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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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now in south africa and malcolm webb our correspondent there it must be hugely disappointing them for caster semenya and indeed the south african government to the hilt on this. that's right enormous disappointment here among the supporters of caster semenya rights groups activists who've said all along that these kinds of regulations that discriminate three and that they're not aware of the rulings that caster semenya and for athletes like her you have not true but on usually high levels of testosterone would have to take medication to reduce the cost for him to be able to compete in an event that is the races that are four hundred meters up to one mile without going to be seen as a massive blow by so many are by the south african government rights group campaigners and everyone else here who feel that these kind of rules of discriminatory and unfair and as we've already said i mean she's in the olympics in a world eight hundred meter champion what does it mean for her career and indeed
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said titles. well so far she said very little sometimes she tweeted that sometimes the best way to react is not to react that just one simple single tweet but to be able to compete in future according to these rules she would have to take medication to reduce the testosterone level and she's not the only athlete come under some scrutiny because of the same chronometers a kenyan and a really an athlete also being questioned about on usually high testosterone levels the international athletics that i am the argue that these testosterone levels are higher than ninety nine percent of other women's testosterone levels and that means they say it's not fair for people with such high but natural levels of testosterone to be able to compete they say mean that other women would never be able to win any medals but since the high testosterone levels are natural and because the people in
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question are all from this continent aftermath of the all blacks are all black african women especially in the minds of many athletic supporters in this continent going to continue to appear discriminating and are going to wonder why it's only from this continent that seem to be coming on the scrutiny and criticism for this case for now thank you very much indeed malcolm webb live in johannesburg. the african union has jan's military council to hand over power to civilians within sixty days the military council earlier had more protests is not to take the law into their own hands the demonstrators accuse the army of clinging on to power and demanding an immediate transition to a civilian government. mohamed valve is our correspondent in car too. the forces of the declaration of freedom on change say they are going to present
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a few to the public later today about. the structure of the government those are the bodies of the government leading presidential council the parliament and the cabinet the normal thing that was expected was that they would present these views are on the negotiation table when they meet next with the military council but those talks was told since yesterday and there are no announcements that they were resume talks today african union is here since yesterday speaking to the two sides trying to create a new operation on between them the african union has condemned the coup once again in a statement but also at the same time gave another sixty days to the military council to hand over power to civilians on the ground the city continues more groups come thousand scheme overnight from darfur to strengthen the protest and also tomorrow
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the leaders of the protests have called for another million person march to. increase and keep that momentum putting more pressure on the military to hand over power to civilians a new round of tools to train the taliban and the u.s. has got under way here in castle the state department has confirmed it's him though i may add it is indeed representatives of the afghan great this is a sixth round of tools to train the two sides both of which are trying to find a framework for peace in the country safe the afghan government has not been part of these talks. well the man leading the taliban delegation here in qatar is abdul carney but adar he was the right hand man of the leader mullah omar and he led the military operations for the taliban until he was captured in twenty ten shelob ellis explores who is. in
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a great turban taken during the u.s. television talks this is one of the few photos that exist of taliban co-founder turned political chief abdul ghani baradar in his fifties baradar has worked in the shadows his entire life we ask women taliban commanders about their new front man. for alongside miller baradar they first met in the eighteenth. leg another the mother of the of the got more laboratory and i spent time together during the jihad time we had a council and we were doing military operations in kandahar together he's a very honest and good man i think you can help the peace process baradar also has powerful connections outside the taliban he is from the same tribe the problems arise as former president karzai among faffed a nine eleven because i was in the mountains neighborhood i was birthplace and when he was nearly killed baradar saved his life. yes yes you said it how.
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well that was probably. october two thousand and one. two months later because i became the afghan head of state pushing himself and his savior on opposite sides of the hill for nearly a decade if under baradar command approximately one thousand u.s. and nato soldiers were killed he was number two in other words u.s. assistant all along was for here is a core builder of taliban movement so he is a good fighter he has a lot of experience fire to experience from the severe tyrant to the start i understand you tried for peace with mullah baradar once before there was a time that we want peace the tea and so many other leaders of the taliban movement were seeking peace but at the time the americans and the parks that is the today nurses and parks and both were against peace or guns and they worked together to
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prevent it and the the both of them together when you know rested in his housing parks that put him in prison for all those years what was your reaction when he was arrested we object to it we strongly object to it baradar was held in prison in pakistan for eight years he was only released in october at the request of u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad because of his reputation for being pro pigs do you think he really wants peace the taliban are false or do who are seeking peace have paid a price with their lives for it or imprisoned. in an underground bunker kabul university lies an archive of taliban and government newspapers here baradar holds the title of taliban deputy and surgeon commander in many ways now the possibility of peace maker for the man whose image goes on printed charlotte ballasts al-jazeera kabul. to the u.s.
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now where special counsel robert mueller has complained about how his report into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election has been portrayed a justice department official says miller road to the attorney general after william barr said there was no evidence that president trump obstructed justice lester said that didn't fully capture the contents nature and substance of the investigations conclusions bar is due to testify before the senate judiciary committee in the coming hours. at least fifteen security personnel are being killed in central india after their vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device police say the attack was carried out by maoist rebels in the harassers god surely district. when say most international workers day or made a rush or communists and trade unionists joined rallies in moscow's red square the
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workers called for more job opportunities and decent wages in the philippine capital manila protesters criticize the government for its relations with china which the union say is led to an influx of cheap labor. and in taiwan's capital taipei a rally is underway may day is a designated public holiday in taiwan protesters there are also demanding workers' rights and protections. this is the scene live in paris which as you can see is starting to look a little bit tense scuffles have taken place between police and the protesters as they gathered for rallies tight security was already in place as you can see there scuffles and skirmishes seem to be continuing tear gas is been used to try to
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control the crowd and this is a gathering understand close to the moment parnassus train station the authorities have warned that there's a possibility that so-called radical activists may be joining these demonstrations which they thought would be dominated by the yellow vests protesters they've been protesting for months now but the fear as i say is the more radical elements may join them number but that's a scene live in paris as workers are celebrate all commemorate may day. a quick look at the top stories now forces loyal to libyan war literally for have to detain two turkish men or monday the turkish president had called half stars advance towards tripoli a plot against libya's people. the wiki leaks founder julian assange has been
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sentenced to fifty weeks in jail for breaching bail conditions a santa has given asylum in the ecuador embassy for almost seven years before he was evicted last month. the olympic and world eight hundred meter champion caster semenya has lost her appeal against new testosterone rules in athletics which would have meant she won't be able to defend her titles. and athletics south africa said a rule forcing her to either take medication to lower the level of the hormone or switch events or run against men was unfair but the sport's governing body the idea argued it was necessary to protect female sports and the court of arbitration for sport in switzerland agreed. the african union as sudan's military council to hand over power to civilians within sixty days the military council earlier warned
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protesters not to take the law into their own hands the demonstrators accuse the army of clinging on to power and they are demanding an immediate transition to a civilian government. a new round of talks between the taliban and the u.s. has started in cata the state department in the us has confirmed that its own voice down me how little that is in doha to meet representatives of the afghan group is a sixth round of talks between the two sides who are trying to find a framework for peace for afghanistan the government has not been part of the talks all right those are the latest headlines from us here it is there coming up next it's inside story.
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mozambique is hit by two powerful cyclons in just six weeks and i had what is a struggling to help millions of people they say not enough money is being pledged is the world ignoring another does also in africa poll have done is lost interest in helping this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on iran come on mozambique is reeling from two of the strongest storms ever to hit the country. already stretched off the cycle in march which killed more than six hundred people and then cycling kenneth made landfall killing another thirty eight on the full cost is far more heavy rain which
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will worsen the flooding over the next few days the u.n. says around two million people gently need drinking water food and medicine but international donors have been slow to respond if at all one senior u.n. official says if this happened anywhere else in the world the response would be very different. we are in an incredibly difficult situation right now so the response to cycling and i was just over twenty five percent funded when tropical cyclone kind of hit so already we had maxed out everything that we could do with the funding that we had available for tropical cyclone dyke then we have a new site plan and let's be clear this is not something that is a small addition to an existing crisis this is a new crisis if this had appeared anywhere else in the world it would be a whole new response and that's how we're treating it here it needs new funding and we need that desperately we need it now. let's bring in our guests nicholas finn is on skype from pemba one of the worst hit
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areas is save the children's response team leader in mozambique in johannesburg david met santa on the stand to nationals research for southern africa and on skype from florence the heart to tell a more specialist on peace and security law and governance in africa welcome to you all i want to begin with you nicholas finney and pemba clearly two psych loans in six weeks has meant that all of the idea organizations not just yours very stretch what are your immediate needs right now. yeah well thanks thanks for that yeah this is a really tricky situation our immediate needs right now are to respond as quickly as we can with emergency relief materials to those who have been impacted by cycling kenneth struck on thursday we have to do that without bringing capacity out of the cycle and die response which is underway in central mozambique this cyclon that
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landed here on thursday a really bulldozed coastline of north mozambique in a place where they're not used cyclons people weren't so that had for this including the humanitarian community we've been really stretched response so far first priority get some emergency shelter me materials on the ground second priority get some food on the ground third priority try to create a safe and clean environment for people but it's taking time the logistical hurdles are a massive at the moment we've got bad rain we've had flooding following the cycloid roads have been blocked helicopters couldn't fly. i could give you a long list maybe i stopped there. to hear some discussion is you do you have enough money. it's not
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a problem for absolutely not we didn't even have enough my phone died the u.n. appealed for that cycler stands at twenty eight percent of its target currently this in comparison of the disasters on a similar scale means that mozambique has been hard done by by the international community is getting less than it deserves and it's a country that needs a lot of help in this situation so the site when it dies appeal was already in a bad condition and we were very worried about meeting the basic needs that what now needs to happen is whilst that problem is solved in laos more money comes in in central mozambique starting up a new operation in response to cycle in kenya there is no appeal target set by the united nations yet that's still being developed and the floods are still unfolding so this situation in the north of mozambique in cabo delgado and nonpoor province
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is is evolving by the day. it is up to the international community to raise all of this to you make the point that the pledging levels haven't been discussed yet those targets haven't been signed yet i want to bring in. in florence mozambique his eys perhaps unique in all of the countries in africa like a guest from florence said in that they're not used to this type of disaster hitting that country however this is much more than just the type of disaster of this at the country there is some sort of dung fatigue that's going on right now a lot of people simply overwhelmed by the amount of crises happening in africa over the amounts of years i mean we're talking since the one nine hundred fifty s. the international community has been sending aid to africa and they've getting very frustrated that a there are issues of corruption in various countries of nepotism of aid not reaching the right people how much of this is donor fatigue and how much of it is simply the fact that there isn't money out that to give to
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a disaster like this well. i think clearly. not from. our side not. all are. but. ultimately hard to. do on this government right. if this committee and senator zero point is that this is a governance fair i've lost. and then it must be going to the government and other governments it's our government our feet are. all that the zoster matter runs out. of africa and the fall off. in eastern. africa
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and. pre-publication to the east in terms of predicting preventing responding and even as i say i'm doubting to the situation all these kind of these us that would have. this similar disaster has happened ten years ago. and suddenly in two thousand and one listens to take out of army prepare in terms of responding to this the stakes ask for the sense that government is out to be honest also look for the least these assets. crisis a human security crisis where is and displacement have become in this it the second of course in that you didn't come out from solidarity they don't know how many gas get that out situations when african countries including me would not be able to respond to effectively even if you did have predicted and trying to prevent
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the disasters and even days then be it could be your piece cost in the african union and how the. united nations the you and international community has rose only unfortunately this lever the little story directly at this last. past indicates why rock the need to go. you know more. more more is. going to change. my daughter's i'm sure you know you're going to see the european union on the u.s. which it is it is all of you know not current they are most interested in continuing migration any cost. of migration or i would. live. for. us all these crimes.
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let me just take it from johannesburg david you've been listening to both all guests that a number of years ago i was speaking to somebody from the department for international development the british organization that helps foreign countries and there was an enormous amount of frustration that a lot of the money that they were giving seemingly was disappearing and there was a number of cases of corruption being brought against many places in africa has had an impact on donors giving aid is there a frustration that actually the aid might not be getting to the people that need it most that it might just be disappearing into the coffers of the very rich. and italy the behavior of the muslim become government has not necessarily inspired confidence in the international community among daughters in particular it also has not inspired confidence in mozambique among its own citizens.
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we can recall recently the former minister of finance in mozambique. was arrested in south africa with the merest wire and by the united states in the wake of the two point two billion scandal of secret debts illegal debts that were contracted without the permission of the parliament which is what the constitution requires so unfortunately the government has not inspired confidence and if you are familiar with the media in mozambique the recent a single day that passes without stories of misappropriation of funds from donors also from the taxpayers and without you know those stories are not coming into the surface so unfortunately that is the reality. that's what's going
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on in mozambique the other thing that i would like to hear in this conversation at the preexisting conditions prior to the arrival of these natural disasters if we take a look at a cup delgado cup there god do is the province with the highest rate of might have mud houses and other structures built on precarious material we also have large portions of the population isolated in villages that are not easy to reach. it's very difficult you know to cover you know the areas in rural areas because there's not infrastructures no roads are poor little communication systems are poor and you also have to keep in mind that the epicenter of this disaster in kabul god is exactly in the areas where you know the
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extremist attacks have been taking place and where the government has been prohibiting the media and journalists from reaching out and report on what's going on so the information is trickling in but i can guarantee you that this a lot of destruction a lot of death probably an injury that has taken place that we still don't know because the government hasn't been allowing the media and journalists to go to this air.


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