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i didn't really lead protesters are also quick to point out that they are against a well and trying to deep state that wants to see a continuation of the policies of the past but their foremost priority they say is the immense task of a chipping a transition from thirty years of military rule for how about the world is either out of time and have a morgan brings us more from hearty now on why today's plan goes shea sions or postponed. the second round of talks between the military council and the opposition coalition was supposed to be held on sunday evening but that has been postponed to monday both sides said that they needed time for further consultations on saturday they agreed on a joint military civilian transitional government but the two sides are used to agree on how that transitional government should look like the military wants as a military transitional government with civilian representation but the opposition coalition wanted to be a civilian government with military representation so both sides had their big going to talk to their respective to respective members discuss it and then come to
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to the table on monday and present it to each other and take it from there but both sides said very optimistic that a deal will be reached so that a transitional government will be formed on sunday also the congress party and then start the monday rally that they had planned to show that they supported sharia laws and islamic laws will be postponed and be said that the military council deputy head had told them that this is not the time to talk about religion and show support this is the time to try to form a transitional government of course that government has. a lot of issues to be ironed out until it is formed but in the meantime protesters in front of the army headquarters are still going strong they're saying that they will not give up protesting in front of the army headquarters there will not call an end to their system which started on the sixth of april and till they hear that a breakthrough a real breakthrough has been reached and that there will be a civilian government in place for the transitional period. members of the algerian diaspora in france have held protests against algeria is ruling elite for the tenth
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week in a row thousands of people took to the streets of paris on sunday president abdul aziz british to step down earlier this month after twenty years ruling algeria and weeks of mass demonstrations which if leaker was replaced as interim president by abdul qadeer ben seiler who has pledged to hold elections in july has also been facing demands by demonstrators to resign. to libya now in the un recognized government has warned france to stop dealing with warlord khalifa haftar after us forces continued to lay siege to the capital tripoli and as strike by one of his helicopters killed four civilians on saturday tripoli based government is accused france of supporting after his advances left more than two hundred eighty people dead mahmoud abbas why it has more from the libyan capital. clashes broke out again on the southern part of tripoli near the diversity of the international in active airport as their forces loyal to the e.u. and their kidneys the government of national called have advanced towards the
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center of the tripoli international airport it's very strategic because if the government forces recapture the international airport they can easily cut the supporting law in coming for her those forces from the city of the south of tripoli on another front have to his forces that retreated as the government forces took control of a bridge on the southern part of tripoli military sources with the government say that the government warplanes targeted have those locations in several areas on the southern part of the city and meanwhile the interior minister of the government of national called that he has blamed france for what he calls supporting the warlords have to overnight a poor have to play in targeted locations near the city center of tripoli killing get four and one twenty over more than twenty fighters with the government of
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national accord and. interior minister a government of national accord is asking or calling on france to stop dealing with the world. and they go to the fighter jets several locations at night over the interior minister says that there are two countries who are involved in supporting warlord plea for help to with the warplanes and fighter jets we know that the united arab emirates and egypt are the major supporters of the warlords or have to russia says that have to it cannot be part of any peace negotiations and the aim of this operation by the government is not only to push have to his forces back out of tripoli but also to chase them beyond the administrative borders of tripoli towards the city of the u.n. and the city of. residents in colombo have held
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a vigil to commemorate the victims of last week's attacks two hundred fifty three people were killed when suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels on easter sunday many christians in sri lanka have prayed at home with church services suspended across the country florence lowy brings us more now from colombia. i am. in a week after the easter sunday bombing it's the same time the nice shrine remains closed and sunday mosques across the nation suspended because of security threats despite the bomb it's an intense security the faithful gather as close to their church as they can under watchful eyes the head of the catholic church in sri lanka the archbishop of colombo celebrated mass in the church in his official residence his message of peace broadcast live on t.v. and radio contradiction. to kill someone in the name of god. the
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all merciful god who is the all love god who has reared my brother and mine. who vanished while we value. of service at home with her family a sister. was at same time to church last sunday and hasn't been seen since she holds out hope her sister is still alive but is struggling we can fake it out only when we have to now i don't like church anymore i don't want called my sister went to church with belief in god she had strong faith she often sets an absence will help really good turn your life i've lost faith in the church. the family haven't stopped searching but say they're ready to accept any outcome this is our genies neighborhood multi-faith like a family as a mosque a few steps away and in front of that a catholic shrine at this time of the year this street and the surrounding ones
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should be decorated with festive flights to celebrate easter a week ago instead they've been replaced by black and white streamers. really father jude joseph joined us holding mass at st anthony's when the bomb exploded he survived because the bomb us at the back of the church away from the altar he says he's struggling to come to terms with the attack why inside this would please such things would happen. usually before the mas i talked to the people. and then. as usual the some of them. they were full of all. they were full of hope. and all of them with new dresses. i hope some families came specially in pension. who asked for. me to guard. everything. outside st anthony's survivors held
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a prayer vigil and lit candles in memory of the dead and prayed for peace florence al-jazeera colombo. a teenager suspected of carrying out a shooting at a california synagogue is also being investigated for an arson attack on a mosque last month saturday's shooting left one woman dead and wounded three others as authorities are now reviewing the one thousand year old social media activity including an anti semitic letter published online. almost one hundred people had gathered at the whole community center in synagogue in pole a north of san diego to celebrate the last day of passover in the jewish holiday a white one thousand year old male identified by police as jonathan ernest entered the synagogue and began firing a semiautomatic rifle bullets struck four people killing an elderly woman and wounding a young girl a man and the rabbi presiding over the service obviously look right now based on
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my last. conversation was like a hate crime hard to believe as the gunman fled an armed off duty border patrol agent employed to provide security at the synagogue chased him shooting at his vehicle shortly afterward the gunman contacted police and was taken into custody without incident police believe his weapon jammed soon after he began shooting there was a border patrol officer off duty. at the at the synagogue and as the. church was leaving the facility he obtained a weapon and engaged in gunfire and shot at ernest did not hit him but there was a piers that did make. it but some bullet holes in the car that arch was driving law enforcement officers say the alleged gunman was under investigation for
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attempting to set fire to a mosque in a nearby community hate crimes against jews and other minorities in the u.s. have increased in recent years the california attack happened six months to the day after eleven people were killed in a synagogue in pittsburgh one of the worst instances of anti semitic violence in modern u.s. history in the past few weeks three churches where african-americans worship were set alight in louisiana president trump has faced criticism that his. rhetoric has encouraged white supremacists he denies the accusations on friday the president drew criticism for once again saying there were quote fine people among those taking part in the unite the wright rally in charlottesville virginia in two thousand and seventeen which was billed as a racist anti-semitic gathering president trump says there were some there milledge to defend the statue of
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a confederate pro-slavery general i was talking about feel this way because they felt very strongly about the monument to robert e. lee a great general would like. it was one of the great the alleged gunman apparently posted a hate filled anti-semitic screen online on a website popular with the far right just a few moments before the shooting began that document will now be scrutinized by investigators who are also looking for other elements to his motive and the shooting is likely to add to a growing political debate in the weeks ahead rob reynolds al-jazeera hallway california. and rob joins us live now what else are we learning about the alleged gunman rob. well larry and what we're really learning mostly comes from his own online writings we mentioned in that report a long. diatribe that the suspect had posted online it was
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full of the usual neo nazi jibberish lots of conspiracy theories lots of sort of braggadocio about the white race as he would call it and saying that the jews and other minorities were trying to undermine the future of europeans and people that he considered to be his people we know he was nineteen years old he stated specifically in this diatribe online that he was not raised in a household full of hate he said that he had to teach himself which of course strongly indicates that he was influenced by online writings and the the online screed is full of references to means sort of in jokes or catch phrases that are used among right wingers in these online talk channels and he also
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encouraged his fellow bigots to carry on other acts of hatred both online and in person. we know that one woman was tragically killed in the synagogue attack several others were wounded and i gather you have an update on some of the survivors. yes well first of all laurie kaye the sixty year old woman who died is being hailed as a hero because why witnesses said that she leapt up from where she was sitting and put her body between the gunman and that of the rabbi who was presiding rabbi yes royle goldstein she died sadly but if there's anything positive to report today it is that the other three people who were wounded including rabbi goldstein. another man who was hit by shrapnel while trying to usher some kids to
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safety and a young girl who was also hit by shrapnel they're all ok and out of the hospital now as for john ernest the one thousand year old gunman he's facing multiple criminal charges including first degree homicide and will be arraigned on wednesday and an investigation into an austin attack on a mosque last month for him but one of the general trends and reports of hate crimes and the united states in recent years. well it's not a pretty picture maher and there were fifteen hundred approximately fifteen hundred hate crimes reported by the f.b.i. in the year twenty seven thousand that's the latest year for which these statistics have been compiled and analyzed the data collected by the f.b.i. indicates that more than two thirds of the hate crimes were directed at jews more than nine hundred incidents in total muslims came next in the victims of bigotry list with two hundred seventy three attacks in the year
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twenty seventeen overall forty percent it's a forty percent increase i should say in the number of hate crimes recorded by the f.b.i. between twenty twelve and twenty seventeen. well thank you very much rob reynolds reporting to us from california. still ahead for you on the news hour rescuers are in a race against time to help people caught in foster ising floodwaters in northern mozambique that is why this plan to grow its failing food industry to combat the latest round of u.s. sanctions and in school. and name all get punchy off to his team suffered and unexpected to the.
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hello there were quite a few thunderstorms over parts of europe at the moment not so many in the west they for spain and portugal the skies are mostly clear here and it's fairly warm there is more cloud as you head through the british isles and down through parts of france but here at least that big storm hanna is cleared away say things all comma if we're all the gray the thunderstorms well they're here over the eastern parts and some of them are pretty violent bringing us some large hail and some very heavy downpours it's all trying to move its way east towards the temperatures affording as the worst of those storms work their way towards for mania i mean for the tools to south and it's largely fine and dry for many of us had just a little bit of cloud at times in the outside chance of a shower perhaps but really what we're looking at is cairo seeing the temperatures up at around thirty three degrees and we're looking at a top temperature of a around twenty now for the central parts of africa there's plenty of showers as you would expect and some very heavy downpours rumbling their way towards the west i think as we head through the day on monday some of the wettest of the weather is
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likely to be over parts of nigeria stretching down through cameroon and into goble and so plenty of what they hate towards the west also the risk of seeing one two showers here as well but in between there have been from choice made by some good sunshine sunny getting hot for some of us now look at bamako all the way up at forty two degrees. life in the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant the place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the through it's a. getting to see the stone if you want life here it's going to be straightforward the weather makes everything a challenge the environment where wild life is living it's incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of threads that are up against climate change
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cruel fishing that of course. is this tourism the number of tourist coming down here it's a beginning of the two thousand and six somewhere around four hundred thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand. is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this huge big landscape these to be very carefully banished as multiple threats begin to loop on the horizon. line to the top stories down the ruling socialists have won the most seats in spain's third general election in four years but neither left nor the right holds occam a jar city
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a conservative people's party has lost half of its seats but many of them were picked up by the new comer on the scene the locks passing it sets become the first foreign group to enter the spanish parliament since one thousand nine hundred eighty two. sorry i don't know now we will fight even harder this is only the beginning we told you we will start reconquering and we are initiating that conquering with a presence in congress vox is here to stay can i speak to one rodriguez terror in madrid he's an associate professor of political science at university of valencia and if i can begin by getting your thoughts on the vox policy how significant is it for the landscape of spanish politics that for the first time in decades since the end of the franco dictatorship that you have a far right group actually becoming an electoral force that has won seats in the parliament. goodnight well the role of of bugs in the next parliament is still
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to be seen because there were high cost decisions about these breakthrough and last fall also suggested that he could to become a very large parliamentary group with a stronger influence over the other left or right wing parties in spain. in his entry with half a list seats than expected but any wait he's going to be disruptive or i mean within spanish politics because since he has said deceive me into he's electorally speech have to know when the results he's going to push harder if he's agenda in favor of a national unity in spain but also are going to serve a general consensus was that we have in spain one of them you said not doing so much about immigration you know that this is the slam of public party that has a very strong discourse
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a bit against people from from from the slanted from the countries and this is a novelty in a spanish qualities because such kind of discourse has had no representation so far that i'm sensing i'm just interested and mr terrill given what you say about the locks party winning less thoughts in parliament than expected will that perhaps restraints just how far they will be able to influence the mainstream political agenda. i think so because india in what many in falters in their right among their right electorate can see is that this division. that caused by hawks he's probably one of the main factors of the big thirty eight author of the socialist party so we may have see maybe some kind of a rectification by some of these voters of the of votes. holders but it also we debate about which is the position that is going to be taken by the p.p.
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by the right wing party. whether if it's going to rectify she's position on trade to get them or more their schools and what more there is strategy let him behind or on the contrary to be be designed just recalling our school about the p.p.p. because that is one of the biggest upsets of the night and they have suffered i think their worst electoral defeat in this vote and this is despite lurching even further to the right to to stop losing supporters to the party it clearly hasn't worked exactly well what we have seen indian is that the division in the right wing west higher than we expected and not because box but because the p.p. has suffered. a lost of voters maybe also to be a third party city since which is the center party that has been competing with box
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political agenda indian these didn't deliver very good discourse and ask you what the socialist party is going to do now they are clearly the victors of the night but will probably not win enough seats to. be able to govern alone where well pedro sanchez now turn to for support. probably for the first time we'll see a coalition party move to bar people lieschen in government it's true that the result is very comfortable for the socialists because there are two main tentative by now why do you think. government with the centrist party sooner than those citizens by the other and it seems the more slavery for all of the same to you sir coalition we've put in was with a radical left party with the parliamentary support of regional parties which will continue the same policy agenda because the leading percentage of the into last
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year thank you very much we appreciate your analysis this evening quadro biggest hero joining us from the university of the landsea thank you very much rescuers are racing to help people caught in fast rising floodwaters in northern mozambique psyco kenneth slammed into the region on thursday flattening villages and leaving at least five people dead but heavy rain has continued since then causing flooding and mudslides many homes and streets are under water in the port city of pemba one hundred thirty people have been evacuated from there by boat. or the my oh my god the first some workers knocked at the door at six in the morning and as soon as we got out of bed the water had already reached our knees we try to wait and we tried to remove some of the water but things got worse we're going to try and buy some new codes for my daughters the younger ones are less than two years old and everything is wet and floating in the house with all the hundred i thought it's awful we have suffered every year since twenty thirteen now or in twenty nineteen
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we've always been suffering. turnout has been low in been aeons parliamentary elections where there's a choice of just two political parties both of which a loyal to the president. for the first time in thirty years there's not a single opposition candidate on the ballot five years ago voters nice more west african state could choose from well twenty policies for the eighty three seats in parliament but election watchdogs ruled last month only two parties qualify this time around under a new electoral laws. u.s. sanctions blocking venezuela's oil exports come into effect on sunday the economic impact will make it even harder for president nicolas maduro government to import much needed food now nutrition as it has start levels leaving a quarter of venezuela's population in urgent need of humanitarian a our latin america at its newman has more now from the coil and central venezuela.
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the emblematic sugar refinery is in israel is a valley hasn't been processing locally grown sugar cane for at least two years francisco to central explains that the source of the problem is homegrown. producers non-printing came in so we're importing brown sugar from brazil and nicaragua which we were from in to white sugar in the been willing accomplices in. who you'll is a historic town it was where the spaniards established venezuela's first capital in the sixteenth century says ned been dry me this it's a first child valley where the sugarcane industry was king. it's sad to see what's become of the crew you're the mother city of venezuela and out. everything you see there to live photos was sugarcane they've planted limon trees now but they dying because there are no pesticides. under former president chavez the refinery was
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taken over by the state followed by price controls the producers say made growing cane unprofitable now some farmers plant grass for livestock while raise goats. the socialist government agrarian revolution was supposed to make venezuela self-sufficient in food but it hasn't turned out that way these were the workers quarters in what was another sugar plantation in this area like much of an as well as most fertile land it was exposed predated by the state divided up and the distributed to the local community but as you can see it has been abandoned. today than israel imports almost everything people eat including rice beans pasta in corn flour distributed in government subsidized food boxes but they're not enough to fire in the last two years the san francisco church you know has been the salvation for up to six hundred people of all ages they're not here to pray but to get
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a meager meal of rice and beans soup the only thing most here will eat all day and we all used to live off the sugarcane industry but there's no supplies everything is in chaos it's a. little dark. now faced with crippling u.s. commercial and financial sanctions the government is again talking about making local food production a priority it's a goal that's alluded them for the last twenty years but one that is more urgent than ever. to see in human i just see it in israel and. now in iraq the foreign ministry is demanding a formal apology from a controversial statements made about an influential iraqi shia cleric the two governments accuse each other of intervening in their respective domestic affairs charles stratford explains from baghdad on saturday influential shia cleric here
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mccall those saw who controls the largest shia bloc in iraq's parliament called for a reconciliation between iran and saudi arabia and called for a change of government in bahrain syria and yemen now. it's in response to those statements that we saw the bahraini foreign minister described the the influential shia cleric kamal two other assad as behaving like something that was a half man half dog as you can imagine deeply offensive here in the muslim world as a result of that we saw protests overnight outside the bar in a consulate in najaf in the bahraini embassy here in baghdad it's very important to put this kind of diplomatic spat in some sort of geopolitical context here of course in recent months we've seen an increase in an effort by the u.s. to galvanize pull in its anti iran coalition a coalition that is very much supported by saudi arabia and by bahrain and let's
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not forget that iraq is a majority shia country that neighbors iran and sees itself very much as being in the center of this wider geo political context other souther up until now has always been so far at least as being quite moderate in his language very keen to point out that iraq is a sovereign nation and that iran will not meddle in its affairs and neither will the americans and their supporters so they say it's important to put context on this diplomatic route but it highlights once again as i say these very deep seated sectarian and political problems of this region and just how tense the situation is becoming. afghanistan is marking the anniversary of the overthrow of its soviet government in one thousand nine hundred two after occupation by the soviet union in the one nine hundred eighty s. what's called
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a victory day signifies the end of russian involvement in afghanistan but thirty years on some believe was goes influence is returning charlotte ellis reports from kabul. the fisa law martin has been learning russian for six months a couple university that i was shocked at first i chose this language as a hobby but after learning it i found it is very rich it gives me broader ideas and connects me with the world which can improve my life. the course was started in one nine hundred seventy nine as the soviets invaded afghanistan they were in afghanistan for a decade fighting the mujahideen when the military retreated so did coach times not thought it was up. when nato forces came to afghanistan we only had one russian class now we have four classes because there is no sensitivities around learning russian six thousand five hundred afghans are studying russian and three hundred sixty can apply for paid scholarships into russian university. i want to learn
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russian because it's an international language if i learn this language i will be able to introduce the russian culture in afghanistan and vice versa russia has turned towards afghanistan as the u.s. has turned away after eighteen years at war america is looking for a way out u.s. taliban talks are progressing seem to be around a foreign troop withdrawal without being asked moscow held parallel talks in march upstaging the us by getting afghan leaders and the taliban in the same or agree with on many fronts and the fall date in future can be succeeded nude photos and on thursday moscow hosted a trilateral meeting with china and the u.s. will be agreed to work together to bring peace to afghanistan russia's rebranding afghanistan extends to a new cultural seem to hair in western kabul in the nineteen eighties this was the
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site for the sort of hit hard a science and culture that was destroyed during the civil war the ruins became a refuge for kabul's drug addicts now they teach russian language hold arctic submissions and movie nights they have soccer tournament's with players from former soviet states this except mission showcases one hundred years of diplomacy between kabul and moscow an hour for afghan people to have an opportunity to compare it is yes and. you know. some colleagues. spent for afghanistan several billions of dollars. now russia is hoping for a fresh start in afghanistan one without u.s. interference shallot ballasts al-jazeera kabul. thousands of tibetan refugees call india's capital home despite not having access to basic social services many a recent arrivals who fled chinese oppression in tibet in the second part of our
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series a life displaced outas heiress to hell roman meet some of those tibetans in new.


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