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are you looking for then from regional mediators like egypt international mediators and so on who have previously brokered cease fires in the past what will you be looking for them to do at this point. with the bone that first of all the international committee is keeping silent for the clothes israel i expect the from united this story for united nations now to do something in order to release a leaflet not to say i am worry i am concerned about the situation here the people the citizen the children are killed by the target the so i expect the from the national community at least to criticize the crimes of israel and also expect the from our brothers in egypt and the from mr mlodinow as a result did of united nations in order to understand that they should not give is there any chance in order to continue their aggression against our people they should push make much more pressure on israel to stop its targeting the civilians
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on the borders are good as peaceful demonstrators and also to push on now to take a decision to put on for the siege what this is what we need is to put an end for the siege and the blockade and call it the punishment again is the policy of people otherwise the said we will continue our struggle we would resist again as a corporation we will fight against a completion and we will never stop. to speak with you. as a hammock joining us from gaza. iran is vying to bypass u.s. sanctions on its major oil customers by using the so-called gray market that is legal but unofficial export methods rants deputy or oil minister says all resources are being mobilized to continue the exports after the us lifted sanctions waivers on iranian oil importers including china and india iran is dismissing the american accusations of using the oil revenues to destabilize the middle east let's talk now
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two men who chair here are attacking he is an international or oil and energy consultant and a former research offset opec in vienna he joins us now from london thanks very much for being with us. roger the ridiculous so just explain to us how how does this so-called. great markets work out is it operate. well the united states wants to twist arms and stop the exports and customers might want to buy oil iran might load itself and reduce if they leave very. it might be stopped by united states shipping or others i think. within the us the sea trade there are hundreds of tankers moving around here and there and the tankers go through different ports load and unload and so on so it is tracking of
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all these things which may not be one hundred percent definite and accurate as united states wants and also there are ways and means that we have read in the newspapers that the tankers when they get off into the open sea they may switch off some of their signals and so on so they would not be tracked and then changed name changed papers i am no expert but these have happened before in the last few years iran has been on their sanction and iran has been exporting its oil but of course there would be less than it would have been otherwise is this legal or is this part of the the so-called gray area. well it is a gray area but united states is doing is eagle to get out of it iran wants to do the best it can now searching has as you know this newspaper say switching the signal navigation signal would be of course against the safety of the of the tank which is doing it it is not illegal i am nor legal expert but when you are put in
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a corner you try to do the best you can to iran wants to do the best you can to export its oil and it has been successful to some extent in the past. in two thousand and twelve and so on iranian exports did not cease and the same in the last six months nine months on their u.s. pressure the exports were supposed to have fallen they were about off surely by some sources one million two hundred thousand one million one hundred other sources say that the last six nine months iran has been exporting one million nine hundred thousand it shows that you cannot control but of course this is the disadvantage of the u.s. and of iran as well the united states having to buy and use other sources of oil supply then the wall oil supply would not have a spare capacity so in case there is an accident something that the prices would shoot up so that the spirit capacity would disappear because they are closing iranian exports and using other sources and that would make the price go up even if
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you know only on sanctions sanctions on iran do not operate so it is through the disadvantage of both sides could to get your perspective on this matter of checking tack in there joining us there from london thanks very much for being with us. ah plenty more ahead on the news out. of our robot ride to south korea celebrating the best of all it's all about were overshadowed by the. bad news for gamers in iraq looking for a virtual escape. plus it's getting hard it's getting to the business end of the season in the football leagues around europe or we'll have that later in sport. so that's still ahead but first rebel held areas in northwest syria are being
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attacked for six successive day by government forces and russian warplanes. at least one civilian was killed in the bombardment on sunday this raises the number of people killed so far in the offensive to twenty three people activists say around twenty five areas were targeted in and how many provinces. of taliban fighters have attacked a police headquarters in northern afghanistan suicide bomber blew his vehicle up in the city of poorly how many in the battle and province are the fighters then opened fire on security forces the youngest brother who is ousted president is under arrest sayed to flee was the country's effective ruler after his brother abdulaziz suffered a stroke six years ago katia lopez hold i am reports. another well known face of algeria as a lead under arrest sign beautifully go was detained on saturday after
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a police investigation he's the youngest brother an advisor of former president of the law says beautifully who was ousted last month for sixty one year old site has effectively been the country's leader for the past six years since his brother suffered a stroke the main architects of the part of the financial problems that has been yeah having seen it for the twenty the last twenty years you know the guy is that he's six and that custody. of her as you do though the head of the army up my kind college has vowed to arrest and prosecute corruption suspects the police have recently detained several prominent algerian businessmen linked to beautifully ghost inner circle mouse was. the latest mass protests demanding change were held in the capital on friday for the eleventh successive week and. the arrest of sign would afleet there has been a long running demand of the demonstrators. these protests and pressure from the
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military force beautifully cut to end this twenty year rule because high ranking officials a link to his regime have also been ousted the demonstrators say that's not enough we are very skeptical and we are very cynical toward the situation because it doesn't really satisfy or you or he doesn't really respond to people demands which is the the complete dismantlement of the former regime. algeria's presidential election is scheduled for july fourth but critics say the electoral framework is tainted with corruption and nepotism a complete overhaul is needed they say for fair and democratic elections. the opposition hasn't publicly announced its support for alternative candidates but most agree anyone connected to the ousted president including the interim president and prime minister should not feel empowered cuts the locus of the young ages here
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. of south africa's ruling party has held its final rally before wednesday's general election president cyril ramaphosa is ending campaigning in johannesburg the african national congress has been marred by allegations of corruption facing a challenge on the democratic alliance as well as the economic freedom fighters harty. of the f.f.c. is also holding a rally in janice burg malcolm webb is there for us so malcolm what message do leaders there have for support as. the leader of the very prettily is malema speaking right now if you at least promise to get over equality we're going to be putting a lot of the racial divide why did it all very odd even the racial divide divide like this.
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is one of the ways that they were. africa's. arsenal i think. he's risen very quickly since it was first for the earlier. caller a massacre. on the floor. of the presidential candidate or an accident. the big talking the only critic over there is a move to russia or the abramoff. relationship. with the growly not massacre of mind and that was about seventy. a lot of properties here. have had a handful of tainted mob and for the last election which was just the elements for this in the period called jesting i got about ten to said. that they tried to take
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my time out my know you were only at the ruling party rally the a.n.c. what did you hear there. similar situation with a couple of tens of thousands of people who cannot get a stadium gray lightly corralled. for the run across the spectrum a bill that you probably heard they say would be the only about the little program in the south africa a little over about everything in the way regarding the. baby the corruption the there's a lot of little ongoing process services out of deliveries that ever get that they were delivering lovely they would love for others and applied to be a key issue for many south african to overdramatize. the the only doctor even if it's not as many south africans believe that is the year that is why they have back for another opposition party the pick a lot of enemies of the. brain to suppress the baby the pride their perfect mate
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with the. now they get the same side of life. that really would you think as well for the if it involves a medic that i'm going to they believe that the likelihood just about leaving the door of the apartment because like it's just to get out of the city that's the vibe with the election but with a smaller didn't have a full the following the movies or the little event of accounts that leah wrote it created a very strong people base that it is a joint effort to. be nice to people when it was widely credited with bringing that to the white minority rule. thank you malcolm webb in johannesburg. divisions of a race in south africa still suffering twenty five years after the end of apartheid millions of black south africans say they're still struggling to reap benefits but white some white nationalists say they're now the ones facing discrimination and need
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a miller reports from the northern cape province. it's in this dry dusty and desolate part of the no. and k. province that a group of white south africans say they found refuge they call this place utica only white afrikaans speaking people are allowed to settle here but they say they're not racists orcutt's want to paul and his family moved here three months ago he says to protect and preserve the africana culture language and way of life we were all building on a dream. but i think for aggressively. it got worse and it got more difficult and with affirmative action. it made it increasingly difficult. for us as white people to get jobs to secure jobs and also job security you really really sure when you might be retrenched we've not been given permission to film in utica instead we speak to the founder our brand new boat at his home nearby the
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school is only on a foot or first but you don't wash. only the shoe is no on the other foot and now we are fighting against the racists how can we be racist when it is us who are being forced out of the country they sing against us kill the farmer so everything counts against the white race so who are the racists. so far twenty families live here and more homes are being built the local government went to court to stop people here from building any more houses the minister palettes he says these homes were built without permission and contravene bolding regulations the court agreed but judges are also considering whether or not a town that allows only white afrikaner people to live there should be allowed to exist in a democratic south africa one of the smaller and newly formed political parties black first land first has banned white south africans from joining it we have a blacks organization let us be clear accept white people the party sentiments
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resonate with some in a country many consider to be one of the most unequal in the world it's been accused of exercising discrimination and taken to court the wrong of this country is anti black hole you couldn't exist to miss. the media projection of let problems is on to black. we are going to the parliament therefore truly presenting a real voice of for people to bring a proper left democracy in a black country where the apartheid system and its policies based on race may have been abolished twenty five years ago many here say they have to live with its legacy and come election day the vote of many south africans will be influenced by race and identity. al-jazeera south africa all right time now for the weather and cold and windy conditions in the mediterranean steph is it may or is it december taken over these pictures because you think where in the middle of winter we've got
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a lot of very cold air that's flowing across many. parts of europe at the moment and we've seen a lot of snow these pictures are from germany couple of centimeters of snow there in the southern parts but that's not the only place that we've seen some snow we've also seen plenty of wintery weather over parts of france and in parts of switzerland as well look at all the snow that we've got there on the tops of all those buildings but it's weather's been cold so it's a very very windy those cold air streams are coming in and a bit of a rush you can see the speckled of snow showers there working their way southward those being brought in by a strong winds minutes working all the way down to the southern parts of france and into parts of italy as well this is what it looks like you must say at the moment we've got winds gusting up to one hundred kilometers per hour we're also seeing winds that strong in parts of northern italy too and in the northeastern parts of italy we're seeing an awful lot of lightning so there's the snow at the moment then
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most of the snow is on the northern edge of this air stream as it streams its way northward southward sorry and then to the south of all of that we've got lots and lots of thunderstorms and all of this is working its way eastward so we'll see some very thundering and very disturbed weather in the southeast corner over the next few days but the snow fortunately looks like it's over as a. thanks there now still ahead on our use it up. we'll tell you why protesters in sudan are getting closer to having their demands met. and will it be him or her the runoff election for president is underway in a newly named republic. plus for the first time in history the fosters force of the kentucky derby doesn't win the race gold will be here to explain. why i am a fish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through
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the eyes of the world's janet that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase or. the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine the listening post on al-jazeera. until now the coverage of latin america most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies. and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway but i would have months of demanding it when it's a case of system that was introduced. in latin america al-jazeera has come to fill a void that needed to be stilled. i
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don't get on your watch. zero a reminder of our top stories israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is ordering the military to continue its attacks on gaza nine palestinians have been killed the latest israeli strikes came out after palestinian fighters fired hundreds of rockets into southern israel four people in israel were also killed. palestinians have started burying those who were killed in this latest flare up of violence israel has denied responsibility for the death of a pregnant woman and a fourteen month old child. iran is vowing to use what it calls the gray market to bypass u.s.
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sanctions for oil customers that would involve using a legal but unofficial channel to export oil on thursday the u.s. lifted sanctions waivers on eight countries that imported iranian oil. for south korea is concerned about the latest weapons tests in north korean state media in north korea saying kim jong un watched rocket launches on saturday u.s. president donald trump treated that kim doesn't want to break his promise on denuclearization i mean tar all is a former u.s. state department diplomat specializing in north korea he says trump's focus on economic growth in north korea will not be enough for it to give up nuclear weapons . there is a belief that north korea desperately wants to bolster its economy and that if only it would get great economic aid from the united states it would completely denuclearize and the united states is certainly right that economic incentives do
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matter in some way to north korea especially partial sanctions relief but it certainly will not get north korea to completely give up its nuclear weapons the president said a deal will happen but i see no evidence that we are anywhere close to a nuclear deal with north korea north korea probably does not have the domestic political space to take any of the bold risks or maneuver maneuvers that would restart the diplomatic process and washington for its part has not been creative enough or flexible enough to really take advantage of this diplomatic process and get us closer to the deal it has always been the case in both the obama administration and the trumpet ministration that with an issue this important and this high profile the white house takes the lead and it sets a general policy direction and the state department really implements it drives diplomacy it comes up with ideas but the direction is at the white house level president trump and his subordinates have been on completely separate parallel
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tracks on north korea and it almost seems like they don't consult each other or accord innate their message and that's a huge difference from past administrations and that i think has a lot to do with the dysfunction we've seen in u.s. north korea diplomacy and it's very concerning. it is the traditional time of year to celebrate and borders birthday the national holiday in south korea is emphasizing peace and harmony with the north despite the firing of more rockets on the bride reports from the capital seoul. at the end of what's been an eventful twelve months on the korean peninsula but his birthday seemed like a timely moment for peaceful reflection. it is traditionally marked in south korea with elaborate lantern displays and this year's theme of world peace is especially fitting. to his hold out on the on the cutting edge with prepared this year's festival with the goal of peace on the korean peninsula and in the world by
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overcoming conflicts with a buddhist spirit of mercy. reconciliation between the two koreas has led to combined sports teams including for the olympics train lines have been linked in the hope of running services the length of the korean peninsula and beyond. but there have also been setbacks. during the year there have been quite remarkably sri into korean summits and to us north korea silence in between these milestones moments there have also been periods relative calm and this is one of those love between february's failed summit in hanoi and no clear way forward on restarting talks between the u.s. and north korea. the truce village of pam and john separating the two careers has a new look just reopened to visiting tool groups the soldiers from both sides no
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longer wear helmets or carry guns and i think that what you'll see here is a place that can foster trust building in confidence i hope we can spread across the korean peninsula the chance to stroll along the foot bridge where the leaders of the two koreas met during their landmark first summit just over a year ago. and friendly waves from the tall groups on the northern side. but there's also a growing awareness that the attitude of the north korean leadership has recently become a lot cooler towards the south and the towards the u.s. there's been a return to some of the outright hostility of the past. that supported by saturday's weapons test with south korea calling on its northern neighbor to stop activities that could escalate military tensions. join into this holiday is tainted with uneasiness about what's to come. robert bright
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al-jazeera so. in sudan a leading member of the opposition is opposing the draft constitution put forward by others in the coalition for freedom and change omar party leader. says the draft does not outline how military leaders will hand over power to civilians mohamed atta is lifeless now in khartoum and mohammed how how significant is this apparent rift then within the protests fashion. well quite significant hossam what. these say has also been called by the communist witch issued a statement expressing similar sentiments and to the effect that they are not speaking from the same page reading from the same page as the sudanese professional association which had taken its vision of a new suit done to the transitional military council these of course confirming the
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worst fears of the people of sudan that they either split within the opposition forces of course these thirteen things the hum of the military council and it was fearful for the published mint of a joint transitional council with the opposition forces it also weakens voices of the protesters who've been comping outside the military council for weeks of course these two sides one of them a civil society organ which is the sudanese professional association and done scores two and bertie's have been brought together only by will need to remove president bush it from power and now we are seeing a situation where they are heading in different directions earlier this morning the sudanese professional association issued a statement saying that the opposition parities was seeking quick gains from the
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negotiations but the protesters still united and saying that they will not leave until they get what they want. these no letup in porto since we've done public anger is the transitional military council is in no way willing dollars even if it's gone look an impasse between the military council and the discontinue the protesters say they have confidence in their actions than any other process. well it also got you know i mean is that the regulation out here that's why we are pushing no faith in the you do not discriminate against anyone we will win the war from right. these a festive mood here families have come hoping to be part of history all sing the military council is exhausting work for some. the big companies out here paul weeks they're angry and tommy was in there almost endless chanting the military council
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does it he got it as close as that is former president bush mcghee said i skated had them seen the military have ruled us for all these years and we have nothing to show for it except in justice that a civilian government is what we urgently need. this people are the ones before place that they want to help remove from our present moment. they say there are more possible we're told will be more the silence nothing very right will hold them back a deadline issued by the military for the removal of body kits from roads bridges and. lobster but is it over removing them the protesters reinforced the body creates a hose you know when the tsunami hit with i mean we will never remove the barricades because they're here for our security checkpoints we have not people with weapons or drugs wishing to cause people harm we counted chances. the daily demonstrations
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in the square how much they did in the bridge to. talk with admitted. that his wife who doesn't seem to evolution of his thinking and the them see. how about the world as it up to saddam. how the runoff election for a new president is underway in the newly renamed republic of north macedonia candidates from the governing social democrats and the opposition conservatives failed to win an outright majority in last month's election both parties have argued over the recent name change aimed at ending the long running dispute with greece and its own province of macedonia. of venezuela's opposition leader has made another appeal for soldiers to break ranks with president nicolas maduro but up to now they've resisted the calls. that i said oh has more from caracas. where you are. are venezuela it's now or never that's the message from sanchez to this
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police officer back us. up but it sounds like a pretty from someone who is tired of the ongoing crisis in the country. there's so much needed in our neighborhoods people cannot eat there's no medicine no security and they know it because they have family my husband died because we can find medicine. from all across crack us small groups of people headed to the headquarters of the navy the army the police and the bolivarian national guard responding to opposition leader call to go out and convince them to switch sides people have come here to hand in a document but also distributing leaflets like this one to talk about an amnesty door that has been offered to those who rebel against the government except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes the regular security forces did not take the message well.
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the government is not taking challenged to press it and. they deployed hundreds of security forces around the capital. afeared own state t.v. leading military exercises also showing the armed forces remain loyal to him. feel that not only will you know but look out a handful of traitors can tarnish the owner union question an image of the bolivarian national an armed forces in front of the people of the word no say no to traders out with the traitors and those in the fifth battalion. the united states says it has been trying to negotiate. it with defense minister by the no locus and others in government. they were supposed to be part of the uprising alongside why they all but things did not work out as the opposition leader planned some say
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those negotiations were a trap carefully planned with the assistance of the cuban intelligence services. congressman winston florida says they will continue pressuring the government. forces are infiltrated by the cubans the russians and by intelligence agencies their relatives are persecuted there's a lot of pressure but we will continue we will take our message to the families of the armed forces and everyone else we need to we are civilians asking for change. a message that resonates across venezuela mostly because of the enormous economic crisis the country is now and. there is a war. in france antigovernment protesters marched for the twenty fifth consecutive week turnout was down thousands of yellow vests demonstrators gathered in paris and
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other cities proposals from the government to increase tax on the fuel triggered the first protest late last year the measure was never put in place the demonstrations continue. and unidentified body has been found in benyon after two french tourists and their guide were reported missing on wednesday they disappeared in the pen just a pen jerrie national park in the north near the border with a fast so the french government had warned citizens against traveling to the area because groups linked to i saw an al qaeda operate there. security forces are out in heavy numbers in the city of coke cotonou in ben in after two days of protests soldiers broke out demonstrations with gunfire after your position called for last sunday's parliamentary election to be an old all the seats there one by the only two parties allowed to take part both allied to president.


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