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tv   Everything Must Fall  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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here he is the main director of service me. answer based media. this is our assertion we've got no in thailand. and. we're getting told was this in. the new guy does it or. he. is our simulator. main man this is his face that's up and this is part of subjects' media this here we are setting up our internet cafe it's still under way and we are hoping that in the next three months or so it could put in more computers more computers that really will be running in there will be a bit of happening around here is my favorite car and says my dream car my dream car is eighty's in ten you know. is the jet that's my dream
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times what. but this is one of the cars that i love and also always have the. world's billionaires list you know is money important to you feel much. why it is what can you do without money as tell. visits grew up in the african a heartland in the north of the country. at seven she went to a segregated government school. and. was there. a lot. as you know i wish i. was be given me and i am sure. it was a lot because that's where you can see the good. students
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for thank you for. and what it's about this with all the thank you to duncan i have to thank him and their friends i use them but i think. six years ago she moved to a bank a coal mining town near pretoria where bank it is the risk place on the planet. the people you are everybody either works on the model works for a contractor that works on the mon or you know something mine were lighted if you don't drink and if you don't use drugs and you don't carry on like a bad thing. then you will have nothing to do with back. room will. we reacted by. all of that oil and. lose it works in the family business she runs the office with her mother. on me.
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we do scifi conversions on vehicles for instance you give us a brand new sparky and it's all white and shiny we do. we put a very ugly black roll cage on the back of it we put the lots on reverse suit is so we fully convert vehicle to vehicle yet we are preparing for rubberized which surprises its not just pull it back in and spray on some chemicals it is actually of atrocities i must thank. my brother doesn't exactly have a specific job description whatever needs doing is to do old friends. most honorable but. anything needs to be done greg lee told myself. i'm
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teaching that will be able to also work in your home teaching him a lot when he's coming right quite nicely. if he can actually work he's so succesful to vs michoacán or the like b. he suffered my a move down hanun on the pond named the mini mate and i hiked went to honey sixty six. when we started doing them on stuff and i started having to deal with these people i had to either sink or swim these miners or just but not block mobile people at all. and. i did not sink and i am still swimming and in fact i've got quite a reputation in the industry everybody knows we're not so i'm a customer i will have your things on this whole vessel that then come all i want
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all my shit happens. that the at school when she was seven the best friend was a boy called steenie was that you. have i was. was like is it he had had very little interaction with black people but so yes i say commission you don't respond cause she he actually you have so much to my know when you shop with longest long so smart the single doctor said. by fourteen he was a dedicated party animal. by the side of the city was all over the world. i can live a life in and living for. the social and for guy in for manslaughter
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like he was. absolutely i thankfully live according to live us in for a few years ago i thought it was a good luck to myself away and that said obviously i was down at quitting. cluny mesa perceive all of a demagogue us a hint of those thought in the family is the correct resumes of the american there's a what do you know what i do to him they think it to be amazing to get here after as an obvious what he wanted. seven years before he unless it were going steady. you. know. you. gotta feel. your life i'm still in that house and. yard fight and we don't see.
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this oh. no not out but you know i. helped begin to satisfy not to for the first time to be a farm nearly enough time i got that oh. so you. in fact he married my release being his waitress in a bar was in for the i went over to second i did what i thought i'd stop for the last of it and said i would ask for no q so my living with the month deal i think that was a phenomenal. sky for the us of eleven. they've been married for five years and have a little boy called. click of a need for that might as well clue off like a little does all of this implies that i. fear that
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a key here. of course that is that was a clue it could it could be at the nissen and then my mother lisa live this way oh . yeah and they've moved very recently and i just getting used to the place. what's happening next door is the band rehearsal. band. but so quite often you have. music on the side yeah as you can hear the church is literally just on that other side to that side of this wall other side of it all.
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it's got all. those nice to have a good luck cities have disappeared look it up with all that has to offer it is funny which is how money i send and that i cities all the typical use of the comes . in this light at the last me we'll see if a god cease in luxury cruises up to overlook me but i was just this week for this and that's also come up with political scripts come to. turbans on the indian ocean is home to longer would have been found but there was something no it's just been just been done just that but it isn't as good in the poke at s.k. but he was born here and grew up in
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a small black township on the outskirts of the city. you know in melbourne when it's closer to home again go on with top ups with. one other around and one on and run on and go to each plant house off something to eat they came into mine. we gave them my school this is the one summer we gave them some more civil and some more and then they said hey remember this kid saying juice we gave them everything. to me at seven he was one of the first township kids to be admitted to a white government school. route. through to the moon roof. brutal brutal. this
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was a lie here when i was in school. before he started that he was very nervous about it. and. everyone will love me. like thought else going to be the only dictate in the classroom. with the big nine black kids and. six of us knew each other because we're from the same neighborhood and it was like. we did our best to disassociate with nothing because we want to claim you know. this has been awhile since i came here. and by that sign i think that's my state of free classroom if you can and if you're man enough to go and put it in
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the language you're not yourself. somehow. you have to sign a. if you don't tell us who. my friends used to tease me about my uni for when i was assured probably was ok because it looked like everyone else's was great pens in the white shit. when i went to ft and it was khaki shorts a safari top but x.x. black shoes the safari at that too with the how do you school type thing lisa said and i got i do know uniforms mistah. were not met in june but uniforms i guess. that is perhaps something which is relevant to our country i am and that is the issue of racism because if you did not belong to a certain race people would have believed in you basically you were considered inferior you can remember what the final solution was all about yes none of them select my parents monkies could have gone to the kind of schools of its. since i
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started school in the age. when they were going to school with what people like. never ever can have. i mean i've never been to unpick school board for the most problems on the country. mainly play people trying to get black people back what they thought. it was hard for him to fit in both at school and the time. had an argument to the sky is easy to beat me up and that's harder to come. in while i was talking to one of his old friends who was like behind me hitler the boy don't. let us consciousness and when i can lower a couple i was here. in the hospital. and then i saw that having seizures in a prosthetic in another company didn't. really. take and there. was
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arguments about. she claims and asking us this and i told him no wasn't true. and then his friend says i think i'm gay then because i go to a white school and stuff like. by twenty one he was at a university that was almost entirely black had moved to johannesburg and was studying human resources. there because he does i know used to. be best to seventy. three just like there is this but his studies are not as important to longer as fitting into a new social see higher oh i think they all go along things like. if you were to describe yourself what put first country right from noxious sometimes allowed always talking i think that. the biggest
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drawback about being black is that and that people have a tendency to that feel that there are degrees of being black it's embarrassing like for everybody involved that you should just look at people and go. not so sure about him because he's not black enough. did you finish your degree. and he will grow your store haven't found like the thing that defines you that's what you do. trying to find that thing and human resources just wasn't it. i think i would just like to be successful. a lot to reach a stage we we we don't have to worry about that have to street how we can apply
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this how we're going to buy that you know what are we going to do about this. or did i want all of me at the heart. of this. but i stood. at the center. is a limit that the distance. in there doing that is he did this he bought a copy of. his be improved as i could never been taught. to live somewhere else but i have been a place where. i'm surrounded by people that care about me and i care about them and that's possibly the most important thing to me. what i want to achieve is to change the mindset of people to tell people that it doesn't have to be all bad in your life it's a she you would that stand up to change being. the big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people
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shouting instructions if you are trying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on being seen kid that you realize even witness history in the making. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspective dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. down.
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payment to. start bringing to the birth details coverage of put this stuff up the cost was obviously. that's a critical of those papers from around the last few days and that is that water is worth more right down the river it's on the welcome for community barely begun to come. out again adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera they've been running battles between supporters of venezuelan opposition leader. and security forces at least one person has died as a result of the violence supporters of president nicolas maduro also rallies eight caucus the u.s. attorney general has defended his handling of special counsel robert miller's
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reports on russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election william barr appeared before a senate judiciary committee on wednesday but barr is now refusing to testify at a second congressional hearing however democrats are looking to force him to appear . two rockets have been fired from the gaza strip towards an israeli border town in response to an overnight israeli air strike israel earlier said that it's targeted a hamas military sites it said that it was in response to incendiary balloons being launched from gaza the saudi ever r.t. coalition fighting in yemen has launched a series of air strikes on a military base in the capital at least ten strikes hit the elderly be air base the coalition says the targets were legitimate on the international security is high and uganda's capital come pala a bail hearing is due to start shortly the opposition politician bobby wine he's been held in a maximum security prison since monday on charges stemming from a twenty eighteen protest against the social media tax police and special forces
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have been deployed to prevent further demonstrations during the hearing. the united nations has declared a leader of a pakistan based armed group of global terrorist masood who heads the group although have his assets frozen be subject to a travel ban the declaration passed after china a traditional ally of pakistan dropped its previous objections britain's prime minister to resign may has fired her defense secretary of the details of a national security council meeting were leaked to the press in a letter may said an investigation found compelling evidence that gavin williamson was responsible for the leak that revealed the u.k.'s plan to grant huawei a role in building britain's five g. network catholics in sri lanka won't be able to attend sunday mass for a second week due to warnings of possible attacks the colombo diocese says that services will remain suspended due to the latest security reports there's the
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headlines i'll be back with a full those views of a little over twenty five but it's for that let's get you back to twenty eight up south africa. oh for a waiter in rural stack sproat the challenging conditions you'd have some have not dampened her ambitions. i wake up around five every morning have a temper on the yard with should we share with about fourteen other families but i'm happy about where i am now cause i see where i'm going in a normal last year i was and we i am now so i knew that these progress that's better. met more of a journey would you call it we lived in a one bedroom house where you have to wash in that corner cook in that corner sleep in that corner but now it is you've got a five from house so for me when i look back at all those stages i'm happy because
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i know it's not magic it's what you have to wake up every day and see it happen and then you are late. right on. the page of fourteen which you had a very particular vision of how she wanted her life to turn out i don't have children and as has been i just want to be alone in my house and i want to pick counsel and make money and get rich those who hunted i don't wanna get married because the heat it's actually the first day we said down he proposed he said to me but you know that i love you and i said no and he said yes i do as it ok you're supposed to love me i mean brotherly and sisterly love church kind of thing a couple love god everything it is said to me no not that type of love i mean i was shy a was blushing if that wasn't how's. you thinking ok maybe this is the first the last
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guy who ever proposed maybe i'm going to be single for ever and frustrated in the cradle only what's going to happen. when you met. the type of person that likes to coddle i love to feel loved if you're watching a movie you must sit like hold me but he can then like his own space i think you eventually made us we said in understood that we movie off affectionate now he's coming to bed. over and i really struggled to being with him like spend time with him in everything and i think some weeks ago i asked him to spend more time in the office or something now he thinks there's something wrong with him and isn't i just need to watch us to see.
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if you're black and you were married told why plus you lost girl will sure. why. or she the wife she'd like would like people you see. floating but why does she do what you want to do. if i did that. i wonder girl black talent show like you and member stand alone which i speak when i met home that's so you think you end up marrying a white person who may be. if you're not. going to a very good place for missions are granted and i mean seen the same day for the last like five years and. yet he has been five years. and i she is she's good to me man she's she's she's great at lax try talking about her.
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she can walk into a room. out of it. and still think that she did she's just she's stately and she's poised and and she doesn't in the end the best thing about it is she doesn't see all the things that i see when. he met laura at work the first time i saw it i think. if you do can you walk from there to there you know when people look at you that you know looking at them but you can tell the still looking at you it was one of those feelings. i had to walk past these days begin to get out and who is that. she she works at night in this department and yeah mechanics in this department every day. was very open as my face patients people of us must stay. on the stairs i was looking for a long. distance difference in looking long enough that it was due it was like one
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of them and they know we could eventually got here being liked by you know took off yeah what about getting married. the next question. next question. do you talk about permanence. we have. it's a conversation like it's had now we're going to share it. happens it's a it's a very sporadic thing to be talking about something else and we get into that marriage is a good thing people should all get married great stuff yeah me too i'll be on the train some day it will happen. each of our children. get. only smile because i mean most of the friends have kids right now people are getting maybe there was a phase when you were just there was for we did. things one yeah i want to have
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kids i think you see what i mean this is not it's not a commitment open in shutting me and i'm on to see myself being someone's daddy i love kids. over. him and decided on that night. that i love you. is a stunning have me and scott. i can only say that did it for most of remains or is only arcane and it was obvious a full of remorse and i want his. wife
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marley's is a teaching assistant at the after care on the church compound where they live what are you guys doing are you going to. that's not a good. you don't have brown i can release a lot of this record of what it will be as a hide behind and zinni a franchise equip as my main self and what i think or not for and i don't always can. just in it for market decide to do it it were up and it was hit and all this quickly so that was the next holiday matter because it was a little fluid. not a dolphin a day but a brace and. it did at the minute duncan and i took with the dog that's right it was not after the. storm off the previous three full of is it to be a yard with no not at the bit.
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i could have battled suspect my for over the time but that evens his need for a month or to stick it in severe weather spots hunted maul vaticanus kind of the advice i can use those from the release of friends and still going strong. everybody was the one. three years ago life took a dramatic turn in prison the dean by claiming it was an awful hans went through with the body that when i die some bones that were of this made months mostly friends of innocence which it is this and all that but the months that emitted it media to connect the novel could have a slight video but i believe that a behind the minute i don't mean it officer knocking him out of alcohol from a look you'll think but i still get a snake now he is a deputy past and runs the youth ministry amazing t.v. is this my hero to be acting but made the father pull off the band and i thought of
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the openness of the video. yes the hunt and yes if. you have look at this new livability you know anthony had a. look at live a who it could be ripping the pillow of course been amazing. to me i believe or not of the dice in the mazes eleven foot on the. phyllis of feet of me and i've been all that and funny that i stayed because i as i told him all the inputs was a limit but. the unit would move the other by their might and food is adamant about ok is different for what it wanted by for this means. you know it was the commitment of by for those means and it was your scarpetta that i am since i live. seem
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a bit strange together you know i think i've read his. account. by fourteen the romance of teenie was definitely over and desists concerns may elsewhere. it's quite an embarrassment to your parents like say for instance. you know this guy's been seeing each other and you don't even have plans for getting married and you got pregnant or something time very soon is that your parents. since moving back in with her parents visitors found them to be a lot more broad minded than she thought they were. going to. run on i think if counted correctly according to my mother we have fourteen people in the house myself and born my mom and my grandmother and grandfather my brother and his girlfriend my brother's daughter i mean the resort and jane are right in the
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lighten my three children restudying and all to save up money it was my mom's suggestion to try to buy all five dates and then get something for ourselves something that belongs to us. and i gotta find some whisky and how does it work. that's a video. likely it's a big house me n. d. n. me yes you see in case it gets difficult. but we seem to be making it work surprisingly enough we my quick. we have a lot of balls in the sauce a lot it is not easy every day but will it out to complain no. you don't drink. you do not which amounts to tap water and with that please be
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warned him a drink with thankful to. everything is child's from when i was seven what was a fully functioning country everything was wiki. the money went to the right places it was a look i did correct it was actually spent correctly everything is gone haywire right. from. the morning. i was. a very working day after week. a waste of time to try and complain and anyway if you do get well you know if you get somebody on the line it is not my department. you see on c.n.n. . he's. actually in london for us government. this is my borno state. but this is going to. do.
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huge. losses over what we have us alcohol here live for a little blood test on it because of it. and made him a bit of a kind of. push at this situation for. this. but the but what's at variance what's and for trying to get. in the work of a doctor that the kids are more conservative with a bully. you know that's what big of viruses are able to respect all. was in my opinion a good president. i think his vision of what he wanted was not wrong. it just never happened. for me i think that africa is more frustrating now than it was when i was saving i think so because then we were told who are. now
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who is the enemy because things are getting worse as well but who's to blame. and does like a cult. for most of a cult is if you're in here you're right everybody out day and you're wrong. and what is going to keep us together. self preservation if anybody says anything bad about it just band together and see what.
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they grow up having that trust that god has my back that he keys that he knows me that he was the best for him back he's my father. is how we talk to god and sometimes when you don't pray i feel our relationship going stale me and him so i always try to communicate with him cause that he if we could if i don't pray out one is have this fear that maybe i'm drifting apart. now it's more intense because i married have pasta so why get to have homes in
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church that i never thought i would have but i think i like them. the title of awesome on today is on doing is a child was a job i had it on john's or when we look at our band account on the bank account did you see figuring out how miley. we have a tendency to be discouraged other move all of that would in the five years they've been here a leader has tried to carve out a role for himself as a leader in the community. not to politician or a prophet for example but one boy made out a pony's guy and so we had to mobilize a community around micro speakers and call the community a meeting you know we assist the police. the greatest police is actually us
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and who are living in the community we are responsible for the community of surrendered my life and i don't know about you know i was around out of my life to discos. last summer you guys were with me i was married and i was pregnant with jenna one of these we may shoot a little one who wouldn't be you right now i would say i've got a great husband we've got to feed it not we've got pictures in the claw of got pretty much what to me is a perfect life wow. greg was by far the biggest mistake of my life things just started getting from bad to worse i really don't have time for any kind of crap in my life at all
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and it got to a point we. are just said enough and that was it a fault for divorce and nine months of trying to get him to sign the pipe as he finally signed the pipe this and that was that i was divorced happiest day of my life. that's the one thought of it than the of assad is still fighting for maintenance. so that is my relationship with the must see i'm in court twice once every two months in court and it gets biased by and it gets biased far and it's been the mines and it's guys been going on for three years already. so how do you pay these bills my mom president. at the time of the breakup reagan was only six months old and jenna was three how did you cope i almost didn't i went on a mad crazy shopping spree got my hair colored by in august got a whole new wardrobe
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a max thought any court of my mom's locked fund. would well guess and that worked for me. now she has another baby boy who was born. off to my divorce why not i was out and i don't play pool i don't know if it was me or the capias amounts of alcohol that i had consumed but needed she replied actually i just saw the face first and it just felt felt familiar like you know. out of all the go other girls in the club her face was the one that actually lit up you know they're safe if you meet someone in the club or a whatever you know it's actually a bad thing but. it ended up not being such a bad thing for us ya know he said teen year ten month old baby two
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other kids which i love also to bits and. girly and on my neck i would describe as it's a very outgoing person a straight forward. always trying to be happy even though you know the situation is not a situation to be happy in i think all of us we look up to and we respect to values indians. and you know without tossing things you've been cut. back on compliant keeps on back with mark so he's got to use. a very useful little thing when i asked and i only have back when i'm when i am actually seeing the stars yes that. verifies of her of the government running. a. i'm happy. it was just well she's going to move on.
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but for me it was. the smartest underwear mom my mom. was in the black and receive a look what a. lot of the the moscow says off. those that are for those of you know of the trick there. was a deeper look. i'm able to talk to him about my ambitions but i think he doesn't take me seriously to something point i think it i don't know maybe things that. i think he doesn't he says. you can't really say that the bad this run to show him and this is going to cook and all that other cake nonsense so i
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don't think anybody has a row. figure it out if you go on. game with me. i. know which is world has fallen apart. she fled her home with a family and believe his life was threatened by a mob in a local dispute there's nowhere to go and i staying the night with the sister in johannesburg. these people were at the gate and they were shouting there he goes they goes you know so at that time we're still busy packing some few stuff so that's when we started leaving my baby's broom shoes in everything we had literally ten minutes to pack now we've been getting phone calls that you must not come back that the family members of the guy that has been bitten by the terror the drivers are going to kill weirdly so you feel that you're going to have to. give up on that
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dream i've given up why should elect to black fight like that to why should we have an inside job that is so bad that you want our brothers dead i don't know he was born there i wasn't but me i'm done i'm not totally done my first priority is my kids would love to see my baby at school. now i really don't know what's best. but i'm not going back. guard grinned from having the gunmen on the smarts just turned to me and to such an amazing place the people thus amazing don't carry these are the old me.
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how have you changed since you listen evan. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one. each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight up south africa three on al-jazeera. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers out there knowing anti-riot. we are challenging the
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forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. however the weather slushy dry across a good pos of the middle east over the next few days no great surprises here but after a recent spell pretty wet weather this is really good news about a few showers over towards afghanistan they're tending to clear through central air is a lousy try some wet weather just making its way out to the fair bit of cloud there just around the event that will creep its way inland as we go through friday so we kill without the possibility of a few spots of rain into iraq by this stage thirty six for baghdad central part of it was of kind of a lousy dry the odd rush hour possibility in kabul a strike was about to start a strike rossy arabian peninsula perhaps a little bit of cloud crossed at least inside of saudi arabia i suspect here in qatar we will stay fine and dry temperatures at around thirty six maybe thirty
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seven great one hundred feet that wind wind blowing through the gulf just starting to ease off as we go through the next couple of days in places say because signs of the rains easing off across northern parts of mozambique over the next couple of days still a few showers in place as we go through thursday friday looks a little more promising bright skies here what's the weather just pushing up into southern parts of ten's and there was much of southern africa is looking fine dry and sunny. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's everywhere asked we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is huge typing on the net there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized
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youth series on al-jazeera. or. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. and when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. was because it was. but as well as opposition lays out its next moves as the latest push against the president to fail. a very unforgiving this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s.
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attorney general refuses to face a second round of questioning in congress after being grilled about his handling of the washing choir's. we'll look at the influence saudi arabia appears to be wielding on u.s. foreign policy as the trumpet ministration tightens its iran sanctions. on the mobile phone the promises to bring back millions of india's vanishing voters. but as well as opposition is telling its supporters not to lose hope after the latest major protests against president nicolas maduro fail to push him from power one was shot dead dozens of other people injured as things again turn violent in the capital. reports now from just over the border and they bring colombia. for a second day thousands of minutes wayland's feel the streets of caracas in protest
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and once again government security forces used water cannons rubber bullets in tear gas to try to disperse them leaving dozens injured opposition leaders called for mass mobilization hoping this will be the final phase of the operation to house president nicolas maduro. we have to stay in the streets we have to continue until we achieve it we should demand that the whole of the armed forces declare together that they are with us. to the message from a day earlier when he first urged the military to defect and join him some heeded the call. me but he's my legitimate president from here on out whatever happens i'm going to follow him to the death. but there were few the president remains in office with the military high command still behind him and also behind remain many who came out onto the streets in a rival rally. told him that what he called
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a coup attempt had been defeated and those behind it would be prosecuted this criminal and he dismissed united states claims that he was about to flee the country. when they planned their conspiracies when they come up with their schemes they forget the small detail they forget that there is a majority of the population willing to give their lives for the revolution they forget the small detail they forget that there is a union between the people and the military that is not willing to be true the legacy of commander chavez. the opposing demonstrations have become a regular feature of life along with rampant inflation food and medicine shortages and residents fleeing in the millions but international pressure to end the send off in venice has intensified if this afternoon twenty twenty five thousand cubans left venezuela i think. it's this foreign presence that sits on top of the
3:52 pm
military sits on top of the government that makes it impossible for the people's voice to be heard the opposition gambled on changing been lost at least for now uncertainty and disappointment is growing among some opposition supporters. urging them to keep the pressure on calling on more rallies and rolling strikes in different sectors in coming days in a battle that it's only likely to keep intensifying here. from the. border we heard from u.s. national security adviser john bolton in. jordan has more on the reaction from washington. the white house has been putting out conflicting messages about how it plans to support. the venezuelan opposition in libya which the u.s. considers the lawful president of that country on wednesday the national security
3:53 pm
adviser john bolton spent a considerable amount of time speaking both to the cameras and on twitter indicating that no matter what happens the u.s. is in her corner and not that of the incumbent president nicolas maduro but in the meantime the trumpet ministration is having to deal with conflicting messages about what it is prepared to do to help take power in caracas the secretary of state mike pompei all said on wednesday morning during an interview that a military option was being actively considered however other officials then had to say that while military options are always that just options that they would prefer to see a diplomatic or economic solution to the political crisis in venezuela and that no matter what in their view nicolas maduro must go u.s. attorney general william barr has canceled plans to testify before the house of representatives about his handling of the report into the russia investigation he
3:54 pm
made the announcement after being questioned in a senate hearing on wednesday alan fischer reports. for the first time since the little port was made public america's top floor to surface questions from a senate committee republican chairman lindsey graham a supporter admitted he hadn't read the full report has severed all that ever and most of it but the findings left him with no doubt nor obstruction nor collusion robert mueller was appointed special counsel made twenty seven thousand his task to investigate alleged links between the russians and donald trump's presidential campaign attorney general william barr was given the report in march he says he was surprised there was no recommendation on prosecuting the president for obstruction of justice rule of identified ten possible instances but he was confident he made the right call and not to press ahead with the deputy and i felt that the evidence developed by the special counsel was not sufficient to establish that the president committed a crime and therefore it would be irresponsible and unfair for the department to
3:55 pm
release a report without stating the department's conclusions but robert mueller sent a letter to the attorney general upset at the way he presented his findings ahead of the publication of the redacted report a point not missed by one democrat i think history will judge you harshly bar says a lot of the president's actions were fueled by allegations he felt were wrong and called into question his election when is there any evidence that you're aware of suggest even remotely the president trump is a russian agent no i'm not aware of this meeting was meant to be about the last presidential election but it was really more about the next one and the republicans who defended bill barr and donald trump and the democrats who attacked them they knew that. the former prosecutor was chasing the democratic presidential nomination she was amazed bill barr did not look at the underlying evidence before making his final decision i think it's my experience that it's not like if you have been out
3:56 pm
of legal mind all the tone remained mostly civil one democratic senator said bill barr should resign now the american people know that. you are no different from rudy giuliani or kellyanne conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grafter and liar who sits in the oval office. william barr insisted the president could have halted the mill of inquiry at any point because it was based on false allegations which this was a difficult day for the attorney general the house of representatives also wants him to give evidence the committee chairman says he won't be calling robert mueller as a new witness he says this is over but it's not alan fischer algis it up on capitol hill washington two rockets have been fired from the gaza strip towards an israeli border town in response to an overnight israeli air strike israel says that it was targeting a hamas military size after incendiary balloons were mortgaged from gaza these are designed to start fires on israeli farmland. ugandan opposition politician bobby
3:57 pm
wine is due to appear in court in kampala shortly for a bail hearing he's been held in a maximum security prison since monday on charges stemming from protests last year against the social media tax whines lawyers say the charges are made up to stop him from criticizing the government catherine sawyer reports from kampala. meet the writing on the wall in the comm watch the neighborhood of kampala is clear we are tired of seventy. this graffiti reads several such sentiments in the area where robot. also populated by his stage name bob wind. and now records his controversial music. you can. see. it was for me to write this is him in court on monday he was charged with breaking the law. when he led protests against the introduction of a social media and mobile money tax last year he's
3:58 pm
a lawyer questions why this has come out now. for. someone not been charged but now you are looking for ways. to bring. charges. he also has a treason case pending in court it's from last year when he was arrested. and tortured accused of inciting people to attack a presidential motorcade by throwing stones back in. we talked to want all the charges dropped the wire is. his music. resonates with the main. thing is being and. we're disappointed that he was arrested because he's fighting for our rights he's
3:59 pm
fighting for the downtrodden. is no problem but the government is fighting him we support him this thirty seven year old m.p. wants to run for president against the seventy four year old head of state was ruled uganda for thirty three years and could contest again after parliamentary move the presidential. catherine joins us now from. actually physically be in court today will he. know he won't be in court physically today they're going to use this new stem cell was introduced. it's been on the pallid face he's going to the proceedings are going to continue. to him in the prison he's being held the judiciary say that this new system is quite is going to be effective it's going to be cost it's going to cut costs especially when
4:00 pm
it comes to bringing suspects to court but some of the people that we've spoken to i think that this particular case of poppy wind this is the first time that this link is being used in a big case like this one so they're saying that it is perhaps a way of the government trying to avoid a lot of commotion it was anticipated adrian that many of his supporters would try to make their way here to the courthouse to cheer him on at the bail hearing is going. to queue presence in different parts of the presence of the police and special forces as well in areas that are considered to be strongholds. and people that we talked to like you heard in that story i think they're very angry they feel that the wine is being targeted unfairly. many thanks to. us this morning.


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