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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 18  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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it's an unfinished house and those promises haven't reached who shows us her home with no electricity. she says politicians only come around during election time for many of india's poorest the feel that poverty is not just a trap but a life sentence. says jamil al jazeera delhi millions of young south africans won't be voting in wednesday's general election some of them say they're turning their backs on politics because they feel ignored for me the middle reports from. bonn. cosmetics i legit displaying fake honesty but i bet it but we do know it's broken if in fact his expression of i'm for broke trying to get a degree people told me to get into if we shared the life that i've been it's through music there clearly is on the express is how he wants to change his life but the twenty two year old student belongs to a group of musicians and our. stuff first time voters in this election here about do you feel like the issues have
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a guy who's twenty six students are those issues being addressed not necessarily what will still wait now those people of all political parties making a lot of promises that don't deliver but now we just stuck in the middle we just have to make a choice like any random choice right now i just feel like i'm just going to vote in vain because i've been given the opportunity of two votes not because i feel like the urge to vote i'm just gonna vote in vain to be honest with you i think there's a lot of corruption in politics and that's why. for me i'm stepping away from politics is. interested in clintons because the corruption that's going. to be under a few. hundred peers let me get a degree people told me to get into if we say the left but odds are with the things that i think i'm seeing this kind of progress if we hope in science and history the energy jobs in the system top why that should have been all that amongst the group
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is an information technology graduate and a civil engineering student they both worry they won't find jobs when they qualify and i can question article malo he's been without work for years and the qualified entertainment thing is not working. in applying applying apply still i have nothing. if that's my reason not involved government statistics show that half of young people don't have jobs more than nine million south africans why eligible to vote haven't registered more than five million of them and fifty the number of young people aged between eighteen and nineteen hoover registered to vote for the first time has dropped by almost half compared to the last election five years ago many young people feel that instead of voting their voices of bitter hurt in other ways in the last three years thousands of students have protested against high university and demanding free education for students from low income families if
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you look at the poverty line this is it and this is the people so it doesn't make sense for us to just keep on voting just for the sake of faulty that apathy may hurt the ruling african national congress the party scene is responsible for liberating black south africans from a part eight many young voters say the freedom they enjoy today means little if their government is corrupt crime levels are rising and they don't have jobs. al-jazeera durban south africa. u.s. secretary of state might pompei o and russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov are accusing each other of interfering in venezuela's affairs but they're expected to meet in finland this week i'm going to meet with foreign minister lavrov in a couple of days we'll have more conversations about this the objective was very clear we want the iranians we want the russians out we want the cubans out that's all time where we have to take place in order for venezuelan democracy to be
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restored. we now see an unprecedented campaign led by the united states in order to overthrow the legitimate venezuelan government we condemn this campaign which seriously violates all the principles of international law provided by the united nations statute. supporters of the opposition in venezuela held a vigil in the capital caracas for those killed in the demonstrations calling for the overthrow of president nicolas maduro. a vigil to honor those who died in this week's protests in gattaca us people gathered in this avenue to pray and ask for change that it's a twenty year old student who says he has had enough of the government's repression . i'm afraid we're tired of this of seeing our friends die of a lack of hope of a lack of change we need to continue protesting and talk things change here. earlier this week opposition leader why they will feel to rally support from the
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military during uprising against the government of nicola mother will thousands took to the streets to demand meddler leaves office by the white gosplan did not work as planned. human rights groups denounced the excessive use of force step by the government during the demonstrations our year this week they said they use violence and i retried detentions in order to suppress dissent during the demonstrations in a which five feeble lost their lives. died on may first he was a pensioner that had to escape the tear gas and the rubber bullets i think he fell here and died from severe injuries when i was his brother says violence in venezuela needs to end their minority up your nobody even my brother was a biologist that worked in the government he said fish in venezuela he died escaping from a government that has become ruthless against the people. and the government is now
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planning to go after the opposition lawmakers involved in the uprising it says they were part of a coup led by the united states or someone else are going to be and all the requests to strip parliamentary immunity are arriving at the national constituent assembly as it should be they will pass there and surely we will raise our hands to strip parliamentary immunity from all those who participated in that action based only all but the people on the streets remain convinced they need to continue pressuring the government they believe they are defending democracy from an increasingly authoritarian government that has failed to resolve the problems most venezuelans face every day early. caracas. well still ahead on al-jazeera then spall the surprise winner in the latest event on north america's biggest golf tour are these here to share that story.
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you. all right let's catch up with all the basketball and other great stories with the amazing. thanks so much sammy denver have founded the portland trail blazers their first home loss of the n.b.a. playoffs the nuggets winning game four to go level in the western conference semifinals held now it has the action. denver's task in game four was simple when. it all moved to the brink of elimination. to do that they'd need to outperform one
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of the league's best players damian lillard. his efforts have been crucial to portland's playoff push and the trailblazers were the better team in the first half and took a six point lead into the break but denver have a few stars of their own nickel a yoke which was in top form the denver nuggets having a huge third quarter outscoring portland twenty seven to fourteen. they went into the final quarter for seven ahead jamal marty putting in a standout display he got a game high thirty four points little dream a new threat though portland franchise player reminding everyone why he's one of the best three point shooters in the n.b.a. . denver however got the triples when it mattered the most will barton thinking two buckets from beyond the are in the final three minutes was up and when they went five points ahead with one minute remaining it was all but over. so
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i mari delivering the coup de gras his eleventh successful shot from the free throw line feeling a one. one thinks the into one twelve wins and handing portland their first home loss of the post the. the teams now head to denver for game five with the theory very much alive so we'll malik's al-jazeera while the turns around says of all so level the series that's against the philadelphia seventy six just say all koala starting with a double double is there according to what i want said ninety six road when we took showers there were. those to big to go to. a swarming team and. we got to make them pay and we mr bouchard. now manchester city manager pep guardiola says the premier league is that softest competition he's experienced as a manager his team play leicester lights are on a win will move them back ahead of title rivals liverpool with one game left in the
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season he says this liverpool saying it's one of the best he's ever saying. in my career as a manager i played with incredible incredible sight incredible but there specially too there was. one is bison within the game with a name or missy illustration for under saddle when it is liverpool i think is the best to save face as a manager now elliott could cherokee won the london marathon last month but he's already looking ahead to his next challenge after narrowly failing back in twenty seven seen the kenyan world record holder planning another bid to become the first man to run a marathon in under two hours david starks reports. managed to have done it. three minutes fifty nine point four seconds sixty five years since roger bannister did what many thought impossible and run the mile in less than four minutes kenya's elliott could choky return to the same track in oxfordshire to launch his own bid at sporting a metallic he's going to attempt to run the marathon in less than two hours the
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circuit is believed in. on the challenge the secret is to trust the one to tell it the circuit it is believing in myself that they can do it and that this circuit actually is trust and i have a political. game is the olympic champion and world record holder but this attempt would not officially count because he's going to use pacemakers and have drinks brought to him on mopeds he tried it two years ago at the monza formula one circuits in italy where agonizingly he fell twenty five seconds short of the two hour barrier but this time he's got the financial backing of britain's richest man jim rachleff who's worth twenty eight billion dollars if you don't succeed to be very inspirational for people. these are the finest mouth and run of the world ever produced i think is still getting better reckless owns the chemicals company in the us which has been heavily criticised for the impact its work has on the environment
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they've recently taken over team sky cycling and also sponsor ben ainslie. sailing team but radcliffe the noise they're trying to sport wash their image i think this is quite a good thing i don't think it's engine to do with you know all that sort of nonsense or lots of different parts of our laws but this is not nothing. and we will put in a modest amount in our terms into sport we enjoy it and we can. keep charities when the london marathon four times and it's london that's lucky to host the one fifty nine challenge the venue is not confirmed yet but we do know it will take place later this year in september or october david stokes al-jazeera well jim rockliffe is all site putting his cash in c.l. eight cycling back in the schools leading same team any us fully team sky collected their first race title since radcliffe became that main sponsor chris lawrence winning the tour de yorkshire in england after a second place finish in the final stage of one six of the last seven swans francis . marks who was the surprise winner of golf's wells fargo championship the world
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number four hundred seventeen winning his first paychecks all sides of victory means the twenty eight year old will also massively qualify for the next major tournament of the season the p.g.a. championship. ok some of that useful thanks so much sandy that brings us to the end of the news on our back of the are. today.
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inspiring. and. examining the headlines a collapsed economy means the very people are struggling to survive setting the discussions here but having to wait i don't think i look at it that way a lot of sharing personal stories with a global audience i explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the new and motivate and inspire the i am the world is watching on al-jazeera. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into
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its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty announces iraq. i ceasefire is in place between palestinian groups and israel after days of violence. are about us and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a warning to iran the u.s.
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sends a naval contingent to the gulf region to counter what it says is a potential attack on. a million species face extinction grim findings from the u.n. body tasked with assessing the state of our planet. i'm declaw reporting from the live for you tonight in norway a look threats faced by one of the most important fisheries in the world. a cease fire between israel and palestinian groups appears to be holding off the days of cross border airstrikes and raw rocket attacks so far there have been no reports of any violations since the cease fire came into force and egypt brokered the deal after hours of mediation twenty four palestinians were killed in the gaza strip and four israelis have died in southern israel during the violence in the past few days natasha are going to joins us live from near the israel gaza border
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that tasha how's the ceasefire holding as far as you're aware. it's been quiet since about four thirty this morning that is when the cease fire took effect this is also the beginning of the a sonic holy month of ramadan but this was the deadliest bout of violence between hamas and israel since the gaza war in two thousand and fourteen more than six hundred rockets fired into israel more than three hundred fifty targets hit in gaza and almost thirty people. spoke to a spokesman with the palestinian popular resistance committee and he said that israel as part of this cease fire has agreed to begin implementing measures aimed at alleviating the humanitarian situation in gaza there are a number of things that have been agreed upon and they include expanding the zone
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in the mediterranean where fishermen could try to earn their livelihood allowing goods more goods into gaza specifically goods that are kind of industrial in nature and that israel had worried might be used to bake weapons allowing qatar to provide forty million dollars in funding to help a government workers in gaza as well as assisting the poor and down the line allowing five thousand gazans into israel to work and establishing an industrial zone along the israel and gaza border israeli police are saying that throughout ramadan there will be an increased security presence for two presidents particularly each friday in jerusalem and in the old city and from more to your hearing. being regarded in both on both sides in terms of moving forward what is a goal from here. but let's start with what palestinians are telling us today we spoke with one man who returned to the rubble of his home to try to
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salvage some valuables he said you know imagine how shocking it is to receive a. all saying get out your house is going to be destroyed and then in minutes to your house turned to rubble he says i don't know what i'm going to do it or where i'm going to go this apartment was all i had we spoke to another man who says that he hopes the cease fire holds but he complained that quote israel is not distinguishing between civilians and fighters that is killing palestinians indiscriminately on the israeli side the israeli opposition is very critical of this cease fire it's being categorized as a capitulation to hamas once again a kind of surrender benny gantz who was vying to be prime minister in israeli elections last month actually said that israel should have continued with uncompromising force that we're just setting the stage in his words for a continuation of the next bout of violence and indeed rob there is
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a cycle that has been established hamas and israel have a skirmish of last several days egypt swoops in to mediate a cease fire and then there is a return to what has been described as a return to comb how long that lasts well bear in mind that the last skirmish between hamas and israel was just last month prior to the israeli elections but you know it seems that there is still no appetite on either side for an escalation to war and in fact benjamin netanyahu while he was campaigning last month said that he doesn't want the military to have a major incursion into gaza because he says it would be too much of a hardship of a burden for israel to occupy gaza natasha for another thank you very much indeed i want to bring in nick and i'm live north and west jerusalem via skype is the united nations special coordinator for the middle east peace process we appreciate your time so thank you if i understand correctly you were part of this process that
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money has to find some sort of solution at least temporarily to this this current situation how confident can the u.n. be that this current cease far this latest one is actually going to last. and one of the one of the. earlier. we were. told. a little remember been going. everywhere.
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and are critical but they're going. to learn. what we're. going to court. order. and they can i'm not having a few difficulties with lying to you at the moment we're going to leave it there for the moment but for now thank you very much indeed the u.s. is deploying an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what it calls a clear message to iran the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and support ships have been dispatched national security advisor john bolton says it's in response to what he calls troubling developments in the
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region find his audience a professor at the department of american studies at teheran university he says the latest move by the united states could actually benefit dave any in government. the people here. the money that the government spends militarily now it's very much justified because the. military is dominated by the. republican guards corps which john bolton put of terrorist organizations a few weeks ago and the support for the military increases in iran we have. the flag and that's what's happening in tehran people understand that their own honey administration has been trying to reduce tensions within the united states that's why we had the nuclear agreement. with the obama administration and the fact that the u.s. got out of the agreement without any reason any serious reason and the fact that
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they are talking about sending. ships to the persian gulf and talk about. a military confrontation in the city is something that worries the iranian people and that is actually in benefit of the iranian government the u.s. president donald trump is stepping up pressure on china to resolve the trade dispute says the u.s. will raise tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products to twenty five percent on friday as announcement comes two days before representatives from both countries to resume trade talks stock markets reacted nervously with losses in the u.s. hong kong and shanghai china says it's still preparing to head to the u.s. for the negotiations despite president donald trump's threat to raise later this week. i think the top priority now is that the u.s. and china could work together and meet each other half white like you can see
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spaced on. which is not only in line with the interests of china and the us but also makes the expectation of the international community. the international criminal court has ruled not to refer jordan to the un security council for firming to arrest former sudanese president omar al bashir two years ago is wanted by the i.c.c. for crimes committed in darfur by militias aligned to his government the court says jordan should have a rested bussy at opponents request when he visited amman in march twenty seventh team but there was there to attend the arab league summit seventy dekker has more from the hague it took more than half an hour for the judge to read out the background and the verdict of jordan's appeal basically unanimous of all judges saying that jordan should have handed over the form a sudanese president omar al bashir to the i.c.c. when he visited a man in two thousand and seventeen but they will no longer be referring jordan to the un security council it really had to do with the issue of immunity of
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a head of state sudan is not a signatory to the i.c.c. but jordan is now the judges here ruling that omar al bashir did not enjoy that immunity that jordan failed under its legal obligation as a signatory to hand him over but the bigger question really is this is where does the i.c.c. stand what kind of power does it have what are the consequences of actions like this the case against him all bashir the arrest warrant has been out for ten years now the i.c.c. accusing bashir of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity he is of course at the moment in a high security prison in sudan the sudanese military has said he will not be handing him over and that they intend to try him in sudan. there is no authorities in russia have recovered flight data recorders from a plane that called far as it made an emergency landing in moscow and sunday at least forty one people were killed but you know mohamed has the details. plane's
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best from airflow to fight forty ninety two as it came in for an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport and bounced off the runway. by the time the sukhoi superjet one hundred came to a halt it was engulfed in fire seventy eight passengers and crew onboard. only thirty seven made it off alive the flight to taken off from the same airport just thirty minutes earlier heading for the northern city of months the airline said it was forced to turn around due to technical reasons flight radar tracking shows it circled twice over moscow before making the emergency landing russian investigators have launched a criminal inquiry but some i looked on there were seventy three passengers and five crew members twenty eight passengers are now at the airport terminal investigators on psychologists are working with them five people have been hospitalized thirty seven out of seventy eight people on board of the.


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