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tv   Up Front 2019 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2019 11:32am-12:02pm +03

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i am i. a week off to the easter sunday bomber it's the same time the nice shrine remains closed on sunday mosque across the nation suspended because of security threats to spike the ball it's an intense security the faithful gather as close to the church as they can under watchful eyes the head of the catholic church in sri lanka the archbishop of colombo celebrated mass in the church in his official residence his message of peace broadcast live on t.v. and radio on. if you lose someone in the name of god gone do is the all merciful god who is the all love god who has reared my brother and mine. who vanished while we value. of service at home with her family a sister. was at same time to church last sunday and hasn't been seen since
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she holds out hope her sister is still alive but is struggling we can fake it out only when we have to now i don't like church anymore i don't want called my sister went to church with belief in god she had strong faith she often sets an absence will help really good turn your life i've lost faith in the church. the family haven't stopped searching but say they're ready to accept any outcome this is our genies neighborhood multi-faith like a family as a mosque a few steps away and in front of that a catholic shrine at this time of the year this street and the surrounding ones should be decorated with festive lights to celebrate easter a week ago instead they've been replaced by black and white streaming us. every father jew joseph joined. us holding mass at st anthony's when the bomb exploded he survived because the bomb us at the back of the church away from the
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altar he says he's struggling to come to terms with the attack why inside this would please such things would happen. usually before the mas i talk to the people . and then. as you say like to some of them. they were full of. they were full of hope. and all of them with new dresses. my whole song families came specially in pension. to ask for. me to god. everything. outside st anthony's survivors held a prayer vigil and lit candles in memory of the dead and prayed for peace florence italy al-jazeera colombo. pakistan has released the final group of sixty indian nationals detained over illegal fishing it's now released three hundred sixty people as part of a goodwill gesture tensions between india and pakistan have remained high since
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a suicide bomber or pakistan based group killed more than forty soldiers in indian administered kashmir in february thousands of tibetan refugees call india's capital home despite not having access to basic social services and many are recent of rivals who fled what they say is chinese oppression in tibet and the second part of our series a life displaced so hell raman made some of those tibetans in new delhi who've had to adapt to life away from home. to patent culture and thrives here every day every hundred every step every smile has a beating generations of tibetans young and old continue to embrace obtain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and where they're from. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi to better serve the refugees here since one nine
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hundred sixty four. at the time this was all ground there was nothing here there were no street lights not even at all when we came here we lived in tents in our understanding and that of the alarm i was that within one or two years we will go back to the bit. indians helped the with food and clothes and as the photographs show the homes were flimsy protecting them from harsh winters and blistering summers were simple brick wood structures or tents. the community of a few hundred has turned into a few thousand this maze of alleyways is a part of a much larger community on the banks of the river a year but not the display of symbols flags and bunting define it as tibet and the area also attracts tourists to see tibetans at work and understand their issues tibetans here have been defined as migraines are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the one nine hundred fifty one un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become
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self-sufficient setting up their own businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. under the watchful eye of tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama students such as tens of beauty are grateful for the educational opportunities offered the young tibetans like me those are the aspiration to go back to their own country and so there is they don't want to settle in someone's day. to settle here it's an aspiration many of the tibetan community have but it's not going away as the years pass by or tibetans around the world wherever they are they feel that they are staying somewhere but their real sense of home is their culture and identity and and most importantly driven by our hope that one day i will go back to tibet which is my home. for the moment new
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delhi is a hobo away from home for successive generations of tibetans it will continue to be so until they feel they can safely return to tibet so robin al-jazeera you delhi. tens of thousands of passengers have been left stranded after scandinavian airline s.a.'s canceled more than one thousand two hundred flights a pilot strike of a wage negotiations shows no sign of ending at the end of course. it's already disrupted the travel plans of thousands of passengers now a strike at scandinavian airline s.a.'s means more than twelve hundred flights scheduled for monday and tuesday a counseled the industrial action by pilots started on friday stranding more than seventy two thousand people some of those stuck at arlanda airport near the swedish capital stock home were taking it in their stride but others were distraught and french so it's always for good reason if people stopped working it's because there
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is something special to to put in light i mean nods and then there's this doesn't do anything right now and our company do anything what you can do what i mean when you start for you know right now i feel still actually is that why right i want to cry over the weekend they say yes the pilots' unions and noways employees association all confirms no new talks are plans the airline which is partly owned by the swedish and danish government insists it's prepared to return to negotiations but it says agreeing to the pilot's demands for paying creases would seriously damage the company their chemistry and we really have done everything to reach a solution to the demand that have been put on the table have been and realistic and have seriously jeopardized the competitiveness of us but a union body representing ninety five percent of the airlines pilots in denmark norway and sweden says the disputes about much more than wages we are here to stay there we have completely unregulated working hours that is we don't know beforehand
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how we will be working out if we get a share jul two weeks in advance and so on that the striker to say yes isn't affecting flights operated by its partners which make up roughly thirty percent of departures but that'll be little comfort to the fellow. heh. heh.
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thank you very much the fourth grand prix of the formula one season has once again been dominated by the mist sadie's team. and lewis hamilton occupying the top see prices in back with ferrari left playing catch up reports. the build up in back it was all about charlotte clare for both good reasons and the young ferrari driver was fastest in all three practices before losing the chance of pole with a crash in qualifying that he called stupid. so he started in age the mercedes of valtteri bottas and lewis hamilton setting off from the top two positions of the great the clerk did his best to make up for that moving up the field to take the lead as his rivals pitted it couldn't last though has bought us got his orders to start a couple of other kirk everybodys bunch up behind instructions over the radio coming to pass on the track the finn overtook the monegasques and rarely looked back holding off a late challenge from teammates hamilton to secure his second wind of the season
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and top spot in the standings as le claire finished fifth two wins each for the fin and the brit and two second places each leaving for ari sebastian vettel feeling left out in third us so boring it's not just for races been walked for years more or less all of you guys got to do that to stop the hard work harder work better i just think the same as before our form itself you know with i don't think the team or the drivers a performed well. the three. have ever performed as well as they have as a whole and that's why you see until they start performing at the level we are then . this is how it's going to be so bought us best in back you hamilton not far behind which miss avies man wins the championship already looking like the story line for the season whole race al-jazeera. the english premier league title race has swung back in manchester city's favorite city once
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a point above liverpool at the top thanks to a one zero win over burnley sergio aquaria with the game's only goal the arjun's i'm putting his team in the driving seat see successfully defend their title with just soo much is left to play. so we were given a rule the last night you're twenty one eighteen so. it's massive incredible so but you know no her term to recovery rest enjoy unfortunately the semifinal the champions league then go to the. in go to leicester game arsenal slumped to a third straight defeat they were thrashed strain less the result damaging their hopes of qualifying for next season's champions league is out of sight was looking city have a leicester and brighton still to come liverpool be taking on newcastle and walls money united in chelsea drew one one at all trafford so it's chelsea in the fourth champions league spot for now. press on your man struck a name i was involved in a clash with
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a fan after his team were unexpectedly beaten by iran in the french cup final the incident occurred as the peacekeepers went up to collect their runners up medals in a bad few days for the world's most expensive player also been banned for three champions league matches next season after criticizing a match official. stephanie for power has become the first woman to referee a top flight french league game the thirty five year old taking charge of this match between amira and strasburg and being out for yellow cards in this no mail drop from also officiates service years women's world i in the n.b.a. playoffs the boston celtics got a convincing win over the milwaukee bucks in game one of the second round series the box with the best team in the regular season but could do little to stop boston's car you having got twenty six points on the walkies home court relentless is boston one one twelve has nine see the box have the chance to level the series on a shoestring. in american football player who was picked by the new york giants in
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saturday's n.f.l. draft has been injured in a shooting that claimed the life of his college teammates carry a balance sign and reported to be in a non life threatening condition after receiving a gunshot wound in the early hours of sunday is seen made during simmons was killed in the incident near the campus of washburn university in kansas it came hours after the giants selected by unsigned in the sixth round of the draft the same followed up his last four win over rough hour with a victory in the final of the barcelona open the austrian beating russia's down on medvedev in straight sets losing just four games in the process the world number five now has to be neutered open where he's been the runner up for the last few days. patrick of it is the first person win two titles on the women's top this year the czech world number three beating and its consulates in straight sets in the final of the stuttgart open give it over also won the sydney international in january. eliot keep shogi has run the second fastest marathon of all time the
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kenyan won the london marathon in a cause that record time of su i was soon minutes and thirty eight seconds to choke he broke the world record in berlin last year he's also the reigning olympic champion britain's four time olympic track champion mohammed fara finished back in fifth i can use it bridget coskata won the women's race the twenty five year old is the youngest ever winner defending champion in compact should there be a chariot finished in second ok but it's always for finance. and that's it for this news hour and for me has some secret thanks for your company rob is here with more news in a couple of minutes. from the bamboo all of that still navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finish are scared to the fisherman dicing with death i am afraid of
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falling i'm afraid of dying breed if i don't go i can't think of my family i need the man who go to the extreme just to make a living god you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise the surf and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether that loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place were two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can sit on juries in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly why those two cultures north and south america beats us to teach it like it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. marketing
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. al-jazeera. where every. springs governing socialists claim victory in the third election in four years but
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they're short of a majority. of about this and this is all just zero a lot from doha also coming up. talks between sudanese opposition groups and the military are to resume on monday to discuss details of the joint transitional council. as libyan general khalifa haftar pushes to take over the capital the un recognized government asks france to stop interfering. and tens of thousands of passengers are left stranded after pilots of a scandinavian airline walk off the job. spain's governing socialists have picked up the most seats in sunday's elections bots with nearly all the votes counted it looks like they won't have enough for an outright majority and for the first time
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a far right party is to enter parliament so you're going to go reports from madrid i think we're in the race but there's no certainty of forming a government yet the socialists triumphant in their win by lacking an outright majority. i believe the. spaniards have sent many messages today we have sent a message of what we do not want we did not want to go back we want to country to look forward into the future we have also sent a message to europe and the world that we have won and rejected all thora tarion ism. the way it is they may be but now they have a duty to form a coalition one possibility the left wing anti austerity take gather we can party its leader probably glass yes has already said that he is willing to support the socialists as they are. for several years elections in spain have not been about
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winning but about convincing people about making up the numbers we are an essential political force for the formation of a left wing government. but the numbers still do not add up to a majority they would need support from. regional parties in particular the catalan pro independence groups the alternative a deal with the center right citizens party but comfortably form a coalition in terms of numbers they have been one of the surprises of the election they come almost neck and neck with the people's party the p.p. the traditional opponents of the socialists in general elections were two party race but this election has brought the worst result in p.p.s. history battered after a corruption scandal punished by some of its followers over its course of action when confronting catalan pro independent tests this is a party now in deep crisis
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a grand reckoning sealing their fate and now. was going to know that we will fight even harder this is only the beginning we told you we will start reconquering and we are initiating that conquering with a presence in congress what is here to stay but the latest player in this race vox struck out and playing their own stake in the game. one of the votes is that section we have we live with the results of the night god the supporters of god all right last parts are now behind me listening to the leaders. they did as well as they could have anticipated and they are the new force in the lower house of parliament. and with vox's against nationalism is back in spain by. my. ally now a populist politics in europe so did i i go al-jazeera madrid. further talks
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between sudanese opposition groups in the military have been postponed until monday the two sides were supposed to meet again on sunday after announcing they'll form a joint council it will leave the country until elections are held about morgan is following developments in the sudanese capital the second round of talks between the military council and the opposition coalition was supposed to be held on sunday evening but that has been postponed to monday both sides said that they needed time for further consultations on saturday they agreed on a joint military civilian transitional government but the two sides are yet to agree on how that transitional government should look like the military wants as a military transitional government with civilian representation but the opposition coalition wanted to be a civilian government with military representation so both sides said that they were going to talk to their respective to their respective members discussed it and then come to to the table on monday and present it to each other and take it from there but both sides said that they were very optimistic that a deal would be reached so that a transitional government will be formed on sunday also the popular congress party
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and now that the monday rally that they had planned to show that they supported sharia laws and islamic laws will be postponed and they said that the military council deputy head had told them that this is not the time to talk about religion and show support this is the time to try to form a transitional government of course that government has a lot of issues to be ironed out until it is formed but in the meantime protesters in front of the army headquarters are still going strong they saying that they will not give up protesting in front of the army headquarters they will not call an end to their set and were started on the sixth of april and still they hear that a breakthrough a real breakthrough has been reached and that there will be a civilian government in place for the transitional period rather superglue saying protesters say they will keep up their presence on the streets until the military rulers hand over power to a civilian government mohamad out of more. mood of the sunni pull to the sudanese military headquarters in car too. they are reacting to news of progress in
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negotiations between the transitional military council and protest leaders every hope is funneled into the square. better for us to remain here then return to anything similar to what we had in the past we have suffered for thirty years we need a swift and final solution and. a joint transitional council which would include military representation is on the cut negotiations have not yet does publish the personalities who would leave the country in transition to a full democracy but all sides a hopeful that they will eventually reach an agreement on but. now. there's been a discussion on the points in which there were differences of viewpoints and i think the discussion is continuing in a positive and for a way and that has encouraged us. some of the issues that dealing with include the period of transition would be two or four years and whether the military will retain control of security and defense
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ministers and many people is a done credit the problem with the progress the chips fall for their climate for peaceful democratic dispensation may be far from over but they say the struggle they started here could potentially shape a new era on the african continent. encouraged by progress so far now a string of concessions by the transitional military council the mood within the protesters is one of defiance. today doesn't stop them gathered outside a building where the opposition popular congress party was holding a meeting chanting no place for islamists at least sixty four party members were wounded in the ensuing violence something that's been condemned by both the military and protest organizers. we've passed through along for the last thirty years every kind of. crime has been committed against injustices corruption the
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killing done in the name of religion and while we want a secular government. protesters are also quick to point out that they are against a well and trenched deep state that wants to see a continuation of the police is of the past but they are foremost priority they say is the immense task cheeping the transition from thirty years of military rule mohamed atta how to. libya's u.n. recognized governments told france to stop dealing with. its troops are continuing to lay siege to tripoli an airstrike on sunday by one of his helicopters killed four people and injured at least twenty three others france has been accused by the tripoli based government of supporting his forces advance towards the capital mahmud on the one hand has more from tripoli. clashes broke out again on the southern part of tripoli near the vicinity of the international in active airport
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as their forces loyal to the kidneys the government of national called have advanced towards the center of the tripoli international airport it's very strategic because the government forces captured the international airport they can easily cut the supporting law in coming before her there is forces from the city of the south of tripoli on another front have to his forces that retreated as the government forces took control of the bridge on the southern part of tripoli military sources with the government say that the government warplanes targeted have those locations in several areas on the southern part of the city and meanwhile the interior minister of the government of national called. has blamed france for what he calls supporting the warlords have to overnight a poor have to play in targeted locations near the city center of tripoli killing
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get for one twenty or more than twenty fighters with the government of national accord and. interior minister a government of national accord is asking or calling on france to stop dealing with the world. and they go to the fighter jets or the locations at night or the interior minister says that there are two countries who are involved in supporting warlord plea for help to with the warplanes and fighter jets we know that the united arab emirates and egypt are the major supporters of the warlord. says that have to it cannot be part of any peace negotiations and the aim of this operation by the government is not on. to push have to us forces back out of tripoli but also to chase them beyond their administrative of tripoli towards the
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city of and the city of. and a call made by president donald trump to hoffer offering support to earlier this month as i heard some members of his own party i don't know what the phone call hafter was about but it had an unnerving effect on the ground i was in tunisia and the president had called hatari general from the east of libya that was moving on tripoli and saying thank you for helping with isis and helped our did but death phone call seems to be perceived in the region as we're picking sides. more than two hundred seventy election stuff in indonesia reportedly died in the days following the world's biggest single day polls held earlier this month the general elections commission says the workers mostly died of fatigue related illnesses caused by long hours spent counting millions of ballot papers by more than one hundred fifty four million people the rest to me to do a voted on april the seventeenth the elections combine the presidential vote with
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national and regional parliamentary ballots in order to save money still ahead and al jazeera of the nineteen year old man accused of opening fire on a synagogue in the us is charged with murder.


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