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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 120  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2019 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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the tenth outpost way. almost immediately the protesters began reinforcing the body creates they say the military's real intention is to disperse them. or to have to all but no one can remove those barricades i have been put by the protesters to particular lives and early day you can remove it. until now this has been a happy place for weeks the protests the self sat here chanting and singing themselves hoarse they need peace justice and freedom us tension rises their message to the transitional military council is simply hand over power. the impact of the blockade of the somebody's kid bridges is being felt across the cup at a traffic gridlock saw home one of the few streets in central hub tunes that are still open they follow solomon has been a taxi driver here for more than twenty years now i need.
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business is bad my income has gone down by up to sixty five percent since the roads were closed. for many sudanese the fault of going back to a thing similar to their own years is unbearable and for now the protest helped us out. the protests are destructive but it's all worth it we would not have seen a close roads or even protests if we didn't have grievances talks between the military council position parties and protest organizers to form a transitional government a continuing but more deal has been pushed up to several rounds of negotiations the most optimistic hope about the lack of a breakthrough is just another glitch in what is undoubtedly going to be a long process on the talks will eventually bear fruit. out here and so sure. going to. come about the well just the heart. and a new round of talks between the taliban and the u.s.
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and you to get under way here in cata the u.s. state department says it's envoy zalmay khalilzad is in doha to meet representatives of the afghan group it's the sixth round of talks between the two sides both of whom are trying to find a framework for peace in afghanistan the government though has so far not been part of the talks shelob ellis has more on these talks between the u.s. and the taliban from kabul. we understand in this round sources tell us that they will be discussing a cease fire not just a couple of days we're talking a number of months now this all happens while the loya jirga is hosted here in kabul the loya jirga a grand assembly of more than three thousand people who have been brought together here in kabul behind me to talk about should these talks go well with the u.s. what would the afghan government's position be what would their negotiating position be what do these people think they should prioritize what should they read
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line speed in talks with the taliban joining me now is the head of the loya jirgah also the secretary of the high peace council mr dowd side thank you for joining us thank you charlotte nice to meet you so you must be watching these talks and or how closely starting today what are your thoughts on them. the afghan government is still supporting the u.s. going direct talks and we are still hopeful through new shiela these talks would leave to face to face official afghan afghan government to taliban talks what are your thoughts on how realistic a ceasefire might be if that's what's being discussed in this round it's a very much needed all afghans that are here three thousand two hundred delegates from across the country their top demand is immediate and for a long ceasefire still to come here at. syrians living in government controlled areas are dealing with
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a major feel shortage. it's been raining fairly steadily and fairly heavily in eastern austria hungary and ukraine because this circular nation here and it's going to keep going into the spread of rain with it i think the further east west of all this and the winds to advance the north so best it was recently will slowly disappear twenty in parsifal crosser wednesday a bit less that in london your nerves is needed to green patches in spain are showers in the warming atmosphere so here's the circulation then currently of ukraine and all those drawing in some potentially colder air from the north it won't see the temps has changed very much it disappears giving rain to moscow leaving a dry picture there for on thursday but was tempered as much the same and it's cool
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down in london paris and zurich in the green strip there it's not just cool it's also can be fairly wet that's happening in the european mainland we've not seen very much active weather in the last few days in north africa the cloud is coming out of the interior you think the breeze is coming with it and therefore fairly dusty will seems like you know possibly true nice inside of libya but i'm sure as if you're on the coast although it's hot in current thirty nine or in the twenty's further west even getting back towards robots where clouds seems a possibility was just the interior it's only in the low twenty's so next two days . sponsored by catalyst. i mean you want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality where they are on line and you have that male chauvinism that is in clash with in our global federation and it is really hard to get a piece of that or if you join us on saturday if. they can think up their minds this
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is a dialogue everyone has a voice talk to us and our lives need to chat and you too can be in history join the clovelly conversation. on al-jazeera. tarvaris take a look at the top stories here is out of his era venezuela's president says he'll prosecute phase enfolded what he called an attempted the opposition leader has called for more protests on wednesday he says the president doesn't have the support of the military. protests is the military in sudan remain all say that you should govern the country the military council which is currently in charge those
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warn people not to take the law into their own hands. a sixth round of talks between the taliban and the u.s. is due to begin here in qatar both sides are trying to find a framework for peace in afghanistan. that wednesday international workers day on may day in russia communists and trade unionists have joined rallies in moscow's red square the workers are calling for more job opportunities and better wages. in the philippines in the capital protests is there criticize the government for its relations with china which the unions say has led to an influx of cheap labor. and the may day rally is also underway in taiwan's capital taipei where it is designated a public holiday protest says that demanding workers' rights and protections and rob mcbride has this update from south korea's capital seoul. with such
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a highly developed trade union culture made a voice brings out the massive crowds here in seoul as in towns and cities throughout south korea this year they have very much a common cause to get behind the bar that is. great so workers are right here in the country it all stems from a free trade agreement signed between south korea and the european union nearly nine years ago that was part of this agreement south korea is meant to jot down a set of workers' rights conventions as outlined by the united nations and now these are things that for example the free association or the abolition of forced labor the kinds of things that most students just realize developed countries have signed up to despite some pressure from the e.u. and their patience is wearing thin they're effectively giving south korea now a deadline to adopt these conventions full of these conventions yet to be ratified
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in the country and the trade unionists accuse the employers organizations of standing in the way of these things or being too strong and blocking their implementation. south korea has grown to become the world's sixth largest trading if you want to move from being a developing country to an advanced one and to meet international standards the commission should be ratified in south korea's liberal president to move jay and also wants these conventions ratified he has cheated out of jail a day messages saying he wants south korea to be a country where people can be proud of their labor or. people going to achieve their dream really hard work and bing going live now to paris the french capital a correspondent there is david and david and how is may day being mounds in paris in this heightened political climate in france today.
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martine there are seven thousand four hundred police riot police and gendarmes on the streets of paris that shows you what they're expecting there a great fears of violence during the course of this labor day have been let me put that in perspective there was a paraphrase a statement from what they were calling the peaceful yellow vests this morning they said they were representing nine million people who live in the shadows of fronts in rural communities people who are so desperate because they just don't have the money to survive that they take the option of suicide now they say. hold protests try and bring these people into the light of social and taxation justice having said that. the protest is joining the trade unions on this traditional labor day march and these are what are now being called the ultra yellow vests these are people who believe that in a way the only action that they can take is
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a violent confrontation because that peaceful demonstrations have had no results also added to that of course many extremists are coming in from all parts of europe to join this demonstration and also an anarchist group called the black bloc they dress entirely in black they have mosques and these are extremists on the left and anika some one to two thousand people are expected from this black bloc are the ones that the police are really trying to hold down because they're the ones who always confront the police try and see if they want to provoke. having said that at the moment behind me you've got a peaceful gathering shouts of rebellion and shouts of the justice and everything that present emmanuel knocked on his donkey to try and molify and modify the elevators protesters so far failed he's announced of course tax cuts and also
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pension pension increases but the l a vest as leaders say that amounts to a load of blah blah i say put it and that he's really their only rep to represent the rich the capitalism inside france so we have to wait and see exactly how this will develop about the police and the authorities of grace faction david chase live in paris thank you very much. the u.s. president of trump is considering declaring the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization and could bring sanctions against the group and any companies or individuals who have dealings with it a senior official in washington says egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi urged president trump to make the move during a visit last month mike hanna reports an implacable enemy of the muslim brotherhood receives the warmest of welcomes at the white house egyptian president abdel fattah
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el-sisi has long been pressing president trump to take action against the organization which along with the liberal opposition has been the target of a massive crackdown by cc's forces in egypt this after the muslim brotherhood won egypt's first democratic election in twenty twelve of them again the before being ousted in a military takeover the following year the white house choosing to support the autocrat rather than the democratically elected would slim brotherhood he deposed. the president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern says the press secretary in an e-mail and this designation is working its way through the internal process among those in the region clearly not consulted president to one in turkey who is a strong backer of the muslim brotherhood all countries like to near zero and
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morocco where the organization is an integral part of the democratic process in both tunisia and in morocco. muslim brotherhood affiliated parties are represented in the parliaments and their major players and. to the extent that they fall under the stairs and nation it would be common possible for the us government to have diplomatic relations with them it would be hard for them to have contact with them allies that are likely to have been consulted include israel and saudi arabia that cites kut-o. support for the muslim brotherhood as a reason for the ongoing blockade of that country but the apparent peace mint of countries like saudi arabia may be only one reason for the trumpet ministrations deliberations another is domestic the decision to outlaw the brotherhood would play well to president trump's political base which is deeply distrustful of any
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movement that features the word muslim mike hanna al-jazeera washington japan has welcomed its one hundred twenty six emperor in a brief ceremony in the capital take care emperor and that he has taken over from his father. you have to katie don't you stay when hey reports. less than a day after his father emperor akihito retired in a writ of money his oldest son entered the same room in the imperial palace to formally take over the transfer of ancient family treasures signaled the arrival of a new era the reign of emperor not all he told this was the first time in more than two hundred years that japan saw accession as a result of abdication then just minutes later this time with his wife imprisoned by his side spoke for the first time as emperor. nick sitting to the throne i swear i will reflect deeply on the course followed by his majesty the emperor
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emeritus and bear in mind the path. by passed in paris into we'll devote myself to self-improvement his father akihito sought to modernize the imperial family and bring it closer to the people but when first ceremony provided an indication of how far there is to go no female members of the family including not all he tours wife and daughter were allowed in the room the people who reside in this palace are of course very important to japan but they have no political power since one nine hundred forty seven the emperor has been a symbolic figure only even changes to imperial war have to come from the government's allowing abdication required a one off law change and only males from the male line of the family can become emperor with only three males in line to the throne their lineage is under threat one of them is eighty three another twelve so there is likely to be increasing
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pressure on japan's conservative government to make changes to try to safeguard the line of succession people who want to maintain the imperial tradition in japan. have no other choice than to modernize it further by accepting gender equality. in the post-war period.


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