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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 121  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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you let them once and i want him in the camps to helen of society how if you have world to have allowed to have a man they are committed to what i later heard that introduction to that you had some about a family a man whom i'm a bad if i'm not about can apply anechoic tirupathi that island absolutely of the. balun of smack into one son the liberty bell insanity in the second like a hey i'm in town the end actually at the thought of the night about well i am allan. thank him for the put a hundred. percent innocent then the ranch and. hands for the first song. says lots of them you know. that and. hope that in going for bed. but then i'm stuck i've been in i've gotten footballs
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with them in the snow found them death follow how difficult it's on its way up amongst the general level sixty day i will look when i think has a policy on father flags fly the end of this. well. to look at the buffet has said. well them in the end the listen not the sad that has zero on the list a lot and had to have something of a president has somebody decided hey you know who. at last was sad. because the whole see it there hey i can definitely. have. you here so why don't. we and then the. and then the adolescent and what about in the mouth and nose with a foot away you can imagine how the damage has been in the camera shaft. and the
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matter looked think at the part of the idea. that now has so many of us that have the data could have been the only in the side that on the side of the what in the now we are important enough said in a way out lets us have much of a new ban on an important issue much that i know about had their for their way about. seven feet off a bush so bad about seven thousand absent any math. in which that kind of mad men have. been at one hundred feet high less a shit much that i can accept fi had them both linux a few of them would have had i was always on with. the eleven and the but the libyan will be.
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the same i'm. going to shout and. well that's difficult for a little to get to higher than those is a little emotional given small intimate a whole subject here. it's from the textual criticism for small standing. and how we comment about it and move on the comedian shall motion us on the show like a man for the most miserable had even a what your mother should and must include so i'm a little bit. but i think limited number you are the big problem with little kids only able to last. one of them to the bottom of the school in the detriment of the young but if you look at it limits to how you.
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market it's always regarded on the bones on the show about them. and on which i'm in will be in the a hole in a machine up a swap of will fail for a young unfair for the modern look that no one. has seen in the young and the hope in the computer model of that will have. a little bong more the hell with them and more will be the one engine howling them in from the new module glowing in sunday's new allotment been shaken evangelical have been. behind the smooth.
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decepticon. going to many were debating about the what i meant. to say in medicine. a lot better. in the excited. and into that. why i had the highest and what and in certainly any alessia matter haitian law but the many were out a bit more but the council were less the act that i'm in the calm. with the team anna we told the cutter hey arthel holcomb added multiphase and as the. cannot they're cut out an hour and
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a half and they have that horrible habit of to walk away with sally it was an adult . at the bit allison fillmore to know was an had a lot to be had in hay and one does the hasn't been there in sample be a modest coffee. with as i was a mad as hell at least to my ear it had the heart of the middle of the lot of them is that out of one of them some i want as long. as i should. set off before going into the home of the mob all point is that a hog and we're going to. move in this one which. i couldn't best of my a so that a little homily daniel taken just in the. and
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i thought that i have seen as an unfair my medicare model so i have asked for what at that point and yes in the deal and to add it to her well enough and present and maybe i can tell my lead and or say a court from the outset that no one is up to what us add on the clock.
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world goes on incredible journey to first hand accounts and the extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before nine hundred forty eight and the impact the creation of israel thank goodness the vibrant commercial and cultural abundance of now and came from a close and the heritage that many of today's palestinians have never lost cities of palestine on al-jazeera.
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the weather remains a little unsettling across central parts of north america at my last a cloud shining up out of central as a candidate ontario quebec big massive cloud here slides down across the lakes still coming into the deep south of the u.s. so see some wet weather there because that eastern side of texas into our console right up across kentucky tennessee and pushing up through the appalachians some wild weather to just around the panhandle of a fair bit of rain there into florida as we go through thursday central parts of north america do look losey settled try whether that across the plains pushing further west and we'll see that continue as we go on through friday by friday just not just colorado seeing some of that wetter weather new mexico also looking a little to step in some of that rain making its way back into a good part of texas feathery still some basin places platens right around a some pasta kind of still a little on the damp side but setting across florida that right does continue some
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of the cloud of rain running across into the bahamas want to see showers into the greater rantin for thursday going into friday a ship be drier and brighter here thirty one celsius there for kingston the cloud across the eastern side of the carriage band if you show us there the central america. major. to be sure you know not responding six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live in bring the stories they tell you never. know but you know by now the letters. were at the bridge of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's
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everywhere we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is you don't belong here there's only so much we can take before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. clubs a whole robin you're watching al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes protesters of fights running battles with security forces in venezuela as the u.s.
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says it's prepared to use military force the evidence developed by the special council was not sufficient to establish that the president committed a crime also the u.s. attorney general defends his handling of the report after complaints he misled the public to protect president trump. there's a bit more cleaver have to vance's on the capital tripoli his forces have detained two turkish nationals accused of being spies. and the un declares masood the chief of a pakistani armed group a global terrorist. and a limpid world champion runner caster semenya loses her landmark legal case over her high testosterone levels. welcome to the news our protesters in venezuela have responded to the call for an uprising from opposition leader one goh i don't know by taking to the streets in
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the capital caracas in the thousands they fought with security forces who deployed armored vehicles and water cannon to deal with the demonstrations at least one person has died from gunshot wounds supporters of president maduro also came out in force he's been addressing them in caracas under your plan if you when they plan their conspiracies when they come up with their schemes they forget a small detail they forget that there is a majority of the population willing to give their lives for the revolution they forget the small detail they forget that there is a union between the people and the military that is not willing to be trade the legacy of commander chavez meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state might pompei or has again waded into the situation in venezuela saying military intervention is now an option that washington is willing to consider. military action is possible if that's what's required that's what the united states will do we're trying to do everything we can to avoid violence we've
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asked all the parties involved not to engage in that kind of activity we'd prefer a peaceful transition of government there where when you're a leaves that a new election is held. well let's go to our correspondent allison cooter only colombia venezuela border of course is a day in a story of rival rallies. absolutely so both sides were measuring their strengths on the streets of caracas throughout the day as you said rival rallies both with the presence of a lot of people that were thousands of supporters of the opposition leader. and in the east of this city which is the opposition stronghold and once again in downtown has a large numbers of venezuelans to still support the president there and nicole last night who were. the leader of the opposition spoke to his supporters in two
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different locations and he called for more rallies and he also called for a rolling strikes in the coming days in different sectors venezuela to begin these urging its supporters to continue putting pressure on my do about there's no doubt that there is growing uncertainty and even this appointment among some of his supporters especially since is call to for open rebellion from the military has not materialized at least for now and it seems really to all intents and purposes it seems to be a sort of social and political stalemate there's no movement either side and really one wonders in the long term where this is all going to end up. yes and we've seen this now happening for at least a couple of months and with that. being with this challenges through my
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daughter and my daughter i said to the remaining we're here is no doubt to being weakened by the last couple of days because we are seeing divisions among their business well and military and intelligence more visibly now a couple of dozen soldiers have decided the to rebel against my daughter and were protesting with the opposition supporters but at the same time i do know remains the president the top brass of the military still behind them there have also been a number of indications that there could be talks going on. of the opposition with some top level. officials this is something that the united states has said we've also heard the same coming from some opposition members
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but it's unclear if these talks could truly bring to a transition we heard from a daughter today and he says that he's not going anywhere well we should continue to follow with you for the moment thank you. so also taking place outside as well as i'm busy in washington d.c. opponents of president bush to the diplomatic mission to confront this who've been camping out there for weeks the so-called code pink group wants the u.s. to stay out of venezuela as. the u.s. attorney general defended his decision to declare president trump did not commit obstruction of justice william barr appeared before senators on wednesday he testified about his handling of special counsel robert miller's report into russian interference in the last u.s. election is now refusing to testify for a second day fisher has more from washington d.c. . for the first time since the little port was made public america's top floor to
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surface questions from a senate committee republican chairman lindsey graham a trump supporter admitted he hadn't read the full report has severed all that ever and most of it but the findings left him with no doubt nor obstruction nor collusion robert mueller was appointed special counsel may twenty seventeen his task to investigate alleged links between the russians and donald trump's presidential campaign attorney general william barr was given the report in march he says he was surprised there was no recommendation on prosecuting the president for obstruction of justice rule of identified ten possible instances but he was confident he made the right call and not to press ahead with the deputy and i felt that the evidence developed by the special counsel was not sufficient to establish that the president committed a crime and therefore it would be irresponsible and unfair for the department to release a report without stating the department's conclusions but robert mueller sent a letter to the attorney general upset at the way he presented his findings ahead
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of the publication of the redacted report a point not missed by one democrat i think history will judge you harshly bar says a lot of the president's actions were fueled by allegations he felt were wrong and called into question his election when is there any evidence that you're aware of suggests even remotely the president trump is a russian agent none that i'm not aware of this hearing was meant to be about the last presidential election but it was really more about the next one and the republicans who defended bill barr and donald trump on the democrats who attacked them they knew that. the former prosecutor is chasing the democratic presidential nomination she was amazed bill barr did not look at the underlying evidence before making his final decision i think it's my experience i've not looked if you have it out as we did of mine all the tone remained mostly civil one democratic senator said bill barr should resign now the american people know. you are no different from rudy giuliani or kellyanne conway or any of the other people who sacrifice or
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was decent reputation for the grafter and liar who sits in the oval office. william barr insisted the president could have halted the mill of inquiry at any point because it was based on false allegations which this was a difficult day for the attorney general the house of representatives also wants him to give evidence the committee chairman says he won't be calling robert mueller as a new witness he says this is over but it's not alan fischer i'll just read up on capitol hill washington democrats are looking to issue a subpoena to force william barr to make that second appearance house judiciary chairman jerry nadler the attorney general is too afraid to give evidence because he's been dishonest. he's trying to blackmail the community into not following what we think is the most effective means of. getting the information we need and the congress cannot permit the executive branch we cannot permit the administration to
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dictate to congress how we operate i think the i think he's going to have to answer for apparently testifying and truthfully in both the senate and the house and that's certainly one option is terrified of having to face a skilled attorney. is executive director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research and joins me now from washington d.c. good to have you with us live on al-jazeera i mean for months now various commentators have suggested the u.s. heading towards a constitutional crisis i mean after today's events i mean where are we with that train of thought. i think we're in the middle of a constitutional crisis i think the constitutional crisis began when the president had a hotel in washington d.c. which is the central place for people seeking to bribe the presidency to make their bribes i think that we've had a constitutional crisis since the president told the treasury not to provide his
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tax return that by law had to go to the house of representatives i think we're in a constitutional crisis when the president has engaged in serial acts of obstruction of justice and there are no rapper cautions thus to far and honestly right now the democrats are still not responding to the moment the way they should and that actually makes the constitutional crisis worse. protagonist in this constitutional crisis is donald trump but the democrats are not behaving in a manner that reflects any gore glory on them at this time. because william. has said that he will look testified. he's to all intents and purposes drawing the line. of what transpired at those hearings. will see afraid should he be afraid of something. i mean bart is not
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act in these matters like someone who's afraid but he should be afraid because congress does have mechanisms available to it to hold him to account for his lying to congress which is a crime for his contempt for congress and for the fact that it seems likely we're going to be easily facing this subpoena for the unredacted more report and the materials that underlie it as well as for his own testimony and for that of robert muller which bar is trying to prevent i think my bar is afraid of the fact that his clients that first of all he doesn't view his client as the american people the abuses donald trump and his client is guilty and that is a tough situation when you can't argue the facts and you can't argue the law you engage in power play and you engage in emotional appeals to the trump base and i think that's what barr and trump are doing and i think it's. a constitutional crisis of historic proportion jeff.


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