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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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so thin so mon that was so sick you had to be airlifted to a hospital in pain and that's just one family out of thousands of people who need help wasn't beach is really one of the most poorest countries in the world this cycling hasn't made things any easier the concerned aid workers and the government is to because many people as possible who need help who may be stranded out there as president all trumps nominee for the federal reserve house withdrawn his nomination stephen moore has been criticized for sexist comments and his positions on interest rates more a conservative commentator was to fill one of two vacant positions at the u.s. central bank an empty chair has represented the u.s. attorney general has refused to testify at a congressional hearing about the miller report bill barr wanted to avoid lawyers questioning him about russian collusion and donald trump's election been threatened with contempt by the house of representatives for refusing to answer questions bar has cleared the president of collusion about the democratic party wants to see the full uncensored version of the report to go hey nice more from washington d.c.
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. a lot of political theater today as the house democrats called for a congressional committee hearing and they basically talked to an empty chair the u.s. attorney general william barr refusing to show up to testify he said he had a problem with the process that they wanted to take which was basically to have members of congress ask questions but allow one of the committee attorneys to sort of ask those follow up so would have made it a much tougher day of testimony for william barr there's a disagreement between the democrats in the republicans on the committee and in the white house over whether that sort of testimony in that sort of committee hearing would in fact be proper history will judge as to how we face this challenge we will all be held accountable in one way or the other and if he does not provide this committee with the information it demands the respect it deserves the bars a moment of accountability come soon enough and i think what we're seeing from chairman adler is that he's incapable of holding power if he and his committee are
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capable of actually asking the attorney general questions themselves and need to staff that out it seems like a pretty pathetic moment for the chairman of that committee and look we lost confidence in jerry nadler a long time ago but it's surprising that it find out that he's actually lost confidence in himself and his capability to do his job he can't and he's not capable of asking the attorney general questions maybe he should step down or resign and allow somebody else said. this is high stakes for william barr because members of congress are already saying that he lied to congress lying to congress is a crime and it could get you sent to prison what they're arguing here is that when muller gave bar his summary bar then then just a couple days later put out a four page summary of what he thinks the report said he was asked about this in congressional testimony before the senate under oath and they said what are all these reports that muller was upset and are said i have no idea what you're talking about well it turns out that robert mueller the special counsel had sent
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a letter before that. or saying exactly that he was upset with the way barr was handling the special counsel's probe was that a lie to congress well house speaker nancy pelosi has come out and said that he lied to congress and it's a crime but you want to see how the committees decide to proceed next up though the big testimony we're waiting to see is if the democrats can get robert muller the former special counsel before them they say they want to hear directly from the man who invested the gator the president as whether the president of the united states committed crimes so head on al-jazeera and began an opposition m.p. bobby wine is freed on bail after being arrested on charges he says were made to silence her multiple in saudi arabia appears to be wielding on u.s. foreign policy as the chopper ministration tightens its iran sanctions.
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but quite a few showers with us as part of techie of the moment the satellite pictures showing all the cloud making its way across tekkie and up towards the northeast and it's going to give us a fairly lively downpours as we head through the next couple of days so quite a few showers then across turkey once more on friday and then those pushing their way eastwards as we head into saturday was in particularly heavy downpours in the eastern parts of turkey but also through georgia and up into the fossil in parts of russia so a lot of wet weather is likely here i mean for the towards the south and for the arabian peninsula the weather is coming down and it's also pretty hot for many of us now doha we see the temperatures up to thirty six degrees as we head into friday there is that it'll be more cloud just around the saudi arabia that's working its way eastwards and that will work its way towards doha towards cattle on saturday so be outside chance of a shower certainly looks like it's going to turn a bit more humid here in the day as we head for the south we've still got one or two showers with us in the northern parts of mozambique some of those again likely
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to be pretty heavy as we head through the next few days of course this is a region that was hit by also i claim those are also affecting us in tanzania as well but away from that there's a lot of dry following weather to be found and should get to around twenty seven degrees say one for us but not this one forcing cape town will be getting to seventy. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us study after study has demonstrated perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want you to see and if you don't say it when i go what you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera.
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take a look at the top stories this hour on al-jazeera and it's all of president nicolas maduro has been out on the streets again surrounded by the military for a war and the time to fight has come and a televised address opposition leader was why joe has told his supporters not to lose hope authorities in india are evacuating nearly eight hundred thousand people in the path of cycling ani it's expected to hit india's east coast on friday forecasters are also warning those in low lying bangladesh and an empty chair has represented the u.s. attorney general has refused to testify at a congressional hearing bar avoided lawyers questioning him about the mala report and why he's cleared donald trump of russian inclusion in his election. the united
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nations is condemning what it calls the worst peril tax and northwest syria for fifteen months government helicopters and warplanes supported by russian jets attacked deescalation or safe zones a rebel held areas children are among at least. people reported killed it and hama provinces reports. ok ok this baby girl survived strikes on one of the towns in the southern countryside of it live province another little more to the. right but this child didn't expect that the book would look and then this during the day a little. white tell me it's volunteers watched as barrel bombs dropped on to the village of. the syrian civil defense force no there's no time to waste. entering a home looking for
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a family as the last of the our fellow quickly quickly quickly they shout god. they all make it out and i. am the united nations is condemning the latest round of syrian government and russian as strikes on the deescalation or safe zones in the northwest and rebel held areas of it live and hama. the school health centers and residential areas have all been hit in the northwest of syria the u.n. say they are the most intensive barrel bomb attacks in fifteen months that strikes follow the killing of at least sixty syrian soldiers and their allies during opposition attacks in the last couple of weeks. to assure that there is a proportionality backed national row and. protected. nearly one hundred and forty thousand syrians have fled the latest bombardment of
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the war within the last three months. many of them have managed to travel close to the border with turkey and many more are expected to arrive soon sort of al-jazeera . iranian opposition politician bobby wine has been granted bail attended the herring via video. while he's been held in a maximum security prison since monday one was arrested on incitement charges stemming from protests last year against a social media tax has more from kampala. when the magistrate granted bobby wine build a lot of celebration inside the courtroom and outside where some of his supporters had been gathering they started singing one of their favorite songs that he performs often they say they're happy that he's been released but they also feel that he's been politically targeted unfairly by the government this charge is comes from an incident that happened last week where he led protests against the
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social media and mobile money task that had been introduced to people asking why is he being charged now for something that happened last year what also stands out from this is how the case was hard he was not physically present in the courtroom he followed proceedings of a video link from the prison where he was being held this is a fairly new system that has been introduced by the judiciary official they it's more effective they also think going to cut down costs of physically bringing it to court but then some of the supporters people have been talking to here a thing that the reason why it's happening with bobby wine is because the has the government does not want too many people gathering to wait for him to appear in court there is a lot of fear he's been garnering a lot of crowds everywhere he goes to perhaps people i think the government is afraid of that the situation in the political situation in the country i've talked
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to lawyers and politicians with thing it's very precarious indeed we've seen some media stations being function for how they are covering. issues we've seen the key opposition to get be. meant being killed the government very keen indeed to show that it's been controlled but the opposition politicians led by will be one thing that we will not relent we will continue and hold to continue to hold the government to account and that is meaningful change in this country mass protests continue in sudan where demonstrators are staging a million strong march to press for a civilian administration protest leaders say the military isn't serious about handing over power the true science have a great are forming a joint civilian military council to run sudan are at odds over its composition
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stance military council has been given another sixty days to hand over power to civilians by the african union or face suspension. has the latest from part. of the. finally. of. transition should look like. power structures of the government. for pages. to. be handed to the council just. stipulates. the end of the two thousand and five. article to lead to public rights and individual freedoms will be transported into the transition put into the. constitution but. it also talks about. joint
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council of military and civilian as has been expected but no details about the membership. forces how many of the military how many from the civilian point has not been clarified in this document it talks about an executive cabinet. polity. the state of emergency in consultation with the military council. this vision has been submitted as i said to the military council the expectation during the last few days was that it will be submitted during a round of talks between the two sides but that didn't happen the talks have been stalled for the third day now the two sides are now speaking to each other through mediators and we're waiting for the military council to announce its reaction to this a second day of talks between the taliban and the u.s. are underway in qatar it's a sixth round of talks between the two sides who are trying to find a framework for peace and that country afghan government has not been part of the
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negotiations. the united states is tightening its squeeze on iran by introducing sanctions on any country which buys iranian oil the new restrictions starting on friday the ending of sanction shanks' sanctions waivers for eight major customers including china and india the latest attack against iranian exports or part of the u.s. campaign in cooperation with iran's regional rival saudi arabia mike hanna has a story from washington. it was a surprise to many when president trump chose riyadh this a destination of his first international trip in office but two years on it's clear this was more of a signal as to the central role saudi arabia would play in his administration's decision making. driven home when it was made clear the imposition of oil sanctions against iran was done in coordination with aleve but other stuff about the details of what the site is in the emirate he's have agreed to but i've had
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conversations the president said conversations with these countries and there they have committed to making sure that there is a sufficient supply in the markets. confirmation of saudi coordination came just days after president trump signaled a major policy reversal in libya in an obvious not to riyadh expressing u.s. support for the saudi backed warlord fighting the internationally recognized government in tripoli the announcement makes clear that saudi arabia is now a fulcrum of the united states foreign policy this despite the fact that congress has held saudi arabia responsible for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi as well as for the deaths in the ongoing war in yemen even senior republican leaders have said until these situations are resolved responsibility for the murder of khashoggi is assigned it simply cannot be business as usual the white house
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simply ignores this position a congressional resolution condemning saudi arabia's actions in yemen the subject of presidential veto. in president trump size it seems the relationship with riyadh more important than that with congress mike hanna al-jazeera washington. founder julian assange has told a british court help fight extradition to the united states or he's wanted for alleged computer hacking songes hearing in london has been adjourned until the end of may he's currently serving a prison sentence for skipping bail prior to seeking asylum in the ecuadorian embassy and a mom reports from london. was he was. passionate support for the u.k.'s most famous prisoner but will he see be on the way to face trial in the united states. julian assange was removed from the ecuadorian embassy in london and arrested three weeks ago hours later a u.s. prosecutors charged him with conspiring to access a classified u.s.
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government computer science has just started a fifty week jail sentence for skipping bail in twenty twelve so he addressed the court via video link mr assange said i do not wish to be extradited for doing journalism that has won many awards and protected many people well that's a message that resonates with many supporters here but whether he wins out in the courts is hard to say a lawyer for the u.s. said that in twenty ten the former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning downloaded more than a half a million classified reports relating to the wars in iraq and afghanistan as well as a quarter of a million diplomatic cables the vast majority were later released on assigned his wiki leaks foreign. journalists and ricky beaks are published they publish the truth they're being targeted for telling the truth and this has huge potential implications for journalists and media outlets all across the world. american
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officials have accused the signs of in danger in people's lives through the mosque publication he's backers say he's done nothing wrong and they fear the u.s. could widen its legal case beyond the hiking charges of course we're worried about it we have a provisional requestion united states which has at this stage one charge with the five essentials but there is much speculation in the united states about whether additional charges might be brought by now for once his return to the united states . is legal teams say they'll wait to receive a full extradition request before deciding on the next steps. to. take a look the headlines now on al jazeera venezuela's president has again bit out on the streets surrounded by soldiers and then a nationally televised speech nicholas were warned the time to fight has come opposition leader or to his supporters not to lose hope after they fail to push
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into road from power. mass protests continue in sudan where demonstrators are staging a million strong march to press for a civilian administration protest leaders say the military isn't serious about handing over power the two sides have agreed on forming a joint civilian military council to run sudan but are odds over its composition. an empty chair has represented the u.s. attorney general who's diffused to testify at a congressional hearing about the moller report william barr avoided lawyers questioning him about the miller report why he's cleared donald trump of russian collusion in the election the democratic party is demanding to see the full and censored version of the report to confirm whether or not donald trump committed those acts. history will judge as to how we face this challenge we will all be held accountable in one way or the other and if he does not provide this committee with the information it demands and the respect it deserves is the bars a moment of accountability will come soon enough they got an opposition politician
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bobby wine has been granted bail he attended the hearing the video link while he's being held in a maximum security prison since monday on was arrested on incitement charges stemming from protests last year against a social media tax as lawyers and his supporters say the charges have been made to stop them from criticizing the government's a second day of talks between the taliban and the us are underway in qatar it's a sixth round of talks between the two sides who are trying to find a framework for peace in the country wiki leaks founder julian assange has told a london court he will fight extradition to the united states is wanted for alleged computer hacking he's serving a prison sentence for skipping bail before staying in the ecuadorian embassy and london authorities and then deora back away to nearly eight hundred thousand people in the path of cyclon funny it's expected to hit india's east coast on friday or
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casters are also warning people in low lying bangladesh will keep an eye on that for you or so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera inside story is next. not so fast champion run a pass the so many a is ordered to take drugs to lower her testosterone if she wants to keep competing is the decision fat or is it needed to ensure a level playing field in the sport this isn't.
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hello welcome to the program on the wrong custis ammonia is an inspiration to many women around the world but the south african olympic and world champion athletes is accused of having an unfair advantage because her body produces more male sex hormones than most females to stay in the race she's going to have to change a life she's lost a legal challenge against the governing body of world athletics which issued a new rule forcing her to take drugs to lower testosterone levels supporters say that ensures fake competition critics argue that so many a is unfairly targeted because the rule only applies to middle distance athletes like up the court of arbitration for sport admits the regulation is discriminatory but say it's necessary the president of the international association of athletics federations praised the decision sebastian coe is here in doha for friday's diamond league event where so many a is due to compete. i think this is pretty straightforward and
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it's very straightforward for any international federation in sport athletics has to classifications it has age it has gender we are fiercely protective about both and i'm really grateful that the court of arbitration has not held that principle so many years lawyers and the south african of let its governing body are considering an appeal and we are so it was extremely disappointed in the outcome because it's not correct to have a law which clothes art in a way that nobody knows yet into a doze out and you can't have the person who makes the law also be the person implementing the law and deciding how it blows out so that is not the way we see fairness so what exactly is her condition it's called a hyper androgen ism which causes her body to produce more of the male sex hormone testosterone the most women between five and ten percent of females are thought to
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be affected the un says that up to one point seven percent of babies worldwide are into sex meaning they don't fit typical definitions of male and female testosterone boosts the amount of red blood cells increases of muscle mass and strength doctors are divided on how much improves an athlete's performance. i. let's bring in our panel joining us from london is sylvia account but essie senior lecturer in bioethics and society at king's college london from high wycombe on skype john breaux a professor of applied sports science at buckinghamshire new university and also on skype from oxford students have a lesson director of the oxford euro center for practical ethics at the university of oxford welcome all to the program i would like to start with you dr sylvia so many was born a woman it's not her fault that she has this imbalance of testosterone surely
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should she should be allowed to compete it's not an unfair advantage is it. hugh really touched an important point because a discussion that hinges on whether an advantage is unfair or not and we just heard the boss down because the case is straightforward pretty straightforward and actually is anything by straightforward because it's quite complex we need to all distinguish whether they are bonded derive from that is unfair or not and this is not what the courts for arbitration for sport as done the courts for arbitration for sport as requested that i that been asked to investigate to do it is search on levels of testosterone and performance advantage and they come up with some results which by the way i've been demonstrated by several team include in my team to not be replicable and this is been highlighted in the verdict of the courts that i've
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titian for sport where they know it of the difficulty are reliant on a concrete advantage by the do rely on necessary ethical advantage between have a soft festus around and performance how have the pint i've been making as a scholar working in attics and sport and as a former middle distance as i'm not the professional one is that these advantages not unfair let me bring in. just right now from high wycombe it's not unfair says dr sylvia cumbrous so she should be allowed to compete in so he's always out of the whole problem with this case and there's never been love with the song on the call until. it was clear out of the. situation. they were. serious maybe it was short he believes it was and you know it was one of italy was so you. need to get
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into some of the let's remind ourselves it's just leaving us to see. ammonia is who with all of these will fema who recommended recognition i have is that there to sponsor who you choose to not just because no one individual i can see why innocence seems that way it is so very grey areas the extent to which the levels of testosterone who performs i think we have to bear in mind that you said testosterone was a growth coral causes as you said of the outset. of forces so as we cruise muscles muscles and muscle evokes to strengthen our will we don't lose because it is quite arbitrary is the exact cut off point for forward starts and where it stops nothing particularly we've been lucky it's where we know there are variations in the homeowner who's on a monthly basis you need where he was a problem for example it is something that again is the cuatro she also is going to
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be very very difficult so more incidents of police and which is because i want point that you made about that so many not being allowed to compete because she will be allowed to compete but only she and other outlets would sue commissions can demonstrate the test of storms are sort of the who's lower i was speaking on so her concede the last night as i was asked the next step for her should be i genuinely think that she now is such a great athlete that she has the ability and hopefully the desire to carry on with her training carry on doing what she has done so well for so many years and that in some way to prove the doubters won by showing that she can still win or will her big stage so we go medals and break world records even with a consumer level because she may also decide on our own seats as was the appeal but i believe she's a great runner a great athlete and we're in a sense people now even with a slightly lower testosterone but what we're asking her to do and other athletes in
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her position to do. is to take performance reducing drugs not performance enhancing drugs about and from the sport completely so this seems to be an ethical question let's bring in julian savulescu in oxford one of the what's the morality of all of this we're actually in effect somebody at the top of the game to not be at the top of their game is that what we're doing well as exactly what sylvia correctly pointed out is whether this level of testosterone represents an unfair advantage and if it does what you should do about it. so the first question i completely agree with that the science hasn't established the degree to which are elevated testosterone level provides that with an unfair advantage you've got to remember that that she probably has a condition which means the receptors protest auster are don't work properly we
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don't know what a normal level of testosterone would be for her we don't know how her body functions or indeed her bright functions this level of testosterone so even if you reduce the performance by reducing in testosterone it could be due to a fix on her brine it could be due to the side effects of the drugs it could be due to a whole bunch of different factors unless you can give a really accurate story about what what part of logic cool features were in taught him to do and what we're not and how testosterone works in a complex situation like this you shouldn't be ruining somebodies career a lot which brings me to the second point that even if you thought there might be some significant advantage. this woman has been brought up under a parent's set of rules she's trying to has been treated as a woman she's been allowed to compete and it shines those rules midway through her career denies her the right to work and the right to leave the fictive really
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a much better solution would have been to introduce roe. that affected athletes in the future are for example when they're about to start their career not midway through their career i started to run brand molecules but the problem all together is this sort of cool little hormonal playing field which. has in the i double i want to establish isn't really a level playing field because you don't know the response of the receptors to testosterone you don't know the complex biology of the individual athletes national or simply hasn't been worked out so i think it's a very severe let me bring you let me bring you in here dr sylvia the science seems to be problematic so why not julian savulescu said allow her to compete whilst you figure out the science yes definitely that could have been an option indeed i mean i must say when i saw was this packed in like calm everybody else out there very
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did yesterday and i was disappointed but not surprised and i think it's important to say this is such a complex and not straightforward issue is that to understand yes it is very good one is to go back a few years and i understand due to the case i did it on was an indian sprinter also targeted by the farmer put under as an ism regulation which were put in place in two thousand and eleven in response to caster semenya skase so you have a case that goes back ten years so you had caster semenya at the billion where temperature two thousand and nine but she was not able to appeal to say i've had hundreds of his own regulations that required her to lower the tests around other that sense to do to. a court for arbitration or sports at a collection where suspended in time to fifteen on grounds that there was not enough evidence about the correlation how have as i had knotted in the twenty
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fifteen the grounds on which is a good lesson where suspend it was a wrong. let me splaying why cofer but additional for support in twenty fifteen wrote very clearly that they believe that i that i have add reasons to have these regulations that this is a glacial were necessary this is a cause yes and this is language about necessary discrimination but in twenty fifteen cassel ruled that it was not enough evidence about a proportionality also regulation now is that i that the laugh was given two years to do this additional research which as i've submitted it was most is a new regulation which started at the district a set of events from the four hundred meter to the model are based on is a study published in the british journal sports magazine in twenty seventeen weeks but then defied this. event as events in which women with a high level of testosterone had higher performance advantage to how have they
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decided it has also had not been replicated and actually as i was saying with some were frankly not set on the school of economic and are not on spinner but on court as an investor of brighton and spain burgas university we've been able to show that the results cannot get implicated so why these five events i think it's fair to say the caste system as been targeted now i would be curious to see if gustus amenas us competing in a different event will say i dub it after regulation change sadly laugh as cause that aggression live in document cast yesterday is a verdict that buys to defer is up location i was at it relation on grounds that is of the difficulty i rely on concrete evidence of it not of i have or i'd have cried to ronnie but sad that never did take an opposite advise to defer his application as a regulation they give an athlete's one week one week to lower their test as i don't have it in order to compete i'm a eight so you're saying it's very unfair that you bring in john breaux ahead this
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is sport sport is supposed to be fair the. regulations these rulings are designed for a level playing field and it's designed on age and on sex. is it time to take a real hard look at that and to try and come up with a different definition or is it simply we've got to draw the line in the sand somewhere. and think we have to must think will rule it now look at the whole integrity of all the water people will all be watching the spall many millions of pounds is invested in through casting rights through sponsorship deals and so on and i think i am bitterly silent and sorry for athletes such as custer so many who are located in the grease on one with a little carry on competing at the same time a lot of things i don't agree with comatose occasional consumer or so is coming from in the sense we do have to create in the bargain bin laden's fema who don't
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have the will we high levels of testosterone to feel they can excel competes in the sunni well in favor of sport we only have to look over the last twenty or thirty years of the way in which very rightly the last fall has grown and that we have much greater levels of us in asia much greater levels of sponsorship hospital as a couple which and that is absolutely to be welcomed i think we also need to bear in mind that we should be cussed and again we come back to this inevitably it seems as if it's so that is targeting her as an individual it is as as a set of values of the all athletes one hundred isn't it is also to some extent been clouded with another barrett who is the one transgender athletes going to kill males go through sexually or in stations such transitions become females and computers females are part of the reason why the other way or another people looking at testosterone levels is a way to gain level own groups ensure that when an athlete does go through sexual
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reallocations transition then they have a testosterone level the least puts them in a castle level where a can compete own style team up it's. extremely difficult area and a surly one with the problem we know. but i do believe we have to protect the integrity is all the same time so here's what the second is the whole lot of research needs it is the work of exactly a couple of these very minute that starts trying in a different way when it's measured is bound by the agency because it forms in handsome effects so that we know that forms of variance on testosterone itself will go in hospitals but we're not quite clear on his exactly what those levels are so this is in a sense of couture so it would be nice to see more work. done since it really get just right and it never spews situation it's not going to be we are going to be
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some windows and some lose nothing what we have to do is have the starts of discussions in a very level headed pragmatic way to come up with the best solution for both individuals and supporters already for society as well journey and brings up a very interesting point there i just want to ask you a very direct question only now in a position where we're trying to. regulate the human body where we're trying to legislate the human body and what it's capable of doing and surely that's bad for the sport this is naturally occurring and caster so many or perhaps that's recurring other people it just means that they can compete at that level. you know i think that's exactly the point the it's inconsistent with the logic of sport as it currently stands that your main to be tasting and individuals natural potential but you're trying to reduce the natural potential with testosterone not lowering drugs you have to remember that the definition of a woman used to be until the ninety's having to excrete his arms if that had
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continued to be the definition he has to say maybe it wouldn't have been allowed to compete because she probably has a condition where she has a y. chromosome and edge an insensitivity now she didn't make the decision to change that definition it was my by the sporting with our toes and sorrow i move to an anatomical definition of what it is to be a woman when she conforms to anatomically she's a woman she has a female appearance even though she might having to also histories and dies of producing testosterone so they chose to move to a different definition of woman and within that definition she's completely natural that's not her decision she's conformed to the rules i completely agree we have to have a set of rules but they'll always be great crisis and you shouldn't be disadvantaging people who have conformed to the rules and you decide to chimes the midwife through
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it's to point to recognise that this decision doesn't apply to all into six conditions it applies to only those people with a white chromosomes who also have high levels of testosterone but there are other women and other conditions you need to six that produce high levels of testosterone that are not covered by this judgement so she is being discriminated against very clearly even amounts into sex athletes i was reading a very interesting article so if you want to bring you in his very interesting article that suggested that the people running sport overwhelmingly male overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly over the age of sixty so that definition of what is a man what is a woman is very set in stone of a little old fashioned do you think that has anything to do that. that this has definitely something to do is it and fat already in twenty two hours with my car
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stanford university wrote an article for his american journal of bioethics where we were targeting the hyper androgynous regulation and we pointed out i was there were different levels of unfairness is a regulation including the way they were being drafted and implemented and looking at the kind of people that were making this decision i think it's really important to distinguish the pint of whether is this our banter is unfair or not back to twenty fifteen in order to understand today's case could have ruled in a different way indeed i'm really curious to read one hundred sixty pages of the entire very good when they are published because it says that it was dropped by majority so i understand this as there was a minority that didn't agree with their oil it was a rule in what this means is that cost did not engage with the question is an
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advantage given by tacitus or unfair now let me give you an example about other natural advantages there are natural conditions. and mother being receptor gene if you have one of these mutation produce a higher level of red blood cells the red blood cell carry oxygen in our body if you have about fifty percent more red blood cells in your bodies and other athletes it's like being naturally dr doctor you have natural dopping and we have cases of athletes who had this mutation and had an advantage in competition they finished here. is a famous example is a sixty one gone mad ulcer and he was broke winter olympics with an advantage of forty or forty five seconds a. silver medalist which is a huge as. but there was not percy there our fair it was clear in the bank and as it may be the case that that's
2:43 am
a syrian it is an advantage i have i think the science that underline that mantle to confer by past us there is a last robust cell let my brother know we're going to john breaux ahead. the same question the sylvia is ports management sports ruling elite overwhelmingly old overwhelmingly old fashioned and simply out of touch with everything that's going on in the modern world it's a good question i can see why you may go because if you look at the composition of many national federations national government will then be of the very right. of of males middle aged males people ourselves say with an architectural oh a suit so i'm getting something one of the where the potential implications on israel is that we will see those in other issues start to look what's happened without that six of when we were the same ruling will be applied to the n.c.
2:44 am
comparisons something of an arm we may actually see the stars themselves and there will be those particularly in team sports where you have twelve fifteen individuals all competing in the same units of the same there is more likely that we will see those erosions decide on who they were trying to pass in the regulations so that means they're out of touch or not i don't know i can't really be absolutely certain on that but at the same time a good way in which sport hasn't all the years when you go to games which is a small. sports younger sports if you're lucky because of the winter olympics you need a parent it's what i think we are seeing globally is in a sense a revolution in sports is now to be mainstream along with i do think we're getting much younger much one by one. i have great awareness of what's happening in who so we are running out of time and i would like to ask the final question to
2:45 am
julian savulescu just very quickly this is same question of the sports governing bodies out of touch is the science developing faulty quickly is this a problem. cast to so many it's simply that the world is changing and the sport's governing bodies aren't keeping up. yeah that's exactly right i think the side see is rapidly emerging it's very complex it's probable mystique and they're not aware of how to deal with the ethical issues and i don't have an ethical framework that's satisfactory for the complexity of the issues but i think there are two other issues here i think they're worried about opening the floodgates to transgender athletes i think that's exactly right and they're also what we're worrying about encouraging dogfighting using testosterone in normal laterally. this will be an encouragement to use diving in order to compete with me to say exactly
2:46 am
and by the guys are legitimate concerns but they separate issues and i don't think he got past this amazing. time thank you very much to all of my guests sylvia kemper s.c. john breaux and julian savulescu and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at age eight inside story from iran and the whole team head by finance.
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how have you changed since he was seven. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one. each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight up south africa three on al-jazeera. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's everywhere we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is utopian on the net there's only so much they can try before you say ok that's me
2:48 am
rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth syrians announces era. al-jazeera. where every. al-jazeera. climber shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. but israel's president addresses his loyal soldier says the opposition is left to debate its next move. a mass evacuation order is in effect in
2:49 am
india eight hundred thousand people told to flee the path of cyclon funny plus. i'm now in trainer nandan with the top stories from europe including. supporters rally in central london as wiki leaks founder julian assange begins his fight against extradition to the u.s. . with the school says the head of of music sports calls to cement his case behind it. i think this is pretty straightforward and it's very straightforward for any international federation in sport has the olympic and world champion proposed to run what could be lost eight hundred meter race. but when president nicolas maduro has been out on the streets again surrounded by his military dura warn that the time to fight has common to national televised
2:50 am
address as well as opposition leader has told us supporters not to lose hope after they fail to push into a row from power a woman was shot dead dozens of others injured as protests turned violent on the capital. it's going out to. at the club border. well richelle. on thursday to the image president nicolas maduro surrounded by thousands of soldiers and the military figures as she'd let up for a troop them a military base in the capital caracas fort. and it was of course a symbolic show of unity of military loyalty coming after two days of very violent confrontations which have left four people dead according to
2:51 am
various weather and n.g.o.s and also hundreds wounded and more than two hundred people arrested. for a second day thousands of in its field the streets of caracas in protest and once again government security forces used water cannons rubber bullets and tear gas to try to disperse them leaving dozens injured opposition leaders called for mass mobilization hoping this will be the final phase of the operation to house president. we have to stay in the streets we have to continue until we achieve it we should demand that the whole of the armed forces declare together that they are with us he reiterated the message from a day earlier when he first urged the military to defect and join him some heeded the call. me because he's my legitimate president from here on out whatever happens
2:52 am
i'm going to follow him to the death. but there were few the president remains in office with the military high command still behind them and also behind remain many who came out onto the streets in a rival rally my daughter told him that what he called a coup attempt had been defeated and those behind it would be prosecuted this criminal and he dismissed united states claims that he was about to flee the country. when they planned their conspiracies when they come up with their schemes they forget the small detail they forget that there is a majority of the population willing to give their lives for the revolution they forget the small detail they forget that there is a union between the people and the military that is not willing to be true the legacy of commander chavis. the opposing demonstrations have become a regular feature of life along with rampant inflation food and medicine shortages
2:53 am
and residents fleeing in the millions but international pressure to end the sendoff in venezuela has intensified if this afternoon twenty twenty five thousand cubans left venezuela i think. it's this foreign presence that sits on top of the military sits on top of the government that makes it impossible for the people's voice to be heard. so alison the opposition has been at this for quite some time now is there any indication any chance that they may just right out of steam. well reshelve then of course it's increasingly a possibility and we've spoken to both in this when i refugees and migrants here at the border and people inside venezuela who do support those efforts to try and house might do it or who are saying that they feel uncertainty and obviously this
2:54 am
is a point meant for the fact that the opposition has so far not been able to reach their goal which is opposing president my daughter and starting at transition in the country and a lot of one of the big issues here is that the opposition doesn't seem to have an alternative strategy to more demonstrations calling for strikes inside the. which have definitely put pressure on my doodle but hasn't truly changed things the key here of course would be a change of mind i'm on the high ranks of the military but of course at least publicly from what we've seen this morning and that is not happening so it's also true that my daughter has been weakened by these latest protests by the fact that some divisions are showing among the military and also among his intelligence
2:55 am
service but probably none of this is enough if the situation remains that as it is right now to end this standoff center up yet a thank you alice andro as mundane as a former venezuelan diplomat at the united nations he accuses president or his government of being tied to armed groups and drug traffickers. the highest echelons we've seen do you jerry forces are compromised either by drug trafficking grant corruption or terrorist ties the same thing applies to who already indicted for every vice president and close friend of. me who has used ties to syria lebanon and iran and within our territory we also have illegal terrorist organizations like fart and feel and run forty percent of their territory so this is very complicated so when you say running out of steam we are talking
2:56 am
about nonviolent protests which we have seen that are under the umbrella of our constitution because it is ability to restore the rule of law but we have a bigger issues as well that's why i'm not a strong advocate like ulti a noun but somebody was never meant as a license for governments or regimes troubled human rights or committed crimes against humanity but suspected to be the strongest cyclon to hit india twenty years as threatening the country's east coast authorities have ordered nearly eight hundred thousand people to leave the area the area that is ahead of cycling funny car like reports. these families aren't taking any chances believing their towns and villages as cycling funny approaches india's east coast odisha state has deployed teams of emergency workers to set up shelters in schools and government buildings we have professed playing to the pregnant women on the black.
2:57 am
particularly the ward people and people and that's the whole system because the more prone group in this all we have just playing to lessen the human casualties so that we can have addition particular and just as in photo i mean in the office of people that i don't think for all the mill you know what i would have things the nude in the to have provisions and at the railway station in the town of pretty tourists a queuing to leave. extra trains and buses are running to take them somewhere safer . we were in hungary when a previous cycle hit back then we stayed in the hotel we would get to stay this time but the government wouldn't let us the hotel owners also want to just leave being forced to go. a warning for me to move towards a low lying bangladesh threatening hundreds of thousands of refugees from me in ma who are living in camps. but first the sightlines expected to strike india's east coast putting hundreds of thousands in harm's way. al-jazeera. people in
2:58 am
northeastern mozambique are being urged to find higher ground in the wake of cyclon kennett as more rain comes down as a second storm in six weeks to hit they said an african coast and has already killed more than forty people aren't hasa reports on one of the worst affected places. we are in my career it's about a three hour drive from when the area was worst affected by a psych loan and in this community the houses weren't that well builds to begin with when the flagler in came the heavy rains and the winds are rather more knocked over and completely destroyed some of the power lines were also brought down we're told some people were injured when the houses collapsed some were even killed now it's been a couple of days trying to get aid into this community partly because some of the roads were damaged during the cycle and so now that some of the roads are passable we're now seeing some aid agencies bringing in some much needed to these communities that's one of the first load to arrive is many maize meal and it's
2:59 am
women and children who help first and then of course the main afterwards is not enough but it's something that people here say they do waiting for days to get help the concern for aid workers is that trying to access people in more remote areas is actually more difficult partly because of the weather they can only get the planes and helicopters up in it when it's not raining so for now it seems the weather has slightly improved but they are concerned if it rains again heavily it will hold relief efforts to give an idea of how some people are in those remote areas one u.n. worker said that they came across a family that had a young boy is what twelve years old he was so thin and there is so sick yet to be airlifted to a hospital and that's just one family out of thousands of people who need help wasn't beach is really one of the most poorest countries in the world this lichen hasn't made things any easier the concern for aid workers and the government is to reach as many people as possible who need help who really stranded out there. as
3:00 am
president donald trump's nominee for the federal reserve has withdrawn his nomination stephen moore has been criticized for sexist comments and for being too close to president trump the critics felt that with threaten the central bank's independence moore is a conservative commentator but has no formal economics background he was to fill one of two vacant positions at the u.s. central bank the other nominee herman cain withdrew last month and in the chairs represented the u.s. attorney general who's refused to testify at a congressional hearing about the mole report bill barr wanted to avoid lawyers questioning him about russian collusion and donald trump's election he's been threatened with contempt by the house of representatives for refusing to answer questions barr has cleared the president of collusion but the democratic party wants to see the full and censored version of the report pedicle hay and ask more from washington d.c. a lot of political theater today is the house democrats call vote.


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