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on the u.n. . i think it's significant for the for the fact that turkey now you know will not be able to gather further information. on on on their more divisions or what sort of. game day how did turkey in terms of political implications i think it's also important because the you we will you know will try to use this against turkey based on its already existing rivalry and strategies but you know this is not something that. well sir this is this is not an. interest it's about we did. these. rules work. also i'm sure if. you structure this is some of the information that we receive. from our sources there's been heavy
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fighting in southern tripoli guess forces loyal to the warlord who have tar keep up their attacks on the libyan capital after fighters have advanced on taking control of areas near the international airport tripoli based government recognized by the u.n. says it's bringing in reinforcements to repel the attack one of the why that's more from tripoli. forces loyal to warlords have to have advanced towards their neighborhood that's about fifteen kilometers away from tripoli city center and eyewitnesses in al sadr and locals there say that they have seen have to his forces engaging get against the forces loyal to the you and the recognized government of national accord in the streets and inside the densely populated areas namely in a neighborhood on the southern part of the libyan capital we know that during the past two weeks have to his forces have been losing ground and a government of national called forces have been pushing have forces back beyond
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tripoli in active international airport have his forces after they lost ground they intensified air strikes specially night air strikes at this situation remains very tense especially for civilians living in the nearby fighting areas and the government forces say that they are receiving get more troops to push have to his forces back to their old locations they also say that they are able to push. hefted his forces back beyond their administrative borders of the capital tripoli turkey's president is backing libya's un recognized government in its fight against the wall or any for have to retype heard of undescribed have towns advance on tripoli as a plot against the libyan people says turkey will support the tripoli based government as it attempts to drive after hours fighters out of is an international
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security and political analyst is playing down the impact turkey support will have on the fighting. i believe that in case the united nations government recognized government a government of national accord wants a help from the turkey militarily there is no dup that turkey will support the military or say the same thing. from my perspective for. analyzing the situation in libya. being backed by the rich countries such as the gulf countries does not mean that they will sound the ground of success and victory because the moral striation on the ground is very open. the government is united nations supervised government so we thought taking into consideration who's backing the rebellion heidi for half the turkey the perspective of principle of the turkish foreign policy we keep on supporting the un recognized government of national accord i can
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see lots more so to come on the news hour including sri lanka's president faces resistance to sweeping national security reforms crunch talks for boeing as its chief executive defends its safety record. and in the horseracing returns the libyan city of benghazi and we'll be here with that story in sport a little bit later. now a rare meeting of afghan leaders and elders known as a lawyer jirga is taking place in kabul with the recent talks between the u.s. and the taliban is topping the agenda well this meeting brings together afghanistan's many ethnic religious and tribal communities in the past loya jirga has been used to approve a new constitution declare war choose a new king or to make sweeping social or political reforms well the participants have voted to appoint the jirgas temporary leader as well as deputies and
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secretaries and they've created fifty committees and will spend up to a week discussing issues including those talks with the taliban. one of the duties of the loya jirgah representatives is to define peace whether the taliban is ready for peace or not you lead people's demands and these questions regarding the people's expectation from you is to discuss. these issues wolf peace and stability brotherly. from kabul. a long day for the delegates at this loya jirga here in kabul more than three thousand people packed in to the white building you see over my shoulder. a huge responsibility of trying to figure out what peace means for afghanistan going forward watch the red lines what the priorities will be for the afghan government should they get to talk pace with the taliban in the future well the three thousand people in the if there are two percent of them a woman in they come from all over afghanistan representing different tribes
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different religions different ages different ethnicities coming together to try to answer four questions they are what needs to be done to achieve long lasting peace in afghanistan what value should be safeguarded in talks with the taliban what kind of personalities should represent the government in these talks and lastly on foreign policy what type of actions towards foreign countries should be taken for those countries that do support the taliban now the taliban not happy about the loya jirga they put out a statement saying that they feel like this is all a show by the u.s. that they find it disrespectful to the log histories of the with the long history of the loya jirga and that it does in fact that i spaced talks they're not the only ones who are not happy with the loya jirga taking place it was boycotted by the sea delay he is the second highest ranking afghan official he wasn't here today because he said i just don't think it will be productive and i don't feel like i was
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consulted in the lead up former prison hama cause i also was in attendance he would call to her president gone a passing judgment during his opening statements saying that he is aware that some leaders and all here but he will leave it up to the population to decide what they think about their absence for more on this let's speak to shuffle. political analyst and a former advisor to nato senior civilian representative in afghanistan he joins us live now from washington d.c. should he come back and president ghani says look the key to afghanistan successful future lies in unity and not division but the taliban have refused to talk directly to the afghan government so what can this loya jirga really achieve do you think i think primarily the aim for holding this loya jirga by the afghan government is three thing the first thing is to challenge to do one hundred the second thing is to act to deliver it to mischief the afghan government which will very soon in
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couple of weeks spread the afghan constitution and third thing is it is a platform for the president a guy needs to have some election campaigns for the upcoming presidential elections but the aims are clear and then also the demands of afghan people are clear people are tired of war and they want peace since forty years afghanistan have been in war and we have a clear priority in afghanistan that we want peace so i think there is no need for further consultation and therefore you have seen the political leader presidential nominee they have opposed the loya jirgah but you know if this is something the president wants let it happen and see what will be that is are all right and it's important to note that the afghan chief executive abdullah abdullah who is the partner of course in the unity government he's decided to stay away i mean it seems that president donna needs to heal the divisions within the afghan government first before they can reconcile with the taliban. the main question is the
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president danny he does not have any political well to engage in negotiations therefore he has been holding this loya jirga or what it called traditional loya jirgah first for morse this jirga has no constitutional legitimacy because under the constitution this cannot complete the requirements one of major pillar of that is the district concert chiefs. speakers they're missing they're not part of that as well as half of the government including dr abdullah even the highest decision making body for peace which is a high peace council it's also a governmental body the speaker or chairman of that high peace council also has by . so there is a big question for the legitimacy as well as the galatea of this. while i think. yeah i think there are some certain amount of people around three thousand people it's a big number and optimistic that these people will come in
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a support of peace not in support of the given all right let's just talk about. some of the international stakeholders here should be so where does the u.s. fit into all of this mean we know the taliban has been having direct talks with the u.s. and qatar but those talks seem to have stalled. in the past as i remember per my experience the united states was supportive of the loya jirgah us even financially has supported some of the loya jirgah s. and afghanistan but in this chair the us neither support not oppose the loya jirga in the main there's a nutro i think behind the doors the united states has recommended the afghan government to postpone the jirga until the peace talks or negotiations results in qatar but as we have seen the cut have negotiation has been canceled by the afghan government so i think they're not big support of the united states for the job up but meanwhile they're not up losing that should come and we have to leave it there
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thank you very much indeed for your time. sri lanka has a new defense minister the appointment as part of the government's overhaul of the intelligence and security services the president has also appointed a new acting police chief but the current chief has refused to step down he's been accused of failing to act on warnings that suicide bombers would target churches well it's just over a week since the easter sunday bombings which killed more than two hundred fifty people a life is slowly returning to normality but security remains tight. as reports. waiting for business these vegetables sellers in a columbus suburb are hoping things will return to normal soon a lot of the earlier but i'm letting you know they mean that there's no one on the road we're usually here to late night and finish our goods but today we have only brought less than one tenth of our usual stock. security remains tight after last week's coordinated bombing attacks and it's not just the police and security forces this shopping mall has started checking all visitors but for sri lankans who lived
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through a civil war that lasted twenty six years the new measures while inconvenient are necessary i'm not scared at all this is a kind of a bond we are not scared. to go to forces they will do that is there something in our hearts you know of what happened last week but then yeah we have to step we have to make a living we have to survive. the schools and universities have been disrupted closed for two weeks but these kids don't seem too concerned. a recent government ban on any form of face covering that he knows the identification of individuals so a number of muslim women step up without their veils as sri lankans adjust to the security situation many are getting angry at what led to it more still be resources and the personnel were used by people to walk in their political enemies and that's who nor are the government of the two governments one. run by presidents.
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prime minister be promising so. much more then. that both of them have. a good result he says is a deadly dated and demoralized security system and now sri lankans must deal with increased security. and greater restrictions on monday though they dealt with traffic jam for the first time in over a week back at the market traders are hoping for better days fernandez. an attack on a protestant church and has left six people dead dumb been shot five worshipers and a pastor as they were leaving a service in the small northern town of still got recently there's been a surge in attacks attributed to armed groups based in the north algeria is former national police chief has appeared in court over corruption allegations according
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to algerian media abdul ghani harm will arrive at the court into parts of west of the capital r.g.s. with his two sons armor was fired in june last year while gere is former president of the disease but of. mozambique's government says thirty eight people have died so far after a strong flattened entire villages on thursday heavy rains from cyclon kenneth cause flooding and destruction in the northeastern city of pemba officials say seven hundred thousand people are at risk as more severe thunderstorms are expected to psychoanalyze a second in six weeks to lash the east coast of southern africa. and we have very concerned because there was only of us keep raising it keeps raining since yesterday and a lot of people have been displaced from their homes because we have more than three thousand homes that he had been destroyed time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back china suv through its pledge the u.s. by banning all types of opioid related drugs but will examine mexico's role in the
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fight against illegal prescription drugs plus. i'm wayne hay reporting from tokyo where japanese are preparing for the first imperio abdication in more than two hundred years and support the england cricket star whose off field behavior has put an end to the world cup and more of that stay with us. dry across much of the middle east now that a bit of cloud just making its way over towards afghanistan bright skies coming back in across iran into iraq a little bit a cloud they say just for syria but it should be lousy settled and dry twenty five twenty six celsius the roots for to roost live sort of the cold sea into iraq by that it's thirty degrees celsius chill so the to northern parts of iraq but by and
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large it does look a settled over the coming days and that is of course good news slushy settle to afghanistan the much catch the odd rogue shower here but elsewhere across the nation as you can see we are keeping that sunshine in this increasingly halts of course. around thirty four celsius on shoes day plenty of sunshine coming through winds not say bad so they should feel really quite pleasant to make the most of it the temperatures are starting to ramp up thirty six celsius in doha as you go into the middle parts of the way down. to southern africa but it's largely trying now across much of south africa a good part of mozambique what it calls northern parts of the country still seeing the remnants of tropical cycling kenneth and that means more heavy showers here as we go through a good part of this week. how
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have you changed since you were seven. charting the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight south africa to al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy means that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have to wait i don't think you can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here this hour spain's socialist party celebrating victory in the general election but it didn't win enough seats to rule on it's a populist parties also made headway with the far right vox gaining seats in parliament for the first time. talks between saddam's ruling military and the opposition have resumed with more discussions on a transition to a civilian government to sides announced the formation of a joint council on saturday night. and a man who'd been detained in turkey on chart. for the united arab emirates has reportedly taken his own life in prison according to turkish government zaki and her son's body was found in prison on the outskirts of. boeing as held its
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first annual shareholders meeting since two of its aircraft crash within five months killing nearly three hundred fifty people the chief executive dennis muhlenberg has tried to reassure boeing shareholders some are suing the company of a safety disclosures made after the accidents investigations and lawsuits of course the aircraft manufacturer to suffer sharp losses and its share value well let's take a moment now to remind ourselves why this has happened well on march the tense ethiopian airlines flight three hundred two crashed shortly after takeoff from on its way to nairobi where the aircraft was a brand new boeing seven three seven max all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed there and that happened just five months after another accident involving the boeing seven three seven max a lion air jet crashed in the asia in october during takeoff killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew will bring has been under pressure to deliver a software fix
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a new training package for pilots to address the problem well john hendren joins us live now from chicago where that shareholders meeting is taking place john so this is boeing's first shareholder meeting since those two fatal crashes what are you expecting to come from the meeting john. well there and this is definitely the toughest time for boeing in recent history and as you said dennis millen berg had to directly address a lot of these questions interestingly the hardest questions came not from shareholders but from the press in a news conference afterwards during the meeting itself it was pretty routine some people who were shareholders expressed a bit of disappointment but they went ahead they approved nikki haley the former ambassador to the united nations as a board member she has been critical of boeing's response to those crashes as well but it was afterwards that milam berg was asked tough questions like had he ever considered resigning short answer was no but he went on to say we recognize we're
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deeply sorry we recognize the gravity of these events and he says the new plane after fixes and after training of those pilots will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly he acknowledges that he said we have work to do to earn and really earn that trust of passengers but this comes with another bit of bad news in reporting over the past twenty four hours here in the u.s. the wall street journal has reported that southwest airlines was told that one of the one of the problems with that plane this alert that would have told the pilot that two sensors were disagreeing on the angle of lift of that plane that that was optional the pilots were never in the previous version that was a standard bit of equipment but on the new version you had to pay more to get that and the folks at southwest airlines said they didn't even know that so there's been a lot of criticism there nevertheless a company is moving ahead it was
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a fairly ordinary shareholder meeting otherwise but the company remains under pressure and its stock is down significantly since that last crash yet and john just briefly i mean boeing's on the growing pressure to get the seventy seven months back into the sky is that any indication as to when that will happen. well there they'd hope to do this by april and they've pushed the date back for recertification and training to may late may now what they have to do is this software fix and they have to train pilots in how to use it because this was simply an upgrade from one type of seven thirty seven to another they really didn't have to go through all that you have to go through with a new plane in order to get certification for it in this case though now after those crashes it is clear that they have to do that in the airlines aren't simply trusting that timeline southwest airlines and american airlines to the biggest customers for the seven thirty seven max have both said they're going to put off
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all flights with that plane until mid august so the c.e.o. of boeing points out that he has actually been on test flights of that plane you can bet that there's going to be a pretty high profile rollout when that happens in there will be a lot of focus on safety he insists it will be one of the safest planes in the air nevertheless the company has lost more than ten percent of its value interestingly at the when the company reported its earnings last week shares actually went up slightly and that suggests that investors are pretty much over this but the big question is what about passengers are they going to climb onto that plane and that remains the open question all right john hendren there in chicago john thank you. the opposition leader in the democratic republic of congo running to his supporters to call for the removal of president phoenix's a teddy martin for new claims a presidential election last december was rigged just ahead to replace joseph kabila to rule the country for eighteen years reports the thousands of
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congolese gathered in the capital kinshasa to show their support for the man they believe is the legitimate leader of the democratic republic of congo. remaining defiant mohsen for you to return home after traveling abroad the south proclaimed opposition president elect addressed to supporters calling for the ousting of the current president. kabila together with the electoral commission have fabricated the result in order to appoint someone else to the presidency this is why everything is fake now and worse in our country kabila appointed all of the m.p.'s and sen without including any of the opposition we will continue to fight until the truth of elections results are restored the. last two felix's a caddy in the december thirtieth presidential election he alleges the outgoing president joseph kabila orchestrated
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a deal with tisha katty to win the nomination they both deny this claim the election was marred by violence in the lead up to delays and irregularities late to the bone outbreak and security concerns and the international community has raised doubts about the election outcome. in january for you mounted a legal challenge against the results the case was dismissed by the constitutional court despite the court's decision for you to supporters continue to stand behind him. and the song in a permanent fight since elections took place in this country everything was troubled by two people in felix katie who have changed the results of elections we did not have any. change of power according to our people and we will continue with fighting to regain our victory. not only remain positive in our fight together. to take back our victory this is the fight of our people which will continue for
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generations. for you is calling for reform of institutions and fresh elections his supporters say mobilizing a u. turn on the electoral decision is the only way forward for the country. sixty indian nationals are back home after being held in pakistan over illegal fishing three hundred sixty people have now been released by bad as part of a goodwill gesture india and pakistan often arrest each other citizens on charges of illegal fishing tensions have remained high a suicide bomb pakistan based group killed about forty soldiers in indian administered kashmir last february. as a strategic affairs analyst is now about he says that pakistan's gestures aimed at minimizing the level of intensity that exists between both sides. there is no willingness in the government of mr nor in the mood the to bring any matter that exist between the two can be there any issue that does exist between the two
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countries to a peaceful resolution and this happens to be one of the secondary issues and although it is very serious human beings are involved compared to the issue kashmir the compared to the usual terrorism this does not come you know in the forefront so i would say that they can resolve it if they vote to but and actually in round one is on record when he came to power he said if india takes one step market's down but it will take two instead of that what we saw was the escalation on the battle front and the downing of indian planes and the planes into blackest are so there is no will add the present time. there is a theory right now going on all this that that all this is happening on the dangers of it in india and pakistan this is happening because there is no there there is an election going on and mr modi wants to win the election because of pakistan but
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i don't but my personal analysis is that when the election is over the problems will remain the same the issue because we were living in the same issue or fisherman will remain the same this girlies of fishermen will continue to be this technique will continue to be exercised in the days ahead as it means to be denied the level of. interventions indonesia's president has decided to move the capital city joker we don't know says the main island of java is too crowded but how can finalize a new location the current capital jakarta is home to more than ten million people around three times that live in the surrounding towns. iran's foreign minister is accusing israel saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of trying to push the united states into a conflict speaking on morning television in the u.s. i'm a judge or jury if said those nations are fueling already escalating tensions with
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terror and in an attempt to force america into another war one he says the president trump doesn't even want. do you have all shown any interest in tracking the united states into a conflict i do not believe the president wants to do that i believe president from iran on a campaign promise of knotting bringing the united states into another war but i believe president trumps intention to put pressure the policy of maximum pressure on iran in order to bring iran to its knees so that we will succumb to pressure is doomed to failure u.s. security advisor john bolton has responded to allegations that he is one of those trying to spark regime change. honestly don't you want to see regime change just not the only way to get an iran that has been a threat to the neighbor you just laid out a real bill of particulars why are wired such a bad actor in the region well look the people of iran i think deserve
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a better government there's absolutely no doubt about it the trouble is it's not just a theological dictatorship it's a military dictatorship too that's a very difficult circumstance we'll see what happens as the economic pressure continues to grow china has banned all variants of the drug fentanyl it's a step welcomed by donald trump to stem the flow of lethal opioids responsible for forty eight thousand u.s. deaths in twenty eighteen of the drug isn't just entering the u.s. directly from china it's also being imported by mexican cartels john homan reports in the heartland of mexican drug trafficking the state of sinaloa. three young men out in the woods since in a low of mexico it only takes these put some plans to cook up a drug that's wreaking havoc in the u.s. then to new the synthetic opioid that's killed tens of thousands in the last six years some of it enters the u.s. directly from china but mexican traffickers are also importing it from the asian nation before processing and smuggling it's across the border for them it's
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a gift about fifty times more powerful than the poppy paste heroin they've been growing in the mountains here for decades and far less work for growing the poppies is a three month process sentinel comes in by ship to match that land port from china or germany and it gives better profits poppy based opium means a lot more investment and less money the cooking's done in these floating labs set up in the middle of nowhere we got this area very controlled you have to be a member of the cartel to be here if you're not you're in danger we're covered by radios and lookout the only threats from the armed forces the police they say they've already been told. they're all sorted out we meet in a rain. even so there's danger he hopes divine help ward off the ultra poisonous few. imagining consuming me and product can stop you breathing within minutes
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everyone we talked to knows of the danger to users of business comes first however this drug trafficker told us he worried the fentanyl boom could actually damage businesses so in the long term. i think is going to cause a problem because there's so many user deaths there will come a moment when the federal government's going to put more and more blocks on this and it will be a lot tougher to do business. in a lower as police chief says his force is already working with u.s. agencies to do just that on the day of a visit they just made the first fence and taking thousands of pills the chinese government's also acting they've now banned the drug that will make it harder from its can gangsters to get their hands on it but they're notorious for always finding a way. to think that the organized crime groups who are behind all of this will stay with their arms crossed would be very in adequate so we intend to keep on the lookout and make sure we adapt to any changes in changes could be coming
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traffickers told us the cartels are exploring how to make fentanyl from scratch if they do get control of the entire supply line it spells bad news for those fighting the epidemic of the u.s. side john homan does it or similar. for the first time in more than two hundred years of japan's monarchy an emperor is up to catering eighty five year old akihito has been on the throne for more than thirty years but on tuesday it will step aside for his eldest son the crown prince now he is out as he was wayne hale reports the emperor has been a largely popular figure who helped steer japan through some difficult times. it's been eight years since the earthquake and tsunami which changed the lives of so many people here. on away his home was destroyed that day and while he finds it difficult to put it behind. him there is one moment he clings to. the emperor and empress came in you walked over to where i was knelt.
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must have been difficult for you i will never forget his words. the eighty three year old says meeting the imperial couple in an evacuation center gave him the strength to rebuild his life akihito his compassionate response to the disaster became one of the defining moments of his reign say for those affected by this terrible tragedy i feel deeply pain. akihito succeeded his father in one nine hundred eighty nine and spent much of his reign trying to address the legacy of japan's actions in world war two but the emperor holds no political power and he's stepping down as the prime minister wants to revise japan's pacifist constitution to allow for a military instead of what it calls a self-defense force it's also believed that the emperor is adults with the government over the very future of his family the imperial family is generally regarded as fairly liberal but it's still
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a male dominated institution only men from the male line of the family can become emperor and the family has no power to change that it has to come from the government. wants not all he told becomes emperor there are only three men left in line one of them is eighty three. of the donkey there have only been female emperors from a male line in the past and there has never been a female line emperor we should talk about this it may mean changing tradition but we have to be flexible and reflect modern day society at fifty nine no he too is considered one of the new breed of royals and may relate to a different generation some of whom question the relevance of the imperial family the japanese such as dice the relevance is very personal for. time to time he proudly with the same clothing he wore when he met the emperor. i have been treasuring this cardigan and whenever something happens i look at the cardigan.
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akihito retires at a time when the imperial family's popularity is high according to opinion polls but the transition will raise more questions about the family's future and whether more change will come to ensure it survives wayne hay al jazeera tokyo now the destruction of nature threatens humanity at least as much as human induced climate change that's the message from the un's head of biodiversity diplomats from hundred thirty nations are meeting in paris to discuss the issue trying to lay the groundwork for a rescue plan for life on earth where robert watson is the chair of the intergovernmental platform on biodiversity on ecosystem services he says they have a lot of work to do. ah pellets of shock and surprise them far and demonstrating in most of the bottom of the sea i think oh system was the site of the last shooting if you see my. oh we should give that to they have them out all over the ever for the natural sciences the social sciences the humanities
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cold indigenous and local politics time another short break here al jazeera when we come back. we'll hear from the dutchman who's been voted the best footballer in the english by many more on that stay with us.
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police in india have broken up fights between voters during the fourth phase of a staggered national election it happened in the state of west bengal supporters of prime minister narendra modi's b j p party carrot sticks and threaten voters
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supporting opposition parties modi is running for a second term in office well more than a hundred twenty seven million people are legible to vote in this round of india's seven days election polls have open areas throughout indian administered kashmir al-jazeera spoke to a cartoonist who described how his work is affected by the instability in the region he hopes the elections will change the dark imagery he sees that influences his work. i'm thirty one i'm from kashmir and i'm a graphic novelist think of spending so much of time with my parents especially with my father i wanted to imitate his drawings he would draw all these traditional embroidery more tips on paypal and. saw. trying to copy his pictures and. and i'll forget what was happening outside i remember. being fearful of my father being taken by by the armed
12:40 am
forces for these. identification but aids and. but but this drawing and helping my father was was was the best time of my childhood but i stepped outside the home still today. that's two of that fear is still there and. now i fear for my nephews and my nieces and my friends when i talk about my stories when i write my stories. i want to why showing people as just numbers. you know i just wanted to show people the way they are in their real lives someone's friend someone's related to and something like that so that so that people relate to them and this text our visual offers them the cinematic experience i think it's very effective in
12:41 am
terms of. speaking about our personal experience lives and. and creating a device where people can relate to your life and see you see see distribution differently not just as a dispute but as us as a humanitarian problem as well i hope the situation changes and i don't how do you draw these dark rituals and good scared bellew a normal life but that's obviously a dream you know. for example to support his atty thank you so much damage kevin durant's put in another huge performance for the golden state warriors in the n.b.a. playoffs the defending champions winning the opening game of their second round series against the houston rockets their on a forward his fifty point display against the clippers a few days ago by scoring thirty five this time outs steph curry also making a big contribution his other three points are opening a five point lead in the wrong minute the warriors hanging on in oakland the final
12:42 am
score in this one one zero four to one hundred a looking to win a straight championship. and the boston celtics beat the milwaukee bucks in game one of their second round series the bucs for the best team in the regular season but could do little to stop boston's car year they got twenty six points on milwaukee's home court final score one twelve to ninety first. really don't worry about shots you get much showing tom i want everyone in the building knows that. lucian amar game has come from just being able to piece the game very well and manage it in these goes throughout the game because they're special as well well just a month out from the cricket world cup hosts england of axed one of their big names alex hales hales is serving a three week ban at the moment after testing positive for nonperformance and hansing drug sales was previously sanctioned for his part in a street brawl involving his immensely mate ben stokes that was back in twenty seven saying czech republic football player josefa surat has been killed in
12:43 am
a road accident the striker in place for a turkish team alyan sopore suffered a fatal injury want to many bus carrying him in sixty minutes crushed or returning from a game it made twenty appearances for his country last featuring in their nations league game against ukraine in october. by munich drop points as they look to win a seven straight bonus league title they drew one one against struggling nierenberg i got behind search can operate got a level they were lucky to escape with a draw. going on some mess in injury time penalty the result leads by supine it's out of pressure dortmund both teams have three games left in the season. realm of lost their tents league game of the season as the most they've suffered in a campaign for a decade they were beaten one nailed by leaders bottom side raf i can i also is in a day down second defeat since his return to the club as coach. everything was
12:44 am
wrong the attitude there was none of that we were not in the one on one battle we weren't running there are games where you have difficulties for whatever reason playing against opponents they're on more than you and make things difficult for you but we didn't do anything as latin abraham a bitch helps the l.a. galaxy continue their own beats and starts in major league soccer he got the winning goal in a c. one victory over real salt lake which makes it seven games without a defeat. the thirty seven year old a school goes in six starts this season. a little to find a verge of antiochus been one player of the year by his fellow professionals in england the twenty seven year old becoming the fourth dutchman's pick up the prize bandit join a live report from southampton in january last year in a one hundred million dollar deal as a world record for a defender liverpool still in with a chance of winning the premier league and champions league titles this season. i think the road also has not been feeling great. we've been winning many games we've
12:45 am
competed we are competing with man city for that for the title. and obviously i think the most important thing is to stay fit and play cons consistent as well and i think i've been doing a pretty well this season. was there with with all the help of my teammates would be it would be possible and you know we are just we have just to keep going and carry on and. feel our feeling good. and one of libya's best loved horseracing events has returned to the city of benghazi the breeder's cup had been suspended for eight years due to security concerns but organizers say control of the city by the libyan national army has allowed it to go ahead again around twenty nine thousand dollars in prize money went to the winners at saturday's it's clearly blue again we need to have a good track and a good field for there to be more horses more than what we have now in this session there are only three there should be ten. people migrated from their farms and many
12:46 am
horses were harmed causing activities to cease but the city of benghazi has now become one of the safest and most secure cities in libya. on this course of an hour to the sudanese capital khartoum where senior officials on the military council are speaking is listening to what he has to say sovereignty. at that meeting. each side presented their point of view or again regarding the. sovereignty footfall in the transitional the military. council has. agreed to consist of seven military personnel and three civilians for. the. forces of. change and freedom. proposed to be consisting of eight civilians and two military after having link the
12:47 am
negotiations between the two parties. and did that each side start is the point of view of the other side and do. you see the power that each side will. and. then of these studies the meeting today. just as the transitional tree. we have. attended the meeting today and we had. no intention to reach an agreement. however the. fortunes of declination of change. and.
12:48 am
have given a proposal on how the. the proposal this concept all triage the executive the legislative and the fine so. they decided. that the house the declaration of freedom and change it would present to the point of view but to morrow. and negotiate in good making it from the military council and then. there. were none of them are. well you go presented the list of all the other organizations that. the opposition on. the other side however in a meeting today the transitional military council have stressed.
12:49 am
the importance of the normalization of life of the people within. and other provinces including opening bridges and the roads i'm all through the railways in order to many miles you know the. harm that causes people are not affected there. and also to look into the security. disturbance or curity issues that occurred in the last few days which affect many civilian people and that to leave it to the competent authority has to take the right measures and we suspect i'm also to deal with the. robberies theft and intimidating people and to secure the
12:50 am
main roads and those in the. different establishment also the. declination of freedom and change forces. expressed that this issue does not concern them and they had nothing to do with it they're only concerned with sitting in demonstrations and they reject and denounce the violence act actions totally. but they also emphasize. the following that we will open the railways for a word from today. or also to. what allow the bridges fly through the military forces bridge to allow the passage through of. why bridge to remove barriers and all the obstacles from outside
12:51 am
police headquarters to transitional military council. emphasizes that such action that's our. national security and the safety of people and this would have any effect on people and their citizens in their capital and didn't give protection and discourages perpetrating such actions would refer to this action as competent or thought it is and will not spare any effort to take the right legal measures and this. and do you know with the end all to ask a competent top quality has within the province is to take the necessary thank you . so you're watching live pictures there from the sudanese capital khartoum that
12:52 am
was shams eden capacity he is a spokesman from saddam's military council giving a press conference there on the results of the second meeting of the joint transitional council he talked about the length in the go see action between both sides and that they're working towards a proposal that will deliver a normalization of everyday life and that was key because he talked about. making sure that. security was there and also barrows infrastructure services like star saying train timetables and so on let's cross over now to heber morgan who joins us live from the capital khartoum she's outside the military headquarters where demonstrators are continuing their city and just bring us up to date with what more . that spokesman from the military council had to say. well he did say that he was optimistic daryn and he said that the talks between the two sides was a little bit fruitful and we know that we already know that from the b.b.s. sessions. joint. transitional government but they are the point of contention was
12:53 am
how that transition government should look like we heard from the spokesman from the military council spokesman. that they wanted a seven seven represents a seventy seven member a percentage from the military council and three civilian something the coalition is not happy about so they say that they will be discussing a presentation from the coalition to see what comes up next for the transfer period . for the time being heba just say they weren't going to go back. in khartoum because i think he's taking questions this is listening to what he has to. be to wave their majority. and the word more with the. declaration of. the first question was about the points of view and the visions of the other organisations and the civilian organisation i
12:54 am
have pointed out that these points of view have been present at dawson i have studied them fully and many of their aspects are constructive and that we have company this within our point of view as the transitional member three. forces and together with the. freedom and changes of course it is this an invitation to stop this sit in and no i don't say that we and also we agreed and we are partners and we're agreed that we are partners and act an important chip that anything that would affect the lives of people we are responsible for and that we have agreed to open the railways and also to take out all the obstacles and the blocking of bridges and that we. limit the sit in in areas where it doesn't preclude the
12:55 am
free movement so we did not ask them to stop the sit in in however we are both understand didn't have great understanding and with together and that we are sure that we will get into a solution to give up the majority where are we still negotiating and we are talking. and we are still in the stage of defining the different or for it is and the competent. authorities and. this is something we will agree on the level of representation. yes yes. yes she will give you.
12:56 am
the. ok so you're watching a live press conference there from the sudanese capital khartoum you're watching shams eight in compassion he is the spokesperson for sudan's military council responding to questions from journalists in terms of what happened in the meeting between the military and the protesters so let's just listen again to what what he's saying. that last one. all right so we're having some problems with the sound from the various journalists
12:57 am
. who are feeling questions. even capacity he's just mentioning here is a guy let's listen in again these. movements internally and outside is. what is going on we have said in our first statement that. we would like to let everyone participates and we are seeking conciliation and we are continuing with our brothers within the. our brothers in all these armed. groups internally and outside. dealing with the declaration of freedom and changes forces because they are part and parcel of all the. what is going on the question.
12:58 am
regarding how can we convention the public opinion that we want to change into civilian. authority and we keep the majority of military at seven to three we would say that we have declared that all the executive powers would be totally civilians and that what matters that require the military to take the side of the people in order to secure their revolution to take place this is something that would require the military forces to take part because it is the only organisation that. has. the authority to deal and it is competent. to represent this kind of. the problem it is not the quantity. in the military and civilians within the
12:59 am
different or for it is but this is something that will be discussed in thank you very much we will see you in a another another press conference. all right so that was. the senior spokesperson for sudan's military council talking about the maintenance of security in respect to crimes and so on in the city talked about the resumption of infrastructure like rail services and so on which will be resumed as soon as possible he talked about the military being the only organization to represent all sorts in the country let's bring back he morgan who's been listening to that press conference he was so . the shams even compassion there reporting back i guess after the second of these joint council meetings which finally got under way after some delays do you think that managed to sort out the main issues between both sides. what from what it sounds there and it doesn't look like the main issue of contention between the two sides has been ironed let's remember that the main issue of contention was the fact
1:00 am
that the transitional government and how it should look like the military council wanted a military a transitional government with civilian representation and we heard from. that the coalition wanted it to be a civilian a transitional government with military representation and they wanted eight civilians and seven military presentations and that transitional government. also seemed to be putting some kind of blame on the opposition coalition he said that they reached a certain point of agreement during their last talks on saturday and that. today on monday morning when they started their talks with the coalition the coalition presented a different idea something they were not expecting which is why they will be going back to to their respective members we consult and then convene again tomorrow guarding the presentation that was offered by the coalition of the declaration of freedom and change now that presentation of course from what we understand is known as the declaration of the constitution which is supposed to set the blueprint for the transitional period the coalition apparently
1:01 am
a present at some kind of document that shows that they want a legislative assembly an executive council and a presidential council that should be independent and that the military could and that that constitutional.


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