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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it we're not to let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm kamal santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera coming out developing news out of venezuela where the government says a group of soldiers are attempting a coup after the release of a prominent opposition leader we will have an update in a moment also a warning from sudan's military to the protesters clear your barricades and respect the law. and for the first time in two hundred years a japanese emperor has stepped down from his throne. and spore will have the best
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of the n.b.a. playoff action as serbia's nicolas cage towers above the rest to lead the denver nuggets to victory over a poll that. we're starting in venezuela where the crisis really does seem to be developing in the past few hours the government has said it is dealing with what it's calling a coup by some soldiers now we have this first of all a video of the opposition leader one guy i was surrounded by soldiers asked an airbase in caracas he said the final phase of a plan to remove nicolas maduro had begun and there was no turning back now right now. which is a suburb of caracas we've got one guy that he's just disappeared just study but below the graphics of the television channel that we're getting these pictures from but he's been there with a loud hailer and a microphone calling on any elements pro mature elements of the army to lay down their weapons. to join him. and he's still calling for that out in the streets.
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meanwhile have a look at some of these other live pictures we've got for you the tension really building we've seen tear gas being fired at the supporters and then trying to throw back as well the situation develops and then i would say probably deteriorated in just the last couple of hours or so let's start with. a latin america bureau in buenos aires to bring us up to date. though really throwing down the gauntlet challenging nicholas my daughter saying that this is the moment this is the beginning of the end. as we saw in the video filmed outside the law they think in the early hours of the morning he was accompanied by. the opposition leader who was under house arrest that in itself is a huge challenge for the authority of nicolas maduro and his government calling on
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the military to come out and support him he certainly had military men surrounding him some of the most certainly been doing nothing over the last few weeks are the numbers great enough for his his who is nicolas maduro called it to really take off and to see the venezuelan people. behind him take over it doesn't look at this. case we see people marching to the media as you mentioned nicolas maduro on the other hand i think he's spoken to the military leaders around . and they have expressed their support for him so really it's now a case of seeing the numbers what kind of numbers are continuing to support the government. how many of them are going to come out and support and how many venezuelans people are going to come out of this three and support this movement of what he's decide. because the moment the time is right we now have to wait and see
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what the response will be whatever he's doing daniel it's a risk isn't it this movement of one has been alive for a long time there's been two strong leaders stalemate from both of them but now this sort of move it comes with risks surely. a huge risk i mean nicolas maduro will now feel that he has the authority to arrest. he will say that he's the leader of. a leopoldo lopez he's supposed to be about house arrest he's now. that he's out on the street. most certainly respond to that he will feel you have to respond and supporting those who have why it really is that. they see who will support who a huge we knew it was coming it was always a question of when it would happen when. the moment was right he's been touring
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band of trying to gauge. the feelings of the biggest wave of people the venezuelan military and also those four million or so venezuelans who have left the country and of course the foreign foreign government brazil colombia united states have all come out and said yes the people should the military should be supporting why go all the saying we should be taking it very carefully they don't want to see bloodshed but it does look as though the at the moment now the. gambling on don't you stick around for me if you would just for now i want to have a look at some of the live pictures again coming from caracas from a bridge here where we've seen the picture quality is a little poor now it has been breaking up and coming in and out but you're seeing example of that sort of crouching behind the bridges there throwing objects back over the bridge towards what i would assume are the majority troops there you go firing some things back there and i think we've got some pictures from
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a little bit earlier as well some of the street clashes that we saw a little bit earlier let's have a look at those there you get better idea of when things really did pick up not long ago. so not saying out and out chaos on the streets of caracas yet but the opposition movement led by one guy has definitely come alive and he is calling on them to rise up and calling for elements of the pro. elements who are primitive or let's just go back to the live picture looks at the people of breached that bridge there i don't know if it's a barricade a rip bridge there but then since and then again the picture quality apologize it is breaking up as it's not something we have any control over but a bunch of people to just breach through there seem to be grabbing could be tear gas cans which have been already fired in their direction as i said things are deteriorating very quickly there is obviously a political element to it as well i'm going to check that with kimberly how gets a white house correspondent because it seems always there is some mention some involvement not involvement of the united states here but nicolas maduro certainly
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likes to. invoke the united states in these sorts of things what's been happening today. yeah well the u.s. has been for many months many weeks in fact been very clear that it supports wa you know as the interim leader and they continue to double down on that today from the white house now in terms of whether there is u.s. involvement there have always been questions about whether or not there would be u.s. military intervention to try and topple the president nicolas maduro this is something that the national security adviser john bolton has not ruled out in the past but for now he will only say that the united states is monitoring the situation and that he's urging the u.s. or rather the venezuelan military part to protect the constitution now in all of this we also have the opportunity to ask the top one of the top advisers to u.s. president donald trump kellyanne conway about the monitoring and again i asked the question about military intervention by the united states she refused to answer
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that question instead she would only offer words of support for the vote as well and people. we support the people of venezuela we're sad that they have been starved by the door oh they've been denied food and medicine and basic humanitarian needs having been mad the united states has gotten supplies there to them sometimes the those have been obstructed or burned but we stand with the people of venezuela and we stand with a long white oh. the majority has to go now on the question of whether or not there have been efforts by the united states to try and topple nicolas maduro once again the u.s. is denying that has any some direct active military involvement in fact from south the officials folks person there saying that the mission for the united states has not changed but there have been reports here in the united states that erik prince the founder of the controversy blackwater security firm has been talking with
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venezuelan exiles he has also apparently been talking to some wealthy trump supporters looking for funding and discussing the possibility of a mercenary army to assist the interim leader the one that the united states says is the legitimate leader of the swale and now the national security spokesperson has denied all of this but still those reports persist those rumors persist and we should point out from the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o his official comment is that the u.s. government fully supports the venezuelan people in their quest for freedom democracy cannot be defeated those are the latest comments coming out of the truck ministration thank you kimberly how could the white house back to daniel schorr miller who's again monitoring developments for us from when it's not as well and we'll have a look at the live pictures again in a moment daniel i don't know if you can actually see if you can just see it building to the anger amongst people in venezuela i mean they've had better anger for so long and one by doing as i see right now in the news why it's saying there is quote no turning back. well i would imagine there's no turning back to him
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as i said earlier he has made he's hoping that this is the moment and again as you mentioned. that has been brewing. to get that. out of control in venezuela. millions of people have left the country have migrated to neighboring countries the huge problems. with the government. and discontent those people are backing. is another question. whether they all want. to take over in their place is not clear some of them certainly do but it's not clear whether he has a coherent plan why he has got rid of. his government so a lot of questions floating around in the air at the moment certainly there is
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a strong movement to get rid of what comes afterwards who comes afterwards again. to play for. let's have a look at the live pictures once again from because they get more dramatic as time goes on and see people trying to pull down that fencing you see the tear gas drifting in as well in the tear gas canisters which is sometimes fired into that group of protesters they lump them back let me bring you some of the latest ones as we look at these pictures venezuela's foreign minister has told the associated press actually it was the u.s. who paid guards to release an opposition activists which has led to all of this venezuela's foreign minister trying to downplay the whole uprising at the moment there's been comment from brazil's president who expresses quote solidarity for the people of venezuela who have been quote in slaved by a dictator so strong support for the people there. sorry just having a look at the pictures again they are getting pretty dramatic there as well people
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taking cover behind what looks like a concrete barrier there occasionally going through the hole in that fencing there it's quite extraordinary to watch it all unfold and remember before it was just watching. the opposition leader speaking out samir another of. wanting the people to rise up his supporters rising up we're going to talk more about that with vanessa newman in london now who is official representative in the united kingdom vanessa thank you for coming on with us today explain to us when there's no turning back now what is the main. thank you very much will this is the final phase of what here called open i surely would operation liberty to free one i swear that as you know president why though has laid out a three step plan laid out when he was sworn in when he was sworn in when he took the oath of office on the twenty third of january which is and the usurpation set
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up a transitional government and hold free and fair elections so this is the step to end the usurpation by the mother would a regime which is basically a drug cartel that has seized the lever's of power of and by and will not leave and allow the constitutional government to basically govern so this is the final push for the end of the usurpation and he has called that he has been building this with three thousand one hundred centers of support around the country and the marks are supposed to be yesterday but due to changing conditions he decided to accelerate and do it today i would point out to our viewers as well and it's you you refer to them as president why don't we would say that he declared himself president and was sworn in as an alternative that is actually obviously open to interpretation or do you just want to clear that up for of use and i wonder what you're talking about there one thing i would like to us is about to support that one guy i don't has you talked about centers all around the country the military support is obviously very
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important he had military elements in the video earlier what sort of numbers has he got there because going up against nicolas maduro. is a pretty major thing. thank you very much to you for your previous point. actually why though is is that constitutional president by the constitution all of that these that this regime supported and drafted and has been recognized by fifty four countries as such and i am accredited as such before the u.k. government who recognizes him so that is why that's my official title in terms of numbers in terms of numbers. we expect that we know that the people have that the people in the military support him and that they you have vast numbers we're expecting you know probably probably an uprising we hope over a million people as i mentioned there were three thousand one hundred centers of command to support the massive march and the fact that. though has been alive all
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this time and left the country and reentered the country in the kates that his safety is actually guarded by some people within the military we have every hour we have more and more units of the military supporting him we are waiting for. this because the minister of defense. by the you know opus and the man head of the army what is true dio to come out and support the constitution that's why this is happening because the constitution supports why those presidency and the military realizes it so the call has been for them to come and support the will of the people and their constitutional government and stop the usurpation usurpation by the drug cartel. the live pictures from qatar consumed we see the chaos on the streets there is one going to a calling for this uprising does it not putting a lot of people actually in danger i mean it's tear gas at the moment but this
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could turn even uglier at any point you feel. well there's always a risk of that i mean we hope we have called for a peaceful transition our hope is that basically that mother would go and his top of all who are all sanctioned for human rights abuses and are responsible for the biggest humanitarian crisis the hemisphere has ever seen an exodus that's as big as syria was higher in from mortality rate and the starvation of eighteen point seven million bonus ones that they need the country peacefully don has been the offer get on a plane and get out your time is up you are seizing power against the constitution . so we are hoping that it will be peaceful if there is bloodshed on the street it will be mothers forces who are shooting at the people and they have been responsible for the human rights abuses and the suffering and that is what people are standing up for they want their freedom and they want their rights back and they want to eat and live peacefully but it's a moment as
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a representative in the united kingdom joining us from london and we thank you for your time so the live pictures once again and as you've seen i mean even just in the sixteen seventeen minutes we've been on air would say this situation has deteriorated a lot more people appear to have come into shelter they have breached that fence line there occasionally going through dealing with tear gas being fired at them and then coming back and hiding behind the the concrete part of the the separation as well we do need to keep a very close eye on this because anything could happen. has already spoken to his supporters he's been out on the streets with his megaphone calling for effectively an uprising calling for pro elements of the army to join him to join in with him and so we're keeping a close eye on this want to bring you any developments as they happen and the hour . right now we're looking at sudan as well with the ruling military council is
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asked protesters not to take the lower into their hands the military said it still hopes to narrow differences with protest leaders it was still on the streets calling for a civilian government has our report. sudan's generals war their patience has limits they want the protesters on the streets of the capital how to remove roadblocks checkpoints and allow trains to bring food supplies across the country where they were there we are responsible and we have to take responsibility as a military council president says no military council we have to protect the citizens and protect the law we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and properties of the state and we will deal with this firmly and in accordance with the this is what we wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury. the army's warning comes after talks with
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the opposition hit a snag the two sides have agreed to form a new body to run the country until the next elections the army wants a majority in the transitional body the young activists behind the mass protest movement the toppled president on battle bashir worry the military is buying time to prevent a civilian takeover. but despite its repeated warning to use force against the protesters the army has so far of voided and us collation that might lead to an armed confrontation. we have made many concessions for the sake of protecting our nation and preventing scenario similar to what happened in neighboring countries we want to talk to end quickly so that the tension deescalate this. but the military may have little options to prevent a descent into chaos on the streets pro-democracy activists remain defiant they say they want the army's role. and its influence contained during the transitional
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period for most of its more than history sudan was run by military man. millions hope there are prizing will pave the way for civilians to take over. the latest now with mohammed vall who is in khartoum for us mohammed tell us about the reaction to today's statement from the military council. here come out right now we are still waiting for an official reaction from the leadership of the forces of the declaration of change and freedom they have been consulting for the last several hours but no statement has come out yet to tell their base here what they think about those statements today but here in the city where i'm standing we have been listening to commentary from people all around us saying that the statements of the beauty head of the military council are completely rejected
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they can see that i'm a provocation he has described the way in which the leadership of the protest dealing with the negotiations and the whole crisis was not serious he has accused them of lying to the public about what's going on here queues them in a going on promises and agreements they have reached with the military during that the negotiations those remarks fixing more vexing the deadlines he gave twenty four hours to for the roads and bridges to be cleared of people attest to say that they would not budge from this place to sit in in front of the military headquarters until the complete list of demands is met and on top of which the transition from military to civilian rule in this country they say sudan has seen long decades of military rule and dictatorship and it's time now that the civilians should take matters into their own hands and that nation in all matters in their hands of sort
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of minds of the words that the deputy head of the military council used to warm the individuals and civilians taking the law into their own hands and not something that cannot be tolerated he asked for the roads to be cleared for the railways to resume their actions at the. the activities for the supplies to come from different sides of the country and to do to those regions and the military say that they can't wait they can't really have more time before they see this happening that standoff here on the ground reflects that difficulties around the negotiation table today the two sides were supposed to meet but until now there is no word about whether they will meet again after these statements are pleased today they said those difficulties are genuine ads and many they have not been able to agree on all of the details of the transition except for that point about creating
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a joint council but there was no agreement on how many members from the civilian side how many members from the military side and even the number of the seats on the council and also they have agreed to write a constitution of the collaboration to organize the transition and the segments of the government the structures of the government but no single detail in that document has yet to be agreed on so gloomy prospects here and the two sides are showing their strength on the seat the military and military police just a while ago have created just between the gates of the military headquarters and the sit in. the crowds from the sit in as well moved at times to get closer to the military gates and show them and show up and make their voices heard crowds coming from different regions of the country including darfur to join the sit in and there is a call for a million person march on thursday to strengthen and give momentum to the cause of
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the protest as ok thank you mohammed el also expecting a news conference from the s.b.a. the sudanese professional association next hour which we will bring you and speak to mohamed about then as well here's what else is coming up for you on this new south thousands in kabul for the second day a very big. prominent gathering leaders discussing how to deal with the taliban. says it may not be the right side of the regime or audio where the argument. can tunnel trump gets kitted out by the college basketball champions on their visit to the white house ball we'll have that and the rest of the sport. well history has been made in japan with the first imperial abdication in more than two hundred years in what was a brief ceremony in the imperial palace in tokyo emperor akihito stood down from the throne to make way for his eldest son when he reports now from tokyo.
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after more than thirty years on the throne emperor akihito made a slow final walk into the serum o'neill room in the imperial palace as was so often the case throughout his reign he was accompanied and supported by his wife improves michiko like he told then spoke for the last time as emperor of japan much it is fortunate that i have been able to perform my duty as imperator we perform trust and respect for the chap and these people for thirty years since my ascension to the trial to the people who accepted and supported me as a symbol i express my art felt frank's. there was little fanfare or fast surrounding the ceremony which lasted around ten minutes that low key nature of it was perhaps fitting for an emperor who sought to change the perception of the role one of akihito as legacies is that he modernized the imperial family by attempting
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to make it relevant and because of that there is still widespread public support for it according to polling and there was also overwhelming support for this abdication. in a surprise speech three years ago he said he felt his health and age would prevent him performing his duties but he had to stop short of saying he wanted to retire because there was no law allowing for abdication but the message from the palace and the support for his wishes from the public meant the government had little choice but to pass a one off law allowing for the abdication. kind of to morrow with the day of publication the long years old with the emperor has taught for the happiness and sadness of the people of libya once again the feeling of the prospect and banks among those at the ceremony the oldest son of akihito crown prince know he who on wednesday will become the one hundred twenty sixth emperor of japan that will be
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his day this one belonged to emperor akihito after a few minutes the abdication was complete the eighty five year old offered a bow and a moment's reflection before leaving the room heading for a quieter life wayne hay al-jazeera tokyo. thousands of prominent afghans are down there in kabul as leaders discuss how to deal with the taliban the meeting known as the loya jirgah has been a way to bring afghans together for centuries but many polluting the taliban have boycotted the event saying it would not be productive among them the second most powerful man in the country afghanistan's chief executive. in kabul. this is the day where the action truly begins at the loya jirga more than three thousand people in the big white building you see behind me have broken into groups broken into fifty committees to try to discuss and define what should look like in afghanistan they will be in these groups debating that question for anywhere
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between three and seven days they will do that by trying to answer a question of those four questions what needs to be done to achieve long lasting pain is what value should be safeguarded if the government does get to talk with the taliban what value should be safeguarded in those talks what type of personality should represent the afghan government in those talks and lastly foreign policy what should the government's foreign policy be towards countries that do support the taliban now in that in that there are more than three thousand people they are meant to represent different ages different ethnicities different religions they mean to come from every district across afghanistan and truly represent the afghan population and trying to answer these questions there is some criticism that that is not entirely true because the taliban does control who can taste about forty six percent of the country and they are not in support of this loya jirga if people from those areas came here they would face real danger upon
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returning to those taliban areas because the taliban does not support it therefore the government's workaround as being to pull people in originally from those areas who may now live in kabul to represent the home districts they may have been away for ten or fifteen years so whether or not they do try. lee represent those areas that is up for debate still ahead for you on this news hour the u.s. president says anyone seeking asylum she get a bill from the government that might be easier said than done however also sri lanka's catholic church says public mass will resume on sunday but still amid tight security and could this man be about to challenge for the world heavyweight title paul have the rest of the sport about tend to be on. how low the weather is now law as you draw the across the middle east but we have
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still see some right rather lively weather this area cloud making its way into northern parts of iran behind that some very strong winds talking in a storm just to the south of baghdad. pretty difficult travelling conditions quite chaotic conditions for a toddler things quieting down as you go on through the next couple of days for the race i think is he also sunshine twenty cells just that and couple we're getting up to thirty five in baghdad the temperatures really starting to ramp up now with six times as many touching one hundred found hot thursday off a little more cloud coming into the eleventh day spa so to write just around the coastal fringes of that eastern side of the method to celsius in kuwait generally settled and sunny has settled in sunny to across the a radiant peninsula and again the temperature starting to ramp up such a strong wind that still have caused all the pots of saudi arabia for todd on wednesday easing back on thursday a little bit of cloud just another the eastern side of the peninsula we are going
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to see it warming up those a set as ever the next couple of days for southern africa but jenny trying to south africa but i'm afraid the showers continue the northern parts of mozambique. may on al jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of ultranationalist a new series if you want a winning environmental push meet some of the people striving to protect the planet twenty five years after coming to power can be a unseen maintain its political dominance in south africa and a massive documentary series compromise of two young lives in rule kenya and out in brazil over the past twenty years i do eat breakfast still looming and populism on the rhine across europe will these elections become a referendum on the you sent me on al-jazeera.
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made me every week a nissan who brings a series of breaking stories until you've been listening finest as we turn the cameras on the media. i'm focused on how they report on the stories that matter. on al-jazeera. you're on the news hour we're going to remind you of the developing news the breaking news indeed out of venezuela this hour these are the live pictures of protesters supporters of one guy who is now talking about the final push in his attempt to topple president nicolas maduro these supporters have breached that
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fence they're throwing tear gas back towards the army who are firing at them got a little more context for this shot just now actually have a look at these pictures as we see a wide shot in the background. air base which appears and there are reports of part of a being on fire towards the back don't get that confused with the white smoke you're seeing which is the tear gas and there are a number of russian made helicopters that are trying to be moved now by the military to safety so that they don't catch on fire so that just puts it in a little bit of context we were wondering what that fence was but that is a fence bordering the airbase in. sort of fast moving situation developing situation out of caracas which we are keeping a close eye on. also thinking about sudan where the military council is warned protesters there not to take the law into their own hands many are on the streets calling for a civilian government leaders say they're negotiating with protest leaders in good
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faith however. and news from japan today where the emperor akihito formally abdicated during the ceremony in tokyo he thanked the public and said he prays for peace the rich. which involves handing over the chrysanthemum throne to his son took place at the imperial palace the crown prince not a veto will now be japan's emperor. more on the continuing protests in sudan now and protesters there say they don't trust the military and want and their protest until power is handed to a civilian government. has more of their stories. there was a confrontation all tied to sudanese military headquarters protesters attacking that demand for at a time to civilian rule to the gates of the building that houses the contest minute to prove us these after the transitional military council last fall the reopening of roads bridges and railways blocked by the protesters not order completely
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changed outposts way. almost immediately the protesters began reinforcing the body kates they say the military is a real intention is to disperse them. the governor. or i have all but no one can remove those barricades i have been put by the protesters to particular lives and i only day can remove it. until now this has been a happy place for weeks the protests the sutt here chanting and singing themselves hoarse they need peace justice and freedom us tension rises their message to the transitional military council is simply hand over power and. the impact of the blockade of the old somebody kidded bridges is being felt across the cup at a traffic gridlock south called one of the few streets in central hub tunes that are still open they follow solomon has been a taxi driver here for more than twenty years now neat.
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business is bad my income has gone down by up to sixty five percent since the roads were closed. for many sudanese the thought of going back to anything similar to the bush era years is unbearable and for now the protests have the support and the protests not disruptive but it's always that we would not have seen a close roads or even protests if we didn't have to even say it's talks between the military council position parties and protest organizers to form a transitional government a continuing but not deal husband which. several rounds of negotiations the most optimistic hope that the luck of a breakthrough is just another glitch in what is undoubtedly going to be a long process and the talks will eventually bear fruit. out here. but they're tending not going to. come about the well just the hard time so.
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let's go to washington now joining us on skype john temin who is the africa director at freedom house to talk about some of this it really comes down to trust doesn't it there is or shall we say a lack of trust and a lack of trust between all sides so no matter how much they talk about dealing with each other in good faith and and negotiating is that underlying mistrust the whole time. a lot of it is about trust and a lot of it is simply about power and authority and we have the transitional military council and the opposition forces going forward very different visions of the country is run the transitional military council is talking about this ten person council in which the military holds seven seats a clear majority whereas the opposition is now talking about a fifteen person council and a whole hold eight seats is smaller majority so it does seem like the negotiations
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are still far from concluding one thing i would say is that this protest movement is one which doesn't back down it has actually already got a lot of concessions i mean they got rid of president omar al bashir in the first place which was which was huge we can't forget that do you think that this protest movement can hold that amount of pressure. i do because they've managed to maintain this movement and a lot of this pressure for more than four months now which is longer than any protests in sudan have been sustained for many years. there have been many predictions that the protests will fizzle that they'll go away none of those have proven correct and i think now they have had some successes there even more momentum behind them and more people from around the country are coming to join those protests but long term i mean we're talking years here we're not the idea of fully transitioning which is what the protesters do want at some point it's going
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to be a years long process. absolutely the military is talking about a two year period towards elections which is pretty short the opposition is talking about a four year period which is probably more realistic given everything that we need to happen in terms of the infrastructure in preparations for elections but even beyond elections sudan optimistically is entering a many year period accountability and reconciliation and trying to move past thirty year is authoritarian rule we know from situations somewhat similar in other places that it takes many years if not decades to move past that kind of an ugly history so what is your feeling about the initial future then as these talks go on and. you can get a situation where everyone sort of stone walls and says no i want this and the
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other side says no i want this how do you say it playing out. well i think there's two really important factors here one is on the street and the extent to which the protesters can maintain their momentum can maintain their numbers and can maintain the pressure that way and to is the external influences particularly the external countries that are talking to the millet. terry council and there's a lot of engagement going on there with the gulf countries with egypt with turkey the content of those conversations very important and there's a lot of questions as to whether other countries including the united states are going to engage more and try to shape outcomes more so far the u.s. in particular has been more of a bystander john temin talking sudan with us on the news out thank you. thanks for having me. situation deteriorating even further in venezuela now live pictures from caracas there is you see. the vehicles out on the streets there. absolute
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chaos really you know as i said that that the context of all this is that it is happening all outside the. base in caracas hopefully we'll get to watch a little bit and then we can actually put it in context for you but i would see that shot lines of. the personnel and or riot police trying to hold the protesters back. he has some of the pictures we saw just a little while ago. by gangs in the background there the army vehicles in the middle to tear gas the ever present tear gas that's been there for hours now and often you see the protesters sort of lobbing it back towards the me as well and then in the back of shot as well a lot more personnel carriers and troops coming in. police we're being told are on those spikes as well apologies just getting
6:42 pm
a lot of this in in real time regardless it is a dramatic development there and this happening outside an air base there was a fire in the base as well they've been trying to move some of the helicopters out of the way of that fire as well and all the while these protests happening on the streets outside the air base as i keep saying we keeping a really close eye on this one i'm looking for more information. as it. goodness. asylum seekers in the u.s. are going to face tough restrictions on the new orders from president donald trump under his latest proposal asylum seekers will be charged a fee to process their applications and those who enter the country illegally would be barred from even applying for such permits until their case is heard and they cleared by immigration officials and i talked to alan fischer about this now in washington any more details allan and is this just one of donald trump sort of declarations that he makes on social media or just says i'm going to do this or is there real movement here real traction. while he's told the attorney general the
6:43 pm
department of homeland security he wants answers from within ninety days on how to go ahead with this idea certainly we know that donald trump is moving are we from the idea of a physical body in this case although he still wants to build one to dealing more with the process which is what this is all about but it's estimated that one hundred three thousand people came across the border last month the highest in more than ten years and it's estimated again that sixty percent of them came from central america and they were bringing their children know what donald trump is suggesting that in future that anyone that comes across the border and asks for asylum will have to appear fi if they get into the country at that point then they will not be given a work permit they will not be able to work at all and then they will have one hundred eighty days in which their case will be haired and there's every
6:44 pm
possibility then at the end of that they will be thrown out of the country the sticking point of course this could still go before the courts. allan i'm going to leave you there thank you for that update there on the asylum story i'm going to leave you there because again the pictures out of venezuela let's go back to them we've got this these the live pictures or is this these are the live pictures right now army vehicles. and personnel at the back of the shop protesters in the foreground but watch this from just a few moments ago watching the sound of the corner of my eye as he was speaking to alan fischer a protest is throwing rocks starting whatever they can at the military vehicles. one of them hit by i'm guessing a rock on the windscreen there and then watch happens as these two vehicles get closer and closer to the protesters this is quite extraordinary knocking down protesters they're actively going after them and it's not a case of people just being in the way they're being actively targeted by these
6:45 pm
vehicles and pretty sure you'll see it happen here again the vehicle coming under attack from the protesters and there. that is absolutely extraordinary. these pictures just a few moments ago from caracas only two or three minutes ago vehicles driving straight into protesters these are the protesters supporting one who is talking about a final push in venezuela to. topple nicolas maduro as the president. and then that one's been lit on fire as well i don't know if that's the same vehicle we saw two vehicles and shot before but certainly one of them on fire now. and some of the water being sprayed onto to put it out and these are quite extraordinary pictures coming out of caracas let's go to the live pictures again now. and it tells the story of more vehicles coming in more vehicles coming
6:46 pm
online towards the back of the riot police or. army personnel and the protests the protests numbers have gotten a lot they get can't wait that all the wide shot is that possible the picture quality is not great unfortunately but we'll go there anyway you're getting an idea of more people coming in there the lucky. base in qatar this is to the left of this shot but the confrontation is happening outside the perimeter of it now water cannon being deployed to the top of your screen right now as well predictable sort of thing in these situations where there are large numbers of protesters these are the protesters the people who for so long have been wanting . nicolas maduro to step down they have supported one who today surrounded himself with some soldiers and said come out onto the streets this is the final push this is our moment and we're speaking to one of his representatives earlier was calling
6:47 pm
it the final push to topple nicolas maduro going to try to go to that. we've got another wide shot but the quality is not brilliant how about now let's go there now there that's the base in the background there is some dark smoke or this certainly was in the background there suggesting part of that air base was on fire and we saw heavy weaponry and. helicopters russian made helicopters being moved out of those hangars so that they would be further away from the fires and then on that road around the outside the perimeter road all these protesters it's quite extraordinary what we're seeing in caracas as i say we will keep on with other news but we're always keeping a close eye on the pictures there and we'll bring you the latest as it happens. developments in sri lanka now where the catholic church will resume sunday mass on may fifth after a break since the attacks over a step the archbishop of colombo cardinal malcolm around you spoke earlier of his
6:48 pm
dissatisfaction with the government's investigation so far officials to act before people take the law into their own hands. instead of going along with the government i mean these that they have the anybody just got. to do that. and this is a. if. you do that you eat badly in this country do not have any trust in government and all going to. be having to do that be able to get. this to see and meanwhile the sri lankan government has lifted a ban on social media which was put in place off to the easter sunday bombings platforms were blocked swiftly after the attacks with the government calling it a move to fight against information. still more ahead on the.
6:49 pm
venezuela and then also poll will tell you how a well rested i.x. hopes to deny him a historic european win that's coming up a new sport. get
6:50 pm
you caught up on the sports news now with poll come all thank you very much the denver nuggets have taken game on and be a second round playoff series against the pole and trailblazer plays as let them to victory with a stellar performance as david starts reports. no
6:51 pm
doubt who stole the show in denver on monday night whether it was assists. i don't see the point is. if you see. three just brute force your. seven foot nicolay your kitchen wrecked up thirty seven points and even had a hand in the play of the day you see ok. i. did she said tell me look at this oh look at this piece put on the ball finished by here. denver ended up winning comfortably taking the game by eight point zero. i think. they go one up in the best of seven series leaving the trailblazers scratching their heads wondering just how they're going to cope with jock itch what can you do against him defensively. well that's part of researchers will
6:52 pm
be watching the video and trying to figure something else. to figure it out quick game two is on wednesday david stokes al-jazeera. in monday's other game the seventy six has been the raptors to square that series at one h. meanwhile the winners of the college women's basketball championship have been at the white house to celebrate their third title with president donald trump the winners of the men's competition have declined an invitation to meet trump for the past three years but not so bale is lady bears he crowded into the oval office on monday during the visit president trump asked head coach kim mulkey if she'd like to work at the white house which she replied no and then suggested trump might not look his best in a baylor jersey. first of all thank you for inviting us and we would like to present you with one of our jerseys i love and. it may not be the right side of making or are you know way or given to you know i
6:53 pm
love short sleeves such a. great great definition of said lonnie you ladies are better and. boxing's undefeated a heavyweight world champion anthony joshua is about to find out who he'll take on in his next fight after the previous challenger failed a drugs test the favorite candidate is american andy rooney is junior a twenty nine year old is heavier than joshua but four inches shorter he has a big reach disadvantage to replace general miller who was denied a license for the june first fight at new york's madison square garden. where boxing journalist gareth a davis told us that this was all about joshua making an impact in his u.s. debut but the fight fans will likely to be frustrated by yet another locate match up. he's a very decent book so he's got very fast hands and that could be the thing that he heard rob mccracken in the joshua team will be kind of making him be wary of early
6:54 pm
in the fights because ruiz will come and put everything on the line because he's only had a very very short time when they fight five in a bit weeks for anthony joe sure this is about the and sunni joshi will show going to america staking its claim in the ground putting the flag in the ground put a very brave face on it went to rome who have tested positive for e.p.o. and h.g.h. something is not going to be right with him about the fact he isn't fighting this guy who would upset him in the general miller had a reason for fighting general miller he's now going to find a reason for fighting and you ruiz but the big disappointment as you well know is boxing fans in the world know it is at the moment we're seeing the semifinal. it's not joshua it's not tyson fury and it's not the onset wilder nor indeed gillian white in there probably the full top heavy weight in the world it's sammy finals
6:55 pm
all the time it's incredibly frustrating so in a way it doesn't matter if it's general miller and you're always travel brian michael hunter it's just an american named joshua will knock out that's what they want that's the storyline they want but for us out here on the sports fans what we want are the undefeated heavyweights facing each other in a few hours' time tottenham hotspur will play in their first european cup semifinal in fifty seven years as they host i x. in london spurs will be missing korean striker some young men three suspension for this first leg and also the injured harry kane i.x. have had an extra four days' rest compared to tottenham after the dutch league perspiring matches to help and prepare. when you arrive in this situations of the final of champions league the big thing to prepare i think the most for early to prepare is to have the same time to prepare for the team but it is not an excuse only the scope of the. world cup win for me
6:56 pm
is going to be front of the semifinal as for the fourth time when as i x. there back in the seventies for the first time in more than twenty years the dutch league leaders have already beaten last season's winners a real madrid and a tally in champions eventis in the knockout rounds their coach says that while his team may be more rested tottenham's financial strength is something i x. can't compete with there is an altar to school in almost all but there are always different circumstances we play in the dutch leak we have ten million euros that we get from television and tottenham gets well i don't know what they get but a lot more is that still on for those are the circumstances you just have to deal with those circumstances and that is what we do and that is the way it is this. all right that's your sport for now call thank you and update before we go on what we've been seeing out of venezuela these pictures from about ten minutes ago also a warning quite distressing in some points you see vehicles from the venezuela national
6:57 pm
guard going up against protesters protesters supporting. sticks and rocks at the vehicle and the vehicle in the center of your screen now it comes under something of an attack from those protestors the other vehicle comes straight through and runs straight through that crowd of people it's an extraordinary side is the venezuelan national guard vehicle this is all happening outside the. base in venezuela in. an uprising of supporters of. the opposition leader who has called for them to make the final push to oust. however the defense minister vladimir has been on television in venezuela in fact we might have him just now surrounded by personnel and pledging the military's support and loyalty to president nicolas maduro it is
6:58 pm
a fast developing situation in caracas we'll have an update from our latin america correspondents in just a few moments to see you in two minutes time. when your fiancee lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera.
6:59 pm
conservation is helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of site each at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves or refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. it's all too familiar. innocent lives ended in an instant. then grief anger and the debate around firearms but for survivors and families of the four then reality often changes
7:00 pm
forever. faultlines investigates the long lasting trauma inflicted on communities the aftermath mass shootings in america on al-jazeera. no turning back says venezuela's all position leader has his supporters stand up to military tanks on the streets of caracas. once again from doha everyone come out santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera there is also a warning from sudan's military to protesters there clear your barricades and respect the law. for the first time in two hundred years a japanese emperor has stepped down from his throne and hope for some of pakistan's refugees who've been living in corrupt cheap about citizenship but he has.


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