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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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fate could yet reignite separatist passions but for a majority of voters here and across spain there is reason to be happy with the result not quite the victory for the far right that many had feared and spain remains a beacon of social democracy in europe and here in catalonia at least the possibility of cooperation over confrontation i don't know how al-jazeera barcelona. fans will have more later in this hour right now they skip back today. thanks to the state now plenty more ahead on the news hour including i saw media release a video that appears to show its leader. resistance to change the lanka's police chief refuses to step down. and support the team that's back in the big time of european football after a fifty seven year wait and you'll be here with that story in the sport a bit later. that i saw is official media has released
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a video that appears to show its leader abu bakr al baghdadi if confirmed it would be the first public appearance by the leader since twenty fourteen he talks about the battle of baghdad was in syria which ended in march and the end of the video and audio messages added mentioning the attacks in sri lanka al jazeera cannot confirm the authenticity of the video or where it was filmed or child but is following the story from iraq's capital baghdad charlie so what more do we know about the video and how significant is it. well i think certainly think amongst the international security establishment intelligence forces around the world it's hugely significant they're going to be analyzing this video very closely and as you say it's the first time that we've seen baghdadi since two thousand and fourteen since he made that announcement at the inori mosque declaring himself kalif of the self declared caliphate the islamic state caliphate. he references the battle of bought a good news repeatedly throughout this video the battle of that was ended as you
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say in march which was the last isis on clave the defeat of the last isis on plate on the syrian side of the iraqi border and he makes references to various other events that have happened in recent weeks certainly in the middle east and the wider world indeed he talks about the the overthrow of the leaders in sudan and algeria saying that despite these leaders having being toppled and he describes it as being a sad situation that those who taught him didn't know what to do now and the only way forward was for jihad he praises fighters in booking a fast so in mali the groups that have associated themselves with eisel in west africa and then very interestingly as well around thirty minutes into the video once the video ends that is all of what sounds like baghdadi praising the attacks
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those a riff it gets x. we saw in sri lanka on easter sunday that killed more than two hundred fifty people and injured around five hundred others saying again that this was revenge for the routing of eisel in about a good so it is very significant as i say you can imagine security services looking at this video very carefully i think it's important to also state that you know leaders around the world this. specially the leaders here the government here in iraq are under any illusions that certainly the ideological battle against eisel continues the military battle may have been won we saw the fall of mosul the defeat of iceland mosul in twenty seventeen the fall of rock or in twenty eighteen as i say bought a goose fulling in march the military battle may be over but there are still sleeper cells operating in various places in western anbar province here in iraq and nineveh province as well so certainly this appearance of baghdadi if indeed
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this video can be one hundred percent verified is significant because it shows him . determined to at least continue the ideological struggle and to try and rally eisel fighters around continuing what he describes as a global jihad or attacks on stratfor that in the iraqi capital baghdad charlie thank you for that let's cross over now to roles in jordan in washington d.c. as the u.s. government's been hunting baghdadi now for some time what will the intelligence and security services there make of the video. well certainly assuming that they're just getting their hands on this video u.s. intelligence and military officials will be very keen to try to figure out exactly where baghdadi has been even though the ministration here has talked quite vigorously in recent weeks about eisel having been eliminated from both syria and
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iraq but it is worth pointing out that especially when the u.s. president donald trump has talked about ice all he has not talked about. he himself and so this is the first thing where has he been where has he been hiding who has been providing him support it does raise parallels to the disappearance as it were of a lot in and how it was that it seemed that he went to ground after the two thousand and one bombardment in northwestern afghanistan and the difficulty that u.s. and related forces had in trying to find him until his assassination in two thousand and eleven in about about pakistan so certainly this is of keen interest to members of the u.s. government the question is will they be able to glean enough detail from this video in order to make use of whatever information they do figure out how to raise children they in washington d.c.
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ross thank you well let's bring in nada hushing me in waterloo canada via skype not is the director of the sense of the middle east studies at the university of denver not us so what do you make of this video why do you think i still chose to do this now. well it's clear that they're trying to capitalize on the global attention and outrage over the bombings in syria lanka last week to send a message that they're very much alive that they're still able to inflict this type of mayhem on civilians and this is an organization that even though they've lost a lot of territory including their lost their last you know their last position on the. iraqi syrian border they're still very much a fighting force and i think he's trying to gain new recruits yeah but that he talks about the end of the battle in parts of syria like by gurus and he also calls for attacks on the enemies of eyes so does the video go any way in telling us about
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i sold future tactics given that the caliphate is not defeated. not specifically but i think if you follow what's happening in the areas that isis used to control you still see almost every other day some form of assassination bombing and you also see in those areas a lot of despair there's no economy there's no reconstruction and as we all know an organization like isis thrives in a political vacuum it suggests that many of its followers have simply gone underground and that they're carrying on this subtle war of attrition. in iraq and in syria but also i think much more dangerously ideologically i think we still see that isis is a fermentable force that it can inspire people in different parts of the world to carry out the type of violence that we saw last week i'm sure lanka yeah and i'm not an important point to make because i mean how significant is the timing on the content of the video given that it comes just over
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a week since the show and the bombings but i still said they were responsible for. great piece trying to capitalize on it he's trying to i think use the global attention on those horrific bombings and sure lanka to rally his troops to say that he's still very much in command of the organization also this is i think to add a huge embarrassment for donald trump and the u.s. administration just a few you know weeks ago donald trump was you know claiming that this is mission accomplished that the war is over the last strangle little the last position that isis held in but was has fallen and now we can all sort of celebrate this video clearly sort of sends a message to the americans to donald trump in particular that isis very much at least its head in the or ahead of the organization is still very much alive not a hashimi thank you very much indeed for your time thanks mean russia lanka has a new defense minister the appointment as part of the government's overhaul of the
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intelligence and security services the president has also appointed a new acting police chief but the current chief has refused to step down he's been accused of failing to act on the warnings that suicide bombers would target churches but it's just over a week since the easter sunday bombings which killed more than two hundred fifty people and life is slowly returning to normal but security remains tight as there is an elephant on those reports. waiting for business these vegetable sellers in a columbus suburb are hoping things will return to normal soon lot of any of them but i love it when they mean that there's no one on the road we're usually here to late night and finish our goods but today we have only brought less than one tenth of our usual stock. security remains tight after last week's coordinated bombing attacks and it's not just the police and security force says this shopping mall has started checking all visitors but for sri lankans who lived through a civil war that lasted twenty six years the new measures while inconvenient are
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necessary i'm not scared at all this is a kind of a bond we are not scared. we'll be good for the security forces them into the need for there's something in our hearts you know of what happened last week but then yeah we have to step we have to make a living we have to survive. schools and universities have been disrupted closed for two weeks but these kids don't seem too concerned. a recent government ban on any form of face covering that he knows the identification of individuals so a number of muslim women step up without their veils as sri lankans adjust to the security situation many are getting angry at what led to it more still be resources and the personnel were used by people to walk in their political enemies and that's you nor the government there are two governments one is run by presidents and the
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other one done by a prime minister be promising so. much more than the mickey that both of them have towards the back of the result he says is a debilitating and demoralized security system and now sri lankans must deal with increased security spot search and greater restrictions on monday though they dealt with traffic jams for the first time in over a week meanwhile back at the market traders are hoping for better days in a fernandez. colombo there's been heavy fighting in southern tripoli his forces loyal to the warlord army for have to keep up their attacks on the libyan capital after his fighters have advanced and taken control of areas near the international airport the tripoli based government recognized by the u.n. says it's bringing in reinforcements to repel the attack one of the warhead has more now from tripoli. forces loyal to. her have to have advanced toward the. neighborhood that's about fifteen kilometers away from tripoli city
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center and eyewitnesses in al sadr and locals there say that they have seen have to his forces engaging against forces loyal to the u.n. the recognized government of national accord in the streets and inside the densely populated areas namely in a neighborhood on the southern part of the libyan capital we know that during the past two weeks have to his forces have been losing ground and the government of national called forces have been pushing have forces back beyond tripoli in active international airport have to after they lost ground they intensified air strikes specially night air strikes this intuitively means a very tense especially for civilians living in the nearby fighting areas and the government forces say that they are receiving more troops to push have to his
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forces back to their old locations they also say that the are able to push have to his forces back beyond their administrative borders of the capital tripoli meanwhile turkey's president is backing libya's u.n. recognize government in its fight against the warlord he to have to. do one describe the tiles advance on tripoli as a plot against the libyan people he says turkey will support the tripoli government as it attempts to drive have to his fighters are. now read meeting of afghan leaders scholars and elders known as a lawyer jirga is taking place in kabul with the recent talks between the u.s. and the taliban is topping the agenda the meeting brings together many ethnic religious and tribal communities it's expected they'll be up to three thousand representatives they've been used to approve a new constitution declare war. choose a new king or to make sweeping social or political reforms on the first day they'll
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be a vote to appoint the temporary leader as well as deputies and secretaries and the new head of the judge will then create fifty committees that spend up to a week discussing the issues recommendation to be made but they're not legally binding if one of the duties of the loya jirgah presented to us is to define peace whether the taliban is ready for peace or not you lead people's demands and these questions regarding. the people's expectation from you is to discuss these issues of peace and stability brotherly with. reports now from kabul. in afghanistan the president cannot drive to his own peace summit by road for security reasons so ashraf ghani had to fly the seven kilometers to the loya jirga in kabul with a convoy of russian in my seventeen's waiting for him more than three thousand afghan leaders and elders they're here to decide what the risks benefits and parties are should the government get to negotiate with the taliban. but
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taliban why are we doing a consultative peace jirga because you thirty two thousand of you represent the nation and will determine the limit and framework for the talks with the taliban now i'm a high ranking official sitting here. as gandhi spoke chief executive it looked on but from a giant poster afghanistan's second highest ranking official did not attained saying he didn't think it would be productive former president hamid karzai and the head of the high peace council also boycotted the event critics say gani is using the jirga to campaign ahead of presidential elections scheduled for september but there's a wide concern that president romney is using this for as as a tool for his presidential campaign and his speech today. there were subtle messages some were quite obvious that he wanted to if you were speaking about the. two thousand and nineteen he being the president but these people don't care about
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national politics they're here representing the districts they're very tribes and religions seem to women all eager to be at the forefront of defining peace in afghanistan but i thought that everyone from a young baby to an old man what's peace and this week even if we achieve a little it will still be a lot for us the taliban does not a perfect and a statement they said this is assured by the u.s. jeopardizes the pace process and is disrespectful to the history of the event although the taliban doesn't recognize the afghan government the group will have to negotiate with it once the peace talks proceed and on to the loya jirga decide it's . time for a short break here al jazeera when we come back crunch talks for boeing as its chief executive defends the company's safety record. and will examine mexico's role in the fight against illegal prescription drugs. and sport returns to the libyan
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city of benghazi and they will be here with that story after the break that's minutes. how is settlin dry across much of the middle east now that a bit of cloud just making its way towards afghanistan bright skies coming back in across iran into iraq a little bit of clout they say just for syria but it should be lousy settled and dry twenty five twenty six celsius there for beirut's fall to roost lou sort of calls into iraq but that is thirty degrees celsius chills of the to northern parts of iraq but by and large it does look a settled over the coming days and that is of course good news slushie settle to afghanistan the much catch the odd road show here and elsewhere across the region
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as you can see we are keeping that sunshine in this increasingly halts of course always here in doha around thirty four celsius on shoes day again plenty of sunshine coming through winds not see bad issue through really quite present to make the most of it the temperatures are starting to ramp up thirty six celsius in doha as you go into the middle part of the way down into southern africa but it's largely drawing now across much of south africa a good part of mozambique but of course northern parts of the country still seeing the remnants of tropical cycling kenneth and that means more heavy showers here as we go through a good part of this week. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's everywhere asked we're told we're supposed to be suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes
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of society and the impact is utopian home and there's only so much we can say before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians on al-jazeera al-jazeera as their want us to embrace but it's also a day to see what happens next which is on. fire by the barriers for a model barricade of the old seventh street that lead to here the movies now it's been all about change people have gone to clear the area the mission of the national army is to sixteen tie up the oil complex and not just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
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welcome back to the top stories on al-jazeera talks between sudanese opposition groups on the military wrapped up on monday with no firm agreement on how to move forward on saturday the two sides announced the formation of a joint council. spain's socialist party celebrating victory the general election but it didn't win enough seats to run its own populous parties also made headway but the far right fox gaining seats in parliament for the first time. has released a video that appears to show its leader aback. but daddy if confirmed it be the first public appearance by the leader since twenty forty one with. boeing as held its first annual shareholders meeting since two of its aircraft crashed within five months killing the only three hundred fifty people chief executive dennis muhlenberg has tried to reassure shareholders some assuming the company of a safety disclosure is made after the accidents. well investigations on lawsuits of
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course the aircraft manufacturer to suffer shop losses and its seventy's from the days immediately following the liner accident our top engineers and technical experts have been working tirelessly in collaboration with the federal aviation administration and our customers to finalize and implemented a software update that will ensure accidents like these never happen again the update will prevent erroneous angle of attack sensor readings from triggering the maneuvering characteristics augmentation system or m cas something that initial investigation reports indicate occurred in both backed accidents as one link in a longer chain of events we know we can break this link in the chain it's our responsibility to eliminate this risk well on march the tenth ethiopian airlines flight three zero two crash shortly after takeoff from on its way to nairobi the
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aircraft was a brand new boeing seven three seven max or one hundred fifty seven people on board perished a lot happened just five months off to another accident involving the boeing seven three seven max a lion a jet crashed in the misa last october during takeoff killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew well but it has been a growing pressure to deliver a soft with takes a new training package for pilots to address the problem well john hendren joins us live now from chicago where that shareholders' meeting took place john so this is boeing's first shareholder meeting since those two fatal crashes what came out of the meeting for you john. that's right daryn this is the first shareholder meeting during what is really the worst period in boeing's modern history and surprisingly they got some tough questions from shareholders but it was really from the press afterwards where the strongest questions came in such as to dennis miller the c.e.o. have you ever considered resigning he gave
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a long answer that really amounted to no the company did its best to reassure shareholders you heard there in that clip you just played he also went on to say that we are deeply sorry he said we recognize the gravity of these events he says a new plane will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly but he went on to say we know we have to work to do to earn and really earn that trust of passengers of the company is really trying to to tell passengers are convinced passengers that this is a safe plane but really for many investors that trauma is really over the company hopes to recertify that plane soon but for now it's really just trying to steady the nerves of the flying public yeah john boeing's i'm a growing pressure to get the seven feet seven max back into the sky any indication as to when that's going to happen. well the company says it hopes to recertify
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that plane in the coming weeks in may that was delayed from the original date of april but many airlines are simply not going with that date two of the biggest customers here in the united states southwest airlines and united airlines both say they're going to delay all flights on the seven thirty seven max until mid august now that's right through the summer heavy travel season it's going to inconvenience a lot of passengers for the company said they want to go ahead and do that so people can reschedule their trips meanwhile boeing has lost over ten percent of its stock value that value has stabilized somewhat because investors have taken all of these changes into account investors seem to be confident that the company can go forward after all there are two major companies that supply aircraft to airlines airbus owns about forty five percent of the commercial aircraft market and boeing owns forty three so it would really be unlikely for something major to happen that would take boeing out of that huge. to take its market share down from that
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huge number of forty three percent they had hoped to overtake airbus with this plane and now they've been hit this is costing them a billion dollars and that doesn't include the thirty five or so lawsuits from lion air and from the families of those who were killed the family of one person who was killed an american in the one of those flights was silently protesting outside of that boeing meeting and that raises the big question here investors may be ok with the company going forward but will people climb back onto those planes there and vet is the unanswered question are the john hendren there in chicago john thank you now here heavily bizarre trying to bring serbia and kosovo back to the negotiating table at a regional summit in bonn and that's called spot to finish this thing and the european new center for misty of a two year. yes thanks daryn yeah the german chancellor angela merkel and the french president emmanuel macro are hosting the neighbors alongside other can lead
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us now as the first high level meeting between serbia and cost five since talks were suspended last year following a rift over tax hikes central to the ongoing dispute is belgrade's denial of the independence of casa five. is following developments for us in kind of feeling though this berlin summit was organized with the purpose to boost regional and economic cooperation on the balkans the spotlight is on the presidents of serbia and kosovo it's on the crossing party and the attempt to revive the dialogue between belgrade and christina ricci was aborted six months ago when serbia pulled out from it because of all imposed taxes on goods from serbia german chancellor and french president of trying to make two sides to start negotiating again. today said that everyone has to invest effort to continue the belgrade prishtina dialogue while adding that he doesn't have intention to impose the solution this meeting was
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organized because there were some rumors that serbian and cost of a president talking because curtains or division of course of oil and swapping which germany refused as a solution the official position of most of the e.u. countries is that there cannot be any border changes and balkans because that could lead to the instability of region because the leaders today openly question the strength of the e.u. in this process and before the meeting with america mccrone they went to see us invested there in germany richard grenell serbian president came to believe after he could meetings with the russian and chinese presidents some members of border stock board serbia and kosovo that they must comply to european standards and be reeling to talk if not then they could say goodbye to their european perspective leaders of balkan countries which are not the members of the new today could that they cannot hope to be. members of the union recently front president obama said
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that nobody knew talks about enlargement just about the stability of western bakos victims have some serious crimes in the u.k. of being asked to surrender their mobile phones to police otherwise prosecutions might not be possible if one is the collapse of a number of sexual assault cases when crucial digital evidence later emerged the critics say could discourage victims from coming forward any farka has more from london the room on the most private possessions handing them over to police possibly for several weeks or months isn't something everyone will be happy with but that's exactly what some victims of crimes including rape and now being asked to do if they don't they cases might not be heard in court. police are now standardizing how they get permission to access digital information the rules of disclosure oblige us to understand and look for material and i either undermine our case or support the defense case and sometimes that would involve looking at what's
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on someone's phone but certainly not in every case is not a blanket request that has to be judged each case on its merits. the move follows the collapse of several rape and sexual assault cases after crucial evidence later emerged texts images and called data are particularly useful when offenses are carried out between people who know each other well you can get the example of a husband and wife where rape can still be committed in a matter relationship understanding what happened at the particular time to pick out where the offense was what the allegation is it is it backed up by evidence and of course one of the telling factors may be messages that you know exchanged afterwards police won't have the powers to seize people's mobile phones will have to ask for consent from victims and from witnesses and the data used needs to be absolutely relevant to the case being dealt with in court but under certain rare circumstances the court may be able to demand information from phones also if
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police happen to come across any information or details linking to other crimes on people's devices they may be able to retain that information and use it in future investigations civil liberties charity big brother says the move could discouraged victims of witnesses from coming forward to tall victims aren't going to want to have to give over huge amounts of information just to pursue a prosecution which by law where there is where there is evidence should be pursued anyway and of course yes people are going to be wary of handing over their entire digital lives not just for investigation by. the defense team and potentially you know having a person lives dragged through the courts but also the threat that police are. investigate any other crimes they find in the digital information police say that accessing people's phones is the only way to deliver justice in the digital age big critics say victims shouldn't have to choose between justice and their privacy the
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park al-jazeera london or i thought is it for me here in london let's take you back to doha and to our felicity thank you very much now the u.n. and international experts are calling drug resistant illnesses one of the greatest health threats the world is facing a report says seven hundred thousand people die each year because of diseases that can no longer be treated with certain drugs but in three decades the u.n. predicts it could kill as many as ten million people every year well the damage the global economy could equal that of the two thousand and eight two thousand and nine financial crisis little like a force up to twenty four million people into extreme poverty let's speak to dr haile get a home he's the head of the un's ad hoc interagency coordinating group on microbial assistance he joins us live from the u.n. in new york dr gates and this new report calls for urgent action to avert a resistance crisis but we've known about an increase in anti microbial resistance now for some time so why is the u.n. making this call now thank you for having me
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so microbial raises duns problem yes it is known but it is not yet to get tension that it should deserve this report emphasizes that it is a crisis and a crisis that is bringing our gain over the last century on human health. into out the risk and this is high time to act if we don't act we will end up being serious and catastrophic consequences in a generation and if no action is taken experts are telling us that drug resistant diseases could cause ten million deaths a year by twenty fifty i mean that's an extraordinary claim so what sort of diseases are we talking about here. yeah that's right and this is provided nothing is done provided that current actions and current status quo hasn't changed that will be garbage come of disease trade for humanity
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and what sort of diseases are we talking about here. so yes doctor get one can you hear me what sort of diseases are we talking about here so it's hard this is a scores to buy parts or ginseng microbes bacteria viruses that we would have treated with valuable medicines and it wouldn't hard not have been resistant or you know it exists. in our part organs and part organs when there is already use or where there is misuse of this medicine. and the partridge and will get i just that it was to double our presence transcends treatment and infections that would have been treatable would not be treatable using these medicines again ok so
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the un has highlighted the warnings so where do we go from here i mean the report highlights the need for coordinated and intensive efforts globally but is there the political will and the finance.


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