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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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well forces loyal to libyan ward cleaver have to have detained two turkish nationals. beer were taken from southern tripoli and accused of being spies a charge that turkey denies the turkish president described have to as advance towards tripoli as a plot against libya's people sort of small from istanbul. those two turkish nationals have been residing in libya for a while and they have been working in a restaurant and to probably according to what we have learned and these men were arrested by helicopters army on april twelfth and since then they lost contact with their families this is what we have learned from the turkish officials their families cannot contact these two men and they are still under arrest according to the information that we have been given this arrest followed actually. a vocal critics against holy father have dar and his advanced strategy in tripoli and earlier this week present that in libya's legitimate representative is the national
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accord government and he showed support to fares are survived and he criticized south door and his movements by saying that he is a dictator and he has aligned with some are our countries and some western countries mainly hinting that after has been aligned with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and this isn't actually a coin size was another one in turkey in april turkish police arrested two are up nationals who have confessed that they have been spying on behalf of the united arab emirates and as far as we know turkish authorities are still following up this incident but we have no information about the year life. here on al-jazeera mozambique wants people to move to higher ground or starting from cycling trying to threaten. tell you why the politician in charge of britain's defense ministry has been removed from office those stories on the other side of the. right.
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welcome to another look at the international focus with a few showers into southern parts of china nothing too much to speak up it will be a lively sight from time to time fun in trying to the southeast full thursday few showers there which was west imposed on do for example having a pretty wet day as we go on into friday it brightens up in chengdu the wetter weather sinks further south woodson to the southwestern corner hong kong just about the scaping the rain the as because your friday a brisk wind coming through of the region meanwhile the spot of dry across the good parts of southeast asia the liveliest showers will be across the eastern side of the region many central possible asia pushing over towards some of the late peninsula generally looking to settle and sunny and that's because the wet weather
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is a little further north to be a few showers into the gulf of thailand and certainly the wetter weather is a good deal of the west so into the gold coast keeping a close eye on tropical stock kind of funny that's making its way further north was it will bring the potential for flooding rains big storm surge and some damaging winds right up at least the side of india particularly into a good part salva maybe into outer protest more so into a dish and it eventually pushing up towards west bengal and also into bag with us. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. when your fiancee lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. as your world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera.
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of the like you're watching after their arms the whole robin reminder of our top stories have been running battles between supporters of venezuela opposition leader why don't security forces a police vehicle was set on fire supporters of president but also rallied in caracas the u.s. attorney general has defended his decision to clear president trump of obstruction of justice william barr has been testifying before senators over the special counsel's reported to russian interference bar is now refusing to testify for
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a second day. turkey is denying two of its citizens are spies after they were detained in southern tripoli by forces loyal to libyan ward cleaver hafter on monday turkey's president described have to as advance towards tripoli as a plot against libya's people. the world health organization says at least three hundred seventy six people have been killed since after last as offensive to seize tripoli almost a month ago but in the past few days fighters loyal to him have suffered some setbacks. why it has more of that. forces lawyer to libya's you enter it could make the government treat in force their positions in the salon had been able hood they recently pushed out fighters loyal to the world fair hefted from this area in southern tripoli heavily in the film the group male set up checkpoints prevent civilians from coming back to their houses near the fighting areas just to keep them away from danger the government forces have recently advanced it near the old
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international airport on the southern outskirts of the capital they have also recaptured the highway connecting tripoli to the city of already and including the area but the situation near the military camp remains tense after heavy fighting for control in the area the government forces here say that have those forces target their locations with advantage weapons including guided and grad missiles and in many cases random rockets hit residential areas and killed civilians. many civilians including women and children have been killed by indiscriminate shelling since the battle for tripoli began on april the fourth tens of thousands have been forced from their homes. the government's fighters here say they are determined to drive i would have to those forces further south despite the
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lack of support. for this pickup truck in the weapons with my own money also with paid for part of the catering and logistics have to his forces continue to receive support from cities like. tripoli and with the regional and international countries backing the rival factions the battle for tripoli does not seem to be ending anytime soon. tripoli. the united nations has declared a leader of a pakistan based group a global terrorist. will have his assets frozen to be subject to a travel ban he heads the jaish e mohammad group that claimed responsibility for february suicide attack in indian administered kashmir which killed forty soldiers the declaration passed after china a traditional ally of pakistan dropped its previous objections the chairperson of the un sanctions committee the common interest to develop in asia has informed us
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that muscle that stands designated as an individual who has been promoting terrorism globally this is part was a significant outcome because we have been at it for several years. the united nations security council committee had decided to board molineaux much. their leader of their gesture on that sanction it should be remembered more on how much food. came and go prominence after a deadly attack on indian reserve police and the indian administered kashmir of. the indians then a. direct enrollment and walgren range after which indian actor off cross don india then claimed i did had one hundred fighter not digest your mom out by august on of the media and showed them the site of the attack. individual gaited and that
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particular red tag now pakistan had already said that it wants to do more against all that are operating within pakistan your charity a shorting its neighborhood that pakistani soil will not be used for a gag against any other country of course that will be seen as a major setback for the bugger standing government which i had to go to a gate that there was a noise and warrant over any progress done individually including the jaish e mohammad and its leader. and the attack inside india and administering me at least fifteen security personnel are being killed in central india to the vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb police say the time it was carried out by rebels a monstrous state the attack follows another incident where the maoists allegedly set fire to leith in the same area on. the sixth round of talks between the
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taleban of the us started in touch on wednesday the us state department says its peace and voice. representatives of the afghan armed group the afghan government has not been part of the talks. sudan's military council has been given another. sixty days to hand over power to civilians by the african union or face suspension in a statement the african union said it noted with deep regret that the military had not stepped aside within the initial fifteen day deadline but a knowledge of the progress made so far protests leaders of called for further mass demonstrations on thursday saying the military is serious about handing over power . well staying in the region most. people in the northeast of the country to find higher ground more rain is expected in the coming days which will worsen the flooding caused by cyclon camis in the second storm in six weeks to lash the
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southern african coast so ready killed at least forty one people were tossed the reports now from the city of. this church in the coastal town of came by has opened its doors to almost one thousand displaced men women and children. the dogs we received information in our area that we should have back your way to a safer place that night i grabbed my family and came here is the first time two cycles of hit mozambique in one season. heavy rain and flooding is expected to continue for the rest of the week those on the coastline have moved inland and on to higher ground sister rosa martin to silver has seen a sharp rise in the number of people turning up at a school with nowhere else to go. over there is the river and there it was water all around so this was the area where people sought refuge those whose houses were getting flooded have been coming here yesterday received two
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hundred fifteen people. the united nations on tuesday confirm that nearly thirty five thousand homes in mozambique have been destroyed leaving hundreds of thousands of people without shelter food and drinking water and at risk of diseases like malaria and cholera more when i expect it in the coming days which will worsen fruiting the much towards and end of humanitarian access more challenging in water affected areas people have lost everything they are the is the death toll will rise some homes that used to be in this area are washed away. as the rain intensified it caused my slides and that landfill site over there collapsed on top of some of the houses locals say some people are still missing. steve lost his home in the flooding he and his neighbors are assessing damage caused to the village. i'm alone in asking for help to build a new house i have two children and a wife i don't have anybody to assist you. some people have chosen to stay in their
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homes but for some of those that do they respond cut off needed aid and with more tarantulas rain and flooding on the way aid agencies say they're facing a critical situation they are in desperate need of more funds how to meet us al jazeera mozambique. let's go to europe where british prime minister trees a may has fired her defense secretary after details of a national security council meeting were leaked to the prince. the prime minister asserted investigations found compelling evidence the governor williamson was responsible he denies he was involved in the leak which revealed the u.k.'s plan to grant chinese company hardway a role in building britain's five g. network charlie. in a pretty blunt letter she said she had lost confidence in his ability to serve however mr williamson has responded saying he strenuously denies any involvement and you might ask why a chinese telecoms company could be such
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a sensitive subject so just to give you some background while we dominate the market when it comes to providing infrastructure for these new five g. networks which most countries are hoping to rollout by twenty twenty but the u.s. has been warning that the company could be building back doors into its infrastructure that could allow the chinese state to spy on those host countries and they have been pressuring countries to exclude huawei australia has done so but other countries aren't really listening the u.k. has asked its own intelligence organization. to do its own investigations into world way which they have and they have found no fundamental flaws no evidence of back doors they say the security isn't perfect but that has nothing to do with deliberate back doors being built so they're happy for the u.k. to go ahead and the prime minister's taken that information on board and will be granting weiwei some of those contracts. violence between protesters and french
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police in paris as tens of thousands marked may day more than seven thousand officers were deployed across the capital after authorities warned of so-called radical activists dozens of people injured in the demonstrations and in russia more than a hundred people were arrested jury may day protests around the country to government activists and members of human rights groups are among those detained most of the arrests happened inside petersburg where several hundred people marched calling for fair elections the approval rating for russian president vladimir putin has fallen to around sixty percent recently on the back of a tax hike that increases over time with tahj. the u.s. has been fighting an opioid epidemic that has killed thousands but neither is drugs originate in china the u.s. has been pressuring beijing to ban drugs containing the painkiller fed that has come into effect. castro looks at the battle against opiate addiction in the city of baltimore just outside of washington. baltimore maryland
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a new frontline in the war against opioids in the u.s. a war that at times feels overwhelming more than a dozen people die in this city from overdoses each week i want to get screened for more trouble person like feel so with that's what they don't get me out there to get away for free. is hard to get it not. just like go to school go back and see. kirk parker says he last injected himself with fentanyl laced heroin about two months ago he says it cost him just ten dollars to get high and one thousand dollar bill for. this little. about the. selling opioids can be a lucrative business especially in the glad to areas where real job. avs are hard to find brandon cotman went to prison for dealing heroin so you can see why. you
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caught up in that because if i'm making one hundred to two hundred dollars a day. you really if you save your money you're seen one week a saving your money you're the right wow practically all of the fentanyl on the streets comes from china or mexico it's smuggled or even mailed to be u.s. the world's biggest market of opioid drug users the u.s. government is applauding china's crackdown on sentinel exports but here in baltimore there is only skepticism you only know the. money to save because they will they don't. clever ways to get it in. different ways and make it parker says he's trying to get clean now he receives treatment at this mobile opioid addiction clinic parked outside the city jail this is also where
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he picks up three doses of no lock zone and emergency nose spray that reverses the effects of an overdose he carries the kids everywhere he goes one day. save people the six person because they don't have enough. and that is the reality here for each person saved after overdosing on fentanyl still others die addicted to perhaps the most deadly drug these streets have seen. castro al-jazeera baltimore. you're watching with me say hello rob a reminder top stories that have been running battles between supporters of opposition venezuelan leader. and security forces a police vehicle was set on fire supporters of president nicolas maduro rallied in caracas. under your plan if you can when they plan their conspiracies when they
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come up with their schemes they forget a small detail they forget that there is a majority of the population willing to give their lives for the revolution they forget a small detail they forget that there is a union between the people and the military that is not willing to be trade the legacy of commander chabris. the u.s. attorney general has defended his decision to clear president trump of obstruction of justice william barr has been testifying before senators over the special counsel's report into russian to ference bar is now refusing to testify for a second day turkey is denying two of its citizens are spies that they were detained in southern tripoli by forces loyal to libyan walt khalifa haftar on monday turkey's president described after as advanced towards tripoli as a plot against libya's people. these are articulation finding in yemen has launched a series of strikes on a military base in the capital at least ten strikes hit. air base in sanaa the
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coalition says the targets are legitimate under international law previously said who the rebels use the base to launch drone ballistic missile attacks. the united nations has declared a leader of a barca star based armed group a global terrorist. who heads the jaish e mohammad group will now have his assets frozen or be subject to a travel ban declaration passed up to china traditionally an ally of pakistan dropped its previous objections. so as military council has been given another sixty days to hand over power to civilians by the african union or face suspension in a statement the african union said it noted with deep regret that the military had not stepped aside within the initial fifteen day deadline but acknowledged the progress made so far. large scale protests have also been held around the world to mark international workers day all day in the french capital paris dozens of people were injured as demonstrations descended into violence those stories of course
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could be seen and read on our website at al-jazeera dot com back with more news in a half an hour next its side story. a dramatic move to take power in venezuela folds as the president says he's crushed an attempted coup but the opposition leader maintains an uprising has only just begun he's backing them and what's next in this political crisis this is a story. hello
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and welcome to the program i'm wrong on venezuela's president is hailing victory after what he calls an attempted coup nicolas maduro is promising to prosecute those behind a dramatic attempt to remove him from office on tuesday opposition leader one cold on the army to oust majority but by the end of the day i was in hiding and dozens of people were injured in scuffles with security forces. that supports us to hold more protests has the backing of more than fifty countries including the united states which is calling for a peaceful transition of power but secretary of state warned military action is possible if that's what's required we'll get to our discussion in a moment but first this report from our latin america editor the see anyone. it was perhaps his boldest move yes opposition leader one wide all appearing before dawn in front of
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a caracas air force base surrounded by some twenty five soldiers appealing to the military to join him by his side was leopoldo lopez perhaps than israel's most famous political prisoner he announced he'd been released from house arrest by security forces who turned against president. kabila to defend freedom at with tyranny everyone out onto the street. opposition supporters answered the call but were pushed back by security forces dozens were injured in clashes between pro and anti-government groups. after he and lopez took part in a march why dog disappeared from sight and the nagging rumors that he would be arrested but come nightfall he issued a new call from an undisclosed location venezuelans to rise up again. we will continue calling on the armed forces to take part in the final phase of operation liberty to rescue our dignity that is why on may one we will go back onto
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the streets nationwide gathering in the areas we have already designated. president maduro responded on nationwide television surrounded by army officers whose continued support he depends on. this was truly a fake a minor a simulation and that's why eighty percent of the military and police who joined them in the beginning had left them by newt. but amid reports that his support may be cracking u.s. secretary of state might compel said had been about to step down and go to cuba but was dissuaded by russia another key ally maduro says that's rubbish and adding more fuel to the geopolitical crisis president donald trump is again pointing the finger at his warning unless it immediately withdraw what he calls military help to the macdougall regime he will slap on what he is now describing as a full and complete embargo as well as height will be economic and financial
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sanctions. in venezuela weibo and mother who are both planning to mark international workers day with a major show of strength on the streets one to try to force the president from power the other to try to maintain it you see in human. have. let's bring in our panel joining me on skype from miami roman former mayor of chuck our district which is an opposition stronghold in caracas from merida venezuela also on skype paul dobson journalist at venezuela analysis dot com and from work in the u.k. tom long professor of south american politics at work university welcome all to the program i want to bring in ramon which. first i saw on t.v. as we all did a very bold statement a very grand statement that the attempted coup was underway now he's in hiding is
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this it for him as he finished. well no i mean what happened yesterday manish was. try trace it and wait till. it to move forward and. the regime in a situation where the military around. will just need to recognize plato or as a precedent i mean this is not i mean it's intuition administrates it really hard and really difficult to understand many things moving at the same time but way too it's trying to push the military to change sites this is not easy we don't know if that's going to happen anytime soon but wait dog closely or for the last bit and it was easy it's frightening hard to reach that will let's bring in pulled over and
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. in venezuela poll majority must be thinking that he's got the upper hand right now. without a doubt i think the events of yesterday were can only be considered a failure for white zero five but only fifteen soldiers he did his call to rebel against their chain of command is definitely a victory for milo and the fact that mulroney didn't feel the need to come out and speak to the nation until the evening as well which shows that there are certain level column within his office and it was definitely no panic from the government and i think they were definitely fear that it was a victory for their side yesterday so long in warrick madeira has the support of not only fifty countries but the u.s. sorry greta has the support of the u.s. as well so fifty countries the u.s. yet still this coup seems to be faltering it's full of false starts in your opinion as a south american specialist is this just par for the course or would you think he's actually faltering and this is getting towards the end of the situation in
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venezuela well i think there's been there's been a bit of a tendency to try to interpret what's happening in venezuela through a lens of great power politics that this is really about the u.s. russia and china squaring off in venice well or but i think the events of yesterday and really the events of the last few months show that the determinant factor is for what happens in minutes well are located within venezuela. and so i don't think that this situation is over yet though yesterday was not a good day for ford why though but a lot of the underlying problems are still there and unchanged so a very interesting point ramon i want to bring you in here it's not quite the end but yesterday was a bad day for gordo seems to be what we're hearing right now but has he got the support within the country if this isn't about international power play between
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russia china and the u.s. he needs the support internally do you think he has the support why has not shown itself. in greater number yet there's no doubt one way though has a very strong a large soup or popular support is for the most venezuelans want one change as you know we haven't been to meet all of our great humanitarian crisis what we saw yesterday was not act cool a tent but an attempt by the way bill to be recognized as a legitimate president and start the transition in venezuela transition to back to the mother city and to have fair elections that the main thing wedo has it's a strong leader support he's not having military for yet and that's the only thing he really needs the only additional pain he needs to move forward and and to see him back to the ma prosy and open venezuela to receive international help
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and some financing that it's much needed to reveal their country but again right now the point military support way does not have the military support he needs yet we don't know how long will this take but there's no way to resolve the venezuelan crisis we don't gating without getting out of power i mean there's no way out of the humanitarian crisis and the political crisis with my little bit of florida with motivate others will keep seeing the same he movie sic terror movie should i should say we are we're watching in venezuela but ramon if as you say he does have popular support the why hasn't that translated to support within the army soli the army know which way the wind is blowing. yeah well reason is that it's an it's a great question we don't have an army. in the state to share
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mean we haven't won a ministry that but there is not an army as an organized institution that it's under the constitution when we haven't you know there's a bunch of people with arms but they are at the end not to the constitution but to my doodle and to challenge me and to the revolution so that's that's a key point chavis systematically destroying the armed forces in venezuela and there's no way i mean he's having a very difficult for them to react they have been trying i mean there's a lot of these going to incite the armed forces and we know that that these guys yesterday or oh it or a month ago we got everybody aswell rebellion the south and we have mean you know a baby here and there needed sorry it's there before and there are like more than five hundred military in colombia he crossed the border to do a trip to support away goals so i mean there's
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a lot of these contained but for but there is no way for them there's no way to transform that and these contain inside the military can any city in all. of sirte to these from you know situational move forward to get rid of a muddle and support waiting hold of sun and let me bring you in here rome on literature as saying it's just a matter of time the army will change its mind and this is about tactics and just in some ways a waiting game to believe that. i think no i think any change in the political line of an estimate has to come to elections has to come through the ballot box when it's way to one of the many democratic countries in the world with around twenty elections in the last eighteen or nineteen yes. all of these elections have been observed by and independent international observers have declared to be free and fair and so i think if the venezuelans want to change the political course of a country they have accounted do it and there's a through an election. is
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a way to have free elections in venezuela and like the last elections we had all these problems started when my little tried to sworn in as president after i mean lections it was not recognized by the democratic we're i mean there's no way to have square elections in ministry. just in a way and we now you know recognize their position to see how they are from or to see in the last elections you have to do it all up with for example or do they get up to this main opposition leaders we're now i'm able to even run ask candidates for sent them sell me there's that's what's going on i'm going to spread out so we need to get rid of my good always that dictator and then start transition that would get us to free and fair elections we international community monitoring that and let me bring in let me bring it home long ahead we've heard both of our guests that pro and mentor a point of view will probably get a point of view but we've heard the words peaceful transition of power there needs
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to be elections in your opinion why didn't that happen before and is it possible with the political landscape as it currently is. well i would say that political scientists are largely in agreement that elections in venice will have gotten less free and fair for all sorts of reasons. as a sort of gradual process of the consolidation of power by the government. one point regarding the military as well i think it's important to remember that the military is not a monolithic institution either in terms of how it is organized or in terms of the politics of people within the military so part of the events of yesterday were not just to see whether the military as a whole would swing one way or the other but to see whether the military might
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might fragments or indeed whether divisions within the my little government would would come to the light. coming back to your question about a negotiated transition yes i think that it is possible still. after the events of yesterday the immediate context for it is not particularly favorable. and that is some sort of a negotiation in which my ludo would allow greater representation of the opposition . first of all it's not clear for years that modo has been interested in doing anything along those lines but the events of yesterday give him very little motivation to do so unless he's given a strong push in that direction by other figures within the government or the military that's a very interesting point pull and i want to bring you in hey if he's so confident and mature is so confident that he has the populace most of the people want to just
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call the election and be done with it. well i think that some extent it's a question of pride venezuela has its constitution venis way law is elections why should he call new elections just because donald trump and john bolton are calling and ramos out for calling fans that do say venezuela has three elections last year and and to some extent the venezuelans had their opportunity to l.a. they had two left wing candidate two right wing candidate the fact that some party decided not to participate doesn't mean it doesn't necessarily mean that the elections were unfair there was an opportunity for everyone to participate within the realms of venezuelan law so mother of a simply says why do we need to you know we're we're not we're not anybody black ice we're no a colony of the united states we had our elections and our laws said that these are the monday now last until two thousand and twenty five unless there is a recall referendum for a long research what's your response to that. well you just let me point out that
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they are going to say tional american stages keep getting out my mother was representative and welcome that i would use a new way of representative. for representing now the benefit of the government because let the governments of the region just read the magazine for likely that they were not elections not favorite elections in many swear so you know that's a very hard fact it's very unusual to see something like these apennine ever being in in that place like they're going to say shut up american states but very very are going to there is no democracy but to say that there were no weather lections there's no way to happen let's do it looks and we need to get metal out of power to be able to move to have transmission back to the moxy it's a real i mean it's a very heart fact told long and. taking this broadening is how to read to the regional governments they must be looking at venezuela right now and wondering what
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on earth is going on but wondering what influence they have who are the big players and what were they looking for as an outcome for venezuela. well i think one of the immediate outcomes that countries in south america are concerned about is the refugee crisis if you look at a country like colombia it's had more than a million venezuelans come across the border and this is a huge issue for colombia colombia of course is going through its own peace process and instability in the border regions many of which were at the center of the colombian conflict and continued to be at the center of all sorts of dynamics of organized crime contribute to instability and make it really difficult to consolidate any sort of a meaningful peace so that's a massive issue for colombia for brazil but really really for the entire region so stability is paramount also you certainly have countries with ideological interests
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at stake that's become very clear in brazil with the positioning of. nato as well as the p.t. where venezuela has essentially become an extension of domestic political battles within within brazil so this is a this is a huge issue for different for different reasons but perhaps one where those countries are exercising less influence then than they they had they had hoped. part of that is because as long as the government is able to continue to have access to some sort of resources through the sale of oil even if that's the minish and it's able to maintain a relatively high degree of control over the armed forces it's able to consolidate and hold on to its position of defacto power with within venezuela quite
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effectively let me bring in ramon. ramon one of the outcomes that certainly the u.s. is discussing in a wider signs rather than a. congressional or political sense is this idea that troops should u.s. troops may well intervene within the venezuelan conflict the venezuelan situation right now you don't want this to turn into an armed conflict in venezuela just for the sake of getting greta into power he. is adamant if i got your question. if it's about the possibility of the us using force or simply troops to banish the way that i think that. it's a very deep i mean it will be very difficult to get to that point i think sending troops to venezuela right now it's it will be part of a larger debate in the middle of a political competing in the u.s.
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i don't think i don't see the u.s. government sending troops to venezuela anytime soon and i've been mulling scouting on that and i think the russians and the cubans are counting on that too so that's probably why those seems loose so relaxed. about what's going on i think he's really really sure that will never happen and colombia. you other guest was saying except that they are there is suffering for the migrant crisis but they are more than willing to keep a deal with that crisis instead of sending troops to venice way that all member of seal are farther much farther than the us from the city this so i'm not i don't see i don't foresee any action force a b. c. and any international troops going to any sway that any time soon however i
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do think that's a possibility that should remain on the table and that we i mean i don't see any other way to get rid of muddle by the way i mean this is so hard so complex i don't see any other way to get out of muddle right now pulled over there's no other way of getting rid of madhura unless there is real military options on the table by the us is majority worried about this. well i mean this is a position from a crew member and he saw a democrat would say a lecture on this but you know we've already talked about it so i think you know i think by the order is definitely worried about the threats of u.s. action both overt and covert we can't really talk about u.s. intervention in its way without to craft covert action as well which has been going on for some time. for example we only saw today the u.s. have found low flying across in venezuela neath base which is a traditionally historically them is a precursor to airstrikes so this is
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a very worrying piece of news coming out of the white house but the main point here and it's a following are the u.s. generally preparing for some sort of armed intervention in venezuela or all these sorts of actions are taken taking mere pressure tactics to try to change the dynamics of power internally in venezuela intervene let's say without actually pulling the trigger this is a question what you're trying to figure out here in venezuela and most venezuelans the vast majority don't pose to any sort of foreign intervention be it american colombian brazilian or from any other country so this will be definitely meet great resistance if the u.s. did decide to send troops on the ground to venezuela so long in workshop is the russian u.s. and chinese role helpful at all in the situation. no i don't think it's particularly helpful in finding a resolution certainly u.s. saber rattling i think is intended to create sort of a shadow of
9:44 am
a threat to see whether that will change some minds in and out of mother would go directly so much as the minds of those who surround him but i don't think it's likely to be a particularly effective threat u.s. threats yesterday against cuba i think are very unlikely to change cuba's position in venice where the and russia which has to my mind largely used in a swell as a way to to poke a finger in the united states i. is not taking on a particularly helpful role here either you know there are some serious proposals to try to act as as mediators from the lima group or from mexico into why the problem with that has been that there is a total lack of trust between the two sides who would be sitting across the table from one another and for some for some very good reasons. the opposition doesn't
9:45 am
feel like like previous negotiations with moto were really done in in good faith but having the united states kind of rattling the saber at venezuela doesn't make it much easier to to start that process of dialogue either i just want to thank all of our guests we are running out of time romano charter poll dogs and so on long thank you very much and thank you as well fourteen you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and further discussion goes well facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me among and the whole team here i think. i.
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how have you changed since you were severed. from the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change. that for.
9:47 am
al-jazeera. see. where every. free education for all was the promise the reality provoked a generation. to drugs enough blood to want things on the dock how approach has set of education feeds. morphed into a national revotes that is dumb and i fear it is thomas got. everything must fold. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every western told
9:48 am
was supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything. that our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is. this any so much we can take before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera . they're watching al-jazeera i'm still raman in doha these are all top news stories there are three running battles between supporters of venezuelan opposition leaders and security forces a police vehicle was set on fire supporters of president maduro also rallied in caracas under your plan if you come when they plan their conspiracies when they
9:49 am
come up with their schemes they forget a small detail they forget that there is a majority of the population willing to give their lives for the revolution they forget the small detail they forget that there is a union between the people and the military that is not willing to be trade the legacy of commander chavez meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state might pump am has again threatened to intervene in venezuela he says military action is now an option that washington is willing to consider where . military action is possible if that's what's required that's what the united states will do where trying to do everything we can to avoid violence we've asked all the parties involved not to engage in that kind of activity we'd prefer a peaceful transition of government there where winter all leaves that a new election is held. the u.s. attorney general has defended his decision to clear president trump of obstruction of justice william barr testified before senators over his handling of special counsel robert miller's report into russian interference in the us elections is
9:50 am
refusing to testify for a second day democrats are looking to issue a subpoena to forcefully bar to make that second appearance house judiciary chairman jerry nadler says the attorney general is too afraid to give evidence because he has been dishonest he is trying to blackmail the committee into not following what we think is the most effective means of a listening information we need and the congress cannot permit the executive branch we cannot permit the administration to dictate to congress how we operate i think the i think he's going to have to answer for apparently testify truthfully in both the senate and the house and that's certainly one option is terrified of having to face a skilled attorney. the morality coalition fighting in the yemen has launched a series of air strikes on a military base in the capital at least ten strikes hit the. airbase in sun are the
9:51 am
coalition says the targets are legitimate under international law it previously said who the rebels use the base to launch drone ballistic missile attacks turkey is designed to of its citizens or spies after they were detained in southern dribbly by forces loyal to libyan warlord khalifa haftar on monday turkey's president described after the dance towards tripoli as a plot against libya's people. the united nations has declared the leader of a pakistani based armed group a global terrorist. who has the jaish e mohammad group will now have his assets frozen be subject to a travel ban declaration passed stuff to china to digitally an ally of pakistan dropped its previous objections. at least fifteen security personnel have been killed in central india after their vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb police say the attack was carried out by maoist rebels in maharastra state the attack follows another incident where the maoists allegedly set fire to nearly thirty vehicles in the same area on tuesday. sudan's military
9:52 am
council has been given another sixty days to hand over power to civilians by the african union dollface suspension in a statement the african union said it noted with deep regret that the military had not stepped aside within the initial fifteen day deadline but a knowledge of the progress had been made. british prime minister treason may has fired her defense secretary after details of a national security council meeting were leaked to the press and a letter may said investigation found compelling evidence that gavin williamson was responsible for the leak that revealed the u.k.'s plans to grant holloway a role of building britain's five g. network william said denies he was involved. but scale protests have been held around the world to mark international workers day or better known as maine today in the french capital paris dozens of people injured as demonstrations descended into violence. while protests in russia more than one hundred people were arrested
9:53 am
after government activism members of human rights groups were among those detained during those are the headlines more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera do stay with us. may on al-jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of cultural nationalism and new series of the award winning environmental show which meets some of the people striving to protect the planet twenty five years after coming to power in the a.n.c. maintain its political dominance in south africa and a massive documentary series chart from lives of two young lives in rule kenya and up in brazil over def us twenty years and with breakfast still looming and populism on the rhine across europe will these elections become a referendum on the use of self may on al-jazeera.
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i will.
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be upset but only in a vision saddam cockerel and i wanted that effect on several months when i was and will. support and but he has been kind of known to the feel he could name and a billionaire and listen walk away into. insanity. shack i look at it from the bench and.
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it's a love story but it's different from all other stories. it's a story that's merges the last one with homeland. i and other palestinian women. decided to get engaged to resistance fighters held in israeli jails. are serving life sentences totaling hundreds if not thousands of years. in prison bars be an eternal barrier to this dream. good in the sort of. a one matter fit if he has done that he has sort of the sort of law. we have the seven how law is you know the sign the for how
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you sort of the chemical was what us took a little back to the if the me and the less it has been selling and. added there are sophism at them as a whole lot of media there had a sideline with a bat a bird has. might if it. had a cat as it up check it out. but at the. time at the. news out of the me me. a bad man that high at. the mother. melody the farley had the limo there and i let it get my if i get the result. wholly in a session in or sad. and i want is out of that fog that obama caught. the
9:58 am
man. shot on. that message and. a loss what can i. have a. compass and a watch a bucket of one of the bob. but of all that they had the little girl enough see have. that in the article for some of. our. little letters. granted. the must have letter. at the bar. even am one is how the issue of her let me. off the hill. about it have to be there have been at the bar. for andrea assertion
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bad that at the helm there any fear or solve the sadness that i had to have. had the still in the law make that a bit nicer and i want. the capital to heal mother him you had heard leo was sad to learn about him i'm not. a sort of quite a good mother. faeces image of the santa monica is that i mean a commitment a law is that harm comes more local law more and from all. of our salami hazily beef and charm of the fitna book yom i had been with the kitchen when shown a lot of movies on a company would grab a recipe the. one . you had me has and be about what a salad can. anyone have in it.


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