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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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a unified palestinian authority back to the gaza strip and from there we can start talking about how to reopen gaza's borders to allow tricky for law movement of people and good. but it's certainly not going to come from washington it could come from cairo it could come from other regional actors perhaps europe but it's not going to come from us and how that are going to joining us from arlington thank you so much for your time. thanks here's what's coming up for you on this news hour priest storm planning saved many lives when cycling funny hit india but one of the hundreds of thousands it did leave one. saddam's military announces plans for change the opposition still unconvinced and in sport we will find out how chelsea secured a spot for next season's champions league. at
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least forty one people have died in russia after a plane in flames made an emergency landing extraordinary pictures here of that moment the stricken aircraft returned to moscow's sure but the over airport captured by an amateur cameraman fire broke out minutes after the air flight flight took off for months in northern russia nobody from my look down there was seventy three passengers and five crew members twenty eight passengers are now at the airport terminal investigators on psychologists are working with them five people have been hospitalized thirty seven out of seventy eight people on board of the plane survived thirty three passengers and four crew members. very pleased to have john goglia with us now former member of the n.t.s.b. the national transportation safety board he's in newton massachusetts for us mr gurley obviously there is a lot of speculation at this point it is very very early in the piece how ever when you looked at those pictures for the first time what what instinctively did you
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think about what was going on there because it's quite extraordinary to see a plane landing in flames my goodness. certainly is unusual to have that kind of fire engulfed the airplane so early after it landed now it's not clear whether or not it was a fire on board prior to landing or not because just too early some of the eyewitnesses were stating that there was no fire until the airplane had landed and they also have stated that the airplane had bounced on landing which may indicate that they may have broken some of the structure of the airplane and a lot of the mass of fuel leaks that that kind of firewood would need to support it now. it does look like the airplane is still on its landing year and it also. they are really reports said that he didn't have time to to jettison our dump any fuel from the airplane which means it was probably made an overweight landing so
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they'll be taking a look at the investigators will be taking a close look at that what the airplane weighed when it landed and if the structure broke on landing to provide the fuel for that kind of fire that intensity of the fire extraordinary ok what can you tell us about the plane the type of plane and the airline itself because i think you know our viewers are probably familiar with the bombings in a bus of this world this was a plane i believe which people are probably not the know as much about. right it's a fairly new airplane it's been built flying since two thousand and eight it has been very reliable early on they had an accident that was attributable to the flight crew making a grave mistake on a demo demonstration flight but otherwise it's had a very good record this i believe is the third accident in total for this type of
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airplane and so it's been proven to be a pretty reliable platform so it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of it the russians have put a lot of faith in this airplane not only for their domestic use but also to export it internationally and so any time they have an accident like this it's going to call into question. the manufacturing and the safety of the airplane and how we in the familiar situation of his having to wait for the black box recorders the flight deck recorders because again as i look at those pictures the sort of think well that's maybe not going to be a whole lot of debris to actually sift through because it's all been you know destroyed by the final. yes it. was my concern as well that through the intensity of the fire it may consume a lot of physical evidence so we'll have to wait and see i didn't see any. rescue
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equipment in the early pictures at the scene so that may be an issue as well where was the equipment and what kind of equipment that they have available to put the fire out so that the look but the recorders will give us some indication and this type of x. and i think the the cockpit voice recorder may be most beneficial. very early in the pace but great to get your expertise junglee thank you so much for joining us. the u.s. president don't trump is stepping up pressure on china to reach a trade deal he has announced tariff increases on chinese goods trump said tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products would rise to twenty five percent on friday he's on the take us through this want to correct it was the ten percent was the level previously so how significant is this this new threat. it's very significant to come all because if president donald trump follows through
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on this twitter threat it would essentially mean this and it's pretty remarkable it would mean that virtually every good that is imported to the u.s. from china would face some sort of terror i mean that's pretty incredible to think about that and this is what trump was laying out this is why it's caught many people by surprise as you mentioned he would increase he said from twitter he would increase from ten percent to twenty five percent tariff on nearly two hundred billion in chinese goods but then he went on to also say that he would add an additional twenty five percent on another three hundred twenty five billion dollars of of imports they currently don't have a tariff on it's you add all that up and it's pretty significant this is clearly president trump's way to try to get china to relent to bring them back to the negotiating table all that we've heard is that there was a deal perhaps that could be done imminently so clearly something is not right
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clearly trump has been told by his negotiators with today or within the last day or so that they are not nearly as close as what many people had thought and how have the markets reacted to this one because donald trump loves to point to the success of the economy under his leadership. yeah he really does have these things called the future trading markets and what that is it is allows traders to speculate or hedge on what they think their ias components of the market are going to do when they open on monday or the next day those dow futures market after trump made this threat was down four hundred points on sunday at one point almost down to five hundred points the s. and p. futures dropped to over one percent the nasdaq futures up one point five percent that doesn't seem like a lot you say one point five percent that's not a lot it is actually in futures trading so this signals that traders were caught off guard wall street was caught off guard and that it signals that this could be a very rough week in the stock markets here and here ahead again this is
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a trade war between the two biggest economies of the world so there's it would it will and is and could affect really all of the economies of the world if they don't get this straightened out but clearly they still have a lot of work to be done it's important to point out that the chinese trade negotiators will be in washington this week so we should get a better idea if they're going to strike a deal or not here in the coming days thank you for all those details gebril is on in washington the u.s. secretary state might says russia's government should stop intervening in venezuela and pay its comments comments he is expected to meet russia's foreign minister in finland this week. i'm going to meet with foreign minister lavrov in a couple of days we'll have more conversations about this the objective was very clear we want the iranians we want the russians we want the cubans out that's also what has to take place in order for venezuelan democracy to be restarted but then russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov hit back with this response. to this we now
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see an unprecedented campaign led by the united states in order to overthrow the legitimate venezuelan government we condemn this campaign which seriously violates all the principles of international law provided by the united nations statute. and as the war of words between the u.s. and russia plays out over venezuela opposition supporters have gathered in the capital caracas to hold a vigil for those killed in fact these are live pictures of that future. again a vigil for those killed in the ongoing efforts to overthrow president in the last matilda. pope francis is being urged by campaigners to return to his native argentina to deal with revelations of child sexual abuse committed by roman catholic clergy to international organizations campaigning on the issue are in argentina meeting victims there are calling for clergy involved in abuse to be removed from office and then prosecuted daniel reports from.
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these are victims of abuse by catholic church clergy those who have found the strength to speak out to demand justice they say there are many many more who are still too traumatized still summoning up the courage to talk. for ten years i could not speak about what had happened to me throughout my adolescence i could not put it into words i couldn't ask anyone for help. thirteen years old when he was sexually assaulted by a priest at his school he did finally manage to name his abuser who have ventured he was tried and jailed richard fifty more knew of our testimonies our voices and stories in public stimulation energize other victims to lose the shame to feel that they can share and take a step forward but the tide he says is turning in argentina and around the world activists from the united states are in argentina to meet victims to share experiences of
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a global scandal if we can cite several cases where bishops recently have refused to disclose information to prosecutors about crimes by their priests. and they can get away with it here because they operate with legal impunity. that has to change if the church here is going to become lawful and if it's ever going to become safe for kids ninety six priests in argentina have been accused of sexual abuse but it's estimated there are hundreds more just a ham for the been prosecuted and thrown out of the church only now is the full extent of abuse in the catholic church. into the open as more and more of these victims speak out so why they're asking is the vatican not listening to them not doing more to tackle the scourge of child abuse. the head of the roman catholic church pope francis has called the abuses ravenous wolves who must prepare for divine justice zero tolerance frank this needs to get back here
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early zero tolerance. that is assaulted a child. and i think. that's up from their responsibility. then message is that if he can't tackle the issue in his own country which he's not visited since he became pope in two thousand and thirteen he won't be able to deal with the scandal in the rest of the world in the meantime the voices of the abused only growing louder. when osiris it is saunders is the founder of the national association for people abused in childhood and told us pope francis needs to go to his home country and properly address this issue. my friends and colleagues are in argentina to stand alongside argentinean survivors who have been largely ignored.
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in fact totally ignored by pope francis i think he needs to go home i think he needs to go home and i think he needs to meet with his people and i think he needs to meet with the survivors and victims of these crimes in his in his home country but there are things that the pope and i was in rome a couple of months ago where again there was a summit of bishops from around the world including bishops from from argentina lots of talk going on lots of commitment to work to continuing to talk but actually no firm commitment to make real change in the things those two things that really simple things that the pope can do one is to change canon law he can do that at the stroke of a pen to exclude permanently anybody who abuses children and anybody such as a cardinal or a bishop or a pope who covers up for those crimes they must be excluded from the church permanently they cannot possibly have that place of privilege but equally important
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the church if it is serious must hand over all the information that it holds about abusers to the civil authorities. these ten people were killed ninety injured on sunday in rebel held northwest syria which continues to be bombed by government forces along with russian warplanes a volunteer with the white helmets rescue is also died this weekend in an airstrike on a village in italy province which has now been under attack for six days and an underground hospital was hit as well by an airstrike knocking it out of service. at least twenty security forces have been killed dozens wounded in a car bombing in northern afghanistan officials say armed fighters belonging to the taliban entered the police headquarters after the blast and then opened fire on security forces this is in police committee the taliban has stepped up its attacks on police and troops even as it holds those direct negotiations with the united states to end seventeen years of war in afghanistan. the united nations world
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food program says it has gained access to food aid in the yemeni port city of hard data or after delaying the mission for security reasons food agency accused the rebels of blocking access to a mill warehouse in april fifty one thousand tons of wheat have been stored at the warehouse to feed more than three million people affected by the war for months a sudan's ruling military council says it will publish its plan for the country's transition on monday as anti-government protests continue the military and protest leaders are deadlocked over who would control the government coalition of opposition parties have submitted draft proposals for a way forward morgan has more now from khartoum. the opposition coalition are currently divided on a number of issues but one thing they're united on is that they want the military council to hand over power to civilian rule some mediators have stepped in in the middle to try to mediate between the military council and the opposition coalition and the question is now between the opposition coalition if that should be accept
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that mediation or not the mediators have offered to have two counsels during the transitional period one of them being called the security and defense council and the other being the transitional civilian council the security and defense council is proposed to have a military majority with civilian representation and the transitional council should have a civilian majority with material presentation right now the opposition parties are trying to figure out should be accept to count on or not and try to sort out the differences on how much representation should the civilians get and how much of a presentation should the military get if they have a single independent transitional government meanwhile thousands continue to protest in front of the army headquarters ahead of ramadan they are saying that they will be there many of them coming from various states across the country saying that for them if the military council does not hand over power the city and the protests will continue so at the moment a divided opposition is trying to sort out their differences to bridge their gap to try to unite before they face the military council with a single demand of having
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a civilian transitional government while thousands continue to protest waiting for their demand to become a reality break on the news hour when we come back and eat and armies the standoff with soldiers still on the streets have been enough to use of election related projects bad news for gamers in iraq looking for a virtual scope and see what the government is banning a popular online video game and another tournament another bizarre display by this instrument can explode you know it's coming up it's on in space. without. some rather lively weather into eastern parts of the us lots of cloud here tornadoes large hail last all making its way away dry a quater weather comes in behind it only for a time like the most of monday that is going to be lost he settled in sunny along
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the eastern seaboard brought to skies nineteen celsius there for new york twenty one more of the border into onto and into some clout that just around on pushing down across the lakes into the great plains the central plains seeing a little more the way of class and storm spring up here i'm a will gather they will become a little more role in eyes as we go on through choose to eventually that will push its way further aist not seep out ahead of that twenty one in new york i seventy and found twenty eight there for a day seeing warmest still left for atlanta meanwhile we're around seventeen or eighteen just around the west coast there for san francisco and for a way almost twenty two celsius there for seattle system pleasant sunshine for western parts of the u.s. and western parts of canada was a part of the caribbean seeing a fair amount of cloud some of that cloud producing some showers there into central america much of the caribbean itself will be settled and dry some fair weather cloud coming through here atop temperature in kingston of thirty one degree celsius .
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al-jazeera. and for you. my main reason every weekly news anchor brings a series of breaking stories and of course there's donald trump town through the eyes of the well. it's generally that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means she joined the least named post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were brought on the stories that matter the most in battle is
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a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. this is the news hour from al-jazeera and these are our top stories egypt and carter are trying to mediate a cease fire to end the latest flare up between israel and gaza al-jazeera understands the sides have agreed on most conditions still dispute over one issue though twenty four palestinians and four israelis have been killed as days of rocket fire threaten to push the two sides into all out war. peace forty one people have died in russia after a plane in flames made an emergency landing the fire broke out minutes after the aeroflot flight took off from moscow bound for months in northern russia. and
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top diplomats from the u.s. and russia have exchanged criticism over the other's involvement in the crisis in venezuela might compel moscow to stop intervening ok lavrov described the u.s. as support to overthrow nicolas maduro as illegal under un law the two now expected to meet in finland this week. back to our top story the tension in gaza or no matter what side of the border they're on this escalation has been a frightening experience for residents of gaza and israel we talked to eric yellen earlier he is an israeli computer expert living instead about. i live about three kilometers from the gaza border and since. early yesterday morning we've been going through a very rough time i'm going out rockets coming into gaza and we hear also the blasts in gaza from israel you know what we call the red alert so it's it's
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a loud speaker saying the words red alert. and as soon as we hear that since we are very close to the doesn't work we have up to fifteen seconds to go into hiding. if there is a safe room or a shelter nearby then we run into that shelter if there isn't a shelter that we just need to lie flat on the ground and that that's what happens if you're out in the street or in the supermarket or and where not you're a shelter and on the gaza side we spoke to mohammed abu souther a political scientist lives in gaza with his wife and children and tell us he's ready bombs dropped just meters from his house well the past forty eight hours i have been and i can be up in the gaza strip israel have been about it many many in a building that many many have introductory which is not very far away from her. most of some of the farming up to face of the fact that if i want to know about
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five hundred meters from my apartment building life is known to get a lot of money you know and the gazans cupidity shucked off. my family my wife and kids have been locked inside the apartment old in the world as a result of these my gardening. africa's ruling final rally before wednesday's general election president. ending his campaigning in johannesburg. hoping to retain the power. of the allegations of corruption that's facing a challenge from the democratic alliance as well as the economic freedom. this is the final. south africa's ruling africa.
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will in one thousand nine hundred forty one every election but it's a. series of corruption scandals. that the liberal. will say. still comes with it he. didn't budge and. some of. the opposition economic freedom fighters doesn't agree he was pushed out of the sea about six years ago his policies rapidly risen ever since the last election five years ago for the state's involvement to see. proceedings to change the course of south african politics.
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for corruption promising to nationalize south africa's. hundreds. of unknown time for the first opponent and. movement and the reason it wasn't just on duty right now we. i think there is that would never come back up at me. south africa's largest opposition party the democratic alliance now that final rally on saturday the last parliament are just over a fifth of the seats but she. says it's been steadily but slowly increasing but in spite of the other growing criticisms there and see disenfranchisement amongst many of its supporters are still many more they were strictly loyal anybody in polls suggesting many south africans believe they come wednesday's poll the
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a.n.c. will keep its majority with a smaller margin than ever before. now security forces are out in bed means largest city cuts on the after two days of election related protests thursday soldiers broke out demonstrators with gunfire killing at least one protester the opposition is calling for the an element of last sunday's parliamentary election which only two parties both loyal to president patrice tell him were actually allowed to take part in it was hawk reports from qatar now in a warning you may find the first images in his report disturbing. the moment after shots were fired outside former president yeah you go in his home on the ground his mother of six prudence i'm assuming she died soon after with us were two of her daughters her eldest grace and her nine month old son the from grace saw a military commander take out a pistol and shoot her mother in the back he said that that's. what can i do to it
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all happened so quickly he will never go to jail and we never have a mother back. grace and her five siblings are now orphans the fifteen year old girl is now in charge of the family the military continues to patrol the commercial capital could a new and they don't want to be filmed we've avoided several military checkpoints and now we're on the streets where you. lives he's made no public statements since his press conference where he called the parliamentary election an electoral coupe outside bernie's home supporters perform a ritual for those killed and to protect those still fighting for change among them . he shows us where prudence amas who was killed says look there's blood everywhere he says it. could be this is our country too if they want to kill us they can come and get us and kill us we're not going anywhere while the military reinforces its presence around the former president's house inside another former
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president before so glowing leading members of the opposition meet there calling for an international mediation but he will not make any more statements his entourage fears for his security after the arrest of other opposition members. there cannot be democratic elections without an opposition it makes no sense and their people have come out like the people of sudan and algeria we will continue to protest the world is watching us the opposition say they will not give up for the push for a new direction in been but for people like greece the fight has already changed their future nicholas. good to. the ruling party candidate has won the presidential runoff in the newly named north macedonia first election there since the controversial name change which dominated campaigning. of the social
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democrats support in your name. from the opposition conservatives were against it the presidency in north macedonia is largely ceremonial but this result is being seen as vindication of that change. more now from the victory news conference in scope. goal of the newly elected president of north was to danielle stand up and out of it is to bring this balkan country to the membership of the european union to create a unified country and out of people's elected this first president in the country changing thing after three decades you got there nothing side first agreement last year on beach northward to doany of the border that agreement in new name was in the center of electing complete opposition candidate for the nothing understood up over was against it agreement telling voters still do everything so it would be a no but and out of the one with george p. of all said that bullet politics of peace rival relieves the country to the
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divisions and uncertainty is politics to me is to make more than the country which is a member of the way the newly elected president of the office is going to fix a lot of the use of it in july hoping this country will get the states to start the negotiations for the membership everyone hopes here you've got a good outcome the presidential elections will bring stability to the country the prime ministers all inside said you'll work side by side and out of it promising peace and economic prosperity to baseball the state. the clean up after india's biggest cycling in twenty years is now underway dozens of people were killed after the extreme storm battered additional state scott reports now from pretty where there is a mounting concern about what happens next for the people left homeless this. sanyo ronnie park nyuk has lived in put for thirty years making a living selling souvenirs to tourists visiting this hindu holy city when cycled
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funny slammed ashore her life changed forever a muslim ummah get to libya let's talk about it we lost everything we don't have money to build a house or to even feed our family people have come to look at our house but no help we just want someone to help us rebuild. not far away in the village of two thousand people were brought to this school complex for shelter before the storm they were promised food in a place to stay for fifteen days. we are in big trouble we don't have a place to stay i'm staying with my family here they gave us food for two days and now want us to leave where will we go they should at least let us stay until we can build our own shelter. and that concern about what comes next in the wake of the cycle and it is shared by many others the indian government has been congratulated on its storm planning preventing a large number of casualties but local communities here in putting are very
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frustrated because the lack of post storm service is setting up several roadblocks on the main road in the town. got about but only just finished elections before the cyclon hit and we lost so much the houses in the farmers lost crops is no help from the government no visits by offices that is why we have blocking the road. and about two hours away the bustle of a decent state capital bhubaneshwar has partly returned but worry over fuel supplies created long lines at fuel stations underlining the challenges ahead. life in no discernible take months if not years to completely return to normal most people are well aware that but there's early concern over how equally the funding and the rebuilding will be distributed scott harder al-jazeera india. ramadan which begins on may sixth in most countries this year is the holiest month in the islamic calendar and involves abstaining from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset and some experts are actually saying that fasting has some health benefits
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in addition to helping with high cholesterol heart disease and obesity and allows the body to rid itself of toxins cleaning the gas and strengthening its lining scientists have also found that fasting leads to mental wellbeing reducing depression and anxiety as well as the risk of. developing dementia and interesting stuff there which we're going to discuss with zone out for the con now who is a resident physician at the center for addiction and mental health in toronto so then we'll talk more about the mental side of things first of all in a moment but first will us want to talk about the act of fostering it's i know there are a lot of sort of fad diets out there these days with people talking about files for x. number of days and then eat normally and all that. what happens during ramadan can it do you agree can it be beneficial like. yeah so we're hundred. years. it is to say. that if the.


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