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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2019 10:00am-10:35am +03

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the time that we needed to think more critically about priorities and it was felt that high education wasn't one of those priorities like. the big universities the ones with. the ones we the elite used to go increase the fees by double digits the logical thing to do because as the subsidies gay you want to retain quality you. the poor universities couldn't do it so they did increase fees but by no one month. this is a special moment for me as i symbolically as. the vice chancellor stripped of that university. that was.
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my god. god. didn't make me sit on the floor i came to them and i said. i was criticized by the vice-chancellor they said i gave birth to the struggle to give oxygen to substances their right. i did i did who didn't want. to lose the sixty no t.v. . who wanted it to. be understood that i. i didn't get this to
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keep this university. quality institution and that means i need to keep its income streams so there's no way i'm giving zito until the state makes up that. i don't have be but in his student days was probably the equivalent of what we are now. i don't know i know him that he wasn't life but we hear that he was progressing. tedham sees himself both as a scholar of the left and as a participant of the left now finding himself in a position of authority in which that authority has constantly been challenged by this emerging student. i believe profoundly that the world will be a far better place. if we lived and created a more egalitarian outcome. the struggle for the
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free education system is an important plug in that it gets into. her hands here. i never. had anything of this nature taking place where the university management the executive committee of council would have to sit in front of students and engage with the students it is what. i. it was really close you. know under new management and not miners mind you sit in the was.
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you. really. you. know ya. was mr fitz there's only been one university assemblies this is a creation where the entire university comes and decides on a particular issue a burning issue oh yeah but i was head blocked off suddenly in the class that completely shut it down did the private security tempest control but campus control was on our side was and we understand that they wanted to hit on the ones because it's much easier to disperse people in an open area. oh my god around one o'clock they still hadn't opened it up was
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the boy oh ok the power structure in the university been immersed and actually the students really for a moment for a while were in control is the response was. was. was was was. i think the last time we had a significant generational conflict was the sixty's early seventy's. and i think we entering that moment again you're beginning to see it in multiple manifestations you seen it in the emergence of student protests in south africa. the was
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that statue symbolizes the exclusion of black bodies from a particular space and it stands there proudly at the entrance of the university and that's symbolism is a representation of how much needs to change was was that our judging. if you can have an education that is number one f. or centric way african ideas. at the center and important and over emphasize as waste and ideas ah we have african ideas being valued. african knowledge systems being valued. then for me that is d.
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couldn't i say shit. my we got comfortable as settlement house. it was so important in building new nitty instantly down amongst ourselves. my mom. and dad education team also started to playing around with the idea of what would the library look like they'd provided also in no tentative it created a world we wanted to live in. a full look to us to come into the ideas will find expression let's put them to test this thing through together. i mean there was something about affirming a way of knowing something that has not been affirmed in this place was a language a song your grandmother sang with you to feel something you know in your whole life
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has been affirmed. and for you to claim like that space is to take you own the land . last. by monday we had a call to meet the minister and when the minister had engaged us the idea of the
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six percent which is inflation no real increase. we bought into the. stakeholders agreed to encourage there to spread to constituencies to engage in institutional new causations at universities with a view to achieve if crisco for not a higher than a c.p.i. a related increase of six percent for twin to sixteen. he. says attendance don't accept this research. students must. think i've got. the anger among students had left us had joined us. students had entered the back of parliament and eleven aside in the gate was open
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in the frank and we just ended it was when you got inside that's when the shit hit the fan. please respond differently to white protesters and so quite spontaneously whitehurst curtis's were aust to to offer themselves into the front of the march such that they could protect some of the black students and it worked once or twice but when it got to parliament and people realize that they these people doesn't matter what color they're going to storm this parliament this is like and he started given that we need to stop this. was. i had never seen the power of students like that i think back. it was. it.
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was. oh it was it was just. you doing this for your children also you can't afford these studies as well and yes yes i'm sure he was was was the emergence of some sort of beginnings of a national coalition that exists outside of the control of the n c a line but it really just represents a growing movement that people are realizing that they need to work together in
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order to make it gets you through. a little bit for them to my movement was. i was was talking to her and was. with him and she's standing there on the stage and i see because this is not going to have this guy must come down it was all staged to be us who. was thinking why her reasons for movement came about ok nikki it belongs to everyone and no one at the same time and i think that's something that i'll do sometimes forget that we started in her very different way to the politics that they used to. i got a call from the presidency saying when he says i have to consult asian movie see i
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released a statement saying the university vice chancellor is a back street citizen. there are some people who said that well this is a flip flop actually i don't buy that we see ourselves as progresses but in that kind of managerial position and who are governed by the systemic but i'm it's. and when spaces open up we take the opportunities and when systemic that i mean to open up afterward his name only who hate you take the gap now flip flop it's understanding how social struggle. i works and to actually me in gauging what i call a structural transformative struggle was. was .
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that there will be a zero increase of university fees in twenty sixty was. the one you know that has been taken up until now from here on the feet from the front seat from the oval office and just through the system of the roof. was was. was. clearly. we want to continue. the machinery keep your younger. but. what is your front tooth for you want to find out we're not.
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going to. give up my. yacht. yes fits what we got there we saw flames we as leaders felt that it would be irresponsible to take students inside. defiant. we saw it showed us that we went exactly as united and as on the same page as we thought what resort as like kind of middle class activists was these guys taking the cops on and wanting to storm the union building. these are students from poor black higher education institutions who in fact been struggling around exclusion for a long time was that i. was stuck and i feel it was time it got to comrades who were inside solvents marching politely on the outside and rivets when students wanted to jump on the bus some of
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these other students were in the end wanted to attack them and say this is how you guys go back to your restart the white institutions and settle for north percent and everything's ok we can do that we're going to be excluded next year because we can't afford even the north pacific god. is nothing more violent than poverty and we come from poverty stricken homes and that is why we are fighting for free education you say it like you will not be cittie was not as if it's a choice but it really isn't because if you do retreat already lived where it was beyond. the what. it's all too familiar and innocent lives ended in an instant. then
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grief anger and the debate around firearms but for survivors and families of the four then reality often changes forever. faultlines investigates the long lasting trauma inflicted on communities the after my. mass shootings in america on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks. down. to. bring to the truth details coverage. of the costs. members of those last days from around the last few days and that is that water is once more right things down it's on the wealth of the community barely begun really . the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american
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media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. he or she has their arms the whole room and all these are all top news stories one of venezuela's main opposition leaders the leopoldo lopez says he expects the military to turn against nicolas maduro lopez i decided in the spanish ambassador's residence in caracas to avoid detention after venezuela's top court orders is arrest madrid has refused to turn him in. i want to say to all of my brothers and
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sisters in venezuela and around the world we are not going to rest we are not going to rest for one single moment we are not going to rest under any circumstance from the challenge a promise we've taken on which is to end the user patient well earlier nicholas media address thousands of soldiers at a military base in caracas surrounded by top generals he urged the armed forces to fight those he called traitors plotting against him. a six month exemption from u.s. sanctions for countries that still bahrain oil will end in a few hours from now the new restrictions will affect countries like china and washington's allies such as india and south korea also must protests continue in sudan where demonstrators have staged a million strong march to press for a civilian administration protest leaders say the military isn't serious about handing over power more than a million people have also been evacuated from eastern parts of india ahead of the
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arrival of science load forney the storm is expected to cause significant destruction in addition west bengal and it makes landfall in the coming hours with winds in excess of two hundred fifty kilometers an hour a vietnamese woman accused of killing the half brother could north korean leader kim jong un has been released from prison though on the whole was the final suspect in the murder of a kim jong il she spent two years in jail after being accused of poisoning him in twenty seventeen. u.s. congressional hearing has been forced to speak to an empty chair after the attorney general william barr refused to sit in it house speaker nancy pelosi earlier accused barr of committing a crime by misleading congress about the special counsel's report at least four people including children have been killed by syrian government airstrikes on a rebel held area in northwestern province schools and residential neighborhoods in the town of conspirator were hit in what the u.n. describes as the worst barrel bombing campaign in italy in fifteen minutes those
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were the headlines and back to the al-jazeera news hour in thirty minutes to stay with us. it was a very very difficult point in the movement because there were clear reasons why we had to continue and then there was just not enough momentum. and not enough energy. coming down and that if this was for you saucy is the end i was to get that if i could issue the syria to see and feel increment in one week maybe if we can push for longer we can achieve more. we have the university by the scruff of the neck i always lease it out and we
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can squeeze more out of it. the number was less significantly less than it was before but the work was still there in the original number that they were so it was very difficult to look workers in the eye and say to them we're done we'll see you should wait until you're. in the field you know what on offer was that if it. much taught me so what they needed and that's it any more but not a lot about me like you do. that you know. something i don't know about a lot of your hands at that and said that. you could say yes immediately. but by i would be in violation of my mandate i would not have to understand the financial implications of the decision i cannot make a decision now and declare bankruptcy three months later that would be a response. to
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. the who were. all on. the. was resisting arrest is an education is able to transform radically society what is the primary source of a university it's not the papers that get annoyed in a gimmick journals it's the young people young minds that come through an institution. this has been a system that has really taught almost
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a he didn't curriculum to everyone who comes to a university that it's ok to treat poor black people as if they are sub human we've managed to show that if we united and if we're mobilized we actually have a very strong voice and we have a very strong influence over what happens at our universities and if an employer society. we have to find the money now arjun fifty million cut you can do once you can do it again and if you implode this institution you break the institutional mechanism that can address inequality in this. when i brought in the voted security instruction is no guns. no purpose for. children but you can't have a weapons of aggression if you like the strict controls. the way improve the arabic you know. it was
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a ridiculous amount of effort to ensure that students didn't have safe places to meet it was about chilling the movement. to university space as a space of intellectual robust intellectual encouragement of open democratic discussion debate need to be protected protests must be seen as part of in my view the learning exercise must be seen as part of what students in cage with because there was no occupation we didn't have the time. i now wrote a lot of issues and really deal with the heart of what we're fighting for. in the end of fighting a lot in meetings and obviously the louden prominent voices would be the ones that are headed when we spoke as women you could tell by the our body language is likely to get bored up until one person stands up and say you know what we will not be led
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by women. and we will not be gay people because this thing of gay ness it was gutted by the tricks when they were at boat. so for those april happened after the is this history. december as a way number line of of of existing and resulting but then it was also a way of saying that we're tired of being those wonderful fragile people we won't stand up for the stones and we won't find. it. but. the make up of the movement is as important as the outcomes of the movement because who makes up the movement translates into like the movement become. the. love of god.
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some of the complications is when you try to hold the b.c. agenda consciousness agenda with its kind of history of masculinity and the sergeant it's very difficult to hold that with intersectionality or the idea that patriarchy must fall true we've had many conversations with with our comrades where are they saying but how can you take patriarchy away from ours this is the one thing we have and now you coming to say we must change ourselves what do you mean. even when. women. it was nothing to the mills so that is that it. no no no no no name that we can't leave. a clear
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people cannot be here. there is no membership to this drug even as i want to feed you. cation i carry a lot already and i cannot say ok let us focus and see education now and will focus on me being a woman later for for living is about all forms or symbols of pride of oppression you know all of them must fall in the must be numbered to live. was a crime was outside of. was . rather cross students at the key versity get it at the admin buildings to hear minister of higher education platonism id deliver his cabinet's decision on student fees was one of the challenges that turned from all sides. and of course good at that the best approach would be to allow the universities
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individually to determine the level of increase their institutions require to ensure that they continue to operate effectively the fear just men should not go above eight percent. wow. so you want to make me. wish you could be on. several university campuses have been shut down a following the announcement by higher education minister blade nzimande. i think you should just have the privilege on the radio you yes i do question if you think you. know. you sometimes academics are standing up and saying
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we must protect education how you creation and basic education as a public good students made their way up to senate house they were blocked from entering by private security. how did i do you. how do we attain fiji cation having a conversation about what our priorities are as a society is it increased to monetise ocean is the ability for us to exist as equals participate in the shaping of society has equals being able to have as members of a south african population the ability to realize our dreams. i
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must know up there. was no no no. i was given up to die that's enough what do you want didn't sign up picked up. enough to know to follow. the law if you're not feeling good. because i know what the. situation that you can hate is a bunch of confrontation you need to use complete the nature of the engagement between protesters and police in the context. we know that in south africa yes we
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have a legitimate government but we do know more people have died in police custody in the post ninety four period than during apartheid. had cited that a very significant move forward would be to get the university to publicly say that they support for education and they're willing to do what it takes with students to hold the state accountable they beat the students they meet us to meet the students develop a pledge we would support the goal of free education. then we asked will you bachus
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go to the senate and council can i say will you walk march sinnott and cancel agree to sit in council it agrees to the goal of the education series of general assembly you agree to that. the university was demanding that if they were to come to the university assembly and commit to this that we would end the shutdown both the university and students knew very well that immediately when we opened algates when classes started properly we would lose all bargaining power with the state. it is would you please give it the three announced the principal mint of the general assembly that was to be held today. for the protesting students effectively one to the general assembly and the one to the much to the constitutional court to continue but they refused to
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commit to that the academic program will commence on monday it was previously we had discussed he. did you think it was going to be tough yes and what would you have out on the mat need to lose the academic year so that's the question that i was confronted. obduracy into us we don't want to talk to both in june and you know police in other ways one could say that to the university was basically outsourcing its response. was. the.


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