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says turkey fears a major refugee crisis if the situation gets worse. we have seen some of the really radical factions in the lead actually launching missiles at russian air base and maim him so it's coming from both sides it's. quite difficult to tell if this is sort of a self ignited escalation or if there's a larger plan behind it from either side of any major offensive trying to do that would cause it we were. real crisis fortunately in particular and that's why the turks have made it very clear to russia that they don't want that to happen in any circumstances and they have been has been some progress in terms of having she had the troops all right according to the patrols along the ceasefire line turkey's a russian controlled but it's not enough it's clearly not enough progress i mean these missiles that have been shot recently showing now that that show it needs to
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provocations do happen and then the civilians of course bear the brunt of it for turkish soldiers have been killed during the fighting in syria and iraq one of the soldiers died in an attack by u.s. backed kurdish y.p. g. forces and terrified turkey has launched an operation in response in the area earlier three turkish soldiers were killed in northern iraq. at least nine soldiers have been killed in the attack on a training camp for forces loyal to the libyan warlord and for halftime after blaming the attack on ethnic taboo forces aligned with the un recognized government in tripoli what to do why does more now from the libyan capital. now have to his forces in the south of libya say that they are calling on their simple command of have to us was in the east of libya to send more troops to sustain and maintain security in this hour that of libya we know that this city of.
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forces loyal to the world have heard since february but this has been all was unstable especially since help has forces. campaigns and the there are civil military groups in this i was opponent of the warlords have especially fighters and also fighters from little while to get minority in the south of libya. some of the armed groups in the south of of libya which are opponent to help that some of them are allied with the recognized government and others are allied with it on tribal affiliations some of the tribes and also the to world trade generally speaking of libya there are civil airports and also oil fields or who have been taken control of by have to recently but
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the situation now remains very honest people specially after most of the troops have put have troops that have been controlling and securing the airport in the cells have moved to the north to take part in the offensive line should they have their forces to take control of the capital tripoli. the u.s. president says he'll eventually get a denuclearization agreement with north korea despite more apparent weapons tests donald trump tweeted that kim jong un doesn't want to break the promise he's made to him and that a deal will happen weapons experts are analyzing several rocket launches detected on saturday by south korea's defense ministry which one hundred joins us live now from washington d.c. john so what do these launches say about north korea's motivations here and what do you make of donald trump's response. well there and everybody except donald trump here in the u.s. seems to view this is a major provocation and whether it's
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a show of desperation or a legitimate show of force as a matter of. you know your own point of view but it's been viewed as an escalation that it's clear sign that north korea's kim jong il is dissatisfied with the negotiations he walked away from talks in hanoi in february with president trump with out the sanctions relief that he was seeking and meanwhile he's given up a new nuclear testing in intercontinental ballistic missile testing so they don't have a complete nuclear agreement but i think kim seems to feel that he's really not getting what he wants out of this deal and not getting it quickly enough so we launched the myth the biggest provocation since november of two thousand and seventeen when north korea did launch a series of intercontinental ballistic missiles his frustration is clearly showing that president trump seems persistently optimistic that tweet you talked about and he goes on to say anything in this very interesting world is possible but i believe
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that kim jong un fully realizes the great economic potential of north korea and will do nothing to interfere or ended and he goes on to say that there will be a deal but that has to be enormously frustrating for a north korean leader who wants action and not optimism then so what does go from here john and what happens next. for looks like more nuclear brinksmanship. there will likely be an increasing escalation if kim jong un doesn't feel like he's getting the response that he wants out of the american president the american president right now is not terribly inclined to give him much. meanwhile came a speaking to a domestic audience he's perhaps embarrassed they had a bad crop yield and over the past year people are reportedly starving and he wants to change the subject he wants to show that he has a strong. leader but in the end alternately he's going to need to come with some kind of concrete agreement in order to show that he's achieved something for this
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denuclearization talks that have going on with president trump if he doesn't get that it is very likely according to many analysts that eventually he will begin the kinds of testing of intercontinental and possibly even nuclear devices that he has agreed not to do up until now so really it's an open question as to whether he gets what he wants from the american president john thank you or let's also to comment on the news hour including how turkey's economy is expected to be hit by u.s. sanctions on iran. down and out and disillusioned why some south africa so are out on the streets ahead of the coming election. in a sports a long way from within sport as the n.b.a. playoffs village of quadruple overtime for the first time in more than sixty that's coming up in just a little bit like. a
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massive cleanup is underway in india after. on friday at least twelve people were killed after the extreme storm battered additional state as more. a trail of destruction along india's eastern coast. with winds around two hundred kilometers per hour side confidently ripped apart homes in addition to state. toppled power lines and left uprooted trees covering the streets. i was really afraid when the storm hit us we were lucky that we were all downstairs if my children were up stairs they wouldn't have survived all our belongings our money everything is gone. the storm has weakened since making landfall on friday the extent of the flooding in the city of puri is clear to see with damaged crops and infrastructure india's navy air force and disaster response teams are in standby hi
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there are many boards milling diadem but there are teams go to each and every site we get reports from we've been working since morning our teams have been out there since the cycle and calm down. despite the destruction and the number of people killed the indian government says the situation in addition could have been worse. about one million people were evacuated airports and schools were closed before the storm hit. a different outcome from nine hundred ninety nine when a super cyclon killed more than ten thousand people across the state. now imagine secrete a trying to clear wreckage but many roads are blocked and some communities completely qatar. the coast of additional state is vulnerable to cyclons and tsunamis over the yes embankments and shelters were built but for now the focus is on how to recover from this storm proper and get out of syria the european leaders have
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criticized washington's decision jury strict oil trade with iran the development came after iran's president called on his country to resist and unite against the u.s. after it tightened restrictions on terror arms nuclear program the u.s. did not renew two key sanctions way those that were in place iran will now be in violation of the curbs if it continues to ship surplus every water made in the nuclear process to oman the u.s. has also made it harder for iran to dispose of any enriched uranium it's renewed some sanctions waivers that allow russia china the u.k. and france to work with iran on civilian nuclear projects but president hassan rouhani says the u.s. is trying to sow division among iranians. as the united states is violating international laws and pressuring companies to prevent them cooperating with iran and seeking to weaken our currency in the independence of our country there are huge conspiracies against our country and the american administration is waging a political and psychological war against us and is seeking to change the regime in
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iran washington aims to spread division in the country and the iranians must unite to face this war. where is the director of the gold studies center at qatar university he says the u.s. is still fixated with iran's oil industry. the american administration and the tram they wanted to basically blocked iran exporting even one millimeter of it runs. so that is the core of the business and the other way it is there is not actually affect the whole concept the united states now want to make sure the iran cannot import any bottle from second of me and that basically will lead that iran will lose the main source of revenue for its own actually budget which means more economy problems more pressure on the regime which basically put the regime in the corner that is the main thing now what is now all of those waivers this speak about i think the right to show that they are actually taken into consideration the
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interest of other countries especially u.k. germany other countries basically none of the countries now they are saying we are actually committing ourselves with what the trump wants so they are keeping silent now because. we will wait a few weeks before the impact of this. decision on their economy so none of those countries now is actually saying that you know we are against this however it seems that all of these countries are waiting who will be ringing the bell first and saying actually no our economy would be on the other trouble if we actually accept this kind of pressure from the united states on the oil sector of iran turkey's economy is expected to continue to slump as the u.s. imposes further sanctions on iran's oil industry turkey is a major iranian customer but is having to look elsewhere for its energy supplies some cost the only reports now from istanbul. iran is the second largest oil
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supplier to turkey after russia turkey has energy rich neighbors but no reserves of its own so is dependent on oil and gas imports that leaves the turkish column e. vulnerable to rises in energy prices the value of the turkish lira has fallen at least forty percent in the past year and could fall further because of concerns about all supply to keep the troubled economy running. human you have many troubles just reading the israeli lobby before the twenty twenty a lick should sound like he gave golan heights and jerusalem told him otherwise it has nothing to do with national security around complies with the nuclear deal but they want to contain iran for israel safety if turkey account by oil from iran sourcing alternative supplies from the united arab emirates or saudi arabia is difficult the turkish government is a leading saudi quit it following the killing of journalists. in the kingdom sconce late in a stumble last year and relations with the u.a.e.
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are strained since turkish police arrested two a rabs who confessed to be spying for their murat is as a stopgap the turkish government is negotiating with iraq to buy oil only to kick only to wild turkey is trying to make itself understood by its western friends who are protecting its national interests but to put an end to its independence it should focus on renewable energy in the long term turkey try to torpedo their reimposition of u.s. sanctions through a gold for all the strategy with iran basically using clear and golden payments via turkey state bank help bank another turkish initiative was a crisis while they are between iran and russia last year and that's bypassing the u.s. financial system but it fails to stall turkey's all supply problem turkey's relations with the us are strange two of the major problems are u.s. support for the kurdish fighters in syria out with turkey calls terrorists and the u.s. stopping deliveries of if the device that's what plays because turkey refuses to
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cancel a deal to buy air rushing missile defense system and what the domestic issues such as weak currency and troubled economy it seems difficult for the turkish government to stand against u.s. sanctions on neighboring iran see now because all of al-jazeera the stumble now russians scientists think they may have made progress in the search for new antibiotics myron the mozzies up next hour with more from our european broadcast center mari. hi daryn yes a surprising story this and it's all down to these creatures living deep in russia's lake baikal scientists have identified crustaceans living in the lake that could be the source of new drugs but much more searches to be done before they can be used by humans al-jazeera is step fasten as the story it's more than twenty five million years old six hundred kilometers long and holds
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a rich history of information about our changing climate and species this is siberia bike scientists recently found that one creature living here with extreme survival skills might be crucial to the discovery of new antibiotics the enfeebled at ku station often mistaken for a shrimp produces bacteria that can be used to cure infections in humans. from of nerve sort of course it's very significant for humans who would we do here because we are now facing increasing resistance to existing interviewer six meaning that there could be as you said used to work are less effective for these. before this new antibiotics can be used on humans a lot more research needs to be done some pharmaceutical companies have already shown interest it usually takes ten years before a newly discovered antibiotics are produced the institute is also using the crustaceans to study the effects of climate change and other and via mental changes under even creatures by injecting micro sensors in their tiny bodies by observing
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different kinds of crustaceans living in different depths of the lake they hope to obtain information about how humans can adapt as well scientists believe that this immense lake not only holds the cure to diseases but also the answer to and fire mental challenges our planet is facing but this league is still largely unexplored and to reveal its secrets some say the government should change its strategy and change the lake into an international high tech research project so far lake baikal is mostly used as a tourist attraction and source for drinking water scientists say the world's largest freshwater reservoir can be better protected if it's turned into a center for biotechnological research instead rio limited to more than twenty five cents. a lot of questions which can be studied but printed five thousand scientists and by eco. unpatched resource of new.
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technology in biotech forward nobody really knows about environmentalists say they support the idea gonski at the. i believe this is a gigantic nature a library which can be source of information for an endless number of years can be part of our research for certain means of adaptation to life on this planet of if we learn how to use this bank then this can contribute to our lives and the habit of the lake can be protected and the government didn't respond to requests to comment on the plan one of the obstacles to attract scientists to lake baikal could be the extreme weather conditions in siberia but while temperatures can reach minus thirty celsius in winter deep inside the lake the temperature has stayed the same for millions of years there are stations who can live up to twenty years and could hold the answer to the secret of a long life at least that is what scientists are eager to find out step fastened
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al-jazeera lake baikal russia antigovernment protests as of march for the twenty fifth straight week in france but it was notably lower following violence in the annual may day march dozens of yellow vests demonstrators gathered in paris on saturday just days after tens of thousands took to the streets wednesday's violence which saw hundreds arrested was sparked by discontent over french president in response to months of street protests by the. britain's governing conservative party says it's ready to compromise to secure breaks it dale after suffering its worst result in local elections for more than twenty years prime minister to resign may's party last about thirteen hundred seats as voters punished the government for the dragged out brecht's that crisis the opposition labor party also suffered losses almost three years after britain voted to leave the e.u. the date and the terms of brics it remain uncertain following months of political gridlock. and just one other story to bring you thousands of muslims have attended
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the reopening of a historic mosque that was flattened at the beginning of the bosnian war the sixteenth century. was one of the most prominent lost a piece of classical ottoman architecture in the balkans it was destroyed in the war by bosnian serb forces trying to carve out what they saw as an ethnically pure state and reopening ceremony was aimed at encouraging willet just tolerance between deeply divided communities. well that's all from london from atlanta for now let's head back to daryn in doha money and thank you very much all right still to come here not as they are including. thailand crowns its new came two years after he inherited the throne. and his board eighteen women line up on the grid as a new motor sport series gets underway joe will have all the sport coming up after the break more on that stings.
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how and welcome to another look at the international fork started got some clouds spilling in cross the eastern side of the mediterranean pushing it through the levant easing across iraq over towards the caspian sea possibilities some wet weather coming in here then as we go on through the next day as a northern parts of iran could see some more showers longer spells of fry further east that cloud stretches way into afghanistan but it should be largely dry couple of about twenty seven celsius for the south all sunshine for karate at thirty six degrees celsius a little colder as we go on into monday but still plenty hot enough that cloud does make its way further east was still a few showers around the southern end of the caspian fine and dry fall all about by this day twenty nine celsius in beirut also still in jerusalem in all it's a stale across syrian peninsula here in doha we getting up to thirty five celsius
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little bit of cloud it's essential there of the saudi arabia could produce a few spots of fray thirty seven thirty eight degrees there for riyadh and we're not too far off that here in that with a high of thirty seven on monday afternoon summer temperatures starting to ramp up and meanwhile across southern africa is lossy fine and dry looking pretty sefl for most are still a few showers close to the northern parts of mozambique but the wetter weather is north of the border into tanzania. just look at it also borders who support the current war supported the taliban who is now interfering in libya who is now interfering in this with up just look at the realities underground visited the arraign in foreign minister mohammed javid zarif talks to al-jazeera.
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how if you change since he was seven. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one eons each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight up south africa three now does iraq. welcome back remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera
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a palestinian baby has died in israeli air strikes on gaza was full of rocket launches into israel from the strip the ministry of health in the city says three palestinians including the infant of the killed israeli military commanders say at least two hundred rockets were fired from gaza injuring two israelis. are getting reports the youngest brother of algeria is former president has been arrested to have abilities but a fake us for men television chiefs have also been taken into custody weeks of demonstrations forced the longtime president to resign. money. and weapons experts are trying to confirm the latest suspected rocket launches from north korea south korea's defense ministry says they weren't ballistic missiles that's after the break down of denuclearization talks between north korea and the u.s. . venezuela's opposition leader has made another bid for the support of the country's military in his attempt to take over as president. urging soldiers to break ranks with president nicolas maduro military commanders have remained loyal
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to my dear oh so far as this update from us. we're here in what it's known as washington plasterwork a small group of venezuelans have arrived today to protest against the government of nicholas model but also responding to the call made by opposition leader wang why though asking them and asking venezuelans in general that this saturday they should go peacefully to military installations to the headquarters of the police of the fall of iran national guard among others and ask members of the military of the police to join in what they called the fight for freedom in venezuela this fight to restore democracy they've been handing out a small leaflets like the one you can see here that talks about and refers to what done by the has been talking for the past two months which is known as an amnesty law that would exempt members of the military police officers among others to join in this fight for democracy in venezuela of course the only exception made in this
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amnesty you know are those involved in war crimes or human rights abuses it's been extremely tense this past few days here in venezuela we were able to see in several parts of the city hundreds of police officers of members of the bolivarian national guard and the armed forces deployed in a way warning people not to get close to those military installations were all were also able to see president nicola muddled or he was being part of military exercises happening in the state of the heaviest very he was speaking to the troops telling them how important snowy is at this time and he was also saying that a bunch of traders referring to those joined in one way those are core to rebel against the president but a bunch of traitors couldn't change the prestigious of the armed forces in venezuela what we have seen so far very small groups within the armed forces that have rebelled against mulatto some have left the country others thousands of them have been detained by so far the holder of the fifth the ministry of defense and
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the whole of the most important people within the. other men that are part of the military have remained loyal to. the king of thailand has been crowned in a coronation ceremony full of buddhist and hindu traditions he succeeds his father who died in twenty sixteen after reigning for seventy years when he reports from bangkok. after more than two years on the throne long corn was crowned king of thailand by wearing the great crown of victory the sixty six year old formally became the tenth king in the czech read in a city. where you are to continue preserve and build upon the royal legacy and shall reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the people forever. he was crowned at the start of a three day ceremony steeped in buddhist and hindu rituals. became king in two thousand and sixteen after the death of his father king a do new day he reigned for seventy years meaning this was the first royal
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coronation most thais have known large screens were wrecked around the city but few showed up to watch the ceremony which was held inside the grand palace no official reason was given for the two year wait for the coronation but during that time the new king has been consolidating his position before this coronation the king began to make his mark he took full control of the palace fortune making him one of the richest monarchs in the world and to give him greater power he changed a military drafted constitution after it had passed a public referendum. but there are strict laws designed to protect the monarchy and its reputation and breaking them can lead to a long jail sentence many critics have fled thailand particularly since a two thousand and fourteen coup by the military which is charged with protecting the palace among them was syria chuy's said dan an opponent of the monarchy who disappeared from neighboring laos his wife believes he's dead. in my
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has been wanted to see grew ethar democracy because everyone would get their share of resources and go through and far too met with their fair share is who are in power to get out a benefit and ignore people suffering. during the coronation thailand's new queen also received her royal title queen. the palace had only announced two days earlier that the king had married the former flight attendant and depay the head of his body guard unit his fourth marriage on sunday march which you are long gone will be paraded around the old part of the capital giving thais their first chance to see their new leaker. around king wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. japanese people have greeted then you emperor on his public debut however you
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to pledge to work for the development of japan and cooperate with other countries for world peace he said see that his father on wednesday after eighty five year old became the first emperor in two hundred years to abdicate the healthy. south africans will vote on wednesday in the general election it's the sixth time they had to the poles since the end of apartheid in one thousand nine hundred four the african national congress has won every vote his popularity has declined many are fed up with the poverty gap and unemployment like and where reports. i went to five years after south africa became a democracy these people are tired of having no jobs no land and poor housing these kinds of protests happen every week even more say with an election coming this one last month was in a township in johannesburg. lepas lived there in a shack for thirteen years politicians have always promised better housing but she
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says they don't even organize trash collection. we don't have enough space we need . i'm not going to avoid they took two waves do you. not the same for everyone south africa's the most on equal country in the world since apartheid most white people remained relatively wealthy economically things improved for some black people. but not in the shanty towns each one of these toilets is shared by dozens of families they smell bad their only emptied about once a week across south africa there are millions of people living in similar conditions in informal settlements. the only way to get out is to find a job that pays enough to be able to afford to live in a better area more than a quarter of workers are on employed and there's been economic stagnation for about
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a decade. your president cyril ramaphosa is promising change party the african national congress has been in power ever since it was credited with ending white minority rule is expected to win again but with a smaller majority in ever before. some economists think poses leadership good economic growth good in. latter alone won't fix a broken model is long as they are not imagining the economy models which are broadly inclusive and exploring new. economy to make sure that the broader increasing population. at least can transition from the students to the middle class then there is potential for all serious conflict in the future that is based on lack of opportunity. and seize victory is. is the continuation of protests this one was in pretoria two weeks ago many people
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want change this election's on likely to bring it malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa temporary camps in the lake chad region in nigeria have become a permanent home for hundreds of thousands of people an increase in boko haram attacks means there may be a long wait before they can return to their homeland but interest has the latest in our series a life displaced in the city of my degrees. at the height of the crisis. met a group of people fleeing attacks in two thousand and thirteen. they were out in the streets of my degree hungry and exposed to the elements. they sold temporary shelter on his property before moving to displaced people's camps. i know you know years and i know this place was my main source of income but they sent all tenants
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away to make room for the displaced currently that the tell them displaced people here i haven't anything since their right one. six years all the refugees show no signs of leaving most if i commend me is one of them he says he's going to wait out this crisis and this camp no matter how long it takes yeah yeah yeah only a few days ago people want to go to fire want to were killed and if you others escape you have to think about yourself the first the united nations estimates that more than six million people in the lake chad region have been affected by violence two and a half million of them i need shelter and medicines for the most part of the crisis may.


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