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he waste of china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole rom and you watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes fighting on the streets of venezuela opposition leader one calls for a military uprising against president nicolas maduro also sudan's that military rulers warned protesters not to take the law into their own hands and call on them to remove roadblocks. also u.s. president donald trump says he may declare the muslim brotherhood
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a foreign terrorist organization. ushering in a new era japan's emperor akihito bows out of his role handing the throne to his eldest son. welcome to the news our venezuelan opposition leader why don't you has lost what he called the final phase of the operation to oust president nicolas maduro and his government were called it a small scale uprising it all led to violent protests on the streets the european union is calling for restraint and the u.s. says all options are on the table a warning that some viewers may find images in this report from daniel schreiber disturbing. this one why though decided is the moment that the anger in discontent raging throughout venezuela is right to our. president nicolas
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maduro and his government he posted this video filmed outside. in the early hours of the morning surrounded by troops who have joined his cause. the call is for everyone to come out into the streets at this moment and to back what we've built over the years we're now here in the streets not only with the international community and not only our citizens but now with the national on forces. he was joined by another opposition leader leopoldo lopez who was released from house arrest hours earlier and later was reported to a refuge in the chilean embassy in caracas for. defend freedom out with tyranny everyone out onto the street. was fired and there were reports of shooting between pro and anti government security forces then as they marched this. a national guard vehicle driving into protesters. president nicolas maduro who is face constant
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opposition since he took office in two thousand and thirteen called the move a small uprising by traitorous officers backed by the united states he said he counted on the total support of the venice walen people and the military high command. the calls venezuelan people is for calm for sensitivity there is nothing that will endanger our institutions or democracy in venezuela at this moment i the world is also divided the united states along with neighboring colombia and brazil has called on the venice walen people the military to support. russia has accused the opposition of provoking violence while spain in the united nations among others have called for both sides to exercise restraint the situation is unfolding as we speak we are also the united nations is also reaching out to the parties the secretary general urges all sides to exercise maximum or straight and he appeals to all stakeholders to avoid any violence and take immediate steps to
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restore calm. because my daughter support has been draining after years of rampant inflation high crime in food and medicine shortages millions of venezuelans have fled the country it is always defied his critics and held on this however is his biggest challenge so far. how does iraq our lot in america deter lucien human joins me now from havana in cuba. president trump is weighing in on sort of potential sanctions on cuba and their support for venezuela i mean why focus on her banner and what reaction are you getting to that news there . the reason why. why president trump and then the secretary of state colin powell constantly focus on how that is because they believe that the cuban government and more specifically the cuban military and the counter intelligence services are helping to keep
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president in power and so just a few hours ago president trump said that unless cuba withdrew its military forces and i have to say that cuba denies that it has military forces in venezuela that unless it would drool that support for my little then the united states would increase even further already brutal economic sanctions that have been imposed over the last month or so by washington so that is the connection between both in the meantime there is so much uncertainty still hale about what is actually happening at this hour in venezuela we just heard from daniel but exactly what happened and what is going to happen is the big question i couldn't i can go over that if you like but there are many many details we know that lopez was apparently released by the head of venezuela's secret police services and that the head of that secret police service turned on president mahmud durrani is now under arrest that is very
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very significant indeed we also know or we have we have heard that there are other high ranking members of the army the bill a very unguarded even at the supreme court that were apparently considering turning on president my little and we haven't heard from president at all for at least the last six hours so riled while right now things are pretty calm out on the streets in venice with that nobody is really sure what is going to happen next. in the opposition leaders at the moment let's just. focus turns to what you just mentioned about the military because again the position of the military has been in flux over several months now. it's crucial for both the incumbent president and. appeal to. help support and that's what was doing today. that's right that's exactly right but this is not new he has been doing it over and
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over again for the last three months since he was proclaimed the interim president by the by the opposition controlled a national assembly and recognized by around fifty countries around the world what he has done over and over again is to appeal to the military to turn on my president model and to side quote on the side of the constitution little by little we have seen signs that there have been cracks in the military but not enough president until right now has still managed to keep the control of the troops and of the high ranking members of the army and the builder varian guard until now but as i say it's very unclear right now at this hour exactly what is happening why we haven't heard from the president yet and nobody knows either where where why ball is at this hour there has according to chilean state television he is inside the chilean embassy at this hour but that he has not asked for asylum on like little paul de la pluche and his family who are inside the embassy so what will happen and
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then following hours before the famous may day march that he had called for is unknown in terms of lopez's release why don't we just focus here for a second how do we see the two if lopez has been released in the way that we think he has and that's not really being confirmed as such because he's just so you held up in. chile an embassy how do you think that sort of joint two pronged attack of you might say freedom politicians is going to work will one give way to the other will take over why do will go i don't know how police move to one side how do you think it's going to operate or was it too soon to discuss that sort of jigsaw puzzle. that there's a lot of speculation about what would happen there are so many ifs but just to begin with the biggest gift of all is whether wired dot will actually be able to exercise power at all he is now a so-called interim president but with absolutely no power while. president
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actually controls the country at least of this at this hour but if that were to change there were to be a transition would. step aside and allow somebody like the lopez that's really perhaps not even up to him at all because according to the opposition they would have to be some kind of an agreement amongst all the opposition parties as to who would run as a presidential candidate if and when there are elections and there's been some moves in the national assembly to try to set of conditions if they can to hold elections in around eight or nine months time but of course that would require president nicolas maduro to step down first and we have no sign we don't see no signs of that happening any time soon wolf for the moment we'll leave it there from a very blustery alyse and maybe join you later in the day thank you. the reaction from the united states the national security adviser as lucy mentioned john bolton since that situation in venezuela is the summit president trying to take control
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can be held at times more from washington d.c. . the united states continues to be somewhat secretive about its role in venice well and the events that are taking place the u.s. national security advisor would only say the country is offering venezuela humanitarian support and quote a lot of other things but he would not say what those things were when asked directly about military intervention he said that all options remain on the table but for now the united states supports a peaceful transfer of power that the us president is monitoring the situation in venezuela by the minute and he also said that he was the people in venezuela to go through what they said they would do to allow for a transition of power if this effort fails they will sink into a dictatorship from which there are very few possible alternatives it's a very delicate moment i want to stress again the president wants to see a peaceful transfer of power from the doro to go i don't know that possibility
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still exists if enough figures depart from the regime and support the opposition there john bolton also said that he does not view what is taking place in venezuela as any sort of who and when asked about some support on the ground for president nicolas maduro someone the united states does not support he said this is really just military fear of cuban security forces mcgirr is directing his thugs to conduct his affairs he went on to caution russia for its involvement as well in venezuela saying that they view the actions of russia in venezuela to be very serious and that we expect the russians not to interfere so very clear on the u.s. position by the national security adviser john bolton that the united states still continues to push for a peaceful transfer of power to the interim leader one. of the united nations some will says the violence in caracas is
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a military. coupe created by the u.s. apple yellow but it was a very dangerous incident that was supported by the us government they knew what was happening like in chile in the seventy's or as in any other country in latin america this demonstrates that the us government considers venezuela part of its property and through war they want to destabilize using domestic agents. bill amato is a political analyst focusing on but as well as she joins me now via skype from los angeles very good to have you with us live on al-jazeera midsomer a row i mean if president trump is focusing is anger on cuba and threatening them with sanctions surely he should also be saying it to russia china and turkey. yes obviously this is not just any. democracy minister that where there are a number of geopolitical forces moving around and putting their hand then.
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we know that the united states has been backing away though and we also know that russia and turkey have been backing and of course cuba has been in venezuela for a while inside the military so. i heard today that a lot of the tweets there were coming later in the day when most of the internet was down. because it was early on that everyone was communicating thought through tweeter and what savak said or wrote and later as different media was shut down the internet was also shut down in most parts of it so that you so i have an uptick in a lot of promise to it and as i started the n.s.a. i found that many of them were coming from so. this is the interesting stuff that's happening right now. because of the country's obviously very polarized we can see that on the streets we saw it in the images certainly today in terms of those images in terms of the military calls potentially what we saw targeting
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civilian demonstrators is that a sea change is that a change in tactics how do you read that. it's not a change over the years than say or has had many the opposition has had many protests large protests like it and different kinds of activities that have been attacked by the government different kinds of repression including surely being killing putting people in jail other candidates are usually what happened with attacks today rolling over people and so one particular image that was you know many people between and shared but it's important also to note that there were government officials. from buildings into the march there was there was a company where you go and have followed up as the front of a lot of this went to the chilean embassy so. obviously
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going to. you know was reacting struggling to what he perceived as a coup and we don't know what was happening with kind of a lot of rumors that they were indeed it's a very difficult situation to actually pinpoint or you want to get a hold on when when communications are down and social media whether it's false news or not is also adding to that mix how do you react then and how do you read the situation of us you mentioned being released from sort of military custody and now in the chilean embassy and go i do appealing again to the military to support him i mean is this a new thrust such now that has been released and that might give the opposition supporters more support more drive to get what they want. well the the the thing was the surprise element and today nobody was expecting this to happen today and the fact that you were the longest was released by his own captors actually the chief of this i mean which is the top military intelligence
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service was arrested and he had he put out a community through through through allies but he was. he was the one order. on the lot was to be released so there is certainly some breakups in there in the men in the military not enough to overthrow but obviously there were people also from the. national guard that when we were you know or and and that really is the follow up is i think with the intention of creating this is legitimacy and saying well we're going to be released political prisoners there's more than seven hundred political prisoners in a cellar but they could not release anyone out as far as i know it's a very interesting time of course will continue to follow a vote and so for the moment to pull our motto in los angeles thanks so much for joining us on for your insight. all right there are plenty more ahead here on the
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al-jazeera news hour including sri lanka's catholic church says public mass will resume this weekend of a tight security following easter sunday as attacks a killed more than two hundred fifty people. also the u.k. opposition agrees to back a second referendum on breaks it but only under certain conditions and its advantage i.x. in the champions league seven finals they be told them to move a step closer to the biggest match in european club football. to sit down where the ruling military council has asked protesters not to take the law into their own hands the military said it still hopes to now are differences with protest leaders who are still on the streets calling for a civilian government has more from khartoum. sudan stopped generals warned their patience has limits they want the protesters on the streets of the capital khartoum
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to remove roadblocks checkpoints and allow trains to bring food supplies across the country where they were there we are responsible and we have to take responsibility as a military council as a transitional knitted a council we have to protect the citizen and protect the law we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and properties of the state and we will deal with this firmly and in accordance with the law this is what we wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury. the army's warning comes after talks with the opposition hit a snag the two sides have agreed to form a new body to run the country until the next elections the army wants a majority in the transitional body. and so far it has avoided an escalation that might lead to an armed confrontation and. we have made many concessions for the sake of protecting our nation and preventing scenarios similar to what happened in
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neighboring countries we want to talk to end quickly so that the tension deescalate . but the young activists behind the mass protest movement that toppled president omar al bashir worry the military is buying time to prevent a civilian takeover. they say they want the army's role or stick to it and its influence contained during the transitional period. in a press conference on tuesday so that it's professional association denounced the military saying they have no desire to give up power to civilians here at least. the military council is not serious about transferring power to civilians it is clear they want to keep power and retain it for themselves this is unacceptable the revolution did not take place in order to stop a unilateral military regime and another unilateral military regime therefore this will not be accepted and is not acceptable but strong statements that sound
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ultimatums have replaced the soft and optimistic language of the last few days casting doubts over the prospects of the talks that are now stalled until further notice hammered by. khartoum protesters have refused to comply with the military's request to remove the roadblocks and barricades remain in place throughout khartoum mohamed atta has this update from the sudanese capital. the transitional military council and the forces for freedom and change which is basically made up of civil society activists and. create a position this will be an organizing the. getting. hard by the day that talks between them have not had any breakthrough they are at loggerheads on agreeing on the four mission of the transitional administration that they had agreed to form between them the opposition negotiators are now accusing the
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transitional military harmful of not being ready to share power and also for setting themselves up at the presidential palace saying that they have not stopped that this is revolution just to hunt all over power to another unit a lot of military administration and say this is unacceptable and that they're not short of options already they are called for a million man march on thursday and they say that they also have another wild card which is a general strike which they say could have the potential of shutting down the entire country. gyptian courters a muslim brotherhood businessman to life in prison the court found her son mullick guilty of what it calls terrorism charges and for harming the economy his son for those were given the same sentence malik made his fortune through a chain of electronic stalls he was an informal adviser to egypt's former president mohamed morsy. so the entire says it's planning to designate the muslim brotherhood
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as a foreign terrorist organization and this could bring sanctions against the group as well as companies and individuals who interact with it egypt's president of the reportedly urged president donald trump to make the designation in a meeting earlier this month mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . an implacable enemy of the muslim brotherhood receives the warmest of welcomes at the white house egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi has long been pressing president trump to take action against the organization which along with the liberal opposition has been the target of a massive crackdown by cc's forces in egypt. the softer the muslim brotherhood one egypt's first democratic election in two thousand and twelve. before being ousted in a military takeover the following year. the white house choosing to support the autocrat rather than the democratically elected would slim brotherhood he deposed the
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president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern says the press secretary in an e-mail and this designation is working its way through the internal process among those in the region clearly not consulted president earlier one in turkey who's a strong backer of the muslim brotherhood all countries like to near zero and morocco where the organization is an integral part of the democratic process. in both tunisia and in morocco. the muslim brotherhood affiliated parties are represented in the parliaments and their major players and. to the extent that they fall under this designation it would be common possible for the us government to have diplomatic relations with them it would be hard for them to have contact with them allies that are likely to have been consulted include israel and saudi
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arabia that sites cut a support for the muslim brotherhood as a reason for the ongoing blockade of that country. but the apparent peace mint of countries like saudi arabia may be only one reason for the trumpet ministrations deliberations another is domestic the decision to outlaw the brotherhood would play well to president trump's political base which is deeply distrustful of any movement that beaches the word muslim. my kind of al-jazeera washington on cole is professor of history at the university of michigan and also of engaging the muslim world he joins me now from michigan good to have you with a certain it's called i mean why do you think that the u.s. president wants to do this if these reports are true well president trump has in a way made his presidential career on islam a phobia has a to do the ban on some muslims coming the united states designating several
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countries. and has spoken of islam as hating us that is america and the united states so i think that presidency sees whispering in his ear. very willing accomplice indeed i mean his presidency self as a muslim so what wonders why the muslim brotherhood is such a threat. well the muslim brotherhood represents political islam and by the way it's not clear yet whether the designation would be of the egyptian muslim brotherhood because the brotherhood is not in fact a single organization it's more of a tendency outlining a tendency in u.s. law would would be very difficult as was mentioned by mike hanna. the prime minister of iraq oh could fall under this ban but it seems a little unlikely but indeed as you say that the muslim brotherhood themselves have
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been involved if we call in people power and as you mentioned to his ear libya egypt and of course in egypt they will not democratic election before being toppled by the military i mean how would their role in social activism be restricted if you have as you said you know. some leaders of democratically independent nations have got them as the prime ministers all presidents. yes well there are several issues here one is that if the terrorist listing was of muslim brotherhood and muslim brotherhood affiliated organizations then it would affect a very large range of social movements in the middle east including the us pentagon is afraid sensually allies of the united states many of the sunnis in iraq for instance who cooperated with the us. were aware of a muslim brotherhood tendency the brotherhood has purchased and in jordan.
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and isn't always. pathetic to the united states and i think the pentagon is also worried that. if there is a large group of people in the middle east who are interested in political islam the brotherhood as a relatively democratic organization or an organization willing to participate in democratic elections is sidelined as a terrorist then that will actually open up space for more people to join the terrorist side of things and the cause has more relevance really closer to home where you are because in terms of the muslim brotherhood there is a connection really is that not an impact on the balkan states not the council of islamic relations where american politicians how did that conversation with a much wider islamic despoja. yes well of course
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there are large numbers of people there estates who consider themselves muslim brothers or who whose parents were and the islam a phobic movement in the united states people who hate islam have tagged the council on american islamic relations as a brotherhood affiliated organization it's not to my knowledge but senator ted cruz of texas has spoken this way and so listing of the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization could have a terrible impact on the ability of muslim americans to organize to keep banks of lawyers to defend themselves from civil rights violations and this this could as you say affect u.s. domestic politics as well we'll see what happens from moment one call thanks so much for joining us from the u.s. . forces allied to libya's u.n. recognized government have retaken control of a strategic military camp close to the capital and it's treated on several times
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since troops loyal to warlord kleefisch after launched operation to take gave a tripoli last month of the one hit. this is the. military camp this is one of of the biggest military camps on the highway linking to police city center to the international airport in active international. here that forces loyal to the u.n. you could name the government say that they have recaptured biss camp and yet i'm ok camp after have to his forces briefly took control of this is this little area. this whole area is a is a battlefield. here also. the government forces here say that. have those warplanes probably got their locations with advantage rockets and guided missiles and in many cases grad missiles land it is
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their areas that way killing innocent civilians including women and children the government forces here say that those are the volcano of wrath operation forces the volcano of wrath operation led by forces loyal to the un their kidneys the government here they say that the out of the plan meant not only to push have to his forces back beyond the southern parts of tripoli but also to chase them to the city of and the city of the hohner at least twenty five people killed during the time the village in northeastern nigeria victims' relatives believe that boko haram is behind the attack there's been no immediate claim of responsibility but the armed group is known for attacking villages in the area. two workers for royal dutch shell who were kidnapped in nigeria southern the niger delta region last week have been rescued they were attacked while returning from an official
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trip to the southern and by less state. there's reports from some far this type of crime is becoming increasingly rampant all across the west african country. kidnapping for ransom is becoming one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in niger it's not restricted to places like the northwest of nigeria like in this impoverished community where the residents had to pay several thousand dollars to kidnap us over the last one year to get their own people released from the kidnappers all the oil producing niger delta why expired treats and the rich are being targeted by these criminals now it's even spread to other parts of nigeria in the capital it's so difficult to move from a to kaduna which is just less than two hundred kilometers away from the federal capital now almost every week we have reports of people being abducted on a highway that is supposedly being protected by the security forces the nigerian government has deployed the military to help civil authorities deal with
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a problem but because of the attraction in these criminal enterprise a lot of young men are ending up being kidnapped as well still ahead here on the news are the changing face of israel's politics the new parliament is. thousands are in kabul for the second day of a prominent gathering is leaders discuss how to deal with the taliban. for cycling this team in all states to the road will have those details. hello again this hour do want to start here across the united states where it is severe weather season and that's exactly what we're going to be seeing over the next few days particular here across the central plains and then making its way up here towards the midwest now all these clouds that you see right here are next
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storm and not just severe weather we do expect to see hail damaging winds as well as the possibility of tornadoes but also the possibility of flooding across much of this area to the north though it is going to be snow still the temperatures are going to be cool enough in the overnight hours that we are going to get below freezing the snow is going to be pushing across much of the canadian provinces and we are going to be seeing temperatures into the low single digits in the overnight hours making their way to the los double digits by the time we get to the afternoon washington d.c. though thirty one degrees is going to be a high as we go towards thursday well plenty of rain here across much of the caribbean over the next few days and that's going to be the trend for the bahamas the rain is going to be quite intense down here towards parts of send me go as well on thursday we may see a break down towards the south but the rain for nasa is still going to be a big problem and then across parts of one is that as well we are looking at some fairly nice conditions here on wednesday with the temps there about one thousand degrees but by the time we get towards thursday more cloud in the forecast and
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tempter coming up to twenty three. may on al-jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of ultranationalist a new series if you want a winning environmental push meet some of the people striving for. twenty five years up to coming to power can be a n c maintain its political dominance in south africa and a massive documentary series on the lives of two young lives will kenya and up and brazil and adapt past twenty years and with bricks that still looming and populism on the rhine across europe will these election. become a referendum on you sell me on al-jazeera. make me every week cleanly cycle brings a series of breaking stories join them listening post as we turn the cameras on the
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media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter demands on al-jazeera . welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news hour with me to hell robin a reminder of our top stories venezuelan opposition leader heart and wider has launched what he calls the final phase of the operation to oust the president security forces fired tear gas and drove a vehicle into protesters president to murder wrote called the move a small scale uprising. sudan's ruling military council has asked protesters not to take the law into their own hands but sudan's opposition is accusing the army of clinging to power as protesters continue to call for
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a civilian government and the white house says it's planning to designate the muslim brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization this could bring sanctions against the group which says it will continue to work in line with its moderate and peaceful thinking. algeria's former prime minister is appearing in court as part of a corruption probe according to the algerian media. or yeah is being investigated of allegations of misusing public money is one of the many senior officials including the finance minister and several billionaires facing judicial investigations earlier this month long time president lizzie's beautifully stepped down under pressure from demonstrators and the military. israel's new parliament has been sworn in three weeks out of the general election the knesset is made up of one hundred twenty members a third of whom will be holding their seats for the first time prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now leading the coalition partners to form the next
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government is the could party and nationalist allies have a sixty five seat majority. from our full sit in west jerusalem. with ceremonials began with the arrival of the israeli president reagan rivlin he inspected an honor guard outside the knesset building before coming into the hall to preside over the swearing in of one hundred twenty members of this twenty first israeli knesset now all of this serving as the backdrop to the real political business at hand which remains the finalizing of benjamin netanyahu new coalition government he and his likud party along with its coalition partners have a majority sixty five to fifty five within the knesset but one of his prospective partners the israel they tend to party which is a secularist right wing party led by the former defense minister avigdor lieberman it is concerned about too much being ceded to the ultra orthodox and religious nationalist parties which themselves are very important partners for benjamin
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netanyahu in any coalition he manages to build and they say that they will pull out if too many of their demands are exceeded to which would be a major stumbling block to having a functioning majority within the knesset of course this knesset also has to deal with any issues arising from the fact that a sitting prime minister is facing pending indictment there a hearing scheduled to take place in the next few weeks on three corruption cases there is talk about a potential law giving the prime minister immunity from prosecution talks about potentially reviving a previous arrangement where and kay's member the knesset had automatic immunity from prosecution unless there is a vote inside the parliament itself as well as that of course there is also the issue of benjamin netanyahu. own pledge given just before the election to start an exceeding illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank and all of this coming just weeks ahead of what we're expecting to be the publication of the trump peace plan so
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a lot on the agenda as this new knesset gets underway. israel has reduced the distance of fishermen from garza can operate in their vessels and now the military says it will be cut to six. fifteen in response to rocket fire from the palestinian territory it accuses islamic jihad of carrying out the attack there the armed group denies the allegation israeli government increased the fishing zone in april as part of a deal with hamas. now the opposition labor party says it will only support another referendum on bret's that under certain decisions it says it'll work to get changes to the prime minister's withdrawal agreement or secure a general election. they could be forgiven if they feel rather confused about the state of british politics at the moment two deadlines to leave the e.u. have already passed and getting a deal through the u.k. parliament is proving extremely elusive after three failed attempts to reason may
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is looking beyond her own party for support because. opposition labor m.p.'s are ongoing to try to strike a deal before the new end of october deadline labor has agreed to support another referendum if it can't get the changes it wants to to resume a stale or general election the party is preparing to fail candidates in european elections of course it wouldn't be taking part we agreed on the manifesto is going to be next week. next it has divided britain like nothing else in recent times after the word and people can respond with an exhausted song by one of britain's new with political parties made up of defectors from the conservatives and labor is pushing for a fresh vote. thanks to the thank you and they. have increasingly people in the united kingdom are looking at
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bracks it with horror i know lots of people are absolutely fed up with it they want an end to the mess and the only way through that is to have that people's vote remain on the ballot paper and as a good campaign we will win it there is prostration among many in britain on both sides of the break to debate about the political impasse at the moment we're just not seeing much happening in british politics in parliament so not much domestically and not much of access. and that's basically because both leaders of both parties are really struggling to bring their m.p.'s along on their backs or positions so there's no guarantee that any time soon there will be a breakthrough this stalemate. it is nearly three years since people in britain went to the polls to decide whether they should stay in all leave the e.u. the result caused a political earthquake and the aftershocks are still being felt and he would al-jazeera in london. security forces on high alert in kabul there's more than three thousand prominent afghans discuss peace for their country it's day two of
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a national assembly called a loya jirga which will steer the government in its negotiations with the taliban says more from kabul. full painted concrete walls holding up the hopes of a nation they call this the loya jirgah taint it's with three thousand afghans a gathering in a ridge national assembly to define what peace looks like in a country that hasn't seen it for a generation we have to back for it because you know we have spent forty one years of war in this country we have lost the family our sons our husbands our sisters our brothers all together and know now this is the this is the chance for us sufi acidic he is hopeful she was elected head of the committee she says it's a sign that gender equality is improving the government says thirty percent of the delegates are women but this is still a country where women and men have separate entrances as of women at the aftermath
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that this is our responsibility just to talk about peace and to believe in that the government has started the diversity of this crowd the young and old from various tribes and religions despite the taliban condemning the gathering organizers say those from television held areas are in attendance in the half of afghanistan to how contested by the armed groups even the area controlled by saying that representative here he is after. representing the people of those areas and they have that. viruses and in order for peace the delegates have been broken into fifty committing sin that cost about three four questions what needs to be done to achieve long lost in case what type of value should be safeguarded in talks with the taliban what kind of personalities should represent the government in these talks and also foreign policy what action should be taken against countries that support the taliban but progress is slow and security is high
2:44 am
a wide cordon surrounds leaving you in a week long public holiday has been to clear to improve security inside the event screening procedures have slowed the schedule. you know. difficult to start particularly in a country when you helped more than forty years and i wore through a lot and particularly animorphs nor. big fishes out here big fishes that have spent two days jockeying for influential roles within the gatherings of ministration now comes the difficult task can three thousand people come up with a can seem says on how the government should negotiate peace with the taliban what's the opinion of the ground about it this is not the officers because you know that you're going to see. off the people are a people who for decades have not known pace that must now help define it charlotte dallas al-jazeera. the catholic church will resume sunday mass on may the fifth
2:45 am
after public services were halted for security reasons following the easter attacks the archbishop of colombo cardinal malcolm run just spoke earlier of his dissatisfaction with the government's investigation so far he has to fishel is to act before people take the law into their own hands but often and as has more from the capital. then sir lanka comes to terms with the situation forced the easter sunday bombings there are still concerns of for that in fact the latest warning coming from nor less than the u.s. ambassador in colombo she basically be climbed to give information about specific delhi gentz in an interview but did say that there is information that those involved with the bombings all plotting for that attacks i believe are warning is valid and still stands which is that we do believe that there is active plotting underway and we have warned us citizens and of course others who might read our
2:46 am
warnings to be mindful of places that might make attractive targets for terrorists and catholic churches basically having some good news the cardinal indicating that the next sunday might be open for church services like the church you see behind me but however the head of the catholic church expressing some frustration and asking the government to allow the interfaith community to try and help with the process with investigations and coming together to try and get a handle on the situation instead of going along with the government commission doing that there would be i mean did he just going to. do that. move uses the already be and this is a. if. you do that because you. believe in this country you
2:47 am
know we need trust in government agencies and organizations. we are willing to do that we go to get. this to see you commission the head of the catholic church obviously giving voice to building frustrations he had been very critical of the lapses in security and intelligence which allow. that carnage going one further now essentially telling the government. you know not as much as leave it to us but give us sort of the freedom to come together to do our part because he obviously. they have led to in the meantime we've heard from the u.s. ambassador here in colombo talking of the concern. behind the terror attacks. and that is something that will obviously cause
2:48 am
the government has not put out any specific. warnings but. of the security and police are completely involved with raids of. to try and ensure they get a handle on the situation as soon as possible. the full ascension of japan's. begins in a few hours it follows observation of his father the first two hundred years and when i. stood down from the throne on choose day in a brief ceremony in the imperial palace in tokyo norway in a report from the japanese capital. after more than thirty years on the throne emperor akihito made a slow final walk into the room in the imperial palace as was so often the case throughout his reign he was accompanied and supported by his wife improved. he told
2:49 am
then spoke for the last time as emperor of japan. it is fortunate that i have been able to perform my duty as imperator we perform trust and respect for the chap and these people for thirty years. to the trauma to the people who accepted and supported me as a symbol. i express my art felt. there was little fanfare all fuss surrounding this ceremony which lasted around ten minutes that low key nature of it was perhaps fitting for an emperor who sought to change the perception of the role one of akihito as legacies is that he modernized the imperial family by attempting to make it relevant and because of that there is still widespread public support for it according to polling and there was also overwhelming support for this abdication. in a surprise speech three years ago he said he felt his health and age would prevent
2:50 am
him performing his duties but he had to stop short of saying he wanted to retire because there was no law allowing for abdication but the message from the palace and the support for his wishes from the public meant the government had little choice but to. allowing for the abdication. with the. people of. new once again the feeling of the prospect. among those at the ceremony the oldest son. who will become the one hundred twenty sixth emperor of japan that will be his day this one belonged to. after a few minutes the abdication was complete the eighty five year old offered a bow and a moment's reflection before leaving the room heading for a quiet. tokyo.
2:51 am
2:52 am
welcome back it's time for sport by his poll thank you very much dutch team i.x. have taken a big step towards the european champions league final they want to. choose dates first leg of their semifinal tie vanderbank got the crucial goal after fifteen minutes spurs with it all to do and next wednesday only one side has ever lost the
2:53 am
first leg of the semi's on gone on to reach the final that was i.x. he then lifted the trophy back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six well it's home to liverpool in the first leg of the other semifinal on wednesday on a high after clinching the spanish league title at the weekend and they still have the spanish cup final to come against valencia but coach and asked are valverde is wary of liverpool who have never lost on their four previous visits to the new camp just like i'm going to see if they are in the fight for the premier league with manchester city whereas we've already won it i was the performances of the two teams in the champions league is there for all to see but now here we are to play against them they are a powerful tea with extraordinary forwards and a level of pressure rhythm and pace which is very hard. well last year's beaten finalist liverpool received a boost as they prepared for the much one enjoyed out strike at rebirth so from a no trained with the squad you're going to have enjoyed a hugely successful season so far but the manager says there's no room for
2:54 am
complacency. one hundred percent chance i would think if you go do it if you go do bigger and throw ten dollars. or two of the bigger chances are that but we have a chance in both competitions and the job you have to play these games are never god that you always make these kind of things it gave me one before it's played an f l draft selection corey ballantine is out of hospital after being shot near his university in kansas just hours after being chosen to play for the new york giants the cornerback auntie made join simmons worth fired at near the campus in the early hours of sunday simmons was killed in the shooting valentine is expected to attend the giants' rookie training camp this week but it's not yet clear when he'll be able to take part in football activities the most successful road cycling team of the past decade has begun its new era team sky is no more than our team any
2:55 am
os with last year's tour de france champ thomas leading the rebrand at the tour of roman the on choose day that he won six little titles in nine years but even their riders couldn't stop young traffic of the bahrain merida team winning the prologue time trial in switzerland thomas came home in fifth place. very different scenes in morocco where the titan desert mountain bike race was canceled on tuesday after the death of spanish rider finance he suffered cardiac arrest during monday's second stage riders paid their respects the race will resume on wednesday. organizers of wimbledon say they are willing to give former champion andy murray as much time as possible to be fit for this year's tournament the two time winner is hoping to be granted a wild card in order to get paid as he recovers from hip surgery if he makes it's likely to be murray's last event in front of his british home support been a discussion with him as you think it's too soon to know. the answer to that one
2:56 am
and should he wish to apply for a wildcard he would do so in the normal in the normal way we have welcomed before when it's been in. africa remember a couple years ago was mostly in group mood before. and he came forward with strong currents i'm sure. boxing's undefeated heavyweight world champion anthony joshua will talk to the media on wednesday about his next fight after the previous challenger failed a drugs test the brit is set to face a rather surprising choice american and the rw is jr the twenty nine year old is heavier than joshua but four inches shorter and he has a big reach disadvantage hill replace general miller who was denied a license for the june first fight at new york's madison square garden or boxing journalist gareth a davis told us this was all about joshua making an impact in his u.s. debut but the fight fans were likely to be frustrated by yet another low key match
2:57 am
up. franson joe sure way down the line old i'll remember it's him knocking out some roly poly figure in the first round and putting his stamp on america at the beginning of the journey but at the moment we're seeing the semi final what's on it it's incredibly frustrating so in a way it doesn't matter fitzgerald and you're always travel brian michael hunter it's just an american named joshua will knock out that's what they want that's the storyline they want but for us out here in this on the sports fans what we want all the undefeated heavyweights facing each other. and i will have more later on thanks very much paul of course you follow all of the stories that we're covering here i'll just go to our website at al-jazeera dot com post the following events in venice where i'll be speaking tell us not to run p.s.t. on the other side of the break because you have been watching the al-jazeera news with me celeron with more news i'll say in
2:58 am
a few moments times until then from me on the team but it's your time and your company.
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how have you changed. since you were seven. charting the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight south africa to al-jazeera. a clandestine world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological object you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors dying for selling an artifact is where finance is the
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beheadings and muslims in the middle east don't sal don't back that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. fighting on the streets of that as well as opposition leader one calls for a military uprising against president nicolas maduro. the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also on the program saddam's military rulers will protesters not to take the law into their own hands and call on them to remove roadblocks also u.s. president donald trump is considering declaring the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization plus a new era japan's emperor.


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