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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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well you know. some of it i like. i'm come all santamaria here in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera there is a twist in the stalemate in sudan as military rulers say they may call for an election within six months if they don't reach an agreement with the opposition at a news conference in her turn the spokesman said the military agrees overall with the opposition's proposal for a transitional government but added differences remain over the length of the transitional period and just who will eventually lead the country the military is under pressure to give up control of sudan almost a month after it alstad the former president omar al bashir has been in charge for nearly thirty years. now is to much document represents
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a genuine will towards finding an exit for the country that will lead to democracy stability and freedom and justice. we agree with regard to the general structure of the form of government to lead the transitional period based on the sovereign council will executive and in addition to other complementary structures meanwhile sudan's opposition is reexamining the response from the ruling military council and says any deal will ultimately depend on whether the expectations of the protesters that mean i mean we are still waiting to examine the response from the military council and if they agree to our vision there are no problems we are currently looking at the document for mediators to see if it coincides with what the coalition wants and what the people on the street want all the details now with morgan reporting from cut. the opposition coalition and the military council still have a lot of differences to iron out there is the issue of how long the transition period
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should be now the military council has been saying that it wants a two year transitional period but the opposition coalition in its proposal that it presented to the military council says that four years is suitable and that they want an independent judiciary a prime ministerial post with an executive cabinet a legislative assembly and a presidential council they've also been demanding the issue of the transitional government has to be a civilian majority government and that's something that the two sides are yet to agree on how much representation each side should have during the transition period and between all between the two sides there's also the issue of what kind of criteria is used to try to pick out members of the of the transitional government meanwhile political parties are saying that they are not getting enough representation something the military council also agrees on it says that it's going to meet other stakeholders and other political parties on wednesday to try to find common ground and in the meantime tens of thousands are continuing to camp out in front of the army headquarters they saying that they will lot's going home until
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a civilian government something they've been protesting for for the past four months is installed and till that happens they are going to continue with their states in which started last month the headlines u.s. secretary of state has made an unannounced visit to iraq the trip comes amid rising tensions in the region as the u.s. has deployed more warships to the area. that is in response to actions by iran. meanwhile the iranian foreign minister zarif will remain part of the nuclear deal but president hassan rouhani is expected to announce on wednesday and to some voluntary aspects of the agreement the u.s. re imposed sanctions on iran when it withdrew from the pact last year. tens of thousands of people are fleeing syria's last rebel held province of idlib amid a widening government offensive backed by russia the un's calling for an urgent deescalation in the north west where strikes have killed at least twenty civilians the cia's warned norway that a palestinian activist who's seeking asylum is facing
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a threat to his life from saudi arabia you know but that he's been under police protection since i pulled twenty fifth is a critic of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon and as well as supreme court has ordered the prosecution of seven opposition politicians who supported last week's call for an uprising on tuesday addressed the opposition controlled national assembly six days after failing to persuade the military to change sides and turn on president maduro in the car make a push has agreed to pay a fine of almost six hundred million dollars to the german government for cheating on its diesel emissions tests it is just the latest find for porsche volkswagen after it admitted to tampering vehicles to hide their pollution levels. you're up to date with the headlines twenty eight up south africa is next.
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i guess. that's what. i would call people or whatever place is told me down and it's coming what it will be let's hope we all mentally. people call it i don't know the. system. we first filmed seppo when he was seven he was one of a group of children from all over south africa it was nine hundred ninety two and they had very little in common black white rich and poor some lived in townships
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some in white suburbs officially segregated by a party. it was only two years since mandela's release from prison and the racist policies of the past were just beginning to crumble. and since then we have followed their lives filming them every seven years. in one thousand nine hundred four. mandela became their president and as they grew up every south african was made equal by law regardless of color. now they are twenty eight we hear from them. there was a very lively seven year old living in a colored area you know so where to. look.
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out because smiley face. myself is a little like. jumping at our. full of hope full of anticipation for nothing. like the lightning the way like the sparkle. twenty one. twenty one exploding. about myself.
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and. the fate of things. that's. supposedly grown up. so professional. i think my parents are quite. often that of eighty percent of me when i was you know you believe that actually when claudia was seven that schools were still segregated along racial lines. would you don't have to go to school to watch older you know. i acted the way that that is feel free to speak the same langley day as you do your madam speaks the same language. by the time claudia was fourteen a lot of change for her she and her family had moved to
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a care home for abused children where her father was the principal. as lot about it that goes on in the area is a lot of gunshots it's got the fear of being hijacked. women have a fear of being that i. should also moved schools and i've gotten to a private school that specialized in science. at my old school we need a real science facilities and it's in bonobos we've got four labs and mutely gillooly do experiments and i think it's a bit environment. by twenty one the family had moved again to a comfortable house in the suburbs and claudia had started a science degree at vets university. what i want to do with. some of the first one is the course it's called road quite the be
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a doctor so people. i just have a sense of needing to do something and it scares me sometimes because they so there's so much that's. a twenty eight she is a junior doctor and pediatrics at the chris hani parable on a hospital in swear to. when you were a student you you talk to patients if you know them but there is a domestic shelf when you qualify and you're not responsible for the care of somebody else. her father now runs the university student horse so claudia lives in the residence on campus. i feel responsible to be of use and to give back. and to try and make a difference because i have had opportunities i mean if there's one person in the
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family. who's been really well educated. that has implications not just for themselves but for the and i and me. in this way it's a classroom separate was a very student. also suitable school but one. of the really says all right. i'm going to see you can speak. eat. see. till we can make.
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it true that can't be true phenomenon on a sunday you know if you can see two on which killing they are now. twenty eight words a twelve hour shift from six am. you know what i would. now go over there what the first thing a good sound like you feel great if it is no money because sometimes things happen go go go go. go by me said into the shop while boast they want to about is my my son you. see. as it's good to get in touch with the type you give the village i'm told you want to be that could out the one on the top write a book.
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tipple has lived all his life in an area called white city. one city concludes in places. where ever you. review it seems to as well but won't see your way to do better with. a little one misplaced and that's a live look i. love i know it was so most the things. i would and i walk away to. i want food in front of us the way it's needs how he wants and to pray that maybe i have. but fourteen school had become more of a battleground than a place of learning. machine when my last quote was going to. take one piece. i do trust and sure will never
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really need to cut because. i know who they are idiots. stealing. from fourteen years that. i had to get proper off kids are going to. require us without looking for the two thousand and three saw i had during after it is called again up to now to suck why i had to. get creative. but sometimes the only number it did if i was. older maybe i would not. put it on then they. are not treated for more now. than you shortly did. you see fit in the stuff some ways to save all the times.
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because i'm now full time student i decided to move back home. it's kind of funny that i'm still living at home but to be brutally honest i actually conforte that moment i've been quite lucky in that my father is happy for me to live at home and when need be doesn't mind supporting nutrition now as i'm going to the end of the course and it's kind of i don't have much money left. patrick grew up with his consistent. his father a leading lawyer who advocates showed an early interest in patrick's career. my dad for their shame pierre and the kids but. even when.
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he went to the best school in cape town when he was seventy he wasn't the academic type did you bring your project book that doesn't. at age seven i was a bit of a law. one teacher said am i going to prison one day and that nothing controversial happened i was actually a very good student by the end of it thanks to those teachers. at twenty eight he's gone back to university to study for a master's degree. the point about this. course any particular consequence of it what is in general a consequence all range of contributing factors such as. even a twenty eight's i'm so not really sure what the farm's me as
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a person hours of. chapters of my life are very sporty really person like i can just do that stuff actually but now it's kind of fun and really play sports anymore . as you get older you carn of searching for also you could act. law it's not timing that comes easily to me what i realize is that it is a so hard work is not like natural ability in north action is hard work at the end if you don't know where you should hopefully be or our projects decided to go into maritime law. interesting area of law my father said i was quite a lot of maritime law. he already knew at fourteen but he had had a good start in life i live in a nice house very nice cool good french and just relaxing and our family.
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interested in the film like the people in there in this corner camps you know it's interesting to see what their lives are like and how they're different from ours now look at what we've got around us feel that we have the houses for money. they live in shacks winter they call. it and i feel it just like the basic necessities is not always there for. fourteen years later the gap between rich and poor seems as wide as ever. so if i was kind of on the other side of the fence from where i am i'd be very frustrated what's going on so i can understand. what's happening in africa where people's demands are coming from. see a card and completely identify giving a position and i've never been in a position like that. but joe thinks it's pretty payton the things have to change.
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on the other side of table mountain not much has changed beyond his life. at the end of each month there's a heavy demand on his pay packets. and enjoy but. yet it was seven years. he said very much sixteen. by even this is the. bane of his. unfairly. so he still single young to have a son before he was twenty one. his name. is the legal name it's. some time before that it had a daughter. this one will tonight and this one is my baby. and my
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sins and then sally and that woman the. son and the one deletion and you can check it will charge if he doesn't that because e m a p. m one was in charge because it was only a lot of shadows gunman did call and. since then he's had another daughter with another woman but still he was single a. while. but i just missed getting a little. a thing go through in a movie when it was a night in the news. but i was in the loans and i why. he spent much of his life in cape town. his family came to this hostel for migrant workers when he was a boy. he was. really
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under. the look of that so this is the whole place this is where i used to stay i used to play a saw got out here when i was seven years old i was playing us over a year with my friends. the township of google it too has always been a dangerous place to live. and so they do things on. you my. god. how much for the fan service you. sold.
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this friend. lived with her family in the next door room of the same hostel unlike yonder she went to school. you. know one. zero zero zero. zero. zero zero zero. and. this book. the young both come from villages hundreds of kilometers from cape town and at fourteen
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they were back there living a time. i had given time he wanted to take classes in oakland amanda mother in law changed his skin that's the iraqis time for. making yourself you know you can diminish my goodness. my back if you haven't it is just a con not about money or no money. seven years later both and. i moved back to the hostel. with indian you know when i got a. lovely woman joining nigel my. mother
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. up on the board. winds of up to. when i was out in the one i. know i guess i. guess i got cooler than a woman singeing and. by the age of twenty one and this one had been married and divorced you know going about trying to one who can answer a commune in my. mind then government doesn't end up on a punch and then how we end this. because of we'll get into knitting is almost a full meal but if one is limited it is. the big. hero to so many people. come when you should be abandoned by one i pity you and
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when i say my kind see them go when does eventually you know. no one i think abundant down. there buying up all billy no good talent john deere. march about how much. money people. became pregnant with another man. but he left her when their child was born. by the will my grandma knew i'd sleep over being around was a male news. in the. process of seeing them. and they're after going to get. them for me again as i can barely have a heel going out and i understand why nobody. but even go going where what.
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i want to. call was. oh soon. the. third area. in the it will be the uh. uh oh in the out the the there's an even the old one does like a woman in one hundred one has. to get high in a woman and. i don't know why.
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we don't down with. the cia and they got their own way and. in the us i. didn't touch it is bound. to make a way to that even think about the long haul job and the timing and sequence of notes and the like of the system sitting on the mike. like it should be closed to. the oh no. there's the in the in the. lid the evolution. the the something that then is it true that i'm buying you know there's this. of
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oh uh i need to. know i says just kidding. billion miles as she has. and i will told. was. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of explosion in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. made on al-jazeera. as the
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world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of cultural nationalism a new series if you would win an environmental show that meets some of the people striving to protect the five to. twenty five years up to coming to power can be am seen maintain its political dominance in south africa. an exclusive exploration of the goals and motivations behind russia's foreign policy told by those who influenced the kremlin and with rex it still looming and populism on the rise across europe will these elections become a referendum on the new self made on al-jazeera. world goes on an incredible journey to first hand accounts and extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before nine hundred forty eight and the impact the creation of israel had on. witness the vibrant commercial and cultural values of america and kind of close and the heritage that many of
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today's palestinians had never known lost cities of palestine on al-jazeera. i'm kemal santa maria with another look at the headlines on al-jazeera sudan's military rulers are saying they may call an election within six months if they don't reach an agreement with the opposition at a news conference in khartoum the major differences remain over just who will lead the country more from him or more can in khartoum the opposition coalition and the military council still have a lot of differences to try to iron out the opposition coalition is still insisting on a four year transitional period as for that plan that they presented to the military council now the military council was responding to that proposal that was offered by the that was presented forward by the opposition and they said that they want to
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hear transitional period the other issue that the two sides are yet to sort out is how much representation each side gets the military council has been insisting that they either want a majority representation or an equal share of power during the transitional period with the opposition coalition but the opposition coalition has been saying that they've been protesting for the past five months to have a civilian government they are ok with the military representation but they want to be the ones calling the shots the u.s. secretary of state's made an unannounced visit to iraq that trip comes amid rising tensions in the region the u.s. has deployed more warships to the area which it says is a response to actions by iran now what the iranian foreign minister zarif says tehran will remain part of the nuclear deal but president hassan rouhani is expected to announce an end to some voluntary aspects of the agreement the u.s. reimposed sanctions on iran when it withdrew from the pact last year. tens of thousands of people fleeing syria's last rebel held province of idlib
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a widening government offensive there backed by russia the u.n. is calling for an urgent deescalation in the northwest where strikes have killed at least twenty civilians the cia's warns norway that a palestinian activist seeking asylum is facing a threat to his life from saudi arabia he's been under police protection since april twenty five he is a critic of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon and venezuela's supreme court has ordered the prosecution of seven opposition politicians who supported last week's call for an uprising opposition leader want to address the opposition controlled national assembly six days after failing to persuade the military to change sides and to turn on president nicolas maduro uses up for you in about twenty five minutes from now right now there we are back to twenty eight up south africa. rule for. resources at the hospital record your works
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are stretched. recently her colleagues mounted a silent protest. so that people who are suffering in the world and i think everybody knows that but. to see itself. most intense will tell you that especially at three o'clock in the morning when you're working at and. that's definitely. set in one day to yourself if you made that a decision. hours. in the morning for the day and for the night and in the next morning you'll see the new patients that you've admitted with a doctor and. old patients again are. so they're called they can be
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extremely long. because as jaska calls and because of the amount of patients we see it is not always time to explain what's happening to them and what's wrong with him but your teeth when he's going to be do they stand that you feel you should. turn toward easier on yourself you know. i need to learn. that i'm not made of bricks or rock. i didn't realize that it would be so challenging on or levels physically mentally emotionally i didn't realize i would get to
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a point where i just felt exhausted and chained. i think recently i've just had to invade any a family of sorts who have realised that if you keep on holding stuff inside it's. a fake that eventually it gets to the point where everything comes busting out. and then learning that i'm a bit more fragile than a bit more bondable then i would get acknowledge. and that it's ok. patrick has also suffered a shock to the system. a time that badly where. my mother now we were involved in the hard jacking. i had quite
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a party the night before so it was kind of mid-morning ten to eleven i was standing in the window my parents bought from the king down and i saw my mom driving in a kind of waited for hanging out the window and as you drive in the gays started closing suddenly cautious like stopped in front of the gates and two guys jumped off. the block the gate and then they ran up my mom. i didn't know at the time that they had gone. probably something i should have taken into account as kind of wild risk my mom was screaming i was sprinting for ups's and as you come out of the front door my mom was parked on the right there was a guy on the one side with a gun in the face and then the guy standing on the other side pot to get into the car. and then the guy kind of went from having the gun in my mom's smalls just turned to me so i kind of ran into him and then like i was like whoa anything can
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happen now i actually just ran he had a handbag and they were kind of struggling for it grab pulled in front of me ran back inside actually opened the gates and then i think the guys you jumped in the car and got out of the. cold the one guy and then there was an identity parade. and identified the one guy we will stick with this is they're off it went on for about five years quite a frustrating process. everybody talked about for the after being a very violent country it is indeed but this was my first kind of experience of it . at the time there is that pent up anger and then you sit in that courtroom and they stand in front of you and i say walk and i think handcuffs and you'd like stared to guard your changes from like that animosity actually i felt sorry for the guys at the end because i realize it was just maybe they had no choice.
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on the other side of the mountain or lujan to violence is ever present. new kinds of it inside their homes is totally. oppose and i now see that with using dope i did feast on nobody i mean to us and. was. very little has moved on since he was seven years in the same place and he faces the same problems. will be. taking on. how kind of the.
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other gangs around the hostel out of control. police. will give me. and the fact that all is insane but abundance is they just get themselves. feeling well so you have it all but the loop because in doing as paul was pretty kind. of as it was when i sing i think. he was less filled with the amount of one woman one news wing in a. month or so. and as mine and our team do in the end. by then. and. you know it was we'll know what we mean i think and if you know it. was months. before the lizard. was shot. there
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was a jury. would lead me to the. list. of the you the. them to. the. foot circle whose faith has helped them through the hard times the. skin tone would think he says he did find out where it came out because the name that's on traits order that took him out to eat it was to keep discovering the second and this is the yes what did that book i keep. a kook out of. that's a supportive course they can but i think it's
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a school of queda and they knew about it i might not do it i checked it but i have a twenty diana was. the . no. no he's become a father himself. he needed to be to live good now if you're showing him you can feel it. when it came by its own daughter sure now the signature was all right there yeah look at the movie. with. that's where i don't think that's ok and. the hour. was. and then. it's only until
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a. bit. to pause early family life was all too often marked by bereavement and hardships. four years ago his troubles became too much for him. and it would really feel about as they could. sometimes get under medical guinea of course cannot a stress make you suspect some side you have got a one sheet. they can suspect a good day it's into you you know it's a lot of injured that live now from a physical you come to shop come back and organise a good measure on the mistaken belief to be abusive got sick to say six eighteen to them with one that the street saw in the water going on i would not. to lift it up and over then it got a no it's great i'm ok don't keep it that i'm
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a type i will defer to number one my mother my type whatever that's a good move can you move on which would sing out of soon. i was unlucky because through. because spirit lisa nicky they can make it only when peter believes it is this our correspondent is to know so by the time we get it in goes to making tweener call a tourist list history has a catch em up side chamakh ask a whore no it's a two by two saying heikki ikea's you know him no verse two no coffee scene. welcome in order to use a little inside polluted it's a comedy call for the completed this time is a silly see if. i could see the water we had signed it with a theme can now quickly consider pretty much training a tour would do. it was very painful but you won't make it people want to get a difference is the. key you know we do it no more there there are core
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the only paid people one of our people in of a bus supported. him in the ark if it really have all of them sidewalk. gov why live off a million votes were added or a moment ago it was modern and started a sort of sorts of i've went through hard times so-called power to disturb an implicit conscience out opinion one hundred years they did it. with a second child on the way ingrid has moved back to her parents' house nearby giving support to fend for himself. the. personal intimate relationships. i don't know how to do them. and i know lots of interesting people but it's. difficult for me to be comfortable in an
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intimate relationship with somebody i don't know how to open up enough to want to get married when you know if you know and. if you want to be if you need to get. it nanny. and then you don't force yourself to want to get married why didn't you know that net net your new relationship no. talk about. it is now. i was a while ago. i learned a lot about myself and about how these things go. said about gravy. for claudia workers the focus i think my parents get quite excited if i tell them i'm going out on
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a day but i'm generally fear peace with where am. i feel like i have so much on my own plate and i don't have the capacity to also be able to deal. with somebody else because if you're with somebody. then you should be committed enough to want to help them with those things that are difficult for them and to be able to support them with it and if you're not of capacity to do that then what are you doing there so at this point in time i need to deal with me. would you like to have. things. and beautified about having children be feedin honest. for me. i should want to have a child because you're with somebody that you love and that you really still believe
4:47 am
the world is the some amazing place and that there are things to expedients that are worth all that if it and drama that comes with being alive on this planet that you really believe that so much that you want to give to somebody so that they can experience those things that you want to love them with everything that you have inside of you to laugh and. i don't know that i can do that. against all the odds yonder moved out of the hostel water shack with his girlfriend and set up home. sequenom in the mist and the younger one. go wandering in eternity everything. going. on toward.
4:48 am
oh really for many years we're going to want to move. then and there. is indeed thing there were not given any of these to me in. yonder i had never lived with a girlfriend before into. the hotel and goes on business who is a man on the rise. so bored because i see as a woman with us talking mostly if you know in a signal you go inside this sort of menu when you know. and have brightened i'm going when i'm in this war when in the am well clear of all i did because i'm in the time of the morning when. we. no doubt we do what.
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do you ladies doing to learn to move maybe these are well visible present that argument when i was. about to be number one about club bar was that again i wasn't called to look good although bass is in the we are the i thought i would loudly so i tried. it was me and i was i live and used to them so when he of my his color said. i need one promote he we're cool because i'll come up man that is the night and so you guys are what i call me i can live play and i won and over you know. i mean here is an ending a bad night i didn't fall off or go well within blocks and so you know. almost when i was there a little bit i mean you know how i can support. it creates
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a year by the good world out there that is in use in the hope i get to about two hours ahead because years will cause a come. on be causing an agony and you. have to have every way to have a good i still. want to see. i was on this card to know you closely and i think i was being you miss it is one is safe and you out of norway goes off a new thing in. my name is the. blunt of the future if ever and i was twenty. believe me i was relieved you realize what. i have cried to see very you know my normal pain but is just the way i could unmeet you. you comes as
4:51 am
a united scene from the first day and see the house dana to. the one along the ledge or in the wood. and. lean in the time. and. it was just in yourself that will give me. a life or my own life. and i need to you know my. having lunch with his father and sister. i mean a part of me because he's going to. both sporting what this is a very good read but academic in the last year. he's most as he's really i think
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surprised everybody yeah before that i wasn't much of an academic or student. probably explains why i'm a lot more diligent than my father probably realize i'm not as natural as here are in a relationship. i was up until two weeks ago. seeing good in. sydney moving on a bit not to me it's my kind of focus in x. years is to far nice wife yeah get married have children here and no other projects completed his master's he's planning to leave south africa. because it has got just singapore perhaps he'll come home. with an asian beauty asia would be a nice place shipping most massive in hong kong i was in singapore about a month and a half ago. there's so many ships that seem to have dropped and. it's yeah i've actually never seen that many ships in my life before and i could be
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a big ship in that if he sounds like. yeah. so it was also a proud father and has plans for his daughter's future by leaving for school looking michelle guided by. us up or. down because it's not good to know petroleum you know to get a school of god looked a day that the beach jockey of us see she's been talking about the way you. know what these people including two possible people. would have to do and. this is what you need. to do is going to go by the look of again this court order and then according to.
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what. i was. younger it was just taking each day as thomas yeah. she still. any of them up in this world and when we read columns we're going to keep this thing that you. can just see like he'd be at that moment when this in the morning. but in others on this god when it comes to money people. all end up on lighting at all they may be in there in that in we and. we just we we step on to it. and after they had food until i need to can pump was ailing the new t.v. in the morning i would to god you would to god who the sun move on into.
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but by the moment when you do social. a called into the wall of. the last twenty one years have seen dramatic changes in the lives of all south africans. but for all the progress that has been made. stuart sees so much more to be done. there's a lot of climbing up and. and. the other aspect of a plenty for me a lot this education system. healthcare system. but with the lack of political will to change those things for me any setting but
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at the same time. such an amazing place all the people i saw amazing the energy. there is so many things that i love about the band. but this also. all these other things that just felt for in the picture. coming together throughout. climate is changing times time is running out i've never seen a elephant like. this in a new series earthrise meet some of the people driving the struggle to save the
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environment to start telling us that we have just twelve weirdness to make changes to transform every part of our economy and our society. coming soon on a just see it up. hello there we're expecting more severe storms over parts of north america over the next few days so thanks to this weather system here it's already given a few tornadoes and damaging winds and some very large hail stones as well and that
4:58 am
system is only slowly edging its way eastwards and as it does so it's going to continue to feed us with some severe weather so most at risk then is texas over homer and into kansas that's where we're most likely of seeing the or tornado over the next couple of days that system is tapping into the moisture from the gulf of mexico so for many of us here we're going to see a lot of rain over the next day or so and the ground for some of us is already waterlogged so the rain won't be needed towards the west it is karma here for san francisco will be getting to around twenty seven degrees for the central americans a good deal of cloud in the southern half of our map but here there will also be a little bit of sunshine coming through in between further north where it looks clearer there will be more in the way of sunshine but i think for some of us particularly in cuba there's a chance of seeing one or two rather shop showers later on during the day and talking of heavy showers there's been plenty of them over parts of parable i am in northern parts of argentina recently yet more wet weather is expected here as we head through wednesday and it sticks around for thursday as well.
4:59 am
in two thousand and eight zero documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty on al-jazeera. i'm a patient every weekly news anchor going to see a recent breaking story and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embed is
5:00 am
a free palestine listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. followed from doha everyone on come all sorts of maria this is the news hour from al-jazeera sudan's military rule so they could call elections within six months if there is nowhere green and so on a transition plan with the opposition. also news iran plans to scale down its commitments to the nuclear deal while the u.s. beefs up its military presence in the middle east fleeing for their lives thousands of syrians leave bad as government forces and their russian allies bombed the rebel held province.


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