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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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i mean. i. this is al-jazeera. alarms that when you're watching al-jazeera news our life or my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a fake coup venezuela's president dismiss is an attempt by the opposition leader to turn the military against him it follows a day of violence on the streets of caracas as protesters come from the military. also the beginning of a new era japan's a new employer another he takes the throne following his father's abdication. and
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saddam's military rulers want protesters not to take the law into their own hands and call on them to remove roadblocks. also u.s. president donald trump says he may declare the muslim brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization. welcome to the news are venezuela's president nicolas maduro has appeared on t.v. for the first time since opposition leader won. what he called an uprising to have him removed also made a new appearance in a video posted online calling for mass protests it's a move has described tempted to. be the only benefit of this was truly a fake a minor simulation and lie that's why eighty percent of the military and police who joined them in the beginning had left them by new. before noon actually only
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a little group of twenty people sit with them they've all been identified they choose the path of the trail they wish to do with their careers and sold their souls to the far right they will soon piece the consequences for what they did. was the next door doesn't have the respect nor the support of the guinness walen people who doesn't have the support of the army it's an historic day in the country and the protests generate china. to us on the run p.l.c. our correspondent in the colombia venezuela border disturbing scenes in caracas in the day with military personnel. attacking in some cases the public i mean real concerns there was the situation been like where you are where the border has really seen open and closed policy these past few months. well so it's been a long day here at the border as well with
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a lot of uncertainty and a lot of this what you meant at the end of the a because a lot of people were expecting that that actually after seeing the leader of the venezuelan opposition white doll flanked by dozens of defectors given us what an armed force is that that actually they could have a managed to get the big prize from their point of view from the point of view of those who oppose the collapse i don't know which was the toppling of the president in that at the end of the day at the end of another long day of violence as you were saying very very strong and violent confrontation where back to where we were in many ways to as they all made where. calling for more protests on that wednesday may for some part of the opposition we expect a very symbolic big protest that we're doing. and i try to reach the presidential
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palace meet a slowness at the same time and i go to jail in how or where some of the top brass of the venezuelan military who remain loyal to him also calling for major protests on when they this situation here at the border right now is calm after a number of hours in which the crossings were blocked they were opened again and people were able to move in and out of the country this is very important for thousands of innocents and defend on crossing into colombia to have access to food managed medicine basic and that are very scars in their country. to the speculation about where the president may or may not be despite the signs that he has appeared on t.v. within the last couple of hours. absolutely it seems like
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a video that we saw was recorded earlier from the media flotus palace and nobody is sure where he is right now the same is true with white dog who appeared in an instagram video video he published on this the ground account from a nondescript their apartment with a statue of. venice where i believe nobody knows exactly where they are spending the night there's a lot of tension of course in cacace however we understand that except for it's small group of people that are still staging demonstrations in that meeting in the east. where each has long been volley that forty off is ations through. movement things are rather calm but things can change quite quickly inside venezuela and in surprising way as we have seen on tuesday so we're going to have
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to see what happens in the coming hours and again tomorrow which both sides are calling for major demonstrations by think he once again here is to see if there will be more defections i'm part of the military in especially. the top officials who control a lot of man a lot of weapons so tomorrow will be another very important day in venice where love for the future of the country and the continuing struggle for the power of in a swim do you believe that's the moment to on a sunday join you the situation develops let's move to reaction from the united states and the national security adviser john bolton lisa's situation done as well it is to coup but a legitimate president trying to take control could be held could tell us more from washington d.c. . the united states continues to be somewhat secretive about its role in venice well and the events that are taking place the u.s.
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national security advisor would only say the country is offering venezuela humanitarian support and quote a lot of other things but he would not say what those things were when asked directly about military intervention he said that all options remain on the table but for now the united states supports a peaceful transfer of power that the us president is monitoring the situation in venezuela by the minute and he also said that he was the people in venezuela to go through what they said they would do to allow for a transition of power if this effort fails they will sink into a dictatorship from which there are very few possible alternatives it's a very delicate moment i want to stress again the president wants to see a peaceful transfer of power from the doro to glad that possibility still exist if enough figures depart from the regime and support the opposition there john bolton also said that he does not view what is taking place in venezuela as any sort of
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who and when asked about some support on the ground for president nicolas maduro someone the united states does not support he said this is really just military fear of cuban security forces mcgirr is directing his thugs to conduct his affairs he went on to caution russia for its involvement as well in venezuela saying that they view the actions of russia in venezuela to be very serious and that we expect the russians not to interfere so very clear on the u.s. position by the national security adviser john bolton that the united states still continues to push for a peaceful transfer of power to the interim leader one. bitter struggle is a former venezuelan presidential chief of staff and president peres joins me now live from miami very good to have you with us on al-jazeera miss rango is the military the pivot around which the survival of these two very disparate groups
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depends. in the what is going on is that there is the division is there since this within the military with part of the military. led by the chair of the joint chiefs four star. in favor of the press their way the whole world by the you know a lot there with who is the minister of defense and the risks of the military leadership supporting nicolas maduro so are this is. it two or stalemate in venice for ella because our less of the whole of the military so porous. for on mode or two way door there is not chance that there could be a negotiated of peaceful transition some other fact that qantas seems to be more in for work closer to the more civil war in
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depending on your position of where you sit in a watching the pictures it seems that president is trying to downplay the and the demonstrations and the exodus of people leaving the country from. go i don't position obviously he is trying to get as many people on to the streets to make the images certainly on television look like he has the public behind him and to also illustrate the food and medical shortages that venezuela is experiencing how do you see the situation from where you are in miami also having worked in the inner sanctum of government you know how it operates. there what i see top dollar per all this is within the government. my
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chinnery which means non of the things we've got a good study government is supposed to provide to the population it's being provided there is no security rampant crime is on the street it's the gangs and the street gangs and the drug mafia they're running the country and there is no health care us the hospitals don't get in of inputs in order to be able to train to seek and there is no enough. food there are severe shortages of food some other fog venice whaler is on their virtual entering a far mine at the style of what we have seen in some places in africa darfur like the out for very many years ago so this intuition for the population is terrible because they miss their government is not governing the government is just trying to sort of was pressing nicholas modo long last the last this is respect of the
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people of venice well the respect of the international community and now he has lost all the money because with the sanctions it is impossible for him to confront with. with the proceeds of the oil trade any of the old league ations that they have reported openness without including payment of ted and of course supplying food for the venezuelan people because under the government of brazil. the proportion of food that is imported it's eighty percent of the daily diet of venezuela if i were going to be very many years ago he was pretty hard to leave and we do appreciate you joining us from miami we have to get straight. to you where we have brought here he took. who's also going to take to the platform to make a few short comments we will listen in to what the new emperor of japan accompanied
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by his wife and empress misaka have to say.
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under the provision of the constitution of japan and this special measures of the imperial house act here i have just exceeded to the imperial throne. thinking about the responsibility that is in instructed with me in this duty.
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recall the emperor emeritus and in america. throughout the thirty years in their reign have wished for world peace and at any time they always thought and shared the sufferings of the people of japan. and they have both showed that through their actions. and have put into action through sincerity in each of the duties that they performed. so as a symbol of japan emperor emeritus and the empress emeritus i hereby of for my gratitude for what they have done. here as i accede to the throne. i will carry on in the footsteps of the emperor emeritus and the emperor america
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and also the previous emperors that have reigned. and promise to think about the people of japan and. under the provisions of the constitution japan i shall perform my duties as the symbol of the people of japan. and i sincerely. wish for peace to prevail in the world and in japan.
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i hear my next announcement. to the emperor today you have exceeded to the imperial throne as a representative of the japanese people we'd like to offer our gratitude. for doing so. what about an hour you meet and if we think about the footsteps they're taken by the emperor emeritus under the provision of the constitution of japan.
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they have performed. their official duties as the symbol of the people of japan and they have always wished for the world peace. we hold it. in sincerity in the position of the. emperor. working towards world peace among. the world fraught with disaster but we will work towards building a brighter future a world of hope. and here we sincerely wish for the peace to prevail in the new era. and also the prosperity of the imperial household . if.
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you want to have as there are these are live pictures from tokyo the new emperor emperor no hito made a few simple remarks about what he hopes he can bring to the new era of. the regency that is now to begin with his ascendancy to the throne accompanied by his wife the empress masako they are now leaving the hall of pine the as it's called with their royal entourage the audience assembled in the hall. dignitaries of the inner royal household and also members of the government led by sions a day who addressed the emperor but also paying homage and respect
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to the previous emperor who performed his duties as a symbol of peace around the world and that's what he hoped the new emperor would bring to the new royal household listening into this was our correspondent way they who's been following events for us it's a game that was a mother and second simple ceremony to lay the groundwork for the new japanese era with a new japanese emperor. yes and i think paris fitting that the gloomy wet weather of tuesday when we saw the abdication ceremony for his father was given a way to get a full sunshine in the japanese capital turkey when thousands of people taking advantage of that. to come to the exterior of the imperial palace just to be potts
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of the cage in this historic occasion the first time in more than two hundred years that we've seen an emperor a takeover as the results of an abdication and a brief speech as you mentioned as we store again on tuesday during the abdication it was very brief the same from the new emperor not he to a very brief speech and from there i think you can take that he will continue in the vein all of his father akihito who was a very popular emperor according to most polls conducted in this country he proved to modernize the imperial family and the position of the emperor and make it more relevant and i think all expectations are that his oldest son the new emperor another will continue along that bank he's only fifty nine years old so perhaps it will appeal will speak to a different new generation of japanese who probably don't have the same connection potentially some of them with the imperial family aren't of the same era as akihito
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so that could be a challenge but also an exciting opportunity for the new but yes very brief poignant ceremony the second ceremony that we've seen so far on wednesday morning and in just a few moments we're expecting the police to move into this area outside the palace to clear the public away and make way for the new emperor and empress to leave the palace and begin the reign of the new emperor the formal in throne meant ceremony will have to wait until october for that that will be a much more elaborate affair with invited guests coming from overseas and we'll also see the emperor and empress paraded through the streets of tokyo in the back of an open top of the mood we will leave at the very nice bright so they. certainly follow events throughout the day with you as well thank you. but of course japan's new emperor was groomed for the role from
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a very young age to hew to is the oldest of three children born to the emperor akihito and his wife. he graduated in one nine hundred eighty two from the department of history at university in tokyo it's a school favored by the japanese imperial family he then studied for two years of oxford university in the u.k. and printed a huge who's married to former diplomat to masako in one thousand nine hundred three and they have one child the seventeen year old princess aiko who's barred by law from inheriting the throne because she is female not a hue to his life has been largely free of scandal michael pena is the president and news agency joins me now from tokyo good to have you with us again michael obviously we've seen a very intricate details ceremony which sets out really. a similar path for the new emperor in
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a similar vein to his father. yes well i mean. if something has succeeded marvelously as the reign of akihito was i mean there was almost no criticism that you could make of of akihito study or rain he he did everything he could to as your correspondent said to make the you know the imperial institution more relevant closer to the people a symbol of peace coming after the much more controversial reign of his own father the emperor hirohito so you know when you have such a good role model there's probably no reason why we should expect narrow hito to want to depart in any sharp ways from what his father has done because this father was a was obviously an exemplary emperor for this nation in general terms the rule family has always been quite popular but how much of
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a breath of fresh air is the new un in light of his age his forward education his diplomatic wife who is now the new empress they bring in a very new style do they not to the royal household. again i wouldn't i wouldn't see it as being actually that sharp a break even though yes you're right as individuals they are some of more worldly figures but in fact the former emperor although he wasn't educated outside of the united states he was educated by tutors who after world war two who did have this vision of the world so i don't think that you know if you compare akihito to his father what hirohito then then maybe that's where the bigger break. yes of course the new emperor and the empress are younger and that may mean that they're they're
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going to want to be a little bit more active in some senses in terms of you know addressing the issues of the day so for example the new emperor may may may take some initiatives for example on issues like climate change he's very strong on environmental issues which we may see that element come in more than we have under the former emperor but again i really think that. we're going to see a lot of continuity and as for the japanese people you know the older generations are the ones who tend to have a much stronger connection to the imperial family than the younger generations who have kind of now fully absorbed into post-modern lives with you know mobile phones and then and other interests but still the appearance to sion is there anything else that remains relevant if that's the case michael what sort of problems or baggage does he have to deal with if we talk about. world war two and also the
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issue of comfort women that's a big issue in south korea it did dog the previous and on his visits. is that still are they still relevant issues for the new mold to keep that's arrived and how much of a problem they still going to be for him and his wife the empress as they travel the world as they try. become and stop the identity of the new royal household. right well you know you put your finger on south korea and that's an important one because as tight as the connections between japan and south korea have been you know in japan was of course the colonial power of the korean peninsula for about half a century of the early twentieth century the emperor has never visited the korean peninsula in the emperor and so this is one thing that we might see possibly during
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this rain is the first japanese emperor to visit the korean peninsula that's not outside the range of possibility realms of possibility but you know that i think the bigger issue related to that is how is japan changing at the political level at the level of the prime minister and the government you know are they going to try to move it away from that that peaceful post-war culture away from basically the values which akihito and not he to stand for so the issue is you know will at the government level changes in policy create tensions with the new emperor who believe strongly in the post-war ethic of peace and pacifism who should see what does happen for the moment michael penn thanks so much for joining us from take you. know the imperial regalia and i was hit by the new imprinting foods the sacred sword given to him during the ceremony the sword is regarded as a divine object in japanese culture and the tradition is being kept alive by jewel
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steelmaker a kina. yeah i get out the old. supervisor of need to home tata steel makers. of the morning to myth shinto gods the sun all descended upon the mountains here and slew an eight forked serpent from a sacred sword laid out heard from its body. the title steelmaking has more than a thousand years of history and tradition. in the fire is a sacred flame of the little bundle transforming iron sand and charcoal into quality jewel steel. the development of steel making contributed greatly to the prosperity of japanese culture and civilization. and we are here trying to preserve it and pass it on for eternity.
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we work for three days and nights. tending closely as though raising a child for giving it love. we're prepared to do what it takes to produce magnificent steel. our for you have to do or the heat when working at it is very hot and dusty. it requires physical strength but also mental toughness to work consecutive days and nights for. the if we work as a team for the following specific methods. the charcoal cannot be fed randomly it won't burn well. over strength of the flame which is just sound of the sizzling and the sound of the wind through the vent holes. i make sure i take no video of the colors and sounds totally. i watch the flames
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and i go there prepared to pour the iron sand into. the best spot. it's burning hot . this process takes place in winter because it's more effective to work in the cold. we band together in our efforts and that is how the iron bloom is created. when the new steel is made after long days working i feel elated as if my own child was born. let's move on to the day's other news now and to africa siddharth and its ruling military council have asked protesters not to take the law into their own hands the military said it still hopes to now are differences with protest leaders who are still on the streets calling for a civilian government. in khartoum. sudan to stop generals warned their patience has limits they want the protesters on the streets of the capital khartoum to
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remove roadblocks checkpoints and allow trains to bring food supplies across the country where they were there we are to sponsible and we have to take responsibility as a military council as a transitional gnutella consul we have to protect the citizen and protect the law we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and properties of the state and we will deal with this firmly and in accordance with the law this is what he wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury. the army's warning comes after talks with the opposition hit a snag the two sides have agreed to form a new body to run the country until the next elections the army wants a majority in the transitional body. and so far it has avoided an escalation that might lead to an armed confrontation and. we have made many concessions for the sake of protecting our nation and preventing scenarios similar to what happened in
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neighboring countries we want to talk to end quickly so that the tension deescalate this. but the young activists behind the mass protest movement toppled president omar al bashir who worry the military is buying time to prevent a civilian takeover. they say they want the army's role as a stick to it and its influence contained during the transitional period. in a press conference on tuesday so that its professional association denounced the military saying they have no desire to give up power to civilians here and make. the military council is not serious about transferring power to civilians it is clear they want to keep power and retirement for themselves this is unacceptable with the revolution did not take place in order to stop a unilateral military regime and to another unilateral military regime therefore this will not be accepted and is not acceptable but strong statements that summed
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up tomatoes have replaced the soft and optimistic language of the last few days casting doubts over the prospects of the talks that are now stalled until further notice. i just popped on. still ahead here on al-jazeera why syrians living in government controlled areas all suffering from invasion fuel shortage plus israel's plans to sue demolish more palestinian homes in the occupied east jerusalem. as its own to its advantage i.x. in the champions league semifinals they'd be tottenham to move a step closer to the biggest match in european club football stay with us here on the news hour. welcome back to international weather forecast well here across china things are
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looking much better here as we go towards the mid week a lot of that rain that we had earlier is beginning to push off the coast but not for taiwan you can be seeing the heavy rain continue here on wednesday with the tempter there across taipei about twenty four degrees things get better for you with the time to. twenty nine but by the time we get to thursday we're going to start to see more rain to the north but a lot of the coastal areas will continue to remain dry in terms of rain but we may see some more clouds of here to share high with attempt a few of twenty four degrees while across parts of western indonesia things are looking much better we did have some rain here over the last few days but on the forecast map by the time we start the middle of the week things get a little bit better here a lot of drying starts to happen the clouds continue but by the time we get towards thursday notice the rain showers disappear as well as a lot of the clouds begin to dissipate as well for singapore maybe a shower for you at thirty three degrees in kuala lumpur at about thirty four degrees for you well here across the bamberg all the course we are watching what is
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happening with our tropical cycloid funny and that is making its way towards the north we do expect to see a land falling system by the time we get to friday and more rain across much of the coastal areas there. the weather sponsored by qatar and. by a major vision every weekly news cycle going to see you he said breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means. listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embed is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. free education for all was the promise the reality provoked a generation. to drugs another block to want to thank god how
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a protest over education feeds. more international results. yet. everything must for. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. killed watching the observer news are with me the whole robin to remind top stories but as well as opposition leader why don't is calling for more protests he says president nicolas maduro doesn't have the support of the armed forces whatever appeared on t.v. for the first time since why did launched a campaign to have him removed. which bans do emperor has expressed his hopes
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for peace in his first address to the nation saying to the throne he's replacing his father. who on tuesday became. the first japanese emperor to abdicate in two hundred years. sudan's ruling military council has asked protest as not to take the law into their own hands but sudan's opposition is accusing the army of clinging to power as protests continue to call for the civilian government. the white house says it's planning to designate the muslim brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization and this could bring sanctions against the group as well as companies and individuals who interact with it egypt's president of the for the c.c. reportedly president trying to make the designation in a meeting late last month like other reports in washington and implacable enemy of the muslim brotherhood receives the warmest of welcomes at the white house egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi has long been pressing president trump to
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take action against the organization which along with the liberal opposition has been the target of a massive crackdown by cc's forces in egypt this after the muslim brotherhood won egypt's first democratic election in two thousand and twelve. before being ousted in a military takeover the following year the white house choosing to support the autocrat rather than the democratically elected would slim brotherhood he deposed the president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern says the press secretary in an e-mail and this designation is working its way through the internal process. among those in the region clearly not consulted president earlier one in turkey who's a strong backer of the muslim brotherhood or countries like to near zero and morocco where the organization is an integral part of the democratic process. in
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both tunisia and in morocco all. muslim brotherhood affiliated parties are represented in the parliaments and they're major players and. to the extent that they fall under this designation it would be common possible for the us government to have diplomatic relations with them it would be hard for them to have contact with them allies that are likely to have been consulted include israel and saudi arabia that cites cutter's support for the muslim brotherhood as a reason for the going blockade of that country but the apparent appeasement of countries like saudi arabia may be only one reason for the trumpet ministrations deliberations another is domestic the decision to outlaw the brotherhood would play well to president trump's political base which is deeply distrustful of any movement that reaches the word muslim mike hanna al-jazeera washington
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in the u.s. special counsel robert mueller has expressed concern over how his report on alleged russian meddling has been betrayed according to a justice department official miller sent a letter to attorney general william barr complaining about his interpretation of a report summary joining a press conference barr said he found no evidence to support the president committed obstruction of justice barr is due to testify on the report before the senate judiciary committee on wednesday. your sanctions against iran and lebanon are causing fuel shortages in government held parts of syria now those sanctions are working in favor of russia who are looking to step in and fill the gap in supply said huldah reports now from beirut. syria used to meet its fuel needs but facilities have been damaged in the war and the main oil and gas fields are still outside government control and has been importing eighty percent of its consumption
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mainly from iran until shipment stopped in october because of tighter u.s. sanctions on tehran government controlled areas are suffering from a fuel shortage damascus has another oil rich ally russia but politics seem to be play. that the member. is not assisting the syrian government with fuel oil i think russia is using this to put pressure on the syrian government and it's. russia wants the writings and so the political military and security decisions in syria come from the kremlin. syria has just granted russia control of the main strategic commercial port in part on the mediterranean for the next forty nine years it appears russia is replacing iran as syria's main oil supplier but it's not just losing leverage in the energy sector iran's financial difficulties makes it harder for it to remain serious economic lifeline the sanctions are affecting its ability to expand its economic influence us thanks on iran have worked in russia's
5:43 am
favor it no longer has to compete with her on over the economic benefits in post-war syria also the sanctions contain iran's influence and weakens its footprint making it easier for moscow to convince gulf arab countries and the west to reintegrate the syrian government in neighboring lebanon iran's allies are in power but sanctions are preventing them from. legally you cannot send a fuel to syria because the lebanese government is not allowing permits for export because it considers that there are sanctions. syria has another friendly neighbor iraq which is rich in oil but authorities there haven't we opened the land trade route through the crossing the u.s. is believed to be playing a role to prevent a land corridor from iran through iraq and syria to lebanon. iran wants to open the door to send good story then to see and then to the ports
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along the mediterranean the americans are doing their best to close these crossings they are still in control. along the syria iraq aborted attempts to block iran's regional goals are not new. and the recent sanctions may help contain iran and its allies for now but it's not clear what impact i'll have in the long term. beirut. israel's new parliament has been sworn in three weeks after the general election and the knesset is made up of one hundred twenty members of who will be holding their seats for the first time prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now leading negotiations with coalition partners to form a next government because look party a nationalist allies have a sixty five seat majority. to demolish more palestinian homes the high court has ruled sixty homes in the occupied east jerusalem should be knocked down palestinians say israel is trying to settle as many jews as possible in what they
5:45 am
believe is a significant biblical neighborhood outside the walls of the old city. reports. it's been several days but he still can't come to terms with his loss. knew the house would be destroyed he received a demolition order saying it was illegally built but the document didn't specify when it would happen. the demolition orders are applied only on us palestinians they are allowed to do whatever they want they can put up a prefab house where they want this is what puzzles me why do you think they don't give us construction permits why because they want us to get fed up and leave the area his house is one of sixty others threatened in this in one neighborhood of east jerusalem diminished capacity says they were all built without permission people living in sin when live on the edge of jerusalem's old city which palestinians consider as part of the capital of their own future state now there is
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a feeling among many that over the past eighteen months israel has been carrying a more aggressive policy when it comes to demolition orders and many would tell you that that's ever since president some declared tourism as the capital of israel. we development plans for the area we're drawn back in the one nine hundred seventy s. a large part of said when has been designated to be as a natural park so diminished the palette he says construction is forbidden tarski is a human rights activist he says the plans also include renaming syl when as the city of david sometime in the future but that's not all the plan has different stages the first stage is freeze and don't. construction but also israel has is very aggressively trying to change places like say one word like twenty five thousand palestinians leave it wants to change the character to be
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israeli jewish and there are many aggressive moves by settlers in the area the first israeli settlers to move in over this house that was in the late one nine hundred ninety s. there are now about a thousand two hundred settlers living in the area. was born in sin one and has seen the demographical changes in his neighborhood over the past thirty years. look at the cameras there are at every corner when i go up with my wife or even when i'm at home i feel i'm in a reality show like big brother when they go out to have protection and i'm not to move until they pause and they say drew is united it's not israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu newly reelected and with the backing of president donald trump is in the process of forming what's expected to be the most right wing government yet in israel's history palestinians fear that will translate into more pressure on them but at the. occupy clusters of them. security forces are on high alert in
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kabul more than three thousand prominent afghans discuss peace for the country it's day two of a national assembly called a lawyer which will stay. the government in its negotiations with the taliban. in kabul. full painted concrete bulls holding up the hopes of a nation they call this the loya jirgah taint it's with three thousand afghans a gathering in a ridge national assembly to define what peace looks like in a country that hasn't seen it for a generation we have to back for it because you know we have spent forty one years of war in this country we have lost the family our sons our husbands our sisters our brothers all together and know now this is the this is the chance for us sufi acidic he is hopeful she was elected head of the committee she says it's a sign that gender equality is improving the government says thirty percent of the
5:49 am
delegates are women but this is still a country where women and men have separate entrances as of women at the african method this is a responsibility just to talk about peace and to believe in that the government has started the diversity of this crowd the young and old from various tribes and religions despite the taliban condemning the gathering organizers say those from television held areas are in attendance in the half of it ghana stand to how contested by the armed groups even the area controlled by the taliban they can send that representative here he is after. that representing the people of those areas and they have that is that advice is in order for peace delegates have been broken into fifty committing sin that cost about three four questions what needs to be done to achieve long lasting pace what type of value should be safeguarded in talks with the taliban what kind of personalities should represent the government in these talks and also foreign policy what action should be taken against countries
5:50 am
that support the taliban but progress is slow and security is high a wide cordon surrounds leaving you in a week long public holiday has been declared to improve security in. the event screening procedures have slowed the schedule. you know it's quite difficult to start particularly in a country then you help them with more of them and i walk through a lot of them. and was an all. big fishes out here big fishes that have spent two days jockeying for influential roles within the gathering's administration now comes the difficult task. some people come up with the can seem says on how the government should negotiate peace with the taliban what's the opinion off the ground about it this is not the shows because you know the job gimme its opinion off the people are
5:51 am
a people who for decades have not known pace that must now help define it. well still ahead on the new wars a new era for. us takes to the road paul has those details straight after the break .
5:52 am
the toughest corner in sports. thank you very much dutch team i.x. have taken a big step towards the european champions league final they won one tottenham in choose days first leg of their semifinal tie vanderbank got the crucial goal after
5:53 am
fifteen minutes spurs with it all to do and next wednesday only one side has ever lost the first leg of the semi's i'm gone on to reach the final that was i.x. he then lifted the trophy back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six when it's home to liverpool in the first leg of the other semifinal on wednesday on a high after clinching the spanish league title at the weekend and they still have the spanish cup final to come against valencia but coach and i stayed valverde is wary of liverpool who have never lost on their four previous visits to the new camp just after the league at one hundred fifty they are in the fight for the premier league with manchester city whereas we've already worn out the performances of the two teams in the champions league is there for all to see that now here we are to play against as they are a powerful tea with extraordinary forwards and a level of pressure rhythm and pace which is very hard well last year's beaten finalist liverpool received
5:54 am
a boost as they prepared for the much one enjoyed out strike at roberta's so from a trained with the squad you're going to have enjoyed a hugely successful season so far but the manager says there's no room for complacency. one hundred percent chance i would think if you go do it if you go to big guys and throw ten dollars on. the two of them the chances are that but we have a chance in both competitions you have to play these games never god that you always make these kind of things that gave one before it's played and f.l. draft selection corey ballantine is out of hospital after being shot to name his university in kansas just hours after being chosen to play for the new york giants the cornerback anti made join simmons worth fired at near the campus in the early hours of sunday simmons was killed in the shooting valentine is expected to attend the giants rookie training camp this week but it's not yet clear when he'll be able to take part in football activities the most successful road cycling team of the
5:55 am
past decade has begun its new era team sky is no more than our team any os with last year's tour de france champ thomas leading the rebrand at the tour of rome and the on choose day that he won six little titles in nine years but even their riders couldn't stop young traffic of the bahrain merida team winning the prologue time trial in switzerland thomas came home in fifth place. very different scenes in morocco where the titan desert mountain bike race was canceled on tuesday after the death of spanish rider finance. he suffered cardiac arrest during monday's second stage riders paid their respects the race will resume on wednesday organizers of wimbledon say they are willing to give former champion andy murray as much time as possible to be fit for this year's tournament the two time winner is hoping to be granted a wild card in order to get paid as he recovers from hip surgery if he makes it's
5:56 am
likely to be murray's last event in front of his british home support. been a discussion with him as you think it's too soon to know. the answer to that one and should he wish to apply for a wild card he would do so in the normal in the normal way we don't know what comes before when it's been in. africa remember a couple years ago it was mostly an in-group wasn't certain mood before so. and you came forward with a strong currents i'm sure. would work with. boxing's undefeated heavyweight world champion anthony joshua will talk to the media on wednesday about his next fight after the previous challenger failed a drugs test the brit is set to face a rather surprising choice american and the rule is junior the twenty nine year old is heavier than joshua but four inches shorter and he has a big reach disadvantage hill replace general miller who was denied a license for the june first fight at new york's madison square garden or boxing
5:57 am
journalist gareth a davis told us this was all about joshua making an impact in his u.s. debut but the fight fans were likely to be frustrated by yet another low key match up. francey joshua way down the line all i remember is him knocking out some roly poly figure in the first round and putting his stamp on america at the beginning of the journey but at the moment we're seeing the semi final what's on it's incredibly frustrating so in a way it doesn't matter fitzgerald and you're always travel brian michael hunter it's just an american named joshua will knock out that's what they want that's the storyline they want but for us out here in the us on the sports fans what we want all the undefeated heavyweights facing each other are that sorry sport and i will have more later oh thanks very much paul will fall will be here with a not a full half hour of news on the other side of the break but even watching the avs are new with me so robert to me on the team thanks very much for your time and your
5:58 am
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ground are not my world to bring you more award winning documentaries and life needs. to be the only bit of this was truly a fake coup venezuela's president dismisses opposition leader calls for a military uprising and made silence song on the streets of caracas. them fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters in tow also ahead so dons military rulers warn protesters not to take the law into their own hands and call on them to ring the overall brock's. u.s. president don.


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