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noches for what you might see was but she has a good policy of cuba the further east is fine and dry. weather sponsored by catalona. this is al-jazeera. but richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a warning from sudan's military clear your barricades and respect the law as protesters demand immediate civilian government. venezuela's government says a group of soldiers are attempting a coup after the release of a prominent opposition leader. for the first time in two hundred years a japanese emperor has stepped down from his throne. i'm going to go with the
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sports including the best of the n.b.a. playoff action a seven foot nicolay your pitch towers about every one to meet the denver nuggets to victory over the portland trailblazers. do not take the law into your own hands that is the warning from sudan's military council to protesters who are still on the streets calling for an immediate civilian government at a news conference a short while ago the military council said it is negotiating with protest leaders and good faith. has more. sudan's generals rule that patience has limits they want the protesters on the streets of the capital kabul to remove the vote blocks checkpoints and allow trains to bring food supplies across the country where they were there for the we are to sponsible and we have to take responsibility as admitted a consulate as it's unseasonal now to the consul we have to protect the citizens
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and protect the no we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians. yes and their properties and properties of the state and we will do with this firm and in accordance with the this is what you wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury. the army's warning comes after talks with the opposition hit a snag the two sides have agreed to form a new body to run the country until the next elections the army wants and majority in the transitional body the young activists behind the mass protest movement the toppled president bashir of the military is buying time to prevent a civilian takeover. but despite its repeated warning to use force against the protesters the army has a fall of voided an us collation that's mike lee to an armed confrontation and. we have made many concessions for the sake of protecting our nation and preventing
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scenario similar to what happened in neighboring countries we want to talk to end quickly so that the tension deescalate this. but the military may have little options to prevent a descent into chaos on the streets pro-democracy activists remain defiant they say they want the army's role. and its influence contained during the transitional period for boast of its more than history sudan was run by military man. millions hope there are prizing will pave the way for civilians to take over zero. spring and mohammed is live for us in khartoum so mohamed is there really any and any indication yet of the effects of this press conference at the military council had. very shall we're still waiting for the reaction
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forces the forces of the collaboration and change i have just heard that they are meeting. we speak now meeting to look at what they want to say in reaction to what i said today by the deputy head of the military council on that people here in the city and we learnt that they are not happy with those statements particularly the accusations. but the protesters leadership is chaotic not organized and not serious about the discussions and the talks the deputy head of the military council said that they gave concession after concession to the protesters and they are waiting for the same measure from the protesters side they accused them of. provoke the public to provoke a protest sit in against the military we have seen signs of more confrontation on the streets in terms of the two sides approaching each other the military police
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trying to create a barrage on the road separating the protest sitting from headquarters of the military and groups of protesters also approaching the military gates and shouting louder than ever before trying to make their voice heard and to convince the military to cede power to the civilians what happens here on the ground as i stand is that affliction of the difficulties that the negotiators have been facing over the last few days yesterday they. left the negotiation table without agreeing on any specific point only that framework of a joint military civilian council but no agreement on how many members from the civilian side and how many members from the military side no agreement on any of the other phases of the transition or the structures of the government the only two points agreed on in principle are the creation of the of the ruling council and also the writing of a constitutional declaration in which they have to put all of the details not
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organize the work of the government during the transition but they have not agreed on any of that and today there are doubts until now whether they will meet again because they were supposed to do that this afternoon until now no signs that they have set up any specific time for the meeting and the two sides are part of the are studying their positions here where excessive he suffering here in the sun people have continued and are amassing in bigger numbers thousands are on their way now as i speak coming from darfur trying to join this protest and thousands have been coming from the internal regions we have been dominant here in this city where all the. regions that have been revolting against the former she must remember she they have been fighting with arms against the regime are no here without any arms in their hands but only their force is trying to make their voice heard in
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a different way and realizing that probably by peaceful means they can make a stronger influence in the country by taking up arms a phenomenon of unity between all the sudanese who have been who think they have been marginalized or say they are being marginalized by the former regime and subject of crackdowns on subject of suffering and wrongdoings by the former regime they are trying to you know make their voice heard as i said in one one group you know sudan united as they say with one voice with the same demands the toppling of the regime and real change reforms and the military to get out of power and leave it for civilians mohammed ali for us and khartoum mohamed thank you very much then israel's government says it's tailing with what it's calling a coup by a group of soldiers opposition leader was has appeared in a video surrounded by soldiers at an air base in caracas white house says the final
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phase of a plan to remove president nicolas maduro has begun another opposition picker leopoldo lopez has an train from house arrest and he says the military let him out a correspondent joins us live from an aside it's in argentina don't know what's what is going on since then since this video from wang from quite a appeared. one goal is really ladies cards on the table this is a big gamble we always knew this moment was coming but we didn't know was when my appearing in this video which is being widely circulated as you say him surrounded by by soldiers outside the air base near caracas leopoldo lopez standing with him this was this is the big moment a big challenge to the people of venezuela to the military and the police and also to other countries to say i am now calling on you to support me to take over nicholas berg government so we're really now waiting to see what the response is going to be shots have been fired there are reports that shots have been fired
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nearby possibly between the troops supporting our wide all and those supports in the government as the president says trying to put down what he calls a small crew and united states and neighboring colombia of those called on people to support one why though spain has said it doesn't support any clue we're waiting to see as they say what other countries will do what the people of venezuela will do a rally is planned for tomorrow wednesday that on ledo is called upon an anti government rally he's hoping the vast numbers will come out on to the spring to really now waiting to see what the response to this very bold move is going to be danielle has or ever been any indication that that the opposition actually could peel off military support from majority. well he's already attracted some support i mean we've seen images of soldiers crossing the border into colombia it was hoped that that would be the beginning of the catalyst for
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a bigger movement that didn't materialize he's been traveling the country talking to people who oppose nicolas maduro of whom there are many we do know that since we know that venezuela is suffering from severe economic problems inflation out of control shortage of food and medicine something like four million venezuelans have left the country living around latin america europe united states watching and waiting to see what will happen now. feels he's got the support after this so he's done of the country but what this does now do is give nicolas mcdougall president the chance to say that though has broken the law he's instigating of who. is is meant to be on the house arrest and has broken not so no doubt he will step in on the rest then now he now will feel that he has the authority to do that and then again we have to wait and see what the reaction to that movement is likely to be. trying to lie for some kind of status daniel thank you but a complete haokip now for reaction from the u.s.
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she joins us live from washington d.c. certainly the u.s. is firmly ben and they want why joe can't so what is their reaction to this movie is made today. well so far the white house has only said that president trump is monitoring the latest developments in caracas we have had quite strong reaction from senator marco rubio who has long been opposed to left leaning governments not just in venezuela but also in cuba very vocal on capitol hill with regard to that and vocal right now on twitter sending out in spanish and english almost a dozen tweets that i could count just before we went on air courage and mainly the military to stand up against president nicolas maduro to back what the united states. as the recognized interim president one quiet zero saying things like this is the moment military officers must fulfill their constitutional oath to defend the legitimate interim president while why don't also encouraging the people saying
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that history will be written in the days in the hours ahead this is your opportunity now is your moment don't let it slip away this is your final chance to make the right choice for freedom or risk becoming a colony of cuba so it's very clear that. marco rubio a republican senator just like president trump is a republican president they have firmly put their position their support behind what they call the interim leader of venezuela. my from washington kimberly thank you. plenty more ahead on the news hour including hope for refugees living in the pakistani city of karachi for years without citizen ship. they may not be the right size and the very core audio we're going to get kitted out. champions on their visit to the white house joe will have that in sports.
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that afghans are meeting for a second day in the capital kabul for discussions between the afghan government and the taliban a meeting known as the loya jirgah has been a way to bring afghans together for centuries but many including the taliban have boycotted the event saying it would not be productive among them the second most powerful man in the country afghanistan's chief executive. bellus reports from kabul. this is the day where the action truly begins at the loya jirga more than three thousand people in the big white building you see behind me have broken into groups broken into fifty committees to try to discuss and define what should look like in afghanistan they will be in these groups to basing that question for anywhere between three and seven days they will do that by trying to answer four questions those questions what needs to be done to achieve long lasting pace what
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value should be safeguarded if the government does get to talk with the taliban what value should be safeguarded in those talks what type of personality should represent the afghan government in those talks and lastly foreign policy what should the government's foreign policy be towards countries that do support the taliban now in that in that tent there are more than three thousand people they are meant to represent different ages different ethnicities different religions they mean to come from every district across afghanistan and truly represent the afghan population and trying to answer these questions the. some criticism that that is not entirely true because the taliban does control who can taste about fifty six percent of the country and they are not in support of this in which a good if people from those areas came here they would face real danger of home returning to those taliban areas because the taliban does not support it before the government's workaround is being to pull people originally from those areas who may
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now live in kabul to represent the home districts they may have been away for ten or fifteen years so whether or not they do truly represent those areas that is up for debate. is the former chief editor of the kabul weekly he joins us live from the afghan capital now we appreciate your time very much so is our correspondent charlotte was saying there's about three thousand people that were invited that's a rather large group you would think that it would be representative of the country but my understanding is you don't actually think it is why. can you. can you hear me. same yes yes i do know ok great let me let me just start start the question again i was saying that there is about three thousand people or there is about three thousand people that are and and attendance at this loya jirga but is it truly representative of the country.
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because. this is that this is on this on this kind of the meeting because i was always serving there i was in the arms of the rulers and the god of this of the rulers or the king or the presidents. tradition is that this kind of the meeting always of the agenda of the rulers this is why if you see by because of why it is politicians and political part of the in the con that is off to presidential election to the agenda it's because of that because they have this concern that the president because the third is in line the ones to promote his own agenda through the loya
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jirgah the combination of the guys are always the same people who are coming from the different of the country to discuss something this always happened and just laughing today and tomorrow and it's happened yesterday so the concern is that but if you if you have different points of view. is boycotting and is not going really going to accomplish anything don't you have to be there to make your voice heard. i know there are of course obviously if if there's a court unity to bring up their vice of the people off on this why not people should should. guy was traveling i was invited to go but i was traveling down the country and i had no opportunity but then from the first day i of course if i have the opportunity i would have gone there but the concern is still there even if some
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people are going there to bring god or to rise their vices but but still they have this constant and they feel and i as most of the politicians they feel that their president was its own i was even though. prior to that they have said something to be promoted through this guy and so this is this is this is why people buy got that they do it all right all it's a four day event will continue to see what comes out of it. thank you very much japan's emperor akihito has formally abdicated on the ceremony in tokyo he thanked the public and say he prays for peace the ritual which involves handing over the chrysanthemum throne to his son took place at the imperial palace or hito will now become emperor this is the first abdication and more than two hundred years so since my enthronement it has been thirty years all my duties as important were put into effect through sincere it and wishing for the peace of all japanese people and
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that has been my happiness in my duties as a representative and simple of japan and to be allowed to partake in this task for my gratitude and to morrow we will start a new imperial era ray while my sincere wish is for further tranquility and peace and this is the wish of the emperors and myself. when he has the latest from tokyo . it was a very brief ceremony lasting only around ten minutes inside a room of the imperial palace on a very gloomy evening in the japanese capital tokyo more than three hundred people inside that room for the ceremony to see the abdication of emperor akihito they were members of the imperial family of course members of government led by the prime minister shinzo albury who formally announced the abdication of the emperor this all came about after a surprise speech from emperor akihito in two thousand and sixteen in which he said
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that he was concerned that his age and his health would mean that he wouldn't be able to carry out his imperial duties to the best of his ability he didn't say he wanted to abdicate he couldn't use that term because it was effectively against the law there was no law in japan to allow for abdication but he sent a very clear message to the government and opinion polls among the japanese public clearly showed that they supported his wishes to stand down so the government was really left with no choice the year after to pass a one off or the one allowing for the abdication so as japanese say goodbye to emperor akihito they prepared to welcome in the one hundred twenty sixth emperor that will be crowned prince. who will ascend the throne and become emperor on wednesday about three hundred thousand then ghaly and head to refugees living in pakistan or hoping that some of them could soon get pakistani citizen ship many of
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them have been living in the country for forty years the majority are in makeshift shelters and the second of our series on the plight of refugees reports in karachi . they've gone from burma and bangladesh we're not doing it glowed some are looking to escape persecution in their homeland. and now those extreme. they have set up temporary homes by the a.p. in c. some have been here for about four decades and for them unplanned urban sprawl is now a pulmonary finding a job or difficulty they're not going our country where the high unemployment and economy bite of your door and have basic identity. it makes it even more difficult or. sixty one years or it's life or death fisherman is hard uncertain brame headed home and workplace and today he's wearing.
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crab others are preparing their nets before the height they may be away from their families up to ten days working from dilapidated. but these people have few options on what to buy so it's a little you know when kids of forty years old twenty twenty five and eighteen my children are not resisted and have no documentation if we don't have proper documents than hell we get access to basic human rights like education employment and access to hospitals and even to travel abroad who look at me people who. are asked by the local police and then the u.s. can that but when it's not a good there's no mercy from the police here they harass you for not having identity papers whenever your confronted by them or they put you in prison declaring you're a terrorist or collect bribes the poor are suffering. and many children have.
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liberated ways to help their families. you can see all these kids around me they should be in school rather than in the streets but they can't get access to education as they don't have any identity papers but no prime minister emraan hawn declared the plight of people here a humanitarian same children born here should have a right to citizenship and the united nation a very big issue is of course their documentation and i think this is something that as you know the prime minister himself has mentioned the fact that afghan children and thinking of his children born and brought up in pakistan should have access to citizenship but in terms of their own injury i think the primary issue is really documentation we applaud the prime minister proposal and we stand ready to assist the government of pakistan in any way for these people permanent citizenship
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had long been just a dream now many are dating it could finally become a reality. and the next part of our series you talk to refugees were fled from the armed groups and nigeria intelligence services and sri lanka have warned about more suicide bombings and say government ministers are the likely targets earlier on tuesday officials lifted a ban on social media which was brought in after last sunday's attacks to prevent the spread of misinformation now fernandez has more now from colombo. then sir lanka comes to terms with the situation forced the easter sunday bombings that are still concerns of for that attack the latest warning coming from nor less than the u.s. ambassador in colombo she basically be climbed to give information about specific in an interview but did say that there is information that those involved with the
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bombings all plotting for that attacks i believe are warning is valid in still stands which is that we do believe that there is active plotting underway and we have warned us citizens and of course others who might read our warnings to be mindful of places that might make attractive targets for terrorists and catholic churches basically having some good news the cardinal indicating that the next sunday might be open for church services like the church you see behind me but however the head of the catholic church expressing some frustration and asking the government to allow the interfaith community to try and help with the process with investigations and coming together to try and get a handle on the situation instead of going along with the government commission that there be i mean do you just going to. do that. uses the authority be
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and. if you're willing to do that because you. believe in this country we need trust in government agencies and organizations and . we are willing to do that we go to get. this to see you commission the head of the catholic church obviously giving voice to building frustrated he had been very critical of the lapses in security and intelligence which allow. that carnage going one further now essentially telling the government. you know not as much as leave it to us but give us sort of the freedom to come together to do our part because he obviously has seen the security they have led to in the meantime we've heard from the u.s.
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ambassador here in colombo talking of the concern that those behind the terror attacks all plotting wagner attacks and that is something that will obviously cause . the government has not put out any specific sort of attack warnings but all of the security and police are completely involved with raids. to try and ensure they get a handle on the situation as soon as possible. aid agencies say they are struggling to deliver aid to mozambique because of heavy rain which is causing flooding and mudslides at least thirty eight people have been confirmed after last week cycle in kennett. the latest. teen issued and her family salvage what they can from a flooded home like thousands of houses in the city of pemba it was badly damaged by cycling canada for the snow not the building when everything inside the house is
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wet t.v.'s mattresses beds freezers fridges everything that was on the ground weather experts say cyclon kenneth was the strongest ever recorded in oh the mozambique it was the second storm in six weeks to hit the eastern coast of southern africa. government says two hundred thousand people are at risk they urgently need shelter and water purification but aid agencies say bad weather is hampering the efforts to reach survival this supplies that were trying to come in. couldn't land because of the rains and this is something that's going to be a challenge in this operation for the days ahead because the forecast is that we will continue to have rains for at least the coming days cycling kenneth rip through the maze and beaks northern province of cabbage with wind surges about up to two hundred eighty kilometers an hour in some areas entire villages were flattened impending roads have been washed away and roofs ripped off houses put out
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of the bed as the cost to rebuild this home we will have to demolish it and start again with a new house. aid agencies say they desperately need money to respond to what they describe as an incredibly difficult situation amazing victoria gate and be. time for the weather now with everton to be a couple of days before we see those showers clearing away from mozambique and even as we go through the weekend they will stay with your child on and off but gradually improving through the week and place to say. move a little further north and his flank around here things are going downhill and quite quickly as well this massacre swirling away just to the northeast as frank was criticized across eastern parts of india that's position of the storm at the moment around about six hundred kilometers to the east of china either sustained winds one hundred seventy five clematis per hour tropical sock'em funny we've been talking about this for a couple of days equivalent to
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a strong category two storm and it's getting stronger by the time it makes its way further north was expecting it to have winds sustained winds of around two hundred fifteen kilometers per hour so that will be the equivalent of a category four atlantica and damaging winds this one going to say there is a very strong winds add a fair bit of rain making its way up the eastern side of the hallway starting off shore at least for the time being of the the weekend before it makes landfall somewhere near northern parts of under the desk maybe into a dish. of around two hundred fifty kilometers per hour so i millimeters on that one maybe four hundred grassy makes its way further more which as we go on through the next couple of days for shelf average ten thank you still ahead on al-jazeera delegate who is not backing washington's decision to target iran's oil industry and its economy. mexico's president comes under fire for scrapping one airport project in favor of another. tell tell you why well rested i.x.
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hopes to tonight. european wind that's coming up and. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that begin to think that maybe this was related to the coming fiscal issue and the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health comes we think ok will send merry ways to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story and feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know. the body but the field because you know it will give people the.
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political issue. of people who believe. in. watching the top stories for you now so dan's military council has war protesters not to take the law into their own hands many on the streets are calling for a civilian government army leaders say they are negotiating with protesters and good faith. government says it's dealing with the coup attempt by a group of soldiers opposition leader one point zero has appeared in
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a video surrounded by soldiers at an air base said to be in caracas and what we're trying to take a look at here pictures of large crowds answering calls from the opposition to march through the streets of a capital we'll keep an eye on that for you. afghans are meeting for a second day and the capital kabul for discussions between the afghan government and the taliban that many including the taliban have boycotted the saying it won't be. our top story now the developments in sudan where the military council is warning protesters against further blockades or disruptions to daily life thousands of people have been staging a sit in in khartoum since earlier this month but also barricaded. bridges and disrupted trains protest groups a call for civil disobedience and a general strike as part of efforts to force the military to hand over civilian rule some of the barricades led to the military headquarters where crowds have gathered since april sixth five days before the removal of president omar al bashir
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the military strikes remove the blockade several times that faced opposition from the crowds for more on that rest and sudan let's go to well amity but he's the founder and president of sudan policy forum he's encarta only appreciate your time very much so what do you make of the tone at this press conference that the military council had today. as a matter of fact. but the dollar has been very infuriating to the public nonetheless i think the demands we're very logical but but again. it's not it's not. the kids as much as the presence of the state that is and it is the whole idea of the seat in in front of the army i think this ought to continue. because it's a very simply i mean this whole idea about the new military council could have
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should have been transformed to something council in a month of these and now it's taking a number of weeks but the mistake that the military spokesman or the leaders or the military council have made they have allowed themselves to be many people did it i think they are now being put into face if he is to freeze in front of the demon is still at that i believe that if the both the whole the military council and. the theme of negotiate that is playing very many many puti for old that is delaying the whole process it's not only the military council it's also doesn't let me. ok let me ask you about that one of the things that they military council said today is they basically said that the opposition that they're
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talking to is disorganized that they change their demands that there are different people all the time is that a fair critique. it's a fair critique yet an incomplete one because i believe that it is this is the determination actually the insistence of the military council to include all of their members in the. council is not justifiable because rather than having seven they could have just reduced the number to two and they could have added three civilians a total number of five because again if you think of the sovereign can see it is just the present it is a body that is supposed to be the present if of the whole sudanese nation that's the very idea of having it so very in council again. a good thing or
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assigning a prime minister. should not have taken such a long time. that the whole process is not being the only delineated they have not agreed upon the criteria and it's taking more than the time needed and that's the that's not the responsibility of the military council that's the responsibility of the civilians who are in charge of the negotiations and they are the they are in talk of this order and they don't seem to have agreed upon the criteria needless to say the personality or the name that's supposed to be the prime minister ok or they were supposed to be another meeting today we don't yet know what that's actually going to happen or keep an eye on this eleven eva thank you so much for joining us for sudan policy forum we appreciate it. israel's n a parliament is being sworn in three weeks after a hotly contested general election harry foster joins us live from leicester aslan so harry what's the tone. oh
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well it's the ceremony this has already taken place the president reagan rivlin arriving and spectate in on a guard and then listening to a rendition of the israeli national anthem now the actual swearing in of the hundred twenty members of this twenty first knesset is taking place each of them standing in the in their place and saying that they commit to allegiance towards a state of israel and to carrying out their duties as knesset members honorably what is this all really sets up the is the real work towards building a coalition benjamin netanyahu of course winning that very bitterly contested election his new could party along with an assembly of right wing parties has the seats in the knesset for a sixty five to fifty five majority for
4:39 pm
a coalition government so the coalition building which was on pause during the process of a holiday is now back up and running and it has some pretty important things to factor into it one of those is the fact that one of the key potential members of the coalition is the israel between the party which is secularist it doesn't like the policies and the demands being made by the the ultra orthodox religious parties which have done better in this election than they did in the last election they want to see more separation between religion and state and so the leader of that party former defense minister avigdor lieberman is saying he won't join a government which exceeds to too many of those demands there's also of course hanging over this the question of benjamin netanyahu own fate the israeli prime minister who's expected to speak. in a few minutes he of course is facing a hearing or at least one hearing in which the indictments the pending indictment on corruption charges may well be handed down and of course he made that commitment
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before the election towards an exceeding illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank so much on the agenda as this new israeli knesset gets under way officially today right here live for us in lesser harry thank you. algeria's former prime minister is appearing in court as part of a corruption investigation. as one of many senior officials including the finance minister and several billionaires facing judicial investigations earlier this month long time president and tell us he's been a flake a step down under pressure from protesters and the military. president hassan rouhani has said he will not let america succeed in reducing its oil exports and a speech from tehran on tuesday rouhani said in the coming months america would say for itself that iran can and will continue to sell oil in the face of increasing pressure. more on the strait of hormuz. when iranian leaders say that they have the responsibility of keeping the strait of hormuz secure then that's what they're
4:41 pm
talking about warships escorted by small speedboats with mounted machine guns patrolling the waters around iran southern coast in the distance dozens of transport in cargo ships visible at any point in time give a sense of how much traffic these waters see on a daily basis iranian leaders have said time and again that it is in their interest and everyone's interest to keep the strait of hormuz open to the free flow of ships that move goods and especially oil but the presence of battle ready boats like this are meant to send a message about who iran considers as being in charge of these waters this is as close as we can get to one of the runs warships the navy here takes the security of its vessels very seriously especially around the waters of the strait of hormuz where boats like this one have the job of policing traffic but also looking out for american warships and with ongoing u.s. sanctions iranian leaders civilian and military alike have promised over and over again that if iran can't sell its oil and ship it soil through these waters then no
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one will and if it comes down to that then votes like that one or how they intend to keep that promise south korea's national assembly has been deadlocked for days by a power struggle between political parties. all titians have been reporting each other for acts of violence and scenes that are reminiscent of the parliament's violent past as reports from seoul. on its parliamentary democracy and it's had a fight between the ruling and opposition parties that's provided hours of viewing on the news channels. national assembly members blocking the curry doors barricading offices sometimes with other members trapped inside. the opposition party lawmakers are behind me listening to what i'm saying i'd like them to stop locking me up and everyone blaming each other ok he won the basic framework of the state is now being broken deliberately
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a party can no longer stand back not our fault says the ruling party you don't really real report today's violent acts and hold them ultimately responsible. it's all over an electoral reform bill the ruling alliance wants to pass in time for national elections next year. and which the opposition parties seem determined to stop anyway they can. they're the most serious disturbances in the national assembly for years ever since the law was brought in to stop just such confrontations in a chamber that has had a reputation for being a political boxing ring passed in twenty twelve the so-called anti scuffling law was meant to make scenes like this a thing of the past gruelling it seems was a part of everyday business but when a tear gas canister was set off members decided enough was enough i actually
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bought this return to fighting has provided a stark contrast to another korean policy to deal. with north korea's supreme people's assembly has recently met for the first time since. being elected. nearly one hundred percent of vote is choosing the one candidates they're offered and the results predictably is conformity what not much dissent taya. after days of fighting you might think south koreans would welcome a little calm think again those parties who've been fighting hardest have gone up in the opinion polls robin pride al-jazeera so. boeing has held its first annual shareholders meeting sense two of at seven thirty seven max aircraft crashed within five months killing nearly three hundred fifty people john hendren reports after two fatal crashes boeing is embattled chief executive is focused on correcting the
4:45 pm
company's trajectory at the first shareholder meeting since those ill fated flights dennis miller lindbergh offered the latest in a series of apologies all of us at boeing are deeply sorry for the loss of life and we feel the immense gravity of these events and we recognize the devastation to the families and friends but the loved one loved ones who have perished boeing is struggling to recover its reputation for safety after two of the company's best selling new seven thirty seven max planes went down killing three hundred forty six people now that has led to some critical questions. have you considered resigning. the company says the grounding of that model will cost boeing one billion dollars this year and that doesn't include the nearly three dozen lawsuits from lion air and the families of those who were killed. what compels problems is the fact that an alert that might have helped avoid those two crashes was not activated in those
4:46 pm
two planes the alert would tell the pilot if two different sensors disagree about the plane's so-called angle of attack that was considered optional and was not activated in those two planes boeing says it will be considered standard equipment and activated in all future seven thirty seven max planes boeing hopes to have the seven thirty seven max ri approved by the us federal aviation administration by late may many carriers including southwest an american airlines have postponed all flights to mid august on what was boeing's best selling jet that leaves passengers to rearrange trips during the busy summer travel season in terms of the ability of the company to weather the storm i don't really think that's in question this might cost billions of dollars but at the end of the day the company had a profit of about ten billion last year they'll be able to survive just fine shareholders meeting near the company's headquarters in chicago might be ready to move on but the open question is whether passengers will be willing to climb back
4:47 pm
on a plane with such a troubled history john hendren al-jazeera chicago. manuel lopez obrador house announced the construction of a new airport and the capital has been criticized previously cancelled another airport project that was almost half built and reports. laying the symbolic first stone mexican president. announced construction of a new international airport for mexico city the project builds on a promise by president. for more austere government by. i said when they came this is a fundamental project because it will resolve the problem of oversaturation of mexico city's current apples but it also serves as an example of how a rational policy of austerity can be delivered under a framework of honesty which is needed by the government of our country the mexican president has been criticized for his plans for the new air can't however mainly
4:48 pm
because his administration cancelled the construction of a thirteen billion dollar airport project that was already forty percent completed saying plans for the state of the art facility were marred by corruption but the decision to cancel the venture came from an informal referendum were only one percent of the electorate participated scrapping the proposal altogether not only angered investors it swept markets downward komo support us of what i don't know how could a multi-billion dollar project be abandoned just like that in minutes it would have been easier to continue and finish the project than the thought of the money to the gobbets for his part the mexican president insists that these decisions however controversial are consistent with his promise to end government corruption during a recent visit to the center to see air force base which will serve as the site for the new philippe on his international airport the president oversaw the auctioning off of dozens of government aircrafts once again promising to put an end to the
4:49 pm
luxury and excess of past administrations forty five million passengers transited through mexico city's airport last year well beyond the thirty five million passenger capacity like delays are becoming more common and serve as evidence that the facility is overburdened yet one of the biggest oppositions to construction of a new airport is from the airlines themselves the general manager for air mexico has said the company would not operate out of two airports a sentiment shared by several other air travel providers the president says the new airport will be finished by the year two thousand and twenty four by the time his mandate in office. but the uncertainty this project has created is already being felt uncertainty over the future of mexico city as a regional airline hub and uncertainty from private investors who worry the president will make similar decisions over future contracts in other industries letter it up on the. mexico city so ahead on al-jazeera that this man be
4:50 pm
about to challenge for the world heavyweight title cho will have all that ends for .
4:51 pm
yes that was part of south thanking the denver nuggets of taking game one in the n.b.a. second round playoff series against the portland trailblazers nicklaus joe kits led them to victory with a stellar performance as david starks reports. no doubt who stole the show in denver on monday night whether it was assists. i think
4:52 pm
so we pointed out. if you see. five three just brute force your. seven foot nicolay your kitsch wreck took thirty seven points and even had a hand in the play of the day you're ok. i. think she said tell me if you look at this oh look at the speed put on the ball tradition by here. denver ended up winning comfortably taking the game by eight point zero. three they go one up in the best of seven series leaving the trailblazers scratching their heads wondering just how they're going to cope with your kitchen what can you do against him defensively. well that's part of researchers will be watching the video and trying to figure something else. they'll need to
4:53 pm
figure it out quick game two is on wednesday david stokes al-jazeera. in monday's other game the seventy six has beat the raptors to square that series that won each meanwhile the winners of the college women's basketball championship have been at the white house to celebrate their third title with president donald trump bayliss lady bez beat notre dame eighty two to eighty one early this month to win the n.c. double a crown when is the men's competition the virginia cavaliers declined an invitation last week citing logistical issues during the visit president trump asked head coach k. mulkey if she'd like to work at the white house to which she replied no but mulkey did present him with a gift from the team work so hard first of all thank you for inviting us in we would like to present you with one of our oh jerseys oh yeah and. it may not be the right size and of many more are you know where you are giving
4:54 pm
them a lot of the you know i love the short sleeves such beautiful is a. great great effort and i just said molony always under better i mean. anthony joshua stand an opponent is set to be announced any time now all signs point to being american and you're always junior the twenty nine year old is heavier than joshua but four inches shorter and he has a big reach disadvantage he said to replace jerome ella who filed a drugs test ahead of the gene first fight at new york's madison square garden well paper it looks a relatively easy fight for the undefeated joshua who's making his u.s. debut however boxing journalist gareth a davies told us it could prove tricky. he's a very decent books he's got a very fast hand and that could be the thing that he heard and read mccracken and the joshua team will be kind of making him be wary overly in the fights because ruiz will come and put everything on the line because he's only had
4:55 pm
a very very short count when they fight five in a bit weeks for antony joe sure this is about the antony joshua's show going to america staking its claim in the ground putting the flag in the ground put a very brave face on it went to rome tested positive for e.p.o. and h.g.h. something is not going to be right with him about the fact he isn't fighting this guy who would upset him in the general miller he had a reason for fighting gerald miller he's now going to find a reason for fighting and you ruiz but the big disappointment as you well know is all the boxing fans in the world know is at the moment we're seeing the semifinal all the time it's not just it's not sergeant fury and it's not the aunts and wild nor indeed gillian whiting that probably the full top heavyweights in the world it's semifinals all the time it's incredibly frustrating so in a way it doesn't matter fitzgerald and you're always travel brian michael hunter
4:56 pm
it's just an american named joshua will knock out that's what they want that's the storyline they want but for us out here in the us on the sports fans what we want all the undefeated heavyweights facing each other. tom hotspur manager mary cea puts the tino says his team of fulfilling a champions league dream they're preparing to play in their first european cup semifinal in fifty seven years as they host i.x. on tuesday spurs will be visiting korean strikers son and young men through suspension for this first leg and also the injured harry kane so scoring jetties may for one fernando not ente whose goal knocks out manchester city in the last round of had an extra four days' rest compared to tottenham after the dutch league perspire and matches to help him prepare when you are if indeed. situations of the finals champions league the best thing to prepare i think the most for thoroughly to prepare is to have the same time to prepare for the team but it's not an excuse
4:57 pm
only describe the situation and. world cup in for me he's going to be fantastic semifinal as for full time when as i aks they're back in the last four for the first time in more than twenty years the dutch league leaders have already beaten last season's winners rail madrid and italian champions you ventus in the knockout rounds the coach says that while his team may be more rested tom's financial strength is something i x. cons compete with there is an. there are always different circumstances we play in the dutch leak we have ten million euros that we get from television and top and gets well i don't know what they get but a lot more is that still unfair those are the circumstances we just have to deal with those circumstances that is what we do and that is the way it is this that is all useful for though have michel thank you very much thank you for joining me for the news hour here on al-jazeera there's plenty more news to get you up to speed on the other side of the break so do keep it here.
4:58 pm
radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every west we're told was supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is huge typing on the net there's only so much we can take before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth syrians announces the era. she's the head of four generations of family and the bearer of forty years of suffering. a heart or a hinge a refugee in her ninety's has fled persecution in myanmar three separate times in her life first in one thousand nine hundred seventy then one nine hundred ninety
4:59 pm
one and finally in two thousand and seventeen. they beat as they kidnapped as they detained does. gould and her family span almost a century in the. bonded through blood and displacement they now all live in a single hut located in the world's largest refugee camp in many ways what's happened to this particular extended family really mirrors what's happened to so many other rohinton who face decades of repression and abuse the range of aren't just the world's largest group of stateless people they're also among the world's most persecuted minorities. free education for all was the promise the reality provoked a generation. to jackson up what do you want to get on that job how a protest out of education feeds. morphed into a national revotes that is dumb and i did it this time it's got.
5:00 pm
everything must form. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a warning from sudan's military clear your barricades and respect the law as protesters demand an immediate civilian government. i'm richelle carey this is a live from doha also coming up large crowds gather in caracas in support of venezuela's opposition leader as the government says a group of soldiers are attempting a coup. the first time in two hundred years the japanese emperor has stepped down from his throne. and the u.n. warns bad weather is making.


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