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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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and i think we've already had a taste that he will perhaps try to put his own flavor on this moment he very quickly over the past couple of years he has changed the constitution that was written by the military to give him more powers even after that referendum went through a public process and he's also taking control of the palace is for sure not completely so we're already getting a sense that he will move fairly quickly to stamp is my call on the monarchy norway and. still ahead on al-jazeera a plane coming from guantanamo by crashes into a river in florida. this is not only that all this and deepest lake in the world it also holds a lot of secrets cuteness to diseases and system scientific questions i'm steps last and reporting from lake baikal in russia.
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hello once again a line of cloud which represents if you like a line of instability the atmosphere is running across iraq i say that because if it's unstable that means yeah goes up and it takes whatever on the ground with it sand or dust and that's the case once more as a risk across iraq and eventually iran to the north of it that's and stable enough to produce razor for azerbaijan maybe northern syria and eastern turkey clearly has a lot of rain to come but not much has happened since most of the levant is looking at fairly dry weather terms in the low twenty's slowly rising come sunday and that greyness moves east was across the caspian and loses most of its energy so far from occasional share in northern iraq that it but the southern end also showing this great is has got the potential for a thunderstorm or two in eastern side and possibly counter think much will come of
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it but it's there is a risk or the same it maintains the high humidity the temps in the middle thirty's for qatar for example the low forty's in mecca dry weather here dusty breeze to boot coming up from the south in southern africa we have seen some pretty heavy showers recently in tanzania and mozambique rather fear i think to come for the clouds increasing around the coast of south africa in durban is not entirely risk free from showers. the weather sponsored by cattle in ways. of supported who is now interfering in libya who is now interfering in this will just look at the realities on the ground is it iraq the iranians foreign minister mohammad javid zarif talks to al-jazeera. yes i know. about you. yes i mean i like.
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you're watching i'll just zero time to recap our headlines now the most powerful side close to his india in twenty years has destroyed homes along the eastern coastline uprooting trees plunging launch areas into darkness at least eight people have been killed on the site following the made landfall on friday it hit near the city of poorly in the dish state storm is now moving towards by new. south korea says if young yang is carried out a weapons test off its eastern coast the south korean defense ministry says it has
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detected the launch of several projectiles weapons test comes just months after a failed summit between u.s. president trump and north korean leader kim jong un. the three day coronation ceremony for the thai king is underway kingma howard you're a long ball and will be crowned later on saturday is to formally ascend to the throne the sixty six year old has already been serving as the country's mark since his father's death in two thousand and six the. plane carrying more than one hundred forty people has crashed into a river in florida the boeing seven three seven was a charter flights arriving in jacksonville from guantanamo bay when it stayed off the runway and into the johns river. these pictures were posted by the local sheriff's department a major rescue operation was launched but the city's mayor says all one hundred
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forty two people on board have been accounted for four palestinians have been killed in sue's separate incidents in gaza and israeli airstrike on a position in central gaza left two people dead and one injured israeli soldiers also opened fire on protesters taking part in weekly demonstrations at the border two people were killed earlier two israeli soldiers were injured by snipers near the border fence. hundreds of thousands of algerians protested for the straight week on friday calling for the ruling elite to step down they say they will continue to hold their eyes until their demands are met even through the muslim month of ramadan german decoy reports. the streets of the capital ring out to calls for change again was thousands chanting they must all leave the the scenes were repeated across the country by crowds unhappy with interim
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president abdul qadir. and prime minister nuri deemed bad to be. supposed to only seven selections on july the fourth but he and other government officials are seen as little more than remnants of the regime of president abdullah sees beautifully can you see the protesters are demanding a complete overhaul of the political system. we have to remain patient when a regime ruins a country it's still the people's money humiliates us and runs the country the way they want for more than twenty years we can say that after two months we are tired we can't be tired we have no right to waste this revolution that had the shabby had that. many protesters are opposed to the planned process of transferring power to a newly elected government they fear that some members of the old beautifully kept ministration may be given roles was one of the i'm going to be in the streets
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during ramadan and we will be heading to all go away now disallowed we would like to change the system entirely we would like to begin again from the start this is in order to start everything from the beginning to reset everything the good. stuff we were so close to getting over there is no dialogue this government is a good judgment we want to negotiate it we told gates a lot has changed the government general told us if you don't then you. many want army chief of staff are meant to step in and relieve the political elite but he insists protested should follow the constitutional process to learn how to push out president beautifully after twenty years and has promised to crack down on corruption while some algerian support him others are skeptical whether sylar can be part of a far reaching sweeping change they demand and until there is sweeping change
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protests across the country looks set to continue. algy sara. south sudan's warring parties have decided to delay the formation of a unity government by six months representatives of president salva kiir a rebel leader the argument char of the meeting in ethiopia's capital addis ababa was a salvage of peace deal signed last year but they couldn't resolve several differences before the may twelfth deadline to form a government. uganda's opposition politician bobby wires told al-jazeera he's willing to sit down with president during most of any challenges facing the country a popular musician turned politician was released after three days in custody for taking part in what the authorities call lawful protests catherine sawyer reports from kampala. this was the moment bobby while returning home on thursday after
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three days in cassidy for leading protests against a social media tax many of his supporters like young john to his music and political views most have grown up with president yoweri in the seventies in charge has been in power for more than three decades and so was the parliament that wind told al-jazeera his supporters relate to him because of his fight against social injustice we are lucky that we are living in a generation where our mouth is can not be shut we shall speak the truth and we shall continue using the law as it does do stand for our rights and has a president ever reached out to you mean to talk about political issues to talk about how to move the country forward and things like that i know he has not reached out to me and would you be willing to sit down with him to talk about what's ailing the country and what perhaps can be done better because he is the head of state i would be very glad and very honored to sit with the president and tell him exactly what i am saying now old owner of tell him that mr president
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we need to respect the law was in another neighborhood eyes our quote we restore expresses his political stand on a good day he'll make about five dollars selling the street food but after expenses and home bills he's left with very little to say in his business. what you say will be so low they should reduce the price of wheat the city council should also treat us well stop. caressing and overtaxing us. on the like war weary a majority of ugandans are young we talked to said they don't have jobs poor and frustrated the compiler is considered an opposition stronghold and bobby wine is very popular here but some analysts say if you go to areas president yoweri museveni is still family in control this was not the bag the people who say they're
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struggling to make plans maids and just want a better life government ministers say their kannan is performing well but not green is fast as the population who have one of the highest rates of population growth so in terms of absolute figures we are more ugandans because of this higher rate of population growth it must be some of the achievements which we just got. back at the food store where we are safe he wants to move to a much bigger one and maybe one day a proper restaurant he tells us if things remain the same politically he does not say he's a constantly changing kathryn saw al-jazeera compiler venezuela's opposition leader why those says he'll fight on to win the support of the military against president nicolas maduro why those urging his supporters to march to military barracks and army bases on saturday to ast soldiers to break ranks the army's allegiance is key in the battle for power in venezuela so fall for as
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a murderer has retained its support on the diplomatic front the lima group of mostly latin american countries met in the peruvian capital to see how they can help end venezuela's old stand off three days of has this report from caracas. well it's been almost four days it seems it seems that the status quo here in venice where luck would change when we saw opposition leader quango you're going to a military base here in quebec i like that a lot are not far away from where i am so rounded by solve this problem i think change of government change here i'm basically left he was accompanied by of official leader for the locust has been under house arrest for the past two years the fact that he was there it seemed that something could change well and till now it did in view of all the luck with ended at the parish ambassador's residence and seeking a refuge and we know that why go continue to ask people to take to the street to ask for change what he's saying is that ask the people is that this saturday they
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go to the streets and go to military bases with leaflets asking members of the military to gain in to stand by the constitution to read against the government of this friday he went to a meeting with a members of the venezuelan state all company with employees of belief that where he told them that the dialogue between the military members of the military and the opposition is not broken i going to go whether there are conversations with military and other officials yes there are and within every rank at all levels we have made every effort since the start of the year to transition to democracy to liberty to and these are patient to start the transitional government's been free elections very we're going to make every effort to continue making those efforts. in the meantime the united nations has increased to five the amount of people that have died in recent days because of the protests that we've seen in
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a venezuela and the fierce repression that we saw from the government this raises the number after forty nine that have died in protest in venezuela this year they leave man group composed by countries like brazil argentina the united states met in the city. of the match where they ask for example countries like turkey and russia to which their key supporters of the government of nikola mother were they also put the cart at the possibility of any type of military intervention and also promised still in a way find and political participation of cuba in any type of future talks regarding the future of venezuela but let's not forget that for now your position is saying that they want and they do not want any type of negotiation with the government of nicolas moder and left the government and left and left the government to fight the call for free and fair elections. now in the search for new
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antibiotics russian scientists say they have found a new and rich source in the world's deepest and all the slate scientists have identified new kinds of on to boil suits from cross stations the ving in lake baikal but much more research needs to be done before they can be used by humans service and reports. it's more than twenty five million years old six hundred kilometers long and holds a rich history of information about a changing climate and species this is siberia's lake baikal scientists recently found that one creature living here with extreme survival skills might be crucial to the discovery of new antibiotics the enfeebled a coup station often mistaken for a shrimp produces bacteria that can be used to cure infections in humans. from a sort of course it's very significant for humanity would we do here because we're
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now facing increasing resistance to existing incivility x. meaning that they're used to work are less effective. before these new antibiotics can be used on humans a lot more research needs to be done some pharmaceutical companies have already shown interest it usually takes ten years before a newly discovered antibiotics are produced the institute is also using the crustaceans to study the effects of climate change and other and via mental changes under even creatures by injecting micro sensors into tiny bodies by observing different kinds of crustaceans living in different depths of the lake they hope to obtain information about how humans can adapt as well scientists believe that this immense lake not only holds the cure to diseases but also the answer to and fire mental challenges our planet is facing but this league is still largely unexplored and to reveal its secrets some say the government should change its strategy and change the lake into an international high tech research project so far lake baikal
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is mostly used as a tourist attraction and source for drinking water scientists say the world's largest freshwater reservoir can be better protected if it's turned into a center for biotechnological research instead. limited to more than twenty five scientists. a lot of questions which can be studied but twenty five thousand scientists from by carl. unpatched resource of new. technology and biotech for well well nobody really knows about and via mentalist say they support the idea you danced at the capitol i believe this is a gigantic nature a library which can be source of information for an endless number of years can be part of our search for certain means of adaptation to life on this planet and if we learn how to use this bank then this can contribute to our lives and the habit of the lake can be protected the government didn't respond to our request to comment
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on the plan one of the obstacles to attract scientists to lake baikal could be the extreme weather conditions in siberia but while temperatures can reach minus thirty celsius in winter deep inside the lake the temperature has stayed to same for millions of years there are two stations who can live up to twenty years and could hold the answer to the secret of a long life at least that is what scientists are eager to find out step fasten al-jazeera lake baikal russia. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now the most powerful side clones hit india in twenty years has destroyed homes along the eastern coastline operates in trees and plunging large areas into darkness at least eight people have been killed after falling made landfall on friday near the city
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of poorly in addition state the storm is now moving towards bangladesh. north korea has fired several short range weapons off its eastern coast the south korean defense ministry says it's acted the launch of several projectiles that's happened just a week after the north korean leader kim jong un traveled to the eastern russian city of lovaza told to meet russian president vladimir putin a lavish centuries old ceremony to crown thailand's king is under way and is hosting the ancient rituals as king of our long conte formally ascends to the throne sixty six year old is already been serving as the country's monarch since is father's death in two thousand and sixteen a plane carrying more than one hundred forty people is crashed into a river in florida the boeing seven three seven was
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a charter flight arriving in jacksonville from guantanamo bay it slid off the runway and into this in john's river the city's mayor says all one hundred forty two people on board have been accounted for but as well as opposition leader one grade zero is urging supporters to march to army bases on saturday and ask soldiers to break ranks with the president on the diplomatic front leave a group of mostly latin american countries met in the peruvian capital to help end venezuela's political standoff four palestinians have been killed in two separate incidents in garza an israeli air strike in central gaza left two people dead and one injured israeli soldiers also opened fire on protesters taking part in weekly demonstrations at the border fence two people were killed
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those the headlines the news continues here after talk. back at the top of the hour with more news so stay with us. the official story isn't there and i'm sure we also are you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling join me to from time i guess from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and think issues here when i visit. to see. july twenty fifth i believe is the flu so the day. after more than a decade of on and off negotiations was reach a nuclear deal with iran together with our allies and partners we reached a historic understanding with iran which a fully implemented will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon and make our country our allies and our world safer the signatories of the joint comprehensive kind of action saw it as an opportunity
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a deal under which iran agreed to eliminate its stockpile of enriched uranium and reduce centrifuges in return all u.n. security council and multilateral sanctions were lifted but not everyone was happy this deal would give an unreformed unrepentant and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs in fact an entire nuclear arsenal with the means to deliver. what a stunning historic mistake the campaign against the so-called iran nuclear deal succeeded when donald trump moved into the white house i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal iran insists it will remain in the nuclear deal and so did other signatories such as france germany and britain. the white house's classification of iran's revolutionary guards as terrorists there on has responded with labeling us troops
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in the middle east as terrorists. but under unilateral u.s. sanctions iran's economy is struggling its influence in the region from syria to yemen is under the spotlight so how will iran cope with a crisis affecting everyone in the country the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif talks to out of there. let's begin with the latest the decision that has come out. about declaring u.s. forces in the middle east as terrorists describe to us why do you think that is important and what will that achieve. well it's not a measure that we have taken proactively in fact it was a reaction to a decision by the united states by the administration to declare. r r g c the stomach evolutionary court corpse as a terrorist organization as you know destroy organization has been in the forefront of fighting terrorism in iraq and in syria and afghanistan but unfortunately
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because of their own interest and because of the fact that a few in our region and and in the united states want to state up trouble in this region as you know with netanyahu said in his hebrew tweet that this was on his suggestion that president trump put the audio g.c. on the f t o list so this was a decision by the united states handed down in the iranian parliament and before that iran's national security council simply took a measure in response to this action i ask you this question because so far what you've been telling the world is that iran is not looking for confrontation iran does not want to escalate tensions but measures like this do you think that is coming from a nation which wants to deescalate but certainly iran does not want confrontation
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and escalation but we have not lived seven thousand years by escaping from those who want to pull the us we have been very clear that we have no interest in escalation we have been clear that persian gulf and the strait to hold most is our lifeline we depend on them for our livelihood and we want them safe secure and free for navigation of all countries including iran but that also comes when some of the generals have made remarks saying that if iranian oil doesn't pass through strait of hormuz no one else is well it's up to the united states to make that decision whether it wants to make a. part of a that is on our doorsteps unsafe for us we were not allowed to have on made the second the sanctions waiver that the united states had
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given to oil importing countries who are doing business in iran is exploiting the strait of hormuz is going to be a point of contention what is your plan then we believe that the united states cannot take any coercive measure in the persian gulf or in the strait of hormuz if it tries to take course of measures it will be reciprocated by iran but that i don't think is in the cards we will continue to sell our oil. and we will see customers and we will always remember those who worked with us during times of difficult year all production has come down from in two thousand seven hundred to two and a half million barrels to somewhere between one point seed one point nine million barrels now and it is having an impact on the iranian economy so eighty percent of your exports are from hydrocarbons the sanctions you can call them illegal but are having an impact on iran and that is why we call it economic terrorism because as i have said publicly including secretary pompei though and others they want to put
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pressure on the iranian people in order to change a policy that is the very day united states has acted for forty years and particularly since president from came to office it was elated a commitment by another us president president obama and international relations you consider a government continue ation of the previous government last i heard there was no revolution in the united states people just got the electoral college. appointed presidents from the elected president of the united states so that's all that that's all that happened in the united states what is import. and is that these sanctions are not only equal and have no legal effect not no economic effect but they also won't have any political effect the success or failure of these
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sanctions is going to be who buy their on the oil so we are talking about countries such as china turkey and india who are your major oil importers are they going to continue to buy any no two points first of all these countries have declared that they do not recognize u.s. sanctions for. their private companies may because of u.s. corage and because of the heavy hand that the united states is exercising on these issues may find it just prudent for themselves in the short term and i don't think it's prudent for anybody in the medium and long term to decrease but that doesn't mean that the governments agree and the governments have announced that they do not recognize what is your plan how are you going to make sure that the people of iran don't feel the crunch that the united states wants to well first of all we will continue to engage with our partners we have developed various schemes one of them
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will be in the long run. to the detriment of the united states and i think that is becoming increasingly popular and that is not to use dollars for your transactions second is an instrument that we are developing with the europeans. we have already developed with our neighbors and we have developed them with the chinese and that is not to engage in transfer of money across the borders which is very the united states would step in and try and for would try to twist the arms of people who are engaged in it eagerly and on and off it i believe the united states is not serving us interests more than the united states it's serving is really interest and unfortunately there are a couple of people in out of reach who have aligned themselves with this really interest so this is a capital of a small group which i have called them to between both bibi netanyahu
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pins i hadn't been sound man who are pushing. the united states and president trump into conflict and into disastrous situations and they will be deferred just to suffer the consequences unfortunately what do you mean they will be the first to suffer the consequences and does that mean that iran is going to retaliate and does that mean there's going to more instability in the region stability in this region is why you thought for us we want to have good relations with all our neighbors. with everybody in the g.c.c. we have proved that through our assistance to qatar when qatar was being strangulated. some of the members of the b. team. and we will stand by our friends in the region we have stood by turkey when they were under could be stood by iraqi kurdistan where they were
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being faced with adarsh attack we will always stand for stability and history we love nothing more than having excellent relations with saudi arabia united arab emirates and every other member of the g.c.c. this is our hope our expectation but there are requirements we need to end this bloodshed in yemen before we go into the region let's talk about. what you've described so far it seems to feel that iran is the victim here but there is a consensus amongst many countries in the region and in the united states. that iran is responsible for what is happening the united states insists that it is the nuclear deal which favored iran your neighbors insist that it is meddling in the internal affairs of other countries that the ditch they make and the basis for
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imposing these sanctions and coming out against iran do you not think that there is any credence to those claims first of all there is no consensus to consensus in the international community is that the united states and those neighbors that you talked about are in fact meddling in the affairs of others look at what's happening in north africa look at what's happening in. so it's not any consensus but that is exactly the problem a couple of countries in our region. plus israel did not like the nuclear deal from the very beginning. the rest of the international community believe that it is a unique historic achievement for diplomacy of course if you had other intentions if you wanted to securitize iran if you wanted to portray iran as a threat which it wasn't then that would have been different and you did not like the nuclear deal and some in our region where of that nature but just look at
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history who supported saddam hussein who when it invaded iraq who supported the taliban when they took over to afghanistan. who supported al kut who supported isis who supported nasir who is now interfering in libya who is now interfering in the sudan just look at the realities on the ground is it iraq it was iran who killed who tried to suffocate qatar who tried to wage a coup in turkey who dismembered a journalist who beheaded thirty seven individuals and crucified one of them in the street just look at the realities on the ground you don't need to look at the you know and do you know you don't need to look at. allegations just look at the realities on the ground who came to the support of the kuwaitis who came to the
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support of the qataris when they were being suffocated who went to the support of iraq yes who went to the support of iraq kurds when when isis was a at their doorsteps so look at who is responsible for all the maladies and now we get to israel who is an exciting other countries' territories who is developing nuclear weapons who is destroying villages who is on a large scale violating the basic rights of the palestinian people who is the aggressor that has invaded everybody in the region from its attack on iraq nuclear facility in iraq to its daily bombardments of syria jordan palestine lebanon to just look at the history. and they are pushing this war mongering policy on everybody everybody will be a victim of it the united states is not is not going to make any gains president
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trump said that the united states spent seven trillion dollars in our region and destroyed our region and got a lot of american blood on its hands because because of the fact that the americans died in this region without any reason without any purpose but they say that those americans more than four hundred of them died clear at the hands of g.c. and its affiliates militias another it's a baseless lie they made the same allegations when they wanted to invade iraq the same group the same group of people who made all those allegations and who got the united states and our region into a terrible costly war that has only given rise to terrorism are the ones who are making these allegations these are a bunch of lies that have no basis in reality it is in fact the united states armed
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forces that have killed the iranians they have shot down an iranian civil air killing two hundred ninety passengers they paid compensations for that it shows that even accepted responsibility for that but is that the threat that now there is ground that is being laid for a military confrontation with iran there are people who are planning for that are people who are plotting for that so we are those people became you see that they are very worried. to bolton has called for war it's not that i'm inferring from anything he said that he had an article in twenty fifteen to prevent an iran bomb bomb bomb iran that's the title of his article in the new york times only four years ago that. last year he asked the pentagon to develop plans for attacking iran these are realities on the ground if you are saying that this is all
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that is being planned against iran what is iran's plan that well our plan is to continue to live proudly peacefully and to work for progress and peace and dialogue in this region i have suggested a regional dialogue for countries in our region need to get together countries in the persian gulf can only rely rely on them says we cannot rely on foreigners we need to rely on on ourselves and iran is ready to sign non-aggression treaty with every single country in the persian gulf every single country let's come to the achievements of iranian forces and or your administration now you can actually hop in a car into iran you could cross over and you would be protected by iranian forces then you cross over into iraq forces which are backed like the house to shabby and funded many of these militias by iran then you cross over into syria again forces
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which are backed by iran and you go all the way up to hezbollah territory in lebanon are you proud of that achievement i actually am proud of the fact that we can go to these places without any force. president trump has more forces in any of his countries and iran has ever had and he is entering into one of his garrisons at night and leaving at night i had the opportunity and the privilege of going to iraq going to five cities without any military presence without any serious i mean beyond the normal security arrangements go to the meetings goes to the business centers go to the shrines talk to the people our president went to iraq and went to the cities the other day i was in the mask as i walked in the bus our central bazaar of the massacres as i was going to historic places and to the shrines so what you do have troops in syria the no no we don't
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have what is what is important is the united states has more people with boots on the ground in syria in iraq and in lebanon and it does not have the feeling of security it is because it has made the wrong choices it has. connected itself to wrong people mostly to people who who violate the rights of the people mostly to people who engage in acts of terrorism i go to air in iraq occurred it's done i go to damascus i go to beirut i go to carrabelle i go to niger i go to various iraqi cities and i feel at home not because we have troops there but because because we have strong ones of friendship and brotherhood with the people there as i feel with the people in doha i feel with the people even in saudi arabia i don't have any trouble walking in the streets of saudi arabia i don't have any trouble walking in the streets of the united arab emirates because we have strong bonds of brotherhood
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i hope the two governments in saudi arabia and in the united arab emirates come to their senses and understand that we are neighbors forever that the united states only wants to milk them but you do realize that this is. this is something which makes your neighbors nervous because as you said you would obviously you're won't go into the details of how these militias have been operating and not just the iranian military itself but but groups that it supports have been operating in iraq against eisel with the with the iraqi take against icelander you say only charles that government and with the with the syrian group with the syrian government what we are doing in lebanon in syria in iraq elsewhere we work with the government on the invitation of the government this is our principle we help the iraqi kurds against isis or we help the iraqi central government against isis we helped help the syrian government against isis we helped the lebanese government
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against isis this is our policy which is consistent consistency is the focus of our policy we run a policy that is for stability that is why we support the government of qatar we reject any a pressure on the government of qatar as we reject any pressure on the government of turkey but that's the same argument that the saudis make for intervening in yemen they are there on the request of the legitimate government which the who these overthrew and who iran supplied last i checked the president the former president of yemen. we drew from all of this in spite of the request made by many then he was reinstalled by saudi arabia we cannot change history these are facts of history but in yemen since day one we called for a ceasefire we remember our four point peace plan ceasefire. immediate humanitarian
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assistance and inclusive. among gay minis and an inclusive government this has been the basis of iran's policy we requested the ceasefire be a ceasefire we used our influence in yemen to get a cease fire unfortunately saudi arabia and the u.a.e. believe that they can make a quick quick tree and for the past almost fourteen months they have used all these huge weapons that they're getting from the united states sixty seven billion dollars worth of weapons were purchased by saudi arabia twenty two billion dollars worth of weapons purchased by the united arab emirates against a group of people who hardly have anything to eat and they haven't been able to succeed it means that trying to impose anybody's veil on the population of another
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country will not work if it could work if military intervention could do work it sure worked in yemen it doesn't so if they are accusing us of intervening militarily elsewhere they should see why they are not succeeding in yemen with all the military hardware that they have been all the support that they're getting from it means that they are making a mistake we're not intervening militarily anywhere because military intervention is doomed to fade as they are fading in yemen but what about syria i would say is in syria a clear contradiction of or you know that you know we are easy troops in the area we did not intervene militarily that we were asked to send viruses in order to fight a terrorist organization our planes are not bombing syria. look at the reality we are there fighting alongside the people of syria the government of syria to
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fight against foreign sponsored terrorist organizations saudi planes are bombing yemen iraqi planes are bombing q.m. and we ask them as brothers as neighbors this policy will not get them anywhere our arms are open to them we want to have peace with everybody in this region and we want everybody in this region to have peace with each other that is why we rejected pressure on qatar and we called for dialogue we reject pressure on any country we would reject any pressure on saudi arabia for that matter we believe that all our countries in this region should work together our destiny is intertwined we cannot distance ourselves from each other in this region let's come back to iran. you resigned in february saying there were shortcomings what were there and no i resigned in february because pictures were published in certain
1:45 pm
papers in iran and on television that question the integrity of my office and question the authority of the foreign minister in conducting foreign policy because i was shown not to be present in an important meeting it was made clear by everybody the following day that that was not intentional and i did not see any reason to continue to insist on my resignation particularly after the president rejected my resignation so the word as clear as it should for the word of the great point was that it was because of general hossam silly money bringing in president bashar assad and your office not being involved so clearly my office was involved we were not informed of the exact details of the arrival and that is understandable the only thing that was not understandable was broadcasting pictures without my presence in it and it was it was rectified later and i think we've been working very well and generously money and i have been working very well for the past twenty five years and i don't think this will have any will put any dent in our
1:46 pm
friendship but you do realise that is something that your critics will take and say that like i'll quote mike pompei are saying that he called you in in his words quote one of the front men of the corrupt religious mafia and we know that. makes all final decisions this is what they used to criticize you for saying that it is somebody else who is pulling the strings and this democracy is just part of an american president once the buck stops here in every country somebody makes a final decision but there is a democratic i don't know whether circus a pump a zero is very happy with his sort of some of his allies in the region who don't know the meaning of election and who behead individuals and take that head crucified very around the streets. i mean i know i know his definition of democracy and it's things are you happy so far with the government that you've run your your
1:47 pm
party's run with president rouhani in the chair have you achieved what you wanted to achieve for the people of iraq you have been under tremendous pressure from outside your dealing with that so i don't i don't think anybody in the current administration in iran is very happy with the. current situation in iraq but we know that we hopped on our best and we've continued to do our best and we will continue to correct our mistakes finally the lot next time we meet i mean going to meet jawad zarif the diplomat or are we going to meet a candidate running for president muto was that if the purpose. of the foreign minister of the islamic republic of iran thank you very much for talking to others there. radicalism is on the rise across the globe. we're told it's everywhere we're told
1:48 pm
we're supposed to be suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact. this is so much of you can say before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized youth syrians on al-jazeera. east coast three million people are being evacuated as the storm approaches bangladesh.
1:49 pm
i'm sam he's a guy and this is al jazeera live from don't also coming up weapons launched by north korea in the past few hours puts its neighbor and the u.s. on the. u.s. says it won't punish some countries who keep working on civilian nuclear projects in iran. and ceremonies are on the way to thailand's new king more than two years after taking charge. now the most powerful cyclon to hit india in twenty years is now heading towards bangladesh it's already flooded cities towns and dozens of villages in eastern india strong winds of course serious damage cycle and found lee made landfall near the city of poorly in addition state on friday with winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour major airports have been shot and hundreds of flights and trains
1:50 pm
counseled well the storm has now moved north to the state of west bengal and is expected to hit bangladesh in the coming hours nearly two and a half million people are being moved to shelters. we'll speak to scott live shortly but first his report. with one hundred eighty kilometer per hour winds cycling funny slammed ashore in the distinct in eastern india. when he first made landfall friday morning near the coastal city of footy a holy place for hindus it's something that i'm never going to see the rain has stopped since early morning it's a very strong storm the trees have been uprooted roads are closed there is no electricity the rain has caused my house to flood. but i'm up but that it this is worse than the one thousand nine hundred nine storm i feel scared to be at home or to go outside i fear we might be blown away if we go out. a big concern is coastal
1:51 pm
storm surges and resultant flooding about a million people have been evacuated india's navy air force and disaster response force are on standby. airports and schools were closed before the storm hit twenty is the most serious cyclon for the region in twenty years in one nine hundred ninety nine a super cycle and devastated and killed ten thousand people across the state. because nobody's a state is prone to cycle and storm surge and tsunamis and banquets and shelters have been built over the last seven years before only will be the first test of how they stand up to a powerful cycling. well scott high blood joins us now live from new delhi scott let's start with the ophthalmology of what's going on in india right now. sam we know according to local media at least eight people have died over the last
1:52 pm
twenty four out of twenty four plus hours since the storm came ashore on the east coast here in india now when you look at just how many people were moved and how big of a storm was right now that seems to be a pretty low number so when you look at the evacuation process that went under way in the notification process that went under way so right now it's looking like that really helped reduce the numbers of casualties as a result of this very large cyclons but what we still really don't know because a lot of these communities are still isolated because of the flooding because of the damage a lot of trees have been operated so travel between cities is very very difficult at this stage so they're still in the process of assessing this actual damage expected to be extensive so that's something to look at but right now because of this early warning that went out and because of these evacuations it seems as though the casualty number is still low the storm is not over by any stretch it is greatly reduced you know we saw when it came ashore about twenty six hours ago the winds were up around one hundred eighty kilometers an hour and now we're looking at
1:53 pm
between sixty gusting up to eighty kilometers an hour so obviously that's greatly reduced but there's still a lot of concern about yes flying debris but also about flooding and heavy rainfall sandy know there's been massive preparations underway in bangladesh take us through those. yet what's going to happen now is it's moving up the coast it's moving north along the coast and obviously as i said it's you know probably only going to be a tropical depression rating by the time it does get to bangladesh big concern there is obviously flooding but a very low lying nation and a lot of low lying residents so that is a big concern when it comes to yes it will be a smaller depression tropical depression what we've seen as a cyclon but there's still going to be a flooding associated with that so it's all about the infrastructure that this storm is going to be hitting and how the people are prepared for it will they be as prepared as they were in india here that's left to be determined but again you know there's been a lot of warning because we've already seen that the you know the full brunt of the
1:54 pm
storm now it's diminishing how that's going to affect as it tracks north we don't really know just yet but right now we can say you know calcutta is expecting to get the brunt of the storm probably in the next hour or two they are prepared for it again it's reduced a bit but they still have closed the airports train services is shut down too so people are preparing for it but again it's lower degree but you never know with these sit systems because you know flooding can come in a place where really wasn't expected before sammy or on school had that in new delhi north korea has fired several short range weapons off its eastern coast the south korean defense ministry says it's detected the launch of several projectiles that's happened just a week off to the north korean leader kim jong un traveled to the eastern russian city of london while still to meet russia's president rob mcbride has this update. the weapons test took place saturday morning with several objects being fired from north korea's east coast out into the sea of japan travelling between seventy and
1:55 pm
two hundred kilometers south korea has now concluded that this was not a short range ballistic missile test that they said was a possibility which would have been a very serious development the first ballistic missile test since twenty seventeen nonetheless this is while there is a sense of relief that we have not returned to the kind of ballistic missile testing that we saw a year and a half ago this is a very serious military development foreign minister of south korea country and why are has been speaking on the phone with her u.s. counterpart mike pompei oh they say they will continue to monitor the situation but that they have agreed to respond cautiously all sides it seems wanting not to overreact not to undo the work that has been achieved on the diplomatic front while negotiations do seem to be stuck between north korea and the u.s.
1:56 pm
all sides it seems holding out hopes for the summits later on this year. staying with north korea four out of ten people there are going hungry and it's set to get even worse after the worst harvest in a decade that's according to a u.n. report which says more than ten million people are facing severe shortages of food the government is cutting food rations that many people rely on the lowest levels for this time of the year a combination of dry spells heat waves and flooding are being blamed for the crisis . u.s. government is giving iran's civilian nuclear program some breathing room a day after tightening sanctions on iranian oil exports it's renewed some waivers on sanctions which means the u.k. china france and russia won't face any repercussions if they continue to work with iran the countries are involved with its civilian nuclear program at three facilities the waivers were first introduced under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear accord signed by the european union china russia and the us president
1:57 pm
donald trump withdrew from the deal a year ago trita parsi is a professor of middle east politics at georgetown university he thinks washington's actions are counterproductive and may push iran to withdraw from the deal it's a temporary position at the end of the day out signs are the trumpet mr asian is going to withdraw those waivers as well as well as going after other forms of trade whatever is left in order to just completely isolate iran and the bizarre situation that iran is facing is that it is now under more sanctions now when it is actually abiding by an international agreement then it was when it was accused of having violated international agreements now it seems like the plan of the trumpet mr asian is to essentially force the iranians to get out of the nuclear deal and once they're out other options open ups opens up for the. bolton. group
1:58 pm
within the white house and the option they seem to be gearing towards is a military option a lavish centuries old ceremony to crown tylenols king is underway in bangkok. bangkok is hosting the ancient rituals as king was sure a long gone formally ascends to the throne sixty six year old has already been serving as the country's moxon's his father's death in two thousand and sixteen. and he joins us now live from bangkok so why take us through the ceremonies unfolding today. i mean this is a three day ceremony but the last couple of hours really that started that three day process the most important and i think we're seeing some live pictures right now perhaps the most significant moment of that three day ceremony is the crowning of king mark what year along corner inside the grand palace in the old part of the
1:59 pm
capital city bangkok we have seen the transfer by a prominent priest of the royal regalia and the culmination of all of that process of that money was the handing over of a seven kilogram crown to which you are a long call and that really formalizes the. this sign that he is now the king of thailand of course he already was king he ascended the throne in december two thousand and sixteen on the death of his father king on a do new day but it's taken two more than two years for us to get to this stage to the coronation stage which like i say really formalizes him becoming king of thailand the tenth king in what they call the czech three dinnis d. so he is now king rama that is what he will be known as as another gun salute goes around this part of the city semi. zoran even some indications that the new king
2:00 pm
wants to take the more he could say in a slightly different direction to his father and take us through that. well i think. we'll certainly see a different brain than we saw a king put me on a do new day his father ascended the throne when he was just eighteen years of age the coronation ceremony for him was four years later so twenty two so you know he had from that moment on until he died in two thousand and sixteen to really build up his legacy with the help of a very large mechanism around him of the elite the establishment in bangkok and very much the military as well which is into twined with the monarchy in thailand this king you know does have that mechanism around him as well the military is still extremely powerful in thailand its number one stated goal is to defend the monarchy but a king my what your long does not have the benefit of time he is now sixty.


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