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six thousand five hundred afghans a studying russian and three hundred sixty can apply for paid scholarships into russian university. i want to learn russian because it's an international language if i learn this language i will be able to introduce the russian culture in afghanistan and vice versa russia has turned towards afghanistan as the u.s. has turned away after eighteen years at war america is looking for a way out u.s. taliban talks are progressing seem to be around a foreign troop withdrawal without being asked moscow held parallel talks in march upstaging the us by getting afghan leaders and the taliban in the same or leads on many fronts and the fall date in future can be succeeded nude photos and on thursday moscow hosted a trilateral meeting with china and the u.s. would be agreed to work together to bring peace to afghanistan russia's rebranding
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afghanistan extends to a new cultural seem to hair in western kabul in the one nine hundred eighty s. this was the site for the sort of hit hard a science and culture that was destroyed during the civil war the ruins became a refuge for kabul's drug addicts now they teach russian language hold arctic submissions and movie nights they have soccer tournament's with players from former soviet states this except mission showcases one hundred years of diplomacy between kabul and moscow an hour for afghan people to have an opportunity to compare it is yes and to the north west i'm calling. for afghanistan several billions of dollars. now russia is hoping for a fresh start in afghanistan one without u.s. interference shallot ballasts al-jazeera kabul. thousands of tibetan refugees call india's capital home despite not having access to basic social services many
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a recent arrivals who fled chinese oppression in tibet in the second part of our series a life displaced al-jazeera saheli raman meet some of those tibetans in new delhi that to adapt to a life away from home. to better culture and thrives here every day every hundred every step every smile has a meaning generations of tibetans young and old continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are or where they're from. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi tibetans of the refugees here since one nine hundred sixty four with them at that time this was open ground there was nothing here there were no street lights not even at all when we came here we lived in tents in our understanding and that of the i was that within one or two years we are going to go back to the bit indians help the with food and clothes and as these rare photographs show the homes were flimsy protecting them from harsh winters and
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blistering summers were simple brick and wood structures or tents. the community of a few hundred has turned into a few thousand this maze of alleyways is a part of a much larger community on the banks of the river you would not. the display of symbols flags and bunting defined it as tibet and the area also attracts tourists to see tibetans at work and understand their issues. have been defined as migraines are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the one nine hundred fifty one un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they've become self-sufficient setting up their own businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. under the watchful eye of tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama students such as tens of beauty are grateful for the educational opportunities offered the young
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tibetans like me those are the aspiration to go back to your own country and so there because they don't want to settle in someone's day. to settle here. it's an aspiration many of the tibetan community have that is going away as the years pass by or tibetans around the world wherever they are they feel that they are staying somewhere but their real sense of home is their culture and identity and and most importantly driven by our hope that one day i will go back to tibet which is my home. for the moment new delhi is a hobo away from home for successive generations of tibetans it will continue to be so until they feel they can safely return to tibet so robert al jazeera you delhi. now tens of thousands of passengers have been stranded after scandinavian airline s.a.'s council more than twelve hundred flights scheduled for monday tuesday and
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move follows an ongoing pilot strike i will wage negotiations which shows no sign of being resolved as an arbor explains. it's already disrupted the travel plans of thousands of passengers now a strike at scandinavian airline s.a.'s means more than twelve hundred flights scheduled for monday and tuesday a counseled the industrial action by pilots started on friday stranding more than seventy two thousand people some of those stuck at arlanda airport near the swedish capital stock home were taking it in their stride but others were distraught and french so it's always for good reason if people stopped working it's because there is something special to to put in light i mean nods and then the atheist doesn't do anything right now and our company do anything what you can do what i meant a new start for you know right now i feel as though i just i want to read i want to cry over the weekend they say yes the pilots' unions and noways employees
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association all confirms no new talks or plans the airline which is partly owned by the swedish and danish government insists it's prepared to return to negotiations but it says agreeing to the pilot's demands for paying creases would seriously damage the company campbell said we really have done everything to reach a solution to the demands that have been put on the table have been unrealistic and have seriously jeopardized the competitiveness of us but a union body representing ninety five percent of the airlines pilots in denmark norway and sweden says the disputes about much more than wages we are here to stay this we have completely unregulated working hours that is we don't know beforehand how we will be working out if we get a share jul two weeks in advance of the on the the strike it or say yes isn't affecting flights operated by its partners which make up roughly thirty percent of departures but that'll be little comfort to the thousands of would be travelers trying to find a plan b. . al-jazeera. or sports news is still to come
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a big step forward for equality in french football and we'll be here with that story and much more shopping. the arrow. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty on al-jazeera. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated the destroy the perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas
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a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to see and if you don't say it we're not to let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. time feel sports update now and andy. thanks so much marion while the fourth girl prey of the formula one season has once again being dominated by the miss eighty's both sides and lewis hamilton occupying the same places and back with ferrari left playing catch up reports. the build up and back it was all about charlotte clare
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for both good reasons. the young ferrari driver was fastest in all three practices before losing the chance of pole with a crushing qualifying that he called stupid. so he started in the mercedes of valtteri bottas and lewis hamilton setting off from the top two positions all the great. did his best to make up for moving up the field to take the lead as his rivals pitted. it couldn't last though has bought us got his orders to start by a couple of one o'clock everybody's by chap behind instructions over the radio coming to pass on the track the fin overtook the monica asked and rarely looked back holding off a late challenge from teammates hamilton to secure his second win of the season and top spot in the standings as le claire finished fifth two wins each for the finn and the brit and two second places each leaving for ari sebastian vettel feeling left out in third yes so boring it's not just for races been walked for years
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more or less all of you guys got to do than to stop the harder work harder work better i just think of the team as before out of form itself you know with i don't think the team or the drivers a performed well. the three. have ever performed as well as they have as a whole and that's why you're saying until they stop performing at the level we are then. this is how it's going to be so bought us best in baquba hamilton not far behind which miss avies man wins the championship already looking like the storyline for the season whole race al-jazeera. the english premier league title race has swung back in manchester city's favorite city once a point above liverpool of the top thanks to a one zero win over burnley aquaria with the game's only goal the arjun's i'm putting his team in the driving seat see successfully defend that saddle with just soo matches left to play. so we were born think gives in
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a rule the last night you're twenty one eighteen so it's massive is incredible so what do you know know how time to recover a rest and joey unfortunately the semifinal the champions league and then go to the . in go to leicester game. arsenal slumped to a third straight defeat there with rush three nil at lest the result damaging their hopes of qualifying for next season's champions league his other side was looking city have a leicester and brighton still to come liverpool be taking on newcastle and wolves money united in chelsea drew one one at old trafford so it's chelsea in the fourth champions league spot for the now. price a new man struck a name always involved in a clash with a fan after his team were unexpectedly beaten by a run in the french cup final the incident occurred as the players went up to collect their runners up medals in a bad few days for the world's most expensive player also been banned for three champions league matches next season after criticizing
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a match official. stephanie for power has become the first woman to referee a top flight french league game the thirty five year old taking charge of this match between amira and strauss burke and being out for yellow cards in this no mail drop from will also officiates it service years women's world i in the n.b.a. playoffs the boston celtics got a convincing win over the milwaukee bucks in game one of the second round series the parks were the best team in the regular season but could do little to stop boston's car you having got twenty six points on the walkies home court being relentless is boston one one twelve has nine see the bucs have the chance to level the series on shoestring. in american football player who was picked by the new york giants in saturday's n.f.l. draft has been injured in a shooting that claimed the life of his college teammates corey balance sign and reported to be in a non life threatening condition after receiving a gunshot wound in the early hours of sunday is going simmons was killed in the
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incident near the campus of washburn university in kansas it came hours after the giants selected by unsigned in the sixth round of the draft the same followed up his last four win of a rough hour with a victory in the final of the barcelona open the austrian beating russia's then on medvedev in straight sets losing just four games in the process the world number five now has to be neutered open where he's been the runner up for the last few days. patrick if it ever is the first quiets win two titles on the women's tour this year the czech would. sing and at cons of ice in straight sets in the final at least it got open if it's for also won the sydney international in. january. elliott keep shogi has run the second fastest marathon of all time the kenyan one the london marathon and a colston recall time of two hours soon minutes and thirty eight seconds before the world record in berlin last year he's all sort of the writing olympic champion britain's for simon picture and champion mohammed fara finished back in fifth.
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kenya's bridgette coast guard won the women's rice the twenty five year old is the youngest ever winner defending champion compound should be finished in second ok but as you sport let's get back to marry him in london it was a good day. but there will be much more coming up for you very shortly i'll see in just a few minutes. we're
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going. to. i am i am. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every west we're
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told was supposed to be suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is huge i presume and there's only so much we can try before you say ok let's make rethinking radicalization the cult of the radicalized youth syrians announces the era. of the election. well we're taking you live now to the spanish capital madrid where we're hearing from hadra sanchez the leader of the socialist party which is leading in the election with some one hundred twenty three seats let's just listen in to what he's saying.
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in this election was. part of it he's trying to we three bear are not ribera. we are even i'm not referring to they are popular party either. so we're just looking at some pictures coming to us from madrid and there you can see padre sanchez addressing a crowd of supporters who apparently very excited jubilant they are pleased with the results so far which is in line with expectations before this vote that a socialist party would be the victors that they would be in the lead but that they wouldn't win by enough to be able to govern alone for that they would need a majority of one hundred seventy six seats in the parliament karni there are one hundred twenty three but it is almost certain that they would have to seat allies
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elsewhere in order to build a coalition government. we have sent. despondence many many messages. we have sent the message of what we do not one with a one reaction we can work with them one on go back we won we won time country that looks forward into the future. were. were were. public is tontine they were pass. they will pass. so we have to send a message clear and serious. to europe and to the
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world. that we cango one to reaction to all three said the city terrorists and. were. were were people chanting yes it can be done yes it can be done. anything can be done and the first message we have sent today. he said spineless was for one clearly that this socialist party the bands is country. so far minister pedro sanchez they need a socialist workers party kind in victory in this election with nearly one hundred percent of the votes counted ninety seven percent of the votes counted and it looks as though the socialists are the victors this evening bought they will now have to
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enter negotiations in order to build a coalition so that they can govern because they are short of an overall majority jonah how is following all these developments for us from barcelona in general i suppose now the hard work really begins here. yes absolutely socialist delighted as you are looking at. they were expected to be the big winners for the. those not winning enough of a majority enough seats to form a majority on their own worth remembering as you look at those pictures of the other big story of the night which is the emergence onto the national political stage of the fox the far right nationalist party the first far right force in parliament in the grid since the death of general franco forty years ago a seismic event that in the modern democratic history of space but the socialists
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are likely to lead the next government in coalition two possibilities one a leftist coalition along with for the most the anti austerity party they've lost a lot of ground in this election that will mean teaming up as well probably with pro independence and peace from catalonia here. but that of course may come with a price the socialists in the end are unable to pay so they may have to look to the right to the center right sudan you're sparty it's not as unlikely an alliance as you might think they have some issues in common the problem is if you're down on your sleeve that diego rivera vowed that he would have nothing to do with the socialists after this election and indeed had a son to support as you heard them there chanting not with rivera they don't want to team up with you or the news either so overall the picture of this election is of a hung parliament the likelihood of moment very difficult coalition talks to come and really not the picture of stable government that you'd want to see coming out of
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a national election now and as you say john of the the catalan crisis has been so much at the center of this election and the campaigns from wienie all of the posses i suppose it looks as though address sanchez could potentially come then without the support of the catalan nationalists and that leaves them perhaps with with less influence and in parliament. well if he can he'd almost certainly want to do that because he wouldn't want in any way to be beholden. to that and it would draw the ire of the right of course if he were to bring them into government he may have no choice but this election really has done nothing to answer that question here in catalonia what next with this independence movement that has been largely dormant for the last eighteen months since the events of october two thousand and seventeen twelve of its leaders you can see some of their portraits up there in prison in madrid on charges of rebellion and sedition in some ways on the one hand is good but the socialists are in power for them perceived to be more sympathetic
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certainly better than it would have been with the right his coalition evolving vote but on the other hand the boxes achieved anything in all of this it is to shift the entire political narrative here towards the nationalist right making it almost impossible to imagine any government of any stripe or color making any meaningful concessions to the independence movement actually so it looks more and more like an issue that he's just going to rumble on unresolved for a long long time to come thank you very much jonah hall bring us all the latest from barcelona as you see pictures there of pederast sanchez declaring victory in this election from madrid she will have to seek an alliance and build relations a leader of the far left the demos party has said that he is open to forming a coalition and as john was saying the significant story of the night is the entrance of the far right votes party in
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a spanish column that they have managed to break through for the first time. now in all the headlines further talks between sudanese opposition groups in the military have been disposed until monday it's two sides had been jews to meet again on sunday after announcing the formation of a joint council late on saturday night it would lead the country until elections are eventually held in protest as a hoping that would pave the way for civilian government going to doha will from khartoum. a kind of a mood of the sea an old pull to outside the sudanese military headquarters in ca to they are reacting to news of progress in negotiations between the transitional military council and protest leaders every hope is fun and into the square. better for us to remain here then return to anything similar to what we had in the past we have suffered for thirty years we need a swift and final solution and. a joint transitional council which would
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include military representation is on the cut negotiations have not yet as published the personalities who would leave the country in transition to a full democracy but all sides a hopeful that they will eventually reach an agreement on but. now. there's been a discussion on the points in which there were differences of viewpoints and i think the discussion is continuing in a positive in federal way and that has encouraged us. some of the issues that dealing with include the period of transition would it be two or four years and whether the military will retain control of security and defense ministers and many people is a done cut at the problem with the progress the chips fall for the columbia for a peaceful democratic dispensation may be far from over but they say the struggle they started here could potentially shape
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a new era on the african continent. encouraged by progress so far now a string of concessions by the transitional military council the mood within the protesters is one of defiance. today doesn't stop them gathered outside a building where the opposition popular congress party was holding a meeting chanting no place for islamists at least six the four party members were wounded in the ensuing violence something that's been condemned by both the military. and protest organizers. we've passed through a lot for the last thirty years every kind of crime has been committed against injustices corruption the killings all are done in the name of religion in the uk why we want a secular government. the protesters are also quick to point out that they are against a well and trying to deep state that wants to see a continuation of the policies of the past but they are foremost priority they say
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is the immense task chipping the transition from thirty years of military rule mohammed at the wall just zita heart. and also and hearty and have a morgan brings us more now why today's plan negotiations with this fund. the second round of talks between the military council and the opposition coalition was supposed to be held on sunday evening but that has been postponed to monday both sides said that they needed time for further consultations on saturday they agreed on a joint military civilian transitional government but the two sides are used to agree on how that transitional government should look like the military wants as a military transitional government with civilian representation but the opposition coalition wanted to be a civilian government with military representation so both sides said that they're going to talk to their respective to their respective members discuss it and then come to to the table on monday and present it to each other and take it from there but both sides said they're very optimistic that a deal will be reached so that a transitional government will be formed on sunday also the congress party and that
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from monday rally that they had planned to show that they supported sharia laws and islamic laws will be postponed and they said that the military council deputy head had told them that this is not the time to talk about religion and show support this is the time to try to form a transitional government of course that government has. a lot of issues to be ironed out until it is formed but in the meantime protesters in front of the army headquarters are still going strong they're saying that they will not give up protesting in front of the army headquarters there will not call an end to their system which started on the sixth of april and still they hear that a breakthrough a real breakthrough has been reached and that there will be a civilian government in place for the transitional period libya's un recognized government has warned france to stop dealing with wall awfully fast after us forces continued to lay siege to the capital tripoli an airstrike by one of his helicopters killed four civilians on saturday the tripoli based government accused france of.


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