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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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i look at two sides if we look at our party sides from day one there they are very confident in their claims over irregularities across our system all particularly for the metropolitan misspell of the position so in that if we look at our party side it is not unsurprising this it isn't however if we are of course for the opposition parties i guess this is surprising for them but at the end of the day this is a decision that must be ok except it by all sides mehmet i mean critics will say that they at party didn't like the results of the mail election back in march which saw the c.h.p. opposition wins and were determined to change the result at any cost to favor the act party. well i think that's the first call that under that criticism is undermining the top electoral body decision making mechanisms these are very experienced very thing or judges that are making this decision and secondly
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this was not a unanimous not a united minutes and a decision there were also a position for a major decision so it was a seven to forty in favor of the flames the other thing is we politically when we analyze this stumble elections we see that in all this trick our party was not in all districts or in a majority of the district our party was the leading party in all municipal councils our cards he was the leading party even in the municipal or even in the metropolitan like mayoral election our party difference from the c.h.p. good for us was not a major difference if we look at the size eyes of the electorate in this that will so ok as other parties have done other places afterwards he also made some objection and needs a very senior judges at the top supreme election count so they have decided in
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favor of this decision they could have all object they could have rejected the discotheque well so now i think it must be respected ok let me get a final thought from you if the c.h.p. party wins the rerun on the twenty third of june will be out policy abide by that result or will they try to change the game do you think. look what party has been in how part is been holding on to the position in non-corrupt for over two decades . i mean there are parties and previously it was their wealth or party but they didn't all jacked nor they have made such big claims about uncorrupt and life goes on there in istanbul i think the fact that they're very confident in their claims you know made them more more comfortable pursuing this and not letting it go if he needs to win and some will i think our party is for our party it
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is to be respected to respect the people's will and nothing will be said for i after that if today this supreme election council had rejected their claim their appeal i don't think this would have turned into any you know any other. process as well because i too would have respected that decision as well he has been saying that since all right if they want that regard that's what the decision to regardless of the decision all parties must be respecting people's will at the ballot box has all of the judge's decision made by the supreme election council the metric we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for talking to us. also to come here on the news hour including a warning to iran the u.s. deploys an aircraft carrier bombers to the middle east. of syria that was supposed to be a safe zone a seen the worst violence in more than six months. in sports the kenyan running
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champion ending to hit a time target many believe is impossible. military council is expected to unveil a transition plan as protesters continue their demands for civilian rule the military and protest leaders are deadlocked over who controls the government the two sides agreed to form a joint military civilian council last week but they failed to agree on the members of that council a coalition of opposition parties have submitted draw for puzzles for a way forward well he is live for us in the capital khartoum he was so what well then do we know about this transition plan the military says they're hoping to unveil soon. well there and at the moment we don't know what plans the military council does want to unveil in terms of setting a transitional government for the next two years they've already said that they want either a military majority or equal share equal par sharing with the civilians now they've also that they wanted two years transitional period but the opposition coalition
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presented a blueprint for the next four years they're saying that they want a four year transition period they want a prime ministerial post which is going to which is going to govern the executive body and they want an independent transitional council and a legislative assembly with at least one hundred twenty members forty percent of which should be represented by women now it's not clear if the military council will approve to that there's already a mediation team between the two sides the opposition and the military council and they have suggested that there should be a security and defense council so what they're suggesting effectively is that they should be to a transitional council for that to a transitional council as for the transition period so we're yet to hear from the opposition on that proposal they're saying that they are going to debate and they're open to negotiations and that they do not mind having an mediation between the two sides and the military council also said that it is optimistic and that it wants to form a transitional government as soon as possible but as it stands right now sudan is no closer to having a transitional government than it was when president bashir was ousted on the eleventh of april so how is likely to go down there with the opposition and all
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those protesters who are still on the streets so keep up the pressure on the military. yes indeed they've been here for one month now they've been in front of the army headquarters for one month saying that they know they're the winning card is the pressure card that the opposition coalition can use to force the military council to hand over power to an independent civilian rule and many of them have been coming from various states not just the term basically different states around the country and the opposition coalition knows that if these people do leave then they don't have any way to pressure the military council to hand over power to a transitional government whether that government is a joint military civilian government or whether it's a civilian majority as they want so we have tens of thousands of people in front of the army headquarters continuing to keep pressure on the military council they're saying that they are now going to go home and so the military council and the opposition have to come together to try to sort out their differences whether it's with the mediation team or with out to form a transitional government so that the thousands of people who went to the army headquarters in for and in front of the army headquarters on the sixth of april can
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go back home thank you. democrats in the u.s. say they'll start contemp reseeding as against the attorney general if he doesn't hundred with a full mother report on russian meddling william barr was given until monday to turn over an uncensored version of the russian inquiry and underlying evidence to congress but barr who was appointed by donald trump so far refused that request to a committee held at joins us live now from washington kimberly so the attorney general could be held in contempt of congress if he doesn't release the full unredacted report but of course when your boss isn't budging on this so what happens now. that's right house democrats in control of the judiciary committee say they will meet on wednesday to vote and potentially if that vote if there are large enough numbers that would move this to the democratic controlled house of representatives where they could vote to hold william barr the attorney general in contempt of congress now the house judiciary committee argues that it is
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vital that they get the unredacted version of this report by robert mueller the special counsel they say this is necessary as they continue their investigations into whether there was potential corruption by the u.s. president whether there was obstruction of justice in fact we should point out this is just one of five house committees that are looking for this information but in the part of republicans they say look at this is nothing more than political theater if you're trying to generate negative headlines to try and hurt donald trump's chances for reelection in twenty twenty still democrats are pushing for this information in fact they've accused the attorney generals lying to congress something they believe is a crime and they also say that they believe that the attorney general is covering up for donald trump so this is more than likely to go to the broader house of representatives for a vote where the attorney general could be found a good tent of congress the other i haven't you for this is to go to the civil courts this could take a long sort of lengthy process but could potentially result in jail time. and u.s.
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treasury secretary of state my new shit is deciding whether to comply with house requests for donald trump's. kimberly this is becoming a really big issue so i was like to play i'll do anything. well we know that steve mission the chargers secretary is already missed two deadlines we expect him to miss another one today that's what he said he needed to do or weeks that would be today monday here in the united states in order to give a reason why or why not he would not turn over donald trump's tax returns congress is looking at least this one particular committee looking for six years of tax returns and the white house is arguing look at this is already played out in the u.s. election process donald trump did not turn over his tax returns as a candidate the public elected him to the white house anyway so expect there is going to be another fight not of this in fact donald trump has made it clear that he expects administration officials to fight requests from what he calls the
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opposition democrats in congress who we should point out are arguing they have a constitutional responsibility for oversight so once again we don't expect that the treasury secretary is going to respect this deadline what we do expect is this is also potentially headed to the courts where there would be sort of the usual case of congress taking the white house to court in order to try and get information and again the process could be lengthy all right kimberly thank you now the natural world is it more trouble now than at any other time in human history hundreds of scientists from all over the planet are in paris and have released a u.n. report on the threat to biodiversity is from london with more from the european broad concept at this table to you. yes extraordinary to think that one that million animal and plant species on our planet are at risk of extinction and it is our fault a un report says because of human activities like agriculture fishing and eating meat life is flickering outs from the thought oceans more than forty percent of
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amphibians thirty three percent of corals which form reefs and a third of all marine mammals are at risk of extinction only three percent of marine areas are free from human interference nearly three quarters of all land has been significantly altered by humans turned into farm fields covered by concrete or swallowed up by dam reservoirs that habitat loss leaves plants and animals like it's an easy is around its hands homeless in this case you to massive palm oil production and at least ten percent of insects such as bees which of course a crucial for plant pollination could be lost that puts up to five hundred seventy seven billion dollars of crop output at risk as rain forests become desiccated and rivers dry up millions could be left without adequate food and water a touch about reports now from paris that's where the u.n. report was released. well this report said he paints a very bleak picture of the world's natural environment is says that people are
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destroying the planet's vital biodiversity at an unsustainable rate we're talking about mass deforestation oceans that are being depleted of their fish and of their coral land that's been stripped of its nutrients because of over farming and development one million species could be extinct in the next few decades say scientists and they also say that all of this the situation is putting humans at risk what we are saying is if we continue of destroying our forests destroying our coal mangroves the way we produce energy in agriculture it will actually undermine in the long term our own human will be it will undermine our ability to produce food who are scientists are saying that the main causes for the decline in bio diversity are things like trade i could culture increased consumerism all this is putting more and more pressure on the land and on the oceans even climate change is
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playing a role speeding up the whole process more they say they hope is that this report will not only raise awareness but it will motivate people governments and businesses and individuals to act i would strongly call on the international community to raise the profile of biodiversity to the level of climate change if not more because we can feel and experience biodiversity decline in all our societies today when a twenty twenty world leaders are expected to meet at a bio diversity called friends and it's expected that they will agree on a rescue plan for nature or major marine fish stocks are disappearing due to overfishing increasing ocean temperatures are also threatening the optic caught a fish considered to be a delicacy around the world that clarke has more from the folks in islands in the way. this is what made norway rich long before oil take hold all scray in them millions filled drying racks across the lafave denial and
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went off to wind fisherman here have cashed in on the annual migration south from the barents sea it is a tradition that goes back thousands of years because his colt it's got it and then it's hold out to dry for several months and what you end up with is a dried fish that retains nearly one hundred percent of its nutrition apprise delicacy from its emmy to nigeria this is what supplied the vikings on their long voyages to far off lands and still now is a big part of the norwegian economy with millions of dollars to fish comes from the barents sea and its goal is to look for to spawn. and that's because of the atlantic stream so the arctic stream which stops by locals and drinks food brings to a higher temperature even though it's not warm but it's high high enough to spawn and it's a very delicate ecosystem in norfolk that fragility is spelled out by a remove scientific research as
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a changing climate and woman ration temperatures upset the balance of the marine ecosystem meaning the scray may be forced out and then it's a question of where they go obviously if keep things keep warming some of those true polar species might end up not having a whole lot of places to go if the ringer computed by sort of these more southern species moving north and we can see might see some considerable changes there this year a good nielsen cold thirteen thousand kilos of cold it's been a pretty good season but he's worried about the future climate change could change everything. they're called suddenly stopped because they'd be warmer and going at lower and lower north so then being we have a big program every arab spring comes they called lead their return has always been a certainty and in the city not just for the fisherman but the seals sea birds and
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whales that feed on them now this extraordinary feat of nature is under threat the outcome is it depends on the political will to act in a time of global crisis nicknack al-jazeera the frozen items norway. well joining me now the studio is there he's a cast and oceans campaigner for greenpeace u.k. thanks for coming into the studio looking at that u.n. report as a whole how shocked were you by it or had greenpeace expected this would be the results of that report i mean we've seen human activity causing environmental destruction for many years but i think really the accelerating pressures and the multiple pressures that are now hitting the natural world from all different sides is of great concern and this is a really stark warning and really needs to serve as an urgent wake up call for governments to act because we can see that this isn't just about protecting wildlife or that we are faced with the loss of iconic species this is also about preserving the life support systems for life on earth so you know the natural world plays an incredibly important role in guaranteeing food security and in protecting
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us from climate change but right now human activity is actually undermining the ability for nature to keep us safe in some ways although we've got better looking after our planet over the last ten years or so there is a bit of always fatigue about these reports time after time coming out warning us of what we're doing to the earth what's different about this report compared to those others which have also issued similar warnings i think you know this report is incredibly comprehensive and very authoritative but also if we look at the context you know last year we had this international report on climate science coming out and that's been met with huge mobilization from young people from consensus and all around the world and we're hoping that this kind of report will similarly met by that call that this is not just a climate crisis we're facing it's also a nature crisis because of course these things are incredibly linked and that actually can drive much greater bolder ambition from governments which we said desperately need lots of pressure obviously on governments and big business there are essentially but the main police in some sense of our planet but what can we as
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individuals do the actually have a big impact well i think you know we've seen over the last year that actually get people coming together and calling on governments really clearly and articulate and the need to act can lead to. real change you know we have parliament declaring a climate emergency and you know i think that the report today is really clear on pointing to the solutions and just calling for the political will to deliver of them so we know for example creating marine protected areas in the oceans which are free from direct pressure has really allowed the oceans to recover to build resilience and we can see that actually all over the world those are being rolled out in coastal waters yet at the moment less than one percent of international waters those vast expanses are protected but over the next twelve months governments have an opportunity to negotiate a global ocean treaty which will provide the kind of framework for creating these protected areas and get us closer to protecting thirty percent of the world's oceans over the next decade which would protect wildlife but also help tackle
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climate change is there anything positive or to mystic that we can come away with today following this report is this something that we can look at saying actually we are making a change and things all going to change for the better i think the reaction to the report has been really incredible you know we're seeing it on the front pages with seeing people talking about it and i think you know for a lot of people this is no longer a distant threat this is intrinsically linked to their daily lives and we need that pressure to keep on building you know we are seeing governments starting to recognize that pressure but you know what we know is that human activity and exploitation has driven us to this brink of crisis and climate change is only going to make that worse and less we act now it was a cousin good to have you with us thank you. now russia says it sees no reason to ground its domestically produced sukhoi superjet one hundred aircrafts of the one of the planes burst into flames during an emergency landing in moscow the pilot says the air flight plane was struck by lightning before it was forced to crash land on sunday killing at least forty one people the crew told russian media that
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lightning appeared to be responsible for a loss of communication with at traffic control aviation authorities have now recovered the flight data recorders the sepia one hundred's is the first new passenger jet developed in russia since the fall of the soviet union. catalonia is former president has been cleared to run in the e.u. elections almost two years after he fled spain madrid court has overturned a decision by the electoral board are in khalis push for more from taking part in the may twenty sixth polls wisdom or lives in exile in belgium and faces of arrest on charges of rebellion if you returns to spain he left the country after his bid to declare catalonia an independent region failed in twenty seventeen on the x e o of the french telecoms giant orange is standing trial with six other former executives over a series of suicides at the company more than a decade ago most are accused of more harassment and other space related charges
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prosecutors say between two thousand and eight and twenty ten there were eighteen suicides thirteen attempts and eight cases of serious depression among employees orange was undergoing major job cuts at the time which lawyers say trickett the suicides cases shopfronts and raise questions about corporate culture the trial is expected to last two months. well that's it for me on the team here in london let's go back to doha and rejoin our felicity thank you very much well lots more still to come here and al-jazeera including a life displaced we are in jalalabad in afghanistan where one in four people live in camps. a little pulled out of the champions league final with. stay with us. hello there we've got yet another weather system that's making its way across
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turkey at the moment take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud is coming up from the northeastern parts of africa and then making its way a few showers across lebanon and then up towards parts of turkey where we seeing the majority of those showers the whole system is working its way eastwards we'll see more showers over parts of georgia there as we head into wednesday yet more wet weather for us particularly northern parts of texas as we head through the day for the south is hot now in baghdad we'll see a temperature of around thirty three and as we head through towards terror on the temperatures there also on the rise here will be up to twenty eight of course with the heart of the neither of those places around thirty eight at the moment i think the tuesday will see the winds coming down from the northwest so that should be a clearer direction not quite as much hazy weather around but a child zone too far away and it looks like they'll be back as we head through the day a wednesday quite a few areas of cloud over parts of saudi arabia in the northeast and also in bahrain as well so a lot of those thirty two degrees should be our maximum temperature down to was the
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southern parts of africa and the majority of the showers here are in the southern parts about not quite a bit of cloud here over the southern parts of south africa that's making things here a little bit cooler than they might be otherwise we'll see a temperature in cape town of around eighteen degrees. on al-jazeera. the world's biggest democracy. we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of ultranationalist series if you would when you buy a middle child would meet some of the people striving to the top. twenty five years of coming to power can be am seen maintaining its political dominance in south africa. exclusive exploration of the goals traditions behind russia's foreign policy told by those who employ with the premise and with bricks it still looming and populism on the run across your world. these elections become
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a record. on al-jazeera. the official story isn't there and it will show you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling join me in front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here and i'll just. remind of the top stories on al-jazeera a ceasefire to end the violence in the gaza strip and southern israel appears to be holding the deal followed three days of rocket attacks on gaza and israeli strikes in the palestinian territory. turkey's election board has canceled the results of
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istanbul's my own election following weeks of pressure by the ruling party state media is reporting that election officials of all the real one of the vote which saw the opposition c.h.p. candidate installed as the city's mayor at the end of march. and the u.n. report says a million species are at risk of extinction because of human activity it says nature is in more trouble than at any other time in human history. now the u.s. pentagon has described the deployment of an aircraft carrier group to the middle east as a sensible response to rein in aggression the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and support ships have been dispatched a number of senior government figures are defending the decision including the u.s. national security adviser john bolton iran's national security council says bolton doesn't understand military and security issues and showing off saying but he has more now from tehran. they've certainly taken their time and that in the past has been seen as a signal of trying to lessen the significance of us moves being taken against them
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now that we do have a statement it seems to be a personal attack on john bolton the spokesman for the supreme national security council cave on coast. issued a statement now we should keep in mind that the iranian president hassan rouhani is the head of this council and so it is very much a statement being made under his administration in this statement it reads that bolton lacks a military and security understanding his comments are mostly for show based on the accurate monitoring of iran's armed forces the aircraft carrier abraham lincoln entered the mediterranean sea twenty one days ago and his statement is just for psychological war it goes on to say that it is unlikely the commanders of the u.s. armed forces want to test the capabilities of iran's armed forces now there's a couple of things happening here the iranians see this move as purely psychological not an actual military decision to make some sort of action against iran and they're calling the united states out on it saying this is psychological warfare and they're sending
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a message to the iranian people in this statement suggesting at the end of it that not even american commanders have faith in the u.s. national security adviser so rania people don't have to worry about what is simply a move for symbolic purposes and this pure psychological warfare let's bring in ali via is in washington d.c. his the iran project director with the international crisis group al it's not unusual for a u.s. carrier group to be deployed to the gulf and we've seen this before but what do you think makes this deployment so significant and what's different this time around. you're absolutely right it's not unusual for u.s. carriers to pass through the persian gulf and to rotate what is unusual is the statement that came out of the white house by john bolton basically using this as a threat credible threat of use of military force in order to deter iran and if you look at the context in which this is happening just two weeks ago the u.s. designated iran's revolutionary guards as
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a foreign terrorist organization and just last week it decided to basically bring iran's oil exports to zero in this context this much better cost city i think is quite dangerous and the risks of a military confrontation between iran and the u.s. and their respective allies in the region are higher than ever to stay with john bolton for a while because he says that the u.s. is acting in response to a number of troubling escalatory indications and warnings but he was very short on specifics so what exactly is iran being accused of now we haven't seen any concrete evidence but it seems that u.s. allies in the persian gulf have indicated. that they have intelligence about iranian plans to target u.s. assets in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and we've also heard that israeli intelligence has come up with evidence that iran is planning to target u.s. assets in iraq again the reality is the u.s. has waged a maximum pressure campaign against iran and is waging an economic war against iran
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and so it's not unusual for the iranians to be considering retaliatory measures of their own and we're also now hearing that on wednesday which is the first anniversary of u.s. withdrawal from the nuclear deal it is likely that iran would also stop complying with part of its commitments under the nuclear deal other seems to be some confusion over the trumpet ministrations goal here really because on the one hand john bolton says the u.s. doesn't want war with iran but on the other hand they've made no secret of their enthusiasm for regime change in tehran so what's the u.s. and game here. look the problem is there is no one us here it depends on who you're asking i think president trump is primarily interested in getting a better and broader deal with iran the problem is he has surrounded himself with a national security team who has been seeking for years i mean someone like john bolton has a long track record of seeking regime change and has been itching for
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a fight for with iran for many many years the problem is again with this much friction and this kind of rhetoric and militarization of the regional dynamics the odds of even an inadvertent confrontation between the two sides are rising by the day i leave eyes thank you very much indeed for talking to us my pleasure now the syrian government is intensifying an offensive in the last rebel held province in the country soldiers but by russian airstrikes dozens of people have been killed in the last week to reports from beirut. it's been a week since the military escalation began russian air power is supporting pro syrian government troops in what has been a relentless campaign hundreds of air and artillery strikes are targeting villages across northern hummer and southern. civilians many women and children are being killed in the worst escalation since the cease fire came into force in september
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hospitals that were preemptively evacuated have been destroyed so have gas stations homes schools destroying facilities has been a tactic in previous offensives it is to make life unbearable for the people. to depopulate the area force people to leave that's the first step so that there was an advance on the ground but the other but the area under fire is within what was supposed to be a demilitarized zone agreed between russia and turkey as part of the cease fire deal. the offensive does not appear to be a full assault across the rebel held province the focus seems to be on controlling the m four and m five international highways that connect the provinces of hama and aleppo. the roads pass through it lib mainly the towns of just the show who are. no man to achieve that goal pro-government forces need to advance north into the
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planned buffer zone where the turkish military has observation posts was all this area turkey. part of just overlooked so there's going to be a lot of thoughts even now between turkey and russia if the turks join us if the u.s. and russia if everybody will stay in this area the way they're right now. works a lot more costs in france or behind. this is how serious stakeholders have negotiated in the past two years military pressure has and continues to be used fighting is escalating but at the same time turkish officials say they are in talks with russia concerning the deployment of their forces in syria turkey wants russia's approval to move into areas under the control of the kurdish y p g not just in northern aleppo but east of the euphrates as well russia
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for its part wants its allies to use the highways and lead to revive trade. moscow into baskets describe the assault as a fight against terrorism but it is causing immense suffering the united nations says three hundred thousand syrians who live in the area of hostilities large numbers have already made their way north towards the border with turkey how many more will be made homeless may depend on the outcome of the latest round of bargaining senate. beirut the international criminal court has ruled not to refer to jordan to the un security council for failing to arrest the former sudanese president omar al bashir two years ago is wanted by the i.c.c. for crimes committed in darfur by militias aligned to his government the court says jordan should have arrested basheer upon his request when he visited a month in march twenty seventh she was there to attend an arab league summit. fifteen.


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