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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2019 1:00am-1:35am +03

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hello there got a lot of rather messy weather over the southeastern parts of china at the moment there's lots of cloud with us and quite a bit of weather as well for the south where we don't have this just general area of cloud we've got some more showers and these are very heavy they're affecting us over parts of the philippines at the moment say more wet weather here as we head through tuesday but linking all the way back into parts of vietnam in the fall southern parts of china and then further north we've got this general massive cloud and rain here really even northeast of our map that's where there's a better chance of getting away with a dry day shanghai there will be at around twenty degrees as we head out towards the west we just got the remains of also i clone here just a few showers some of them again could turn out to be really quite heavy day and they'll stay there as we head through the day on tuesday and into wednesday elsewhere is now a lot calmer but it's also really quite a haul for many of us as well new delhi up to forty two degrees on wednesday of the not poor the way up to forty three to just very very hot for many of us here was
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a western for the arabian peninsula there's a good deal of cloud over saudi arabia and that's still going to be with us as we head through the day on wednesday here in doha the winds will be turning from the northwest and that should ensure the egg gets a little bit clearer not quite as hazy as it has been over the past few days. on council because this week trump gambles the world economy shutting down iran's ability to sell oil. indestructible phone screen of chinese tech giants of the f.b.i. state. will talk to the inventor who suspects his technology was stolen counting the cost although just zero.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on the al-jazeera a cease fire to end the violence in the gaza strip and southern israel appears to be holding a deal followed three days of rocket attacks on gaza and israel strikes on the palestinian territories. said on the military council is expected to unveil a transition plan as protesters continue their demands for civilian rule the military and protest leaders are deadlocked over who will control the government. and democrats in the u.s. say they'll stop contempt proceedings against the attorney general doesn't handle the form of a report on russian meddling william ballance given up on monday to turn over an uncensored version to congress. turkey's allow the imprisoned leader of the
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kurdistan workers party or p.k. k. to see his lawyer for the first time in eight years. has been jailed since one thousand nine hundred ninety p.k. supporters have been on the strike and some have committed suicide in protest of his treatment. as a terrorist organization. a national authorities in russia have recovered flight data recorders from a plane that caught fire as i made an emergency landing in moscow on sunday i think forty one people were killed as the details. planes from airflow to fight forty ninety two as it came in for an emergency landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport and bounced off the runway. by the time the sukhoi superjet one hundred came to a halt it was engulfed in fire seventy eight passengers and crew onboard. only thirty seven made it off alive the flight it taken off from the same airport just thirty minutes earlier heading for the northern city of months. the airline said it
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was forced to turn around due to technical reasons flight radar tracking shows it circled twice over moscow before making the emergency landing russian investigators have launched a criminal inquiry but. there were seventy three passengers and five crew members twenty eight passengers are now at the airport terminal investigators on psychologists are working with them five people have been hospitalized thirty seven out of seventy eight people on board of the plane survived thirty three passengers and four crew members the super jet one hundred came into service in russia and twenty eleven the first new passenger jet developed there since the fall of the soviet union a year later a plane on a demonstration tore to indonesia crashed on mount solich killing all forty five people on board that accident was blamed on human error. really the intensity of the fire it may consume
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a lot of physical evidence so we'll have to wait and see i didn't see any. rescue equipment in the early pictures at the scene so that may be an issue as well where was the equipment and what kind of equipment that they have available to put the fire out but the recorders will give us some indication of this type of action i think the the cockpit voice recorder may be most beneficial this i believe is the third accident in total for this type of airplane and so it's it's been proven to be a pretty reliable platform so it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of it because he has struggled to convince international airlines to buy its jets proving the planes safe will be crucial to the future of a project that had been a source of russian pride. at least fifty five people have been killed and dozens more injured when a fuel tanker exploded in the jazz capital nia may it happened overnight in the
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airport district near the station at least thirty people were taken to hospital and voting as begun in the fifth phase of india's month long general election where eighty seven million people are little to vote across seven states that includes two constituencies in two to punish the opposition congress party president raul gandhi is seeking reelection for a fourth time the final results are expected on may twenty third. for the former captain and leader who fled spain over a year ago has been cleared to run in the e.u. elections on may twenty six spanish court overturned a decision barring catalyst from from contesting in the polls he's in exile in belgium and faces arrest on charges of rebellion if you returns to spain and if the country after his secession bid to declare a council only an independent region failed. now the world is facing a global ecological emergency and human activity is to blame that's what's expected in the report assessing the state of nature on our planet from more than five
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hundred of the world's biodiversity experts as our environment is and the clock was in the foot and islands in optic no way. we are in deep trouble unless we act fast say the experts how many times have we heard that in recent years you know this report is perhaps the most chilling of who one million species that risk perhaps within decades of a direct knock on effect from food or water supplies first of all across the world we're already thing it in the oceans where acidification and warming it's weather exacerbating things and then also and that's the thing that one of the most productive fisheries in the world here in a photo island in norway is under threat unless things change and you know this is a remarkable story people have been fishing for cotto grey is known to have more than seven thousand is it today this fishery is worth tens of millions of dollars but all that it seems is now at risk this is what made norway rich long
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before oil to tote all scray in then millions filled drawing rocks across the lafave denial and went off to wind fisherman here have cashed in on the annual migration south from the barents sea it is a tradition that goes back thousands of the is called his colt it's got it and then it's held out to dry for several months and what you end up with is a dried fish that retains nearly one hundred percent of its nutrition apprise delicacy from italy to nigeria this is what supplied the vikings on a long voyages to far off lands and still now is a big part of the norwegian economy with millions of dollars the fish comes from the barents sea and its goals to look for to spawn. and that's because of the atlantic stream to the left extreme it stops by locals and brings food it brings to the higher temperature even though it's not warm but it's high high enough to spawn
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and it's a very delicate ecosystem in that fragility is spelled out by a remove scientific research as a changing climate and warmer ocean temperatures upset the balance of the marine ecosystem meaning the scray may be forced out and then it's a question of where they go obviously it keeps things keep warming some of those true polar species might. not have a whole lot of places to go if they're being out competed by sort of these other species moving north and where you see might see some considerable changes there this is a good nielsen cold thirteen thousand kilos of cold it's been a pretty good season but he's worried about the future climate change could change everything. they're called suddenly stopped because they'd be warmer and going at lower and lower ne so then being the how bad a big program every arab spring comes they called league their return has always
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been a certainty and in the city not just for the fishermen if the seals see birds and whales that feed on them now this extraordinary feat of nature is under threat the outcome is it depends on the political will to act in a time of global crisis nicknack al-jazeera the frozen islands norway. say from ancient man to the vikings today the arctic cold has provided an invaluable food source and this species is a critical part of the biosphere but who knows what the future holds. pakistan's largest freshwater lake has become a dumping ground for industrial waste to report some may have munch i like the pollution is risking the lives of people who depend on it. did what did left of the largest crowd mohannad dry. at one time hundreds of boards harder to get that indeed shallow water now did i just if you didn't live. what these
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people are the boats have been their homes for as long as they can remember. i know that nobody and i got in the previous new had about fifty varieties of fish in much a lake but in polluted water came through many fish took a wiped out. here we used to have a good catch now we on the brink of ruin we don't even have drinking more to have we have to buy it from the city for fifty rupees for a small drum. it's lunchtime and bread is based on a small store all stocked away in one corner of the book even the firewood above the waterline costs money why did they say. living off the lake is a struggle and read out. he does not know what really happened to his family let him out of the dharma we don't even have houses here how can we give education to our children if someone among us gets sick we need one thousand rupees tolerance to
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take them to the nearest hospital from where will these poor people arrange this government to provide a service and houses we could live a normal life by doing other jobs like farming and such. here remember the happiest guy where there was plenty of fishing and the rich plant life including located provided a food for the people of montreal lake fishing i mean their main livelihood but because of industrial pull your parents now being warda bardi awarded nor drink it was the first stocks are down the flora and fauna are gone and it may destroy a whole way of life for death be put. as we traveled deeper into this wast expanse of water we find more problem these people who had boats and lived along the side of the lake conditions now are the worst they have known. the world can a moment for them we request our government to make arrangements for cleaning this
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water so that we can resume our normal life it's the government was. sponsibility to facilitate us by providing schools hospitals houses and other facilities. lakemont jordan at their own used to be a popular resting ground for the migratory birds the lake itself more than forty different fish but the only ones. for animal feed. their only source of income. they've been dorie by the leader that they were good but haven't received any bugs are new prime minister to run connors promised to clean and green country but the people here say die made running out for them. yes president donald trump is stepping up pressure on china to resolve a trade dispute trump says the u.s.
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he raised tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products to twenty five percent on friday his announcement comes two days before both countries are due to resume trade to resume trade talks stock markets reacted nervously with losses in the u.s. hong kong and shanghai. i think the top priority now is that the u.s. and china could work together and meet each other halfway to die he can seem to spaced on mutual respect. which is not only in line with the interests of china and the us but also makes the expectation of the international community. pope francis has visited the ball garion town iraq where he delivered a sermon for the first communion of hundreds of catholic children but he's being urged by campaigners to return to his native argentina to deal with revelations of child sex abuse committed by roman catholic clergy two international groups campaigning on the issue in argentina meeting victims. now millions of young south africans won't be voting in wednesday's election someone say they're turning their
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backs on politics because they feel ignored i mean i'm in a report from. cosmetics i legit decreeing fake honesty but the eventually is broken for me if in fact his expression of. trying to get a degree people told me to get into if we say the left it's through music there clearly is on the express is how he wants to change his life in the twenty two year old student belongs to a group of musicians. the first time voters in this election hear about do you feel like you issues this guy who's twenty six students are those issues being interest not necessarily what will still won't know those people political parties making a lot of promises they don't deliver but now just stuck in the middle we just have to make a choice like any random choice right now i just feel like i'm just going to vote in vain because i've been given the opportunity of votes not because i feel like
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the urge. to vote i'm just gonna vote in vain to be honest with you i think there's a lot of corruption in politics and. for me i'm stepping away from politics is. interested in politics because the corruption that's going. to be under a few. hundred peers not a good thing when people probably don't get it if we say the left but odds are with the things that i think i'm seeing this kind of progression in science and history the energy of the system taught by others amongst the group is an information technology graduates. and a civil engineering student they both worry they won't find jobs when they qualify and i can question article malo he's been without work for years qualified illiterate and thing it's not working. when applying applying apply but still i have nothing. that's my reason lots of world government statistics show that half of young people don't have jobs more than nine million south africans why eligible
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to vote haven't registered more than five million of them under thirty the number of young people aged between eighteen and nineteen hoover registered to vote for the first time has dropped by almost half compared to the last election five years ago many young people feel that instead of voting their voices of bitter hurt in other ways in the last three years thousands of students have protested against high university and demanding free education for students from low income families if you look at the poverty line this is it and this is the people so it doesn't make sense for us to just keep on voting just for the sake of politics that apathy may hurt the ruling african national congress the party scene is responsible for liberating black south africans from a part eight many young voters say the freedom they enjoy today means little if their government is corrupt crime levels are rising and they don't have jobs from
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al-jazeera durban south africa. finally the duchess of sussex has given birth to a baby boy prince harry announced the birth in windsor saying both the baby and mother meghan are healthy their name is yet to be chosen by the sussex is queen elizabeth the second eighth great grandchild and seventh in line to the british. well the news of course on our website bamford is on your screen top story the u.n. report painting a big picture of the state of the natural world al jazeera dot com that's out there a. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera a ceasefire to end the violence in the gaza strip and southern israel appears to be holding the deal for three days of rocket attacks on gaza israeli strikes on the palestinian territory it's
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a good name as more from near the israel gaza border. well so far things have remained calm the cease fire went into effect for thirty monday morning it's also the beginning of the islamic holy month of ramadan l.g. zero spoke with a representative of a palestinian group the palestinian. popular rather resistance committees he says that hamas was looking for israel to abide by an agreement it had made in april after the last bout of violence and apparently israel agreed to do that so the un's military council is expected to unveil a transition plan as protesters continue their demands for civilian rule the military and protest leaders are deadlocked to the who will control the government democrats in the u.s. say they'll start contempt seedings against attorney general if he doesn't handle the full month a report on the russian meddling william bomb was given until monday to turn over an uncensored version to congress. the u.s.
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is deploying an aircraft carrier group to the middle east to send what it calls a clear message to iran. the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and support ships have been deployed national security advisor john bolton says this in response to what he calls troubling developments in the region iran says bolton doesn't understand military and security issues and showing off. u.s. president donald trump is stepping up pressure on china to resolve their trade dispute trump says the u.s. will raise tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods to twenty five percent on friday as announcement comes two days before both countries to resume trade talks. and ideational authorities in russia have recorded have recovered flight data recorders from a plane that caught fire as it made an emergency landing in moscow on sunday russian media quoted the pilot of the airliner who said the plane was without radio communications due to a lightning strike at least forty one people were killed well those were the
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headlines and news continues here on our after counting the cost statement that's watching. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week trump gambles the world economy on shutting down iran's ability to sell oil overseas. but also this week an indestructible phone screen a chinese tech giant and an f.b.i. sting we talked to the inventor who suspects his technology was stolen.
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donald trump's attempts to make iran abandon its nuclear ambitions and change its foreign policy is thwart with danger after ripping up a nuclear agreement with techron trump is forcing china india and turkey to end imports of crude from the islamic republic trump is gambling that there's an awful from the u.s. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to fill the void but global supplies could be up ended by events in venezuela and libya meeting that trump is pushing the world's economy to the brink we've got three reports for you from beijing catrina you on beijing's xylem up china is iran's biggest oil but it's entering another round of trade talks with the u.s. and from the straits of hormuz in basra the reports on iran's plans to block sea lanes but we start with mike hanna in washington on saudi arabia's role in the u.s.
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foreign policy. it was a surprise to many when president trump chose riyadh this a destination of his first international trip in office but two years on it's clear this was more of a signal as to the central role saudi arabia would play in his administration's decision making. driven home when it was made clear the imposition of oil sanctions against iran was done in coordination with aleve but other stuff about the details of what the site is in the emirates have agreed to but i've had conversations the president conversations with these countries and there they have committed to making sure that there is a sufficient supply in the markets. confirmation of saudi coordination came just days after president trump signaled a major policy reversal in libya in an obvious not to riyadh expressing u.s. support for the saudi backed warlord fighting the internationally recognized government in tripoli the announcement makes clear that saudi arabia is now
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a fulcrum of the united states foreign policy this despite the fact that congress has held saudi arabia responsible for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi as well as for the deaths in the ongoing war in yemen even senior republican leaders have said until these situations are resolved responsibility for the murder of khashoggi is assigned it simply cannot be business as usual the white house simply ignores this position a congressional resolution condemning saudi arabia's actions in yemen the subject of presidential veto. in president trump size it seems the relationship with three are more important than that with congress in delhi and one of china's most important ports some twenty million barrels of iranian oil are reportedly stranded waiting to clear chinese customs. with the united states ending waivers on
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a rainy and oil purchases this week the future of the shipment is unclear the u.s. has tightened sanctions on all countries that continue to buy iranian oil after the first of may that includes china iran's biggest customer beijing says there's no justification for the u.s. policy. imposed by the us. roughly a quarter of iran's exported oil is sold to china about half a million barrels a day the two countries have grown closer in recent years president xi jinping mediterranean counterpart in beijing last june just one month after the u.s. imposed sanctions on iran iran is a key supporter of china's built in road infrastructure initiative designed to ease chinese global trade but analysts say china may have no option but to bow to u.s. demands and. the united states is serious in forcing china to pick
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a side the chinese government has to be very careful the timing is critical this week top negotiators from washington arrived in beijing for a new round of treetops both sides are working to finalize a deal to end escalating tit for tat tariffs which began last year experts say china may give up iranian oil which makes up about seven percent of china's total oil imports to avoid jeopardising discussions on trade for china now and the most important relation is still it's not with iran it's within us and there are other battles china need to fight in terms of for example a transformative technology. on chinese desperate some sort of cutting slack from the u.s. should china stop buying iranian oil it could compensate tehran by boosting trade in other areas if it continues it could do so via
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a backdoor. no in the times to stop buying oil moving some to believe. washington officials and the wind down period or additional wave out of the question. so for iran has responded to u.s. economic pressure with rhetoric at home and diplomacy abroad but since the u.s. said it will not extend sanctions waivers to let iran sell oil to its biggest clients iranian leaders have started hinting at slowing traffic in the strait of hormuz an estimated twenty percent of the world's oil passes through these waterways the mere mention of the name can move markets and raise concerns in global capitals while leaders say if iran can't use the strait to sell its oil no one can they also say they intend to keep the shipping lanes near their shores wide open in everyone's best interest but behind. in the waters near iran's southern coast are battle ready boats this is as close as we can get to an iranian warship
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the navy takes the security of its vessels very seriously especially around the waters of the strait of hormuz where boats like this have the job of policing traffic in the waterway but also looking out for american warships any time there are dozens of cargo ships visible on the horizon giving a sense of how much traffic these waterways see on a daily basis the message here is iran considers itself in charge of these waters in the middle of all this is the small but strategic. in the seventeenth century it was home to a fort for the portuguese navy one local guide says it's still the perfect place to monitor and control traffic in the strait some living here worry a conflict could make their quite island. already to go wrong and yes we are concerned if it happens nothing will remain here families and lives will be destroyed noone want to others doubt it will come to that time.
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so father hasn't been any conflict here as long as i remember i don't have any concerns maybe some people do but as far as i can remember nothing has happened to make us. this coastline doesn't have any hotels and it's not teeming with any beach goers the scenic island remains largely in developed perhaps by design we're at the southernmost point of hormuz island now and the waves washing up against this rocky beach that water is from the strait of hormuz this is the strait just here and it is a very picturesque setting there are tourists that are coming through in buses it is a very nice place but make no mistake for the government this place serves the function of a pressure point backed into a corner iran's leaders say they will respond in the u.s. will be to blame for whatever comes next the point is centuries old places like this as a reminder that they faced foreigners at their shores before and if pushed they can
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do it again so what will be the impact on the global economy and do sanctions hurt the nation imposing them in this case should iran carry out its threat to blockade the persian gulf for that matter what if oil stops flowing from other hot spots like libya and venezuela well oil prices could shoot up to one hundred dollars a barrel that could shave nor point six percent of world growth and inflation could rise by north point seven percent stretched u.s. consumers have already seen gas prices rise seven percent this month to two dollars eighty nine cents a gallon they could rise further crimping growth since the u.s. cut ties with iran after the one nine hundred seventy seven revolution it's been estimated to have lost export revenues of one hundred seventy five billion dollars from one thousand nine hundred five to two thousand and twelve that translates into sixty six thousand job opportunities lost on average per year joining us now from washington d.c. via skype is not. surely sara is the founder and president of the energy
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international good to have you with us once again sorrow prices have risen by what a third this year in part due to these sanctions wave is one of the consequences for the world economy of these full sanctions now being implemented well on the world economy if the sanctions cause the price spike then it's going to have impacts on a one economy of course well at this point us at the destruction is hoping that saudi arabia u.a.e. opec members would increase their production and they're hoping that there's not going to be a significant price rise from the sanctions in may. we shall wait and see but saudi arabia says that it's not ready to make up the lost production from iran and that the u.s. could only what replace about a quarter of of that i mean this isn't looking good is it. well actually first of all to begin with can u.s. substitute iranian oil really know because the crude quality matters and iran and
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crude oil is heavy u.s. crude oil is like really the best match for iran in cool oily saudi crude oil and the closest the other is u.a.e. so these are the closest crude types to iranian our current quality for the refiners you find areas cannot easily change their diet but what you're expecting is that saudi arabia before november before the first sets of sanctions in an implementation in two thousand and eighteen it raced in production but suddenly it's only been surprised by the eight waivers that were announced by the u.s. administration so based on the are waiting actually two well today's may second but if they're waiting to see that how much actually iranian oil supply is going to be excluded from the market how much iran can smuggle or sell informally and if u.s. government would come up with some sort of sanctions some sort of waivers formally or informally so they would wait and see how much actually iranian oil supply is
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going to be removed from the market and then act accordingly to manage in the market and substitute iranian oil but it only takes one event to spook the markets only a week or so ago russia had to tell europeans that the oil pump through a pipeline was contaminated you look at the other unpredictable things that are going on right now in libya and in venezuela is that going to be blowback here for the united states and the president trump it's a very very good question because even if they have saudi arabian opec covering for iranian oil again most of the substitution would come from saudi arabia and sony really is a country and major opec member that has their highest the serapis spare capacity in a market so if they want to saudi arabia to cover for iranian oil that it's a spare capacity and opec and russia then if there is any other event the market will not. i have enough spare capacity to cover for that and to and in the event of
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any major incident and then we have a significant impact on the prices also beside that we have iran and that they are constantly traveling the market that if they cannot exploit any oil they are going to either close the strait and remove a retaliate on a global oil flow so all of these also could create potentially a psychology full impact on the prices however as of now looking at the future prices you don't see any psychology call impact the future price of oil for the next few months do i must significantly higher so the market hasn't been panicky yet but yes if there is any incident then there's going to be a major effect on the price and with iran's economy the way that it is if it needs to sell oil you talked about iran possibly getting oil covertly to market how how might it do that. well iran has still its own way still. want to call it a smuggler informally sell its oil and they have done it before there is or are as thing that was so.


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