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each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight up south africa. on al-jazeera. they're really happy and excited to see our families their colleagues meum our freeze to reuters journalists imprisoned for reporting on the working your crackdown. on or about this and this is obviously a live from doha also coming up. protests in istanbul after turkey's election board cancels the city's mayoral election and orders a new vote. count as anybody else did that would be considered a crime while the u.s. attorney general is facing
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a contempt vote in congress over the mulla report on russian meddling plus. analysts some of them putin norden colombia worth thousands of farmers ending their generous people have been forcibly displaced by a return of violence more than two years after the signing of a peace deal with fire gravels. after more than sixteen months in prison and million mark two reuters journalists have been freed while loan and shore saw who were convicted of breaking what's called the official secrets act while reporting on the wrecking your crackdown when he reports on a case that's drawn international reaction. after almost a year and a half in prison while lone and walked to freedom they left insane prison and young gone moments after finding out their names were on a list of thousands of inmates to be freed in a presidential amnesty their immediate thoughts were for those closest to them and
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their profession. in the freezing. of their own people. we seem to really says i want to see thank you very much i'm really happy and excited to see my family and my colleagues and i can wait a minute right now right out and soon after they were emotional family reunions for the journalists who were arrested in december two thousand and seventeen working for the reuters news agency they were investigating a massacre muslims in me and miles west when they were found to be in position of sensitive documents lawyers for the journalists said they were framed despite little evidence presented by the prosecution while alone and who were convicted of violating the official secrets act and sentenced to seven years in prison they appealed twice unsuccessfully. the case led to an international campaign to have them freed led by their employer we are enormously pleased that mean war has
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released our courageous reporters while on and. since their arrest five hundred eleven days ago they have become symbols of the importance of press freedom around the world we welcome their return much of the international pressure was focused on me and. she and her party the national league for democracy before forming the government they campaigned for human rights and freedom of speech but throughout the case they refused to speak out in support of the journalists or to amend laws like the official secrets act that critics say are open to abuse we can talk about the m.l.t. you know having very much power over the military they do have power over the law the have a parliamentary majority if they wanted to they could abolish them and then not the ordeal for a while alone and who has come to an end but it's one that should never have happened to journalists who say they were simply trying to uncover the truth when hey al-jazeera bangkok. turkey's election authority has cancelled the results of
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istanbul's mail vote triggering protests hundreds of people have marched in the streets of istanbul a candidate of the main opposition party the c.h.p. became mayor in march before that the commercial capital had been run by president version of the ones ak party for twenty five years motors are now expected to return to the polls on the twenty third of june their lives journey my fellow citizens they tried to take away the elections we won on the evening of march third one they've tried to steal why our hard work. i'm calling on those who made that triggers decision at the supreme election council believe me i will save even the lives of the children and grandchildren through the messages i'm delivering to hear. more from istanbul. the higher electoral board sais that the decision behind annulment is that some of the ballot box officers are not public servants according to turkey's electorial law public ballot box officers
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should be public servants or they should be employees of four or five banks this is by the government this is a system in turkey however the main opposition party and law experts argue that the decision is unlawful because the names of the ballot box officers are over the list the three months prior to elections in turkey and the names go through particulars a background check by the turkish authorities and the names are approved by the strict electorial boards and political parties so why does the out party object this now right after the election because they lost with a slight difference this is what's the main opposition party argues and some of the lower experts argue and and the ruling party they are confident that they have cleared the doubts about about about the election and they say that whatever the result is going to be only. twenty three during the real round it will
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be welcomed and respected by their side however the main opposition party's candidate they come in a mall seems he's confident he's going to win and now. some people argue that are quite he created a situation for it and i'm a little he's been treated almost full and he's been victimized in their terms that's why he's going to have at least fifty percent of the words but of course time will show what the result is going to be. a ceasefire between israel and palestinian groups in gaza appears to be holding as it goes into its second day tension between the two sides remains high with israel warning that the campaign is not over prime minister benjamin netanyahu says all options are on the table. in the new. in the past days we have renewed our policy of assassinating terrorist commanders we killed dozens of hamas and islamic jihad terrorists and we toppled
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terror towers we have changed the rules of the game and hamas understands this well at the same time it's clear that this is not the end of the campaign and therefore i have instructed the military to be prepared going forward the palestinian prime minister as appealing to the u.n. to intervene. what. we are hoping that this will lead to an end to the tragedy against our people and preserve their lives we call upon the united nations to stop the israeli aggression against our people and to provide international protection to our people in the gaza strip. democrats in the u.s. congress and say they will vote on wednesday on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt for not providing the full special counsel report where he and barr's refused a request by congress to turn over an uncensored version of the report the looked into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election company halted has more washington d.c. . u.s.
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president donald trump has said he believes he won the debate over whether his campaign worked with moscow during the twenty sixth election and it's time to move on their television delusion is over. his democratic opponents in congress disagree with a monday deadline for u.s. attorney general william barr to turn over an unproductive copy of special counsel robert muller's report came and went democrats and now their next step president trappist told congress wednesday the house judiciary committee will vote on whether to hold barr in contempt of congress a criminal offense he lied to congress and anybody else did that would be considered a crime a blacked out muller report was released last month it concluded no one from the trunk campaign committed a crime when they met with russians during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign however muller wrote well this report does not conclude that the president
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committed a crime it also does not exonerate him. democrats want to see the whole report something bar has refused even skipping a hearing last week democrats believe barr is protecting trumped by covering up evidence of misconduct they argue they have a constitutional obligation to investigate the president for alleged corruption and obstruction of justice republicans are accusing democrats of political theater designed to hurt trump's reelection in two thousand and twenty the vote will when republicans go. told the house of representatives in twenty twelve they did the same thing holding democratic attorney general eric holder in contempt for also refusing to turn over documents to congress if on wednesday democrats vote to hold the attorney general in contempt it still must go to the broader house of representatives for a vote democrats could also choose to take the issue to the courts where the matter
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could take years to resolve kimberly hellcat al-jazeera the white house and details of president obama's tax payments still won't be released his treasury secretary has rejected it i'm on to the house of representatives to turn over six years' worth of terms business and personal tax returns so when oceans says the request lacks legitimate legislative purpose the dispute could not end up in the courts and donald trump's former lawyer has begun his three year prison sentence michael cohen pleaded guilty last year to crimes including violating campaign financing rules tax evasion and lying to congress won't work for trump for more than a decade before he publicly split from the president in july calling him a con man. i know that i think you know what my family prays that the country will be in a place without you baby he'll give justice. to all of our country
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here still remain much to be told to not look forward to this day here. still ahead on al-jazeera. demanding. it's not only. we're going to take a look at the major challenge south africa's ruling party faces as it fights to hold on to power. than not too quick to r.s.v.p. how visits by sports stars to the white house are becoming controversial on the president from. hello again yesterday we had hail falling to look like snow we've had significant rain overnight from this circulation here filling up through remain here now the
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rain spread beyond the boards are many but not much to be honest forty five minutes in twenty four hours it's a significant amount we talk about european rain here after all and that's on a frontal system which actually is in front of rather cold air so temperatures bucharest twelve degrees behind it even sunshine but it is only thirteen and that rain band stretches now from turkey all the way up towards western russia done a storm system running its way in in the west of europe you can see very obviously that your screen fifteen degrees ahead of it is not very good for london nor indeed for paris or indeed zurich as it runs and using it bring well where with it but not immediately because it's still raining so it's looking a friday miserable day for wednesday always through western europe where the sun's done some work here it's warmer in germany and in austria down to remain the cool down to an eleven in ankara. so the story well is quite a long way north which means nothing much of that nature is affecting north africa it's been very hard in the sahara this is indication of probably lifted sand egypt and beyond only thirty encounter with the breeze of the sea and that breeze off the
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mediterranean keeps things fairly cool all way along. whether sponsored by catalona . i mean you want to get down to the nitty gritty the reality whether on line you have a male chauvinist and perhaps with a love of federation and it is really fight to get a piece of that or if you join at sunset. they can speak up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in the street join the cologne conversation on how to z. and.
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you're watching or does it i don't remind her of our top stories this hour two reuters journalists jailed and mia maher have been released under a presidential pardon they've been serving a seven year prison sentence over the investigation into me and was working to a crackdown. buttering protests in istanbul after turkey's election board console the results of the city's metal vote the candidate of the main opposition party won but the governing party cited irregularities. a ceasefire between the armed groups in gaza and the israeli military appears to be holding but israel is warning that campaign is not over twenty five palestinians and four israelis have been killed since saturday. a fire has been killed at least thirty three people in western south sudan and burned down four villages in the bottle across all region sixty people are in critical condition officials say the fire was spread by strong winds
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. the international court of justice is hearing qatar's case against the united arab emirates for violating human rights the government says the u.a.e. targeted its citizens based on their national origin when it expelled all qataris and stopped them from entering the u.a.e. after the twenty seven thousand blockade says rights to marriage medical care education property ownership and employment were restricted rights group is registered a series of complaints over the last two years the u.a.e. claims qatar is hampering and the rotty efforts to improve the situation that's something qatar denies stephanie decker's at the hague she is joining us live stephanie give us some indication of what's going to be happening at the hearings today. well something that's happening is being described as sort of the second time in the history of the international court of justice that a respondent and in this case that's the united arab emirates is trying to put its
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own request its own provisional measures as you mentioned there this case started last year with. claiming that its citizens were being discriminated against the court issued a provisional basically in layman's terms of that means an injunction calling for students to be allowed to go back to the emirates for families to be reunited something that caught their says still hasn't been applied properly but what we're going to see today and over the next three days is the emirates presenting what they want so this is very unusual and from what we understand that includes they say qatar is blocking access to a website which would allow companies to apply for visa and also clamping down on the al jazeera news channel so we're going to have to wait and see how this plays out but the bottom line is this rob this is the highest court in the world when it comes to resolving issues between states both sides of employed at the highest level of international lawyers to fight this case the blockade is almost into its second year when it comes to the summer and the issue is that the blockade in
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countries have made what is a political issue personal they have expelled citizens of course from the emirates from other countries they're making it incredibly difficult to travel to you need to apply for visas you know blockade qatar airways needs to circumvent these countries but the problem is this in the gulf you know people are very close it's cousins a lot of people are intermarried and this is made it extremely difficult which is why cut that is trying to go through a legal framework to get this resolved legally to highlight the issue of what still an ongoing blockade which is that millions and millions of dollars even the other countries millions and millions of dollars but certainly at this point in time i don't think any end seems in sight and what's going on today with the immoralities presenting what they want just highlights of the back and forth spat that continues almost two years on. thanks very much indeed. libya's un back to governments accusing the u.a.e. of directly supporting the war. is offensive to take the capital this is the first
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time it's named the united arab emirates as a bucket of huffed out and his forces the world health organization says more than four hundred people have been killed and thousands have been injured in his month long campaign to control tripoli the fighting is continuing during ramadan despite u.n. calls for a cease fire him. armed groups in colombia are once again forcing farmers from their homes displacement had been common during the fifty years of civil war but it stopped in the run up to a peace deal with fog rebels three years ago our visitors other sons of m.p.'s two reports from southern cordoba. for more than a month two thousand farmers and indigenous people have been living in makeshift tents in the village of. in a remote area of northern colombia. armed men arrived in the rural communities with one message everybody had to leave. they said we had less than twenty four hours to vacate our communities we had no option but to leave the town and feet to the
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closest town they didn't give us a chance to take anything but. almost all the displaced are subsistence farmers he once made a living growing coca crops remaining greedy and for cocaine in territories under control of gravels but as part of the two thousand and sixteen peace deal they agreed to switch to legal crops in what was called a substitution program the promised assistance and development in the region. instead the power back in created by the demobilization of the fire left smaller armed groups fighting for control of the land. farmer who said man this struggle still hold back tears as he worries about losing his harvest he says he believes peace would have changed things for the better. we lived happily for two years all of us did then everything collapsed when peace implementation started everything seemed fine then the war came back most families would like to go back to their
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homes in their fields but they say that the basic guarantees necessary for a safe return are simply not there. one farmer who recently tried to return lost his leg after stepping on a landmine the united nations says attacks on civilians have increased by ninety percent in the past two years affecting thirty thousand people mainly in areas where the government has failed to exercise territorial control and implement reforms many of these areas there select off of state presence and then not only talk about their army but also their thirty's not to shoot bring back normal and to to those areas in some development so if there is still this ground for informal economies we will continue to see ten issues like internal displacement or the killing of community leaders a sad reality for d.s.
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families who dream of peace but say it remains a distant delusion i was here i'll just see that sudden cordova. in brazil hundreds of students and teachers have been protesting against government cuts to public education they gathered outside a military high school in rio de janeiro where president jacob also nodded was speaking students say the cuts will have a devastating implications also not as government sparked outrage last week when it revealed it's also cutting thirty percent of federal university funding. south africa's president is promising to fight corruption as he seeks reelection on wednesday a series of scandals in recent years have dented the popularity of the ruling african national congress one of them involved a mental health facility welcome web reports from johannesburg. elizabeth pang says her brother christopher didn't have to die he had epilepsy and lived in a mental health care facility he then asked for twenty. three years ago she says
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health officials moved him to an unregistered on licensed and ill equipped building . he was among more than a thousand patients taken out of care at the time weeks later he was dead it's manny. get in don't really. know what it is we have to. along with christopher more than a hundred and forty patients died nearly sixty are still missing campaigners say the officials responsible were stealing public health care funds that the officials deny it but it's just one of dozens of corruption scandals here in south africa that lighted the ruling african national congress specially in the last ten years it's made it increasingly difficult for the a.n.c. to retain. the worst scandals surfaced on the former
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president jacob zuma treasury says billions of dollars of public money was stolen presidency will run opposer took over just over a year ago has launched a number of inquiries into the corruption scandals referred to some are still running there's a complete national prosecuting authority hasn't yet sent anyone to jail. i asked the a.n.c. spokesman why so far most of us this is a free draw for what we know is especially not just follow up on issues which are based in commissions to ensure that where possible they can investigate was a true in the proper sanctions given to goals where in conflict you cannot. win series expected to win wednesday's general election the polls suggest it will have the smallest majority it's ever had came to power in one thousand nine hundred four the end of white minority rule. from opposes stays in office south africans are
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waiting to see how far his fight against corruption will go i hope that it won't just be that none of that this isn't just about the politics of survival the appetite to send the correct signals to the public to the international community and to potential voters to potential investors i would hope that this is a much deeper than see undertaking than that but i'm not sure an inquiry into the health care scandal that killed christopher hasn't led to any prosecutions yet elizabeth and her mother say they won't find peace until they know what happened and who was responsible malcolm web al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. india is home to the third highest number of billionaires in the world including asia's richest person but while its economy expands many people are asking if it's only the wealthy who are benefiting reports from new delhi.
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this sprawling upmarket estate tucked away in new delhi is home for rival coastline this family a startup investor who's also runs his own digital consulting and marketing firm he says the government's policies in the past few years have been good for business just in terms of how we deal with the government with the governance it brings just simplicity information's lot easier for us to. understand our clients and other businesses have grown they have they've needed more services from us so with a service is a growing our business is growing and that's been a. positive effect. and is not the only one who seems business thrive official figures show exports are up eleven percent hitting a new high and you construction projects are underway and all the major cities this is one of new delhi's poshest neighborhoods with houses here as expensive as in new
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york or paris many here are benefiting from growing g.d.p. that world bank figures estimate will grow at seven point two percent this twenty eight hundred twenty nine hundred year but the benefits of that growth may not be reaching everyone even amongst the wealthy. many construction company owners say while they are still operating orders are actually down for recent years and while the stock market is up it's not stable market is in a very shaky mood where a lot of investors are getting scared to enter into the market because it has rapidly gone up in very short time media people hardly had made enough money in this market. the gap between rich and poor it's easy to see. india is home to some of the world's wealthiest people. a billionaire many times over is asia's richest person economists say it's people like him in india that are benefiting most from the country's current economic climate one percent used to own
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fifty six percent. and the country did two and a half years ago now they own seventy six percent of japan so it's a huge concentration of all the benefits of growth in one. of people. knows he's also prospering from india's economic growth but says not enough people are he wants to see the situation improve for others so a better standard of living is a joy more people in india says jamil al jazeera you don't. golfing champion tiger woods has received the presidential medal of freedom from donald trump the forty three year old is the youngest golfer to receive the civilian honor woods is the p.g.a. tour's second the most successful golfer of all time and last month made a dramatic comeback at the augusta national golf club is a visit to washington comes as some athletes have declining invitations to the white house. explains why it's wonderful to have you here it's been
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a tradition at the white house for years when u.s. sports teams top off their celebrations with a visit to the president but like many other things it's different under trump the patriots are an incredible organization of the two. teams that have won major titles only ten have gone to the white house the rest have either not been invited or more unusually have declined the invite our current president is a very divisive and you know individual he's someone who you know people don't unite around and even in these things that are not supposed to be political or partisan he's such a divisive figure such a polarizing figure that it causes people to make a political choice donald trump has often said athletes should stay out of politics but he doesn't mind winning in on sports he was hugely critical of black american football stars who knelt during the playing of the national anthem in protest at police violence and he's picked fights on twitter with african-american athletes
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like basketball stars steph curry and le bron james. the philadelphia eagles won the super bowl last year american food bowls top trophy they were invited to the white house but when a number of top stars said they wouldn't be going because of the president the invitation was quickly rescinded one of the biggest things about ourselves politics is he supports who supports donald trump it's not necessarily about an ideological position i don't even think i think it's he loves who loves donald trump just in the last few days the manager of baseball's title winning boston red sox says he won't be joining his team in washington in protest at the u.s. government's failure to do more to help his native puerto rico after being hammered by a hurricane and i was just very tough you know gentle celebrate when where and where we had you know i'm a no go sport stars turning down a presidential invite isn't new but it's become more common with donald trump in
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the white house it used to be about respecting the office even if you didn't respect the man no more athletes me will stage their own boycotts no matter who is in the white house alan fischer i'll just eat up washington. and this is all just these are the top stories to reuters journalists have been freed from a jail in me and wallow an inch or so who are serving a seven year sentence for violating memos official secrets act they were released under a presidential and the sting of it arrested in twenty seventeen while reporting on a crackdown on refugees in iraq and state why and he has more from bangkok and then early tuesday morning we had notification from the president's office that there would be a good and misty coming up involving more than six and a half thousand inmates and moments literally moments after that statement came
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from the presidential office it was confirmed that while lone and sure so would be on that list and then we saw those amazing images of them walking out of insane prison with huge smiles on their faces and speaking to that crowd of media outside the prison gates. turkey's election authority has canceled the results of istanbul's medal vote triggering protests hundreds of people marched through the streets in istanbul the candidate of the main opposition party the c.h.p. became mayor in march before that the commercial capital had been run by president . of once ak party for twenty five years. my fellow citizens they tried to take away the elections we won on the evening of march thirty first they have tried to steal away our hard work. libya's un back to government is accusing the u.a.e. of directly supporting warlord probably for hof dog and it's offensive to say the
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capital this is the first time it's named the united arab emirates as a. the world health organization says more than four hundred people have been killed and thousands have been injured in his month long campaign to gain tripoli fighting his continue during ramadan despite the u.n. calls for a cease fire and a cease fire between armed groups in gaza and the israeli military appears to be holding but israel is warning the campaign is not over twenty five palestinians and four israelis were killed in cross border attacks since saturday. and those are the headlines more details on all these stories of course the web site al-jazeera dot com these continues here after the stream by for that. the differences. and the similarities of cultures of.
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al-jazeera. i for me ok and you're going to stream today what challenges does ramadan pose for muslims with eating disorders sounding off the games we'll take a look at how those who are struggling can best be supportive and i'm really good at this time of year can be difficult for muslims struggling with or recovering from eating disorders and related mental health issues millions of muslims around the world for thirty days from dawn to sun sat and it's a title spiritual discipline contemplation and enhance connection to god and the end of each day is celebrated with family and friends as the fast is broken over food before we go any further we would like to give a warning to us on today's program we will discuss eating disorders.


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