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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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cuts now everybody knows and as of where of the need for oil prices to move lower the global economy is struggling and it's facing headwinds of two thousand and nine saying there is a multitude of different external challenges so the longer some picture is actually that oil prices should come back and sullen mansome but not in so it is known and confirmed where this cut in supply from iranian oil being sent off will be filled so this is why over the longer term picture many still remain negative on oil prices which is why our everyday viewers everyday consumers do not have to worry too much but over the net some some chip political risk has been priced it back in soil this is why over prices are rally and they fit the highest level of two thousand and nine scene but it's still a dramatic distance away from what oil prices were a couple of years ago so no need to worry no it's a panic buts we do need to monitor the day to day news narrative around oil prices and specifically what happens next door is what happens next isn't it jim
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a lot made to join us from kuala lumpur thank you so much for your time and still ahead on counting the cost why musicians at iraq's national symphony orchestra are trying to hit the right note. right now though the battle and it really is a battle over the next generation of mobile technology on the one side you've got china's huawei love for its phones but feared over a perceived threat of chinese spying which the company's always said is totally untrue and on the other side the likes of australia canada denmark new zealand of the us who've all banned the company from their networks but in the us there is a really curious tale of his involving while away a u.s. stocks up some so-called unbreakable glass and an f.b.i. sting operation john hendren picks up that story now from goni illinois this is a story about a small american technology start up a giant chinese conglomerate and industrial espionage. it starts here in illinois
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where adam kahn formed a company a con semiconductor where they make a kind of glass for cell phones that is said to be six times stronger than the industry standard so you can drop it and it won't break and it looks something like that he was looking for a manufacturer to make it in among the companies he talked to were hallway of china they had a facility in california so he sent them a sample with two provisions first they could not damage it that's standard protection against industrial espionage and second they couldn't take it out of the country because it's made with a kind of industrial diamond like material that has military properties and is illegal to export from the united states nevertheless it was returned months later and broken that was when the company thought perhaps they were being ripped off by the chinese so they spoke to the f.b.i. you examined this sample and determined that it had been cut by a military strength industrial laser and there were pieces missing which suggested
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the chinese had held on to them to examine it and the f.b.i. went one step further they asked officials at a con to become spies to meet with chinese officials at an industry conference in las vegas which they did wired for sent chinese officials there said that in fact the sample had been taken to china and they questioned out loud whether the u.s. government was listening to that conversation and that is where that case lies but it's part of a wide ranging probe into huawei by companies and the u.s. government in fact the c.f.o. of qual way faces charges in brooklyn the company just settled a suit in washington state where it is alleged to have stolen part of a robot owned by t. mobile the robot was called tapi by the way and the trumpet ministration is urging american companies not to use while weighs five g. technology that's because they're afraid that the company is installing a backdoor that would allow them to listen to americans and possibly engage in
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cyber warfare as for the a con technology you see here you might look for it one day soon on a cell phone near you. and we'll have more on that story in the coming weeks and counting the cost because this new mobile technology five g. as it's known it is coming it is worth billions the competition over it is fierce and while it's right at the center of it as you already see it is a company which attracts a lot of attention and controversy just this week it came out fighting against allegations that it is funded or controlled in any way by the chinese government report is in chains and we're told there is no state capital in the company at all while they also filed a lawsuit last month against the u.s. government's restrictions on its product saying congress has acted unconstitutionally as quote judge jury and executioner cases ongoing it did appear to have a partial victory in the u.k. however where a leaked report indicated huawei would be used to build some of the u.k.'s new five g.
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mobile infrastructure but it would still be excluded from the more sensitive parts of the rollout and despite all the pressure the company did report first quarter revenues were up thirty nine percent to nearly twenty seven billion dollars all goes to show how significant the five g. race is and the concerns about china gaining any first mover advantage we have to talk about debt now and the extremely profitable yet morally questionable practice of making money out of bad debts now take the case of mozambique one of the world's poorest countries there is a huge pool of natural gas offshore but on shore the country's been on the brink of financial collapse mozambique's economy has been reeling from a debt crisis triggered by two billion dollars worth of hidden loans that were never approved by its parliament this was the so-called tuna bond scandal we've covered in the past money raised to fund a fishing fleet which never caught me fish and plunged the country into a crisis it is now hugely expensive for mozambique to borrow and yet it is still borrowing it owes money to everyone from china to libya and for the people living
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there it has die of consequences not to mention the terrible devastation and loss of life brought by site clone i recently which again require. foreign cash to help recover from well surging clifton's joining us now from london she is the director of the jubilee debt campaign it's a u.k. charity working to end poverty called spike just dead it's nice to see sarah jane i am going to play devil's advocate here i'm going to play the part of a modern day capitalist who simply says this is how it works the country or the institution which has the money loans to the one that doesn't it's the way the world goes round present the other side of the argument for me well i suppose to some extent we wouldn't necessarily argue with you we're not opposed to that we think it can be useful for by people and countries and businesses to spread the cost of payments for large purchases of countries things like infrastructure. the issue is if it commissioned responsibility and spent responsibly for countries
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whether it's invested productively so if it's invested in things which can regenerate generate or generate sufficient cash to repay that that unfortunate in the case of mozambique this isn't what we saw. secretly as the we were talking about a two billion dollars u.s. as he sat they went to mozambique's parliament they were publicly disclosed to the people of mozambique and what we found out is the large amounts of money is believed to have gone missing various of the bank officials involved and it's important to note that these loans were issued by two london based banks so some of the bank officials involved on the government in question fish was involved are now under investigation by u.s. authorities say so authorities and mozambique with our teens let's go back to the point you made about responsibility is it a case of beer just being more transparencies so we can see you know everyone can see exactly which money is going where or is it actually the practices which need
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to change or actually the bugs so this is a quite unique case we think hidden relation to mozambique we're worried that there are other cases like this but they just have. and come to light yet because of the secrecy that there is around a lot of lending and borrowing we think there's a kind of there are two issues here really the transparency accountability but there's also the wider structural issues which are pushing a lot of countries like my sam big into that crisis in the first place so we live in a world which is still very unequal with large amounts of resources concentrated in some countries and not in other countries we've seen countries in the west not really deliver so far and the commitment to either mobilize enough finance to development to poor countries to help their mates just as they will development goes well mobilize enough climate finance simile that has been a base of progress on tax dodging but not really enough by any means so there's still a lot of illicit finance out of poor countries developing countries so there's still
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a very strong need for those countries to do debt based development because there are no other sources of funding available so actually tackling that crises and the situation that countries like mozambique find themselves in the quiet progress on these much bigger structural issues we believe but then we also do need to look at every sponsible and corrupt lending and borrowing that's happening and we think transparency has to be the starting point so that. at the moment there's no obligation banks to actually disclose the money that they're lending to governments pushing for action at the international level but also in the major global financial centers in the u.k. and u.s. and spending it properly this is the point you made as well before about the large infrastructure of the things actually making sure that the money gets used properly and i believe your research is showing that it's not in many cases now is that that's true we are seeing. a lot of the borrowing not translate into gains in terms of positively investment in public services. but we do think that the big issue
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here is the finance gap it's the lack of development finance available for countries to actually spend in. sustainable development and the fact that they are having to to borrow as a result and then how there is the debt crises which. pairing how that being that way by the end fashion situations certain clips in a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us thank you very much finally this week in iraq where musicians at the national symphony orchestra are locked in a pay dispute the government i haven't seen a paycheck so far this year some of left but those who haven't so they will continue to perform despite the odds and times they can name has their story now from baghdad. a ballet studio with peeling floors of the player of dust and ramshackle chairs is the rehearsal space for the iraqi national symphony orchestra some how the musicians maintain their focus seemingly
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oblivious to the inevitable power cuts that have become common in iraq since last year the orchestra has been involved in what the conductor calls a war with the ministry of culture the staff hasn't been paid so far this year and spent most of twenty eighteen without a paycheck until they were eventually paid what the fans at the staff of the ministry of culture acts as if they are living in another world they are disregarding the fact that the musicians haven't been paid we have suffered and we are still suffering there are one hundred ten musicians and support staff with the iraqi national symphony orchestra their average salary is eight hundred dollars a month since the pay dispute began last year ten members have left. for years the conductor says the government has attempted to slash the annual one point four million dollars budget of the orchestra then in two thousand and
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eighteen an anti-corruption law was implemented it banned staff from working a state job and also getting paid to work with the orchestra since the one nine hundred seventy s. members had been granted a waiver i mean the government should be you know supporting us like because we are to be the you know cultural you know front of the whole country i mean we're the only symphony orchestra in the country and we were one of the first symphony orchestras that were established in the middle east still but you know of course they wouldn't consider it that which is really devastating. the ministry of culture says it's at the bottom when it comes to federal funding and is struggling to pay for its entire portfolio. about reaching an accurate oval agreement with the musicians now with the. novel the ministry of culture needs to have an inclusive vision for the future of their i.q. symphony orchestra we need to overcome their outstanding issue you know dr rise up
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with a new talent to generation that embraces art and music by all your archy's. the orchestra has continued to perform this year what are the flaws to be completely honest with you were defined we're playing against all of. the musicians say their passion is fueling them but they know they can't live on that alone natasha going in iraq baghdad. and that is our show for this week to get in touch with us though if you got a comment or a story idea you can tweet me directly on. the hash tag a.j. c.t.c. or you can e-mail the team directly counting the cost down to zero dot net and a special mention to our editor maria daily up to three years with us and five at al-jazeera she is on to post his new area we wish you all the best with your next venture you can also check us out online at al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. that will take you straight to our pages individual ports links and entire episodes
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for you to catch up on when if you'd like but that is it for this edition of counting the cost on come all santamaria from the whole team thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next.
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the irony is. that. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme of helping change the face of india. super that he announces they are. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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al-jazeera a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study or exam one i want to investigate the pakistani company at legibly selling fake degrees to the dolls and the police around the world zero. talks resume between saddam's military and opposition groups over a transition to civilian rule. alone down in jordan this is on his ear on live from doha also coming up spain's ruling party comes out on top in general elections but for short of winning enough votes to govern alone. he says one of two men held on suspicion of spying for the
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u.s. has taken his own life in prison. and pushing for peace afghanistan's president hosts a rare meeting of leaders to discuss ongoing efforts for talks with the taliban. talks between sudanese opposition groups on the military have wrapped up on monday with no firm agreement on how to move forward on saturday night the two sides announced the formation of a joint council but no further details have been agreed upon just yet expected that once formed the joint council will leave the country until national elections are held saddam's military council spokesman says discussions are going well. we're very close to reaching an overall solution that will make everybody happy. to get the country out of this crisis we're still in negotiations to define post and specialize roles so they can act as a base for us to define the different levels of representation the government here morgan joins us live now from the sudanese capital khartoum heba so the sudanese
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military gave that press conference earlier after the second joint council meeting to have much to say. well there and he spoke about the kind of progress that was made between the military council and the opposition coalition he said that on saturday when they had their meetings with the military with the opposition coalition read on a joint civilian military representation in the transitional government but he also made it clear that the military wanted to have a more presentation in that transitional government and civilians he said they wanted seven members of the transitional government to be military and three of them to be civilians now the opposition coalition has rejected that if they wanted eight civilians and seven military representation to that civilians can have the higher say now today he said that when this the meeting started the the coalition of opposition came out with a different presentation with something called the constitution to declare ration which will then decide how the relationship between the transitional government and the military council should be and he said that was something they were not
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expecting which is why they will go back how consultations and then meet again tomorrow monday on tuesday sorry but it seems that they have not reached far they still are agreeing on the fact that there should be a joint military civilian government they've agreed on the fact that most of the roads are blocked by the protesters and the bridges that are leading to the army headquarters should be opened but at the moment it doesn't look like they are any closer to forming a transitional government aaron and he but where does this old leave the protesters then because they're still come town outside the military headquarters on say. yes they are there waiting for the coalition to announce that there is a civilian government in place now we've spoken to some of them after the statement from the military council spokesman and he said and they said. they are not happy with what's going on they're waiting for an announcement that would say that there are four months of protests and three weeks of sitting in front of the headquarters has finally paid off they want to civilian government with military representation but they don't want the military to have a majority not even close so they say that they're going to be camping out here
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more people are arriving from different states around the country to join the sit in to enforce the people who are already here and still a civilian government is formed now whether that will be formed is be to is up to the military council and the opposition coalition here and he reports that the military council has frozen the bank accounts of the official trade unions what's the thinking behind that moves. the military council has always been stressing on the fact that it wants to remove any trace of the former government and the former ruling party now the explanation they gave behind suspending the accounts of some unions are basically all unions and federations was that these unions and federations were associated with the former government and the former ruling party they say that they're encountering finances need to be audited and that they want to basically get rid of all the unions and situations that were established by the ruling party and the government so that new unions new independent federations can be formed it's their way basically according to the explanation of show of showing the public that they are very keen on trying to eradicate any traces of the former
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ruling party and the ruling government so people are now waiting not for any traces of accountability that they're promising but to see if those sides will actually reach a transitional government there saying that that is that the accountability and auditing is the job of a transitional government that is independent and has nothing to do with the military council or in khartoum heba thank you. now spain's governing socialists picked up the most seats in sunday's elections because nearly all the votes counted it looks like they won't have enough for an out white majority for the first time a far right parties to enter parliament some of the reports now from madrid. a new day for spanish politics but no certainty over what kind of government will come out of sunday's election spaniards may have turned out in force to vote in one of the most divisive elections but it was the socialists who came out on top but i mean i think it's a good result and honestly i didn't expected i thought the right wing was going to win here i'm going to finish coding i think the result will be almost have
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a stable majority and this can be good. all eyes are now on which direction the socialist leader pedro sanchez will take so far they have said they would attempt to form a minority government but it's still early days so what happens next well for a start there are further elections to contest local ones in this country and the european elections that are sanches might be playing his cards close to his chest he wants to try to win their gains there. you there is the option of going into a coalition a guaranteed majority could be made by partnering with the center right citizens party but it is an unpopular option for the socialists and their followers joining with a hard left put their most would avoid that scenario but then they would need to make deals with catalan independent ists another unpopular choice it's really awkward this problematic for them they have to do a lot of the nation to the to their followers to their members the fact of they are that they are negotiating with the caseloads so they will try they will try to
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avoid violence the socialists may have some time but no one is expecting a quick results from this historic election but it's unclear whether the governing party can overcome difficulties spain has had problems with coalitions in the past and it's unclear whether the governing party can overcome the difficulties to create a stable and effective government sonia able al-jazeera madrid. now turkey says a man held on suspicion of spying for the united arab emirates has killed himself istanbul's prosecutor says zakia mastodons body was found in the still very prison he was charged alongside another suspect earlier this month they were accused of monitoring arab citizens on behalf of the u.a.e. so i'm cacio has more now from istanbul. palestinian nationalism was arrested by the turkish police with one of his friends and the turkish police said that they have confessed to have been spying on b.
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health of the united arab emirates and turkey for a while the i.r.s. that happened after following a couple of months of technical surveillance by the turkish intelligence on those people turkish intelligence followed those two are out of nationals for a couple of months and when they contacted a suspect whose name is on the investigation file of murder intelligence warned the turkish police and they arrested those two people according to the security sources and uncle route they believe that since the by the trail ations between turkey and egypt turkey and u.a.e. and turkey and saudi arabia have been strained mainly following the military coup in egypt in two thousand and thirteen those three countries have lost their intelligence gathering capacity and tricky and that's why and now they are trying to. build up in the intelligence network and this is what the turkish security believe in ankara right now and that's why they say they think that the
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united arab emirates is using other out nationals to spy inside truth to you what we have learned so far is that these people who were here to follow up with what nationals what they are doing how they are living mainly muslim brotherhood members who have many in most of whom have moved to turkey following the military coup in egypt in two thousand and thirteen and a press statement by. office today suggested that. who has killed himself on sunday in his solitary confinement was found by the warden early hour early morning hours. he hanged himself in the bathroom door using his clothes right now an investigation is under way and an autopsy on his body has been done when earlier we spoke. english language news site he says the deaths further complicates the diplomatic tensions between turkey. i think it's significant for
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the for the fact that to even know you know will not be able to gather further information. on one on their motivations or or what sort of. game day and in turkey in terms of political issues i think it's also important because the you we will you know will try to use this against turkey based on its already existing rivalry is true but if you're living this is not something that will serve this is this is not an incident that will really serve to turkey's interest least of all we did find on it right after they were arrested that. these two individuals were at work to build some sort of anti to ease structure this is some of the information that we received. from our sources. on
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a spring of some breaking news here on al-jazeera i souls official media has released a video that appears to show its need a bucket al baghdadi if confirmed by the first public appearance by of the ice and lida since twenty fourteen it talks about the battle of bugs in syria which ended in march and at the end of the video and audio messages added mentioning the attacks in sri lanka al jazeera cannot confirm the authenticity of the video or where it was filmed more of course on that as of right. an assembly of prominent afghans is taking place in the capital kabul to discuss talks between the afghan government and the taliban the meeting known as the loya jirgah has been a way to bring afghans together for centuries but many have boycotted the event saying it would not be productive one of them the second strongest man in the country afghanistan's chief executive. has more from kabul. a long day for the delegates at this loya jirga here in kabul more than three
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thousand people packed in to the white building you see over my shoulder. a huge responsibility of trying to figure out what peace means for afghanistan going forward watch the red lines what the priorities will be for the afghan government should they get to talk pace with the taliban in the future with three thousand people in the thirty percent of them a woman in they come from all over afghanistan representing different tribes different religions different ages different ethnicities coming together to try to answer four questions they are what needs to be done to achieve long lasting peace in afghanistan what value should be safeguarded in talks with the taliban or kind of personalities should represent the government in these talks and lastly on foreign policy what type of actions towards foreign countries should be taken for those countries that do support the taliban now the taliban not happy about the loya jirga they put out a statements.


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