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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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yes say they are there to target terrorists from a group linked to al qaeda but many fear this could be the start of a bigger operation to take the final rebel held stronghold home to nearly three million civilians one million of them children enter chapelle al jazeera. el still ahead on al-jazeera saw firsthand the misery that is created with the russians and cubans help. mixed messages from the u.s. after donald trump downplays russia's involvement in venezuela. we look at how the legacy of apartheid is fueling tensions leading up to south africa's election. we've had some severe storms across the deep south of the u.s. anywhere from around say museum and i that's not the tapes that the music theory
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come down it's a walk you saw a into texas but if this area club has some flooding to into the say following a tornado that ripped across that eastern side of texas and this wild weather is now making its way eastward alabama stings a nasty weather to go through sunday and the mid atlantic states just pushing up towards new york doing too badly fourteen celsius plateau right comes back in behind not out of the woods just yet there's some more of a shower still a possibility across the central plains the northern plains to i was towards the west what is fine and dry here sixty celsius in san francisco eighteen in seattle and nineteen for l.a. maybe an eighteen there on monday seattle warms up to twenty one you notice by monday that's one of the new york seventeen celsius more clout of rain coming in out of colorado down towards oklahoma arkansas a good part of texas the southeast five and dry clear by this stays in that clear and dry weather spread static cross the caribbean or just
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a sunny weather but some places a fair weather cloudy and really a possibility a chance of wanted to see out into cuba and they are challenged to the central america. on counting the cost this week trump gambles the world economy all shutting down iran's ability to sell oil. indestructible phone screen of chinese tech giants at the f.b.i. sting. we'll talk to the inventor who suspects this technology was stolen counting the cost oh no just zero.
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i'll come back you're watching i'll just time to recap on headlines now four palestinians have been killed including a pregnant mother and her fourteen month old baby it's ready warplanes hit the gaza strip the strikes were launched after palestinian fighters fired dozens of rockets into southern israel killing one israeli. syrian and russian government forces are continuing to strike rebel factions in italy a province was being then to be a deescalation so at least twenty two people have been killed the fighting is forcing thousands of people from their homes many of them have already been displaced. the youngest brother of algeria's ousted president has been arrested side beautifully being l.g. it is de facto ruler since i've been as these beautifully for some of the stroke in two thousand and thirteen two former intelligence chiefs have also been taken into
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custody. but as well as opposition leader has made another bid for the support of the country's. there's a term. president. has to break ranks with the president. but military commanders are remained loyal to fall through his approach has the story. from where you are venice where it's now or never that's the message from sanchez to this police officer. it sounds like a pretty from someone who is tired of the ongoing crisis in the country. there's so much needed in our neighborhoods people cannot eat there's no medicine no security and they know it because they have family my husband died because we can find medicine. from all across crack us small groups of people
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headed to the headquarters of the navy the army the police and the bolivarian national guard responding to opposition leader one last call to go out and convince them to switch sides people have come here to hand in a document but also distributing leaflets like this one to talk about an amnesty door that has been offered to those who rebel against the government except those involved in human rights abuses or war crimes the regular security forces did not take the message well. the government is not taking challenge to precedent. they deployed hundreds of security forces around the capital. appeared on state t.v. leading military exercises also showing the armed forces remain loyal to him.
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but look out a handful of traitors can tarnish the owner union question an image of the bolivarian national armed forces in front of the people of the word no. say no to traders out with the traitors and those in the. united states says it has been trying to negotiate me sex it with defense minister by the now llopis and others in government. they were supposed to be part of the uprising alongside why they all but things did not work out as the opposition leader planned some say those negotiations were a trap carefully planned with the assistance of the cuban intelligence services. congressman winston florida says he will continue pressuring the government. forces are infiltrated by the cubans the russians and by intelligence agencies their relatives are persecuted there's a lot of pressure but we will continue we will take our message to the families of
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the armed forces and everyone else we need to we are civilians asking for change. a message that resonates across many mostly because of the enormous economic crisis the country is now in. the u.s. is again sending mixed messages regarding venezuela speaking to president vladimir putin this week downplayed any russian involvement in caracas but is secretary of state. this is about moscow last month. and saw firsthand the misery the murderer has created with the russians and cubans . the desperation of playing out all across venezuela there must and the time for transition is now. european leaders have criticized washington's
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decision to restrict all trade with iran this development came after iran's president called on his country to resist and unite against the u.s. after it tightened restrictions on ron's nuclear program the us did not renew two key sanctions waivers that were in place iran will now be in violation of the curbs if it continues to ship surplus heavy water made in the nuclear processing to oman the us has also made it harder for iran to dispose of any enrich uranium it has renewed some sanctions waivers that allow russia china the u.k. and france to work with iran on civilian nuclear projects president hassan rouhani says the u.s. is trying to sow division among iranians joey army corps about all your general getting as the united states is violating international laws and pressuring companies to prevent them cooperating with iran and seeking to weaken our currency and the independence of our country there are huge conspiracies against our country
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and the american administration is waging a political and psychological war against us a decision to change the regime in iran washington aims to spread division in the country and the iranians must unite to face this war turkey's economy is expected to continue to slump after those u.s. sanctions on iran's oil industry turkey is a major iranian customer but is having to look elsewhere for its energy supplies so them cos all the reports now from istanbul. iran is the second largest oil supplier to turkey after russia turkey has energy rich neighbors but no reserves of its own so is dependent on oil and gas imports that leaves the turkish kaname vulnerable to rises in energy prices the value of the turkish lira has fallen at least forty percent in the past year and could fall further because of concerns about all supply to keep the troubled economy running. human you have many troubles just
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during the israeli lobby before the twenty twenty a lick should sound like you gave golden heart center ritalin told him otherwise it has nothing to do with national security around complies with the nuclear deal but they want to contain iran for israel safety if turkey can't buy oil from iran sourcing alternative supplies from the united arab emirates or saudi arabia is difficult the turkish government is a leading saudi quit it following the killing of journalists. in the kingdom sconce late in a stumble last year and relations with the u.a.e. are strained since turkish police arrested two a rabs who confessed to be spying for their murat is as a stopgap the turkish government is negotiating with iraq to buy oil only to kick only to wild turkey is trying to make itself understood by its western friends who are protecting its national interest but to put an end to its independence it should focus on renewable energy in the long term turkey try to torpedo their reimposition of u.s.
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sanctions through a gold for all the strategy with iran basically using clear and golden payments to buy a turkey's state bank hot bank another turkish initiative was a cross a swap they are between iran and russia last year and that's bypassing the u.s. financial system but it fails to stall turkey's all supply problem turkey's relations with the us are strange two of the major problems are u.s. support for the kurdish fighters in syria out with turkey calls terrorists and the us stopping deliveries of f. the device that's what plays because turkey refuses to cancel a deal to buy air rushing the missile defense system and with the domestic issues such as weak currency and troubled economy it seems difficult for the turkish government to stand against u.s. sanctions on neighboring iran see now because all of al-jazeera the stumble. in france anti-government protesters marched for the twenty fifth straight. tweek turnout was down dozens of yellow vests demonstrators gathered in paris and other
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cities on saturday earlier in the week though as violence as tens of thousands of them took to the streets on may day hundreds were arrested after the street battles with police proposals by the government to increase tax on fuel triggered the first protests late last year the measure was never put in place but demonstrations continue. the issue of race is very much alive in south africa even twenty five years after the end of apartheid and this time it's members of the reform ruling white minority complaining of discrimination ahead of wednesday's elections for me the miller reports from the northern cape province. it's in this dry dusty and desolate part of the northern cape province that a group of white south africans say they found refuge they call this place eureka only white african speaking people are allowed to settle here but they say they're not racists orcutt's want to paul and his family moved here three months ago he
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says to protect and preserve the africana culture language and way of life we were all building on a dream. but i think progressively. it got worse and it got more difficult and with affirmative action. it made it increasingly difficult. for us as white people to get jobs jobs and also job security you really really sure when you might be retrenched we've not been given permission to film in utica instead we speak to the founder our brand new voter at his home nearby the school is only on a foot or two in europe but you don't mess. only the shoe is no on the other foot and now we are fighting against the racists how can we be racist when it is us who are being forced out of the country they sing against us kill the farmer so everything counts against the white race so who are the racists. so
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far twenty families live here and more homes are being built the local government went to court to stop people here from building any more houses the minutes a palette he says these homes were built without permission and contravene bolding regulations the court agreed but judges are also considering whether or not a town that allows only white afrikaner people to live there should be allowed to exist in a democratic south africa one of the smaller and newly formed political parties black first land first has banned white south africans from joining it we have a blacks organization let us be clear accept white people the party sentiments resonate with some in a country many consider to be one of the most unequal in the world its been accused of exercising discrimination and taken to court the wrong of this country is. the whole economy system is under the media projection of let problems is on to
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black. we are going to the parliament therefore truly presenting your voice of what people do bring a proper lead democracy in a block county where the apartheid system and its policies based on race may have been abolished twenty five years ago many here say they have to live with its legacy and come election day the vote of many south africans will be influenced by race and identity. al-jazeera south africa. thousands of muslims have attended the reopening of a historic mosque destroyed in one thousand nine hundred ninety two as the bosnian war erupted sixteenth century allowed a mosque in the town of four cho was a masterpiece of classical ottoman architecture it was one of many mosques blown up by serb forces during the conflict which tore apart the former yugoslavia i had a muslim population of about twenty thousand today only one thousand remain
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ceremony aim to encourage reconciliation between bosnian serbs and croats communities the king of thailand has been formally crowned more than two years after succeeding his succeeding his father rather than his first speech after the coronation king matter what's your hour long gone urge type people to work together when hate reports from bangkok. after more than two years on the throne which you are long corn was crowned king of thailand by wearing the great crown of victory the sixty six year old formally became the tenth king in the czech read in a city. where you do i shall continue preserve and build upon the royal legacy and show reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the people forever. he was crowned at the start of a three day ceremony steeped in buddhist and hindu rituals. became king in two thousand and sixteen after the death of his father king
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a do new day he reigned for seventy years meaning this was the first royal coronation most thais have known large screens were wrecked around the city but few showed up to watch the ceremony which was held inside the grand palace no official reason was given for the two year wait for the coronation but during that time the new king has been consolidating his position before this coronation the king began to make his mark he took full control of the palace fortune making him one of the richest monarchs in the world and to give them greater power he changed a military drafted constitution after it had passed a public referendum. but there are strict laws designed to protect the monarchy and its reputation and breaking them can lead to a long jail sentence many critics have fled thailand particularly since a two thousand and fourteen coup by the military which is charged with protecting the palace among them was syria chuy's said dan an opponent of the monarchy who
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disappeared from neighboring laos his wife believes he's dead. my has been wanted to see grew ethar democracy because everyone would get their share of resources and go through and far too met with their fair share is who are in power to get out a benefit and ignore people suffering. during the coronation thailand's new queen also received her royal title queen. the palace had only announced two days earlier that the king had married the former flight attendant and deputy head of his body guard unit his fourth marriage on sunday march which you are long gone will be paraded around the old part of the capital giving thais their first chance to see then you. wayne hey al jazeera bangkok.
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time sammy's a down with a look at the headlines here now dizzier four palestinians have been killed including a pregnant mother of fourteen month old baby as israeli warplanes hit the gaza strip the strikes were launched after palestinian fighters fired dozens of rockets into southern israel killing one israeli the youngest brother of algeria's ousted president has been arrested syed beautifully had been algeria's de facto ruler since our village these beautifully suffered a stroke in two thousand and thirteen two former intelligence chiefs are also been taken into custody john yang has released pictures of kim jong un overseeing various rocket launches from the country's east coast the north korean leader told his troops to be on alert south korea's president says he's concerned over the rocket launches but u.s. president donald trump tweeted kim kim jong un doesn't want to break the promises made to him referring to commitments to denuclearize syria and russian
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government forces are continuing to strike rebel factions in the province from what's meant to be a deescalation zone at least twenty two people have been killed the fighting is forcing thousands of people from their homes. the u.s. is again sending mixed messages regarding venezuela after speaking to president vladimir putin this week donald trump downplayed any russian involvement in caracas on saturday his secretary of state contradicted him last month i visited colombia and saw firsthand the misery the murderers created with the russians and cubans help these same scenes of desperation are playing out all across venezuela they must and the time for transition is now. in france anti-government protesters marched for the twenty fifth straight week but turnout was down dozens of yellow vests demonstrators gathered in paris and other cities on saturday earlier in the
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week there was violence as tens of thousands of them took to the streets on may day it's counting the cost now. just look at. the toddler who is now into feuding in libya who is now into feuding in this we don't just look at the underground visited on the iranian foreign minister mohammad jenin siri talks to al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week trump gambles the world economy on shutting down iran's ability to sell oil overseas. but also this week an indestructible phone screen a chinese tech giant and an f.b.i. sting we talked to the inventor who suspects his technology was stolen.
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donald trump's attempts to make iran abandon its nuclear ambitions and change its foreign policy is thwart with danger after ripping up a nuclear agreement with trump is forcing china india and turkey to end imports of crude from the islamic republic trump is gambling that there's an hour for oil from the u.s. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to fill the void but global supplies could be up ended by events in venezuela and libya meaning that trump is pushing the world's economy to the brink we've got three reports for you from beijing catrina you on beijing china is iran's biggest oil but it's entering another round of trade talks with the u.s. and from the straits of hormuz in basra the reports on iran's plans to block sea lanes but we start with mike hanna in washington on saudi arabia's role in the u.s.
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foreign policy. it was a surprise to many when president trump chose riyadh to sit destination of his first international trip in office but two years on it's clear this was more of a signal as to the central role saudi arabia would play in his administration's decision making. driven home when it was made clear the imposition of oil sanctions against iran was done in coordination with a leave other stuff about the details of what the site is in the immoralities have agreed to but i've had conversations the president said conversations with these countries and there they have committed to making sure that there is a sufficient supply in the markets. confirmation of saudi coordination came just days after president trump signaled a major policy reversal in libya in an obvious not to riyadh expressing u.s. support for the saudi backed warlord fighting the internationally recognized government in tripoli the announcement makes clear that saudi arabia is now
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a fulcrum of the united states foreign policy this despite the fact that congress has held saudi arabia responsible for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi as well as for the deaths in the ongoing war in yemen even senior republican leaders have said until these situations are resolved responsibility for the murder of khashoggi is assigned it simply cannot be business as usual the white house simply ignores this position a congressional resolution condemning saudi arabia's actions in yemen the subject of presidential veto in president trump size it seems the relationship with three are more important than that with congress in delhi in one of china's most important ports some twenty million barrels of iranian oil are reportedly stranded waiting to clear chinese customs. with the united states ending waivers on
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a rainy and oil purchases this week the future of the shipment is unclear the u.s. has tightened sanctions on all countries that continue to buy iranian oil after the first of may that includes china iran's biggest customer beijing says there's no justification for the u.s. policy. imposed by the us. roughly a quarter of iran's exported oil is sold to china about half a million barrels a day the two countries have grown closer in recent years president xi jinping mediterranean counterpart in beijing last june just one month after the u.s. imposed sanctions on iran iran is a key supporter of china's built in road infrastructure initiative designed to ease chinese global trade but analysts say china may have no option but to bow to u.s. demands and. the united states is serious in forcing china to pick
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a side the chinese government has to be very careful the timing is critical this week top negotiators from washington arrived in beijing for a new round of trade talks both sides are working to finalize a deal to end escalating tit for tat tariffs which began last year experts say china may give up iranian oil which makes up about seven percent of china's total oil imports to avoid jeopardizing discussions on trade for china now and the most important relation is still it's not with iran it's within us and there are other battles china need to fight in terms of transformative technology. on china is desperate some sort of cutting slack from the u.s. should china stop buying iranian oil it could compensate tehran by boosting trade in other areas if it continues it could do so via
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a backdoor. no in the times to stop buying oil moving some to believe. washington officials and the wind down period or additional wave out of the question. so for iran has responded to u.s. economic pressure with rhetoric at home and diplomacy abroad but since the u.s. said it will not extend sanctions waivers to let iran sell oil to its biggest clients iranian leaders have started hinting at slowing traffic in the strait of hormuz an estimated twenty percent of the world's oil passes through these waterways the mere mention of the name can move markets and raise concerns in global capitals while leaders say if iran can't use the strait to sell its oil no one can they also say they intend to keep the shipping lanes near their shores wide open in everyone's best interest but behind balanced remarks in the waters near iran's southern coast are battle ready. this is as close as we can get to an
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iranian warship the navy takes the security of its vessels very seriously especially around the waters of the strait of hormuz where boats like this have the job of policing traffic in the waterway but also looking out for american warships that any time there are dozens of cargo ships visible on the horizon giving a sense of how much traffic these waterways see on a daily basis the message here is iran considers itself in charge of these waters in the middle of all this is the small but strategic. in the seventeenth century it was home to a fort for the portuguese navy one local guide says it's still the perfect place to monitor and control traffic in the strait some living here worry a conflict could make there quite island. already going yes we are concerned if it happens nothing will remain here families and lives will be destroyed you knew when others doubt it will come to that time. namely that father hasn't been any conflict
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here as long as i remember i don't have any concerns maybe some people do but as far as i can remember nothing has happened to make aspiring. this coastline doesn't have any hotels and it's not teeming with any beach goers the scenic island remains largely in developed perhaps by design we're at the southernmost point of hormuz island now and the waves washing up against this rocky beach that water is from the strait of hormuz this is the strait just here and it is a very picturesque setting there are tourists that are coming through in buses it is a very nice place but make no mistake for the government this place serves the function of a pressure point backed into a corner iran's leaders say they will respond in the u.s. will be to blame for whatever comes next the point is centuries old places like this as a reminder that they faced foreigners at their shores before and if pushed they can
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do it again so what will be the impact on the global economy and do sanctions hurt the nation imposing them in this case should iran carry out its threat to blockade the persian gulf for that matter what if oil stops flowing from other hot spots like libya and venezuela well oil prices could shoot up to one hundred dollars a barrel that could shave nor point six percent off world growth and inflation could rise by north point seven percent stretched u.s. consumers have already seen gas prices rise seven percent this month to two dollars eighty nine cents a gallon they could rise further crimping growth since the u.s. cut ties with iran after the one nine hundred seventy seven revolution it's been estimated to have lost export revenues of one hundred seventy five billion dollars from one thousand nine hundred five to two thousand and twelve that translates into sixty six thousand job opportunities lost on average per year joining us now from washington d.c. via skype is the. sure he sarah is the founder and president of energy
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international good to have you with us once again sorrow prices have risen by what a third this year in part due to these sanctions wave is one of the consequences for the world economy of these full sanctions now being implemented well on the world economy if the sanctions cause the price spike then it's going to have impacts on a one economy of course well at this point us at the destruction is hoping that saudi arabia u.a.e. opec members would increase their production and they're hoping that there's not going to be a significant price rise from the sanctions in may. we shall wait and see but saudi arabia says that it's not ready to make up the lost production from iran and that the u.s. could only what replace about a quarter of of that i mean this isn't looking good is it. well actually first of all to begin with can u.s. substitute iranian oil really know because the crude quality matters and even our
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crude oil is heavy u.s. crude oil is the really the best match for iran in cool oily saudi crude oil and the closest the other is u.a.e. so these only closest crude types to iranian are current quality for the refiners you find areas cannot easily change their diet but what we're expecting is that saudi arabia before november before the first sets of sanctions into the implementation in two thousand and eighteen it raced in production but suddenly it's only those surprised by the eight waivers that were announced by the u.s. administration so based on the are waiting actually two well today's may second but if they're waiting to see that how much actually iranian oil supply is going to be excluded from the market how much iran can smuggle or sell informally and if u.s. government would come up with some sort of sanctions some sort of waivers formally or informally so they would wait and see how much actually iranian oil supply is
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going to be removed from the market and then act accordingly to manage in the market and substitute iranian oil but it only takes one event to spook the markets only a week or so ago russia had to tell europeans that the oil pump through a pipeline was contaminated you look at the other unpredictable things that are going on right now in libya and in venezuela is there going to be blowback here for the united states and the president trump it's a very very good question because even if we have saudi arabian opec covering for iranian oil again most of the substitution would come from saudi arabia and some he really is a country and major opec member that has their highest the serapis spare capacity in a market so if they want to saudi arabia to cover for iranian oil that it's a spare capacity and opec and russia then if there is any other event the market would not have enough spare capacity to cover for that and to in and in a.


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