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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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that would really differentiate any war with iran compared to the war with iraq is that the war with iraq did not end up at the war stage spreading throughout the region the instability after the war of course spread throughout the region war with iran very likely will be a regional war it will not be one in which the united states will be able to decide where is the war theater on the contrary the strategy of the iranians likely will be to expand the war and make sure that the u.s. doesn't know exactly where else it would end up having to engage with iranian forces and that is a very very bad development for everyone else in the region obviously mindful of the fact that the very immediate way that will destabilize the entire region and as you said earlier on we don't seem to have a not a lot of exit ramps and that's because at the end the day nothing that john bolton is doing or trump is doing is actually moving us closer towards some sort of a diplomatic exit ramp and one is very much needed right now to pass a talking iran without thank you for your time to appreciate it here. here's what's
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coming up on this news hour we're going to meet young south africans who wants to be voting in weapons these general election. i'm a clot reporting from leaving a photo island in arctic norway pollute space by one of the most important fisheries in the uk. and that's what we'll find out how chelsea secured its spot for next season's champions league. president stepping up pressure on china as well this is over the trade deal that he has announced tariff increases on chinese goods trump said tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products would rise to twenty five percent on friday u.s. markets didn't like it though the dow futures lost four hundred points on the news here is a jury in brown in beijing to talk through. this one exactly what does it mean for
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china for the united states and just explain it for us in simple language if you would. yeah look i think we're going to get some indication of just how serious how significant president trump's latest tweet is if the vice premier of china lou who is leading the chinese negotiating team decides now not to go to washington for the resumption of these talks later this week now he's due to leave basically you know today but if he doesn't go then that's a clear sign that these negotiations are in serious trouble there have been ten rounds of negotiations now spread over ten months these talks had been expected to conclude sometime in april that didn't happen now so far we've had no official response from the chinese government to that tweet from president donald trump that though is going to come i'm sure later today what we have had though is reaction
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from stock markets here in china the shans in and shanghai indexes are both down by more than two percent the index in hong kong also down significantly as well as japan so investors really are rattled by the prospect of perhaps united states and china not being able to resolve their trade differences after all remember it was back in december the president from been president xi jinping agreed to a truce in their trade war that of course and led to the stock markets beginning their recovery now all of that is once more in jeopardy what's been the effects thus far adrian with these tariffs the fact that donald trump wants to increase them could indicate that they haven't been effective enough or maybe he was just always going to because he says it himself is a tariff man. that's right he believes that that the terrorists give him leverage in his negotiations with the chinese now the problem
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is that china exports far more to the united states than the other way around which means the united states has more targets it can hit china in so many different ways now if from goes ahead with his announcement to to raise tariffs from ten percent to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products that would come into effect on friday so we still have five more days so at the moment china doesn't know whether to take president at his word is this president from giving a private opinion or is this president from speaking on behalf of the u.s. government and on behalf of his trade negotiators that is unclear at the moment it's the thing we never are quite sure of are we thank you adrian brown in beijing now at least forty one people have died in russia after a passenger plane caught fire as it made an emergency landing but this dramatic
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footage of the moments the aircraft return to moscow's sheremetyevo airport captured by an amateur cameraman the aeroflot flight was bound for the city of manske in northern russia but was forced to turn back shortly after takeoff now but some i looked on there were seventy three passengers and five crew members and twenty eight passengers and now at the airport terminal investigators and psychologists are working with them five people have been hospitalized thirty seven out of seventy eight people on board of the plane survived thirty three passengers and four crew members we spoke to john goglia earlier the former member of the u.s. national transportation safety board the n.t.s.b. who told us the plane may have been overweight when it landed. it's unusual to have that kind of fire engulfed the airplane so early after it landed now it's not clear whether or not it was a fire on board prior to landing and could just too early some of the
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eyewitnesses was stating that there was no fire until the airplane had landed and they also have stated that the airplane had bounced on landing which may indicate that they may have broken some of the structure of the airplane and a lot of the mass of fuel leak that that kind of firewood would need to support it now. it does look like the airplane still on its landing yeah and it also. the early reports said that he didn't have time to jettison i dump any fuel from the airplane which means it was probably made an overweight landing so they'll be taking a look at the investigators will be taking a close look at that what the airplane weighed when it landed and if the structure broke on landing to provide the fuel for that kind of fire that intensity of the fire it's a fairly new airplane it's been built of flying since two thousand and eight. it has been very reliable early on they had an accident that was attributable to the
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the flight crew making a grave mistake on a democrat demonstration flight but otherwise it's had a very good record this i believe is the third accident in total for this type of airplane and so it's it's been proven to be a pretty reliable platform you know secretary pompei i sense russia's government should stop intervening in venezuela. comments come as he's expected to meet russia's foreign minister in finland this week. i'm going to meet with foreign minister lavrov in a couple of days we'll have more conversations about this the objective was very clear we want the iranians we want the russians we want the cubans out that's also what has to take place in order for venezuelan democracy to be restored to. its russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov hit back with this response. we now see an unprecedented campaign led by the united states in order to overthrow the
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legitimate venezuelan government we condemn this campaign which seriously violates all the principles of international law provided by the united nations statute. and as the war of words between the u.s. and russia plays out over venezuela opposition supporters are gathered in the capital caracas to hold a vigil for those killed in the ongoing effort to overthrow president until it has more from the capital. people gathered during got back us to honor those who died doing this with this protest here in vegas while our own tuesday opposition leader aung why the appeared in a military base not far away from here like a lot that's surrounded by members of the military saying that the government of the call out by the will was over well that did not happen and then thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the government then on may first again thousands of people on the streets clashing with the security forces and five people lost their lives human rights groups have denounced the excessive use of
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force by the in a swell of government saying that the use of violence and also arbitrary detentions to suppress it away dissent people here are frustrated they're sad with what has been happening in this country very demanding some type of change the government has issued arrest warrants for their amending the arrest of eighteen people that participated in the uprising earlier this week and also we heard that the constituent assembly has decided to vote on stripping the immunity from the lawmakers the opposition lawmakers that participated in the uprising earlier this year's among them is peter huang why evil for the government what happened earlier this week was a coup that they're not willing to tolerate at least ten people were killed and ninety injured on sunday in rebel held northwest syria which continues to be bombed by government forces and russian warplanes
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a volunteer with the white helmets rescue is also died this weekend in an airstrike on a village in a province which has now been under attack for so. x. days also an underground hospital was hit by an air strike and not out of service at least twenty security forces have been killed and dozens wounded in a car bombing in northern afghanistan officials say taliban fighters entered the local police headquarters after the blast and then opened fire on security forces in the city of political comedy the armed group has stepped up attacks on police and troops even as it holds those direct negotiations with u.s. officials to end the seventeen year war in afghanistan millions of young south africans won't be voting in wednesday's general election they say they are turning their backs on politics because they cannot get jobs from in a miller has our report now from durban. cosmetics i legit displaying fake honesty but i would bet it but we do know it's broken if in fact his expression of broke
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trying to get a degree people probably didn't get into if we shared a life that i think it's through music they're quite elizondo expresses how he wants to change his life but the twenty two year old student belongs to a group of musicians our heart. goes to first time voters in this election here about do you feel like the issues this guy who's twenty six student are those issues being addressed not necessarily what will still wait now those people of all political parties making a lot of promises that don't deliver but now we just stuck in the middle we just have to make a choice like any random choice right now i just feel like i'm just going to vote in vain because i've been given the opportunity of two votes not because i feel like the urge to vote i'm just gonna vote in vain to be honest with you i think there's a lot of corruption in politics and that's why. for me i'm stepping away from politics is. interested in clintons because the corruption that's going. to be
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under a few. hundred peers let me get a degree people probably don't get it if we say the left but odds are with the things that i think i'm seeing this kind of progression we hope in science and history the end of jobs and the substance of why that should have been all that amongst the group as an information technology graduate and a civil engineering student both were really able to find jobs when they qualified like of course an article malo he's been without work for years and a qualified entertainment thing and not working. been applying applying apply but still i have nothing. you see that's my reason lots of world government statistics show that a half of young people don't have jobs more than nine million south africans why eligible to vote haven't registered more than five million of them under thirty the number of young people aged between eighteen and nineteen hoover where just a to vote for the first time has dropped by almost half compared to the last
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election five years ago many young people feel that instead of voting their voices of bitter hurt in other ways in the last three years thousands of students have protested against high university and demanding free education for students from low income families if you look at the poverty line this is it and this is the people so it doesn't make sense for us to just keep on voting just for the sake of politics that apathy may hurt the ruling african national congress the party scene is responsible for liberating black south africans from a part eight many young voters say the freedom they enjoy today means little if their government is corrupt crime levels are rising and they don't have jobs from al-jazeera durban south africa. in the news ahead in an easy standoff with soldiers on the streets of pennine still after two days of election related percepts close
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look at the health benefits of fasting as more than a billion muslims around the world begin the holy month of ramadan and another tournament to another bizarre display from the street in the town it's by the details coming up later with some on. how we got the rain clouds gathering across the central and southern parts of china at the moment a fair amount of cloud to that's just pushing in from west to east diving down towards the southeastern corner i'll call this see some showers maybe some longer spells of frank coming in here for a time it's a line we're going to see the wettest of the weather having said that some showers too pushing across into a good part of vietnam hanoi around thirty three celsius on monday quite as warm as
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we go through tuesday more cloud coming in for tuesday that watch the weather but it gathering around the southwestern corner of china and pushing over into northern parts of vietnam scattering of showers there into the philippines developing system just to the east of the philippines but for the time being it isn't too bad lots of dry weather and lots of sunshine also some sign of course much of southeast asia seas and. thailand recently never to really too far away over the next couple of days that hot and humid weather will continue getting up to around thirty six thirty seven celsius in bangkok over the next dial to around thirty three celsius singapore similar value here as well skewed to warmer across south asia at the moment places say things have quietened down this is the remnants of a roadtrip cool socks one funny that's in the process of moving away. too much sponsor. cattle release. in two thousand and eight
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zero documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty. struction and despair a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they've built a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness. bombs on al-jazeera.
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on the news here at al-jazeera these are our top stories there are reports of a ceasefire and may have been reached between israel and gaza palestinian officials and hamas t.v. is saying it is actually already in effect earlier mediation efforts were being made by egypt and carter to try to end days of cross border airstrikes and rocket attacks to kill twenty four palestinians and four israelis. other developing news the u.s. deploying extra warships and bombers to the middle east in what the white house itself is describing as a clear and unmistakable message to iran u.s. national security adviser john bolton says it's in response to troubling developments in the region. and top diplomats from the u.s. and russia have exchanged criticism over the opposite evolvement in the crisis in
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venezuela. moscow to stop intervening. describe the u.s. support to overthrow nicolas maduro as illegal the two are expected to meet in finland this week. back to gaza and no matter what side of the border they're on this escalation has been a frightening experience for the residents of both gaza and israel we spoke to eric yellin a little bit earlier he is an israeli computer expert who lives in steroids. i live about three kilometers from the gaza border and since. early yesterday morning we've been going through a very rough time i'm going out rockets coming into gaza and we hear also the blasts in gaza from israel you know what we call the red alert so it's it's a loud speaker saying the words red alert. and soon as we hear that
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since we are very close to the gaza border we have up to fifteen seconds to go into hiding if there is a safe room or a shelter nearby then we run into that shelter if there isn't a shelter there we just need to lie flat on the ground and that's what happens if you're out in the street or in the supermarket or anywhere not near a shelter and over on the gaza side we spoke to him and i was sat there a political scientist mincing gaza with his wife and children and says he's ready bombs dropped just metres from his house well the past forty eight hours i have been and i can be up in the gaza strip bar israel have a husband bought it even if you can invent things that many many and protectors which is nothing probably from way. more some of the bombing that took place over the past forty eight hours and you know about five hundred meters from my apartment
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building life is not going to get a lot of money you have and i'm just curious if it shocked or. it might have any my wife and kids have been locked inside the apartment old in the world as a result of these where you could go on and. now the cleanup after india's biggest cyclon in twenty years is underway dozens of people were killed after the extreme storm battered edition state scott high the reports now from pretty where there is a mounting concern about what happens next for the people left homeless. sanyo rani part nyuk has lived in put for thirty years making a living selling souvenirs to tourists visiting this hindu holy city when cycled funny slammed ashore her life changed forever. we lost everything we don't have money to build a house to even feed our family people have come to look at our house but no help we just want someone to help us rebuild. not far away in the village of two
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thousand people were brought to this school complex for shelter before the storm they were promised food in a place to stay for fifteen days. we are in big trouble we don't have a place to stay i'm staying with my family here they gave us food for two days and now want us to leave where will we go they should at least let us stay until we can build our own shelter. and that concern about what comes next in the wake of the cycle and is shared by many others the indian government has been congratulated on its pre storm planning preventing a large number of casualties but local communities here in putting are very frustrated because the lack of post storm service is setting up several roadblocks on the main road in the town. got about but only just finished elections before the cyclon hit and we lost so much to houses in the last crops there's no help from the government no visits by offices that is why we are blocking the road. and about two
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hours away the bustle of a decent state capital bhubaneshwar has partly returned but worry over fuel supplies created long lines at fuel stations underlining the challenges ahead. life in no discernible take months if not years to completely return to normal. most people are well aware that but there's early concern over how equally the funding and the rebuilding will be distributed it's got harder al-jazeera hooty india. security forces are out in force in benny city caetano after two days of election related protests on thursday soldiers broke up demonstrations with gunfire killed at least one protester the opposition is calling for the an element of last sunday's parliamentary election which only two parties both loyal to president patrice telephone were actually allowed to take part in nicholas harker reports from the town or just a warning about the first images in his report which some of you may find disturbing. the moment after shots were fired outside former president yeah you go
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and he's home on the ground his mother of six prudence i'm assuming she died soon after with us were two of her daughters her eldest grace and their nine month old son the from grace saw a military commander take out a pistol and shoot her mother in the back and said. what can i do it all happened so quickly he will never go to jail and will never have a mother. grace and her five siblings are now orphans the fifteen year old girl is now in charge of the family the military continues to patrol the commercial capital to new and they don't want to be filmed we've avoided several military checkpoints and now we're on the streets where young lives he's made no public statements since his press conference where he called the parliamentary election an electoral coupe outside bernie's home supporters perform
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a ritual for those killed and to protect those still fighting for change among them . he shows us where prudence amas who was killed says look there's blood everywhere he says it would. be this is our country too if they want to kill us they can come and get us and kill us we're not going anywhere while the military reinforces its presence around the former president's house inside another former president mr for so glow in leading members of the opposition meet there calling for an international mediation but he will not make any more statements his entourage fears for his security after the arrest of other opposition members in the tsunami. there cannot be democratic elections without an opposition it makes no sense and their people have come out like the people of sudan and algeria we will continue to protest the world is watching us the opposition says. they will not
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give up for the push for a new direction in pinin but for people like greece the fight has already changed their future. good to. thousands of sudanese protesters are preparing to fast in the month of ramadan in front of the army headquarters they say they will continue their search in during the holy month until the military council which asked the president omar bashir hands over power to a civilian government reports now from the capital khartoum. for nearly a month this is where sudanese volunteers have cooked food for thousands of protesters in front of the army headquarters and they say they'll keep the flames of their revolution alive by making more meals for the demonstrators during the holy month of ramadan. it's a beautiful feeling to serve the people here people now already working together to provide the food to provide the tents to prepare meals for the people here it's like cooking for the whole country will cater to the needs of the protesters during
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the holy month until we are blessed with a civilian transitional government. over the past month tens of thousands have camped in front of the army headquarters in order to be gathered here early april after months of anti-government protests on the streets demanding the country's thirty year rule. down the military ousted bashir on the eleventh of april and a ten member military council took over the council has been in talks with political parties and protest organizers since to form a transitional government but no deal has been reached so the sit in continues. since the start we've come here for the revolution to have our demands are filled that's why we are here and that's why i will stay here. is a big difference between ramadan this year and the past when we've been living under the regime that has been lying to people this time it's a beautiful feeling to see all the city. many here have been coming on a daily basis some haven't left since the sit in started on the sixth of april the
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streets around the military headquarters have become their home and the vicar rated it as such for the holy month for the first time in fifty years ramadan is being celebrated here in sudan without already as president and with thousands had to break their fast here in front of the army headquarters in many. differently it's a switch will be even sweeter when they go forcing the military council to hand over parts of the billions. those observing the holy month civilian rule comes through to sudan and as it will be a time to celebrate the revolution. morgan al jazeera. so ramadan which began on monday in most countries this year is as we say the holiest month in the islamic calendar it involves abstaining from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset and some experts say that fasting has some health benefits in addition to helping with high cholesterol heart disease of a city that allows the body to rid itself of toxins cleaning the gut and strengthening its lining scientists have also found that fasting can lead to mental
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wellbeing reducing depression and anxiety in some cases as well as the risk of developing dementia early respect designer who is a resident physician of the center for addiction and mental health in toronto about the benefits of fasting. we're hundreds over that your people have engaged in that in this practice that they can hear and to help benefit i think we have to be careful that meetings may be claims that it be beneficial or disagrees and depression or anxiety or get mentioned i think the evidence still needs to be gathered and this is an area of research that's really lacking at this point we do have more research on the physical data thanks so there have been studies to show that when done correctly it could have a positive impact on weight or cholesterol are those sorts of parameters someone who has passive personally i can say it is
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a challenge to be here in this at the same time it's a trying to increase reflection in prayer in the church and with the community and so there is a general sense and feeling more connected spiritually and socially during this month. the ruling party candidate has won the presidential runoff in newly renamed north macedonia the first election there since the controversial name change which dominated the campaigning save up in there of ski of the social democrats who support the new name made good on a. sealion of scott from the opposition conservatives who are against it the presidency of north macedonia is largely ceremonial but this result is seen as an indication of that name change. still ahead for you on al-jazeera the sports performance in fact in spain puts this moto g.p. rider back on top of the world santa will have that story in a moment. the
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story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. study after study has demonstrated the perspective american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head as hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want
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you to see and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. a. quick update on the situation in gaza at the moment coming up at about five forty five almost i am in gaza city in fact there's the live shot as the sun rises over gaza and we. have confirmation of an egyptian mediated ceasefire that has been reached between gaza and israel we believe it came into effect at one thirty g.m.t. so that would have been an hour and
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a quarter ago and we haven't seen any activity in that live shot probably for about three hours now so relative calm over gaza and we understand the cease fire has been reached between israel and gaza after twenty four people in twenty four palestinians were killed we should add and also four israelis killed in the rocket fire that has left at the strip of course keeping a close eye on that story as it develops this monday morning to pakistan now and muncher which is the country's largest freshwater lake covers more than two hundred fifty square kilometers during the peak on soon season but it's become a dumping ground for industrial waste and that is putting the lives of people who depend on the lake at risk this report from come on. you are did live browed mohannad dry. hundreds of boards harder to get indeed shallow water
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now there are just a few dozen live. for these people to their homes for as long as they can remember. i know that nobody and i got in the previous new had about fifty varieties of fish in munch a lick but when polluted water came through many fish took a wiped out. here we used to have a good catch now we are on the brink of ruin we don't even have drinking water here we have to buy it from the city for fifty rupees for a small drum it's lunchtime and bread is based on a small stall stocked away in one corner of the book even the firewood above the waterline got money why did she said she. is. living off the lake in drug and redoubt. he does not know what really happened. let him out of the dharma we don't even have houses here how can we give education to our children.


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