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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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listen i don't work since the start we've come here for the revolution to have our demands are filled that's why we are here and that's why i will stay here. is a big difference between ramadan this year and the possibility and we've been living under the regime that has been lying to people this time it's a beautiful feeling to see all the city. many here have been coming on a daily basis some haven't left since the sit in started on the sixth of april the streets around the military headquarters have become their home and they've decorated it as such for the holy month for the first time in fifty years ramadan is being celebrated here in sudan without all wanted by the u.s. president and with thousands had to break their fast here in front of the army headquarters in how to manage their ramadan this year says differently it's a switch will be even sweeter when they go forcing the military council to hand over part of the billions if it cheve. those observing the holy month are praying civilian rule comes through to sudan and that it will be a time to celebrate the revolution. morgan i'll just zero point. zero i was on lots
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more still ahead when we come back it is being called the largest land management project in the world afghanistan beginning a process of registering six hundred thousand illegal homes plus. i'm the clock reporting from the photo and in all to norway on the threats faced by one of the most important fisheries in the world. the weather is set fire across the middle east over the next couple of. getting the sunshine coming through a little bit of cloud you know just around the caspian sea but there it was the black sea as well but for many it's going to be dry warm and sunny twenty nine celsius there in by richard also in jerusalem along with a lot further north just catch one of. ceased and passed on he also across the
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brazenness dry thirty four celsius for baghdad on monday twenty seven a couple of shots and a few showers these will drift away as we go through tuesday watches cassio road showers into iran but elsewhere across the region well see settled and sunny much as he wanted to sas is pushing up towards mania maybe using across into georgia as well must see a spot sorts of right see just around the arabian peninsula even here in kos with this area cloud spots of rain a possibility when the going on into cheese day temperatures at about thirty six thirty seven maybe thirty celsius as we go through chase a bit by lots of warm sunshine coming through and also sunshine to south africa southern africa is generally settled and dries to the few showers that's northern parts of mozambique in drift away as we go through cheese day looking at the tanzania.
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story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspective dominated american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it we're not to let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this hour ceasefire agreement has been reached between is. israel and palestinian groups in gaza qatar in egypt brokered
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a deal to try and end days of cross border attacks twenty four palestinians and four israelis have been killed in this latest flare up in violence u.s. president donald trump is stepping up pressure on china to reach a trade deal is announced tariff increases on chinese goods to transcend the tariffs on twenty two and two hundred billion dollars worth of products will rise to twenty five percent on friday. and the u.s. is deploying extra warships and bombers to the middle east in what it's calling a clear and unmistakable message to iran u.s. national security advisor john bolton saying it is in response to a troubling developments in the region. what tritter parsi is a professor of middle east politics at georgetown university and a former president of the national iranian american council he says the u.s. national security advisor is trying to start a war with iraq. trump administration have been ratcheting things up from the very
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moment they got into office i mean ever since trump got into the white house we have seen provocation after provocation in an effort to not only destroy the iran nuclear deal but clearly they're trying to get the iranians to leave the nuclear deal as well because right now the iranians are continuing to abide by the agreement which is part of the reason why the international community remains very sympathetic to iran and not towards a trumpet ministration it seems like they want the iranians to leave that agreements that they can pave the way for a broader result on iran so it's interesting when you read this statement by john bolton which incidentally came in just a couple of minutes before everyone here in america started to watch game of thrones he actually calls provoke provocations in the region by iran to the best of my knowledge we have not seen any such probations from the iranians as of late the only provocations that have been visible for the last couple of weeks and months actually come from the trumpet ministration actually john bolton is on and we're
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footing and i think thirty years of his career he has been pushing for war with the iran and i think he probably sees him self having the best opportunity of his career to start a war the question is where is trump in all of this because in many other things it's clear he does not seem to be very inclined to go towards work but at what point will he rein in his national security adviser if he truly himself does not believe that war with iran lies in the interest of the united states or u.s. secretary of state might pompei or says russia's government should stop into leaning in venezuela on pay or expected to meet russia's foreign minister in finland this week i'm going to meet with foreign minister lavrov in a couple of days we'll have more conversations about this the objective was very clear we want the iranians up we want the russians aren't we want the cubans out that's also what has to take place in order for venezuelan democracy be restarted. about russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov hit back with this response. we now
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see an unprecedented campaign led by the united states in order to overthrow the legitimate venezuelan government we condemn this campaign which seriously violates all the principles of international law provided by the united nations statute. supporters of the opposition in venezuela have gathered in the capital caracas to hold a vigil for those killed in the demonstrations to overthrow president maduro that i suppose there. was a vigil to honor those who died in this week's protests in gattaca us people gathered in this haven't you to pray and ask for change. it's a twenty year old student who says he has had enough of the government's repression . i'm afraid we're tired of this of seeing our friends die of a lack of hope of a lack of change we need to continue protesting and talk things change here. for you this week opposition leader why they will feel to rally support from the
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military during uprising against the government of nicola mother would thousands took to the streets to demand mother leaves office by the white gosplan did not work as planned human rights groups denounced the excessive use of force by the government during the demonstrations are year this week they said they used violence and ivory trade detentions in order to suppress dissent during the demonstrations in which five feet were lost their lives. died on may first he was a pensioner that had to escape the tear gas and the rubber bullets. he fell here and died from severe injuries. but his brother says violence in venezuela needs to end there my know it up your my brother was a biologist that will do the government he said fish in venezuela he died as could be from a government that has become ruthless against the people. the government is now
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planning to go after the opposition lawmakers involved in the uprising it says they were part of a coup led by the united states. all the requests to strip parliamentary immunity are arriving at the national constituent assembly as it should be they will pass there and surely we will raise our hands to strip parliamentary immunity from all those who participated in that action. but the people on the streets remain convinced they need to continue pressuring the government they believe they are defending democracy from an increasingly authoritarian government that has failed to resort of the problems most venezuelans face every day. at least forty one people have died in russia after a plane caught fire when it made an emergency landing. was forced to return to moscow's sheremetyevo airport shortly after takeoff mohamad has details.
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planes burst from airflow to fight forty ninety two as it came in for an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport and bounced off the runway. by the time the sukhoi superjet one hundred came to a halt it was engulfed in fire seventy eight passengers and crew onboard. only thirty seven made it off alive the flight a taken off from the same airport just thirty minutes earlier heading for the northern city of months. the airline said it was forced to turn around due to technical reasons flight radar tracking shows it circled twice over moscow before making the emergency landing russian investigators have launched a criminal inquiry now but to some i looked on there were seventy three passengers and five crew members twenty eight passengers are now at the airport terminal investigators and psychologists are working with them five people have been
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hospitalized thirty seven out of seventy eight people on board of the plane survived thirty three passengers and four crew members. the super jets one hundred came into service in russia and twenty eleven the first new passenger jet developed since the fall of the soviet union a year later a plane on a demonstration tore to indonesia crashed on a killing all forty five people on board that accident was blamed on human error to the intensity of the fire it may consume a lot of physical evidence so we'll have to wait and see i didn't see any. rescue equipment any early pictures at the scene so that may be an issue as well where was the equipment and what kind of equipment that they have available to put the fire out but the recorders will give us some indication of this type of action i think the the cockpit voice recorder may be most beneficial this i believe is the third
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accident in total for this type of airplane and so it's it's been proven to be a pretty reliable platform so it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of it so corey has struggled to convince international airlines to buy its jets proving the planes are safe will be crucial to the future of a project that had been a source of russian pride mohammed al jazeera. south africa's ruling party has held its final rally before wednesday's general election president wrapped up his campaign in johannesburg the ruling african national congress facing a challenge from the democratic alliance and the economic freedom fighters party and the latest in our series a life displaced we traveled to afghanistan where there is a push to register millions of illegal homes and get people to pay property tax a quarter and get of afghanistan's population are living in informal settlements
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homes without a title or keep and see certificates charlotte bellus reports from jalalabad. this is science son camp home to thirteen thousand people on the outskirts of jalalabad but here home is not necessarily with the houses it's just as far as the leaks could carry them. out of what the government the taliban and i said were you know bottom when i lived in tora bora you may have heard about it it was a stronghold for the mujahideen and then some of bin laden. there are more than forty informal settlements like this in this area some have been around for more than twenty years after they fled their homes during the civil war these people from the tora bora mountains behind me they came here a year and a half ago after i so took control of their villages there are no services here no school no health clinic no running water shows or toilets eight million afghans live in informal settlements like this
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a place where homes aren't legal or officially recognized two thirds fear the camping on government land. is one of the most vulnerable her husband died and she has four children one is blind. it was good to have a husband because now i must raise my children and learned. the u.n. has provided some assistance but the government isn't as generous this is a big word on the city of trying to explain the nature of the government and people go back to the media's. vision of the big not only for drug lords in the rest of the country. i understand there has been some disagreement between yourselves and the government over who owns this land and whether you can build houses here. until our area is safe we feel it is our right by law to live here we are from afghanistan look at us or we important or is this land important to the government
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we had everything we needed in our village we are not here by our choice but we are in trouble and will stay here until the fighting in tora bora finishes and no one can kick us out not even the government. they're part of a growing number of afghans moving towards people pushed by conflict and drought and hoping for opportunity last year eight hundred thousand people also returned from iran and pakistan in response the government has launched the largest land management project in the world surveyors have officially registered six hundred thousand illegal homes in twelve provinces in exchange residents pay a municipal tax. but there doesn't help the people of size sung and they say from the mud they will rebuild their lives until peace returns to tora bora charlotte dallas al-jazeera jalalabad. or next in our life displaced series
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we look looking at the conditions of palestinian refugees who for more than seven decades now have been exiled in lebanon we're facing a global ecological emergency and human activity is to blame that's what a report on the state of our planet is expected to say the findings likely to lay out the bleak future prospects for many species the growing ocean temperatures are threatening the arctic cawdor fish considered to be a delicacy around the world quark reports from the law for. in arctic norway. this is what made norway rich long before oil take told all scray in then millions filled drawing rocks across the lafave denial and winter off the wind to fishermen here have cashed in on the annual migration south from the barents sea it is a tradition that goes back thousands of year is called it's cold it's got it and
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then it's hold out to dry for several months and what you end up with is a dried fish that retains nearly one hundred percent of its nutrition apprise delicacy from its me to nigeria this is what supplied the vikings on the long voyages to far off lands and still now is a big part of the norwegian economy with millions of dollars the fish comes from the barents sea and its goals to look for to spawn. and that's because of the atlantic stream to the left extreme it stops by locals and brings food it brings to the higher temperature even though it's not warm but they are high enough to spawn and it's a very delicate ecosystem in that fragility is spelled out by a remove scientific research as a changing climate and warmer ocean temperatures upset the balance of the marine ecosystem meaning the scray may be forced out and then it's a question of where they go obviously it keeps things keep warming some of those
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true polar species might. not have a whole lot of places to go if they're being out competed by sort of these other species moving north. might see some considerable changes there this is a good nielsen cold thirteen thousand kilos of cold it's been a pretty good season but he's worried about the future climate change could change everything. they're called suddenly stopped because they'd be warmer and going north so then being we have a big program every arab spring comes they called lead their return has always been a certainty and in the city not just for the fishermen for the seals sea birds and whales that feed on them now this extraordinary feat of nature is under threat the outcome is it depends on the political will to act in a time of global crisis nicknack al-jazeera the frozen items norway.
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has them sinking with the headlines on a cease fire agreements been reached between israel and palestinian groups in gaza qatar and egypt brokered the deal to try to end days of cross border attacks twenty four palestinians and four israelis have been killed in this latest flare up involved. and. the u.s. is sending an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what it calls a clear message to iran the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and support ships were dispatched of u.s. national security advisor john bolton saying it is a response to a troubling developments in the region it is the latest u.s. effort aimed at increasing pressure on iran and president stepping up american pressure on china to reach a trade deal he's announced tariff increases on chinese goods charm so the tariffs
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on two hundred billion dollars worth of products will rise to twenty five percent on friday. at least forty one people have died in russia after a passenger plane caught fire when it made an emergency landing the aeroflot flight was forced to return to moscow's sheremetyevo airport soon after takeoff. syrian government forces and their russian allies have launch more attacks in the rebel held province of at least ten people were killed and ninety injured on sunday volunteer with a white helmets rescuers also died this weekend in an airstrike on a village in a province which has now been under attack for six days underground hospital was hit by an airstrike and put out of service top diplomats from the u.s. and russia traded accusations over the crisis in venezuela my pompei are urging russia to stop intervening. called u.s. support to overthrow president nicolas maduro illegal under international law those
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are the headlines one on one east does next. on council because this week trump gambles the world economy all shutting down iran's ability to sell oil. indestructible phone screen of chinese tech giants of the f.b.i. stick. we'll talk to the inventor who suspects his technology to store the counting the cost on al-jazeera. getting a university degree with ask any study or exams sounds too good to be true can be appointed a new term university to serve this guy and actually like it or not hundreds of thousands of people have fallen for pledges like this from fighting in online universities do you think these people are ready by these people if at all and i want to want to investigates the pakistani company allegedly pulling the strings behind the scam and the lengths they will go survey to keep the money flowing
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success case the best never end. up. getting a degree isn't a z. . for most students it entails years of study and hard work. increasingly millions of students trying to gain vasile qualifications by studying online. but not all online degrees are what they see. sanitations to every one of us meet the head of the department of law a new food university which says it's based in the united states we have one of the most renowned faculty in the world new food promises no more marathon study
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sessions no more cramming for those dreaded exams and at a bargain price our education standards and protocols are constantly. that to divide our students very best possible. new foods website claims to have a presence in more than one hundred eighty countries. and it's not the only online university selling its global rate. must claims to be the world's largest university which was news to benjamin placards an investigative journalist who specializes in stories about higher education. and. big whether it was took time and it was. something that can step by step by step and then the floodgates open must university was the first institution that we came across. benjamin quickly
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discovered a lot of different university websites with some very curious similarities there all the websites for the universities have the same template. they have a banner at the top that says the name of the university the colors are different. there is a little picture of a woman with a head ready to take a. little box here that tells you about the creative course is that you can do at the university. and the other thing that is very similar is that when you log on to these various websites they'll do a pop up and say we're having a special offer on scholarships callers now that happens on every single website. the websites also often feature indorsements from start like lecturing ethan turner at california port university teaching a california university is
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a great achievement in my academic career but we were unable to find any lecturer called ethan turner or indeed any university called california poor when we searched for the address given on the website we ended up at what appears to be a mexican butcher shop i would say it's only obvious when you start to scratch i was shocked at how obvious it was after just a very small amount of scratching below the surface dramatic university claim studying he would bring you a step closer towards professional excellence and features a glowing testimonial from one of its students turnout was an awesome experience party as a bit. and leadership and education administration but when we checked out dramani address instead of the impressive university campus we found a team. schock. the common denominator between these websites is a company called x. act the exact world's leading i sounded as though the first time i heard about
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exact words from a source of my in. abu dhabi he basically said me. an email saying i've been offered a scholarship from this university and it just sounds fishy to me check them out and. the more you found out about them the more you realize that. x x on it is say it's pakistan's biggest and most successful i take. it to its critics it's the world's biggest agreement selling bogus degrees to hundreds of thousands of customers. exact now has a global presence in six continents one hundred twenty countries and thirteen hundred cities. except located in the hospital pakistan's biggest city
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caracas he claims that he left them ten years it's grown into a billion dollar company employs more than twenty five thousand workers. a pocket stock market or school but just billion dollar package and. accept is the creation of one man show web shop. in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven mr shoaib ahmed shaykh embarked on a journey to create a company that would become a household name in every industry but to me i'm a subset meet that he not me but not are not. good says not on me. as shakes company exact group so too did his reputation as a business mogul in pakistan. but in may twenty fifth pakistanis woke up to some shocking news. i think it feel islay
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fake laugh i edited out the baby on the left i feel money running time and time approximate by and that is only shake you've been arrested and charged with being the same to open a store machine complex with the fraudulent activity or allegations that these men all fake bibi's and then just by being a certain amount of money you can buy a degree of malcolm i live a double exempt not. just need to get out i'm going to flat on my exit she asked me to get out i'm going to. shake insists that his company simply makes software which businesses of all types including online universities can use to find customers his loyal shall cut high out says shake cannot be held responsible for what happens between customers and online universities that use x.x. software the exit function on loop around the called send food and has had mrs to bed with misty providing and information on behalf of the university to speak to
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mr parker and fish. and shakes lawyer stresses that his client has not been convicted of any crimes if that i know has been for me. then it has to be proved that it has to be making that is has to be sure indeed this is unfair unjust. but when the pakistani authorities raided accesses offices in may twenty fifth jane they found a mountain of compelling evidence. there were hundreds of thousands of blank degree certificates lists of hundreds of fake universities thank you count showing payments amounting to millions of dollars and tens of thousands of names and contact details the customers around the world. there are also recordings of hundreds of hours of phone calls where representatives of the fake universities demand payments from often terrified customers need to pay an amount
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of and thousand dollars for just a small amount of your actually putting at risk everything else going to be a different year for your crew appeared not among the recordings was stored on hard drives at x.x. call centers local media reported the police also found proof. of evidence being destroyed with documents being burnt files dumped into the sink and computer hard drives smashed recently phone then you are learning what he thought when you complained to me that despite the arrests in seizure of evidence many of the online universities linked to exact a still up and running and the pakistani authorities have not taken steps to shut them down so what actually goes on in these degrade operations. had right. hello is this the l r r many of us who.
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know university. to find out researches in london in singapore made a series of coals to some of the universities linked to extract network. obvious told about online universities. to get greedy and traditionally. the coup was presented themselves as lacking any of the kind of academic qualifications normally required by legitimate universities but very came to biodegrade the response was always amazed and positive. after this yeah in the online world it doesn't take long to find office the thing
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too good to refuse. does not mean experience based program. for these online universities a lack of basic academic. simply doesn't matter. custom is a told life experience is a not ok but i wouldn't actually have to take any exams with a university. a whole range of degree and diploma courses offered at a bargain price. without having to do any actual studying or take
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a single exam the lucky student is suing the proud recipient of an impressive looking stupid showing that he or she has been granted a degree from a world renowned university were. that he may twenty fifth date the new york times published its own investigation which for the first time identified x.x. as the world's biggest agreement. at first the exposé threaten to bring the roof down on the company. on money. but the story of accept and the fake degrees was far from over. karate is a new tory sleeve violent season with frequent clashes between criminal gangs.


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