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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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current or for that matter. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. everyone on come on santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. palestinians bury the victims of israeli air strikes as a ceasefire puts an end to days of violence also in the news tokyo orders a rerun for mayoral election after president party lost the seat to the opposition . in large account and anybody else did that would be considered
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a crime against democrats prepare to find attorney general william in contempt for failing to give the full report on russian collusion. and the situation has to be going broader through in billions not through emotions and calls for calm in sri lanka after the muslim community is targeted in a communal clash. so a ceasefire to end the fighting in the gaza strip and southern israel does appear to be holding but the situation is still tense and there are warnings from israel that the campaign is not over israeli tanks remain stationed along the border fence in guard so there were three days of cross border attacks which saw hundreds of rockets rained down on gaza and in southern israel the worst escalation of violence that we've seen since the war in twenty four to twenty five palestinians were killed that includes a fourteen month old child and two pregnant women and they were for. israelis
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killed as well despite the cease fire which direction came into effect about twenty four hours ago right now prime minister netanyahu says this is not the end of the campaign in fact he has instructed the military to be prepared for more fighting. and the neutral in the past days we have renewed our policy of assassinating terrorist commanders we killed dozens of hamas and islamic jihad terrorists and we toppled terror towers we have changed the rules of the game and hamas understands this well at the same time it's clear that this is not the end of the campaign and therefore i have instructed the military to be prepared going forward on the other side the palestinian prime minister is appealing for the united nations to intervene. we are hoping that this will lead to an end to the tragedy against our people and preserve their lives we call upon the united nations to stop the israeli aggression against our people and to provide international protection to our people in the gaza strip and get the latest now
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with this report from just the same she is on that israel gaza border. palestinian and israeli families continue to bury their dead as the cease fire took effect on monday morning. almost thirty people were killed during the worst cycle of violence between hamas and israel since the gaza war in two thousand and fourteen. those killed include a four month old baby a man running for cover at a senior hamas commander in london. headed on the scene was a horrible dust was everywhere it was so dark you couldn't see your own hands i was shocked to see a woman laying on the ground and her limbs were everywhere fighters in gaza launched more than six hundred rockets into israel for its part israel launched air strikes hitting three hundred fifty targets in heavily populated areas of gaza
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a targeted strike killed a hamas commander in his car. get hamas and israel seemed eager to deescalate the situation quickly. monday was the start of the a sonic fasting month of ramadan this week israeli celebrate their national day and next week people from around the world will travel to tel aviv to see the euro vision music competition some israelis living near the gaza fence and opposition leaders criticize prime minister benjamin netanyahu for agreeing to the cease fire to feel sufficiently good political i think that a cease fire at this moment is a terrible mistake i think that when we have the upper hand we need once and for all finish the terror because this will repeat itself and will not stop. gazans returning to the rubble of their homes hit by israeli airstrikes were relieved there was a pause in the violence however temporary the laskar mission between hamas and
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israel was an april. newcomb had been killed on the. we hope the war ends because enough destruction enough people are losing their lives in these wars israelis don't distinguish between the civilians and not civilians in the last several years there has been a periodic cycle of violence followed by egyptian mediators negotiating a cease fire and then what's called a return to call him how long this call will last will likely depend on israel's willingness to ease the humanitarian situation in gaza and whether hamas abides by its commitment to see these attacks natasha going aim. along the israel gaza border . director of the new internationalism project at the institute for policy studies in washington she told us despite the cease fire we have to remember palestinians in gaza will still be living in poor conditions what could break this
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cycle would be an end to the extraordinary repression under which the two million residents of gaza are living i think we have to be very careful in looking at this incident as if it was separate from what came before much of the press in the united states begins their coverage with the palestinian rockets that were fired against israel which of course are in fact a violation of international law but they don't talk about what happened the day before when four more palestinians were killed in the march to the to the fence in gaza the fact that three percent only of gaza's little bit of water is drink about ninety seven percent is not drinkable that the united nations says that gaza will not be inhabitable in twenty twenty these are the reality is that people in gaza live with every day which the israelis call a calm until there is some price to be paid by israelis so i think that we have to be very careful in recognizing that this is a much broader process that has been underway for a very long time this is
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a very. very short moment when there may be this cease fire the last cease fire that was agreed to in april negotiated by the by the egyptians or brokered by the egyptians in that case the israelis had agreed to allow money from qatar to be used to come into gaza to pay for the civil service workers and to allow the gaza fishermen to go further out into the ocean neither of those commitments were met so gazans are still faced with the horrifying conditions of their ordinary lives even before this kind of an escalation. to other news the united states is accusing china of backtracking on its promises a day after president trump said he would impose new tariffs on chinese goods the u.s. will raise it tires to twenty five percent are not two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products on friday an announcement that comes just two days before representatives from both countries are scheduled to resume their trade talks here is gabriel elizondo to explain it to us what's all this backtracking about then
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gabriel. yes something clearly went wrong and according to the u.s. trade representative robert light has there he said that things were going good last week but over the weekend he claims that the chinese have been traded talk commitments that have been made with the americans and when asked about what exactly or it was you know i won't get into details because these are closed door private negotiations obviously but he said that it was in his words substance substantive and substantial so much so that now they're going to u.s. is going to move forward apparently with raising to twenty five percent tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports and this is not just a threat come all this is actually they're saying they're going to move forward with this are going to process the paperwork that needs to be done to get in full moving on this on tuesday and they say these new tariffs would go into effect at
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midnight on friday morning that comes at a critical time because as you mentioned that is exactly when that chinese chair trade representative lee he is expected to be in washington and the trade talks will be going on with the americans on thursday so thursday will be a key day because they're either going to reach an agreement or else they won't in the terrorists go into effect or else they will come back to the negotiating tables in the u.s. will back off but either way this is all going to probably come to a head towards the end of the week now is this just posturing by the trump administration who knows maybe it's just trying to get more concessions out of the chinese but if it is that sure certainly strong armed tactic by the americans but certainly certainly in the words of lie highs or these trade negotiations have been moving backwards not forwards forgive me of a simplifying a bit there but why does all of this matter so much yes that is obviously the
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world's two biggest economies have it maybe you can explain for us the the knock on effect of tariffs and trade rules. yeah effects could fix the u.s. economy it could affect the chinese economy and it would affect the global markets quite frankly because yes very simply they are the two biggest economies in the world but that tariffs. and the trade war between these two countries would have ramifications all over the world potentially and that is why so many the markets around the world are watching this so closely now it's a lesson in this trade war has been going on for several months now it's been slowly escalating. and the u.s. economy is still doing pretty well. quite well actually and the chinese economy ok but there's been some trouble signs and chinese economy but the world markets are watching this because whenever you have the two biggest economies of the world potentially in a standoff like this and potentially having. these trade negotiations collapse that
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would affect potentially the rest of the world now there's been a lot of optimism in the last couple weeks because it appeared that the u.s. and china were reaching a deal they could have been done as early as this week but now with this is certainly sending jitters throughout the world markets considering that things are now appear that they could be derailed and it's on to thank you for all of that meanwhile u.s. secretary says the deployment of extra warships to the middle east is in response to actions by iran but he wouldn't specify what those actions would the aircraft carrier the u.s.s. abraham lincoln is part of a flotilla heading to the region on passbook from finland where he was meeting his russian counterpart sergey lavrov we have continued to see activity that leads us to believe that there's escalation that may be taking place and so we're taking all the appropriate actions both from a security perspective and well as. our ability to make sure that the present has
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a wide range of options and they made this up there should actually take place same bus or of a following reaction for us from tehran. they've certainly taken their time and that in the past has been seen as a signal of trying to lessen the significance of u.s. moves being taken against them now that we do have a statement it seems to be a personal attack on john bolton the spokesman for the supreme national security council. issued a statement now we should keep in mind that the iranian president hassan rouhani is the head of this council and so it is very much a statement being made under his administration in this statement it reads that bolton lacks a military and security understanding his comments are mostly for show based on the accurate monitoring of iran's armed forces the aircraft carrier abraham lincoln entered the mediterranean sea twenty one days ago and his statement is just for psychological war it goes on to say that it is unlikely the commanders of the u.s.
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armed forces want to test the capabilities of iran's armed forces now there's a couple of things happening here the iranians see this move as purely psychological not an actual military decision to make some sort of action against iran and they're calling the united states out on it saying this is psychological warfare and they're sending a message to the iranian people in this statement suggesting at the end of it that not even american commanders have faith in the u.s. national security advisor people don't have to worry about what is simply a move for symbolic purposes and is pure psychological warfare in addition pompei when lavrov we're talking about the situation in venezuela u.s. secretary of state once again warned moscow against supporting in battle president nicolas maduro. his party said u.s. support for the opposition is legal the international law. use of force could only be sanctioned by the u.n. security council or force can be used in response to aggression against
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a sovereign state we can't see anything like this in venezuela or my contacts with the american european and lend american colleagues i can't find any to support a reckless military solution and i hope that this understanding that everyone has will turn into practical policies and that there won't be any military solution because it would be catastrophic. it's what's coming up for you on this news hour how corruption scandals are making it difficult for south africa's ruling party to extend its grip on power. nordan there were thousands of farmers and indigenous people have been forcibly displaced by a return of violence more than two years after the signing of a peace deal with fire gravels and in sport manchester city now just one win away from clinching the second successive english premier league title.
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we're going to look at turkey now where the election of forty has canceled the results of stumbles mayoral election officials have ordered a rerun of the vote which saw the candidates of the main opposition party the c.h.p. installed as the city's mayor at the end of march president reject time birder once i thought he had controlled the commercial capital of turkey for fifteen years and so voters in istanbul will return to the polls on june twenty third the mayor elect is accusing me our party however of trying to steal the local government their lives journey of my fellow citizens they tried to take away the elections we won on the evening of march thirty first they have tried to steal away our hard work. well the decision to reverse the results caused quite a bit of anger hundreds of turkish citizens marching through the streets in istanbul chanting and banging pots and pans as we said his version is going back to the polls towards the end of june a spokesman for turkey's president is calling the rerun a victory for democracy has more from istanbul turkey board said that the decision
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behind the and moment of his stumble may or elections is that some of the ballot box officers were not civil servants according to turkey's electoral law about box officers should be civil servants and also the electoral board stated that balloting. some of their actions were against the regulation that's why they filed a criminal complaint against the ballots in committee however the main opposition and some law experts say that the ballot box officers names all those names are listed three months prior to the elections in turkey and the names are listed. publicly so the names are approved by delicto or district voice political parties and the names go through security background check by the security officials in turkey so they now argue why the electoral board had such a decision right now is stumble mayor rahm emanuel the main opposition
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candidate his mandate has been canceled immediately after they were boys decision for the a moment and then he made a speech he was he was called more than expected he said that he won the elections he earned the elections with a sporty and as long as he has the support with from the people from the citizens he will continue and he said that the ruling party wants a fight but they will deal with it through embracing everyone he seemed confident that it would win on the other hand the ruling party also confident that they will they will win when the election is done over in june twenty three with us from washington right now we've got most of our child who is a senior fellow at the cato institute so. we have a situation where the ruling party loses a mayoralty which it's held for fifteen years it cries foul foul and it gets the
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rerun is that as questionably looking as the opposition would certainly so. it is quite questionable and i think this is a very dark moment for turkey because since nine hundred forty six turkey had elections whose results has been respected we were never never a fully liberal democracy but at least elections were working and in the past five years or give them a politically ventures from the manic the on issues like even of speech freedom of the press a little of flaws but at least the elections were there but now we are seeing you know like she canceled by the judicial board with heavy pressure from the government well because the winner is not somebody who's the government candidates and i think nobody in turkey besides the partisans of the ruling party think that this is a fair decision. the government since the first day after the election the first
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hours they were trying to find a pretext to get things canceled this election can so they found several ideas which didn't work and finally they found something. that there are no this isn't some people in the counting commission were not government employees but that only worked to cancel where the opposition more but not the government where the government or so this is really not a convincing argument and it's a sad day a protector's democracy because you've been the elections are now questionable. with all due respect to the whole process how much does it matter when we're talking about the marrow of yes obviously the most important city in assembly but the sense of local government level doesn't matter that much to the act party. well i mean on paper it won't matter that much because president on a still the president has a mandate until two thousand and twenty three so that's not going to change but
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there is this sense that he was in when simple he's party always won and especially stumble is there cassel i mean some of these are sit it out let's not forget that out on the political career really began when he became the mayor of the stumble in one thousand nine hundred four and his party controlled some since then so losing someone to the opposition party to a very occur is not a ovation and despite all the obstacles will be a major a think that's why they're not going to give up of course nobody is sure what's going to happen in the elections actually this may backfire or what some others might get angry that there was you know were terms but also i think the government has a plan while she's planning a rerun so it will be an interesting thing to see what will happen yeah but it will be sort hence weeks ahead turkey and. faith in the ballots are shaken and that's really what the major if the new york if i'm not mistaken most of that there was
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also defeats for the act possibly they haven't been contested but defeats in ankara as well the capital is there a bigger picture here about the state of the act party the strength of the act party. well you know anger they had a bigger loss i mean the gap between the winner of the opposition parties candidates and parties kennedy was bigger so in a stumble there's a very close call so the opposition candidate x. from you will more laws but it's very small margin and that's why their government has been saying there is something wrong with these ballots they're losing on court is also big but is someone who is the biggest city it is highly symbolic and losing both of these cities would be a major thing for a.t.p. that's why they are trying a rerun but now one of people are saying maybe they have to come to terms of pushing too much and pushing too much into the backfires and that is the party that you should know that because a very rise of the keep in turkish politics was made possible partly by the
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obstructions of the old were establishment and now it is using the same obstructions which will probably back our very interesting stuff most of us kill frank you for joining us thank you very much for. libya's u.n. back to government is accusing the united arab emirates of directly supporting warlord playful hafta and his offensive to take the capital tripoli so the first time it's actually named the u.a.e. as a backer of hafter in addition to what the world health organization saying more than four hundred people have been killed and thousands injured during his month long campaign for libya's capital the fighting is continued despite or during ramadan i should say despite calls on the united nations for a cease fire. unfortunately the truce has so far not been observed and fighting continues on the outskirts of tripoli the un mission renews its call to all parties to abide by the truce and allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need
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and to ensure the freedom of movement of civilians over the weekend the un mission also called on all sides in libya to focus efforts on combating terrorism their common enemy noting that terrorist groups will seek to exploit the ongoing fighting in tripoli expand their presence in libya violence is taking a toll on people's lives and as the holy month many shops are closed businesses are struggling as the operation to capture tripoli shows no sign of stopping or had reports now from tripoli all of the markets are crowded in tripoli city center not just because of shopping for ramadan but also because most business in southern tripoli has been halted by fighting has he says he traveled from lazy a suburb about forty kilometers away just to shop here. one leg when i said again you more than one said about seventy percent of the people of town came to do shopping here many others of the account even move around for. the month long
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battle for tripoli has already forces nearly fifty thousand people from their homes . forces loyal to warlord plea for hefted are fighting those loyal to the recognized government shops are closed in the salon haidee neighborhood on the edge of this city not far from the battlefield. many people have left the area the sound of explosions regularly echo through the streets ambulances turned ready for casualties a few businesses are trying to reach open despite the danger of random rockets this gruesome on the other side of the neighborhood is offering give it a bull's for ramadan but his business has been affected by the war. the prices have gone high since the war started also there are shortages of certain pitched balls which we usually brought from farms and sudden crippling. this place is only about
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ten kilometers away from the front line and people here are trying to live as normally as they can but those are stuck in areas where there is fighting are relying on aid organizations to survive. only red cross into staff can reach people in the areas affected by fighting they say many people are refusing to leave their homes because they don't want to live in shelters for muslims ramadan is a month of mercy and forgiveness but people here are worried if there is no ceasefire it could become a month of more suffering and hardship. tripoli. yes democrats say they will vote on wednesday on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt for not providing the full report when your bar has refused
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a request by congress to turn over an on it is a version of the court that looks into russian interference in the twenty sixteen election here is more with the white house correspondent. us president donald trump has said he believes he won the debate over whether his campaign worked with moscow during the twenty sixth election and it's time to move on. over. his democratic opponents in congress disagree with a monday deadline for u.s. attorney general william barr to turn over an unproductive copy of special counsel robert muller's report came and went democrats and now their next step president travis told congress wednesday the house judiciary committee will vote on whether to hold bar in contempt of congress a criminal offense he lied to congress and and anybody else did that would be considered a crime a blacked out muller report was released last month it concluded no one from the
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trunk campaign committed a crime when they met with russians during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign however muller wrote well this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him. democrats want to see the whole report something bar has refused even skipping a hearing last week democrats believe barr is protecting trumped by covering up evidence of misconduct they argue they have a constitutional obligation to investigate the president for alleged corruption and obstruction of justice republicans are accusing democrats of political theater designed to hurt trump's reelection in two thousand and twenty the vote will when republicans controlled the house of. genitives in twenty twelve they did the same thing holding democratic attorney general eric holder in contempt for also refusing to turn over documents to congress if on wednesday democrats vote to hold the
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attorney general in contempt it still must go to the broader house of representatives for a vote democrats could also choose to take the issue to the courts where the matter could take years to resolve kimberley hellcat al-jazeera the white house and the democrats have been dealt another blow in their efforts to force president trump to release his tax returns the treasury secretary is denied a request by the house of representatives for six years worth of business and personal returns from trump a dispute that could now lead to a court. still ahead for you on this news on. the part of syria that was supposed to be a safe son but it seemed the worst violence and more than six months now visits by sports stars to the white house becoming controversial under president trump plus the rest of the sports news the kenyan running champion as well i mean to get a time talk and many believe is possible.
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hallow the season is showing now in china regular feet of moisture from the south china sea and you get white topped showers that tend to move in the general direction from west to east well that's where the satellite church where the heaviest rain offshore not all the forecasters to choose day to taiwan catching luzon and then tucking back into the facets west to china and vietnam oldest green is rain sundry rain persistent it's not just mass further north as off in sichuan eastwards and that's where it should be again the general trend beef so that's drift slowly east was it doesn't to go very fast if anything is matching up with the stuff of the union you got this line through the middle could be a dry calm days for you in hong kong it's been raining for the first five days
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a month so far to the south of this we had season very big showers just on the western side of sumatra recently on the satellite picture doesn't really want to see many more of those forecast wise we'll see a few more but not necessarily sumatra really as potentially malaysia and up in thailand this is the area we are seeing the heaviest rain showers the south that that's no surprise that's what the season was a jest they should be the circulation here they're just west of west papua that could be rather nasty we have seen flooding here recently. the weather sponsored by chance our employees. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside. but watch the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft to keep us russian goals should be achieved not peace and defeat for russia coming
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soon on all just zero. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided glimpse into someone else's work out. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove a. witness on al-jazeera.
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here on the news hour here at al-jazeera these are our top stories a ceasefire to end the fighting between armed groups in gaza and the israeli military of appears to be holding but there are still warnings from israel's prime minister that the campaign is a dove twenty five out of state means in four israelis were killed in cross border border attacks since saturday. democrats say they will vote on weapons stay on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt for not providing the full it was . refused a request to turn over an unnamed is a version of the report into russian interference in the twenty six thousand election. and the u.s. is accusing china of backtracking on its promises a day after president of trump said he would impose new tariffs on chinese goods in answer comes two days before representatives from both countries are scheduled to resume their trade talks. religious leaders in trade on corrupt healing for calm and restraint after shops and houses belonging to muslims were targeted in the town
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of negotiable just north of the capital colombo this is just weeks of course after the attacks on easter sunday which killed two hundred fifty people catholic leaders of men. members of the muslim community to try to reassure them. that the situation has to be going to order through intelligence not through emotions people sometimes you need become emotional they don't understand what is really happening to get lost by their foolishness. we have to have to be cardinal nation not to react emotional. and. come up with good quality. going to be rocket workers we have to be repaired especially. we have to work together and we have total confidence in our. order to
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remain calm the situation the fears of more attacks of forced catholic schools in colombo to stay closed but government schools that have been shut off the bombings of reopened all the milf anonymous reports on up. here outside largest government boy school royal college colombo that is some activity after a hiatus of two weeks when all schools were closed following the easter sunday bombings now it has been an issue the head of the catholic church instructing catholic schools to stay close to further notice and obviously there is concern among parents but children turning out today of much reduced number but schools have begun in the convent by decree of order yesterday that you can send your child and then begin with the rest so based on that concrete as we send the children and as you can see i mean relatively easy around this school i mean usually it's almost
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standing space only with a population of eight thousand a bit over the parents that did bring their kids today saying life has to go on they have to get on with things and they can't let such threats scare them now in other parts of the country we've had the launch. basically the overall body for muslims calling on. any of the people involved in these sunday bombing still at large should turn themselves in there are ongoing operations around the country cordon and search operations detections being made all the time. more details as the picture of. operation emerges. for the people of this country this certainly hoping that they can put this certainty to rest. the syrian activists say at least ten civilians
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have been killed in airstrikes on the provinces of aleppo weeks ago the government and its russian allies began a new campaign against fighters in libya and in neighboring hama province that's killed dozens of civilians and forced thousands of people to flee towards the turkish border support for. it's been a week since the military escalation began russian air power is supporting pro syrian government troops in what has been a relentless campaign hundreds of air and artillery strikes are targeting villages across northern hummer and southern. civilians many women and children are being killed in the worst escalation since the cease fire came into force in september hospitals that were preemptively evacuated have been destroyed so have gas stations homes schools destroying facilities has been a tactic in previous offensives it is to make life unbearable for the people.
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to depopulate the area force people to leave that's the first step so that their regime can advance on the ground but. the area under fire is within what was supposed to be a demilitarized zone agreed between russia and turkey as part of the cease fire deal. the offensive does not appear to be a full assault across the rebel held province the focus seems to be on controlling the m four and m five international highways that connect the provinces of law to hama and aleppo. the roads pass through it lib mainly the towns of just the show who are. no man to achieve that goal pro-government forces need to advance north into the planned buffer zone where the turkish military has observation posts was all this area turkey's. just overlooked so
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there's going to be a lot of thoughts even now. russia if the turks join us in us and russia if everybody will stay in this area the way they're there right now. works a lot more costs in france or behind. this is how serious stakeholders have negotiated in the past two years military pressure has and continues to be used fighting is escalating but at the same time turkish officials say they are in talks with russia concerning the deployment of their forces in syria turkey wants russia's approval to move into areas under the control of the kurdish y p g not just in northern aleppo but east of the euphrates as well russia for its part wants its allies to use the highways and lead to revive trade. moscow into baskets describe the assault as
5:39 am
a fight against terrorism but it is causing immense suffering the united nations says three hundred thousand syrians who live in the area of hostilities large numbers have already made their way north towards the border with turkey how many more will be made homeless may depend on the outcome of the latest round of bargaining senator there beirut. top court has upheld the death sentences for two activists and jail terms for dozens of others in a final ruling the men were convicted of belonging to a terrorist cell with links to iran's revolutionary guards and lebanon's hezbollah are behind launched a crackdown after the street protests in two thousand below. which were demanding an elected prime minister sudan's military council says it will unveil plans for the country's transitional period on wednesday that announcement was expected on monday it's been delayed talks between protest leaders and the military stalled over who will control the transitional government this is after longtime leader ahmed i was sure was ousted following months of mass protests against his rule or
5:40 am
from him or morgan in cotton. at the moment we don't know what plans the military council does want to unveil in terms of setting a transitional government for the next two years they've already said that they want either a military majority or equal share equal par sharing with the civilians now they've also that they wanted two years transitional period but the opposition coalition presented a blueprint for the next four years they're saying that they want a four year transitional period they want a prime ministerial post which is going to which is going to govern the executive body and they want an independent transitional council and a legislative assembly with at least one hundred twenty members forty percent of which should be represented by women now it's not clear if the military council will approve to that there's already a mediation team between the two sides the opposition and the military council and they have suggested that there should be a security and defense council so what they're suggesting effectively is that they should be transitional council's for the transition period so we're yet to hear from the opposition on that proposal they're saying that they're going to debate and they're open to negotiations and that they do not mind having an mediation
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between the two sides and the military council also said that it is optimistic and that it wants to form a transitional government as soon as possible but as it stands right now so there is no closer to having a transitional government than it was when president bashir was ousted on the eleventh of april south africa's president is promising a fight against corruption as he seeks reelection on weapon state a series of scandals in recent years have done to the popularity of his ruling african national congress one of them involved a mental health facility as malcolm where reports from johannesburg. elizabeth says her brother christopher didn't have to die he had epilepsy and lived in a mental health care facility then that's forty. three years ago she says health officials moved him to an unregistered on licensed and ill equipped building he was among more than a thousand patients taken out of care at the time weeks later he was dead it's manly cleanness. but i don't know i ain't getting don't
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really. know what to think we have today next. along with christopher more than a hundred and forty patients died nearly sixty are still missing campaigners say the officials responsible were stealing public health care funds that the officials deny it but it's just one of dozens of corruption scandals here in south africa that lighted the ruling african national congress specially in the last ten years it's made it increasingly difficult for the a.n.c. to retain votes. in. the worst scandal surfaced under former president jacob zuma treasury says billions of dollars of public money was stolen presidency will run a poser took over just over a year ago has launched a number of inquiries into the corruption scandals referred to some are still
5:43 am
running there's a complete national prosecuting authority hasn't yet sent anyone to jail i asked the a.n.c. spokesman why so far most a justice of the group for what we know is especially bad just follow up on issues which are based commissions to ensure that where possible they can investigate because a trial in the proper sanctions give the bulls were in conflict with the law oh re-instill is expected to win wednesday's general election polls suggest it will have the smallest majority it's ever had since he came to power in one thousand nine hundred four the end of white minority rule. from opposes stays in office south africans are waiting to see how far his fight against corruption will go i hope that it won't just be that none of that this isn't just about the politics of survival the appetite to send the correct signals to the public to the international community and to potential voters to potential investors. i would
5:44 am
hope that this is a much deeper. undertaking than that but i'm not sure an inquiry into the health care scandal that killed christopher hasn't led to any prosecutions yet elizabeth and her mother say they won't find peace until they know what happened and who was responsible malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa these fifty eight people have been killed and dozens injured in a fuel tanker explosion in. people have been siphoning gasoline from the overturned truck when it burst into flames on sunday night it happened on the highway linking new shares international airport to the capital niamey. now the u.n. says thousands of farmers in colombia have been displaced since the signing of a peace deal with the fog rebels forced displacement was common during the civil war which lasted more than fifty years but it largely stopped during peace negotiations over people are again fleeing their homes due to violence by small armed groups as. the reports from southern cordova. for more than
5:45 am
a month two thousand farmers and indigenous people have been living in makeshift tents in the village of. in a remote area of northern colombia. armed men arrived in the rural communities with one message everybody had to leave. they said we had less than twenty four hours to vacate their communities we had no option but to leave the tide and feet to the closest town didn't give us a chance to take anything but. almost all the displaced are subsistence farmers who once made a living growing coca crops remaining greedy and for cocaine in territories under control of fark rebels but as part of the two thousand and sixteen peace deal they agreed to switch to legal crops in what was called a substitution program the promised assistance and development in the region. instead the power back in created by the mobilization of the far left smaller armed groups fighting for control of the land. farmer who is
5:46 am
a man this struggles to hold back tears as he worries about losing his harvest he says he believed peace would have changed things for the better. we lived happily for two years all of us did then everything collapsed when peace implementation started everything seemed fine then the war came back most families would like to go back to their homes in their fields but they say that the basic guarantees necessary for a safe return are simply not there. one farmer who recently tried to return lost his leg after stepping on a landmine the united nations says attacks on civilians have increased by ninety percent in the past two years affecting thirty thousand people mainly in areas where the government has failed to exercise territorial control and implement reforms many of these m.p.'s. off stage presence and don't talk about the army
5:47 am
at all are there. to bring back normal t. and two to those areas and some development so if there is still these four informal economies we will continue to see you maintain issues like internal displacement or becoming off community that is a sad reality for d.s. families who dream of peace but say it remains a distant delusion i just don't get the i'll just see that side in cordoba still ahead sport we'll find out why the effort to win one of america's biggest horse race is still going on two days off were finished.
5:48 am
5:49 am
open champion tiger woods has received the presidential medal of freedom from donald trump the u.s. president of course an avid golfer himself made forty three year old woods one of the youngest golfing athletes to receive the civilian honor woods as one eighty one p.g.a. tour events and last month of course had that dramatic comeback at the orchestra national golf club his visit to the white house comes however as more athletes declined such invitations alan fischer explains why it's wonderful to have you here it's been a tradition at the white house for years when u.s. sports teams top off their celebrations with a visit to the president but like many other things it's different under trump the patriots earn incredible organization of the twenty teams that have won major titles only ten have gone to the white house the rest have either not been invited
5:50 am
or more unusually have declined the invite our current president is a very divisive and you know individual he's someone who you know people don't unite around and even in these things that are not supposed to be political or partisan he's such a divisive figure such a polarizing figure that it causes people to make a political choice donald trump has often said athletes should stay out of politics but he doesn't mind winning in one sports he was hugely critical of black american football stars who knelt during the playing of the national anthem in protest at police violence and he's picked fights on twitter with african-american athletes like basketball stars steph curry and le bron james. philadelphia eagles won the super bowl last year american food bowls top trophy. they were invited to the white house but when a number of top stars said they wouldn't be going because of the president the invitation was quickly rescinded one of the biggest things about ourselves politics
5:51 am
is he supports who supports donald trump it's not necessarily about an ideological position i don't even think i think it's he loves who loves donald trump just in the last few days the manager of baseball's title winning boston red sox says he won't be joining his team in washington in protest at the u.s. government's failure to do more to help his native puerto rico after being hammered by a hurricane since it's very tough you know to go celebrate when where and where we you know i'm and i go sports stars turning down a presidential invite isn't new but it's become more common with donald trump in the white house it used to be about respecting the office even if you didn't respect the man no more athletes me will stage their own boycotts no matter who is in the white house alan fischer i'll just you know washington and i'll support on the field but sana. thank you very much manchester city are now one win away from clinching the english premier league title for the second time and they beat
5:52 am
leicester on monday to put them back on top of the table to call us first health instant company broke the deadlock in the seventieth minute it was enough to seal the one nil when city are now a point clear of title rivals liverpool with just one game left in the season. or the next season finishes on sunday city away at brighton while liverpool are at home to wolves well whether finishes a second will have the most points held any runner up in the english premier league . well before that liverpool play barcelona in the second leg of their tent is league semi final striker mohamed this has been ruled out of tuesday's game with concussion and settle for wood are all there till i mean you is also injured bossa won the first leg in spain three nil two of the world's best strikers are not available tomorrow night that's no no and we have to score four goals against
5:53 am
barcelona to go through with after ninety minutes. that's made life easier but still as long as we have eleven players on the pitch and then the b.b.b. do try it and everybody knows that. i know the. value of our early chance to so they win the champions league but i think they. are too competition now a they are focused on the family as well and i think. they they fight for the for the both great. well lost is asian champions league runners up looks set to exit this season's competition at the group stage spoilers of iran were beating one nil by chance. the result eves first of all is the bottom of the group after a five game. cut us football association
5:54 am
has announced it extending coach felix sanchez contract as head of the national team until twenty twenty two while the move comes six months after the spaniard led the qatar to the asian cup title the nation's first continental title in its history beating japan three one in the final at the united arab emirates sanches joined carter's academy in two thousand and six and his next challenge will be the copa america begins on june the fourteenth where the twenty twenty two hosts have been drawn in a group with argentina. defending champion pit i give it to her is through to the third round of the madrid open the second seeds check it defeated christina made an average of france it took a bit of a nearly two hours to eventually close out the six three seven five twenty nine year old is seeking a fourth madrid open title i. after
5:55 am
winning last month's london masson. is already looking ahead to his next talent after narrowly missing out in two thousand and seventeen the kenyan world record holder is planning another bid to become the first man to run a marathon in under two hours david stokes has more. than is to have done it. three minutes fifty nine point four seconds sixty five years since roger bannister did what many thought impossible and run the mile in less than four minutes kenya's elliott could choky return to the same track in oxfordshire to launch his own bid at sporting a metallic he's going to attempt to run the marathon in less than two hours the circuit is believed in. on the challenge the circuit is trust and want to challenge the circuit it is believing in myself that i don't believe that the circuit actually is cast into the health of
5:56 am
a political. game is the olympic champion and world record holder but this attempt would not officially count because he's going to use pacemakers and have drinks brought to him on mopeds he tried it two years ago at the moms of formula one circuits in italy where agonizingly he fell twenty five second short at the two hour barrier but this time he's got the financial backing of britain's richest man jim rachleff who's worth twenty eight billion dollars if you just succeed to be very inspirational for people. these are the finest mouth and run of the world ever produced and i think they're getting better right cliff and the chemical. company in the us which has been heavily criticised for the impact its work has on the environment they've recently taken over team sky cycling and also sponsor ben ainslie sailing team but radcliffe the noise they're trying to sport wash their image i think this is quite a good thing to do with you know social conscience or lots of different parts of
5:57 am
our laws but this is. a modest amount you know. we enjoy it and we can. keep cherokees when the london marathon four times and it's london that's likely to host the one fifty nine challenge the venue is not confirmed yet but we do know it will take place later this year in september or october david stokes al-jazeera while the race to win the kentucky derby which took place on saturday may not be over yet the owner of that maximum security the horse that finished first only to be disqualified says he will file an appeal second place the country house will declare the winner when essential is decided maximum security had impeded the other horses his owner gary west says he's stunned shocked and in total disbelief at the decision he has and that says will for will have more later on. but they thank you for that santa and that is all for me as well sam is a down as along with the latest headlines in just
5:58 am
a few moments. when your fiancee lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. out and not a done deal come. out and. burn to start bringing to the truth detailed coverage out of the top of the stairs popped up to the coffee pot odds than first place on the coast docile days from around the world last three
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days in that is where the water is once more rushing down river it's an unwelcome to put them in the third fairly big i believe. in a two part series. observes the lives of two children. over twenty years. where insights into circumstances that chip lives. in a rapidly changing world. twenty years of mean starts with blood and land to build a story on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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. where every. palestinians bury the victims of his right he strikes as a ceasefire puts an end to days of violence. and some is a this is a live from the halls are coming up. turkey orders a rerun for stumbles my old election off to the president's policy loses to the opposition. he lied to congress and anybody else did that would be considered a crime us democrats prepared to find attorney general william by.


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