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the legislature council and we agreed with them that. we met at the last meeting so that we see whether it would be eight against two or seven three seven military and three civilians or not so we have discussed a vision that that is a complete vision that they had and we discussed it and agreed with them in order to reform the country with the. freedom and change forces they said they would come today before one o'clock they said yes we would discuss this and consider it and we will consult with other forces. except the national congress there is no disagreement
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and we are acting in a friendly fashion all people should the nice people and every part in the country they need the provisions they need the better all they need all this off course we do have. storage and material stored and they agreed with us that they will open the routes for this provisions to be. passed to the different provinces. where explain to them that the traffic is being blocked the bridges are blocked please open the roads for the transportation of goods in the. square of the university please open they said yes they would first open the military. services.
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bridge and then the blue noise bridge we agreed. and then after that they began to escalate the situation where our in a transitional military council. we have every expect towards the sudanese people and we are wanted to fulfill the dream and they desire of the libyan of the sudanese people to reach to reach a modern civilian government this is a requirement that we will not abandon at all. any vision they. put forward or any mediation for negotiation were happy to accommodate there are no pressure pressures from anybody if there is misunderstanding or mission appreciation however it is the national
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d.o.t. on us on them and on everybody else that we all work together in order to take the country out of this situation and it to deal with all the problems and in the near future. may be upon you and. i would like to say that we will. still continue. dealing with their brothers in good faith. our brothers in the freedom and changes force and we will reaffirm our and we affirm our desire to work with them and engage with them. in order to overcome all the difficulties that the country is going through and
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we agreed with our brothers that we will look at the the comic situation in order to sort out these and all other problems there is a. talk about the mandate where greed with the. changing frame freedom. forces that we will be consider in this however through it in negotiations we noticed that. that. but this is something that when people negotiate everyone has to know who represents what we in the military council are four of us represent. and therefore you have to take seriously in the body in dealing with however. so in the morning and was hit with
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a delegation in evening another delegation the following day further delegation we wanted a. one delegation from the. freedom and changes a force is a one delegation that is acting with one mandate from all people. we have to open the bridges and have we did not. open them because it is their responsibility is their commitment to open the bridges to remove the obstacles and to run their railways and open the bridges fall and the people and for the traffic to flow. thank you. well already for questions.
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you know. a little way. they. do it. am i doing this correspondent of the middle east newspaper. he said you will not let us prevent does that mean. openly are you saying that you will stop the sit in by force and. the the second question.
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you're talking about the respect of the stick what would harm. the state if all the older people agreed to have a democratic system and i mean by this. what harm can this cause the state. thank you very much. in a new. us what is your first question is concerned. we agreed at the meeting. that. with the the freedom and changes forces we agreed with them. and. we ask them that nice breaches of the law particular what happened then and what happened to. that citizen it's in the name of the freedom and changes. this is anything outside
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the square where they sit in is taken place they are not responsible for however this is this conference press conference is at the club ration to the sudanese people that anything outside the. big this square that does not represent represented by the freedom and changes forces so we will be dealing with this dealing with the people that attacked the homes of their citizens people were attacked in their homes people attacked in the cars people attacked and shops and stores. people that took the law into their hands and took land of other people so what we mean by respect of the state is that these people have to abide by the law. outside the square they said that they are not
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responsible for it you can ask them they are not. even. on the top of a hall they actually condemned very strongly and they concede that this again is the question and democratic there is no. state in the world that would allow citizens to take matters into their own hands. the little the second time the first question of thought as far as they sit in this concern. we're told him yes you can stage it when we as a country does that it will do our duty is to help you. so we. certainly look at largely the ramadan we have no problem you could do this on a reach an agreement. the. what is meant by.
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respect is that the. support is come to a halt the trains are have been put to a halt there are province's that need provisions that need. energy. we need to run the country. so are you actually asking me that the citizens have to take matters into their own hands when your heart the police the army you have the rapid. support forces and the citizens will actually take matters into their own hands. so you know this is something you know one and we cannot accept that the citizens take the law and matters into their own hands citizens have to abide by the law we have independent judiciary we have police we have law everybody has to take their rights
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by the law. what you are saying is actually so give the legitimacy to the citizens and then we just. leave everything and go back out of. if this is your question. i can tell you we are not against sittin in but a real way has to be put into. action and we have to open the bridges. hospitals medical. support has to continue this is wrong. i am telling you a bring in the country to a halt is not a good thing as a citizen citizens cannot take matters into their own hand.
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you've been listening to the military council in khartoum and giving a press conference expressing their frustration with the protests that continue and sudan to varying degrees has been going on since december accommodated about three weeks ago with the with omar al bashir stepping down and the protests to some degree have continued there are places where roads and bridges are blocked and the military council is saying that they would like that situation to end and it's up to the protesters to do that let me bring in mohamed vall who is live in khartoum has been following this as well they actually had a list of i don't have to manage this right quite the right word mohamed all but they said that they want that the protesters to cooperate not to take the law into their own hands also expressed frustration that they say there's too many different factions they're speaking to when they are trying to get to some sort of resolution when all that you hear there. it's very clear
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that this is going to be this talk and this speech by the deputy head of the military council will be seen negatively by the forces here behind me the people who are protesting and their leadership. posse of aggressive style of expressing what's happening doesn't suit them because they think that the military are on the wrong side he talked about also some very vital points in the negotiations when he said that apparently the military have run their own that if and they have found. more than one hundred seventeen entities and parties and individuals for all the military council and for the military council to stay in power and only thirty two . against the military council remaining in power this is going to be seen very dangerously by the people here because they've been asking for a cut to go to transfer from the military to the. civilian they say sudan has been
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ruled for thirty years and even more by military generals and they have waged this revolution they have lost more and more than one hundred ma and they have suffered for more than four months detention crackdowns and all types of suffering for real change in this country they would see these statements by by this jumped man as a provocation and a declaration that the military are here to stay and that will reflect on the negotiations that are going to probably continue today but doubts are being even cast on about the prospect are they going to meet after these statements we have to wait for their reactions they are also saying but they're not blocking roads because they they think that what's blocking the roads is the stalemate and that if you use all of the military to hand in power to the civilians and to agree on those
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demands including the representation of the two sides he has as you have just mentioned again and again that they are insisting that the majority of the members of the council should be military seven versus three from the civilian side he also criticised the way the opposition at the ticket only the protesters are organizing themselves in terms of who represents them around the negotiation table he talked about the chaos of seeing delegations and new delegations on more delegations without prior coordination with the military and he seems to is psystar roads should be open bridges should be open and that whatever happens outside the square the square where the city is happening. has to be seen as a provocation and a and off selection of law and order so an assistant again and again a lot of people individuals should not take. matters into their own hands ahmed so
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let me ask you know about these these closures these blockades set the bridges etc how what is that feeling that you're getting from every day people there about how this is affecting their lives are they beginning to get frustrated. well initially we've been talking to people in the streets sunday reading the newspapers and listening to the different types of media and commentary on the streets and in closed places and so on we haven't really touched that loss of patience and anger against the what's happening here in the city and around it really honestly we haven't had you know outstanding objection to the continuation of the city and the blocking of the roads around the city and i can't talk about what happened earlier today bridges on the mound bridge and deniable road and so on
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we still have to gauge reaction because those are a little bit too removed from the place of the city and we don't know how the reaction of the people today will be about that because you know obviously the military are here here next to the city they are not coming from those far far areas from khartoum but we understand of so that this escalation that happened today and during the night was a reaction to reports and rumors that the military are about to come here and do move blocky and blocks and barricades and even disperse the seating so that was like a i think an overstated reaction by the protest as we have seen people in the streets of khartoum in many areas over the during the night burning tires you know late time of the night so that was and that's an overreaction to the rumors and reports that the military are coming to disperse the city ok mohammed vaal with the
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latest there in khartoum thank you. japan's emperor akihito as formally abdicated during the ceremony in tokyo he thanked the public and said he prays for peace this virtual which involves handing over their chrysanthemum to his son took place at the imperial palace crown prince nor hitto will now become emperor this is the first application and more than two hundred years or so since my enthronement it has been thirty years of my duties as emperor were put into effect through sincere a g.e. and wishing for the peace of all japanese people and that has been my happiness in my duties as a representative and symbol of japan and to be allowed to partake in this task i offer my gratitude to morrow we will start a new imperial era re wa my sincere wish is for further tranquility and peace and this is the wish of the emperors and myself prime minister shinzo are they thank
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the imperial couple for their service they are japan's toughest times but i've said . as the people of japan have walked along with the emperor in this during this time the emperor has wished for the happiness and tranquility of the people and has julie conducted official duties as a symbol of the people of japan so here we wish for the further prosperity for the imperial household and i would like to further extend my gratitude to you today. point a joint us live now from tokyo so what did that this emperor bring to his role. well i think one of the main things richelle is the image and the reputation all of the imperial family among japanese people there's no doubt that it looks a lot different to when emperor akihito took over from his father in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine he sought to modernize the imperial family to make it more
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relevant and i think when you look at opinion polls among japanese people he achieved it because the imperial family and he himself enjoy a widespread support among japanese people they want to bring a common touch to the imperial family to the role of ambre and i think we sold out on display securely often natural disasters there were several major natural disasters in japan during his reign in particular the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami in japan and he was seen him and emperor. visiting the disaster areas going to evacuation centers getting down on the knees to talk with survive is that it may seem like a normal thing for a leader to do but in japan for an emperor that was unusual that was very rare people hadn't seen that before to many people that was not what an emperor should be doing an emperor should be above the people who should be inside the imperial
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palace focusing more on traditions rather than getting down to the same level as coleman is for want of a bit of turn but he wants to change that he wanted to do exactly that like to say to bring a common touch to the position of emperor and i think according to japanese people he seems to have achieved that all right wayne hale live for us and tokyo let's now go to nancy snow she's a professor of public diplomacy at university of foreign studies also and tokyo thank you so much for your time so how would you characterize the role of the emperor. well i think we're in a new era now so we we've seen the abdication of the past emperor and we've got a new generation going forward they're going to have a lot of questions to answer because there was the juxtaposition of prime minister speaking and then emperor akihito talking about peace and tranquility and we know
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that this government this administration has been pushing for an updated. position on japan security framework to have a more normalized relationship with the world which could mean a more assertive japanese military and you have this push back soft as it is from the royal family which has been about the continuity of the peace brand of japan for over seventy years so what can the new emperor do he's already said that he will continue their traditions his father so whether he will push even further maybe on sustainable development goals or on that peace brand will have yet to see there's also a role for the empress who at one time was compared to princess diana if you recall they married in june one thousand nine hundred ninety three and it was at
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a time when there was just worldwide acclaim for the people's princess so now we have the possibility of an emperor and empress who have come out of that generation and we know that emperor small soko had some difficulty and suffered from some stress and mental health issues so let me ask you this how much how much influence how much power does does the world family really have. well it doesn't have political power but it has a very very significant symbolic power in that it represents the people and representing the will of the people being the symbol of the state is still a power in its own right after a mind people that living here in japan a lot of people are not particularly interested in politics and sometimes not even in history but the royal family represents this continuity of japanese tradition
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which everyone admires and there is a gentle nature that they also represent there is such serenity we saw in the ceremony but even when you walk outside of the imperial palace which draws people from all over the world it is meant to provide a very serene and calm demeanor which is a big part of japan's appeal so even though they they can't get too political they can still maintain this sort of outreach to the world and reconciliation and work to improve relations which are much needed in this region and see snow with kyoto university thank you very much appreciate it algeria's former prime minister's appearing in court as part of a corruption probe according to algerian media reports he is being investigated over allegations of misusing public money he is one of many senior officials
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including the finance minister and several billionaires facing judicial investigations earlier this month long time president abilities beautifully stepped down under pressure from demonstrators and the military. care is a research fellow at the school for advanced studies in the social sciences she joins us via skype from algiers we appreciate your time so do you anticipate more trials like this. where in the middle army and secret services have always used take courage and come taste has a warning to where it's a good fit that's why and tells wendy's client tells where willing to extend their influence so nothing new that's not something that we generally do as new practice is needed to taos and we have there after such as that. at first i have after denying all of the former minister of the energy audit east west highway
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after and song where after results of corruption that day and never let the real address on you cling practice within the rituals are all same. as what you're saying that you think that these are but these are more political as opposed to being substantive trials is that what you're saying yes actually understood has a way to restrict your daughter will love grants redistribution i mean does that story collection told them to do so which just a chance mission to comment and not journey out and mentor decision has always been the main channel through which deliberation meant it staff and character not targeting gullible of businessmen and not fishers who had been close to look for cash isa low to say look we are going to open as a committee of transmission. and presidential elections and we have and you will be in the house steps to your is an art in the absolute control of the transition not the situation but i don't think that will be able to work deploy yourself on this
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new political scene thanks to the money you have that the latest you will disappears and once thank dad this is marble called tikal restructuring done with it next to really target rich and we did in this new alter yet to come is that nothing has been done yet that you freeze the sex of all these floor male ruling elite loose families have led to contrary for more than a month now. all right karen joining us from algiers via skype thank you for your insight we appreciate it thank you the catholic church in sri lanka will resume sunday mass on may fifth after a break since the easter attacks the archbishop of colombo cardinal malcolm ranchi spoke earlier this dissatisfaction with the government's investigation so far to take the right security measures before people take the law into their own hands. instead of going along with the go and commission doing going to these that there
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would be any need to be just going to. do that. they go and uses the of the to be and this is a he. is willing to do that because he believed to be believe in this country do not have any trust in government begins he's an organizations and he beat us we are willing to do that to be able to get the most. recent months and others to see him come into the sri lankan government has lifted a ban on social media which was put in place after the easter sunday bombings platforms for blocks with lee after the attacks with the government calling in aimed moved to fight against misinformation let's go live now colombo where michelle fernandez joins us so now we've been hearing from the and the archbishop he's unfairly outspoken there was that interfaith service today what can you tell us about. that's right i mean essentially the archbishop sort of with mounting frustration he does know
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obviously that his flock is hurting this is this on the bombings there are also some some concerns that there might be full of that attacks and obviously as the head of the catholic church here in sanaa. grunge it is keen to ensure he does his most to prevent any further such attacks so of voicing knowledge that frustration in terms of telling the government he had been very critical of all of those security and intelligence lapses but now going one step further to see if you can put your house in order give us the power to do that and we will come together to try and do what we can so that is what we're hearing in terms of those messages from the archbishop and here in colombo as in other parts of the country life
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continuing to limp back to normal compared to the complete sort of deserted streets we saw in the immediate aftermath of those bomb attacks. u.s. ambassador has actually concerned that there may be more suspects more attack a more potential attackers at large what we know about. that's right those comments coming in an interview given by the u.s. ambassador to day now she declined to comment on specific intelligence obviously and specific sort of directions of investigations but she did say that there was basically that those involved. did bombings wolf plotting for that attacks this comes in the boy backdrop a few days ago all of the united states issuing an evacuation order for all the
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school age children of staff members so there is concern obviously among the u.s. authorities all of the very real possibility that there may be further attacks in fact warnings particularly that attractive places that draw crowds might be targeted so this is what we're hearing the government of sri lanka have not actually put out. about especially places suffice to say that all the security and police. have kicked into place using the full powers under the emergency to search to conduct raids to question suspects in custody to try and get a handle on. possible all right now fernandez with the latest out of colombo force thank you michelle. and if you moments we'll have the weather with everton also still ahead on al-jazeera hope for some of pakistan's refugees living for years and
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paracho without citizenship. and joe will tell you how i well rested i aks hopes to deny tottenham a historic european when that's coming up in sport. there were warnings happen issued along india's eastern coast this massive cloud which is now most of the. funny making its way up towards the northeast of india can be the case and go on for the next couple of days at the moment we have sustained winds of around one hundred seventy five kilometers per hour it's been intensifying really quite rapidly and it will continue to do so as we go on through the next couple of days or so those winds represent the like category two
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equivalent storms on the atlantic our can system as it makes its way further northwards well more than thirty million people could be affected by hurricane force winds so this really is significant feature see the position of the storm now as you make a little further north as it should stay to the east of the body makes its way up towards the dish and that's where we could see the problems coming in over the next couple days very strong winds more than flank of this storm will wiley push the heaviest seas into the coastal fringes of also into more than parts of under british and eventually pushing up into a good parts of odisha could even see some very nasty weather pushing its way into a good part of bangladesh this weekend. sponsored by town. how have you changed since you were severed.
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from the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history as dramatic social and political change twenty eight. zero. zero. where every.
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sound was there and let's recap the top stories right now sudan's ruling military council says they are negotiating in good faith with protest leaders but they're warning against further blockades and disruptions to daily life earlier the main protesters accuse the military rulers of trying to break up a sit in in the capital khartoum. japan's emperor akihito has formally advocated a ritual which involves handing over there for santorum bones with son took place at their imperial palace in tokyo crown prince or hitto will now become emperor. the catholic church in sri lanka will resume sunday mass on may fifth after a break since last week's. x. the archbishop of one though says he has dissatisfied with the government's investigation so far. about three hundred thousand thing ali in her hands are
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refugees living in pakistan or hoping that some of them could soon get pakistani citizen ship after a statement by prime minister iran khan many of them have been living in the country for forty years the majority are languishing in makeshift shelters and the second of our series on the plight of refugees reports from karachi. if come from burma and bangladesh with nothing except a load some looking to escape persecution in their homeland and now there's extreme . they set up temporary homes by the a.p. and see some have been here for about four decades and for them unplanned urban sprawl is now a pulmonary finding a job or differ go there now here in our country where the high unemployment and the economy might have your door and have basic identity pay but it makes it even more difficult because there's sixty one years old it's like there's
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a fisherman it's hard on certain brame head home and workplace and today he's wearing your french crab others are preparing their nets before the height they may be away from their families up to ten days working from dilapidated boat but these people have few options on motorbikes it's a little more you know my kids of forty years old twenty twenty five and eighteen my children and not rigid student have no documentation if we don't have proper documents than how we get access to basic human rights like education employment and access to hospitals and even to travel abroad who look at me people who. are asked by the local police and then the us and that but what is not a good there's no mercy from the police here they harass you for not having identity papers whenever your confronted by them or they put you in prison
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declaring you're a terrorist or collect bribes the poor are suffering. and many children have. liberal ways to help their families. you can see all these kids around me they should be in school rather than in the streets but they can't get access to education as they don't have any identity papers but no prime minister emraan haun has declared the plight of people here a humanitarian challenge say children born here should have a right to citizenship and the united nation a very real issue is of course their documentation and i think this is something that as you know the prime minister himself has mentioned the fact that afghan children anything out of children born and brought up in pakistan should have access to citizenship but in terms of their own injury i think the primary issue is really documentation we applaud the prime minister proposal and we stand ready to
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assist the government of pakistan in any way for these people permanent citizenship had long been just a dream now many are daring to hope it could finally become reality. karachi and in the next part of our series we talk to refugees have fled from the armed groups in nigeria. south korea's national assembly has been deadlocked for days by a power struggle between political parties politicians have been reporting each other for acts of violence and sayings that are a minister of the parliament's violent past as robin private ports from seoul. it's parliamentary democracy untethered a fight between the ruling and opposition parties that's provided hours of viewing on the news channels. national assembly members blocking the corridors barricading offices sometimes with other members trapped inside. the opposition
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party lawmakers are behind me listening to what i'm saying i'd like them to stop locking me up and everyone blaming each other ok. the basic framework of the state is now being broken the liberty to korea party can no longer stand back not our fault says the ruling party you don't really real report today's violent acts and hold them ultimately responsible. it's all over an electoral reform bill the ruling alliance wants to pass in time for national elections next year. and which the opposition parties seem determined to stop anyway they can. they're the most serious disturbances in the national assembly for years ever since the law was brought in to stop just such confrontations in a chamber that has had a reputation for being a political boxing ring passed in twenty twelve the so-called anti scuffling law
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was meant to make scenes like this a thing of the past gruelling it seems was a part of everyday business but when a tear gas canister was set off members decided enough was enough i bought this return to fighting has provided a stark contrast to another korean policy to deal. with north korea's supreme people's assembly has recently met for the first time since being elected. nearly one hundred percent of voters choosing the one candidate their offered and the result. it's predictably is conformity. not much dissent here. after days of fighting you might think south koreans would welcome a little calm i think again those parties who've been fighting hardest have gone up in the opinion polls open pride al-jazeera so on. and in asia says to vietnamese
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coast guard ships rammed one of its navy patrol bustles in the south china same the collision happened waters off and a nation is the tuna island chain in the southernmost part of the contest in south china sea the navy which released this video says it stopped a vietnamese fishing boat which was illegally in its waters while fishermen have been detained. president hassan rouhani says he will not let america succeed in reducing its oil exports and a speech in tehran on tuesday rouhani said in coming months america would say for itself that iran can and will continue to sell oil in the face of increasing pressure yes more from the strait of hormuz. when iranian leaders say that they have the responsibility of keeping the strait of hormuz secure then that's what they're talking about warships escorted by small speedboats with mounted machine guns patrolling the waters around iran southern coast in the distance dozens of
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transport and cargo ships visible at any point in time give a sense of how much traffic these waters see on a daily basis iranian leaders have said time and again that it is in their interest and everyone's interest to keep the strait of hormuz open to the free flow of ships that move goods and especially oil but the presence of battle ready boats like this are meant to send a message about who iran considers as being in charge of these waters this is as close as we can get to one of the runs warships the navy here takes the security of its vessels very seriously especially around the waters of the strait of hormuz where boats like this one have the job of policing traffic but all. looking out for american warships and with ongoing u.s. sanctions iranian leaders civilian and military alike have promised over and over again that if iran can't sell its oil and ship its oil through these waters then no one will and if it comes down to boats like that one or how they intend to keep
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that promise. is or has reduced the fishing limit it imposes on vessels operating from gaza the military says it will be cut to six nautical miles from fifteen in response to rocket fire from the palestinian territory. carrying out the attack or the armed group denies the allegation israeli government increased the fishing on april first as part of a deal with hamas. aid agencies say they're struggling to deliver aid to mozambique because of heavy rain which is causing flooding and mudslides at least thirty eight people have been confirmed dead after last week's cycle in canada. the latest. tina issued and her family salvage what they can from their flooded home like thousands of houses in the city of pemba it was badly damaged by cycling kenny for the time i think the problem with everything inside the house is wet t.v.'s mattresses beds freezers fridges everything that was on the ground weather experts say cyclon
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kenneth was the strongest ever recorded in oh the mozambique it was the second storm in six weeks to hit the eastern coast of southern africa mozambique's government says two hundred thousand people are at risk they urgently need shelter and water purification but aid agencies say bad weather is hampering the efforts to reach surviving. the supplies that were trying to come in couldn't land because of the rains and this is something that's going to be a challenge in this operation for the days ahead because the forecast is that we will continue to have rains for at least the coming days cycling kenneth ripped through beeks northern. with wind surges about up to two hundred eighty kilometers an hour in some areas entire villages were flattened in pemba roads have been more way and roofs ripped off houses but out of the bench the cost to rebuild this home who will have to demolish it and start again with a new house. aid agencies say they desperately need money to respond to what they
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describe as an incredibly difficult situation in mozambique victoria gate and they are. asylum seekers in the us faced tougher restrictions under new orders by president donald trump under trump's latest proposal asylum seekers will be charged a fee to process through up occasions and those who enter the country illegally will be barred from even and pined for such permits until their cases heard then they are cleared by immigration officials the rule changes could come within three months has taken a tough stance on immigration sense coming to office. and the us president and three of his children have filed a lawsuit against georgia bank and capital one it's an attempt to block the banks from handing over financial records as part of an investigation into donald trump's financial holdings a couple of weeks ago a democratic controlled house committee issued subpoenas for the information this is trumps the second attempt to legally challenge this. this is that it.
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is causing a crisis in the united states where tens of thousands of overdoses are recorded every year and in mexico it is also altering the internal drug market traffickers are increasingly smuggling the new drug and set up locally grown heroin making poppy farming largely worthless on home and went to the health of sen aloa to find out more. peaceful is it taking a sup into the sea had a mother in mountains to see a crop sustain them for generations these pretty flowers glinting in the sunlight of a sim a lower morning the source of much of the heroin stateside it's made from these puppies gum which the farm is similar to traffickers they say it's the only crop around here the pay is not the end it doesn't matter how it was there isn't enough land to be growing quantities of corn or tomatoes for profit if everyone in the community did that we will earn enough to buy shoes or clothes or school back for the children. whatever the ethics of it this is meant that communities in the
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hinterlands of cinna lower could get by until the last two years that is when everything changed because of what to look at. what we hear is that in the us there is some synthetic drug and that means that our prices crash he's talking about fin to nearly an opioid that's fifty times stronger than homegrown heroin on top of that it could be cooked up in two days rather than the five months the farmers' crops take to grow there's no wonder traffic has prefer it and it's putting the farmers out of business their prices have dropped by two thirds many migrating to the u.s. this situation isn't just playing out here but in communities across mexico after all poppy fields have been found in more than harf of the country states and it's completely reasonable to think that it would be a good thing if these fields after all the starting point of heroin did become a thing of the past the only problem is that
1:49 pm
a lot of. people in poor marginalize areas of the country depend on them for work if they're gone many could be tempted deeper into organized crime says roman lakewood who spent a year studying poppy farmers from some of the people that were into the poppy business. had weapons for themselves and that are now offered being part of a criminal group either as an employee see. something of that so you actually have people moving into something deeper something probably even more dangerous that there is of course an alternative this could be a golden opportunity for the government to get farmers out of the business altogether the president says he's working on it and many of them are being helped and will be helped all of them where there was poppy farming we can stimulate the production of corn and pear better than a fair price for the corn to compensate for the poppy crop substitution is just one option another could be legalizing opium production for medical use whichever way
1:50 pm
right now there's a small window of opportunity to bring these farmers out from the shadows john home and. soon the lower. the first black american director to receive a best director oscar nomination has died fifty one year old john singleton suffered a stroke earlier this month his debut film boys in the hood in one thousand nine hundred one are an oscar nominations for original screenplay and direction and singleton was twenty four making him also the youngest earn back on are. still ahead and support the goalkeeper who was expected. top football league that's coming up in sport with.
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all right time for sport with herself thank you the demagogue taking game one in the n.b.a. a second round playoff series against the portland trailblazers. led them to victory with a stellar performance as david starks reports. no doubt who stole the show in denver on monday night whether it was assists. i think so we pointed. out if you see. the free fall just brute force your. seven foot nicolay your kitsch wreck took thirty seven points and even had a hand in the play of the day you're ok. i. know
1:53 pm
it she said tell me it would be this oh look at this he'd put on that ball three tradition by here. denver ended up winning comfortably taking the game by eight point zero. three. they go one up in the best of seven series leaving the trailblazers scratching their heads wondering just how they're going to cope with your kitchen what can you do against them defensively. well that's part of researchers will be watching the video and trying to figure something else. to figure it out quick going to is on wednesday david stokes al-jazeera on monday's deadly game the seventy six is beat the raptors to square that series at one each meanwhile the winners of the college women's basketball championship have been at the white house to celebrate their third title with president donald trump by liz lady bez no today eighty two to eighty one
1:54 pm
earlier this month to win the n.c.a.a. double a crown winners of the men's competition the virginia cavaliers declined an invitation last week citing logistical issues during the visit president trump asked head coach kim mulkey if she's she'd like to work at the white house to which she replied no but malky did present him with a gift from the team. first of all thank you for inviting us in we would like to present you with one of our our jerseys. and. it may not be the right size and the very for our you know where it was given from below the you know i love the short sleeves that your. great great yesterday was no longer your ways over. to the n.h.l. i saw the playoffs now and there's the louis blues kept up their perfect run on the road they scored twice in seven minutes to beat the dallas stars four three in texas much rain with the tie breaking goal with one minute and thirty eight seconds
1:55 pm
left in the third period misleads the best of seven series to one with game four in dallas on wednesday. now anthony joshua's standard opponent is set to be announced any time now but all signs point to it being american and junior the twenty nine year old is heavier than joshua but four inches shorter and he has a big reach a disadvantage he will place general miller who filed a drugs test and was denied a license for the june first fight at new york's madison square garden joshua is the undefeated world champion but this will be his u.s. debut. ton of hearts but manage a modest put you tino says his team are fulfilling a champions league dream they're preparing to play in their first european cup semifinal in fifty seven years as they host i.x. on tuesday spurs will be missing korean strikers on one min three suspension for the first leg and also the injured harry kane so scoring duties may fall on fernando llorente whose goal knocked out munches city in the last round have had an
1:56 pm
extra four days rest compared to tottenham after the dutch league proposed perspire and matches to help them prepare. when you are if indeed this situation seven finals champions league the best thing to prepare i think the most for early to prepare is to have the same time to prepare for the team but it's not an excuse only describe the. world cup in for me is going to be fantastic semifinal as for the fourth time when as i accept back in the last four for the first time in more than twenty years the dutch league leaders have already beaten last season's winner as realm of trade and italian champions eventis in the knockout rounds their coach says that while his team may be more rested tom's financial strength is something i aks can't compete with. there is and. there are always different circumstances we play in the dutch league we have ten million euros that we get from television and tottenham gets well i don't know what they
1:57 pm
get but a lot more is that still unfair those are the circumstances we just have to deal with those circumstances that is what we do and that is the way it is this. in a city atlanta talents are closing in on qualification for the champions league for the first time in their history they've moved ahead of roma into the fourth qualifying place to study aspects to it to know when to when they stick both goals coming in the final ten minutes atlanta now just three points behind him to run with four games last season he denies it just four point seven the delegations are at a goalkeeper and bolivia had a bit of a scheduling a premier division match daniel vaca the number one from bolivia inside the strongest was told get to buy rival fans with firecrackers near the end of a game against will cement vaca was able to carry on playing and his team held on to win two one. all right that is useful for now have more free later show thank you very much ok but hear much more news on the other side of the break my colleague martin dennis will have that for you don't go anywhere.
1:58 pm
when your fiancee lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera.
1:59 pm
an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. it's all too familiar. innocent lives ended in an instant. then grief anger and the debate around firearms bought for survivors and families of the four then reality often changes for rapha. faultlines investigates the long
2:00 pm
lasting trauma inflicted on communities the aftermath mass shootings in america on al-jazeera. sudan's military says it's negotiated in good faith but warns protesters against violence and economic disruption. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm on team dennis also coming up brad israel is government says it's putting down a small coupe on the opposition leader claims to bolt from soldiering. for the first time in two hundred years a japanese emperor abdicates his throne.


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