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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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is expected to unveil a transition plan on monday protestors have been demanding a handover to civilian rule since president or what i was sure was i listed last month the military and protest leaders and deadlocked over who controlled the government the two sides agreed to form a joint military civilian council last week but they failed to agree on its make up a coalition of opposition parties i submitted draft proposals for a way forward. still ahead on al-jazeera i'm not interested in politics because the corruption that's going on it's like it's beyond fear is. why voter apathy is on the rise among young south africans plus. i'm nick lot reporting from the liberated island in arctic norway on the threats faced by one of the most important fisheries in the world.
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we've got some lively showers into central and eastern parts if you have a moment longer spells of rain to lots of clouds showing up here clear skies over towards the west there was a difference a year make this time last year we're seeing temperatures getting up into the upper twenty's across the northwest impassive few a plunge in paris for example through the next couple days we're struggling to get to thirty degrees you got a cold northerly wind rattling in showers rolling in from an all say down across at least the side of england it's northern areas of france through the low countries some warmth into the south madrid at twenty six degrees celsius some more players in the eastern side of the med to athens around twenty three but lots of cloud right as you can see that pushes right up into that western side of a russia maces way further eastwards ukraine season heavy downpours kiev looking pretty unsettled for choose day sixteen sale system eleven twelve degrees there into central pass a tad warmer i was towards the west as we go through tuesday before the next system
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just pushes in from the atlantic through the middle to latter part of the way so quite a mobile set up going on a little quieter meanwhile across northern parts of africa twenty two celsius there for bats and for algeria's one there in cairo thirty six celsius some cloud of the rain will make its way through the time she was day. becoming a living legend to the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout the book piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona football rebels begins with a look at the life of. the football team succeeded with politicians not. deviate from the ivorian civil war on al-jazeera.
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geodesy a reminder of our top stories this hour a ceasefire agreement has been reached between israel and palestinian groups in gaza and egypt brokered the deal to end days of cross border attacks twenty four palestinians and four israelis were killed in this latest flare up in violence. the u.s. is deploying extra warships and bombers to the middle east and what it's calling a clear and unmistakable message to iran u.s. national security advisor john bolton says it's in response to a troubling developments in the region. at least forty one people have died in russia after a passenger plane caught fire as it made an emergency landing their flight flight
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was forced to return to moscow so much of all airports soon after takeoff. u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe says russia's government should stop intervening in venice went on pale as expected to meet to russia's foreign minister in finland this weekend. i'm going to meet with foreign minister lavrov in a couple of days we'll have more conversations about this the objective was very clear we want the iranians we want the russians out we want the cubans out that's also what has to take place in order for venezuelan democracy to be restored. back with this response. we now see an unprecedented campaign led by the united states in order to overthrow the legitimate venezuelan government we condemn this campaign which seriously violates all the principles of international law provided by the united nations statute supporters of the opposition in venezuela held a vigil in the capital caracas for those killed in the ongoing demonstrations
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calling for the overthrow of presidents in the us model. has been there. was a vigil to honor those who died in this week's protests in gattaca us people gathered in this avenue to pray and ask for change that it's a twenty year old student who says he has had enough of the government's repression . i'm afraid we're tired of this of seeing our friends die of a lack of hope of a lack of change we need to continue protesting and talk things change here. for you this week opposition leader why they will feel to rally support from the military during uprising against the government of nicole a mother with. thousands took to the streets to demand mother leaves office by the white gosplan did not work as planned human rights groups denounced the excessive use of force by the government during the demonstrations are year this week they said they used violence and ivory trade detentions in order to suppress dissent
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during the demonstrations in which five feet were lost their lives. died on may first he was a pensioner that had to escape the tear gas and the rubber bullets. he fell here and died from severe. his brother says violence in venezuela needs to end there manno it up your my brother was a biologist that worked in the government he started fish in venezuela he died escaping from a government that has become ruthless against the people. and the government is now planning to go after the opposition lawmakers involved in the uprising it says they were part of a coup led by the united states. all the requests to strip parliamentary immunity are arriving at the national constituent assembly as it should be they will pass there and surely we will raise our hands to strip parliamentary immunity from all
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those who participated in that action. but the people on the streets remain convinced they need to continue pressuring the government they believe they are defending democracy from an increasingly authoritarian government that has failed to resolve the problems most venezuelans face every day. voting has begun in the fifth phase of india's month long general election will eighty seven million people are eligible to vote across seven states that includes two constituencies in the protests where opposition congress party president raul gandhi is seeking re-election for a fourth consecutive time the results of the seven phase elections is expected to be declared on may twenty third this election's being seen as a referendum on prime minister narendra modi's five years in office. in the republic of north macedonia a victory by the ruling party in a presidential runoff is being seen as vindication of the country's controversial
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name change stable painted off ski of the social democrats supports that switch gone donna. from the opposition conservatives who wanted to retain the country's former name of macedonia the presidency and north macedonia is largely ceremonial but the election is the first since the name change and it's dominated campaigning marcos about syria has much from has more from the victory press conference in the capital scope you. know all of the newly elected president of north will sit on the us there will print out a few used to bring these balkan country to the membership of the european union to create a unified country but out of people's elected this first president in the country changing things after three decades you got there nothing sign agreement last year on beach northward to doany of course that agreement in new name was in the center of electing a complete opposition candidate for the nothing down of the dock over what the case
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that agreement telling voters still do everything so it would be a no vote and out of the one with george the of all said to pull it politics of these rival relieve the country through the divisions and uncertainty these would be to me to make more than a country which is a member of the way you make your newly elected president of the office authority a stick to look through the use of it in july hoping this country will get the state to start the negotiations for the membership everyone hopes here you've got a good outcome the presidential elections will bring stability to the country the prime minister's own side said you'll work side by side and out of it promising peace and economic prosperity to be spoken face. millions of young south africans won't be voting in wednesday's general election some of them are turning their backs on politics because they feel ignored reports from a loss in their durban. cosmetics i legit displaying fake honesty but i would bet
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it but we do know is broken if in fact his expression of i'm for broke trying to get a degree people told me to get into if we shared a life that i think it's through music there clearly is andi expresses how he wants to change his life but the twenty two year old student belongs to a group of musicians and our. stuff first time voters in this election here about do you feel like the issues as a guy who's twenty six students are those issues being addressed not necessarily what we still wait now as people of all political parties making a lot of promises that don't deliver but now we just stuck in the middle we just have to make a choice any random choice right now i just feel like i'm just going to vote in vain because i've been given the opportunity of two votes not because i feel like the urge to vote i'm just gonna vote in vain to be honest with you i think there's a lot of corruption in politics and that's why. for me i'm stepping away from
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politics is the interest in clinton's cause the corruption that's going. to be under a few. hundred piers let me get a degree people told me to get into if we say the left but odds are with the things that i think i'm seeing this kind of progress if we hope in science and history the energy jobs and the substance of why that should have been all that amongst the group is an information technology graduate and a civil engineering student they both worry they won't find jobs when they qualify and i can question article malo he's been without work for years and the qualified entertainment thing is not working. in applying applying apply still i have nothing. you see that's my reasoning not involved government statistics show that half of young people don't have jobs more than nine million south africans why eligible to vote haven't registered more than five million of them under thirty the
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number of young people aged between eighteen and nineteen hoover registered to vote for the first time has dropped by almost half compared to the last election five years ago many young people feel that instead of voting their voices of bitter hurt in other ways in the last three years thousands of students have protested against high universities and demanding free education for students from low income families if you look at the poverty line this is it and this is the people so it doesn't make sense for us to just keep on voting just for the sake of faulty that apathy may hurt the ruling african national congress the party scene is responsible for liberating black south africans from a part eight many young voters say the freedom they enjoy today means little if their government is corrupt crime levels are rising and they don't have jobs from al-jazeera durban south africa the un food agency says it's finally gained access
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to food aid in the yemeni port city of hadera after laying the mission for security reasons the world food program had accused the rebels of blocking access to a warehouse in april fifty one thousand tons of wheat have been stored there to feed more than three million people affected by the war. the battle for libya's capital is taking a toll on people's lives as the holy month of ramadan begins many shops are closed the businesses are struggling as. campaign to capture tripoli shows no sign of stopping back with reports from tripoli. the markets are crowded in tripoli city center not just because of shopping for ramadan but also because most business in southern tripoli has been halted by the fighting it has some levy says he traveled from lizzie a suburb about forty kilometers away just to shop here. about
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seventy percent of the people of bell as easy a town came to do shopping here many others of the account even move around for. the month long battle for tripoli has already forces nearly fifty thousand people from their homes forces loyal to warlords really for hefted are fighting those loyal to the end recognized government. shops are closed in the salon haidee neighborhood on the edge of the city not far from the battlefield many people have left the area the sound of explosions regularly through this tree it's ambulances turned ready for casualties a few businesses are trying to reach open despite the danger of random rockets this gruesome on the other side of solar had been able hood is offering give it a bull's for ramadan but his business has been affected by the war. and the prices
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have gone high since the war started also there are shortages of certain bridged balls which we usually brought from farms and sudden crippling. this place is only about ten kilometers away from the front line and people here are trying to live as normally as they can. but those are stuck in areas where there is fighting are relying on aid organizations to survive. only red crescent a staff can reach people in the areas affected by fighting they say many people are refusing to leave their homes because they don't want to live in shelters for muslims ramadan is a month of mercy and forgiveness but people here are worried if there is no ceasefire it could become a month of more suffering and hardship. shipley more evidence is expected to emerge of the damage humans are doing to the world's
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environment a report on the state of nature will say we're facing a global ecological emergency it's likely to forecast of a bleak future for many species increasing ocean temperatures are threatening the arctic called a fish considered to be a delicacy around the world clock reports from the loft and islands in arctic norway this is what made norway rich long before oil told all scray in their millions filled drying rocks across the lake foton highlands winter after winter fishermen here have cashed in on the annual migration south from the barents sea it is a tradition that goes back thousands of years the cold is cold it's got it and then it's hold out to dry for several months and what you end up with is a dried fish that retains nearly one hundred percent of its nutrition apprise delicacy from italy to nigeria this is what supplied the vikings on their long voyages to far off lands and still now is
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a big part of the norwegian economy with millions of dollars the fish comes from the barents sea and its goals to look forward to spawn. and that's because of the atlantic stream to the left extreme it stops by locals and brings food it brings to the higher temperature even though it's not warm but it's high high enough to spawn and it's a very delicate ecosystem in that fragility is spelled out by a remove scientific research as a changing climate and warmer ocean temperatures upset the balance of the marine ecosystem meaning the scray may be forced out and then it's a question of where they go obviously it keeps things keep warming some of those true polar species might. not have a whole lot of places to go if the ringer computed by sort of these other species moving north. might see some considerable changes there this is a good nielsen cold thirteen thousand kilos of cold it's been
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a pretty good season but he's worried about the future climate change could change everything. they're called suddenly stopped because they'd be warmer and going at lower and lower north so then being the how bad a big program every year is spring comes they called lead their return has always been a certainty and in the city not just for the fishermen the for the seals sea birds and whales that feed on them now this extraordinary feat of nature is under threat the outcome as it depends on the political will to act in a time of global crisis nicknack al-jazeera lipo tonight and norway. this is all just here these are the top stories a cease fire between israel and palestinian groups appears to be holding following
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days of cross border airstrikes and rocket attacks so far there's been no reports of any violations since the cease fire came into force in egypt brokered the deal twenty four palestinians were killed in the gaza strip and four israelis died in southern israel during the violence in the past few days that tasha her name is near the israel gaza border. israel as part of the fire has agreed to take measures. on the gaza strip notably is that basically what was asked by hamas. previously made during. for the israeli election u.s. president donald trump is stepping up pressure on china to resolve their trade dispute from said the u.s. will raise taxes on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products to twenty five percent on friday his announcement comes two days before representatives from
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both countries will to resume trade talks. the u.s. is deploying an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what it calls a clear message to iran the u.s. abraham lincoln and support ships have been dispatched national security advisor john bolton says it's in response to indications that iran may be preparing an attack on u.s. interests in the region. at least forty one people have died in russia after a passenger plane caught fire has it made an emergency landing they had a flight flight was forced to return to moscow's sheremetyevo airport soon after takeoff. syrian government forces and their russian allies have launched more attacks in the rebel held province of idlib at least ten people have been killed and ninety have been injured a volunteer with a white helmets rescuers also died this weekend in an airstrike on a village in the province an underground hospital was hit by an airstrike and put out of service upsurge in violence comes despite a russian turkish deal to avert
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a government offensive now those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story by for now. the official story isn't there and i don't think we will show you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling join me. from the time i get from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the top stories and big issues here when i was in. south africans are about to go to the polls on wednesday and the african national congress says it's certain it will retain its majority in parliament but after a quarter of a century in power can the a.n.c. still appeal to voters this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm wrong come on party leaders have rallied their
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supporters and made their final speeches but a quarter of a century since the first democratic elections promises haven't changed much and neither have the problems every day south africans thousands gathered in their party colors to choose who they think were resolve their main concerns inequality unemployment and corruption while for others access to basic services like electricity and sanitation will determine who they'll choose the african national congress has led the country since the end of apartheid but it's accused of not doing enough and it faces a major challenges from the democratic alliance and the economic freedom fighters policy but president ramaphosa believes he's done enough to convince south africans to return him to power before we speak to our guests malcolm webber has this report from johannesburg. this is the final. sad because the only african. wednesdays an exit. strategy. will come
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in one thousand nine hundred forty one every election but it. was issued was capitalize on a series of corruption scandals those on the rest of the livery of public service is. sufficient say. still considers. the sources we lose a bit. as handed in budget and as a. result to come into. some of. the opposition economic freedom fighters doesn't it he was pushed out of the six years ago his posse is rapidly risen ever since the last election. for the state's involvement to see
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to disrupt proceedings and change the course of salopek of politics. and see the corruption promising to nationalize south africa's four. hundred five this is going to say loss what a very long time for the first opponents and also patents under the civil servant lad and the reason to do so just on duty right now we are saying this will never come back up at me south africa's largest opposition party the democratic alliance held its final rally on saturday the last baldwins out just over a piece of the seats but. it's been steadily but slowly increasing in spite of the ever growing criticisms of the disenfranchisement among some a.n.c. supporters many more. yes the many have believed that come wednesday. we will take this majority do with the margin that it
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ever had little. to inside story. let's go to our guests and johannesburg grant lost a son head of program for political institutions and processes at the electoral institute for sustainable democracy on skype from cape town a center set and i do research at the institute for global dialogue a south african think tank let me begin with you in cape town is this a case solve the a.n.c. better the devil you know all the economic freedom fighters and the democratic alliance and it's time for south africans to have a change it's a difficult question to answer because i think what we are witnessing in south africa is there a contest to today in the a.n.c. coming in in one to four was definitely on the back of your florek transition democracy people were very. jubilant about the fact that this is going to be
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a substantial democracy twenty five years later we look at this electoral democracy and we look at the multi-party democracy and we see voters being very uncertain not clear about who they want to vote for i think there's a sense that they want to go but just not sure whether it's the a.n.c. or whether it's the if they have or any other political party and of course what we are witnessing is all of the governance deficit in that is influenced the mindset so i think in a sense when you look at democratic theory it's about great from the best to the worst but i think is that africa right now you're looking at you know who's the least worse if you want to use that terminology and then of course going down the list from this i think is he in many way is you know it has to reestablish that kind of. moving large in the mindset of its both its support base which has been. gradually declining and of course at the provincial level if you took a call can you look at. what you call the eastern cape etc there's been
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contestation i mean cutting is the biggest level in which country stations going to take place and questions of whether we're going to see coalition governments which president of course has come out very moment and denied and said we don't like coalitions but again you know this is what's happening at the more at the at the subnational level for the country so i think for the a.n.c. it's about basically that psychological barrier between a few fifty eight percent and a sixty percent but also in terms of how the voters are looking at it in terms of performance in terms of service delivery and whether they have met their interest or have they just used the party or people using the party to basically advance their interests as well this is a key election concerns a lot of the voters growing losses and in johannesburg a lot of people very concerned about corruption inequality and they're taking a look at the n.c. now and saying to themselves well you've had twenty five years is that it is not a fan description of what many voters are thinking.
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you know i don't think that there's one issue for any vote it's such a complex choice for voters in south africa right now as an issue rightly said corruption is right up there you know we had a situation where if we had carried jacob zuma into the elections for the a.n.c. i think we'd be talking about a very different electoral scenario because he had become an extremely unpopular person personally and as president and the a.n.c. recognize that this was becoming a liability for them so they made a very very important change introducing sorum opposers president and he's almost rejuvenated the a.n.c. and been able to allow the a.n.c. in some senses to wash its hands of the zuma regime so whilst the country remains mired in the consequences of the corruption and cronyism and the other excesses of the zuma regime because we have a change in the a.n.c. the a.n.c. itself has been able to argue that they are now that they need to be given
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a fresh chance and that they should be allowed to clean up their own mess in the scenes but sadly corruption is one of these states of the economy is always looming large the state of personal security crime is always an issue in south africa and of course we have the very emotive issue of land and several parties suggesting that with a legs into power they will be expropriated land without compensation change of the constitution so there's been a lot of issues for voters to consider as they look at these particular elections. in cape town i have been hearing these issues for the last twenty five years every time we've had to south africa elections it's always seems to be the same issue security corruption inequality even land has been discussed but that doesn't seem to be any concrete measures taken. i think grant is right i mean i think the challenge with the facing is that these issues have become fairly institutionalized and of course you know the complexity of the issues is that they have been allowed
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to deepen in of a negative way so what is happening today i think when we look at the election that's going to mean the election that's going to take place on may eighth is essentially people saying well how much have you quantity qualitatively delivered on these issues if you take the land question for example it's become an exceptionally emotional issue but at the same time there's different reactions to it in terms of what should be the policy implementation what of the a.n.c. and yes they may have greed in a very broad way a brown black expropriation without compensation ideologically they do this in terms of implementation of that section twenty five of the constitution and of course the proposal that was adopted by the two houses of parliament to take a photo and terms of next going to war that that what you call the revision of the constitution but coming from a convey different interpretations of what happens in the south african context is
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that when you constantly see how much of the south african coffers the state money that has been utilized in the context of the kinds of issues that they're seeing emerge in the sunder commission around money that has been utilized in an unproductive way in terms of how it has advanced particular interest and economic interest and advance particular people in konami. wealth then of course becomes a critical issue i think this come around people are really frustrated because they come go to the polls they think about this very seriously and we now think critical parties who made us necessarily believe have not really made accountable to this electorate that they have that they have that have get that has given them the vote so this is a system as well is also about the fact that the policy of. certainty the by the way richard has taken place yes i agree because there has been a to drink invoked a kind of reach of
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a nation in the party but he's also constrained in calling the new by the party let's bring in joseph okie on our head he's a commentator on south african affairs as a political activist and a former columnist for new africa magazine joseph a guest seem to be saying that it is almost a a n c two point a new and c. has been rejuvenated under its new leader and it's not the old. jacob zuma would you agree with that characterization would you think the a.n.c. still has structural problems from well before all. i went to the extent of there to the n c. sort of inherited it must've job there is i don't know any political organization or political party in the world today that would have probably found the job that the n.c. inherited in south africa in two thousand in one thousand nine hundred four that is it unless they're prepared to be as radical. radical political parties and
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organizations could be but of course the n.c. opted to take in moderate line that say it really to their credit then c. has been large down the best of what they could in terms of force i think i think the jury is rather out i think he's going to win these elections what's going to happen in the next four years will probably determine whether or not this is a new n.c. or not and the reason is that actually unfortunately jacob zuma when he was elected to replace a tumble becky the vast majority of the members of n.c. and ordinary africans and south africa thought he was probably going to be the main genuine voice for themselves unfortunately in fact. sort of really sunk into the action that now. was a hoss to if you like try to run so to that extent yes it's a different entity by and large you put as a political going to say that stands for that for for for what they really fought for i think that you would be out again if we see that they were to tackle the
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structural problems what in the n.t. and in the government and that must include longer form and economy distribution for the peoples of south africa we have talked about this a little bit by when i asked the question to all three of you let's begin with grant lawson in johannesburg always looking period of coalition building a deal making of trading horses because of this uncertainty over what the a.n.c. now means are they going to have to make deals or is there enough support there is there enough numbers there for them to be able to come to power with a mandate. so i think we're relying on polling data and polling data has its flaws when it comes to predicting elections so we are relying a bit on what the scenarios sketched by those polls suggest the polls suggest that this is going to be a close race and that the a.n.c. is going to have to fight for every vote which is really a new scenario for the party dave enjoyed fairly comfortable majorities in previous
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elections and it was really only in twenty sixteen that we saw a serious coalition politics really into the political landscape of south africa which means that of course coalitions with between the a.n.c. and other smaller parties are plausible but also coalitions between the major opposition parties we've already seen in three of the major metro is that those coalitions and seize the a.n.c. from power and because we have both a national virt and a provincial vote the expectation is that one or two of the provinces may actually end up in coalition arrangements because no single party can get a clear majority at the national level the polls suggest that in the wake of getting rid of zuma and girding themselves in that albatross and putting around a poser who in fascinating ways remains more popular than his party at this stage is actually giving the a.n.c. a boost if the election had been held fifteen months ago we might have been talking about a very different story but now with the advent of rome opposes new sort of tone and of course the debates and tasted so we don't know as voters whether we can trust it
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yet or not the voters seem willing to give him a chance at least soonish an idea in cape town coalitions are beginning to become a thing in south african politics but always seeing a coalition of getting behind the cult of a personality serum a face and seems to be a guest on the most insane gromov said he seems to be very popular more popular than the a.n.c. . yeah i mean i think we've been moving towards coalitions as ground track you pointed out in terms of twenty sixteen local government elections but here's the thing for me and i think this is going to be the key ingredient the key driver factor that we have to think about for the selection and that is the trust issue so they may trust or i'm a poser but do they trust a n c now that question then becomes even more complex for the vote because when they get to the other going to go out and vote because i like i'm opposed to but i'm not sure of the party and i think that's going to be
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a key ingredient for the mandate in c. gets or the mandate some of was i guess in terms of the national election and the outcome of an of the results of the national level for the party will they given that mandate and if you get that mandate will the party then say no we need to contain his power a little but as we've seen previously done both at the two elect to conferences in terms of pollack won and of course in because well there were questions about you know all these political leaders getting or the leaders of the party getting too popular then the party and the second dimension to that is both at the provincial level you can see coalitions work because they do have particular dynamics around opening up the accountability to opening up a more diverse set of governance but we've also saw how if you don't choose the right kind of coalition partner how they can actually. tumble and quickly fall like a house of cards as we've seen the da in the nelson mandela pay as you see in the
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da in johannesburg also in a sense of how they've been. the tensions that have raised there the third point i want to make is these the poles and granted let me predicting on the basis of looking at opinion polls except what we did don't know what's going to be an outcome because within these polls that we've seen in the last couple of months there's almost an eight percent differential between some of their outcomes and how the opposition. the so i think what we need right now off to this election is a much more a much more clearer a coherent and a much more embittered kind of understanding of not just national election the provincial elections but looking also at the election landscape even taking into account by elections are local government elections were to tell us what the feeling and the mood is amongst people in terms of the apathy and where they go it is interesting joseph i want to bring you in head from london we'll seem to be
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hearing that yes. there is a very popular possible popular than the a.n.c. so to do him damage in the long term do you think. i'm not quite sure i think it's actually very lucky to be more popular than the n c because one he's a very nice guy and two he played a central role in the formation of the new south africa leading to the elections in south africa and i think most of african still give him that credit his background his trade unions and and of course as i said he he's in his or his in the house guy by and large but i mean that sayed where the n.c. is a state where particularly zuma dekker duma left it it needed somebody like a room before that who other than being nice other than having a bit of history is also someone who is known and seen to be absolutely intellectually deep in south africa needs a leader who is able to use the brain the charisma and if you like the composition of leadership that enables them if you like to bring
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a coalition of all partners together and i think of all that is a very good guy to be able to do that unfortunately of course he was slightly tainted a few years ago over the maracana months ago where minister of african thought probably because the company which is involved in. was at the center of that at an event that led to an unfortunate muska in that country that probably tainted him but anything really beyond that i think of after need somebody like him and i think it to his credit and indeed and his credit it was actually a good thing to elect him us president and i think if i was advising them i would simply say rally around him before the rally around the traditional and see valleys or else actually the likes of economy freedom party are actually watching from behind i think they're the people to watch going forward probably might have more so than that in my opinion grass isn't in johannesburg so we're taking a look now at the opposition oh are they do they have their act together are they
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going to upset some people with large against the way perhaps expecting or do you think it's a fairly cut and dried election. look i think that the party that everyone expects to see gains in these elections is the third horse in the race the economic freedom fighters the jury is really out on what the da the the second opposition party to the largest party in opposition will do in these elections some of the polls suggest that it may flats or some of them suggest that it may decline somewhat but really all of the talk and all of the focus on growth in the political landscape is on the part of the economic freedom fought every fight is led by julius malema who is a very charismatic individual of course he comes out of the a.n.c. he was a former president of the youth league there before he was expelled from the party and formed the formation and so you know a lot of the energy that other focus on issues has really come from the fifth
4:42 pm
they've managed to really almost upstaged the da in many respects in this campaign period and yet numerically they remain a really dark horse to make any meaningful gains numerically within the landscape so we said with a very very interesting position here where the a.n.c. is declining the second opposition party the da may or may not decline we don't know we'll have to see and then all of the focus about a third party growing is actually a party which is coming from a very small base in the economic freedom fighters solution in cape town we all running our farms above i just want to get fuel before we leave i'd like to wish you the same question from us and the opposition has got a chance. well i agree with grant in terms of the the way in which is these three parties are contesting and of course some of the polls predicting a place in dublin in certain contexts will be in effect nationally but here's the thing the epis the one party that speaks to that so that band of unemployed youth to that band of people in the country that
4:43 pm
a young who we need to get registered who i think if you look at the age group. about sixty percent or less than what you call is a third of them are not not registered so you could have a high proportion of that group that are not registered to vote but yet can be appealed by that yes that's kind of rhetoric talk and the kind of ideological stance they take which is very much a round of populist than emic so i think it will be really around that where they get it but that they get that mandate from their from the electorate from the support base or whether they take away votes also not only from the a.n.c. but also from disillusioned youth in the da and other political parties it's an interesting one isn't it that the opposition do seem to be making gains but possibly not enough. not enough funds problem likely this time round on both sides fully known as i said maybe in the next elections and perhaps if they were doing what they are supposed to do by and large i wouldn't advise some of them pretty
4:44 pm
much maybe they should be building up a lot of promise because as it went the n.c. comes from a very clear. about guarantees that e.f. actually broke off on actually the scheme to take the mainstream of the key issues of particular bottom line reform and economy ownership for the broader south africa from a historical perspective it is something that can be very tempting to most of africans but of course i would say that the year is massively in my opinion again tainted by the very apparent perception that is actually a front for the este was white establishment south africa and if you go by the statistics that i'm too now still up to sixty up about sixty seven percent nearly seventy percent of top management positions in south africa predominantly by white men and only perhaps just over three percent under four percent of top top companies in south africa up in the hands of the africans in the black people in south africa i think if you walk up and organize they come painted on many of those
4:45 pm
issues there's no way in which the vast majority of average south africans would go to would anything to do with it if you like that all of it and there's no reason why probably those who actually leave the n.c. they have to leave n.z. would not go to year but i think the game is still for the african national congress to do it's certainly a very lively election with a lot of issues and a lot of possibilities let's see what happens on may the eighth i'd just like to thank all our guests grant lawson solution id and joseph and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. . side story for me and the whole team hit life and now. the. capturing
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a moment in time they're snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel it i know it i have the data to prove that. witness on al-jazeera. for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave in the one nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of this new tony and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the
4:47 pm
dome it's permeable soil there was nowhere for her to wind it and therefore the seawater is his inside the dome when the storm was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out ready zero active isotopes from underneath the dime roll out with it if it really they we're not talking just a marshall islands we're talking the whole smooth motion. i'm a tradition every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump town through the eyes of the louts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at the least mean post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were told on the stories that matter the most embed is a free palestine they're listening post on al-jazeera. on counting
4:48 pm
the cost this week trump gambles the world economy shutting down iran's ability to sell oil and indestructible phone screen of chinese tech giants of the f.b.i. sting. will talk to the inventor who suspects his technology was stolen counting the cost. calling a truce palestinian leaders agree a ceasefire with israel after days of airstrikes and rocket attacks. on what matters and this is all just here on live from doha also coming up president donald trump announces new talents on chinese goods as both countries
4:49 pm
book to resolve the trade dispute. in a warning to iran the u.s. deploys an aircraft carrier and bombers to the middle east. a russian passenger plane and busts into flames after making an emergency landing killing at least forty one people. a ceasefire between israel and palestinian groups appears to be holding after days of cross border airstrikes and rocket attacks so far that have been no reports of any violations since the cease fire came into force cut out of egypt brokered the deal after hours of mediation twenty four palestinians were killed in the gaza strip and four israelis died in southern israel during the violence in the past few days that tasha her name is in the israeli city of ashkelon near the gaza barrier fence she has more on the cease fire. at four thirty monday morning and also the
4:50 pm
first day of the upon a holy month of ramadan this ceasefire went into effect after six hundred rockets were fired into israel three hundred twenty targets in gaza and almost thirty people killed in this latest skirmish between hamas and israel the deadliest round of violence since twenty fourteen elses hero has spoken with a representative of the popular resistance committees and he tells us that qatar egypt and international groups helped broker this cease fire he says that israel has agreed pacifically to take measures that will help alleviate the humanitarian situation in the gaza strip and specifically that it will abide by agreements it has previously made in april during a bout of violence prior to the israeli election these measures include easing the
4:51 pm
blockade expanding a zone in the mediterranean sea where fishermen can work allowing more goods into gaza particularly industrial goods that israel has worried might be used to make weapons allowing qatar to do forty million dollars to help pay government workers and assist the poor down the line again israel has agreed to allow five thousand gazans into israel to work and to help establish an industrial zone along the israel gaza border for now will be a rise crossing is closed but it will open tomorrow and then be closed for the remainder of the week that is really opposition and is responding to this cease fire as you would imagine not very favorably some are characterizing this agreement as blackmail by hamas. there's a feeling that that these will be moving toward a policy of the road and deterrence that it so rendered yet again. who was.
4:52 pm
minister in israeli elections has actually said that it. was to continue with uncompromising force. the next military. president on trump is stepping up pressure on china to resolve the trade dispute tom says the u.s. will raise tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products to twenty five percent and friday is announcement comes two days before representatives from both countries to resume trade talks adrian brown has more from beijing. well once more a tweet from president donald trump of thrown into doubt whether the united states and china can indeed do a trade deal this week on sunday night the president tweeted that he was prepared to now double tariffs that he was imposing on chinese products this would affect some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods that at the moment are
4:53 pm
subjected to tariffs of ten percent from says he wants to raise that to twenty five percent and he's also saying he wants to put tariffs on some three hundred twenty five billion dollars worth of chinese products that so far have not been subject to judy's so the question now is can the trade talks that were due to resume in washington later this week now take place so far chinese officials have not responded to president trump's tweet but lou her who is leading the chinese side of these trade talks is due to leave for washington if not today then tomorrow of course the decision must now be made as to whether he will in fact be leaving stock markets here in china have been reacting very negatively to this news stock markets in chen zen and shanghai have been down significantly on monday as was the stock market in hong kong these markets are fragile at the best of times and this was
4:54 pm
a further reminder that the stock markets are indeed in the true ones. so russia says it won't grounded sukhoi superjet one hundred planes out of a crash that killed forty one people an aeroflot flight caught fire as it made an emergency landing it was forced to return to moscow's main airport shortly after taking off here on the holiday has the details. planes from air flow to fight fourteen ninety two as it came in for an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport and bounced off the runway. by the time the sukhoi superjet one hundred came to a halt it was engulfed in fire seventy eight passengers and crew onboard. only thirty seven made it off alive the flight to taking off from the same airport just thirty minutes earlier heading for the northern city of months. the airline said it was forced to turn around due to technical reasons flight radar tracking shows it
4:55 pm
circled twice over moscow before making the emergency landing russian investigators have launched a criminal inquiry. to some i looked on there were seventy three passengers and five crew members twenty eight passengers are now at the airport terminal investigators on psychologists are working with them five people have been hospitalized thirty seven out of seventy eight people on board of the plane survived thirty three passengers and four crew members superjet one hundred came into service in russia and twenty eleven the first new passenger jet developed since the fall of the soviet union a year later a plane on a demonstration toll to indonesia crashed on mount sonic killing all forty five people on board that accident was blamed on human error through the intensity of the fire it may consume a lot of physical evidence so we'll have to wait and see i didn't see any. rescue
4:56 pm
equipment in the early pictures at the scene so that may be an issue as well where was the equipment and what kind of equipment they have available to put the fire out but the recorders will give us some indication of this type of action i think the cockpit voice recorder may be most beneficial this i believe is the third in total for this type of airplane and so it's it's been proven to be a pretty reliable platform. so it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of it because he has struggled to convince international airlines to buy its jets proving the planes are safe will be crucial to the future of a project that had been a source of russian pride for healing mohammed al jazeera the u.s. is deploying an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what it calls a clear message to iran the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and its support ships have been dispatched national security advisor john bolton says it's in response to what he calls troubling developments
4:57 pm
in the region there are others on who has more from washington d.c. . this statement by the united states announcing that they would be sending this aircraft carrier and bombers to the middle east came as a big surprise the statement came out from the national security adviser john bolton late on sunday night a little bit before nine pm local time here in washington d.c. it was a short statement but a key part of it was this part when there was bolton said in the statement that the aircraft carrier is being sent to the region to send a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime that any attack on the united states' interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force that's part of the statement from john bolton now it's not unusual for the u.s. to send an aircraft carrier to the middle east as a deterrent to iran but what is very different in this case is this is a very significant deployment here it's not only an aircraft carrier but it's also
4:58 pm
ships that go with the aircraft carrier plus plus bombers planes as well so it's a significant deployment to the region also very unusual that when the u.s. would do this that the national security adviser would then send out a statement telegraphing where they're sending this this carrier and why in this statement clearly pointing the finger directly at iran in very bellicose language that's important to point out that this particular battle group was already deployed left the united states on april first according to the navy's website so it was already in the mediterranean it's just now being redeployed towards the middle east now late on sunday the wall street journal newspaper is reporting that this was a decision that was made just in the last couple days after the u.s. received according to the wall street journal new intelligence on iran that iran
4:59 pm
could be threatening some u.s. interests in the region that according the wall. street journal according to at least one u.s. government source we did reach out to the state department for some more information they did confirm this deployment of military assets to the middle east but beyond that had no further comment. four civilians are being killed in russian and syrian government airstrikes in northern syria the white how most rescue group says the two week i attack on rebel held they have lebanese now killed at least sixty eight people the victims include the volunteer from the white helmets on underground hospital has also been hit so dunn's ruling military council is expected to unveil a transition plan on monday as protesters continue their demands for civilian rule the military and protests leaders are deadlocked over who will control the government the two sides agreed to form a joint military civilian council last week but they failed to agree on who should be in the council
5:00 pm
a coalition of opposition parties have submitted draft proposals for a way forward or how my daughter's life for us now in khartoum oh mama doing any indication how the protesters are going to react to this military suggestion. well it's. not clear hala ball position will react of the moment but pulls the two. transitional council's that will have both representation of civilians one heavy lifting on the minute to his side which will deal with defense and security muds is another which will have a civilian majority which would be led by a head of state if it was the position of the opposition group that calls itself the forces for freedom on change which is basically sudan's calls to into position and civil society.


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