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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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we returned to see how the students and the scheme of helping change the face of india. soup authority announces iraq. this is al jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes sudanese opposition leaders say the military is trying to break up their sit in. spain socialist party begins talks to form a new government a day are falling short of a majority in the election. confident with that change will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly after two crashes in the last year which killed hundreds of
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people boeing's chief executive is determined the seven three seven max will get back in the air. and when hey reporting from tokyo where japanese are preparing for the first imperial abdication in more than two hundred years. hello sudan's main protest group has accused the military rulers of trying to break up a sit in in the capital hard to know the army toppled longtime president on one of bashir three weeks ago but it's been under increasing pressure to give up power mohamed vall has more. southern tension at the city and outside the sudanese defense ministry demonstrators worried about an imminent attempt by the army to remove the body heat and disperse the protest the army had the knowledge it had agreed with the protest leaders to clear the roadblocks and allow traffic to resume
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on several roads near the city but the opposition denied of such an agreement had been reached. it came shortly after the third round of talks that concluded. on monday the two sides agreed on writing a constitutional declaration that will organize the work of three transitional government structures a joint civilian military sovereign council a cabinet of technocrats and the transition of power meant. what all the details are still being discussed including the number of seats in the sovereign council how many members from each side and how long the transition should last before a general election can be held. very close to reaching an overall solution that will make everybody happy. to get the country out of this crisis we're still in negotiations to define powers in specialized roles so they can act as a base for us to define the different levels of representation in the government. the proposal will be submitted within the next twenty four hours which will
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identify the power and relation between the transitional bodies in the different transitional institutions our city and will continue till our goals of the revolution for a civil transitional authority with all its executive powers is executed nothing will discourage us peaceful resistance will continue. more than two weeks since the fall of the regime of bashir the crowd at the sitting in front of the army headquarters. the man think a speedy and from transfer of power to a civilian government. the city has turned into an open exposition ground for labor unions social movements comfortable groups professional and artistic associations young painters artwork on a mural intended to gain a place on the guinness book of records. because. we wanted to create a list of one million signatures of protesters then we decided to decorate it with
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paintings that represent and celebrate the revolution we will be three thousand meters long and will go around the army headquarters as that's the space occupied by the city. that the decay sion with which these artists work is matched only by the unabated vigor of this crowd that's been braving the summer heat for weeks refusing to go home until a real change is achieved. the suspected leader of iso has appeared in a video for the first time in five years. talks about the battle in syria which ended in march at the end an audio message is added mentioning the attacks in sri lanka al jazeera cannot confirm the authenticity of the video or where it was filmed char strafford has more from baghdad. certainly according to isis media when this video proves that al baghdadi is still alive and according to analysts that have seen it shows that he is trying to take credit for various
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terror attacks that have happened in the middle east and around the world in recent times analysts also saying that it shows he could well be on some sort of recruitment drive he focuses very much on praising eisel fighters that try to defend what was described as the last on klav on the syrian side of the iraqi border eisel being defeated in march and very interestingly around thirty minutes into the video after it finishes an oreo recording which i saw media wing says is al baghdadi speaking you can hear him taking credit for those attacks as a rickety tax we saw in sri lanka on easter sunday in which two hundred fifty people and hundreds of others two hundred fifty people killed and hundreds of others were injured baghdadi saying that those attacks were in revenge for isis defeats in part
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a good news and let's not forget that i saw once control the territory across iraq and syria roughly the size of jordan it's fair to say that they have suffered a huge territorial defeat in their endeavors in this region but certainly this video you could say shows that the ideological battle being led by this man is very much still on and it is fair to say that analysts intelligence services and governments around the world will be looking very closely at this video to try and get some sort of idea where baghdadi is because of course the u.s. has. a reward for his capture dead or alive of twenty five million dollars so if indeed. about diabetes for huge significance considering we haven't seen him now for almost five years only a bloom is
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a professor of communication at georgia state university and researches ice was propaganda she joins us via skype now from south bend indiana talk more about this thanks for being with us thank you for having me so how significant is the release of this video of after five years then why why now it's really significant partly because the united states has on several occasions claimed that he's dead and so i think the fact that we see that he's not dead and he looks relatively healthy he looks well fed it doesn't look like he's been stuck in a cave or in a hole for any long period of time but i think one of the purposes of the video is to try to instill a sense of hopefulness and boost the morale of all of the isis not just current isis people but also there were crews it is definitely intended to project power that they have lost with the loss of the territorial caliphate they can still
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project the ability to claim the responsibility for attacks ninety attacks that he claimed in over eight countries and i would suggest from what you're saying that that he is a figure who who still wields a great deal of influence within eisel because it was reported that there were there were power struggles within the group. i think also the way that the the shah is set up you know it's a he's holding court he's looking over the paperwork he's having counsel with other people it is definitely tended to convey this idea that he's in charge and that he's fully aware of what's going on as well as all the current events for example mentioning the israeli elections or what's happening in sudan. so how how is eisel structured at this point then i mean what what sort of a leader is back that is essentially just a figurehead i mean how what's known about how what sort of influence he has in
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their day to day operations. we may not know specifically what kind of structure is at play hartley if you remember correctly from about about an bin ladin intil about a god and the release of the bin laden documents we were under the impression that bin laden was only a figurehead and that he wasn't managing the day to day activities and yet when those papers were finally captured and made available for analysts we saw that he really was keeping track of what was going on sending people in but i think the difference here is that by claiming these ninety eight times that he is not making the distinction between attacks that are inspired versus those that have been directed so i think that in terms of his actual ability to control day to day operations that's limited but he certainly able to inspire ideologically and it's
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one of the reasons that he mentions caught or sent fastness many many times in the video he's trying to instill a sense of steadfastness and resistance at the same time because he's mentioning so many of the foreign fighters who died but whose either he talks about a daily or i want us out for non-si he's trying to inspire more foreign fighters that their deaths will not be for nothing so that i think that your presenter is correct it is very well might be a recruitment video or at least an attempt to revitalize the troops good to get your analysis thanks for being with us thank you very much for having me hasn't. there's been a surge in cholera cases in war torn yemen this year the u.n. has asked for four billion dollars in emergency aid but only a small portion and it's been received the two countries fighting in yemen's war alongside the government have also pledged funds but saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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have delivered only part of it our diplomatic efforts in chains base reforms. yemen remains the most difficult humanitarian situation on earth and things are getting worse not better cholera cases are on the rise this year so far about a quarter of a million new cases more than double the number in the same period of twenty eighteen and despite the un's repeated calls for funding only a small proportion of the four billion dollars for urgent humanitarian aid has been received in previous years the top donors have been the two main members of the coalition that continues to bomb the controlled areas saudi arabia and the united arab emirates they have both pledged money again but this time they're not giving it all at once instead they're paying in installments effectively drip feeding their farmers in the past they've given you big upfront payments my understanding
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now is they're giving you money but in smaller amount well the king of saudi arabia and me. have pledged between one point five billion dollars for us for this year and my message to them and everyone else is it will be really helpful if money could be paid as soon as possible and that's all he wanted to say this remains an extremely sensitive issue for the u.n. of course yemen's humanitarian crisis won't be solved until there's a political agreement a shaky cease fire holds in the key port city where data but a deal done at the end of last year to reposition forces there has still not come into effect and the wider. it's a cool settlement seems a long way off james out of the united nations all right we've got plenty more ahead on this news libya's tripoli based government calls in reinforcements as war police advances on the capital. and we visit the makeshift barfi in mexico
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where they're cooking up one of the world's most deadly illegal drugs. plus the team that's back in the big time of european football after a fifty seven year wait and will be here with more in sport later. to have a first u.s. president on time's deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has announced his resignation he had appointed special counsel robert muller to investigate links between russia and the trump presidential campaign mike hanna reports from washington you ran on the part of the administration it was a tumultuous two years for rod rosenstein much of that was spent denying speculation that president trump was thinking of firing him you know are you afraid of president firing you know i'm not and denying too that he was resisting pressure
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from the white house to fire the special counsel if you were ordered today to fire mr mohler what would you do so i've explained previously i would follow the regulation if there were good cause i would act if there were no good cause i would not and you've seen no good cause so far correct rosenstein wrote the memorandum that was used as justification for the dismissal of f.b.i. director james comey. and then with the recoup all of then attorney general jeff sessions he took over the supervision of the special counsel investigation and fuelled by illegal leaks standing behind the new attorney general when william barr preempted the release of the miller report with what many in congress believed was a pro trump interpretation rosenstein saw some humor in it wes we big topic of discussion was what were you thinking when you stood behind your bar
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at that press conference. with a deadhead expression. there sure is i was thinking my job is to stand here with a deadhead expression. the miller report mentioned that president trump considered firing rosenstein on several occasions but there was no sign of acrimony in his resignation letter rosenstein praising the president's personal charm and his policies a rare example of a member of the administration allowed to resign on his own terms rather than be summarily dismissed in a tweet mike hanna al-jazeera washington. there's been heavy fighting in southern tripoli as forces loyal to walter liefer have to keep up their attack on the libyan capital as fighters have advanced and taken control of areas near the airport tripoli based government recognized by the united nations says it is bringing in reinforcements to repel the attacks that then what head has more
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from tripoli. forces loyal to the lord have to have advanced towards. neighborhood that's about fifteen kilometers away from tripoli city center and eyewitnesses in al sadr and locals there say that they have seen have to his forces engaging against the forces loyal to the you and the recognized government of national accord in the streets and inside the densely populated areas namely in a neighborhood on the southern part of the libyan capital we know that during the past two weeks have to his forces have been losing ground and the government of national called forces have been pushing have the forces back beyond tripoli in active international airport have his forces after the last ground the intensified air strikes specially night air strike this situation remains very tense especially
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for civilians living in the nearby fighting areas and the government forces say that they are receiving more troops to push have to his forces back to their old locations they also say that the are able to push have to his forces back beyond their administrative borders of the capital tripoli the turkish president is backing libya's u.n. recognized government in its fight against forces the one called in advance on tripoli a plot against the libyan people according to the world health organization the battle for tripoli has killed at least three hundred forty five people including twenty two civilians. attack he says a man held on suspicion of spying for the united arab emirates has killed himself in prison zacky m. has and another suspect were charged earlier this month they were accused of monitoring arab citizens on behalf of the u.a.e.
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police were also investigating possible links to the murder of saudi journalist a mouth ashaji the u.s. has been stepping up what it calls maximum pressure maximum pressure campaign on iran to try to make it abandon its nuclear ambitions and change its foreign policy but washington's efforts to target iran's oil industry and its economy is not welcome by all adidas state department correspondent reports a few days before the u.s. says it will sanction everyone who buys oil from iran to hans foreign minister is accusing the white house of trying to destroy his country but it will show to the iranian people that the united states is not worthy of being a negotiating partner. present the u.s. is response is trying to avoid being held accountable for its pursuit of nuclear
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weapons and its role as a state supporter of terrorism and by iran's own estimates the end of these waivers will have an even more significant effect i'm touched that the raif is worried that our allies are sometimes impatient with us on this point but as i say we've made clear our objective is the elimination of iran's nuclear program making sure its ballistic missile program is under control the u.s. says that since it quit the iran nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions a year ago terror on has lost some ten billion dollars in revenues. that's money the white house says it had to be spent on groups including hezbollah hamas and who the fighters in yemen u.s. officials argue saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are prepared to replace the estimated one million barrels per day that iran provides to the global market the saudis say not so fast inventories actually are continuing to rise
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despite what's happening in venezuela despite the tightening sanctions. on iran so i don't see the need to do anything. anything immediately what's more china which is currently iran's biggest oil customer is likely to undercut washington's plans to enforce a global boycott and they have set up a mechanisms through which they can buy chinese oil without going to the u.s. banking system and they could perhaps do this to some chinese banks that are already under sanctions anyway so how much bad is it how much force is a kind of get the u.s. government says it will do all it can to limit what it calls iran's malign influence in global affairs but analysts say the oil economy is a global one and that even a country as powerful as the u.s. can't manipulate it for you. old foreign policy goals roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington.
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celebrations are over and now the hard work begins for spain's socialist party that won the election but lacks the votes to govern on it so the party of prime minister pedro sanchez will need to build a coalition that could take but that could take weeks and there's no guarantee of success when you go has more from madrid. now that the elections are over of course the person now comes upon the socialist try and formulate a way of governing they say they want to go into a minority government they may have to consider going into coalition with various political parties nominally one of the center right citizens party or perhaps a coalition of hard left and regional parties that's right get tricky for them because there will be some pro quo in exchange for this and that may not necessarily be the most popular option however one of the socialist ministers him out on monday saying that they needed to have dialogue seeing as the form of policy
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the policies of former government didn't seem to work before and only increase the hostility between madrid and barcelona however also there is that presence of the far right folks party now in government they only have twenty four seats out of three hundred fifty however they could be big disruptors and could drive debates along issues of national unity and regional powers for the future of spain's semi autonomous catalan region was one of the big issues in the election but the separatist parties gained just forty percent of the votes there showing deep divisions over independence remain john hart has more from bosler. delight on the faces of pro independence supporters in barcelona on sunday night this is the far right party who tamed. and spain socialists possibly needing to look here for help in forming a government in fact the socialist party did rather well in catalonia its support
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drawn from workers who moved to the region in the sixty's and seventy's living in suburban pockets known as the red belt around barcelona they were part of an older generation of leftwing resistance during the franco era who don't believe that nationalism is the answer to anything in modern day spain get their beer from that that's not bad but rather about how it's a backwards moral thing for all workers and barriers for business and for us it's always the workers who suffer a modest business will just go elsewhere. about it might cooperation between the socialists and moderate separatists at the national level helped bridge divides in catalonia is. why there was a lot of within that i don't know what are the if none of them are going to be in their positions then they can't reach agreement then we can live together just like we always have at respecting one another in line with the law and the constitution
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. after the events of october two thousand and seventeen the unilateral referendum and declaration of independence forcefully suppressed by the right wing government in madrid it's easy to forget that catalonia is politically multifaceted clearly there's no question of the independence parties renouncing the goal of independence but is there at least a chance now with better relations with madrid yeah like we're likely to move towards this you know you are no solutions can be yet because the positions are still too far apart to find common ground frankly mean we're still there is dale of chemical recession that it's in play would hopefully bring about it come on understanding up to see question in the solution at the long dialogue that of course there hasn't been for some time exactly and a day like that has been broken for a long time and it has made to see to it. way worse than it was because there is of course the still potentially explosive issue of jailed private dependents leaders twelve of them on trial in madrid charged with rebellion and sedition their fate
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could yet reignite separatist passions for a majority of voters here and across spain there is reason to be happy with the result not quite the victory for the far right that many had feared and spain remains a beacon of social democracy in europe and here in catalonia at least the possibility of cooperation over confrontation jonah how al-jazeera. a buying has held its first annual shareholders meeting since two of its seven three six seven three seven max jets crashed within five months killing nearly three hundred fifty people the company hopes to reintroduce the model with improvements next month it says the plane it will be one of the safest to fly john hendrick reports after two fatal crashes boeing has embattled chief executive is focused on correcting the company's trajectory at the first shareholder meeting since those
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ill fated flights dennis miller lindbergh offered the latest in a series of apologies all of us at boeing are deeply sorry for the loss of life and we feel the immense gravity of these events and we recognize the devastation to the families and friends of the loved one loved ones who have perished boeing is struggling to recover its reputation for safety after two of the company's best selling new seven thirty seven max planes went down killing three hundred forty six people and you know that has led to some critical questions. have you considered resigning. the company says the grounding of that model will cost boeing one billion dollars this year and that doesn't include the nearly three dozen lawsuits from lion air and the families of those who were killed. what compels boeing's problems is the fact that an alert that might have helped avoid those two crashes was not activated in those two planes the alert would tell the pilot if two different sensors disagree about the plane's so-called angle of attack that was
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considered optional and was not activated in those two planes boeing says it will be considered standard equipment and activated in all future seven thirty seven max planes boeing hopes to have the seven thirty seven max ri approved by the us federal aviation administration by late may many carriers including southwest an american airlines have postponed all flights to mid august on what was boeing's best selling jet that leaves passengers to rearrange trips during the busy summer travel season in terms of the ability of the company to weather the storm i don't really think that's in question this might cost billions of dollars but at the end of the day the company had a profit of about ten billion last year they'll be able to survive just fine shareholders meeting near the company's headquarters in chicago might be ready to move on but the open question is whether passengers will be willing to climb back on a plane with such a troubled history john hendren al-jazeera chicago i thought i had on the spot
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checks and heightened security look at the new normal in sri lanka along the east the sunday attacks pushing for pace afghanistan's president hosts a rare meeting of leaders to discuss ongoing efforts for talks with the taliban. later in sport the goal to handle an unexpected attack in the navy is the top four . get a welcome back well across china we are looking at some very rainy conditions over the next few days particularly across the. east and also into the south well things are going to get better by wednesday but until then we're going to be seeing quite a bit of active weather and that could lead to some localized flooding so for joe rainy conditions there thunderstorms also a potential hong kong the rain is going to continue not only for tuesday but also
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into wednesday the north does get better and cooler temperatures we do expect for shanghai with winds coming north at twenty four degrees well across the macho we did see some very heavy flooding that led to deadly conditions across much of the area the conditions are now improving you can see some drying that's going on over the next few days the forecast map does look like this clearing across much of the region a little bit wetter up here towards singapore as well as kuala lumpur temps are there of thirty two degrees and the rain rainy few days it will be quite cloudy with a temperature cold poor rising to about thirty four degrees and here in the bamberg all we are going to be watching a cycle of developing and that's cyclon is making its way towards the northwest we are seeing clouds already for sri lanka in the clouds will also develop as we go towards tuesday and into wednesday along the coastal areas of india up towards the north though it is going to be quite warm for net per attempt to there of forty four with a temper of thirty six. the weather sponsored by catalona. radicalism
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is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every western told was supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society impacting as you type in home and as i said much of the can tie before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians announces the era.
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but again you're watching out just a reminder of our top stories this hour sudan's main protest group has accused the military of trying to break up a sit in outside the army headquarters in the capital where protesters have been gathering to demand an immediate and over to civilian rule. suspected leader of isaw has appeared in a video for the first time in five years in it i will bet that have been that he talks about the battle of the who's in syria which ended in march. u.s. president donald trump's deputy attorney general has resigned rosenstein had appointed special counsel robert muller to investigate links between russia and the
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trump presidential campaign he says he'll leave post by may eleventh. japan's emperor akihito will abdicate on tuesday it is the first time that's happened in two hundred years the world's oldest the monarchy dates back more than two and a half thousand years the eighty five year old will be succeeded by his eldest son not who he too who will be crowned on wednesday akita has been a largely popular emperor who helped steer japan to some difficult times when he reports. it's been eight years since the earthquake and tsunami which changed the lives of so many people here. who is home was destroyed that day and while he finds it difficult to put it behind him there. one moment he clings to. the emperor and empress came in you walked over to where i was knelt.
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must have been difficult for you i will never forget his words. the eighty three year old says meeting the imperial couple in an evacuation center gave him the strength to rebuild his life akihito his compassionate response to the disaster became one of the defining moments of his reign say for those affected by this terrible tragedy i feel deeply pain. akihito succeeded his father in one nine hundred eighty nine and spent much of his reign trying to address the legacy of japan's actions in world war two but the emperor holds no political power and he's stepping down as the prime minister wants to revise japan's pacifist constitution to allow for a military instead of what it calls a self-defense force it's also believed that the emperor is adults with the government over the very future of his family the imperial family is generally regarded as fairly liberal but it's still a male dominated institution only men from the male line of the family can become
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emperor and the family has no power to change that it has to come from the government. wants not all he told becomes emperor there are only three men left in line one of them is eighty three. of the donkey this time they have only been female emperors from a male line in the past and there has never been a female line emperor we should talk about this it may mean changing tradition but we have to be flexible and reflect modern day society at fifty nine no he too is considered one of the new breed of royals and may relate to a different generation some of whom question the relevance of the imperial family the japanese such as dice the relevance is very personal from time to time. he proudly with the same clothing he wore when he met the emperor whom. i have been treasuring this cardigan whenever something happens look at the cardigan. akihito
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retires at a time when the imperial family's popularity is high according to opinion polls but the transition will raise more questions about the family's future and whether more change will come to ensure it survives wayne hay al jazeera tokyo. japan and korea editor with the east asia foreman a research fellow at the australian national university joins us now to talk more about this from canberra thanks very much for being with us thank you having me so let me ask you first off then about. about this particular emperor he has i mean we mentioned there at the top that this is the oldest monarchy in the world more than two thousand years old but he has set about. modernizing it in a number of ways hasn't he i mean i mean is it how are how is that i was he viewed in history. yes emperor akihito will definitely be remembered as.
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the emperor of the people and he modernized the emperor in this sort of imperial institution in a number of ways braving with many traditions one way he did that was he does ition himself close to the people so whereas emperors were previously considered to be above the clouds and his he does father had had this fostering out his god status but emperor akihito was the first one to grow out his whole range of the field the role of for that in the post-war constitution as the symbol of the state and the unity of the people and in order to be closer to that he will like us we've seen before it tirelessly traveled around to power consult dictums of natural disasters and won over the hearts of the japanese people but getting down it's neither you know back to asian shelters with victims he also broke with tradition in a way by becoming so cheap emissary of japan's. reconciliation process
5:37 am
you know expressing his remorse and regret to victims of japanese wartime aggression and how do you see the end for his place in japanese society and i'm talking more about the institution here our does it is it still relevant in a modern japan yeah and that the emperor is still highly revered the emperor is emperor akihito has very high. very popular with people like opinion polls will show that they consider the emperor to be close to the people and to have fulfilled his constitutional role as a symbol of the unity of the people so these extremely popular amongst the kind of elections. so talking about his son then who will he succeed him the following day narrow he to well how much do we know about him what does he bring. what does he
5:38 am
bring to this so now he dog is. just overseas educated emperor when they sense the chrysanthemum throne to more. educated oxford and now he does what must always a moment diplomat and also abbott and. so they uniquely positioned. to help position japan you know to promote a more internationally minded japan that's open to the world and not only does it have a longstanding interest in our water related environmental issues and sustainable development that is time in oxford. so he may be. promoting you know what role to plant him in doing this in a more international way. then as we've also heard there's a question of the future succession it remains to be seen whether he would try to
5:39 am
influence this process behind the scenes or not but of course given the constitutional restraints he could not try and influence the change but change the law to allow something that secession in any explicit public way good to talk to ben and johnny i think that from canberra thank you now as we lankans trying to get their lives back to normal following the easter sunday bombings they're having to adjust to living under an increased security presence there's restrictions now on moving around the capital and police are conducting on the spot searches you know fernandez reports from colombia. waiting for business these vegetable sellers in a columbus suburb are hoping things will return to normal soon lot of any of them but i love it when they mean that there's no one on the road we're usually here to late night and finish our goods but today we have only brought less than one tenth of our newly stock. security remains tight after last week's coordinated bombing
5:40 am
attacks and it's not just the police and security forces this shopping mall has started checking all visitors but for sri lankans who lived through a civil war that lasted twenty six years the new measures while inconvenient are necessary i'm not scared at all this is a kind of a bond we are not scared. we'll be good for the security forces them into the lead for there's something in our hearts you know of what happened last week but then yeah we have to step we have to make a living we have to survive. the schools and universities have been disrupted closed for two weeks but these kids don't seem too concerned. a recent government ban on any form of face covering that he knows the identification of individuals so a number of muslim women step up without their veils as sri lankans adjust to the security situation many are getting angry at what led to it more than sources and
5:41 am
the person. you nor the government the governments one is run by president. prime minister be promising so. much more than the maccie the. result he says is a debilitating and demoralized security system and now sri lankans must deal with increased security spots and greater restrictions on monday though they dealt with traffic jam for the first time it will be a week back at the market traders are hoping for better days fernandez. the afghan government has convened a council of more than three thousand afghan leaders to discuss a future with the taliban as political partners of the taliban is deeply suspicious
5:42 am
of both organizations and neither they nor the opposition are there shall or balance reports from kabul. in afghanistan the president cannot drive to his own peace summit by road for security reasons so ashraf ghani had to fly the seven kilometers to the loya jirga in kabul with a convoy of russian in my seventeenth's waiting for him with more than three thousand afghan leaders and. they're here to decide what the risks benefits and parties are should the government get to negotiate with the taliban but why are we doing a consultative peace jirga because you more than three thousand delegates not my high ranking official sitting here represent the nation and will determine the limit and framework for the talks with the taliban as gandhi spoke chief executive it looked on but from a giant poster afghanistan's second highest ranking official did not a teemed saying he didn't think it would be productive former president hamid
5:43 am
karzai and the head of the high peace council also boycott of the event critics say garny is using the jirga to campaign in her presidential elections scheduled for september there's a wide concerned president is using this for. us a tool for his presidential campaign and his speech today. there were subtle messages some quite obvious where he wanted to he was speaking about the. two thousand and nineteen he being the president but these people don't care about national politics the here representing the districts they're very tribes and religions they're cheaper seem to women all eager to be at the forefront of defining peace in afghanistan. than everyone afghanistan from a young baby to an old piece and this week even if we achieve a little it will still be a lot for us the taliban does not a purse and
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a statement they said this is assured by the u.s. jeopardizes the peace process and is disrespectful to the history of the event although the taliban doesn't recognize the afghan government the group will have to negotiate with it once the peace talks proceed and on to the loya jirga decides. a course of us president says a permanent agreement on his country's relations with serbia will not be pop. without the involvement of the u.s. . made the comments of the balkan summit organized by germany and france he went on to say that the european union was too weak to stand between the two nations kosovo declared independence from serbia in two thousand and eight after years of conflict but belgrade has never recognized kosovo sovereignty. and the number of measles cases in the united states has reached a record seven hundred four that's the greatest number of cases in twenty five years three percent of them have developed pneumonia more than one thousand
5:45 am
students and staff to use us universities remain core and to try to contain a fast breaking outbreak of measles it is largely being blamed on parents refusing to vaccinate their children. china has banned all variants of the drug fentanyl the u.s. president welcomed a move to stem the flow of lethal opioids responsible for forty eight thousand deaths there in two thousand and eighteen but the drug isn't just entering the u.s. directly from china is also being imported by mexican cartels john heilemann reports from the heartland mexican drug trafficking in the state of sinaloa. three young men out in the woods in sin a low of mexico it only takes these pots and pans to cook up a drug that's wreaking havoc in the u.s. then to new the synthetic opioid that's killed tens of thousands in the last six years some of it enters the u.s. directly from china but mexican traffickers are also importing it from the asian
5:46 am
nation before processing and smuggling it's across the border for them it's a gift about fifty times more powerful than the poppy based heroin they've been growing in the mountains here for decades and far less work for growing the poppies is a three month process venton all comes in by ship to match that land port from china or germany and it gives better profits poppy based opium means a lot more investment and less money the cooking's done in these floating labs set up in the middle of nowhere we got this area very controlled you have to be a member of the cartel to be here if you're not you're in danger we're covered by radios and lookouts the only threats from the armed forces the police they say have already been told. they're all sorted out we've made an arrangement with them even so there's danger he hopes divine help ward off the old tripoli's n'est few.
5:47 am
imagining consuming me and product no can stop you breathing within minutes everyone we talked to knows of the danger to uses the business comes first however this drug trafficker told us he worried the fentanyl boom could actually damage businesses so in the long to. i think fictional is going to cause a problem because there's so many use the deaths there will come a moment when the federal government's going to put more and more blocks on this and it will be a lot tougher to do business. in a lower as police chief says his force is already working with u.s. agencies to do just that on the day of a visit they just made the first fence and taking thousands of pills the chinese government's also acting they've now banned the drug that will make it harder from its can gangsters to get their hands on it but they're notorious for always finding a way. to think that the organized crime groups who are behind all this will stay with their arms crossed would be very inadequate so we intend to keep on the
5:48 am
lookout and make sure we adapt to any changes and changes could be coming traffickers told us the cartels are exploring how to make fence a new from scratch if they do get control of the entire supply line it spells bad news for those fighting the epidemic of the u.s. side john homan does it or similar. for the jobs of thousands of argentina and workers are at risk as the economic crisis there shows no sign of letting up it has labor unions calling for a strike against the government. met with family struggling in one of us. what do you look through now was fired from a bottling company two months ago he says he has been working there for twelve years he's now trying to find other jobs that will help his family get by. i was fired in february and they said it's because of the amount of time i've been working near and the costs i represented for the company. is not the only one we
5:49 am
met with a group of workers that went through a similar situation and are fighting to get their jobs back. the company has a plan to increase the use of machines for more production but for that they have to reduce the people that work in the plant finding work these days. extremely difficult you know this people say that what is happening to them is part of the crisis argentina is struggling with in the past year. last year argentina received the largest emergency loan in the history of the international monetary fund but in spite of it the government of mali has not been able to control the situation they play saw lost around eighty percent of its value in the past year and now there are fears that the government is not going to be able to pay the interest of the following day. the possibility of a comeback of former president cristina kirchner in october is presidential
5:50 am
election is one of the issues that worries investors at home and abroad the concerns of the earth are. not only was he believed maybe chrissy mckeown around the change big change in policies can come back you know but also for how it's going to be. our world and the time is very frankly is my priest or another government is to follow those reforms and to implement those reforms the big support in the congress recession i rise in poverty and unemployment have had an impact on mackie's popularity in the past year the biggest challenge most bargain towns are facing this days is a double digit inflation rate that keeps on pushing the prices of basic food items up and that's why the government has have a special program that includes sixty products which prices are going to be frozen for about six months but for many these are temporary measures that the government
5:51 am
hopes will help mackley be reelected. people. say that what people need are jobs and stability something that the government has not been able to provide. so the. story. to.
5:52 am
me and. thanks.
5:53 am
andy. thank you very much tottenham hotspur manager emirates airport siena says his team are fulfilling a champions league dream the english saying preparing to play in their first european cup semifinal in fifty seven years is they host i.x. on tuesday spurs will be missing korean striker and son hearing men three suspension for this first leg on top of the injured harry kane so scoring gc's may well fall on the front door and say his goal not south manchester city in the last round i accept had an extra four days' rest compared to tottenham after the dutch league postponed matches to help them prepare when you are if indeed. situations of the finals champions league the big theme to bridget i think the most for early bird is to have the same tone to beautiful routine but it is not an excuse only the. world cup in for me he is going to be from does the semifinal. for time when his arcs are back in the last fall for
5:54 am
the first time in more than twenty years the dutch league leaders have already beaten last season's one is round madrid and it's how in champions events in the knockout rounds their coach says that while his team may be more rested sometimes financial strength is something i x. can't compete with there is an altar to school in almost all because there are always different circumstances we play in the dutch league we have ten million euros that we get from television and thought well i don't know what they get but a lot more is that still on for those are the circumstances you just have to deal with those circumstances and that is what we do and that is the way it is this football fans in prague of been paying tribute to check international what yosef sorrow after he was killed in a road accident in turkey the striker who played for the turkish team are in your sport suffered fatal injuries when a minibus carrying him and six other teammates crashed while returning from a game tributes were laid for him on monday in prague where he played for sparta before moving to turkey january it may twenty parents is for his country last
5:55 am
featuring in their nations league game against ukraine in october. in italy after answer closing in on qualification for the champions league for the first time in their history they've moved ahead of wronger into the qualifying place in syria thanks to seen a win here naisi both goals coming in the final ten minutes atalanta now just three points behind third place in someone with four games left in the season who denies and meanwhile just four points above the relegation zone. the ivory coast will be without eric by for the africa cup of nations in egypt that kicks off in june and softer the defender injured his knee playing for manchester united the twenty five year olds taken off the field after collision with a chelsea player on sunday by playing all six games during the ivory coast's victorious campaign in twenty fifty. now a goalkeeper in bolivia had a bit of a scare during a premier division match annual vaca the number one for believing inside the
5:56 am
strongest was targeted by rival fans with firecrackers near the end of the game against wilson michael was able to carry on playing in his team held on so when it's one more kevin durant's has put in another big performance for the golden state warriors in the n.b.a. playoffs the champion's winning the opening game of the second round series against the houston rockets to run forward his fifty point display against the clippers a few days ago by scoring thirty five steph curry also making a big contribution his three points are opening a five point lead in the final minutes the warriors hanging on in oakland final score one of four hundred looking to win a third straight championship now just a month out from the cricket world cup host in one of x. one of their big names alex hales hales is serving a three week ban after testing positive for a non performance enhancing drug hales was previously sanction for his part in a street brawl involving england say mate ben stokes back in twenty seven scene and
5:57 am
one of libya's best loved horseracing events has returned to the city of benghazi the breeder's cup had been suspended for eight years due to security concerns but organizers say control of the city by the libyan national army has allowed it to go ahead again around twenty nine thousand dollars in prize money into the winners at saturday's events clearly you don't like that and we need to have a good track and a good field for there to be more horses more than what we have now in this session there are only three there should be ten. people migrated from the farms and many horses were harmed causing activities to cease but the city of benghazi has now become one of the safest and most secure cities in libya ok that is always sport for now more later. as always there's lots more on our website c.n.n. dot com get the latest on all the stories we're following they're still a dot com veterans it for this news are hasn't think it thanks for your company funny but will be here in two minutes with more days.
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i am a goodish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase because he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. in an ordinary week doctor even atar at the heart surgeon are the only functioning hospital in town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate on around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen
5:59 am
award she won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country along ethnic lines two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs their war is destroyed or most of the infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost all work including mother bottles of stewart living in the presence of who you know vision of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed. to familia. innocent lives ended in a. instant. grief anger and the debate around firearms. for survivors and families of the foreign reality often changes.
6:00 am
faultlines investigates the long lasting trauma inflicted on communities the aftermath mass shootings in america on al-jazeera. sudan's protest leaders say the military rulers are trying to break up this city. for the battle you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters in doha also ahead spain's socialist body begins talks to form a new government a day after falling short of a majority in a stop election libya's un recognized government calls in reinforcements as warlords fight for hot ta advances on the capital plus. i'm wayne hay reporting from tokyo where jeff.


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