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international revolts. here this time. everything must for. a weakness documentary on al-jazeera. a warning from sudan's military clear your barricades and respect the laws protesters demand an immediate civilian government. i'm richelle carey this is live from doha also coming up large crowds gathered in caracas in support of venezuela's opposition leader want the government says a group of soldiers are attempting a coup. the first time in two hundred years the japanese emperor has stepped down from his throne. and the u.n. warns bad weather is making it incredibly difficult to reach thousands of survivors
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of cycling and mozambique. do not take the law into your own hands that is the warning from sudan's military council to protesters who were still on the streets calling for an immediate civilian government a news conference a short while ago the military council said it is negotiating with protesters and good faith. has more. sudan's generals war their patience has limits they want the protesters on the streets of the capital how to remove roadblocks checkpoints and allow trains to bring food supplies across the country where they were there we are responsible and we have to take responsibility as a military council as it once is no military council we have to protect the citizens and protect the law we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians
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and their properties and properties of the state and we will deal with this firmly and in accordance with the law this is what we wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury. the army's warning comes after talks with the opposition hit a snag the two sides have agreed to form a new body to run the country until the next elections the army wants a majority in the transitional body the young activists behind the mass protest movement the toppled president on battle bashir worry the military is buying time to prevent a civilian takeover. but despite its repeated warning to use force against the protesters the army has a fall of voided an isolation that's mike lee to an confrontation and. we have made many concessions for the sake of protecting our nation and preventing scenarios similar to what happened in neighboring countries we want to talk to end
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quickly so that the tension deescalate this. but the military may have little options to prevent a descent into chaos on the streets pro-democracy activists remain defiant they say they want the army's role was stretched to and its influence contained during the transitional period for boast of its more than history sudan was run by bigotry man. millions hope that uprising will pave the way for civilians to take over zero. it's bring in mohammed all his life for us in khartoum so mohamed there's been this this press conference we've been covering that on the military council it seems to be perhaps ramping up the tension a little bit there were supposed to be more talks today have that has that happened is that going to happen. well if you're i can't hear your question very clearly but it's it is about whether the negotiations will resume
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today nobody really knows what's going to happen because of those statements strong statements today by the head of the the deputy head of the military council and also because of the me good results of the negotiations yesterday when they came out from that meeting without clear agreements only statements. and counter statements about what was discussed we know that only two points have been agreed on so far or old in points in place upon the creation of a joint military council and the writing of a constitutional declaration every other detail is just kind of being discussed as you know that the them is in the details they have not agreed on the membership of the two sides how many members of each side they have not agreed on how many years the transition should take they have not agreed on any other specifics and the protesters are asking for drastically for those including judiciary reforms
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including getting rid of even the entire security apparatus because they think that it is system functioning on behalf of the former regime of bashir today the military council as we all have heard has given those the statements in which he accused the protesters of being lacking seriousness about the negotiations and about finding a solution accusing them of lying to their base about what's going on accusing them of block in public roads the protesters of disrupting public or that and saying that the military is patients is running out in terms of what should be done to preserve law and order those statements have been received with a lot of anger among the protesters they took it as a message and hints that the military is about to take some. action to disrupt the city and of course the military said they're not intending to disrupt the sitting
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but the protesters think that removing the roadblocks is the best step to words ending the sit in and the protesters their leaders in particular they think that the only strength they have in around the negotiation table is that people here in the city and on the streets of khartoum they think that said they people go home no single concession will be given to them by the military and they say they don't trust the military to talk about the long history of dictator military dictatorship in sudan and they say they see signs that history is repeating itself and that the military council is not intending to cede power to civilians all right mamma dalai for us and current him mohamed thank you. a protester censored and have reinforced barricades after organizers accused the military of attempting to break their said it ahmed joe has more for us from khartoum there was a confrontation all tied to sudanese military headquarters protesters attacking that demand for
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a time to civilian rule to the gates of the building the tal's as the contest made it to be with us these after the transitional military council last fall the reopening of roads bridges and railways blocked by the protesters not order completely changed outposts way. almost immediately the protesters began reinforcing the body creates they say the military is a real intention is to disperse them. or to have all but no one can remove those barricades i have been put by the protesters to particular lives and i can remove it. until now this has been a happy place for weeks the protests the cops not here chanting and singing themselves hoarse they need peace justice and freedom as tension rises their message to the transitional military council is simply of a power and. the impact of the blockade of the old somebody created bridges is being felt across the cup at
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a traffic gridlock song called one of the few streets in central called tune up and they follow solomon has been a taxi driver here for more than twenty years now. business is bad my income has gone down by up to sixty five percent since the roads were closed. foreman is sudanese the fault of going back to anything similar to the bush eighty years is unbearable until now the protests. have the protests not disruptive but. we would not have seen a close roads or even protests that didn't have grievances talks between the military council a position parties and protest organizers to form a transitional government continuing but no deal has been pushed up to several rounds of negotiations the most optimistic hope that the lack of a breakthrough is just another glitch in what is undoubtedly going to be
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a long process on the talks will eventually bear fruit. out here. but they are certainly not going to. come about the wall just. venezuela's government says it's dealing with what it's calling a cool led by a group of soldiers police fired tear gas on the soldiers gathered near and they are airbase in caracas opposition leader says the final phase of a plan to oust president nicolas maduro has begun another opposition figure a way of asking for a from house arrest he says the military let him out. what is happening in the capital today as wilander who want freedom should come here just for up to order join and encourage our soldiers join our people good morning be it as well or let's do this together. through. the call is for everyone to come out into the streets at
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this moment to give back into what we have built over the years when we are here now in the streets not only with the international community and not only our citizens but now with the national armed forces who are backing the citizens of the future and progress. across fondant joins us now from argentina so daniel it's clear something is happening the opposition has called for action do we know yet that it's really actually an attempted coup. well that's certainly how president nicolas maduro has defined it but he's quoting a small crew something that he and his forces are perfectly able to deal with we always knew this was going to happen the question always was when one way though it's been torrington this way look talking to opposition trying to gauge what kind of support he has among the venezuelan people and more importantly among the venezuelan armed forces and the police force you know busy things that now is the time and it's here in this very dramatic video outside the. base in caracas very
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early this morning thinking now it was that time so we're now waiting to see what the response will be primarily from the military we know that he has some support from the military but will that be enough will this just be the opening of the floodgates will thousands more come out and support him he certainly hopes so will the venezuelan people come out onto the streets in sufficient numbers to show their support there's a rally anti-government rally planned for may the first that tomorrow he's hoping to see large numbers there the gates of luck a lot of road prince allow protests to go in and also waiting to see what the response is going to be from other countries he's declared himself the president he did that earlier this year to see what the response will be from neighboring countries like brazil colombia more importantly perhaps the united states there have been noises from these countries expressing various degrees of support for what some are calling a coup some of this calling. the government of this calling it is something that
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they can control ok. site is argentina and for more on what daniel mentioned there about how other countries are going to react let's go to the u.s. where white house correspondent kimberly halkett joins us live kimberly the u.s. is firmly bent and one way to escort what has their reaction been to what's happening. yeah the reaction continues to to mount here in the united states the latest coming from president donald trump's very senior advisor kelly and conway speaking to reporters the driveway behind me in just the last hour she said that the white house is monitoring the developments in venezuela very carefully and that the united states supports the people of venezuela. and dural nicolas maduro the president of venezuela officially have to go now we should also point out that there has been other reaction coming from prominent trump administration officials including the national security advisor john bolton who urges the venezuela military to protect the constitution but interesting in all of this too is
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a comment a recent comment from the spokesperson for the national security adviser who would not comment on whether or not there was an effort underway with the involvement of a mercenary army to try and topple nicolas maduro but there have been reports in the united states with regard to that in fact that the founder of blackwater a very controversial security firm founded by erik prince that he has been talking to trump supporters as well as wealthy venezuelan elite and that there has been this discussion so far though the united states not commenting on that what is coming out of the secretary of state's office in the form of a tweet from the u.s. secretary of state powell however is that u.s. government fully supports the venezuelan people in their quest for freedom democracy cannot be defeated is very clear that the united states the trumpet ministration is supporting what they say is the interim leader one guy though i can
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really help you live for us in washington d.c. kimberly thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera this is a fear a violent form reform bill has prompted m.p.'s in south korea to fight it out in parliament. we've got some rather wet weather into the south of china at the moment this cloud of rain will clear through that will make its way across the hong kong i was towards the southwest that is going to push its way further north was i was in the pits if a way to stay warm sunshine there in shanghai despite the old leap race twenty four celsius this west the weather in the southwest will push further north some big downpours coming up towards chengdu as we go through thursday but bright skies into the southeast and coated in that it is a little more clout there into a shanghai pretty wet suit across the southwest and pretty windy and wet and windy
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weather today making its way up the eastern side of india over the next day i'll say this massive area a tad out of course is that cyclades find funny that's going to make its way up towards just like in my case wept with more than possible dishes for the latter part of the week but you to see some very strong winds really heavy rain flurry close to that east coast as we go through where to stay and more so as we go on into thursday said not just its way of the north with so some choppy seas i mean i'm going to say really really heavy rain coming through as he makes our way into the latter part of the way now just ahead of that the heat still on temperatures in one poor forty three celsius and even a delhi that is forty. fly
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qatar airways and experience economy class like never before. and ways going places together. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now sudan's military council has warned protesters not to take the law into their own hands and many are on the streets calling for a civilian government army leaders say they are to go shooting with protest leaders in good faith. protesters and sudan have reinforced barricades after organizers
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accuse the military attempting to break their sit and say they don't trust the military and won't end their protests and hold power is handed over to a civilian government. and israel's government says it's dealing with the kohut temp led by a group of soldiers opposition leader one point zero zero has appeared in a video surrounded by soldiers at an air base said to be in progress. and telephone service is unsure long to have warned about more suicide bombings and say government ministers are the likely targets earlier on tuesday officials lifted a ban on social media which was brought in after last sunday's attacks to prevent the spread of misinformation. history has been made in japan what the first imperial abdication and more than two hundred years and a brief ceremony in the imperial palace in tokyo emperor akihito stood down from the throne to make way for his eldest son wayne hay reports from tokyo. after more than thirty years on the throne emperor akihito made
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a slow final walk into the serum room in the imperial palace as was so often the case throughout his reign he was accompanied and supported by his wife improves michiko he told then spoke for the last time as emperor of japan much it is fortunate that i have been able to perform my duty as imperator we perform trust and respect for the chop and these people for thirty years since my ascension to the trauma to the people who accepted and supported me as a symbol i express my i felt. there was little fanfare all fuss surrounding the ceremony which lasted around ten minutes that low key nature of it was perhaps fitting for an emperor who sought to change the perception of the role one of akihito as legacies is that he modernized the imperial family by attempting to make it relevant and because of that there is still widespread public support
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for it according to polling and there was also overwhelming support for this abdication. in a surprise speech three years ago he said he felt his health and age would prevent him performing his duties but he had to stop short of saying he wanted to retire because there was no law allowing for abdication but the message from the palace and the support for his wishes from the public meant the government had little choice but to pass a one off law allowing for the abdication. kind of to morrow with the day of publication the reader flicked upon the long years old with the emperor has talked foolish share the happiness and sadness of the people of to prague and leave you once again the feeling of the prospect and banks among those at the ceremony the oldest son of akihito crown prince know he told you on wednesday will become the one hundred twenty sixth emperor of japan and that will be his day this one belonged to emperor akihito after a few minutes the education was complete the eighty five year old offered
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a bow and a moment's reflection before leaving the room heading for a quieter life wayne hay al-jazeera tokyo. thousands of prominent afghans have gathered in kabul was leaders discuss how to deal with the taliban at the meeting known as the loya jirgah has been a way to bring afghans together for centuries but many including the taliban have boycotted the event saying it would not be a productive among them the second most powerful man in the country afghanistan chief executive of. charleville us reports from kabul. the loya jirgah has finally into the business phase of why everyone is here and that is to start discussing what peace should look like in afghanistan this is the entrance to the jirga security is very tight more than three thousand people inside what they're calling the loya jirga tapes they will be split into committees and now they will discuss what peace means should the afghan government get to talk with the taliban the
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questions that these people tell us with our answer is if they get to discuss peace with the taliban why. the principles that they want to safeguard what kind of personality should be represented from the government what would it take to get peace and also in foreign policy what action should be taken against countries that do support the taliban and the people making these recommendations to president gandhi and from all across afghanistan they have very day jews from different tribes from different religions there were thirty women at the story or two ago which is the highest ever and it is the highest number of people attending the weird yoga and the history of afghanistan and this tradition goes back centuries and there is some controversy over rounds are already going to be represented from taliban held areas it is not used to measure that about six percent of the country is either how it tasted by the taliban whether or not delegates have been able to come into the store from those areas that is up to. israel has reduced the fishing area it allows for vessels operating from gaza the military says it will be cut to
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six nautical miles from fifteen and response to rocket fire from the palestinian authority but accuses islamic jihad of carrying out the attack though the armed group denies the allegation israeli government had increased the limit on april first as part of a deal with hamas. algeria's former prime minister is appearing in court as part of a corruption investigation. as one of many senior officials including the finance minister and several billionaires facing judicial investigations earlier this month long time president abdelaziz bouteflika stepped down under pressure from protesters and the military. place in kenya have used tear gas to disperse dozens of anti-corruption protesters in the capital nairobi cottam is saying kenya loses one third of its national budget annually to corruption and mismanagement catherine reports from nairobi. the standoff between police and this protest is the not very
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many of the protesters but that same the going to keep coming to the streets and voices i have. this is all about corruption the thing is. a series of mega corrupt scandals involving public money. arrests senior government officials have been arrested as well as our politicians and businessmen as well but that's about it nothing happens after that people are taken to court and this case is crap and will drag on for a very long tangs are very angry about the corruption in this country they say they want the government to do where we're all so hard the president come out very angrily saying that no stone is going to be left unturned it doesn't matter who you are he said whether you're my closest political ally there are whether you're my brother if you don't call it up then we are going to hold you to account oh it's must you talk from him it's a good thing that he gives that statement because we use it to judge.
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comps after that but so far since he's backed we've not seen action. so. they say this protest of the break to be on the street every week and to the west is hot and the government and the president who can that is government decides to do you decisively with corruption the aid agencies say they're struggling to deliver a tumor mozambique because of heavy rain which is causing flooding and mudslides thirty eight people have been confirmed after last week's cyclon kenneth it's her again he has the latest. tina shoed and her family salvage what they can from a flooded home like thousands of houses in the city of pan but it was badly damaged by cycling kenny for the same identical everything inside the house is wet t.v.'s matches his beds freezers fridges everything that was on the ground weather experts
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say cyclon can it was the strongest. ever recorded in oh the mozambique it was the second storm in six weeks to hit the eastern coast of southern africa mozambique's government says two hundred thousand people are at risk they urgently need shelter and water purification but aid agencies say bad weather is hampering the efforts to reach survival. this supplies that were trying to come in couldn't land because of the rains and this is something that's going to be a challenge in this operation for the days ahead because the forecast is that we will continue to have rains for at least the coming days cycling kenneth rip through maize and beaks northern province of cabo with wind surges about up to two hundred eighty kilometers an hour in some areas entire villages were flattened in pemba roads have been washed away and roofs ripped off houses radical behravesh the cost to rebuild this home who will have to demolish it and start again with
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a new house aid agencies say they desperately need money to respond to what they describe as an incredibly difficult situation in mozambique victoria gate and be. asylum seekers in the us face tougher restrictions under new orders by president onil trump trump's latest proposal asylum seekers will be charged a feature processed for applications and those who enter the country illegally will be barred from even applying for such permits until their cases heard and they are cleared by immigration officials the rule changes could come within three months trumps taking a tough stance on immigration since coming to office. syrian civil defense volunteers known as the white helmets have been honored by the united states holocaust museum the they invited the institute's accepted it and to stop war for saving lives during syria's civil war museum says the group provided critical services as government forces targeted towns and cities it's estimated members of
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the white house months have saved more than one hundred fourteen thousand people while two hundred four of the group's volunteers were killed during the conflict. and. this prize will help our volunteers to have new motivation to continue their work to help save civilians in syria it will give us a new platform to launch risky work. and a nation says to vietnamese coast guard ships rammed one of its naval patrol vessels in the south china sea the collision happened in waters off in an aegis to tuna island chain in the southernmost region of the contested south china sea the navy which released this video says it stopped a vietnamese fishing boat which was illegally in its waters twelve fishermen have been detained. south korea's national assembly has been deadlocked for days by a power struggle between political parties politicians have been reporting acts of violence against each other as rob mcbride reports from seoul. it's parliamentary democracy and it's had
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a fight between the ruling and opposition parties that's provided hours of viewing on the news channels. national assembly members blocking the curry doors barricading offices sometimes with other members trapped inside. the opposition party lawmakers are behind me listening to what i'm saying i'd like them to stop looking me up and everyone blaming each other he want to get you going and the basic framework of the state is now being broken deliberate party can no longer stand about not all faults says the ruling party you don't really. report today's violent acts and hold em ultimately responsible. it's sold over an electoral reform bill the ruling alliance wants to pass in time for national elections next year. and which the opposition parties seem determined to stop anyway they can. they're the most serious disturbances in the national assembly for
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years ever since the law was brought in to stop just such confrontations in a chamber that has had a reputation for being a political boxing ring passed in twenty twelve the so-called anti scuffling law was meant to make scenes like this a thing of the past ruling it seems was a part of everyday business but when a tear gas canister was set off members decided enough was enough. this would turn to fighting has provided a stark contrast to another korean part of the deal. with north korea's supreme people's assembly has recently met for the first time since being elected. nearly one hundred percent of voters choosing the one candidate their offered and the results predictably is conformity. not much dissent here.
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after days of fighting you might think south koreans would welcome a little calm think again those parties who've been fighting hardest have gone up in the opinion polls robin pride al-jazeera so. pick up the headlines right now on al-jazeera sudan's military council has won protesters not to take the law into their own hands army later say they are negotiating with protest leaders and good faith may while protesters have reinforced barricades after organizers accuse. the sudanese military of attempting to break their sit in they say they don't trust the military and won't end their protest until power is handed to a civilian government. and as well as government says it's dealing with the coup attempt led by a group of soldiers opposition leader who has appeared in a video surrounded by soldiers at an air base said to be in caracas. it's
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a beautiful we believe that the goal is for everyone to come out into the streets at this moment to give back into what we have built over the years when we are here now in the streets not only with the international community and not only our citizens but now with the national armed forces were blocking the citizens of the future and. intelligence services and sherlock i have warned about more suicide bombings inside government ministers are the likely targets earlier on tuesday officials lifted a ban on social media which was brought in after last sunday's attacks to prevent the spread of misinformation. japan's emperor akihito has formally abdicated during the ceremony in tokyo he thanked the public and said he prays for peace the ritual which involves handing over the present them on their own to his son took place at the imperial palace a very brief ceremony the crown prince story he will now become emperor. ontario's former prime minister is appearing in court as part of
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a corruption investigation. is one of many senior officials including the finance minister and several billionaires facing judicial investigations earlier this month long time president has been a flake a step down under pressure from protesters and the military. israel has reduced the fishing area it allows for vessels operating from gaza the military says it will be cut to six miles from fifteen and response to rocket fire from the palestinian territory it accuses islamic jihad of carrying out this attack group to ny that allegation israeli government had increased the limit on april first that was part of a deal with hamas. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera the stream is that next and then more news at the top of the hour for. a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study. one hundred one east investigates the pakistani
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company at literally selling fake degrees to the police around the world on al-jazeera the days monday today it might be a little harder than the usual. because saturn is about to go retrograde saturn's a planet of discipline and structure and having to go with the growing so rather than focusing on so much the outer authority like your boss writing you to heart you have to listen to your in the forty you get it in touch with your discipline i'm sam reynolds and astrologer and you are in the stream. and i'm listening to my inner authority it's unclear when human beings started looking up at the stars and planets for guidance solace or comfort perhaps the strategy is as old as humanity itself but something a lot newer the digital age has started a global astrology boom astrologer and her car explains more. i think there's
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