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tv   Everything Must Fall  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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those waivers as well as well as going after other forms of trade whatever is left in order to just completely isolate iran and the bizarre situation that iran is facing is that it is now under more sanctions now when it is actually a biting by an international agreement than it was when it was accused of having violated international agreements now it seems like the plan of the trump administration is to essentially forced the iranians to get out of the nuclear deal and once they're out other options open ups opens up for the. bolton. group within the white house and the option they seem to be gearing towards is a military option four palestinians have been killed in two separate incidents in gaza an israeli airstrike on a position in central gaza left two people dead and one injured and israeli soldiers also also israeli soldiers also opened fire on protesters taking part of weekly demonstrations at the border fence killing two people earlier two israeli
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soldiers were injured by snipers near the border fence. still had him on al-jazeera a gesture of peace by afghanistan's leader to the taliban before the beginning of the holy month of ramadan and growing calls for the british prime minister to step down after the main parties a hit by a brick sit backlash in local elections those stories on the other side of the break. at any time in the next few weeks you expect to see some heavy downpours in china so when you don't you sing us a bit of a relief at least and there is cloud but you see it's not very bright cloud it's representing maybe developing system we've been feeding in moisture for a couple of days that are coming through your non that eventually moves further
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north was and does develop into a frontal system these are heavy showers moving slowly east was developing quite substantially by sunday so you got about a day and a half maybe hong kong will probably stay on the dry side but i can guarantee it the darker green is where the heaviest rain is likely to be censorship towards sichuan and you see above my head there's plenty of snow to come for the higher grants the tibetan plateau the grayness means a lot of clouds in the south china sea and that's feeding into vietnam where the rainy season effectively is starting now in fact we see an increase in showers of the philippines but on this satellite picture using where all the way to the right to think that they're pretty limited in their scope much of borneo has been dry recently in sort of ways he has done much more to come here from the point of view showers but further west yes and singapore and up through sumatra to thailand is quite possible. we still got the remains of falling in the northeast of india heading towards buying the in the next twenty four hours. the weather sponsored by
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cattle realise. how if you change since the recession. the. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one year as each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight up south africa three on al-jazeera. of the work you're watching deserves a whole run a reminder of our top news stories at least eight people have been killed and
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millions are being moved to higher ground the site moves towards the indian city called cutter the powerful storm is expected to get on the bench on saturday. but as well as opposition leader continues his fight to win the support of the powerful military against president nicolas maduro he wants his supporters to march to army barracks on saturday to urge soldiers to switch ranks. the trumpet ministration is exempting the u.k. china france and russia from sanctions allowing them to continue working with iran on some nuclear projects other aimed at preventing iran from reactivating nuclear weapons programs. the united nations has accused hungry of violating international law by deliberately depriving asylum seekers a food hungry right wing government has taken a hard line towards refugees since the my current crisis of twenty fifteen paul brennan reports. the two transit zones on hungary's border with serbia are testament to the uncompromising stance of the budapest government refugees arriving
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via serbia and applying for asylum in hungary must do so from within the confines of these detention camps and since twenty eighteen the default position of the authorities has been to reject every application. at that point detained refugee finds themselves stuck they cannot leave the transit zone they cannot return to serbia and in the midst of all that your thirty's refused to provide them food. for human rights in geo hungary and health. committee has been representing those affected you might actually call it. torture definitely and inhuman and degrading treatment even in the cases where for example children or family marjorie's. imagine. what it means for children that they receive or why they are watching their parents being barred the hungaroring government strategy began in
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august last year with five cases of food deprivation the policy then halted but since february this year another eight cases have come to light bringing to twenty one the total number of people involved they include an iraqi family with three children the parents were denied any food for five days in march an afghan mother and one of her four children were denied food for two and a half days an afghan iranian family whose children were fed but the father was denied food for three days in all the cases food was only reinstated after urgent legal action by the hungarian helsinki committee and now the united nations is turning up the pressure on the hungarian government to deliberate deprivation of food is prohibited under the mandela rules and violates the rights to food and to health as well as the prohibit of torture or other cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment we are asking hungry to ensure that it fulfills its human rights obligations towards those deprived of liberty regardless of whether they're
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in transit zones or in other places where migrants are detained and gary and prime minister viktor orban is unapologetic on thursday he took the italian deputy prime minister matter salvini on a helicopter tour of the border security fence both governments have found strong electoral support for the tough anti migrant policies and there is no sign that they're willing to soften their stance in the face of international criticism paul brennan al-jazeera. the turkish coast guard says two women and five children of trant in the mediterranean as they try to make their way to greece they left the turkish town of a violent quick chiz where many by currents and refugees leave to reach the greek island of last fall's. traffic in where troops and been have been tamed a time to hold on protests following two days of post-election violence hundreds of people have been demonstrating since wednesday against the exclusion of opposition candidates from last week's parliamentary polls nicholas huck us the details.
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trying to make sense of the destruction after four peaceful transitions of power in dozens of parliamentary elections in a class and says never has been experienced such violence from going up but that they do not want to know this is unacceptable it is not part of our culture we have a village chief or a family chief that leads us to the problem is our system and i am pleading for the president to change his system of governing it is not working for us. on thursday police using a live ammunition shot at protesters gathered outside the house of former president bush. he had called for a boycott of sunday's poll angry at the result his supporters chanted down with president at least many were killed and wounded. bunny and so glow two former presidents called sunday's parliamentary election in electoral coupe most opposition parties were prevented from taking part in the race the internet
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was shut down during the vote and only twenty seven percent of the registered electors came out to vote a historic low. but he accuses delhomme of tightening his grip on power once political allies they've now become rivals during his mandate been accused of attempting to kill him and embezzling twenty million dollars talent is now in power in bernie's feeling the pressure. this is as close as we can get to you but he's home the security forces have cordoned off the neighborhood they say to prevent any further violence but for those who support the former president's the presence of the military on the streets is. form of intimidation. at a press conference the opposition called for more protests. won't be we can let president tom will confiscate power from people who will defend the nation without benefits before. been in is often described as
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a beacon of democratic stability in the region but it is now going through an unprecedented political tore moral with the current and former president using the streets to settle old political scores nicholas hawk al jazeera the new bin. garley has agreed to a series of recommendations from regional leaders for future talks with the more than three thousand delegates gathered in the capital kabul for five days in what's known. as more from kabul. afghanistan helicopters buzz the hills of west in kabul a sign the loya jirga was coming to an end and president ashraf ghani was about to arrive more than three thousand afghans mean to represent every sector of society ready to present him with the recommendations a guideline on how to negotiate for peace with the taliban i the loya jirga is a centuries old afghan tradition mean to decide issues of national importance this
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was the largest ever. after five days of debate delegates presented their requests to the president they included in traffic and talks the withdrawal of foreign troops a political office in afghanistan for the taliban the release of prisoners by both sides and assisting six by the immediate demand of the afghan people in urban and in the early mortar sparks that represent their. immediate cease fire. and. danny had to decide whether to accept the recommendations as the government's formal position. no made i have heard your demands from now on these are not just recommendations this will be the roadmap for the afghan government. he addressed the taliban directly. juncker we have fought enough sometimes we have war and
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sometimes you have why sometimes you were defeated and sometimes we were the result is that most of our poor people are living in hell and they want peace president danny told the loya jirga that he is all of the release of one hundred seventy five taliban prisoners and they were. i'll hand them over in a place of the taliban's choosing where the honor and dignity his color transporting measure and hopes that the taliban reciprocate with a gesture of their own during the muslim holy month of ramadan but the taliban leadership is in qatar's capital doha meeting with u.s. negotiators they're close to finalizing an agreement on a foreign troop withdrawal and agreeing not to allow afghanistan to be used to launch attacks overseas the main sticking point is what to call the taliban its leaders are demanding it's known as the islamic emirate of afghanistan its name when it was in power in the ninety's the u.s. is refusing because that would undermine the current afghan government taliban leaders have repeatedly said that only when they have a deal with the u.s.
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with a talk with president danny the recommendations of the afghan people bellus al jazeera kabul. or both of the main political parties are suffered heavy losses in the first local elections since brock's it was delayed the ruling conservatives who are expected to suffer but the labor party also took a hit with barber has more from london thank you everybody was doing. the under pressure like never before to resume his conservative party was braced for a bad result in the local elections but it's fared worse than many predicted and that in large part can be explained by frustrations over bricks it i think there was a simple message from yesterday's elections to both ask and the labor party just get it all and deliver bricks it with if dozens of people have shared photos of their spoiled ballots on social media most
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wrote messages demanding bricks it straight away although some ballot box protesters were anti bricks it labor has also struggled losing seats amid confusion over the opposition party's bricks at position leader jeremy corbett was putting a positive gloss on the results we'll. we want to do better that's why we're in politics for that's what weeks and simple we are going to campaign and continue to try and keep and bring people together in negotiation must have a great scene but also to go to every single poor candidate we think includes would be proud to be liberal ramaj. if anyone's unambiguously happy it's the liberal democrats as one of the clearly anti bricks at parties along with the greens who also performed well the done better than they could have expected this story across the country. you know the lib dems were it not for one point that we're coming back very very strongly with the big winners of the night the real litmus test nationally could come when the brics it policy the new policy headed by
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former ukip leader nigel for raj and the brics it changed u.k. policy thiel candidates in this month's european elections the prime minister and her party are in trouble and it could get worse because the brics it party and ukip will be out in force for the forthcoming european parliament elections but the labor party could also find itself licking its wounds once again as bricks it continues to cast a shadow over british politics nadine barber al-jazeera london. the king of thailand will be crowned in the coming hours two and a half years after ascending the throne. a long cold or rather tenth paid homage to his ancestors as part of the preparations for the elaborate coronation ceremony when he has more from bangkok. in a ceremony lasting three days thailand will march into a new royal era king my how which you are long gone will be formally crowned inside
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the grand palace in bangkok his father king a do new day died in october two thousand and sixteen paving the way for his only son to ascend the throne thailand is a constitutional monarchy meaning the king is supposed to have no political power but it's strict less. majesté laws designed to prevent defamation or criticism of the royal family are instead used to stifle political dissent landing many in jail . among them some your prick sarkozy who spent seven years in prison before being released last year he doesn't see the laws changing any time soon william deciduous has to change because the last two exist the mechanisms that the state used to abuse people rights are still there all at least a situation to same it can take a turn for the worse but many thais view the king as a father figure and board commemorative pins to mark the coronation ahead of his crowning ramattan as he's known made a surprise announcement that he had married his fourth wife is the deputy head of
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his personal security force and is now queen. at the time of king kong we pointed to new day's coronation in one nine hundred fifty there was political instability in thailand and instability around the monarchy itself there are similarities today the first election since a coup in two thousand and fourteen was held almost six weeks ago we still don't know the results and like nine hundred fifty the army is in control of the kingpin we pond reigned for more than seventy years so few thais have experienced a coronation ceremony historian sulak see what i did he supports the monarchy but has campaigned for its reform attracting several complaints against him for majesty the monarchy. is the only it's a douche an industry. that large for all work so one hundred years to get into it is very easy. but at the preserve it is much much more difficult but it's worth preserving. i think the new king means really real about his country and you want
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to build something significant. he's already done that taking control of the palaces fortune and changing a constitution that was passed in a referendum to give him greater power many thais look to the king to provide guidance in times of crisis kingma how would your long corn may be called upon to do that early in his reign given the uncertain political future wayne hey al jazeera bangkok and of course you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com. watching all of his own cell raman these are our top stories the most powerful cycling to india in twenty years has destroyed homes are along the eastern coastline uprooting trees and plunging large areas into darkness at least eight people have been killed so far after cyclon forney made landfall on friday near the city of puri in the state of it isha the storm is now heading towards bangladesh.
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but as well as opposition leader is vowing to fight on to win the support of the military against president nicolas maduro and why do is urging his supporters to march to army bases on saturday to our soldiers to break ranks on the diplomatic front the lima group of mostly latin american countries met in the peruvian capital to help end venezuela's political standoff. a day after tightening sanctions on iranian oil exports the u.s. government is giving iran civilian nuclear program some breathing room the china france and russia won't face any repercussions if they continue to work with iran the countries of volved with its civilian nuclear program three facilities. pakistan's government has removed two of its top financial officials as the country's economic troubles continue the central bank governor and the head of the federal and revenue collection body be removed just weeks after the finance minister was asked to step down the move comes amid growing bailout discussions
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with the international monetary fund. four palestinians have been killed in two separate incidents in gaza an israeli airstrike on a position in central gaza left two people dead and one injured israeli soldiers also would fire on protesters taking part in weekly demonstrations at the border fence killing two people earlier two israeli soldiers were injured by snipers near the border fence. four hours of ten north koreans are going hungry and it's set to get even worse after the country's worst harvest in a decade that's according to the u.n. which says more than ten million people are facing severe food shortages and the government is cutting food rations on which many people rely to just three hundred grams a day person the united arab emirates is being accused of using chinese made drones for missile strikes in tripoli to support the warlord khalifa haftar some military analysts say chinese drones are cheaper than american ones and easier to obtain
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your monitor's of accused the gulf states of violating a weapons ban those with headlines are back in half an hour next it's inside story do stay with us. trapped and hungry in libya as opposing armies battle for control of tripoli thousands of african refugees are in detention centers how do they end up there and as food and water runs out here's looking off to them this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm in wrong come on then to libya illegally from all over africa hoping it's a stepping stone to starting a new life in europe that many a cold on this is dangerous and stressful journey they sent to detention centers in the suburbs of tripoli and other cities but the un recognized government in the capital in charge of the refugees is fighting for its life trying to stop a takeover by warlord holly for. so the refugees are trapped in detention centers where conditions are worsening most of the centers are in the suburbs of tripoli and housing thousands some of the centers became the frontline of the war to seize tripoli at least two migrants were killed last month when have to as forces attacked the southern districts of the capital the un moved hundreds of refugees to safety with government leaders in tripoli focused on controlling the capital some refugees aren't receiving the basics they need to survive out there has been told food and water supplies are running low one center with some refugees going days
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without anything to eat. i. let's bring in our panel in geneva we have charlie yaxley he's a spokesman for the un refugee agency and storm all we have. is a libyan political analyst who was kidnapped in two thousand and seventeen by living gang and ended up in a government run detention facility and in brussels we have alberto knight hot he's a policy analyst at the european policy center who researches migration issues welcome to you all i'd like to begin with. in istanbul it must have a very harrowing experience being in one of those government run detention centers can you just give us a sense of what it was like. well it was certainly horrible being kidnapped as midnight and taken by an armed gang
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to a facility that also housed some. immigrants. who was outside the government control at that time i suppose. until we managed to escape myself and two other prisoners so the conditions in the camp can you just give us an idea of what they were like then. i never got their. view of the of the camp only of the room we were it was a window. a room with no windows the walls were covered with wood mold and. dirt there were no facilities we the room was our bedroom our dining room and our bathroom as well until we escaped charley actually in geneva you worked for the un refugee agency conditions must have got worse since two thousand and seventeen when the solid because she was
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in about government detention facilities where they like metal well even before the recent clashes for some months u.n.h.c.r. were calling for no refugees and migrants rescued at sea to be returned to the senses and part of the reason for that was because when when violence flares up in tripoli what we've seen is the times of tension centers can be left dung guard it with refugees locked inside insufficient provisions of water and in general there's been widespread reports of human rights violations curing inside these detention centers and the situation is particularly bad for those in the unofficial detention centers many of which are run by traffickers and smugglers and what we see there is people then are a very high risk of being being tortured or even finding themselves sold into into
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slavery really dire conditions here and nobody should be returned to anywhere in libya at this time can you just give us an idea charlie about the tut the idea of the numbers we're talking about what kind of levels of what kind of numbers of people of. well in recent weeks we've been desperately trying to evacuate people out of detention centers particularly those that are close to the hostilities we've been able to do that to some extent with some degree of success but they've been moved from one detention center to another detention center where the risks there are risks that remain particularly if the hostilities spread right now we have around three thousand refugees and migrants who remain in detention centers inside tripoli and we're really in a race against time where urging the international community to come forward with humanitarian corridors resettlement places whatever it takes to get people out of
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this situation. not hot in brussels you've researched migration length can you just tell us what are the driving factors that make people risk winding up in one of these government detention centers in the outskirts of tripoli. absolutely and this is a crucial element that oftentimes it's not analyzed in the discussion because defocus is on so-called pull factors to europe but what the situation in libya now shows is that. then persons who try to reach europe who are willing to put their lives in danger. do not try to reach europe because of the social benefits or their housing policies of the member states of the european union but because they're trying to escape a situation where they are subject to abuse torture where they face were
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or even death so in istanbul it's a very lucrative business for the militias and the criminal gangs the incorporate with each other is there a connection between the militias in libya and criminal gangs and all they cooperating with each other. well well that you know from previous experiences around the world you know that whenever there is there is a problem like the refugees there will be militias and criminal gangs that try to make some money out of it and it's no different in libya the government of national accord faces a lot of problems. some of it is because of lack of international support some of it is because of the europeans and their conflicts around immigration policy and some of it is due to internal politics and the support for example of the
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immoralities and the egyptians and the saudis of general have to who refuses to recognize the government of national accord and attacked it on every in every which way he can the latest of which is an attack on the capital which makes the national government. unable to fulfill its obligations towards these emigrants and towards its own citizens. charlie in geneva there is a war going on in libya for the capital tripoli that must make your job incredibly difficult to try and the u.n. refugee agency job incredibly difficult trying to people out how what are the real problems you're facing when it comes to the battle. i mean in the last few weeks alone we've had around forty five thousand people inside tripoli become displaced many of them have gone to stay with families outside the city but there are many others who are being forced to take shelter inside the city they're using schools
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and other community infrastructure as makeshift displacement sites that these are really wholly unsuitable to provide for the humanitarian needs that people have a me humanitarian organizations doing our best to provide food clean water health care and other relief items but it's extremely challenging we have to make the most of pauses in fighting to rush aids to people as soon as we can at the same time a teams a risking significant dangers in order to help people to get on planes to get them out of the detention senses in order to take part in these evacuation programs some of them we're taking to our gathering and departure facility but that's approaching its maximum capacity and will soon be full so really we're with really a race against time to to get people the assistance they need to really more than anything we need to find a way to get people out as soon as possible. tonight it's
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a race against time says charlie yaxley in geneva there is a security issue here for the european union isn't there is a real problem that the european union faces when it comes to dealing with this what could they be doing and what more should they be doing to try and solve this crisis. as it has been mentioned there is the possibility of setting up humanitarian corridors and we have seen in the in the past few days that some european states have established channels for the taint migrants to to rich europe but so fired these measures have been talk the solutions what we need is of course and more structured and more concerted approach to the situation in in libya what we also need is of course for those who
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in the future weeks and months will attempt to reach europe by crossing the minute that onion see is there a possibility for intervention by european ships in search and rescue operations at the moment there are no european ships patrolling in limited on in sea which means that should there be an emergency the people who try to reach europe will be risking their lives and at the same time due to the situation political situation into the armed conflict in libya there libyan coast guard is currently also not patrolling limited to danny and sea so absolutely i agree with charlie that we need of course to set up humanitarian corridors and the european union should do more to solve a situation which is currently getting worse and worse as we speak. so
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the other question is stumbled there is a geo political element to all of this you mentioned saudi arabia the u.a.e. being key players in backing khalifa haftar and his attack on tripoli and then you have the un backed government in tripoli itself fighting effectively for its life why doesn't the european union the un place pressure on. the u.a.e. to stop their backing for a leaf i have to why do we have all of these players creating a situation that's leading to this refugee crisis. well first of all to go back to your guest's comment about finding a way to stablish humanitarian corridors and so on i mean before the current conflict we were faced with a lack of a unified. european policy on immigration now that smashed by a lack of european policy on how to deal with libya politically you see the
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conflict between the italians and the french and the french and the rest of europe and so on of course this lack of policy. has continued since mr mccone initiated the current round of appeasement. to have to her by inviting him to paris and giving him the status of a statesman and so on and now mr mccone is busy with the vests and he wants a simple policy that's offered by his foreign minister mr logorrhea which is support a new dictator and get it over with so we have all these conflicts between the rest of the world in europe and within europe itself and also because of the immoralities and saudis and their preference with the egyptians to oppose the arab spring to oppose democracy in the area they see it as a danger and as
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a threat to their systems and that's why we have this conflict now and lack of coordination between all the players in the area. now charlie partly your job your the u.n. refugee agency is job is to deal with the situation as it is on the ground. the root causes of this what's actually driving all of they saw as our guest in istanbul just said to do with the european union to do with america to do with the u.a.e. and saudi arabia and their backing of various different factions in your conversations at the u.n. how much of that is a frustration. well i mean absolutely any any approach to what's happening in libya needs a holistic and comprehensive outlook that not only looks at the outcomes in terms of people attempting to cross the mediterranean and now the very pressing needs to get people out of the tension senses but we also need to look at what's happening
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in countries of origin and in countries of transit so that we look at the whole journey before people even get to live via in countries of origin more effort needs to be taken to to address the root causes the creating of violence and war we need to increase mediation efforts to bring warring parties to the table in dialogue to end conflict where exists and that also needs to be more support to countries throughout sub-saharan africa and north africa with their asylum systems and with development support so that they're better able to accommodate asylum seekers and refugees when they arrive in their countries but talking about celerity a point as well it's really important the more is done to tackle the criminal networks and the smuggling networks thrive of people's despair in these situations they need to be held to account and they need to be you know held accountable in
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a court of law and their operation ceased if we're going to see a change. absolutely that's bringing in tonight hot in brussels is very interesting point that charlie actually makes in geneva when he talks about there needs to be more done about the criminal gangs now what's the european union's policy towards investigating these gangs in these networks. so currently the. major operation in place by the european union which is over a chanst the fia is directed at dismantling. the smugglers network what has to be said however is that as we have heard smugglers network are oftentimes tightly connected with official authority so at the moment it is really hard to draw a line and i absolutely agreed that smugglers must be tried and they must be held
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accountable for their actions but it is also true that the ambiguity when it comes to the european union's policy towards libya is that oftentimes what are funded are no not libyan coast guard out ortiz but muggers themselves so it is really hard to unravel their complex situation and draw a clear line at the moment so in istanbul it is a very complex situation within libya itself but the bottom line seems to be that a lot of people in libya are making a lot of money from these smuggling routes these people trafficking human trafficking routes how difficult then is it to dismantle those networks why isn't the u.n. back government been able to disrupt dismantle those networks. well you dismantle them but. by making sure that the root causes of this from of salt
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the root causes are in the countries of origin the guest just a transit point for example and i agree with your guest from brussels that when we talk about dismantling this criminal network i agree with that if you include in it also the regimes that are controlling those countries for example i'll give you an example the reports. are known about a get is in and nature and if it's a city its annual income from from this business is one hundred million a year in a country where the average the average wage is about the average income is about thirty dollars a month per individual this is this is a city where a lot of these migrants stay for a couple of days or a few days before they move on to libya and they move on to libya with the protection of government soldiers i mean. but this but these regimes are
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supported and mostly by france france are supporting a dictator that's been in power for over twenty years in chad a dictator has been in power for thirty three years and nature and so also unless you solve the problem i mean the problem of the problem in libya cannot be addressed with the continuing. journeys of refugees year round from these countries of origin so there's an incredible amount of frustration in your voice there is you seem to be very angry about this do you think both the european union the wider world generally is taking the wrong approach to sorting out this migrant problem this refugee problem. they don't wonder if he she they don't they support dictatorships in africa they don't want to do any development in africa and then they complain and they fight among each other how
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could these countries that are poor. in terms of resources in terms of governance can solve this this issue libyans libyans are six million people with a lot of oil they don't need the migrant business to prosper but since the government is not doing anything because of european interference in iraq interference the war is going on so these criminal gangs flourish and do other business other than the business that's available in a country that stable with a lot of oil resources tell us in geneva do you think anybody's listening to the kind of opinion our guest in istanbul is saying but we have seen some progress in certain areas there are some seeds of hope for this i mean we've seen a handful of european countries who have come together and although it's on an ad
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hoc basis has happened now on a number of occasions where they've come forward to allow boats carrying people leaving libya to disembark and to share a distribution of the people on board we've also seen as other countries who have taken part in the evacuation and resettlement process is. you know this is just a drop in the ocean right now for what's needed and we don't have the luxury of time to wait for these to become more fleshed out we need a. europe wide approach that comes forward is rooted in those principles of compassion and humanity and respect for human rights that the european union was founded on to come forward with a fair and and just an equitable approach to this. other tonight how in brussels europe needs to step up this is what we seem to be hearing from both of our guests in istanbul and in geneva they need to do more but they're not doing more what's
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the what's the problem at the moment. that are several problems that probably have been for far too long set aside one of course as as it does me mentioned is we europe the european union has now been the able to develop a coherent foreign policy but when it comes to the specific needs of both migrants who are currently hand in detention centers or do those who transit across libya i think there the problem has been that there was no specific effort or success that addresses the problem of illegal pathways to reach europe currently a person who wants to reach the european union to five an application for asylum doesn't have the possibility of reaching their european union safely or regularly
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so there we have a serious fault by the european union that number over and over again has not been able to reach a consensus over legal pass way. and under problem of course is that ever since two thousand and fifteen that is the onset of this so-called migration crisis. many decisions have been taken but the overall goal has been to decrease the number of arrivals rather than finding a solution as has been mentioned rooted in the principles of protection of human rights and. we did call the mind of respecting and fulfilling the obligation of the member states under the geneva convention so there we have a lack of. long term and short. on the part of the
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european union. member states have not been able to reach a consensus and really as as at these as it has been mentioned that the current crisis in libya only makes these decisions merge and i would like to thank all of a we are out of time. and. thank you very much and thank you too for take you can see the program again anytime by visiting our website dulce com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at age eight inside stories for me in my own cause and the whole team here like a. story
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of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspective dominated american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head as hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to use and if you don't say it we're not going to speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera.
9:47 am
when your fiancee lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. is your world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. out of north. carolina. payments and the burning to start training to broker a detailed coverage of the teslas blockbuster the cost was awesome members of the
9:48 am
both docile day displaced from around the world last few days and that is where the water is once more rushing down river it's a welcome three. hundred barely begun. your child has their arms the whole roblin don't all these are all top news stories the . powerful cycling to hit india in twenty years as destroyed homes along the eastern coastline uprooting trees and plunging large areas into darkness at least eight people have been killed up to forty made landfall on friday near the city of gori in the state of disha the storm is now heading towards bangladesh scott high
9:49 am
last more. with one hundred eighty kilometer per hour winds cyclon funny slammed ashore in the distinct in eastern india thanks. when he first made landfall friday morning near the coastal city of footy a holy place for hindus something that i'm never going to see the rain has stopped since early morning it's a very strong storm the trees have been uprooted roads are closed there is no electricity the rain has caused my house to flood. everybody but that is this is worse than the one thousand nine hundred ninety storm i feel scared to be at home or to go outside i fear we might be blown away if we go out. this strong so i cloud is expected to move north throughout easter and weekend as it hits west bengal and my colleague state it will then head to bangladesh. a big concern is coastal storm surges and resultant flooding about a million people have been evacuated india's navy air force and disaster response
9:50 am
force are on standby. airports and schools were closed before the storm hit funny is the most serious cyclon for the region in twenty years in one nine hundred ninety nine a super cycle devastated already and killed ten thousand people across the state. the coast of state is prone to cycle and storm surge and tsunamis embankments and shelters have been built over the last seven years before he will be the first test of how they stand up to a powerful cycle. got harder al-jazeera new delhi they're also getting reports of a missile launch in north korea south korea's news agency yonhap is saying a short range missile has been fired from korea's eastern coastal city of ones on the south korean military is analyzing details of said launch. a day after tightening sanctions on iranian oil exports the u.s. government is giving iran civilian nuclear program some breathing room the u.k.
9:51 am
china france and russia won't face any repercussions if they continue to work with iran the countries that are involved with its civilian nuclear program at three facilities three c. is a professor of middle east politics at georgetown university says washington's ultimate goal is to get iran to withdraw from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. it's a temporary position at the end and they are all signs are the trump administration is going to withdraw those waivers as well as well as going after other forms of tray whatever is left in order to just completely isolate iran and the bizarre situation that iran is facing is that it is now under more sanctions now when it is actually abiding by international agreement then it was when it was accused of having violated international agreement it seems like the plan of the trump administration is to essentially force the iranians to get out of the nuclear deal
9:52 am
and once they're out there are actions organ ups opens up for their. group within the white house and the option they seem to be gearing towards is a military option but as well as opposition leader is going to fight on to win the support of the military against president nicolas maduro. and his supporters to march to army bases on saturday to our soldiers to break ranks of diplomatic for the leave a group of mostly latin american countries met in the peruvian capital to help end venezuela's political standoff. four palestinians have been killed in two separate incidents in gaza an israeli airstrike on a position in central gaza left two people dead and one injured israeli soldiers also could fire on protesters taking part in weekly demonstrations at the border fence killing two people and pakistan's government has removed two of its top financial officials as the country's economic troubles continue the central bank governor and the head of the tax collection body have been removed just weeks after
9:53 am
the finance minister was asked to step down those are the headlines when you said half an hour here on al-jazeera to stay with us. i guess. that's what. i would call people or whatever places told me then and it's come in that one when they wake up we all wait to tell. people when they're going to call it i don't know the. system.
9:54 am
we first filmed seppo when he was seven he was one of a group of children from all over south africa it was nine hundred ninety two and they had very little in common black white rich and poor some lived in townships some in white suburbs officially segregated by a party. it was only two years since mandela's release from prison and the racist policies of the past were just beginning to crumble. and since then we have followed their lives filming them every seven years. in one thousand nine hundred four. mandela became their president and as they grew up every south african was made
9:55 am
equal by law regardless of color. now they are twenty eight we hear from them. there was a very lively seven year old living in a colored area you know so where to. look. when i was. out because smiley face. myself is a little like. jumping at our. full of hope full of anticipation for nothing.
9:56 am
like the way like the sparkle. twenty one. twenty one exploding. about myself. and. the fate things. have. supposedly grown up. so professional. i think my parents are quite back there don't have it he patted me when i was you know you believe that actually when claudia was seven that schools were still segregated along racial lines. would you don't have to go to school to watch or no.
9:57 am
i acted the way that that is feel free to speak the same langley day as you do your madam speaks the same language. by the time claudia was fourteen a lot had changed for her she and her family had moved to a care home for abused children where her father was the principal. as lot about it that goes on in the area is a lot of gunshots it got the feel of being hijacked. women have a fear of being that i. should also moved schools and had gotten to a private school that specialized in science. at their old school we need a real science facilities and it's in band of us we've got four labs and mutely gillooly do experiments and i think it's a bit environment. by
9:58 am
twenty one the family had moved again to a comfortable house in the suburbs and claudia had started a science degree at vets university. law i want to do with. some of the first one is the courses you've called for. quite to be a doctor so people. i just have a sense of needing to do something and it scares me sometimes because they so there's so much that's. a twenty eight she is a junior doctor and pediatrics at the chris hani paragon of hospital in swear to. when you were a student you you talk to patients if you know them but there is a domestic shelf when you qualify and you're not responsible for the care of
9:59 am
somebody else. her father now runs the university student horse so claudia lives in the residence on campus. i feel responsible to be of use and to give back. and to try and make a difference because i have had opportunities i mean if there's one person in the family. who's been really well educated. that has implications not just for themselves but for the and i and me. in the sorts of classroom separate was a very keen student. also set the course for the marketplace. clearly says all right.
10:00 am
i'm going to see you can speak can't. eat you. can't risk losing six. till we can make. the dramatic two phenomenons from the study of the fishing industry to live in when they are now. twenty eight he works a twelve hour shift from six am. for them you know what i would go for them i'll go over there one of those the kids are like if you can't if you're bored as normal course.


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