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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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that you know. good judgment at these times is critical. the gamble seems to have paid off after twenty four hours the taxi arrives in kiss a do good. but luck is against them. the pharmacy is closed the ice has melted and the vaccines urgently need to be refrigerated. someone in the can overcome the problem with you know i. don't know them i've got no no i've got a device you don't want to put out. the pharmacist is on his way but one passenger is tired of waiting. for the moment what you might mean that you couldn't make them up like you got them well let me get out. of.
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the pharmacist arrives an hour later he quickly refrigerate the vaccines relief all around ok. most villages and some towns in guinea like the most basic services. kissa do go and it's two hundred thousand inhabitants get only a few hours of electricity a week. the main hospital has an emergency unit that's reserved for pregnant women who can't. get it that mary i'm a nurse dashes off to the hospitals only ambulance the vehicle was donated by unicef thirteen years ago without the means to maintain it it's a miracle it's still running i've thanked. due to the high. i price of petrol they can only be
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used once a day. i can bring those up and down the steps. process duchamp. the strength of the genome at their own profit so that's going back. and forth rather. obvious below. that number it that they have out there the outcomes that it out. nurses waste a lot of time tracking down patients in the bush there are no signs indicating the names of roads all villages. in a coma because i read where my. book come to but i'm afraid i don't know a little one about. two hours later and they still haven't located the pregnant
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woman. come if you're a good doctor the parking lot of. that was not going. to make things worse the old ambulance breaks down. the man come up and i don't know if i got it but did anybody if i think you did something. to shut you out of court of course i'll do that when i'm not. going to talk about it you. know madonna worry about going to how much money. i got for her and. you know this is not a thought this was. i she waits for makeshift repairs mariyam bumps into the pregnant woman's father in law worried he'd set out on foot looking for help we're going to recover we're through medicare. medicaid because you defended a deal. this is some day and i'm not down. to four days of agony both mother and
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baby are in serious danger comes up with a medical center that was wrote your stuff up because i was. stuck up. there but given. that i bought my. three hours after leaving the hospital merriam can finally attend to the patient. the baby is poorly position and the eighteen year old girl is in urgent need of a says area know best at that and. the less so in those rural villages grandmothers act as midwives assisting women with childbirth.
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was up to them so the first half was a bit boxed up all get out of pocket back out while the backup that was about him not get the fuck up what was what was so hot that was the husband tries to comfort her as best he can there's no stretcher and she lies on a telephone off of about an open market looking for the book we're going to talk about who got a lot of this is to think. that one of my oh my. gosh i'm. not. but i'm such. a slob to somebody pick up the pick up the whole book what about it.
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the hospital has no running water and the operating room has only one set of surgical clamps but there isn't any statistics a month is soon asleep. this is airy and goes well but the baby isn't breathing. without the aid of respiratory machines the nurses do their best to save the baby but the but. now for the city. i see. the school that i'm in from really having them for the movie. for my past. i. don't want my assistant. four days of contractions have paralyzed the mother's legs the hospital has no suitable medicines.
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they are but two things they can't find much in their. home to. do but if. i were doing a. young child. without free public health care many families here are unable to cover basic medical needs the hospital pharmacy sells medicines for a tenth the price of the private sector but even these prices can be an affordable . concept i can answer i don't know but if i were. in guinea five dollars can change your life. maybe it's the camera or genuine sympathy but in the end. pharmacist pays for the meds and himself the there's enough to
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treat his wife for a week. any longer and it'll be up to the husband to come up with more money or i. according to unicef fifteen thousand three hundred babies and three thousand eight hundred women die in childbirth each year in guinea . getting medicines to where they're needed is a real problem. these medicines are on their way to a dispensary in the middle of the jungle. this won't be the first risky journey has taken. to get the little bit of you right and if you want to ever hear what some of them i don't think you know yeah be able to do the i'm ok with the front up. i.
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better do something in the future i need something. to your daily lives somebody because we. live to you till monday is over is what you want to be so we're going to get it. right here. if you live. the mule track is actually a regional road make an excuse to do goo and. forty five kilometers away.
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and i. don't yet know not apologizing and i'm not about going back up is my dream even. at each ball the rhythm of the spades receives and it's always the same t. . is encouraged.
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unlike his truck stops its engine lacks power that it will get to be that wasn't about it but then somebody eligible to. see the minute by this i just wish we could but i feel no bathroom for a bond on the bed up as i don't want on time him to work a dip on the continent the only one up will see what it when i cook it i'm in. and guinea everything has multiple uses. to put us all for they said you really don't go on the bus. in the community and i said that's. something i would like. to make.
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by nightfall they've been driving for ten hours. or that. the nurse at the dispensary collects the packages of meds and. he's been expecting them for three months when the box is a quite small. he hopes they'll be enough to replenish his stuff. will say it is your baby. you don't belong to the on another sample of live.
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among the medicine benjamin has received of vaccines against measles diptheria tetanus and polio he'll start vaccinating children first thing in the morning as he has no means of conserving the precious vaccines. that get by the electricity. if. free will soap operas in the. garden got it into.
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but if. this two year old is too weak to be vaccinated. the song really. doesn't mind just want to say that. you know i've yet to look. back on the mad. men and the. mean is into. their. bodies. in guinea one in ten children dies before reaching the age of falling in.
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love don't just scarcely ever visit these remote villages. benjamin tries to fill the void he's only a nurse but an experienced one skilled nurses like him are invaluable. the village is always grateful. hello there is still rather unsettled for many of us in the middle east at the
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moment ridiculous at the satellite picture we can see the cloud as it makes its way across parts of iraq and into iran most of this is just cloud but we could see one or two showers i think over the next few days most likely over the northern parts of iran but also through georgia and into parts of turkey but there's over turkey due east as we head into thursday they'll be more in the way of sunshine around but it still will be that warm even in the sunshine so we'll see a top temperature in ankara of around fifteen degrees now here in doha it's not been too bad recently the winds coming down from the northwest but then change over the next few days so it will feel more humid so a sticky few days to come for us a good deal of cloud to overpass of saudi at times but it looks like that will eventually break up as we head through the day on thursday muscat not as hard hit will get to around thirty one degrees down towards the southern parts of africa it was a very heavy rain here that's crossing the southern parts lots of what weather behind it not feeling that would force in cape town with
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a top temperature of just seventeen but a bit more sunshine on thursday though i think we'll see the temperatures improve we'll get to around nineteen this time but the rains not too far away want to two of us just around the coast of mozambique could see one or two showers at times during the day. the subject of more than half a dozen investigation. of dog stone from the ages something well. one on one east investigate how the nation's coffers grew up on al jazeera. stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera.
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iran says it will resume enriching uranium if five countries which agree the twenty fifty nuclear deal don't stick to their promises. watching i'll just zero life from headquarters in doha i'm also ahead south africans go to the polls to choose a new parliament in the toughest test yet for the ruling a.n.c. party a blast targeting a soofi shrine kills at least eight people in the pakistani city of lahore and sudan's military rulers say they will call for elections if an agreement to the political stalemate isn't reached with the opposition in six months.
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hello iran says it's stopping its sale of and rich uranium and could restart production if world powers don't keep their promises under the twenty fifty nuclear deal president hassan rouhani said the remaining signatories of the agreement the united kingdom france germany china and russia had sixty days to implement their promises to protect iran's oil and banking sector is from u.s. sanctions but he insists iran is ready for negotiations over its nuclear program ronnie was speaking on the anniversary of the u.s. withdrawing from the deal the united states wants to pull out of the way to make iran withdrawal the day after so they could refer the case to the u.n. security council in order to reach.


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