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tv   Death By Design  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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what jewish people as a whole have dealt with in western societies and globally because of anti-semitism the question then becomes what is the proper response to that the zionist answer is of course statehood and there's many people who would sympathise with that if it was in fact done in a vacuum and if it was in fact done for a people without a land in a land without people the reality is that's just not the way that it happened. there were people here they lost their homes their livelihood their nation their everything this was a. term that was only three percent palestinian arab and six seven percent jewish how did it suddenly become eighty percent jewish and twenty percent palestinian this was not a normal demographic transition this was a consequence of israel's desire to create a jewish state and to do that have to get rid of as many palestinians as possible the palestinians use the term catastrophe to speak of the one nine hundred forty
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eight consequences when they lost their land the first time around in sixty seven it was another not another catastrophe. in june of nine hundred sixty seven israel won what was perceived as a stunning undertow victory over much larger arab moments during the sixty. three in addition to taking down from egypt and syria israel began to militarily occupy all remaining palestinian territory in the west bank the gaza strip and east jerusalem suddenly all of palestine is now lost we now had no palestinian land left under palestinian control. you have a huge palestinian population living as refugees are living under occupation. palestinians are governed under military law they are essentially prisoners they are treated as if they were all prisoners of war they have no rights. in the
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immediate aftermath of the sixty seven war the united nations security council post-prison lucian to food to citing international though forbidding the takeover of territory by war two for two explicitly calling for israel to withdraw its forces. to this day israel has largely failed to comply not only holding palestinian territory the compass getting additional london building massive jewish settlement blocks in the west bank in east jerusalem in direct violation of the food geneva convention which expressly forbid states from transferring civilian populations into territory it occupies. in addition israel has established an inter matrix of security control on palestinian land to secure the settlements including checkpoints that prevent palestinians from traveling freely within their own land and a four hundred forty mile security along the israeli border that cuts into palestinian territory. if you're one of the millions of palestinians living under occupation
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this is what the conflict is about but one of the most stunning things is how this story the story basically just drops out and instead you hear over and over again that it's israel that surrounded israel is surrounded israel surrounded surrounded it's israel the sun the siege and under threat you described a very small land mass and you know you're dealing with hamas and hezbollah and iran and so on i would like that it's a tough neighborhood the imagery here is so powerful that it's almost impossible to have a rational discussion about the legitimate grievances of palestinians hamas is a terror group and it is committed to killing jews and wiping israel off the face of the earth that's not debatable that's a fact none of this is by accident this is the result that with the liberal effort to shape american perceptions of the conflict a propaganda effort that really begins to take shape with israel's invasion of lebanon in one thousand nine hundred two. israel unleashed another massive air
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attack on palestinian guerrilla targets in lebanon today from the sky. israeli jets bombing bombing. and the summer of nine hundred eighty two israel invaded neighboring lebanon in an attempt to drive the palestinian liberation organization out of its income and some southern border with israel what's an israeli army doing here in beirut the answer is that we are now dealing with an imperial israel which is solving its problems in someone else's country world opinion be damned the israeli invasion of lebanon in one thousand nine hundred two was a watershed it was israel breaking out beyond its immediate region to aggressively attack another country and it was a bit of a shock to many people in the interests of self-defense that gallant little underdog israel as suddenly started behaving like the neighborhood bully by the time the war was over the israeli military would to seventeen thousand lebanese and
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palestinians and not the thirty thousand almost all of them civilians and when they were over when they entered your. everything only. right to recruit others because. just a few months later american media coverage were taken even there's been another horrendous turn of events in the middle east hundreds of men women and children perhaps as many as a thousand people and all have been massacred into palestinian refugee camps in west beirut israel's lebanese allies operating with the consent of the israeli government that massacred several thousand palestinian civilians in the refugee camps of supper. and american news media at the pictures to prove it by all appearances groups of men had been ordered to stand against the wall and then gunned down in cold blood. it is a policy you frantically corelate. we took our children one for. killing our
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family this was a game changer in terms of how israel was going to deal with the question of publicity they went on the offensive for the first time director implicit accusation that the idea bear any blame for over. tragedy in the shit you look at are entirely baseless and without any foundation. the government of israel rejects them with a contempt which they deserve. two years of to the. jewish congress sponsored conference and. public relations strategy. as. participants included p.r. and advertising executives media specialists journalists and leaders of major jewish groups the primary aim of the conference was to develop strategies to spin unpopular israeli policies and to counter the negative press coverage by shaping
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the media frame in advance. doesn't just jump into a camera conference delegates it's directed it's managed it's made accessible israel based advertising executive martin fenton would put it in even more blunt terms propaganda is not a dirty word he said face it we are in the game of changing people's minds but making them think differently to completion that we need propaganda. after levanon you start to see the basic has prostrated you know action images of palestinians fighting back against israel's occupation make their way onto american television screens and israeli military crushes this resistance in brutal ways that undercut israel's image as underdog and victim. drain a helicopter gunships deliberately fired a missile into a crowd all civilians last night killing seven palestinians in the morning and seventy more. then israeli officials going to full house ramos and that occupation
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doesn't even exist them in framing all palestinian resistance to terrorism and israeli aggression as self-defense the palestinian terror campaign continues it only justifies again and again that we israel have to continue and defend ourselves . and so this becomes the framing of the situation israel is defending itself which means israel is not the aggressor here that doesn't square with the reality on the ground and we know that you have a right to defend yourself you don't have a right to occupy people deny them their human rights and then cry foul when they resist that's not the right to self-defense that. the right to repression that's what israel is asking for here let us do away with these dissenters these palestinian dissenters and call it defense and when you look today at how the media cover the conflict you see just how successful israel's propaganda has been in reversing the legacy of lebanon if there's any complaints and there should be about
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civilian deaths they belong to the responsibility and the blame belongs with one place hamas i don't think anyone should get that wrong the israeli position is the first position they are allowed to to determine the narrative determine the facts on the ground hamas is a terror organization committed to our destruction they fire thousands of rockets at our cities the dominant narrative in the media coverage then israel is retaliating for an attack it has suffered israel says the barrage of rockets is in retaliation to the seven hundred fifty rockets fired from gaza we know this is all retaliation for hamas firing rockets into israel which is the dominant media story of our time what we've seen is really another kind of occupation and not the patient of american media and what we could call the american mind bright pro israel narrative that's the flecked of attention away from what virtually everyone recognizes as the best way to resolve this conflict and the occupation and the settlements so the palestinians can finally have
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a slate of their own. is. that the prime minister of israel the president of the united states of the the ongoing peace process that began with the oslo peace accords in one thousand nine hundred three was designed to negotiate the terms of israel's withdrawal from palestinian territory in accordance with un resolution two forty two which made an explicit connection between israeli withdrawal and the just and lasting peace. essential as though israel has actually taken more host in your land for its jewish only settlements in one hundred ninety three there were approximately two hundred thousand illegal jewish settlers living in the occupied palestinian territories since then that number has more than tripled with approximately six hundred fifty thousand settlers now living in the west bank in east jerusalem so if you look at the result not the words and the pretty phrases what's happened over the past twenty years and most nor graded oslo
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was not a peace process it was an annexation process what has happened is that now one in eleven israeli jews live in these illegal sounds so the failure to confront this on an enterprise from the very beginning i think has created a almost insuperable obstacle to the creation of a palestinian state there's no place to put it what we're talking about here is something that is completely indefensible israel knows this israel knows this very well and for that reason wants to talk about anything and everything else they'd rather talk about terrorism they'd rather talk about security we're willing to make great concessions for peace but there is something that i will never compromise on and that is real security the reason they've been able to so effectively change the subject isn't because they're practicing some kind of mass mind control the main reason is that the u.s. government itself has had
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a vested interest in promoting the same narrative. for almost fifty years now this goes back to the start of the so-called special relationship with israel in the late one nine hundred sixty s. when the us decides to deputize israel and make it what the next administration called a cop on the beat to protect american interests in the middle east especially u.s. energy supplies ever since the american government has continued to give israel roughly three billion dollars a year military aid while also vetoing one u.n. resolution after another condemning the occupation of settlements the challenge is to make sure that the american people stay on board with the u.s. aid despite what israel is doing a number of well funded public relations organizations have emerged within the united states to help israel justifies purposes especially the occupation and settlements on security grounds one of these groups is the israel project in two thousand and nine the israel project turned conservative poster and rebranding expert frank luntz to determine which talking points used by israeli and u.s.
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officials over time at the most effective in maintaining american sympathy for israel once wrote up his recommendations in a two thousand and nine report called the global language dictionary if you want to understand how the propaganda works especially in the u.s. you need to read the lunts document is really clear that the occupation and especially the settlements are a problem. and he points the polls that show a large majority of americans actually think that israel should retreat to the sixty seven borders in fact he says when you talk about land in terms of sixty seven you completely flip american sentiment against you but and this is the solution if you bring up the danger of terrorism you win back the support the key is the claim that the fight is over ideology not land about terror not territory in fact these three words terror not territory summarize the basis of the propaganda
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campaign of the u.s. and lots goes on to say the one of the most effective ways to make the conflict about terrorism is to refer to an obscure political document written in one thousand nine hundred eight by a small group of ideologues the hamas charter that calls for the destruction of israel even though the hamas leadership effectively disown the charter a long time ago it's been p.r. gold for israel. luntz research has discovered that when americans hear the words of the charter israel goes from bully to victim and sympathy for the plight of the palestinians this is a place so he says don't just quote it read it out loud again and again. and his advice has been taken up often hysterically by israel's advocates the hamas charter not only cost results destruction is ladies and gentlemen article seven coals for the murder of a every jew it calls for the murder of every jew it's a nazi document we have the israeli prime minister saying movements like
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a mass at our national movements are the same thing as isis hamas is like isis hamas is like al qaeda hamas is like hezbollah hamas is like boko haram and they are completely not the same things hamas is as much a nationalist movement. as leaders and a religious movement. and from the from the sons priority to its nationalist drones over its religious grounds. this false notion true most in support of this all pro doing that work is not bought even by moments of the american voter in two thousand and ten the united states central command was sent to comb the highest military compound in the u.s. if you testified report the question the current u.s. policy of isolating and marginalizing houses with has blurred in lebanon the report described the two groups is pragmatic and argued that putting them in the ok during
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the same sentence as if they're all the same is just stupid and the us military isn't alone in this assessment isis itself was attacked a mosque again and again because i'm not radical enough bit too pragmatic and too compromising i spent a lot of time on my radio program going over a hamas says charter what it says it wants to obliterate israel it wants to destroy the jews it is a sick twisted you know perverted ideology and it manifests itself in different forms muslim brotherhood islamic jihad hamas hezbollah i says al-qaeda you know it's all the same thing. meanwhile you hear next to nothing about another extreme political charter that has much more relevance to the conflict the platform of the ruling the crude party and its for a. hell of a change since he was seven. charting
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the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one. each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight up south africa three on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told to us out all right up with exclusive interviews really dangerous for journalists to editors publishers all around the world and in-depth reports are real be made in courts and they're without jazeera as teams on the ground i cannot make world to bring you more award winning documentaries and life means. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what
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happened was the will started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of fiscal issue and the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our e waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. i wrote about this in in doha where the top stories on zero is calm in gaza after a cease fire agreement between hamas and israel no israeli air strikes on the palestinian territory have been reported since the deal came into effect egypt and qatar helped mediate an end to days of cross border rocket attacks between gaza and
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israel twenty four palestinians and four israelis have been killed the u.s. is sending an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what it calls a clear message to iran the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and its support ships have been dispatched u.s. national security adviser john bolton says it's in response to troubling developments in the region the deployments the latest effort by the u.s. to increase pressure on iran. u.s. president donald trump is stepping up pressure on china to reach a trade deal he's announced tariff increases on chinese goods drum set out of some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products will rise to twenty five percent on friday stock markets have reacted nervously with losses in the u.s. hong kong and shanghai. at least forty one people have died in russia after a passenger plane caught fire as it made an emergency landing at a flight flight was forced to return to moscow's sheremetyevo airport soon after takeoff syrian government forces and their russian allies of launched mortar
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attacks in the rebel held province of idlib at least ten people were killed the ninety were injured on sunday a volunteer with a white helmets rescuers also died this weekend in an airstrike on a village and it left province it's now been under attack for six days an underground hospital was hit by an airstrike and put out of service. for sudan's ruling military council it says it will unveil its transition plan on monday as protesters continue to demand a return to civilian rule the military and protest leaders a deadlocked over who would control the government before elections are held a coalition of opposition parties has submitted draw for poses for a way forward top diplomats from the u.s. and russia have traded accusations over the crisis in venezuela u.s. secretary of state might compare those urged russia to stop intervening russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has called the u.s. support for overthrowing president nicolas maduro illegal under international law
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and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the occupation of the american mind by finance. the hamas charter not only cost results the structures ladies and gentlemen it cost for the murder of every jew it's a nazi document meanwhile you hear next to nothing about another extreme political charter that has much more relevance to the conflict the platform the ruling the crude party in israel well if you look at the language that's in that charter the likud charter it flatly rejects quote flatly rejects the existence of a palestinian state anywhere anywhere on that side of the jordan river in other words completely denying the right of a state of palestine to exist that's far more relevant to have language like the language in the liquid charter be in the charter of a party that is the largest in israeli government driving an israeli state and has
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the capacity to act upon the words in their charter in a way that no other party does to strengthen the case that the conflict is about terrorism and not turn a tree once points to the effectiveness of another word established israeli talking point to claim that israel gave up control of gaza in two thousand and five in hopes of achieving peace and a two state solution and go to rockets in return we left gaza completely we had guns so they could have turned it into a floor sharing wonderful place to live and look at what they did and they turned into a haven of terrorists coming from all over the world it's completely untrue that israel left the gaza strip they did withdraw their colonists but at the same time they tie in their control over the gaza strip this is gaza's main freight route into israel and normally this road would be bumper to bumper with heavily laden trucks but it's completely closed as is every other border crossing in the country
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nothing's coming into gaza and nothing is getting out so the idea that israel less . is one hundred percent guys it remains occupied who can come and go is totally at the israeli discretion in gaza there are constant military attacks by the israeli air force by drones. targeted assassinations go on all the time it wasn't really a withdrawal but the conventional shorthand in the media is that israel was willing to give up an enormous amount to the palestinian side and the palestinians responded with violent israel for since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven controlled gaza they gave it to the palestinians in a gesture of peace and all they got a bunch of rockets are you think that is this is the basic frame of israel's p.r. campaign make sure the media stays focused on terrorism and a mosque stream islam as a source of the conflict not the occupation of the supplements if you want to see
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this in operation just look at the coverage of any of israel's many attacks on gaza over the past few years. for scale and intensity of this attack was surprising the deadliest operation against palestinians in decades after an intense three week assault thirteen hundred day five thousand wounded. in late december of two thousand and eight israel launched operation coast led to the massive ground assault on the gaza strip in force of these these cockpit video over a period of three weeks the israeli military dropped over six hundred tons of bombs on go so it isn't clear yet how many civilians among in a fourteen hundred postings were killed and thousands more injured the wounded were carried on corrugated iron. and private cars. and bags and you know. the worst one day casualty telling guys that anybody can.
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normally in a conflict civilians. can run for their lives as it was one of the few if not the only modern conflict where the helpless civilians who were subjected to massive technologically advanced firepower by the israelis had no escape route with gaza city bombed and burning palestinians he did israel's warning to get out of the way but found they had nowhere to go. brutal murders devastating this time. if you ask any american why that war started they would say because the palestinians are not firing rockets at israel what are the goals of that operation right now to change totally the behavior of the from us is that. they had to keep shelling is. what this forget is
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that for the latter half of two thousand and eight there was a very successful cease fire that curtailed rocket fire into israel dramatically almost to the point in which there was none this was shattered in november of two thousand when israel attacked what they said was a tunnel building project to kill six hamas militants at that point the ceasefire was off when hamas regime rocket attacks off the israel broke the ceasefire israeli officials went on american television and got away with claiming a mosque breaking the cease fire you know it was come us that you know actually tore up the cease fire understandings it was from us that is going to the violence that reached a crescendo on christmas day when we had in one twenty four hour period some eighty rockets mortar shells and missiles coming into israel attacking our civilians now we want to work with the palestinian government on the law it was then repeated uncritically by us news media games there's no question here is there that hamas started this well look i don't think israel had any choice it was
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a ceasefire that was broken by hamas they fired something like three hundred rockets in the israel i mean this is an act of war what are they supposed to do let's compare this to have. media outside the us still with us indeed the fact that during the cease fire not a single israeli was killed and the reason for that was because i'm a five not a single rocket no i think you are wrong unfortunately because during that cease fire of six months they were firing rockets on a daily basis on channel four in britain you saw an anchor presenting evidence that the israeli government itself acknowledged that hamas observed the ceasefire was actually a document that's given to journalists by the israeli government and in this document it says and i'm quoting how mass was careful to maintain a ceasefire israel officially recognized until it broke the ceasefire from austin for a single rocket i mean the propaganda is so powerful that these truisms literally truisms are almost inexplicable the lesson is that this conflict started when we say it started and we say it started when israel was attacked. in two thousand
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and twelve and again in two thousand and fourteen these are two more devastating attacks on goes a. ghost once again showed that americans remain firmly on israel's side. that. israel can saturate the media with the spokespeople but there's still the problem of massive palestinian casualties showing up on television screens. here again the lunts document spells out which talking points have been most effective in spinning the brutal reality of palestinian casualties he says the first thing the pro israeli spokespeople should do is to express empathy for the innocent victims unfortunately innocents do get hurt and we really grieve that we're sad for every pseudonym casualty the entire situation is tragic then luntz tells p.r.
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spokespeople to turn the tables and ask the american people what would you do. so what would you do in the united states can you imagine. what america would do if you were facing a similar threat we always try to us cule to question what we you'll do what would you do what would you do if more than three thousand rockets of being fought on your cities what would you do three thousand rockets what would you do if terrorists were tunneling under your frontage what would you do if three kids were kidnapped because of a tunnel network what sort of question is this of course anybody would act to defend themselves against unprovoked aggression but it is a question that is completely devoid of any context then on top of that when massive numbers of palestinian civilians predictably die from israeli attacks israel claims it's part of a deliberate hamas strategy to drum up sympathy. telegenic the palestinians for their cause they want the more dead the better so they end up in
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this upside down orwellian world where israelis killing civilians becomes an unforgivable transgression against israelis it is hard to come away with any feeling but that we are in the midst of a world gone mad last week i found a quote of many years ago by a gold mine here one of israel's early leaders which might have been said yesterday we can forgive the arabs for killing our children she said but we can never forgive them for forcing us to kill their children it's not difficult to imagine americans identifying with palestinians who are suffering but they need to be able to see that suffering on their television screens in their newspapers. these whales day to day it's new within t.v. he's targeting terrorists and when your sense of the coverage is that there's something that these people did to deserve this or that they are affiliated with terrorists and terrorist minded governments the fallout of that is an inability to
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identify with people who are suffering in far greater numbers and far greater proportion. then their israeli counterparts. the effort to shape american perceptions of the israeli palestinian conflict has been taken up by a number of pro israel groups based in the us together these groups are commonly referred to as the israel lobby. nowhere. to shape the prose reading them or to be more visible than in the u.s. congress. to the efforts of one of the most influential lobbying groups working on capitol hill today the american israel public affairs committee better known as. great. good friends from all across. the board in. apex annual conference draws nearly ten thousand attendees from around the country
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including the most influential members of both houses of congress for both coaches it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived that some very competent experts at spin management are in fact deluding them there are many reasons for this one of them is that the american political class has basically swallowed the line oak line and sinker they keep getting rocket attack after rocket attack and then they're criticized for human rights problems because they defend themselves this is particularly true for republicans but responding mr speaker to attacks on their civilian population i mean what is it that they want what we know what they want they want israel obliterated from the map mr speaker but it's also true for many democrats we stand with our ally we stand with the democratic state of israel we stand against terrorism this is ministration well always stand up for israel's right to defend itself.
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they made the mistake of actually leaving a pax tax address on one bill that was actually laid before congress and of course nobody was apparently balanced that that in fact write the legislation for them or writes their speeches for them doesn't seem to in the least bother you there's nothing happening here that secret or under the table it's not a cabal it's not a conspiracy it is in fact domestic politics the way it's packed. here in the united states there are roughly three dozen or so pro israel pacs that give money over the last fifteen or twenty years they've given fifty five sixty million dollars in american elections there are one or two arab american pacs and i believe last time i looked they've given you know eight hundred thousand to a million so you've got fifty five million dollars of pac contributions on one side and you've got maybe a million at most on the other side the actual views of most people in the american jewish community quoting to every poll diverge greatly from the extreme right wing
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neo conservative views of the entire establishment leadership of that community most people in the jewish community are much more liberal they're against settlement they're against occupation they want two state solution and there are some key elements of what we call the israel lobby that aren't jewish so-called christian zionists evangelical christians in america have become israel's star just ally in an increasingly hostile world and the united states roughly a third of the population believes that every word of the bible is literally true. if the bible is literally true then the land of israel was promised to the jews by god and they have every right to take it from surfer's listen closely those of you who are listening in the liberal media. the jewish people are not hiding in the land of israel. the land of israel. one of the problems with the influence
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israel lobby has in the united states now is it has been hard for government officials to have an honest discussion just look what happened to president obama when he made the mistake of simply saying out loud what the international consensus is we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the nine hundred sixty seven lines with mutually agreed swaps so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states it didn't matter that obama was just repeating what had been official us policy that decades or the right wing president ronald reagan that said essentially the same thing in the one nine hundred eighty s. an even stronger language u.n. resolution to forward to remains wholly valid as the foundation stone of america's middle east peace effort. it is the united states' position that in return for peace the withdrawal provision of resolution two forty two applies to all fronts including the west bank and gaza when obama said it he was a media the accused by right wing groups of setting up israel for another holocaust
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as president obama abandon israel after strong support by eleven consecutive american presidents it appears obama has moved sharply toward israel's enemies and the results could be disastrous the leader of hezbollah has vowed to finish the job it was started up to now america's strong backing of israel made that impossible but with obama's waffling to the second holocaust. it's a pretty ingenious tactic how you supposed to have a rational discussion about the occupation when pro israel extremists call the sixty seven borders exporters. these are the two alternatives you're either going to now switching to support israel because israel was in fact created in the wake of the holocaust isn't that extraordinary that the two would be that way i have a problem with the idea of exploiting the link and using those six million jews and almost in my mind it's like saying and frankly we want the occupation to continue we are a nation that rose from the ashes of the holocaust. when we say never again we may
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never again. i see a lot of manipulation. about the victims. the sense of victimhood and i'm a child of survivors a local survivor so i'll be the last one to underestimate the importance of history and the history of persecution of jews in the israeli palestinian context but doesn't mean that jews now in israel go every day and think about auschwitz adult there are watchdog groups that keep track of what different media organizations publish or broadcast and if they're not happy about it they either publish their own attack. they organize consumer boycotts the media outlets don't see the pushback from the other side they don't see the upside to standing up for for their own reporting so i think in most cases they cave look at how american media covered
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israel's two thousand and fourteen attack on gaza a keyword search of all the major networks showed that over the course of the fifty one day assault israel's ongoing military siege on blockade of gaza were barely mentioned compared to the thousands of times a mosque rocket attacks on israel were mentioned but the silence of mainstream media across the board on these issues hasn't stopped right wing pro israel advocates with zero evidence making exactly the opposite claims here that the us news media bends over backwards so humanize palestinians well demonizing israel consistently the times says suppressed any story that with a tray israel sympathetically and of course there's no quite a weapon in the attack austin all that equating critical coverage of israel's policies with anti-semitism any fair minded person falls out in syria knows it's anti american and anti semitic there it is your gloating if you wish man correct yes i am it doesn't it doesn't come more anti semitic. they would they wouldn't they would do violence to you who is
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a good journalist and al-jazeera we let run that were they were violently i largely think so rude an article in which he explained to american jews went there to ask was their task is to show that anyone who is a critic of zionism by which he means a critic of the policies of the state of israel must be either an anti semite or a neurotic self hating jew that covers one hundred percent of possible criticism so used to be i was always called the self hating jew and everybody like me was called the self hating too i am now not only fit into but they also call me that is them like how i was by four jewish grandparents i'm still an anti-semite my wife was born in a just. those persons camp in germany and i'm an anti-semite look i've done dozens of interviews which begin from the terrorism departure point but when given an opportunity to actually speak and present a different perspective that can dissolve rather quickly is hamas
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a terrorist organization. do i get to actually speak now and you get to answer the question it's a simple yes or no question is how long are you invited to join on here is a mosque whose charter calls for the destruction of israel is that a terrorist organization that's a yes or no question thank you for your question and larry telling to me that it should be telling to your viewers as well by the way that the moment you have a palestinian voice on your program who begins to explain the legitimate grievances of power is not lost a terrorist organization let me say that so let me question what part of this can you get through your thick head i think is hamas a terrorist organization and yes or no the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to say and if you don't say it we're not going to let you speak our media operations national media is a scandal when it comes to israel i look at the u.k. with all its deficit and there's real debate for example there is this anchor
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called john snow channel four in the u.k. and he interview with mark greg and he grilled him with questions grilled record of how does killing children on a beach contribute to that purpose what was the point of bombing el wafa hospital for goodness sake there are grave problems certainties about whether you are acting within the law. oh yes you are deliberately targeting the neighborhoods in which you know there are women and children you've tried everything with guns or you besieged it for seven years the people live in intolerable and ghastly life and you know that better than anybody why don't you try one other thing. why not talk why not be brave and talk directly with the why not i can never see this in america i never seen anything like this in the united states while the mainstream propaganda system is operating the same as it always has there are definite signs that its control is starting to unravel over just the past few years the proliferation of
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social media and internet news sources this made it increasingly difficult for the israeli government. in pro israel groups in the u.s. to manage american perceptions of the conflict. video footage and reporting from the ground bearing witness to the reality of the occupation and now more accessible than ever on the internet. at the same time a powerful new movement has been gaining momentum and raising awareness of the occupation. while activists from the black lives matter moved have been making explicit connections between police violence against african-americans in the israeli military says repression of palestinians we stand next to people who continue to courageously struggle to resist the occupation people continue to dream and fight for freedom. the third is in a power. struggle for freedom continued and all of these developments seem to be having an effect those now show that while sympathy for israel remains at all time highs among i would or americans it has been hemorrhaging among young people.
3:43 pm
despite the efforts of the lobby something really striking is taking place and pro israel operatives like frank luntz are in a panic in his latest report he calls what's happening with young people a disaster. as the discourse begins to open more people are starting to understand this as a rights based issue not an issue of radicalism this is a movement for the rights of people whose rights are being denied who are living under occupation who want to live in their country freely just like anybody else let's just get away from the fall of jesus and talk about the reality and then maybe be able to persuade people that they should not any longer give their unwavering support to a nation engaged in a policy that's not just inhumane and brutal but ultimately suicidal. given the central role that the united states plays in backing israel seems to me
3:44 pm
a marriage. it's all americans have a right to question particular israeli policies and in particular the prolonged occupation the fact that the palestinian people have been kept without a state and without any political rights for decades now in the end this comes down to a battle for the minds of american people the battle of the stories they're told to make sense of this conflict a battle over perception the more americans are able to see the reality of occupation with their own eyes to see images of routine daily violence of the repression and the never make their way into mainstream news the more they'll question the image of israel as this tiny little david up against the bullying. and start to wonder who is actually the outcome palestinians who might be the real davids here. and that starts becoming the dominant perception here in the u.s. open seraph it all comes down to american public perception.
3:45 pm
how the weather is set fire across the middle east over the next couple of days. a good deal of sunshine coming through a little bit of cloud you know just around the caspian sea i believe it was the black sea as well but for many it's going to be dry warm and sunny twenty nine celsius there in beirut and also in jerusalem along with a lot further north you might just catch one of his showers in tunis and pass off he also across the brazenness dry thirty four celsius the baghdad on monday twenty seven a couple of showers and a few showers these will drift away as we go through tuesday but just can't see a roach into iran but elsewhere across the region well see settled and sunny much as he wanted to sasha's pushing up towards mania maybe using across into georgia as
3:46 pm
well mostly a spot sorts of right see just around the arabian peninsula even here. in concert with this area cloud spots of rain a possibility when the going on in to choose they temperatures of about thirty six thirty seven maybe thirty eight celsius as we go through each easter but by and large lots of warm sunshine coming through and also sunshine so into south africa. southern africa is generally settled and tries to a few shows that's more than parts of mozambique and i drift away as we go through chews day looking at the times and there. al-jazeera is there one doesn't always breaks but it's also a day to see what happens next which is a much on foot to get fired by the barriers for a model barricaded the old seventh street that b.b.q. here in the middle east now is we're all about change people have gone all still here area the mission of the national army is just sixteen tie up the oil company
3:47 pm
x. i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these roads. saving lives is a dangerous job it's about seeing stocks on a good one for hours there are patients waiting for these medicines who must be paid life's worth risking their lives a week ago one of the gang stops on because of the role that that can get with what funds to risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera leverage years. of duction killings and
3:48 pm
unanswered questions we don't know what happened so we can't he told faultlines investigates why native american women are banishing in disproportionate numbers in the us the such. missing and murdered indigenous women. on al-jazeera still searching. in. calling a truce palestinian leaders agree a ceasefire with israel after days of air strikes and rocket attacks. matheson and this is all just here on live from doha also coming up stepping up
3:49 pm
pressure on china president donald trump announces new tariffs on chinese goods as both countries work to resolve their trade dispute. sending a warning to iran the u.s. deploys an aircraft carrier and bombers to the middle east. a russian passenger plane a bursts into flames after making an emergency landing killing forty one people. a cease fire between israel and palestinian groups appears to be holding following days of cross border airstrikes and rocket attacks so far there have been no reports of any violations since the cease fire came into force cut out in egypt brokered a deal after hours of mediation twenty four palestinians have been killed in the gaza strip and four israelis have died in southern israel in the violence in the past few days when times are going as joining us live from the israel gaza body
3:50 pm
offense what more do we know about this ceasefire natasha. good morning rob four thirty monday morning this ceasefire went into effect is also the first day of the islamic holy month of ramadan and this as you said after more than six hundred rockets were fired into israel more than three hundred twenty targets hit in gaza and almost thirty people died in what has been the largest conflagration between hamas and israel since twenty fourteen zero zero has spoken with a spokes person from the popular resistance committees involved in the negotiations and as you mentioned they told us that egypt qatar and other international groups hope broker this latest ceasefire now he says that israel as part of the cease fire has agreed to help take measures that alleviate the suffering of the gazans in the gaza strip at the but most notably is that basically what was asked by hamas is
3:51 pm
that israel abide by agreements previously made during the previous term in april before the israeli elections now a measure of grow in the xoom a blockade as i mentioned and expanding to zone in the mediterranean for fisherman a lot more going into the gaza strip. tell us that israel has previously more aid will be used to make a lot of it's hard to get forty million dollars to pay the government workers and the poor and tell no lie a lot of false false involvement into israel to work on the status quo along the israel and gaza border i mentioned this is the islamic holy month of ramadan so there will be a lot of people wanting to visit family one of those. many will believe.
3:52 pm
it will be open tomorrow but that will be closed for the remainder of the. week next week we're told normal hours will resume is variable israeli police tells us that extra security throughout ramadan specifically on fridays will be deployed in jerusalem and specifically in the old city it says to allow thousands of people to come into the area but also in an attempt to maintain the peace. u.s. president donald trump stepping up pressure on china to resolve the trade dispute said the u.s. will raise taxes on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products to twenty five percent on friday as announcement comes two days before representatives from both countries are shuttled to resume trade talks start markets reacted nervously with losses in the u.s. hong kong and shanghai adrian brown has got more from beijing. well once more a tweet from president donald trump are sewn into doubt whether the united states
3:53 pm
and china can indeed do a trade deal this week on sunday night the president tweeted that he was prepared to now double tariffs that he was imposing on chinese products this would affect some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods that at the moment are subjected to tariffs of ten percent from says he wants to raise that to twenty five percent and he's also saying he wants to put terrorists on some three hundred twenty five billion dollars worth of chinese products that so far have not been subject to judy's so the question now is can the trade talks that were due to resume in washington later this week now take place so far chinese officials have not responded to president trump's tweet but lou her who is leading the chinese side of these trade talks is due to leave for washington if not today then tomorrow of course the decision must now be made as to whether he will in fact be leaving
3:54 pm
stock markets here in china have been reacting very negatively to this news stock markets in chen zen and shanghai have been down significantly on monday as was the stock market in hong kong these markets are fragile at the best of times and this was a further reminder that the stock markets are indeed in the true ones the u.s. is deploying an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what it calls a clear message to iran. the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and its support ships have been dispatched the carrier was due to dock in croatia on wednesday u.s. national security adviser john bolton says it's in response to troubling developments in the region that will elizondo has more. this statement by the united states announcing that they would be sending this aircraft carrier and bombers to the middle east came as a big surprise the statement came out from the national security adviser john bolton late on sunday night a little bit before nine pm local time here in washington d.c.
3:55 pm
it was a short statement but a key part of it was this part when there was bolton said in the statement that the aircraft carrier is being sent to the region to send a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime that any attack on the united states' interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force that's part of the statement from john bolton now it's not unusual for the u.s. to send an aircraft carrier to the middle east as a deterrent to iran but what is very different in this case is this is a very significant deployment here it's not only an aircraft carrier but it's also ships that go with the aircraft carrier plus plus bombers planes as well so it's a significant deployment to the region also very unusual that when the u.s. would do this that the national security adviser would then send out a statement telegraphing where they're sending this this carrier and why in this
3:56 pm
statement clearly pointing the finger directly at iran and very bellicose language that's important to point out that this particular battle group was already deployed left the united states on april first according to the navy's website so it was already in the mediterranean it's just now being redeployed towards the middle east now late on sunday the wall street journal newspaper is reporting that this was a decision that was made just in the last couple days after the u.s. received according to the wall street journal new intelligence on iran that iran could be threatening some u.s. interests in the region that according the wall. street journal according to at least one u.s. government source we did reach out to the state department for some more information they did confirm this deployment of military assets to the middle east but beyond that had no further comment. syrian government forces and their russian
3:57 pm
allies of launch more attacks in the rebel held province of it live at least ten people have been killed and ninety have been injured a volunteer with a white helmets rescuers also died this weekend in an airstrike on a village in the province an underground hospital was hit by an airstrike and put out of service. at least forty one people have died in russia after a plane caught fire as it made an emergency landing at a flight flight was forced to return to moscow since so much of our airport shortly after taking off or hit our home but has the details. plane's best from air flow to fight fourteen ninety two as it came in for an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport and bounced off the runway. by the time the sukhoi superjet one hundred came to a halt it was engulfed in fire seventy eight passengers and crew onboard. only thirty seven made it off alive the flight it taken off from the same airport just
3:58 pm
thirty minutes earlier heading for the northern city of months. the airline said it was forced to turn around due to technical reasons flight radar tracking shows it circled twice over moscow before making the emergency landing russian investigators have launched a criminal inquiry but some i looked on there were seventy three passengers and five crew members twenty eight passengers are now at the airport terminal investigators on psychologists are working with them five people have been hospitalized thirty seven out of seventy eight people on board of the plane survived thirty three passengers and four crew members superjet one hundred came into service in russia and twenty eleven the first new passenger jet developed there since the fall of the soviet union a year later a plane on a demonstration tore to indonesia crashed on mount sonic killing all forty five people on board that accident was blamed on him. dually the intensity of the fire
3:59 pm
it may consume a lot of physical evidence so we'll have to wait and see i didn't see any. rescue equipment in the early pictures at the scene so that may be an issue as well where was the equipment and what kind of equipment that they have available to put the fire out but the recorders will give us some indication and this type of action i think the the cockpit voice recorder may be most beneficial this i believe it's the third accident in total for this type of airplane and so it's it's been proven to be a pretty reliable platform so it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of it. has struggled to convince international airlines to buy its jets proving the planes safe will be crucial to the future of a project that had been a source of russian pride. sudan's ruling military council is expected to unveil a transition plan on monday protestors have been demanding
4:00 pm
a handover to civilian rule since president obama she it was last month the military and protest leaders have deadlocked over who controlled the government the two sides agreed to form a joint military civilian council last week but they failed to agree on its makeup a coalition of opposition parties i submitted draw for poses for a way forward still ahead on al-jazeera i'm not interested in politics because the corruption that's. why voter apathy is on the rise among young south africans plus. i'm the clock reporting from the. norway on the threats faced by one of the most important fisheries in the world.


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