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also coming out. to san diego we will try and. venezuelan president control as the opposition calls for a military revolt and more protests. standoff in sudan as the protest movement accuses the military of clinging to power. celebrations in japan as emperor another he sends to the through a day after his father advocates. that we got some news just coming in from libya to turkish nationals have been detained by forces loyal to her. on monday the turkish president. called have to advance towards tripoli a plot against libya's people ankara also announced that it but libya's u.n.
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recognized government more than three hundred forty people have been killed in the battle for tripoli so far since the fighting started almost a month ago and we've got two correspondents now on this story see them cause she's in istanbul first so that's get the very latest from mahmoud. in the libyan capital tripoli what more do we know about this specific incident. well martin. the. workers are now in. prison in. the eastern city of dar this is the infamous prison held by have to us forces and we have been hearing horrible stories from our people who were imprisoned in that prison prison in the city of apparently the nationals are a restaurant workers they were working in
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a restaurant in gaza have been a shared area as you know that have to his forces when they start to move around tripoli the sort of been of sheer area on the southern part of tripoli and they are the government of national called is accusing to have to his forces of committing war crimes in gaza have been achieved including attacking migrants detention center there and killing at least two migrants and one several others government of the turkish government has denied claims by have to us forces as you know martin that. have to media media outlets which is an allied to help to the forces accuse the nationals of being spies but the government to government has said that these claims are meaningless we know that. the president has promised
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support full support to the sit in the camp including the government and are called has also criticized the move on tripoli calling get. to the warlords and if they have to as. a dictator right now would in tripoli thank you very much indeed let's go to see them cause the early now is in istanbul and see them president ever one has been very vocal in his support for the tripoli based government. did the also riches in turkey believe that these incidents are connected to the fact that the president has made it quite plain that he supports the government in tripoli. well martin don as you said has been very critical about how fair and his moves in in libya and that libya shouldn't become like syria and turkey will do its best in order to prevent any attempt to transform the riyadh to syria however what we know what we learned from
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the turkish security sources is that those two turkish citizens have been arrested in the tripoli on april twelfth and since then their families had no contact with them they couldn't hear anything as they contacted the turkish officials and they really and the sources that i have spoken and of the security forces and the ministerial sources they say these claims are baseless but of course we have to consider that. there has been has been on the same axis with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. recent then it took he has been have at turkey's relations with those two countries have been slain mainly with u.a.e. saudi arabia and egypt and turkey also captured two. nationals in turkey earlier this month and they were they called fast that they were spying on behalf of u.a.e. and it took a shit turkish authorities believe that is saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt are trying to establish
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a new form of intelligence not broke because they have lost their contacts in turkey so therefore so far the turkish authorities turkish foreign ministry didn't deliver any press statement or any oficial reaction against this but the ones that we have spoken are very serious about that they said of those to turkish nationals are just. normal citizens they have been in a very difficult contrie maybe i just saw work and earn day for money to send their . families those two gentlemen were working in a restaurant and it took a security officials also confirmed to me that they had moldings with any turkish security authorities like intelligence or whatever so and for now we are expecting to hear some reactions from the turkish authorities but of course this is a sign that there will be new developments between turkey and leave and we will be it probably hearing more spots from prison down side criticizing mr hafter see them
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cause here lou for now thank you very much live from istanbul. now venezuela's president says he's in control as the opposition leader calls for more protests on wednesday he says president maduro doesn't have the support of the armed forces but the president is threatening to prosecute those involved in what it describes as an attempted coup in a latin america editor lucien newman is monitoring developments from the cuban capital. it was perhaps his boldest move yes opposition leader one why do all appearing before dawn in front of a caucus here for space surrounded by some twenty five soldiers appealing to the military to join him by his side was. perhaps the most famous political prisoner he announced he'd been released to house arrest by security forces who turned against president. kabila to defend freedom out with tyranny everyone out onto the street. opposition supporters answered the call but were pushed back by security
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forces dozens were injured in clashes between pro and anti-government groups. after he and lopez took part in a march disappeared from sight i mean nagging rumors that he would be arrested but come nightfall issued a new call from an undisclosed location. to rise up again. we will continue calling on the armed forces to take part in the final phase of operation liberty to rescue our dignity that is why on may one we will go back on to the streets nationwide gathering in the areas we have already designated president maduro responded on nationwide television surrounded by army officers whose continued support he depends. on this was truly a fake a minor a simulation and that's why eighty percent of the military and police who joined them in the beginning had left them by noon. but amid reports that his support may
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be cracking u.s. secretary of state might compel said had been about to step down and go to cuba but was dissuaded by russia another key ally. says that's rubbish and adding more fuel to the geopolitical crisis president donald trump is again pointing the finger at his warning of an other unless it immediately withdraw what he calls military help to the macdougall regime he will slap on what he is now describing as a full and complete embargo as well as economic and financial sanctions. in venezuela and are both planning to mark international workers day with a major show of strength on the streets one to try to force the president from power the other to try to maintain it you see in human. have. the u.s. national security adviser john bolton says the situation in venezuela isn't
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a coup attempt but a legitimate president trying to take control kimberly from washington. the united states continues to be somewhat secretive about its role in venice well and the events that are taking place the u.s. national security advisor would only say the country is offering venezuela humanitarian support and a lot of other things but he would not say what those things were when asked directly about military intervention he said that all options remain on the table but for now the united states supports a peaceful transfer of power that the u.s. president is monitoring the situation in venezuela by the minute and he also said that he was the people in venezuela to go through what they said they would do to allow for a transition of power if this effort sails they will sink into a dictatorship from which there are very few possible alternatives it's a very delicate moment i want to stress again the president wants to see
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a peaceful transfer of power from the doro to go i don't know that possibility still exist if enough figures depart from the regime and support the opposition there john bolton also said that he does not view what is taking place in venezuela as any sort of who and when asked about some support on the ground for president nicolas maduro someone the united states does not support he said this is really just military fear of cuban security forces mcgirr is directing his thugs to conduct his affairs he went on to caution russia for its involvement as well in venezuela saying that they view the actions of russia in venezuela to be very serious and that we expect the russians not to interfere so very clear on the u.s. position by the national security adviser john bolton that the united states still continues to push for a peaceful transfer of power to the interim leader one. in sudan protesters
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and the military remain at all should be governing the country the military council which is currently in charge has warned protests is not to take the law into their own hands but the demonstrators accuse the army of clinging to power and demanding an immediate transition to a civilian government let's go live now to khartoum our correspondent there is mohammed mohammed it seems very much as the patience is wearing thin on both sides . yes martin and also there is this a silence from both sides which. can only mean that they are thinking about the next steps what to say next the statements were expecting more statements today and we see more demonstrators more protesters coming from different parts of khartoum over the night thousands of lives for after they traveled for about fifteen
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hundred kilometers or saw sailors coming from that at sea are coming today and more are joining from other sides of the country that's calls by the protest leaders to increase their presence in the sit in and in front of the military headquarters to continue to tell the military the loudest voice possible the strongest presence possible but. leaders are still adamant that should be met on the other side the military after that statement yesterday they haven't really done much in terms of implementing that they talked about they are going to. the to take matters into their own hands that they are going to clear the roads and so on they gave twenty four hours to the protesters to clear some of the roads and bridges. that hasn't been followed with action until now negotiations
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are stalled so yesterday they couldn't meet they were supposed to meet but that didn't happen there was no sign that there was any appointment for the talks today the african union once again talked about the issue condemned takeover of power by the military but at the same time extended the. sixty more days gave sixty more days to the two sides to resolve differences and for the particular to hand over power. and mohamed it seems very much as though there's a collective memory in sudan of how easily lost the gains of the revolution can be given what's happened twice in the recent past exactly and that's something that evolution of the leaders are repeating every single day they say he will learn from history the hard way and we're not going to let that
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history repeat itself here the argument and even some calls on long the protest leaders that negotiation itself is a waste of time and that any revolution that negotiates is a revolution that is about to fail they think that those should be no negotiations with the military that they have to complete what they have come here to do they have lost more than one hundred people in the bloody confrontation with the former regime hundreds of wounded and people in detention for months and weeks they say after all these sacrifices and after what we have seen in several last decades we shouldn't repeat those mistakes there should be no negotiation these are a part of this i'm talking about the opening of some of the protesters and some protest leaders others say you know the military have done something good for the country they harbor save the country by stopping the blood and by removing the
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former regime and there should be a kind of consensus with them a kind of agreement with them so that the opposition itself the revolutionary leaders are thinking about the negotiate or whether to go back to the streets in the strongest manner and complete what they have achieved mohamed val live in khartoum thank you. now a new round of talks between the taliban and the us is due to begin hearing catarrh the us state department says its voice zalmay khalilzad is in doha to meet representatives of the afghan armed group this will be the sixth round of talks between the two sides which is trying to find a framework for peace for the country the afghan government says so far not been part of the talks. still to come here at al-jazeera well because rally in many parts of the model may day demanding better conditions a more right. however
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although it is still very wet around west papua so the way sierra and up toward southern philippines west is that all the sudden the showers of more or less disappeared there are a few big ones around still in java for example looking remarkably dry that's mostly because the energies dissipate into the indian ocean where it's developing in tropical soccer and so the picture thursday is a relatively dry one is still humid and that's of course you are still a ways eastwards and the potential there is still some pretty heavy downpours for the next day or two probably beyond that to be honest occasional green dots and still suggests you can't really leave out your god particularly in java but to say otherwise is a must draw a picture of the scene for the last week that some of that wet weather will probably touch the cape york peninsula in the next day i say otherwise for australia it's active weather in the bytes again tuck in some code. that lies
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beyond us was to go seventeen in adelaide and this green stripy is the active sundry stuff that will go through melbourne victoria and a good part of queens and to be honest during says to a person is enjoying the sunshine but at only nineteen degrees on thursday rather warm on friday and this slow moving frontal system i think will produce some pretty big sunday storms in new south wales. radicalism is on the rise across the globe. we're told it's everywhere we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society in the impact is utopian there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth
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syrians announces iraq. take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera forces loyal to the libyan warlord holly for have to have detained two turkish nationals on monday the turkish president roger tai a bad one koreans have to violence towards tripoli a plot against libya's people. as well as president says he'll prosecute those involved in what he called an attempted coup the opposition leader who has called for more protests some women say he says the president doesn't have the support of the military. protesters and the military in sudan remain it all gets over who
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should govern the country the military council which is currently in charge is warn people not to take the law into their own hands. find out a bit more then about the detention of two turkish people by forces loyal to that we can speak to. is director of the tripoli based sadik institute he's joining us from london what do you make of this incident then after is called these two detainees spies. well there comes on the back of many others that have been made since the beginning of her partner's operation so this is something that we still have the way it's a really understood the details but in the first seventy two hours. it was notable thing we should remember that he detained all turkish laborers and market workers really that were doing the east of the country and label them. suspects of being foreigners or being generous cells based
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a million see many of them working for the national corporation working for looks like it's construction companies in the city so it's very difficult to get to see to them we are with developers going to we're going to shoot it does and that's try and find anything that will add to the very unsubstantiated claims that he's been making for all of us but it's nothing new on the claims that happy makes up or they have communication equipment they have there is something below us the libya that this claim to be made of the last four or five years that. was the case of the boy that cried wolf right do you have any idea as to how many m ted is national there are in libya you mentioned that many of them are involved in construction at we understand that this particular path may have been restaurant lakas. you know it's very large i mean there is there is a you know a strong going to. get excited and my community in tripoli is that they go to the numbers but i mean they could be in the hundreds or thousands i mean in the oil
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sector at least there were a couple of objects that were also kidnapped of the last couple of years and in the south of libya at all time and also the southwest so this would be a need would be new cases ivory foreign nationals that are kidnapped and exploited but in this case it would be kidnapped and held up to the camera the kind of really this character is now out of the bottle for some of this weather has been biting very little substance at all in fact at the end of last year there was a legit option that was taken from. near numerous other witches in the u.s. backed government controlled territory and the l.a. tried to allege they were shipping bullets to the country part of the well independent investigation supplies that actually weapons and they were also at times you find that there is just a need to and so this kind of news the need to kind of show any kind of smoke and mirrors when it comes to finding nationals or foreign nationals or laborers and trying to parade them as as evidence of this character is not so that is really
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lost mileage given the list opponents of tripoli where only forty thousand civilians have been displaced or us or sixty thousand civilians have been displaced but there's a big you know there's and it's disgusting that this is the way that we're going to machine just trying these things and the foreign nationals that are working and trying to get basically by the pound it's about themselves and them segments of a very very nasty very toxic narrative and i tell the marty thank you. that when say mouth international weapons sale made a name russia communists in trade unions and joined rallies in moscow is red square and that has a calling for more opportunities and decent wages. in the philippine capital manila protests is criticize the government for relations with china which the unions say has led to an influx of cheap labor. that iran has criticised the u.s. plan to designate the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization president trump is considering the move which could see it
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bring sanctions against the group and any companies or individuals who have dealings with it mike hanna reports an implacable enemy of the muslim brotherhood receives the warmest of welcomes at the white house egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi has long been pressing president trump to take action against the organization which along with the liberal opposition has been the target of a massive crackdown by cc's forces in egypt the softer the muslim brotherhood won egypt's first democratic election in two thousand and twelve. the before being ousted in a military takeover the following year the white house choosing to support the autocrat rather than the democratically elected would slim brotherhood he deposed the president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern says the press secretary in an e-mail and this
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designation is working its way through the internal process among those in the region clearly not consulted president earlier one in turkey who's a strong backer of the muslim brotherhood all countries like to near zero and morocco with the organization is an integral part of the democratic process. in both tunisia and in morocco. muslim brotherhood affiliated parties are represented in the parliaments and they're major players and. to the extent that they fall under this designation it would be common possible for the us government to have diplomatic relations with them it would be hard for them to have contact with them allies that are likely to have been consulted include israel and saudi arabia that cites kut-o. support for the muslim brotherhood as a reason for the ongoing blockade of that country for the apparent peace mint of
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countries like saudi arabia may be only one reason for the trumpet ministrations deliberations another is domestic the decision to outlaw the brotherhood would play well to president trump's political base which is deeply distrustful of any movement that reaches the word muslim. my kind of al-jazeera washington japan has welcomed its one hundred twenty sixth emperor in a brief ceremony in the capital tokyo empress not he has taken over from his father . the abdicated on tuesday when haye reports. less than a day after his father emperor akihito retired in a river sera many his oldest son entered the same room in the imperial palace to formally take over the transfer of ancient family traces signaled the arrival of a new era the reign of emperor not all he told this was the first time in more than two hundred years that japan saw accession as
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a result of abdication then just minutes later no he too this time with his wife imprisoned by his side spoke for the first time as emperor a. unix sitting to the throne i swear i will reflect deeply on the course followed by his majesty the emperor emeritus and bear in mind the path. by passed in paris into we'll devote myself to self-improvement. his father akihito sought to modernize the imperial family and bring it closer to the people but when money provided an indication of how far there is to go no female members of the family including not all he tours wife and daughter were allowed in the room the people who reside in this palace are of course very important to japan but they have no political power since one nine hundred forty seven the emperor has been a symbolic figure only even changes. have to come from the governments allowing
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abdication required change and only males from the male line of the family can become emperor with only three males in line to the throne their lineage is under threat one of them is eighty three another twelve so there is likely to be increasing pressure on japan's conservative government to make changes to try to safeguard the line of succession people who want to maintain the tradition in her prime. have no other choice to modernize it further by accepting gender equality. in the postwar period. also become increasingly or. japan's diversity was on display outside the palace people of all ages and backgrounds came just to be close to history and maybe catch a glimpse of the new emperor they'll get a better chance in october when a more elaborate ceremony is held and the imperial couple will travel around the
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capital city but japan is now in the age of now the one hundred twenty sixth emperor of japan. tokyo. pennines electoral commission has announced results from sunday's legislative elections that didn't include the opposition of the two parties that were in the race the progressive union won forty seven seats while the republican bloc took thirty six seats. to president. has more from the commercial capital. the results were announced in the early hours of wednesday morning by the head of the country's electoral commission the key. to turn out twenty two percent comparison with sixty five percent five years ago for similar national. elections now after observers have said that this election hasn't been competitive
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. and doubtless the results of reforms that took place in the run up to this election which meant that opposition parties able to take part now interestingly the head of the commission talked about this being a special election you talked about obstacles in any nation's history that needs to be learned from that and the question is what. people will be asking now one of the recommendations from the african union observer mission is that the. national dialogue following this process. take a look at the top stories. to turkish nationals have been detained by forces loyal to libyan warlord. on monday the turkish president.
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plus libya's people only three hundred forty people have been killed in the battle for the capital since almost a month. well as well as president nicolas maduro says he'll prosecute those involved in what he called an attempted coup the opposition leader is calling for more protests on wednesday. tuesday saw some of the most violent clashes between the opposition and the supporters of president. violence there on the streets but in the end not much has changed president nicolas maduro remains in power and he appeared late on tuesday on television from the presidential palace saying that they were able to defeat what he called an imperialist part of the united states who is controlling what you can see the puppet of the opposition. protests is in the military in sudan remain an old say
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over who should govern the country the military council which is currently in charge is warn people not to take the law into their own hands but they accuse the army of clinging to power and they want a civilian governments a new round of talks between the taliban and the u.s. is due to begin here in qatar the u.s. state department has said its voice. is this it in doha to meet representatives of the afghan group both sides are trying to find a framework for peace in afghanistan when the same international workers day or may day in russia communists and trade unionists joined a rally in red square the workers a calling for better opportunities and wages japan's. as a destination for the first time since becoming a monarch he says he'll rule in accordance with the constitution and work towards
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peace. by coming out. it's radicalized. what was the glimpse of the country that could go we listen that children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers about the stories that. many governments around the wall declare that the fight against terrorism is their number one priority this hasn't.
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the feel has continued the attacks have continued we have to wonder why is this the case. for the past twenty years i've been working on the question of political violence and terrorism it's persistence in our lives in our times in our societies begs the question why. could it be that the policies governments think will prevent violent extremism might actually be making things worse in the aftermath of the nine eleven attacks in the united states in two thousand and one you could visibly see that the world has been securitized a certain architecture of things has materialized literally there is a certain presence of the state security that has been created.
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the militarized presence has really transformed the scene of the world around us. there has been new legislation that has increased powers of surveillance that have given more of an ability to shrink the privacy space for citizens around the world . news alerts all the time keeping the citizen on their toes a certain friends jala g of be careful observe or if it doesn't look right to be kicked out tactically generally a sense of fear. that threat has been lessened has there been results in terms of addressing it and the paradox is that it has not quite the opposite so clearly if something is not working. we must remember that the majority of political violence is not carried out in the
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name of any particular religion and certainly not only in the name of one in twenty seventeen here in the diverse london area finsbury park a man drove a van into the crowd leaving a mosque saying he wanted to kill all muslims but does the securitized response reflect this complex reality i've come to ask the young people here for their experiences. i was. more than four or five times within.


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