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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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life's earth risk is a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road a decade is with weapons risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. you're watching i was there i'm so robin and these are all top news stories venezuelan opposition leader who says president maduro no longer has the support of the armed forces his colleagues come after a day of violent protests following the launch of what he calls the final phase of the operation to oust the president nicolas maduro called the move a small scale uprising but as well as ambassador to the united nations some well among the violence in caracas is a military coup created by the u.s. appleyard put it over there was a very dangerous incident that was supported by the u.s. government they knew what was happening like in chile in the seventy's or as in any
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other country in latin america this demonstrates that the u.s. government considers venezuela part of its property and through war they want to destabilize using domestic agents. the u.s. national security advisor john bolton says the situation in venezuela isn't a coup but a legitimate president trying to take control all options remain on the table i'm simply not going to be more specific to that but recall that right at the beginning three months ago we said it would be a big mistake for me doro and those supporting him to use force against innocent civilians we feel very strongly about it we felt that way then we feel that way now illicit drug purity has more cooter the colombia border. couple of housing benefit and who live here in the border city of. their most ration earlier in the day in support of the uprising that were happening in their country among them there were roughly a couple of hundred factories that are worth you know have been living here
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and in february when they heed the call. to the fact that ruling military council has asked protesters not to take the law into their own hands but opposition is accusing the army of clinging to power protestors continue to call for a civilian government just as a refused to comply with the military's request to remove the roadblocks and barricades which remain in place through a car to. responsibly and we have to take responsibility as a military council as a transitional knew to cancel we have to protect the citizens and protect the law we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and properties of the state and we will do this firmly and in accordance with the law this is what we wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury. the muslim brotherhood as
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a foreign terrorist organization this could bring sanctions against the group as well as companies and individuals who interact with it in a statement the group says it will continue to work in line with its moderates and peaceful thinking egypt's president for the c.c. reportedly president trying to make the designation in a meeting in april at least two people are being killed and four injured in the u.s. in the u.s. after a shooting at the university of north carolina the suspect two said to be a student at the university is now in custody police believe no one else was involved in the shooting. at least twenty five people have been killed during an attack in the could occur village in northeastern nigeria victims' relatives believe that book or army is behind the attack there's been no immediate claim of responsibility but the armed group is known for attacking villages in the area. israel has reduced the distance that fisherman from gaza can operate their vessels and the military says it will be cut to six nautical miles down from fifteen in
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response to rocket fire from the palestinian authority it accuses islamic jihad of carry out the attack though the group denies the allegation. and israel's new parliament has been sworn in three weeks after the general election prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now leading negotiations with coalition partners for the next government japan's new emperor and the other he to will inherit the imperial regard and seals in a ceremony in just under half an hour he succeeds his father who formally abdicated on tuesday during the ceremony in tokyo emperor akihito thanked the public and said he prays for peace this was the first up to cation in japan in more than two hundred years. just a would say i'll just have. to
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do is first for sunday the most special moment is and she was given over to me. and i couldn't hold myself i cried. she's crying and you. couldn't yes i've got me cash see. and of course as this office keys in the church the master did not say you make the bride he did mislead. you he's a limousine illiterate just know that there were two cheese so we had to respect it
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and then they go to the park testing me doing ok i'm. the first phone call with you when she was seven. she was one of a group of children from all over south africa. it was nine hundred ninety two and they had very little in common black white rich and poor some lived in townships some in white suburbs officially segregated by a part of. it was only two years since mandela's release from prison and the racist policies of the past were just beginning to crumble. since then we have followed their lives filming them every seven yes. in one thousand nine hundred four now some monday became their president and as they grew up every south african was made equal by little regardless of color.
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now they are twenty eight we hear from them again. when she was seven oh wait who was very proud of her baby brother. new and now we now can be we're under the moon or we can't. get a new to me i'm gonna classic and now we know much. who . we know. doesn't. who raise a transco. and the down. to twenty eight she has two children of her own. i pod
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read to paint i want our maid house packed and in more and more house leaves told you how many pages are sitting pages already you can't tell me you can't read that fast moonie. how in two thousand and seven i gave birth to my first daughter who me she was the joy of my life for the first time i had this one person that i thought ok i have this chance to make it right with you. and of course later on in two thousand and twelve i gave birth to my second daughter talk. all i think she looks like me i think she is like me me me me me the character everything and pranced is the second born i'm also a second one and i love them both but throughout the ages of been married to. being a stay at home mom and i feel like i want to something for myself and something
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that i love something that i know that's will bring out only to. talk to major town in the eastern cape. which has always craved city life. one to one to yes my cheek one to one to one to one to ok at fourteen she was taking an active part in the world around her oh yeah oh yeah with a new generation you're begging to be free so we're kind to be and know places that don't go places the by point a face in a global space when it ended. it's a miracle not a bush in. a twenty eight she's moved to a rural area but has found her voice there too good afternoon and welcome in t.c. our air and one thousand eight points to a fan that is ordered to fill the arrow six and of course i'm not alone i've got my
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two beautiful people their crew that makes this show perfect or miss kate move we are hi guys oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah. it's time to write is always smiles before we go to the line of the day let's talk about by the us one africa is for now. make up a facebook i suggest that you get your pen and paper read talking big issues today but. as i was about. hope you enjoyed the. typhus making it. they like to play with fire. the remote community where she lives now is very poor and all we have to see is plenty of room for improvement.
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it's five years since she moved here with her husband really. great is my has been hometown he was born here he was raised here i love it for that effect my children always be from here it's a rural area it's got so much potential anything you do people go for it because there's nothing going on. she have recently started up a media college in town. and. media companies here and here is their main diet our subject me. media. not in thailand. and. i'm going to
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be. is awesome their legs are main man this is his face. and this is part of suffix media this we are setting up our internet cafe it's still under way and we are hoping that in the next three months or so it would be more convenient to us more computers in the living will be running in there will be a bit of happening around here is my favorite car. is my dream car my dream car is a decent ten you know i've been there is the jet that's my dream was what. but this is one of the cars the love and also i always have the. world's billionaires list you know is money important to you see much. more it is what can you do without money as tell me what.
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is it grew up in the offer qana heartland in the north of the country. at seven she went to a segregated government school. and. was there. and. i said i wish i. was beginning i don't check. but i was left out something. because that. i can see again. for telephone. and when it's about this. thank you to duncan i have to thank him and say france i use them but i. was. six years
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ago she moved to a bank a coal mining town near pretoria which begs. it is the wrist place on the planet i don't like the people here everybody either works on the mon or works for a contractor that works on the mon or you know something mine related if you don't drink and if you don't use drugs and you know carry on like a mad thing then you will have nothing to do with back. room. really acted but. all of that oil and. lose it works in the family business she runs the office with her mother is seeing me. he do scifi conversions on vehicles. for instance you give us a brand new sparky and it's all white and shiny we do.
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we put a very ugly black roll cage on the back of it we put the lots on reverse suit is so we fully convert a nice vehicle to vehicle yeah we offer spearing for rubber rod which surprises it's not just pull it back in and spray on some chemicals it is actually of atrocities. i must thank. my brother doesn't exactly have a specific job description whatever needs doing is to do juggle all but lost most of a couple but. anything needs to be done greatly old myself. i'm teaching that will be able to also work in your home teaching him a lot when he's coming right quite nicely.
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it can actually work but he's so succesful to vs michoacán or the like biggie stuff that my email down hanun on the pond named nate and i hiked went to honey sixty six. when we started doing them on stuff and i started having to deal with these people i had to either sink or swim these monitors or just but not block normal people at all and. i did not sink and i am still swimming. and in fact i've got quite a reputation in the industry everybody knows we're not so i'm a customer i will have your things on this old vessel that then come all i want all my shit happens. the at school and she was seven the best friend was a boy called steenie was that you. have
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i was. was like is it he had had very little interaction with black people but so yes i say so i commission your to respond cause she he actually knew that so much nine more would longest long since one of the singles dr said. by fourteen he was a dedicated party animal. by the side of the city was all over the world. i can live a life in the living for. the social and for guy in for manslaughter like he was. absolutely i take from it live a hard lives in the first few years ago i thought it was a good luck to myself away and that said those things i was down at that.
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clooney mesa perceive offered him a course of conduct always thought him of the family is the kind of busybodies of the american president what do you know. i did not after him they think it to be amazed that they did yet after as an obvious what he wanted. seven years before he unless it were going steady. from the. neck you. got to feel. something and that's. the lot of father we don't see. this you. know found out and you know i.
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helped to kind of satisfy not to for the fact we're trying to be a father i mean i'm a confidant oh. so you're here. in fact he married marley's had been his waitress in a bar is in for the friend of the second i do but i thought i'd stop for the last laugh and said i would have no q so my living with the month deal i think it was a from them in the. sky five years of my living. they've been married for five years and have a little boy called. have a need for that please might as well clue off like a little does all of this implies that i. fear that a key here. of course that is that was a clue it could it could be a tennis and then my mother lisa live this way oh. yeah and they've moved very recently and i just getting used to the place. what's
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happening next door is the band. so quite often you have music on the side you know as you can hear the church is literally just on that other side to that side of this wall other side of it all. it's got all. those nice to have a good luck cities have disappeared it up with all of my studio it is funny which is how money i send and there are cities all the typical you seem to come by live
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in this light at the last me we'll see if a god cease in luxury cruises up to overlook me like i was this week but there's something that's also come up with political scripts come to. turbaned on the indian ocean is home to longer would have been found but there was something no it's just been just been there was just to put it in the nice girl in the pokey best case but she was born here and grew up in a small black township on the outskirts of the city. you know i am never the next closest the whole gang go on the top. one round and one of them run on and go to each cleanse house get off something to eat they
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came into mine. we gave them my school this is bill and someone we gave them some the civil and some more and then they said any of us could think juice we gave them everything. to me at seven he was one of the first township kids to be admitted to a white government school. route. through to. prove. to me. this was a lie here when i was in school. before he started there and he was very nervous about it. let. everyone know laughing at me.
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like thought else going to be the only day to day in the classroom. with the big nine black youths and. six of us knew each other because we're from the same neighborhood but it was like. we did our best to disassociate for nothing because we want to play you know. this has been a while since i came here. and by that sign i think that's my state of free classroom if you are going to. if you manage to go and put it in the language you know yourself. somehow. you have to sign a. you don't tell us who. my friends used to tease me about my uni for when i was assured probably was ok because it looked like everyone else's was
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green pants and no white shit. when i went to have to know was khaki shorts a safari top back socks black shoes the so far yet not to the how do you school type thing liza say like i do the uniforms mistype were not met in june but uniforms i get. that is perhaps something which is relevant to our country i mentioned the issue of racism because if you did not belong to a certain race people would have believed in you basically you were considered inferior you can remember what the final solution was all about yes none of my parents monkeys could have gone to the kind of schools after it's. since i started school and. when they were going to school with white people as they. never ever can have. i mean i've never been to unpick school board for the most
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problems on the job. mainly played people trying to get black people back what they thought. the it was hard for him to fit in both at school and the time. had an argument to the sky is easy to beat me up and that's harder to cover. and while i was talking to one of his old friends who was like behind me to play the ball out of. consciousness and when i can lower a couple i was here. in the hospital. and then i started having seizures. in the past the ticket never company. released. their. office arguments. he claims i lost my sister and i told him no it wasn't true. and then his friend says i think i'm good because i go to a white school and stuff like. my twenty one he was at
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a university that was almost entirely black. had moved to johannesburg and was studying human resources. it will be you that's i know you still. the best advantage of what you just got there is this but his studies were not as important to longer as fitting into a new social see hiding out and that they all go along think like. if you were to describe yourself portrait first country right from noxious sometimes allowed always talking i think that. the biggest drawback about being black is that and that people have a tendency to not feel that there are degrees off being black it's embarrassing like for everybody involved that you should just look at people and go. not so sure
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about him because he's not black enough. did you finish your degree. and he will graduate store haven't found like the thing that defines me that's what you do. trying to find that think and human resources just wasn't it. i think i would just like to be successful. like to reach a stage we we we don't have to worry about that after st how we can apply this how are we going to buy that what are we going to do about this. you're going to want all of me at the heart. to get this. but i was there. at the center. is a limit that the decision. did this report and.
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it would have been true that i could have been taught to be living somewhere else but i have been a place where. i'm surrounded by people that care about me and i care about them and that's possibly the most important thing to me. what i want to achieve is to change the mindset of people to tell people that it doesn't have to be all bad in your life if they she you would that stand up to change being. i mean you want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinism that is in lanced with in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that or if you join us on inside the bluff we're not going to beef up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live you to chat and you too can be in the street and
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join the global conversation on now to zero. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. twenty come on things to realize witness history make. a clan the stein world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors banging for selling and artifact is where finance is the be headaches and muslims in the middle east don't sal don't that's one quick
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solution trafficking on al-jazeera. so rob you're joining us. watching live pictures from inside the imperial palace as we bring you special coverage of japan's new employer not a huge a session to the throw in a few moments time we do expect him to take to the stage for a special ceremony that will be called a month's noma it's actually in the cinema the whole of pied harry is walking through the door we will listen in to what is being said in the imperial palace
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he's accompanied of course by his various members of the imperial royal household.
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and there you have some of the imperial household the chamberlains bringing the
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various seals it's called the inheriting of imperial regalia and seals which define and knowledge. as the new emperor of japan in attendance are the inner circle of the imperial household and members of the government led by patients are the prime minister. well. there. are. four zero. zero zero.
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zero. zero. zero. zero zero. zero. zero.
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very short precise well choreographed ceremony for the accession of course of the new and a he to. who has now accepted the seals of regalia in front of the japanese companies and prime minister in a very short sequence of events that formally completes his accession to
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the throne let's bring in our correspondent to weigh in hey who's also been following events for us a very precise choreographed event and it's one of many short events that allowed to be acknowledged as the new japanese emperor. yes that's right and we saw a similar scene on tuesday for the abdication of his father emperor akihito it was a brief ceremony lasting just over ten minutes again very precise to the point timely but steeped in tradition and history and that's what we have just seen unfold as well over the past couple of minutes officially the new reign of the emperor not all he told began about ten and a half hours ago midnight local time is when the reign of emperor akihito came to an end and his son took over what we have just seen is the first serious money for today to formalize that process you mentioned the imperial regalia these ancient
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artifacts that are handed down from emperor to emperor said to originate from a mythological goddess we saw those taken from emperor akihito on tuesday and they have just been handed to emperor another heater and they prove to symbolize the. he has now ascended the throne the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum throne so again full of history but brief no fanfare but this is now the starts of the new era for japan a new reign of emperor and not of course one wonders now what sort of a he will be in the light of his father's thirty year reign where he sort of made the japanese royal family and the royal household relevant. yes he certainly did and we may get an early indication all thet in just
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a few minutes when the second ceremony is held again that will be a very brief affair and that will start with a brief speech from the new emperor and people will be watching in japan for a nearly indication in that speech as to what sort of ampara he may be what does he exactly want to focus on certainly in the early stages of his reign but again it will be a very brief speech so he won't go into much detail in that first opening speech and after that we will hear from the prime minister shinzo alba who has been present in these ceremonies and he will welcome the new emperor on behalf of the japanese people but you're right and. was a very popular figure according to most of the polling that is done fairly regularly in japan he sought to bring a common touch to the position of amphora and more broadly to the imperial family and i think most japanese would agree that he achieved that and most would expect
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that emperor and will continue much of that good work that his father did for them not on the other hand one of the other focuses of akihito was to try to make amends for some of the japanese aggression during world war two he on many occasions expressed his sorrow for what had happened during wartime and wants of peace to return to the world and in some regards that was a shadow over his reign and not a veto won't necessarily have that same shadow he will have the opportunity now to make his own way forward to create his own reign and again we may get an early indication of that in just a few minutes hell when he makes that speech he brings a lot of different attributes to this he is the first emperor to have been educated oversee spending two years at oxford university in the united kingdom his wife empress must acquit. also was educated overseas spending some time at harvard
4:40 am
university and oxford university she is a former diplomat as well so they bring a uniquely international perhaps global spirit perspective to these positions and to the imperial family that we haven't seen before so that it could well prove to be important to japan as it moves ahead over the next few decades and tries to find its way and then in the international community indeed it will come back to way as that second ceremony continues through the day when hey our correspondent there in tokyo well japan's new emperor was groomed for the role from a young age. is the oldest of three children born to the emperor every to akita and his wife. he graduated in one thousand nine hundred eighty two from the department of history in augusta can university in tokyo it's a school favored by the japanese imperial family he then studied for two years at oxford university he married former diplomat term soccer or water as wayne mentioned in one thousand nine hundred ninety three and they have one child
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a seventeen year old daughter princess who is barred by law from the throne because she's female and not here to his life has been largely free of scandal michael is the president and news agency joins me now from tokyo good to have you with us live on our desire as a new dawn really for the japanese royal household how will in your opinion the new emperor be seen and viewed by the ruling classes and the public at large in japan. well that's that's an interesting question because there may be some distinction between how the ruling classes see him and how the people at large see him you know it in answer to some of the questions raised by your correspondent my you know initial feeling is that we're going to see a lot more continuity with this emperor at gather with his father than really you know strong changes everything we know about him says that this is somebody who
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believes deeply in many of the same ideals of peace and and necessary of peace for japan's prosperity going forward and i think that for the majority of the japanese people they're going to appreciate that and they're probably going to there's no reason to believe they won't like this emperor very much because he's in to do with with those sorts of values the one question which we have going forward in my own mind is how well he's going to integrate with the ruling classes you know she is point of view about the war and japan's culture is quite different from that of the former emperor and the now new emperor she does not feel that the world war two was such a terrible thing in terms of. japan going on the wrong path he doesn't you know he's not so. up feeling so strongly the need to apologize for what you pan did in
4:43 am
the past so this issue it'll be interesting to see if tensions develop between a very conservative indeed right wing japanese government and a much more post-war liberal imperial institution will be interesting to see how he pumps copes on his first first overseas visit as and when it happens but how relevant the royal family themselves speed in this era in this era really of the last thirty years where a strong cultural history still is maintained and it takes would be the. the norms of privacy they're incredibly private and quite secretive to a certain extent but in thirty years we've seen the full come out of his shell be with the people in times of trouble yeah that's right the former emperor was sometimes you know called like the consoler in chief when in the japan when japan faced tragedies like the march
4:44 am
eleventh the tsunami and other disasters you know the imperial family a very much was out there going to the people who suffered and expressing their their sympathies and their support and you know this kind of role of the emperor and the imperial system as being sort of like the cheerleader for the japanese people and the common people was something that the former emperor akihito brought to the role and honestly i would expect that naruhito will be very much the same you know he's already done stuff like this in his role as crown prince and i think that he will extend this role into his own reign where you'll see him also in the wake of disasters and various problems that the japanese nations have had to go out to the site and to to to console the japanese people want to encourage them to further efforts beaches do see how the day pans out very historic moment for japan
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for the moment michael penn thanks so much for joining us from tokyo now the imperial regalia inhabited by the new employee includes the sacred salute a new disk and she to show joining the first seventy now the sword is regarded as a divine object in japanese culture in the tradition is being kept alive by jules steelmaker a killer. yeah i get out the old. supervisor of need to home tata steel makers. of the morning to myth shinto gods the sun all descended upon the mountains here and slew an eight forked serpent would form a sacred sword and heard from its body. the title steelmaking has more than a thousand years of history and tradition. in the fire is a sacred flame of the more fundamental transforming iron sand and charcoal into quality jewel steel. the development of steel making
4:46 am
contributed greatly to the prosperity of japanese culture and civilization. and we are here trying to preserve it and pass it on for eternity. we work for three days and nights of the tending closely as though raising a child for giving it love. we're prepared to do what it takes to produce magnificent steel. are for you have to do or the heat when working at it is very hot and dusty. it requires physical strength but also mental toughness to work consecutive days and nights. wolf we work as a team leader for the following specific methods for the charcoal cannot be fed randomly it won't burn well. over strength of the flame which is just
4:47 am
sound of the sizzling and the sound of the wind through the vent holes. i make sure i take no video of the colors and southwards. i watch the flames and i go there prepared to pour the iron sand into. the best spot. it's burning hot. this process takes place in winter because it's more effective to work in the cold. we ban together in our efforts and that is how the iron bloom is created. when the new steel is made after long days working. i feel elated as if my own child was born. out of the day's other news but as well as opposition leader calling for more mass
4:48 am
protests on wednesday he appeared in this video a short time ago saying president nicolas maduro no longer has the support of the armed forces earlier a lot what he called the final phase of the operation to oust the president and his government but appeared on state television a short time later after describing why those actions as an attempted coup. was more on the warning that some viewers may find the images in his report disturbing . this decided is the moment that the anger and discontent raging throughout venice weight is right to oust president nicolas maduro and his government he posted this video filmed outside like a law to air base in caracas in the early hours of the morning surrounded by troops who have joined his cause a good thing it went out of atlanta like the colors for everyone to come out into the streets at this moment and to back what we've built over the years we're now here in the streets not only with the international community and not only our
4:49 am
citizens but now with the national on forces. he was joined by another opposition leader leopoldo lopez who was released from house arrest hours earlier and later was reported to a sort of refuge in the chilean embassy in caracas for. defend freedom out with tyranny everyone out onto the street. here gas was fired and there were reports of shooting between pro and anti government security forces then as they marched this . a national guard vehicle driving into protesters. president nicolas maduro who is face constant opposition since he took office in two thousand and thirteen called the move a small uprising by traitorous officers backed by the united states he said he counted on the total support of the venice walen people and the military high command. because venezuelan people is for calm for sensitivity there is nothing that will endanger our institutions or democracy in venezuela at
4:50 am
this moment. i the world is also divided the united states along with neighboring colombia and brazil has called on the venice walen people the military to support. russia has accused the opposition of provoking violence while spain in the united nations among others have called for both sides to exercise restraint the situation is unfolding as we speak we are also the united nations is also reaching out to the parties the secretary general urges all sides to exercise maximum reach straight and he appeals to all stakeholders to avoid any violence and take immediate steps to restore calm. because my daughter support has been draining after years of rampant inflation high crime in food and medicine shortages millions of venezuelans are fled the country it is always defied his critics and held on this however is his biggest challenge so far. how does iraq.
4:51 am
reaction now from the united states and the national security advisor john bolton says the situation in venezuela is a coup but a legitimate president trying to take control can we help get us more from washington d.c. . the united states continues to be somewhat secretive about its role in venice well and the events that are taking place the u.s. national security advisor would only say the country is offering venezuela humanitarian support and quote a lot of other things but he would not say what those things were when asked directly about military intervention he said that all options remain on the table but for now the united states supports a peaceful transfer of power that the us president is monitoring the situation in venezuela by the minute and he also said that he was the people in venezuela to go through what they said they would do to allow for a transition of power if this effort fails they will sink into
4:52 am
a dictatorship from which there are very few possible alternatives it's a very delicate moment i want to stress again the president wants to see a peaceful transfer of power from the doro to go i don't know that possibility still exist if enough figures depart from the regime and support the opposition there john bolton also said that he does not view what is taking place in venezuela as any sort of who and when asked about some support on the ground for president nicolas maduro someone the united states does not support he said this is really just military fear of cuban security forces mcgirr is directing his thugs to conduct his affairs he went on to caution russia for its involvement as well in venezuela saying that they view the actions of russia in venezuela to be very serious and that we expect the russians not to interfere so very clear on the u.s.
4:53 am
position by the national security adviser john bolton that the united states still continues to push for a peaceful transfer of power to the interim leader juan why don't you. to sudan now where the ruling military council has asked protest as not to take the law into our hands the military said it still hopes to narrow differences with protest leaders who are still on the streets calling for a civilian government has more in khartoum. sudan stopped generals warned their patience has limits they want the protesters on the streets of the capital khartoum to remove roadblocks checkpoints and allow trains to bring food supplies across the country where they were there we are responsible and we have to take responsibility as a military council as it and says no military council we have to protect the citizens and protect the law we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and properties of the state and we will deal with this firmly and in
4:54 am
accordance with the this is what we wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury. the army's warning comes after talks with the opposition hit a snag the two sides have agreed to form a new body to run the country until the next elections the army wants a majority in the transitional body. and so far it has avoided an escalation that might lead to an armed confrontation and. we have made many concessions for the sake of protecting our nation and preventing scenarios similar to what happened in neighboring countries we want to talk to end quickly so that the tension deescalate . but the young activists behind the mass protest movement that toppled president omar al bashir worry the military is buying time to prevent a civilian takeover. they say they want the army's role restricted and its influence contained during the transitional period. in
4:55 am
a press conference on tuesday so that it's professional association denounced the military saying they have no desire to give up power to civilians here and. the military council is not serious about transferring power to civilians it is clear they want to keep power and retain it for themselves this is unacceptable the revolution did not take place in order to stop a unilateral military regime and another unilateral military regime therefore this will not be accepted and is not acceptable strong statements that sound of tomatoes have replaced the soft and optimistic language of the last few days casting doubts over the prospects of the talks that are now stalled until further notice. i just kept on. at least twenty five people have been killed during an attack on could occur village in northeastern nigeria big tim's relatives believe that book of iran is behind the attack there's been no immediate claim of responsibility beyond group
4:56 am
is known for attacking villages in the vicinity. forces allied to libya's you would recognize government have retaken control of a strategic military camp close to the capital is traded hands several times since troops loyal to ward cleaver have to. take over tripoli last month mahmoud of the white house more. this is a. military camp this is one of of their biggest military camps on the highway linking to police city center to the international airport in active international airport here their forces loyal to their you and your goodness the government say that they have recaptured this camp camp after have their forces bravely took control of this is. this whole area. this whole area is a is a battlefield. here also. the government forces
4:57 am
here say that. have to as warplanes target their locations with advantage rockets and guided missiles and in many cases grad missiles land and is it. that way killing innocent civilians including women and children the government forces here say that those are the volcano of wrath operation forces the volcano of wrath operation led by forces loyal to the you and their kidneys government here they say that the out of the pediment not only to push have to his forces back beyond the southern parts of tripoli but also to chase them to the city of and the city of the hohner at least two people have been killed and four injured in the shooting the northwest the university of north carolina in the u.s. now the suspect two said to be a student at the university is now in custody police believe no one else is
4:58 am
involved in the shooting that's news for them to talk back with the al-jazeera news on the other side of the break so stay with us and i'll see in a few moments. hello again this hour do want to start here across united states where it is severe weather season and that's exactly what we're going to be seeing over the next few days particular here across the central plains and then making its way up here towards the midwest now all these clouds that you see right here are our next storm and not just severe weather we do expect to see hail damaging winds as well as the possibility of tornadoes but also the possibility of flooding across much of this
4:59 am
area to the north though it is going to be snow still the temperatures are going to be cool enough in the overnight hours that we are going to get below freezing the snow is going to be pushing across much of the canadian provinces and we are going to be seeing temperatures into the low single digits in the overnight hours making their way to the los double digits by the time we get to the afternoon washington d.c. though thirty one degrees is going to be high as we go to it's thursday well plenty rain here across much of the caribbean over the next few days and that's going to be the trend for the bahamas the rain is going to be quite intense down here towards parts of send me go as well on thursday we may see a break down towards the south but the rain for nasa is still going to be a big problem and then across parts of one is that as well we are looking at some fairly nice conditions here on wednesday with the temps there about one thousand degrees but by the time we get towards thursday more cloud in the forecast and tempter coming up to twenty three.
5:00 am
this is al-jazeera. clones that obama knew what you know jazeera news online from my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a fake. venezuela's president dismiss is an attempt by the opposition leader to turn the military against him it follows a day of violence on the streets of caracas as protesters confront the military. also the beginning of a new era japan's a new emperor not a hue to takes the throne following his fall.


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