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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 118  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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i don't take just. like something. a lot of. it is. i think you should. change your meaning. didn't it. i think. you should. listen to me even. though. it doesn't look now as though she'll be able to compete in her boxing friends are disappointed for her. as a coach but also one of buck has best female boxers she's registered for the
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championships at my weight she didn't progress as far as she wanted last time in months to do better this year. she's also disappointed for him i'm. in talks today about her weight situation. because helen is. the. best. we have. a lot of. levels i would be shocked a lot. of them even. look at. me. when i was. just going to be mean. this sort of outlet has. a lot of friends but the have
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all costs or has walks wish. us well which we then and it does which is his attention to. who's fight is the bout after next you're going to see. the big meal the colonials the blood the witch and the kids made an exhibit. it's one of the ten jails. in the world of the. action because we're going to see goodness you could see the chilli of what they were laying on much of it and feed it. love with how delicious only a lot. of them live then and there it was on. a video what with some history are going to sell those tighten up most of the profile will be the first one of his possible opponents is in the ring you. think me you. me you
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think. so they go and check are out in the blue. who was. really soon yes. no. that was that. was during the break. yes but she gets a nose injury in the first round. was was no doubt. and the referee stops the fight declaring her opponent in the red corner the winner . helped by if so was the less. i had the best shot i know combat when i had. the launch and the girl out of
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a lot. the problem is made worse as she watches get ready for her fight. and i take optician attention. to your life only nathaniel has their own line of. fire that have been kicked out how when you're subtle i mean that in a secluded you know. this is it for a moment it's what her months of training have been all about. she's in the blue corner. round one that has the. law but. the ball my mind knows that her opponent might make up to fifty punches per round so no matter how
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good her on attack is because in her defense must be asked strong law but . the but. as we are above. ground one has gone well for a my mom and she looked to be all over her opponents. but the but she carries on in round two where she left off and lands a series of powerful punches. the referee steps in and starts counting. eight nine ten it's a technical knockout. and to my most a he gets her first win of the competition.
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i. should have been happy to have. this call but let's rock a lot of his loyal a lot. there's a line there will expire like i said book so i. never said that us about the lock was all. that as let's go was not whatever some other place we are and the. limits as seen after one life. now it's fifteen year old man who wants turn this is his first time in a competitive fight. visionary looks the exact moment for a live look at school. but will have handled the general plan shannon. clearly his hero is a man pick bronze medalist mohammed rb if he walks alone how can the helm live on
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a one and one a bit of. fun challenge only. much harder having. it looks like he's put on enough weight to qualify as a pin weight. and you know my story when i told her i'm going with your you know she was warm but my one's inexperience shows. all the. holes. those. are all americans and. one doesn't want. hunger one moment to me was. my one gets his kids he'll be in the red corner.
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well. i don't know. it's something i think. you know. a lot of motion action if there were no other than. in the. laws. and i believe you're getting the most both good well from the one hundred one little to no less mystery and good but haven't covered it would you like to look would. be doing. and i think. it will look for me. with. this. last. look at. the law. in a minute for you is it ok. if. he
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does. sooner or later for you to concede. or the other you go oh. i thought i. thought of looking over here. and said to would be much the would be needed. more and i mean he was one hundred degrees. group and you know . the referee brings marwan and his opponent together around one of three all want. to have. in the house last modest. one.
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hell even. i look listen you know when someone has a you can go into. a rock look it up but. i think it. was when i was not. what i love love love love i got mad one is holding his own so i'm not sure about the one no work oh. he's the one is in contention. when he got round to. how was it how you got nice made up. but you know what but i do believe in love but. end up. below but my
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one lands are a really good punch but a lotta love. for her well remember that love home video. up rather than the help of. the. good but his coach is not impressed on the land on the. good although i said the coldest place was up on the lawn of the west as though there was. the lead because i had to get. that one round she done can my one do it. oh. no i did not look up the i don't know how good you are the third round is tense and tight why don't you laugh right that's the end of the hikes throughout the middle. of the loopy.
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the decision goes my one's way and he's won his first competitive. so. no. sense of what my dad should some. did you know. some. sort of. a bad you know about god but. i don't. and then i would say neglect jim i don't media. and then you have. one one on your one for sale once you know i mean this is the best that you to
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chill fishbowl i took a shot they took my take i've been in medicine we had thank you sectional politely and when you. had no one was killed you. know and that's me that's. going to have. when the regional stage of the national championships is over sana goes back to his day job and has time to reflect on a successful tournament for him and the back half club. inside and i haven't. heard him another of us why didn't the one close and now look . at son of god in the top gladius to be updating that i've got a lot of plans up for both or not or good to have another goal for not know as much
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as your brother going to cry and so to deal able to learn. from deliver. of to her body that. when her fiancé lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera.
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hello there we're still got snow in the forecast for north america or over the next few days even though we're at the tail end of a. we look at this satellite picture we can see one area of cloud here that's edging its way eastwards that got some snow to chicago but now it's mostly rain as it works its way into the northeast but then we've also got another weather system that is dropping down from canada and this is going to give us some very heavy snow and some strong winds it gradually edges its way eastwards so as on looking fairly messy really over the next few days plenty of snow around over the northern plains the u.s. by choose day elsewhere and you see some wet weather the stretching down towards the south that's more in the way of rain but all of this going to edge its way eastwards and it's a we're looking very messy at the moment even further towards the south and this
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plenty of showers here through parts of cuba through hispaniola and across into jamaica away from there there's more in the way of dry weather but even head that's likely to be a few shop showers at times and some of them as i say are likely to be fairly heavy as you head down towards panama looks like the rains will be pepping up on tuesday so a wet today for us for head down towards south america of course the rain here is meeting quite a bit heavy but it is now moving away towards the north so for power watch for you but better than it has been twenty six will be the maximum there in asuncion looking better for now that is the rain looks like it is brewing once more as we head through tuesday and into wednesday. china's one g. problem has become famous for its large number of elderly many aged one hundred years or older one i want to investigate see if the rate you hold the secrets to a long and healthy line on al-jazeera conservation ease helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote
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nature reserve of saudi chart at times camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snowed up it's the technology improves who are finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests there. more cats than previously acknowledged but this snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the kurds on the international list of threats of species. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes socialist
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pedro sanchez looks set to return to spain's prime minister but his victory for short of a parliamentary majority. talks between sudanese opposition groups and the military are postponed after both sides agreed to a joint transitional council. as libyan war after hours push to take over the capital continues one european country is told to stop interfering. in tens of thousands of passengers are left stranded after pilots at a scandinavian airline walked off the job. but are spain's governing socialists have picked up the most seats in sunday's elections but with nearly all of votes counted it looks like they won't have enough for an outright majority prime minister pedro sanchez his party are projected to win one hundred twenty three seats the conservative people's party which was ousted
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after a corruption scandal last year has sixty six their worst ever results. down out of the populist centrist party which has shifted to the right is projected to get fifty seven seats left wing populist party has forty two the far right vote. ochs party has twenty four seats poised to become the first far right group to enter parliament voter turnout was very high as well at seventy five percent zanu go reports now from madrid i think won the race but there's no certainty of forming a government yet the socialists triumphant in there when lacking an outright majority was tired of the spaniards have sent many messages today we have sent a message of what we do not want we did not want to go back we want to country to
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look forward into the future we have also sent a message to europe and the world that we have won and rejected or thord tarion ism . the winner as they may be but now they have a duty to form a coalition one possibility the left wing anti austerity together we can party its leader public less yes has already said that he is willing to support the socialists as they say on us in the senate and is fine for several years elections in spain have not been about winning but about convincing people he wasn't about making up the numbers we are an essential political force for the formation of a left wing government is not spain. but the numbers still do not add up to a majority they would need support from regional parties in particular the catalan pro independence groups. the alternative a deal with a center right citizens party but comfortably form a coalition in terms of numbers they have been one of the surprises of the election
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they've come a west neck and neck with the people's party the p.p. the traditional opponents of the socialists in general elections were two party race but this election has brought the worst result in people's history battered after a corruption scandal punished by some of its followers over its course of action when confronting cattle on pro independent tests this is a party now in deep crisis a grand reckoning sealing their fate and now. you want to go now we will fight even harder this is only the beginning we told you we will start reconquering and we are initiating that conquering with a presence in congress vox is here to stay but the latest player in this race vox struck out and playing their own stake in the game. one of the voters that's
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extremely happy with the results of the night was the supporters of by far right last parts are now behind me listening to the leaders. as well as they could have anticipated and they are the new force in the lower house of parliament. and with boxes games nationalism is back in spain. ally now putting this politics in europe so did i i go al-jazeera madrid or john romano senior is a professor in the department of liberian and latin american cultures a stanford university he says it's hard to predict what pedro sanchez decision is going to be. in spain in particular the emergence of boggs is the outcome of the implosion of the popular popular i mean these both the leadership. and many of the voters of this party are former voters and members of the. so in in
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a sense it is the failure of that party to retain its power. through the implosion has allowed for these splinter groups to gather force and in fact. said today they will from now on be heard they will be a strong and voices presence in the court in the in the spanish parliament it's important to say that they want to remarkable victory it's a very strong comeback for neither it was basically a consider to be dead a few years back and. the. computation of the votes at the end of this night has been clearly won this highly satisfactory for the socialists yes indeed they have. been short of the absolute majority so they will have to form a coalition other to govern and as has been said there's two options one to the right. and one to the left well the most and some of the. at least one of the prints and it's partisan could learn even them this is
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a tough choice for them or some shit we will seen coming days the the so-called deep state that is the the the actual establishment the the economic powers in spain the powers that actually rule the country will be putting a lot of pressure on people are sentenced to go the way they think. it's also most likely the one quality in their satisfy the european commission the one that europe would likely prefer but the possibility could be blocked by the basis of the socialist party they have been crying to some to tonight don't join who are not scientific is in this case between a rock and a hard place and i don't know it's hard to predict what his decision is going to be so he will have a lot of pressure on both sides the potential force that he was asian of the government spain will differ depending on which one of these two options he chooses . a further talks between sudanese opposition groups in the military have been
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postponed until monday two sides were supposed to meet again on sunday after announcing they formed a joint council it will lead the country until elections are held here morgan is following developments for strong the sudanese capital the second round of talks between the military council and the opposition coalition was supposed to be held on sunday evening but that has been postponed to monday both sides said that they needed time for further consultations on saturday they agreed on a joint military civilian transitional government but the two sides are yet to agree on how that transitional government should look like the military wants as a military transitional government with civilian representation but the opposition coalition wanted to be a civilian government with military representation so both sides said that they're going to talk to their respective to their respective members discuss that and then come to to the table on monday and present it to each other and take it from there but both sides have their very optimistic that a deal will be reached so that a transitional government will be formed on sunday also the popular congress party
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and now that the monday rally that they had planned to show that they supported sharia laws and islamic laws will be postponed and they said that the military council deputy head had told them that this is not the time to talk about religion and show support this is the time to try to form a transitional government of course that government has a lot of issues to be ironed out until it is formed but in the meantime protesters in front of the army headquarters are still going strong they're saying that they will not give up protesting in front of the army headquarters they will not call an end to their set and were started on the sixth of april and till they hear that a breakthrough a real breakthrough has been reached and that there will be a civilian government in place for the transitional period of protesters say they will keep up their presence on the streets as you just heard there until the military rulers hand over power to a civilian government mohamed out o. has more on the. mood of the sunni pool to the sudanese military headquarters in khartoum. they are reacting to news of progress in negotiations between the
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transitional military council and protest leaders every hope is fun and into the square. better for us to remain here then we turn to anything similar to what we had in the past we have suffered for thirty years we need a swift and final solution. a joint transitional council which would include military presentation is on the cut negotiations have not yet does publish the personalities who would leave the country in transition to a full democracy but all sides a hopeful that they will eventually reach an agreement on but. there's been a discussion on the points in which there were differences of viewpoints and i think the discussion is continuing in a positive in federal way and that has encouraged us. some of the issues that dealing with include the period of transition would it be two or four years and whether the military will retain control of security and
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defense ministers many people is a done credit the problem with the progress the chips fall for their clamor for a peaceful democratic dispensation may be far from over but they say the struggle they started here could potentially shape a new era on the african continent. encouraged by progress so far now a string of concessions by the transitional military council the mood within the protesters is one of defiance. today doesn't stop them gathered outside a building where the opposition popular congress party was holding a meeting chanting no place for islamists at least sixty four party members were wounded in the ensuing violence something that's been condemned by both the military and protest organizers. we've passed through along for the last thirty years every kind of crime has been coming.


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