reporting on an election with no opposition and what that means but this country. transport toronto star man puts in a playoff performance to remember the action coming up in the sporting of the black . power week after several bombings targeted at hotels and churches in sri lanka judges remain shut instead christians took the unprecedented step of holding mass by watching a televised service that follows easter sunday as attacks have killed at least two hundred fifty people france italy has the latest from colombia worldview. a week off turkey easter sunday bottles. remains closed and across the new.
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nation suspended because of security threats despite the bomb alerts and intense security the faithful gather as close to their church as they can under the watchful eyes of the head of the catholic church in sri lanka the archbishop of colombo celebrated mass in the church in his official residence his message of peace broadcast live on t.v. and radio contradiction. someone in the name of god go on do is the all merciful god who is the all love god who has reacted my brother and mine. who vanished who are we value. of service at home with her family her sister. was at st anthony's church last sunday and hasn't been seen since she holds out hope her sister is still alive but is struggling we can pray did that only when and we have to like church any more i don't want god my sister went to church with belief
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in god she had strong faith she often said sometimes miss will help bring the good to your life i've lost faith in the church. the family haven't stopped searching but say they're ready to accept any outcome this is our genies neighborhood multi-faith like a family as a mosque a few steps away and in front of that a catholic shrine at this time of the year this street and the surrounding ones should be decorated with festive lights to celebrate easter a week ago instead they've been replaced by black and white streamers. every father jew joseph joined was holding mass at st anthony's when the bomb exploded he survived because the bomb us at the back of the church away from the altar he says he's struggling to come to terms with the attack why inside these would please such things to happen. usually before the muslim. to the people.
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and then. to some of them. they were. they were full of hope. and all of them have new dresses. i hope families came specially. ross from san antonio to god. everything. outside st anthony's sify this house a proud. candles in memory of the dead and prayed for peace florence li al-jazeera columbus. police in the united states are investigating a suspected hate crime at a synagogue a gunman killed an elderly woman a move and three other people including a rabbi and nineteen year old man alleged to have been arrested rob reynolds has more now from the shooting scene in california. almost one hundred people had gathered at the home community center in synagogue in poll
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a north of san diego to celebrate the last day of passover in the jewish holiday a white one thousand year old male identified by police as jonathan ernest entered the synagogue and began firing a semiautomatic rifle bullets struck four people killing an elderly woman and wounding a young girl a man and the rabbi presiding over the service obviously look right now based on my last. conversation looks like a hate crime hard to believe as the gunman fled an armed off duty border patrol agent employed to provide security at the synagogue chased him shooting at his vehicle shortly afterward the gunman contacted police and was taken into custody without incident police believe his weapon jammed soon after he began shooting there was a border patrol officer off duty. at the at the center. and as the.
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ernst was leaving the facility he obtained a weapon and engaged in gunfire and shot at ernest did not hit him but there was a piers that did make. it but some bullet holes in the car that urge was driving law enforcement officers say the alleged gunman was under investigation for attempting to set fire to a mosque in a nearby community hate crimes against jews and other minorities in the u.s. have increased in recent years the california attack happened six months to the day after eleven people were killed in a synagogue in pittsburgh one of the worst instances of anti semitic violence in modern u.s. history in the past few weeks three churches were african-americans worship were set alight in louisiana president trump has faced criticism that his rhetoric has encouraged white supremacists he denies the accusations on friday the president
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drew criticism for once again saying there were quote fine people on mungo's taking part in the unite the right rally in charlottesville virginia in two thousand and seventeen which was billed as a racist anti-semitic gathering president trump says there were some there milledge to defend the statue of the confederate pro-slavery general i was talking about feel this way because they felt very strongly about the monument to robert e. lee a great general would like. it was one of the great the alleged gunman apparently posted a hate filled anti-semitic screed online on a website popular with the far right just a few moments before the shooting began that document will now be scrutinized by investigators who are also looking for other elements to his motive and the shooting is likely to add to a growing political debate in the weeks ahead robert oulds al-jazeera hallway
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california christensen he joins us live now from washington d.c. chris and so what more do we know about the suspect in this attack and what's he like to be charged with. well daryn we're starting to get some terrifying firsthand accounts from people who were inside the synagogue at the time of the shooting the rabbi was giving his sermon at the time when he heard a loud noise turned around and says he confronted the gunman face to face he raised his hands as a way of protecting himself and had a finger shot off in the process another man describes running amid a hail of bullets carrying a young girl he was shot in the leg so some very terrifying stories coming out of this at this stage nineteen year old john earnest will be charged with homicide but he's also under investigation as we heard in rob's report for a possible arson related to a mosque that was set fire in california last month and the big question now is
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whether or not he'll be charged with a hate crime we are hearing from officials from the president on down to the marrow of the city where it happened this certainly looks like a hate crime but investigators will have to do more work to get to that point at this stage however he is not linked to an official hate group but nevertheless he charges could likely fall of course knows rob was saying in his report that the time comes but he's six months off of the pittsburgh synagogue that sock in which eleven people were killed there i mean how worried up people about the rise of onto cynicism in the u.s. . well this really is a huge issue in the united states right now not just for jews but all minority groups the f.b.i. in two thousand and seventeen reported that hate crimes were up seventeen percent in new york city alone in the last year they've seen a seventy two percent increase in hate crimes two thirds of them against the jewish community and again this kind of. these hateful crimes are being condemned by
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everyone from the president to representative phil han omar she's a muslim representative who's been very outspoken about islamophobia in the. united states and she called the synagogue shooting heartbreaking and called for all americans to stand together to confront him the rise of religious hate as she said in the that's the same message that we're getting from the jewish community as well the c.e.o. of the anti-defamation league said that all acts of violence like this against religious communities need to be confronted with a unified voice and you know he described the attack on the synagogue as an attack on the entire jewish community thank you. flooding in northern mozambique has wiped out entire villages the united nations released these images showing the port town of pemba one of the worst affected areas from kenneth hit the region on
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thursday and there's been more heavy rain the u.n. secretary general antonio good ted has has made an appeal for the victims many of them were already displaced by. six weeks ago. these villages have been entirely wiped out they look like they've been running for viable days and the people are asking for a time then they need water purification and they need food so we are going to work closely with the government we are here in support of i n g c who are coordinating this response to mobilize the supplies needed to get these people assistance as quickly as possible the weather is still bad it is still raining but thankfully the winds have died down so we will be doing everything we can in the next twenty four hours to get people the supplies that they need and to continue to move out to assess areas and make sure that we know the full situation on the ground iraq's foreign minister is demanding a formal apology from bahrain it's over a controversial statements made about an influential iraqi shiite cleric has more from baghdad on saturday influential shia cleric kim looked all those saw who
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controls the largest shia bloc in iraq's parliament called for a reconciliation between iran and saudi arabia and called for a change of government in bahrain syria and yemen now. it's in response to those statements that we saw the bahraini foreign minister describe the the influential shia cleric here with other assad as behaving like something that was a half man half dog as you can imagine deeply offensive here in the muslim world and as a result of that we saw protests overnight outside the bar in a consulate in najaf in the bahraini embassy here in baghdad it's very important to put this kind of diplomatic spat in some sort of geopolitical calm context here of course in recent months we've seen an increase in an effort by the u.s. to galvanize pull in its anti iran coalition
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a coalition that is very much supported by saudi arabia and by bahrain and let's not forget that iraq is a majority shia country that neighbors iran and sees itself very much as being in the center of this wider geo political context other souther up until now has always been so far at least as being quite moderate in his language very keen to point out that iraq is a sovereign nation and that iran will not meddle in its affairs and neither will the americans and their supporters so they say it's important to put context on this diplomatic route but it highlights once again as i say these very deep seated sectarian and political problems of this region and just how tense the situation is becoming. time for a short break here and when we come back venezuelans a roach to use their lamb to farming his new sanctions but question on food supplies and the like displaced we'll have the latest in
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a series looking at the shoes refugees thanks and we'll have a list for parents like i'm a mom gets punchy after his team's off unexpected defeat or in that status. hello again and welcome back we are crossing live and we are looking at much of the disturbed weather we had seen coming across the gulf as well as into southern iran making its way towards the east towards pakistan and afghanistan so as we go towards monday things are looking much better across the region the winds have been dying down as well but the temperatures are coming up here across many areas for quite city we do expect to see a high there on monday of twenty nine degrees for baghdad it is going to be thirty three degrees there and as we go towards tuesday it gets even hotter in baghdad we expect to see about thirty six tehran
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a nice day for you but we do expect to see some showers in the forecast at twenty four degrees there here across the gulf temps are coming up as well here in doha we're going to start the day here on monday with a temperature of about thirty two as a high as we go towards tuesday it does come up as well but the temperatures across much of the interior sections across saudi arabia neka forty degrees few as a high there but over towards the scot a nice day at about thirty one and of course we do want to update you on what is happening here across mozambique heavy rain could be a factor across coastal areas but the remnants of the storm is making its way off so we do expect to see much of the rain start to dissipate down here towards the south in durban it is going to be a nice day with sun in your forecast at twenty seven in johannesburg is going to be a partly cloudy day with a temperature of twenty four. and world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction
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houses and private collectors and bang for selling an artifact is where finance is to be headaches and misuse in the middle east don't sal's don't that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be high and the story needs to be told will shout out to all of radio with the exclusive interview see dangerous for journalists to editors publishers all around the world and in-depth reports are real before they can forcing their way out jazeera has teams on the ground by konami world to bring you more award winning documentaries and life means.
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welcome back if you come out of the top stories here on the news hour a second round of key talks since about is set to get under way on saturday protest leaders and the army made a deal to form a joint council to run the country until elections can take place voting is underway in spain that it's the national election in four years turnouts estimated to be around forty three percent campaigning was dominated by the rise of the far right on the issue of catalonia as independents and sri lanka's leaders have taken pause and vigils a week on the deadly sins to some that bombing. it killed two hundred fifty the country remains on edge security forces carried out. libya's un recognized government has told france to stop dealing with money for have time warlord continues to lay siege to tripoli and strike some one of the helicopters
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killed people are not one of the one who has moved from the capital. clashes broke out again on the southern part of tripoli near the vicinity of the international in active airport as their forces loyal to the kidneys the government of national called have advanced toward the center of the tripoli international airport it's very strategic because if the government forces recaptured the international airport they can easily cut the supporting law and. forces from the city of the south of tripoli on another front have to its forces that it retreated as the government forces took control of the bridge on the southern part of tripoli military sources with the government say that the government warplanes targeted have those locations and civil areas on the southern part of the city and meanwhile the interior minister of this government of national called. has blamed france for
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what he calls supporting the war lords have to overnight a poor have to play in targeted locations near the city center of tripoli killing get for one twenty or more than twenty fighters with the government of national accord and. interior minister a government of national accord is asking or calling on france to stop dealing with the world. and they go to the fighter jets or the locations at night or the interior minister says that there are a tool. countries involved in supporting the free for have to do with the war planes and fighter jets we know that the united arab emirates and egypt are the major supporters of the world for have says that have to it cannot be part of any
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peace negotiations and the aim of this operation by the government is not only to push have to his forces back out of tripoli but also to chase them beyond their administrative borders of tripoli towards the city of the u.n. and the city of. mineral hundreds of migrants and refugees have been trapped by the fighting in libya schools and universities have been turned into temporary shelters for those displaced by the conflict one of the war had met some of those caught in the line of fire. and school in the center of tripoli now a mix shift home for migrants and refugees they were evacuated from areas south of the capital when fighting broke out between the forces of warlords really for have to and the troops of the end recognized libyan government. him and his family originally from darfur in sudan where in the town of. twenty five kilometers from tripoli when the area came under attack suddenly the middle of the.
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shooting shooting of the guns. very heavy shooting but we don't know so. after the shooting we see the. military. cross in the area of. when we will be in gaza. in the. night. a. there are many many heavy shooting. members of the red crescent helped get the family to reality of safety they now share classrooms in this school with more than thirty other families and that number is rising most are from sudan or eritrea. many lock themselves in the classrooms they say to protect their privacy they rely mostly on donations for food
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but getting medical supplies and treatment can be a major challenge well i don't just mean. we concerned about the health of the migrants we sometimes handle patients with chronic diseases in pregnancy that need specialized clinics we also provide the migrants with psychological support some of the sudanese migrants say they will be seeking asylum in other countries with the help of relief organizations they were in haiti are as recently evacuated hundreds of people trapped by the fighting but as a security situation around the capital gets worse many of them remain at risk. a few days ago and may gross detention center was attacked two people were reportedly killed and several others wanted. the government believed to have to his forces many of the migrants at this school have fled war on poverty in their own
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countries they say they feel safe here for now but they also know they may have to move again if the fighting continues. tripoli turnout has been low when ben ames parliamentary elections where there was a choice of just two political parties both of which are loyal to the president holds close in under an hour and for the first time in thirty years there's not a single opposition candidate on the ballot five years ago people in between can choose from twenty different parties. has more now from the port city of cotton. this is a scenario that this country has never seen before people are casting their ballot for two parties and both of those parties are loyal to the president so effectively they're casting their ballot for the same cause the opposition is not present in this election because no opposition parties made it great now what happened was a month ago there was a decision taken by the electoral commission that only two parties were able to
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meet all the requirements of a new electoral code and a new charter of political parties this electoral code and charter by the national assembly so the fact that now only two parties to the president have been able to succeed has caused an opposition outcry asking how can it be that an election can go ahead without any genuine opposition the president's position has been that he's left the decision to the national assembly the process is taking its course and this is the. non-governmental organizations all concerned about what this means for the democracy of this country because bernie has a very proud tradition of democracy since multi-party politics in one nine hundred ninety so for the country to find itself in this situation many watches many activists are saying this is a step backwards for this country when as i was just saying there many in brain are feeling disillusioned by the election she met some of them. this keep group meets
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regularly. and when they're finished they like to exercise their minds and this election has given them plenty to think about. is retired he says he'll be making time on sunday to vote despite the fact that the choice is limited only candidates from two parties both linked to the president. to. believe what they explained to us on t.v. is that one hundred fifty smaller parties came together to make up two parties and we have seen that to be the case i'm not a politician but what we were. species whether it's oppositional pro-government parties i don't care i only want peace. jack is about is a traitor and is unlikely to give up his time to visit a polling station he's disappointed with the current situation. we're already in the election period yet in the city it doesn't feel like there's
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a real campaign going on there's no competition because two parties are fighting for the same cause so ultimately there's no election because there is no competition. to go and new electoral code was agreed in the national assembly aimed at reducing the number of political parties five years ago twenty parties field of candidates but eighty three positions this time only two newly formed parties met all the requirements that both worlds a president. who came to power in twenty sixteen as an independent there are around five million registered voters and twenty if every want to know how many will find out because. the political private overshadowed any faith around real issues making this election more about symbolism and substance. despite protests from opposition parties many been in these just want to get on with their lives julien county has been selling fabrics in the market for forty years than they would
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a government can come to help you. and the government can come in and said to back if you. have never seen the situation before but we must accept it. beni is proud of its democratic tradition since the transition to multi-party politics in one thousand nine hundred ninety but this election appears to be challenging that with the opposition arguing sunday's vote is not taking place on a level playing field i'm up watching al-jazeera. now for the tenth week in a row the members of the algerian diaspora in france of help protest against algeria is ruling elite thousands of people took to the streets of paris on sunday early this month president. for twenty years stepped down after weeks of demonstrations. that has been raining in hong kong but tens of thousands of umbrellas have been used for the latest protest demonstrators are against a proposed change of the law which would make extradition to mainland china easier
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if they would could be used to target political activists critical beijing. sanctions banning u.s. companies from buying venezuelan oil come into effect on sunday the economic impact will make it even harder for president nicolas maduro government import much needed food malnutrition is an all time high leaving a quarter of the population or seven million people in need of humanitarian aid a latin america editor in this inhuman report. in north central but his way. the emblematic sugar refinery of venezuela's valley hasn't been processing locally grown sugar cane dredge these two years francisco to center explains that the source of the problem is homegrown. producers non-printing cane and so we're importing brown sugar from brazil and nicaragua which we were from in to white sugar. who you'll is a historic town it was where the spaniards established venezuela's first capital in
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the sixteenth century says ned bindra me this it's a first child valley where the sugarcane industry was king yes i mean it's sad to see what's become of the crew you're the mother city of venice. i'm out. everything you see there to live fotos was sugarcane they've planted limon trees now but they're dying because there are no pesticides. under former president chavez the refinery was taken over by the state followed by price controls the producers say made growing cane unprofitable now some farmers plant grass for livestock while raise goats. the socialist governments agrarian revolution was supposed to make venezuela self-sufficient in food but it hasn't turned out that way these were the workers quarters in what was another sugar plantation in this area like much of an as well as most fertile land it was appropriate by the state divided up and the
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distributed to the local community but as you can see it has been abandoned. today than israel imports almost everything people eat including rice beans pasta and corn flour distributed in government subsidized food boxes but they're not enough to buy in the last two years the san francisco church. has been the salvation for up to six hundred people of all ages they're not here to pray but to get a meager meal of rice and beans soup the only thing most here will eat all day. we are used to live off the sugarcane industry but there's no supplies everything is in chaos. it's all dark. now faced with crippling u.s. commercial and financial sanctions the government is again talking about making local food production a priority it's a goal that's alluded them for the last twenty years but one that is more urgent
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than ever. to see in human i just. venezuela afghanistan is marking the anniversary of the overthrow of its government in nine hundred ninety two after occupation by the soviet union the one thousand nine hundred what's called liberation day signifies the end the russian involvement in afghanistan but thirteen years on some believe moscow's influence is returning reports from kabul. the fisa law has been learning russian for six months a couple university that i was mocked at first i chose this language as a hobby but after learning it i found it is very rich it gives me broader ideas and connects me with the world which can improve my life. the course was started in one nine hundred seventy nine as the soviets invaded afghanistan they were in afghanistan for a decade fighting the mujahideen when the military retreated so did cultural times not what was up. when nato forces came to afghanistan we only had one russian class
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now we have four classes because there's no sensitivities around learning russian. six thousand five hundred afghans are studying russian and three hundred sixty can apply for paid scholarships into russian university. i want to learn russian because it's an international language if i learn this language i will be able to introduce the russian culture in afghanistan and vice versa russia has turned towards afghanistan as the u.s. has turned away after eighteen years at war america is looking for a way out u.s. taliban talks are progressing seem to be around a foreign troop withdrawal without being asked moscow held parallel talks in march upstaging the us by getting afghan leaders and the taliban in the same or leads on many fronts and the fall date in future can be succeeded nude photos and on
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thursday moscow hosted a trilateral meeting with china and the you except when they agreed to work together to bring peace to afghanistan russia's rebranding afghanistan extends to a new cultural seem to hair in western kabul in the one nine hundred eighty s. this was the site for the sort of a heart of science and culture that was destroyed during the civil war. the ruins became a refuge for kabul's drug addicts now they teach russian language hold arctic submissions theater and movie nights they have soccer tournament's with players from former soviet states this exception showcases one hundred years of diplomacy between kabul and moscow and now for our country for they have an opportunity to compare it is yes and. you know best i'm calling. very spent for afghanistan several deviance of draws right. now russia is hoping for a fresh start in afghanistan one without u.s.
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interference shallop ballasts out his ear a couple of times on our short break here and al-jazeera i want to come back but i will of sport another record for ten years marathon man underway here with us for more on that stay with us. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking ski. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme of helping change the face of india. super thirty and how does iraq. the latest news as it breaks. down. payment to the. brain to
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the truth detailed coverage of the clock to the car i'm. going to give those last days from around the last few days and that is that water is once more rushing down it's on the wealth of the community that has barely begun really. welcome back thousands of tibetan refugees call india's capital home despite not having access to basic social services many a recent arrivals who fled what they say is chinese oppression and tibet in the second part of our series a life displaced al-jazeera sal raman meet some of those
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tibetans in new delhi who've had to adapt to life away from home. to batten culture and downs drives here every day every hundred meant every step every smile has a meaning generations of tibetans young and old continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and where they're from. this is a suburb of the indian capital new delhi tibetans of the refugees here since one nine hundred sixty four. at that time this was open ground there was nothing here there were no street lights not even at all when we came here we lived in tents in our understanding and that was that but then one or two years we are going to go back to their bidding. indians helped the with food and clothes and as the photographs show the homes were flimsy protecting them from harsh winters and blistering summers were simple brick and wood structures or tents. the community of a few hundred has turned into a few thousand this maze of alleyways is a part of
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a much larger community on the banks of the river a year but not the display of symbols flags and bunting defined it as tibet and the area also attracts tourists to see tibetans at work and understand their issues. have been defined as migraines are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the one nine hundred fifty one un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up their own businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. to. under the watchful eye of tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama students such as tens of beauty are grateful for the educational opportunities offered the young tibetans like me those are the aspiration to go back to their own country and so they didn't. want to settle in someone's day. to settle here. it's an aspiration many of the tibetan community have but it's not
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going away as the years pass by or tibetan around the world wherever they are they feel that they are staying somewhere but their real sense of home is their culture and identity and and most importantly driven by our hope that one day i will go back to tibet which is my home. for the moment new delhi is a home away from home for successive generations of tibetans it will continue to be so until they feel they can safely return to tibet so robin al-jazeera you delhi and in the next part of our series we look at the thousands of bengali refugees living in pakistan on monday here on al-jazeera. all right top of the sport his id thank you so much donald of messiah he says when the azerbaijan grown pretty ahead of his team mates and defending world champion lewis hamilton hamilton does the remain top of the overall standings despite losing out in a chair with
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a fin in the final lap spots us coming out on top against the brits and to his second win of the season also the fourth in the same woman series the food for improve how to solve for this year for always strategy with thirty in back to. the regulations about three drive in a fantasy race you may no mistakes and you deserve to win it was all off in qualifying so i was very much for me to say but it's a great result for the team honestly this is the best start of the season with about the english premier league title race has swung back in manchester city's favorite city during a point above liverpool of the salt thanks to a one nil win over burnley sergio aguayo with the game's only goal the arjun's i'm putting his team in the driving seat to successfully defend their title with just soo matches left in the season earlier asked all slots with third straight defeat they were thrashed three nil at leicester that was already damaging alston's hopes of qualifying for next season's champions league let's have
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a look at other table is looking manchester united and chelsea boss hoping to take advantage of arsenal's slip up in the champions league race short time ago it was one nil see united in the first half at old trafford. a parson john struck in neymar was involved in a clash with a fan after his team were unexpectedly beaten by iran in the french cup final the incident occurring as the p.s.g. players went up to collect their runners up medals. been about a few days for the world's most expensive player he's also been banned for three champions league games next season after criticizing a match official. natalie are virtually assured of qualification for next year's champions league after beating frozen r.n.a. in its lease area merton's got them off the mark on sunday as they were. to cement second place behind champions events is i mean you know assault absurd to make it safe for the visitors and almost face a blow for frozen irony in their fight against relegation their eleven points from
12:43 am
safety now is just for much as i learned has put in one of the most impressive performances of this year's n.b.a. playoffs he scored forty five points to help me to answer up his win game one of their second round series against the philadelphia seventy six as somehow mark reports i with toronto gripped by playoff fever and hip hop star drake playing cheerleader the pressure was on the raptors to deliver such as i and that's exactly what they did in game one against philadelphia the seventy six ers themselves have two of the n.b.a.'s most feared players in their ranks i think the all-star jolin bead a lot of these ins rookie of the year ben phillips i just chew i don't i tried to just i but neither could out sean cole weiland was i the one time n.b.a. champion putting up a personal playoff five or forty five points in the situation his efforts helped
12:44 am
him to want to stay ahead for much of the game and take an eleven point lead into the final quarter there were to be no hiccups in the fourth lead killing off any hopes of a philadelphia comeback i have to run to seed it want to wait to ninety five so awful dishonors winning no kemo what a good game tonight making shots toronto have failed to live up to expectations in recent seasons but with this dominant looking unstoppable this just might be their year so haleigh malik al-jazeera the denver nuggets are into the second round by one game seven against the san antonio spurs their star man michael you're getting that same is true in that one now in the n.h.l. playoffs the columbus blue jackets have level their second round series against the boss. bruins the blue jackets needed double overtime to do that or not to shine got the winner to say a three c. win under snow can so win the stanley cup their first on in their history dallas of
12:45 am
also level best series with the series flows in one gang of ace parker and school twice to see the forty victory and the players run off three strikes it's. now elliott kidd charity has run the second fastest marathon of all time the kenyan winning the london marathon in a kohl's record sign of su hours c minutes and thirty eight seconds to charge you for the world record in berlin last year he's also the reigning olympic marathon champion britain's four time olympic track champion mohammed fara finishing fifth in his home. and kenya's bridge across card won the women's rice the twenty five year old is the youngest ever winner of the event defending champion for patrick david chariot finishing in second place. ok there is a sports looking finale on the thank you very much a canadian mining company operating in botswana as discover the second biggest diamond in the world the stone is larger than a tennis ball it's second in size only to
12:46 am
a diamond in south africa in one thousand and five but may not bring in as much money because it's going to says the rock is composed of very good quality all right that's it for me daryn jordan for the news hour don't go away because i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news that's a. free education for all was the promise the reality. provoke degeneration was done. to drugs enough blood to want to get on the job how a protest over education fees. morphed into
12:47 am
a national revolt it's not the job. he's done it's got. everything must for. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every west we're told was supposed to be
12:48 am
suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is huge i don't know there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians announces the era. protestors in so cal a breakthrough deal with the army to form a joint transitional council the promise to keep demonstrators. hello i'm don jordan this is our live from doha also coming up polling day in spain left and right are these battle for power the third general election in four years . questions in sri lanka. televised broadcast as churches remain closed after last
12:49 am
week's easter sunday attacks. which forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism and a. shooting at a synagogue police in california question i suspect a far right sympathizer. a breakthrough has been made in sudan following weeks of deadlock between protesters and military leaders about the political future of the country they reached a preliminary agreement to form a joint council to discuss a peaceful transition to civilian rule even though but reports of. a breakthrough in the very first night of talks between the committee of sudan's ruling military council and the coalition of opposition parties they've been trying to find a way to rule the country until a deal can be reached on elections on saturday night the two thugs reached a partial agreement to form a joint civilian military council that will supervise
12:50 am
a transitional period so the of all of the talks started with high spirits and great transparency and we've reiterated our joint regard for the country talks will continue and we are optimistic on reaching a final result that we can announce to the sudanese people as soon as possible. the coalition made up of opposition parties and the sudanese professional association has been leading anti-government protests which began at the end of last year. sparked by a rise in fuel and bread prices but they quickly widened into demands for bashir to step down and earlier this month a sit in outside the army headquarters in her tomb prompted the army to stage a coup and since bashir was ousted the military and the coalition have been in talks on a future government over rule usually news i feel like you know you. military is sensible drug. the city is now in its fourth week
12:51 am
as people wait for a new government the two sides will meet on sunday to try to work out how to deliver that as negotiations continue on the formation of a transitional government protesters continue to keep pressure on the military council over the past three weeks more people have been arriving from different states are going to say. they want the billion and not the military to be there want to have the ultimate say incidents future protesters are now also focusing on foreign governments they accuse of interfering in sudan's affairs hundred demonstrators in front of the egyptian embassy and on saturday egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates want to see the military retain control of the country . foreign interference is only aimed to keep the military in power we want aid to come to the sudanese people and keep relations between the people and not the military. foreign interference impacts the decisions of the military council which we don't accept because we want a civilian government and this is the will of the people i dance revolution for
12:52 am
change started more than four months ago and these protesters say they will not give up until they achieve their goal a civilian government. joins us live now from a breakthrough between the military and the protesters with the formation of this transitional council how people been reacting to this. while there in the people in front of the army headquarters who have been basically keeping this movement alive and the protests alive and it's what the political parties are calling their winning card they're pressuring cards against a military council are saying that they're cautiously optimistic they're glad that the opposition coalition and the military council have agreed to form a joint civilian transitional government or a joint civilian military transitional council but the deal and the devil is in the specifics here they have to first of all figure out if the military council will be the one having more say in this transitional council or if it's civilians the one
12:53 am
of the representations one of the representatives of the coalition said that the military wants to be the council the transitional council the council to be a military council with civilian representation while the coalition wants it to be a civilian council with military representation so these are things they still have to talk about and they have to iron out there that difference there's also the issue of how long the transitional period should be and how it should be run so these things are still to be talked talked out between the two sides they will be having more meetings today and they're hoping to have an outcome both sides said they're optimistic but at the moment they're still waiting to iron out the final details of the transitional government and he reports that the military council is trying to dissuade an islamist party from having a march tomorrow for fears of clashes what more can you tell us. well daryn the security authorities have already rejected requests from the islamist but popular congress party which brought president bashir to power more than thirty
12:54 am
years ago they want to have a rally tomorrow and that has been rejected by the concerns were because of security according to the authorities yesterday on saturday they had their shura council meeting and protesters who regard the popular congress party as remnants of the former government because they were allies of president bashir and his government so protesters attacked the members of the political bureau of the popular congress party yesterday and they had to be removed taken or evacuated from their meeting with help from security and soldiers so there are concerns that those two more that wanted that the popular congress party who wanted to organize will cause violence between the protesters who are in front of the army headquarters and popular congress party supporters so security authorities have rejected that but it's not clear yet if the popular congress party will give it a go regardless of rejection from security authorities or not thank you. we'll have as mohammed is a civil society activist and director of justice africa that's a human rights advocacy group he says sudan shouldn't rush to hold elections. i
12:55 am
think the main reason why democracy fell in from october nineteenth is four and a bill one thousand and five because there is not enough time for in him we don't actually put the right stuff just went for our democratic process to start if we just dump to election that means we have the remnants of the region the still have the money and they can use their money to and also they are actually on all the government institutions that feel that we need actually to flynn's them from there and peace through that we have people who are really to up to the hundred chain and ses to do what the government supposed to do and that is need than if we don't do that then they will jump again or they will find a way to actually come again in a coup and that that's what happened in in in in mid one nine hundred. sixty s. unite and also in one thousand at an end because the claim is that the mock sudanese
12:56 am
are not mature for democracy and then military join that jump into government and claim they are coming to form and we know exactly what happened with multiple suitland a being independent force he is. sincere fifty three years of this independent years are governed by militancy and and that is what actually delivers to done as a political social and economic development. now for the third time in four years people in spain are casting their votes in a general election polls close within the next two hours and no single party is predicted to win an outright majority after a campaign dominated by the rise of the far right and the issue of cotton and his independence so the get go has more from madrid. the final cool to mobilize the policy faithful spain's socialist prime minister pedro sanchez surrounded by
12:57 am
a sea of supporters urges them to go to the ballot box the country deserves to turn the page in the last seven years and look to the future with hope and excitement which is precisely what we are offering our citizens to the young what we are asking is that you vote for your future and therefore vote for the socialist party . voters have a wide choice decades of dominance by two political parties has given way to a multi-party system the largest players are still the socialist party and the people's party but their influence is gradually ebbing away. in the socialists maybe to head in the polls in the lead up to the election but the reality is that even if either side does when the most votes he will still have to go into coalition with the far left regional parties if you fail to do that but it falls on to the people's marty and they will have to do a deal with the far right either way it is a big compromise for both parties. the main spoiler in this unpredictable
12:58 am
election box capitalizing on the populist wave spreading through europe the anti immigration policies have resonated amongst voters angered at the status quo the constitutional crisis caused by catalonia as attempt to secede has also dominated this campaign it's the first time a far right party has entered mainstream politics since the dictatorship of general franco so what does he bring sovereignty won't be broken in catalonia it won't be surrendered in brussels we're not going to kneel down in front of those who don't respect the anti austerity together we can and center right citizens parties have a chance of being part of a national government. previous coalitions have struggled in spain disagreeing factions have failed to pass national budgets the makeup of the next government is far from clear polling ahead of sunday's vote suggested forty percent of voters
12:59 am
were struggling to make up their minds there are some people in between p.p.o. there are some people whose if they pay in between p.p.i. involves and then some of them between. so we can see that there's not a cure but on all four you know one part people. whatever their. results forming a coalition is likely to take time and in a reflection of what's happening across europe the only certainty is that politics in spain has become more fractured it polarized a sign of the times when increasing completive political stage it's on the egle al-jazeera madrid. joins us live now from boston to join us a counselor is of course central to the national debate in spain how will this election help to shape politics there going forward. what will that be independence issue over the last eighteen months has already been very
1:00 am
influential in this fracturing process is so new was talking about in her report this is the first general election since the events of october two thousand and seventeen when the regional government here held a unilateral referendum on independence then a declaration of independence declared illegal of course by the government in madrid sparking a constitutional crisis and in those eighteen months the independent issue hasn't gone anywhere a conservative government in madrid has been replaced by a socialist government perhaps more sympathetic to the cause that held out its hand at least towards negotiations but paid a fairly heavy price for that branded on the right as traitors and catalyzing in turn the rise of this box far right party with its promised to stamp out separatism altogether reimposing direct rule here and i think that issue is on the minds of a great deal.


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