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veto if it ever comes to that thank you for that scene for us in tehran in other world news sudan's protest leaders are calling for a nationwide civil disobedience movement they're accusing the military leaders of delaying transferring power to civilians but some members of the opposition parties got into a fist fight during a meeting with the military council earlier the military leaders had said they could hold elections in six months if an agreement can't be reached with the opposition the two sides are at odds over who will lead sudan until a new elections are held and for how law. of even though we agreed to continue demonstrations and escalate our activism escalation in itself is not the goal the revolution has yet to achieve its demands we have not yet transition to a civilian government and we are yet to remove many of the elements from the old regime it is clear that the reappearance of security services and the resumption of their activities just like in the old days means that change has not happened yet
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and that we still have lots to do for all those who lost their lives that's why we will continue to march on till we achieve our demands as big mama valley in khartoum for so mohammed the military any opposition have been meeting what's the latest on that are they any closer to bridging their differences. no that doesn't look like the doesn't look like doesn't look to be the case we have seen the situation it's like one step forward and two steps backwards in the last few days the meetings multiplied and the statements of so multiply and today's meeting was the worst in terms of the prospects of coming to a kind of deal between the two sides or now let's see the various sides to this situation because one of the members of the how the military council he actually said that one hundred and seventy seven different pieces from different entities across the sudanese can expect some has been received and the military council has
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been studying those. multiple visions which indicates that it's going to take a lot of time before they come to a conclusion and before they actually say which of these visions is going to be adopted their opposition and particularly the protest leaders are saying that these measures particularly taken by the military council to complicate the situation and they accuse the military council of the sidelined the very people who have been behind this revolution. by adding so many invisible parties they call them retail parties and many of them well created during the last several years have different assad by the former ruling party the congress party now your position leaders are so upset and they are saying but this is a measure by the military council to just. abstract the process of
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negotiations and as you mentioned in your intro they are calling for nationwide they are threatening to call for nationwide strikes we have already seen over the night and in the last couple of days we have seen them to return to the old style the style of the last four months little group of focus groups of protesters going into the streets in different parts of khartoum and across the country burning tires and basically any kind of talent that might be presented by security security forces roughly in. place or we have seen the beginning of confrontations and clashes between government troops and protesting i was going to ask him how to deal with this call for civil disobedience by process leaders i mean have demonstrations have been going on for some times now is there no protest there from the people that you've been speaking to what are they hoping these protests will achieve and
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how long can they keep going with these demonstrations. right there they are facing tremendous challenges fully they are facing the excessive heat of ramadan they are facing power shortages they are facing scarcity of water supplies and they are accusing the government of being behind this or at least they are accusing the deep state which they say is still in control of the water supplies and electricity supplies they accuse them of doing that in order to discourage the protesters and force them to disperse but at the same time calls are renew it. time and again for the protesters to come in big numbers to where i'm standing now to the city and also in other parts of the country and that call for civil disobedience and other measures of us collation are only attempting to set it up the protest leaders do you know for sure that the escalation in the streets and the presence of their of the protesters in the city is the most powerful negotiation. bargain tip for them
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and i'm going to go sit in table and they know what the military council that is they say that the military council is is they're betting on time and that they are waiting this game of waiting waiting for people to get tired as you mentioned because of this because excessively because of the shortages of supplies because of the long period that they seem to be going to wait here before they get any results out of these negotiations thank you so much for that mohammed reporting live from the streets of khartoum thank you. there's plenty more ahead on this al jazeera news hour including donald trump invokes executive privilege to block the release of special counsel robert muller as for the rusher reports last fasting during the month of ramadan in a country that's on the brain of starvation. and the raptors get their claws into the seventy six is in the n.b.a.
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playoffs paul will have the best of the action coming up later in. a pakistani christian woman who spent eight years on death row in a blasphemy case has left the country. she is in canada six months ago she was acquitted by pakistan's supreme court the verdicts led to mass protests bibi was originally convicted in two thousand and ten after being accused of insulting prophet mohammed during a fight with her neighbor is saying in pakistan a faction of the taliban there has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a popular shine in the city of lahore and they say people including five police officers were killed in the suicide bombing near one of pakistan's oldest sufi shrines victoria gates and he has the details. forensic scientists focused their attention on a police band damaged in the blast it was parked outside
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a popular soofi shrine in the city of lahore offices responsible for guarding the entrance to women we're inside the game district the os is the other stuff most of the wounded have been moved to mount hospital according to our initial reports the receiving team to twenty two wounded and rescue workers ongoing seven to ten people who are in critical condition but we can't say with a bit dead or alive. a faction of the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility analysts say it marks a new wave of what they call religious fanaticism i personally think it is extremely what islam but i also believe that this faction of the g.d.p. is not operating in full full talking it in pakistan because there have been some previous attempts in the past has been have been foiled by the security agencies the data dhaba shrine which dates back to the eleventh century has been targeted before a suicide attack nine years ago killed more than forty people in pakistan's government
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improve security across the country after an attack on a school in push our that killed more than one hundred fifty people mostly children that was five years ago but this attack shows that groups can still cools chaos in one of pakistan's largest cities victoria gate and be al jazeera. and in neighboring afghanistan the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in the capital kabul at least nine people were injured in the explosion near the attorney general's office says as talk it was the u.s. space agency counter font international. is an al-jazeera journalist in kabul he describes the scene in the aftermath of the attack about have become part of the casualties of at the moment but he looks different here is a compartment. which of course arrived at the scene and in terms of who operation right now we're told that. hundred and fifty employees of the organization it was
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related by special forces on the other hand when responsibility and bases that. counter counterpart international organization is if they're treated with a. to south africa now where people are voting in the sixten acrostic general election since the end of apartheid in one nine hundred ninety four presidential run a post of the governing african national congress cast his vote his party is expected to win but with a smaller margin after being hit by a series of corruption scandals in recent days opposition leaders mostly my money from the democratic alliance and julius malema from the economic freedom fighters have also cast their ballots. excitingly one of the greatest force of the two zero two news just amazing the day should. just the cost of the day could see that with.
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the auditing and you do your bidding how do you like the greater good for you and its leader to. in johannesburg for us mark and there in some protests area in the day tell us how the voting has been going and how these demonstrations have affected most. with a large large crowd is gone very smoothly but begin to demonstrations in the lead up to the action the whole series of demonstrations here in the township of alexandria where we are it's a township where unemployment is the key issue for many voters no say for housing we can see a bit of the neighborhood take a look down here. but a lot of the housing is cramped and poor condition the other people don't even live in houses they live in shacks made of pine sheets so this is what's prompted protests here ever since the early two thousand and in other townships and cities throughout south africa issues that many people here feel haven't been addressed
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that people think will heal or things are changing example of policemen deployed at this polling station and all the others that we've been to in the township the government said it would increase security in the hotspots where there might be trouble or there hasn't been any protests here today polling station itself here is in a tent with a line of people. waiting to vote this is a part of the last surge of voters coming those people who are working today finished work. their shift just finished so the lines kind of grown long again but turnout has been decreasing over successive elections as well as the end seize vote share as you mentioned one of the reasons for that of course there's corruption scandals also the perceived for delivery of public services have a lot of people don't find the opposition politicians to be any more convincing than those in power so whilst the a.n.c. one election after the next is steadily lost its vote share is not as if the
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opposition of picking up all those votes some people just aren't voting at all we're waiting to find out. as the ballots are counted in the days ahead just how many people have turned up to vote of course. kind of each of the parties is guess and when do we expect the first results market. we expect within a few hours of the polls closing which is which is about four hours from now soon as they start counting results normally. transmitted on going on as the counting process proceeds over the final results not expected to come in till saturday never the opinion polls have suggested that the a.n.c. will win again it's won every election since the end the white minority rule remains an article with the opinion polls have suggested that it will win with a smaller margin than ever before but that's of course what we'll be waiting to actually find out when those ballots have been counted and thank you very much for
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that al jazeera is malcolm webb reporting there from a polling station in johannesburg south africa in a spot today that muslims around the world are fasting during the holy month of ramadan but people in yemen are finding it hard to buy food some making do by buying products that are past the expiration date or burden manly as a story. father for is preparing for with his pick of sweets and dates but most of the food he's buying is approaching all past its sell by date. so he works for yemen's un recognized government but like most employees he hasn't been paid for almost two years cash strapped he says he has little choice but to buy low quality food. usually in the past we used to buy a lot of things for ramadan but now we can't afford it and we look for the cheapest
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alternative because we don't have enough money. before the war the capital sanaa is bubbles of our market would be bustling but in the past four years yemen's currency has. sunk as the cost of food has soared that's become a major driver behind the food crisis here. yet the purchasing power to people has become wake us since the start of the wall because of the economy and the salaries that are not paid. most of pm inspired imports including wheat come from the port city opera data. but they have lost he stopped during the pos here while this fighting between hutu rebels and the saudi u.a.e. coalition. with a shaky cease fire in place at the un food agency has gained access to a mill but it's been closed since september. according to the plan in ten days we will begin grinding the wheat and distributing it to the provinces and the people
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in need of about thirty percent of the grain has been infested the un says this mill will hold enough to feed hundreds of thousands of people and it's needed. the war in yemen has caused the largest humanitarian crisis the country is on the brink of famine the u.n. says about four billion dollars is needed for urgent humanitarian aid saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have pledged money but at paying it in installments i continued to bomb these controlled areas. meanwhile muslims across the world of fasting from dawn until dusk for ramadan but to many in yemen could still go hungry at night nor about the money out to zero. still ahead on this al-jazeera news our changing lives and used to a treatment plant that's making a difference for hanging refugees in bangladesh and a hometown hero next said no esteem to the n.h.l. conference finals that's coming up in sports later to stay with us.
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hello we're not quite into the hot to draw a dusty period yet the still plenty crowd cloud around iran spurred on by the waters of the caspian or the eastern med there's not much in the sky you wouldn't think of in the forecast for it if you used to get the potential of producing showers or even dust storms ahead of those showers in a tale that goes from saudi arabia up through iraq towards iran and beyond to eastern turkey and once it's gone through of course the sun comes to work again the temperature start to rise and it feels rather different but we still got that process to go through and it's a run look at the cloud is picture such got through azerbaijan and the southern caucasus during friday could be some big sandstorms out of the rather fewer and lighter ones to the south it's still possible that the end of the day on thursday
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in northern saadi may be even in kuwait and the high ground in western society typically there was seeing fairly high temperatures now high surtees even low forty's whose humidity not right down actually said a little bit sticky still particular you see this grain is which indicates humidity of course the ten which gives you more showers on friday again in western saudi arabia there's a lot of rain to come at the moment yes in the next few days i think in south africa there's the obvious feature and it's right in the middle. in two thousand and eight zero documented a groundbreaking skiing. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the
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students and the scheme for helping change the face of india. super thirty announces era. the latest news as it breaks out of norton time. payments and the burnings the started raining to the truth detailed coverage of puts us closer to the proximate cause was odd because it is little difficult those problems they displace the problem around the last few days and that is where the water is once more rushing down river it's a welcome break with the militants triggered barely begun.
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again you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for a reminder of our top stories european nations have warned against further escalation up to iraq as decision to stop selling enrich uranium and heavy water and its threat to step up production of both tehran has given the remaining signatories of the twenty fifty nuclear agreement sixty days to keep their promises to protect its oil and banking sectors from u.s. sanctions they've been fistfights between some members of sudan's opposition during a meeting of the coalition in the capital khartoum it was a scene of a press conference where the group threatened further on rest over the military's response to their demands and the leading candidates in south africa's national elections have cast their votes the governing african national congress party is likely to win but the party is expected to get few of old stay and past elections. more now on our top story this news hour and the iran nuclear deal the landmark
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agreement was signed in two thousand and fifteen between iran the five permanent members of the u.n. security council germany and the european union under the. he meant tehran severely limited its nuclear enrichment activities and allowed far more intrusive inspections than before in exchange the other parties agreed to lift nuclear related sanctions on iran but that did not include separate u.s. sanctions that were not related to the nuclear program and even before president donald trump pulled out of the deal last year iran has long complained that washington did not do enough to ease its banking restrictions there's now speak to hillary mann leverett who's a former u.s. diplomat and co-author of the book going to tehran why america must accept the islamic republic of iran she joins us from washington thank you so much for being with us hilary so the nuclear deal was already in serious trouble do you think it can be solved within the sixty day framework timeframe rather that the iranians have set. i'm not sure it really can be salvaged and i'm not sure there is really
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any party that wants it to be salvage i think for the iranians clearly this deal was not sufficient it did not have sufficient guarantees that if the united states for example would violate it that the iranians would be protected i think for europeans for china for russia it also didn't deliver. the hopes of more financial interaction with iran and for the united states we have been in office here with the with the trump administration and administration that never wanted this kind of deal they don't want a deal that legitimizes the islamic republic of iran within the international system so iran's compliance with the deal is really irrelevant to the trump administration they don't like the deal no matter what because it legitimizes the islamic republic of iran within the international system so what exactly is the u.s. administration trying to achieve right now they've moved to cut off iran's oil revenues
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they have designated the revolutionary guards a terrorist group they have deployed an aircraft carrier to the gulf region is some kind of military confrontation the next step now john bolton we know has made the case in the past for military action against iran is that where we're headed. national security advisor bolton has certainly made the case for military action against iran i worked in the bush administration with national security adviser bolton and he has always wanted to overthrow militarily see the overthrow of the government in iran so that would not be a new policy for him however it would be a new policy for president trump who seems to have a at least slightly different or nuanced more nuanced approach to iran which is not positive for iran but it is it is different it is to weaken iran within the middle east to continue america's dominant role there its dominance in the middle east and as well and this is critically important for president trump it is to weaken the
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relations of other countries with iran and and and amongst themselves so for example it was important for secretary of state pompei o two miss to just not go to his scheduled meeting with the german chancellor merkel and instead demonstrate the trauma administration's antagonism toward iran the trump administration wants to lower its relations more tension in its relations with economic powerhouses like germany like china and one of the ways to do so is by as collating the pressure on iran to put more attention in america's relations with other countries like china like germany france the u.k. nesha and speaking of that you have the europeans now caught in the middle of all they say want to solve a shoe deal but also face us sanctions do you think we could see an even bigger rift between the europeans and the americans. i do and many think that that's that's that's strange why would why would the administration want that to happen it
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must be that the are these people are not very smart within the troubling ministration no i disagree with them but i think they're there policy is intentional they are intentionally trying to have more attention with our european allies to have more tension with china within the trump administration there are key players who see that as important leverage for the trauma administration to have over european allies over china over others so this is very much an intentional strategy it's against iran but it's also against america's allies to show that the united states is absolutely dominant it is the world's one and only superpower and both our adversaries and even more importantly our allies must do what the trunk administration says that's their policy and they're putting it forward in a very determined way very good to talk to you hey man leverage thank you for your insights thank you for joining us now from washington thank you very much u.s.
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president donald trump has used his executive privilege to keep the democrats from getting the full uncensored report by special counsel robert muller the house judiciary committee is about to vote on whether it will hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress for failing to publish the full report released an edited version of a mill is investigation into russian meddling in the send twenty sixteen election last month i urge my colleagues whether or not you care to see the full of the report we should all want to see the complete report stand up for the institution we are proud to serve no person certainly not the top law enforcement officer in the country and be permitted to flout the will of congress to defy is a valid subpoena no person the attorney general not the president would be permitted to be above the law. cohen is in washington for us so patty president trump claiming executive privilege what does that mean exactly. well executive
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privilege is something that the courts have ruled on a couple of times basically they have said that when the president needs to have his communications or his decisionmaking kept confidential just for national security reasons or because he needs to be able to get good advice from the people around him then he can assert executive privilege and say congress you can't talk to that person or you can't see this document the problem for the trump presidency right now is that it's never been done where he just does a blanket everything is covered by executive privilege another issue for this president is here he waived executive privilege when it comes to the moment report he allowed his attorneys to talk he handed over documents and most legal experts say it's kind of like toothpaste executive privilege once you put it out there you're not getting it back in the tube but what this does is buy him time now this goes to the judiciary the third branch the third equal branch of government and they will have to go through the documents and they will decide if privilege
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applies in this case so again it's buying more time for the president doesn't necessarily solve the issue for him but it does give him a delay buying more time for the president what about the attorney general william barr what's next for it. well they've been talking for about an hour and a half and it seems like every member of the judiciary wants to be on the record before they actually vote but it seems pretty clear the democrats control the committee they are going to vote to hold him in contempt of congress this is a really unusual move it doesn't normally happen with cabinet secretaries so this is a dramatic step what does it actually means though well if they just house committee votes for to hold him in contempt of congress then it goes to the full house the democrats control the house they will likely vote to hold him in contempt then it goes to a civil judge they have to sue they have to say tell him he's in contempt of court tell them to give us these documents if the judge rules in their favor and says hand it over and he doesn't weld. he could be held in contempt of court and theoretically if you're held in contempt of court you go to jail until the judge
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says you can come out or you pay a significant fine but again this is pretty unchartered territory here this we're talking about the top floor of the law enforcement officer in the country possibly facing contempt of congress and potentially contempt of court so pretty uncharted territory but again it goes to the judiciary and that a lot of people say that could take years but in the case of this national significance this importance it's likely that it would be settled in months not years on capitol hill thank you very much. turkey's main opposition party is calling for last year's general and presidential elections to be unowned the appeal comes two days after the election board decided to rerun istanbul's may already have action present party lost the vote. has the latest from istanbul. turkey his main opposition republican party c.h.b. of submitted a request to the supreme electorial boards to cancel last year's general and presidential elections as well as the march third two one. stumble
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districts and the main opposition said even president add ons men mandate should be an old following the ousting of c.h.p. mayor in istanbul supreme election board canceled istanbul mail result space based on the grounds that there were illegalities and irregularities in the appointments of the ballot box officers and now the main opposition argues that the ballot box of tissues were appointed as in the same way as they were in last year's general and clothes for his then shal election the following vision in turkey is election rules in march two thousand and eighteen. in their request they had there was another issue that the main opposition raise this in turkey during local elections in. one envelope you have for voting sheets that's you elect to your
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local administrators mayors. local councils and local municipal councils and local officials so do the fish and all the supreme of the tour award to council only stumble may or all result is not welcomed by the main opposition saying that it is totally unlawful that all district results should be annulled as well so now the main opposition argues even the legitimacy of last year's presidential and general election is compromised by the decision of the supreme electorial board. the international court of justice is hearing qatar's case against the united arab emirates for violating human rights caught us government says the u.a.e. targeted its citizens based on their national origin when it expelled all categories and stopped them from entering the u.a.e. after the twenty seven thousand blockades says rights to marriage medical care education property ownership and employment have been restricted
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a rights group has registered more than one thousand one hundred complaints over the last two years the u.a.e. claims caught ties hampering its efforts or improve the situation qatar has denied stephanie deca has more from the hague where the case is being heard. yesterday we heard from the united arab emirates exactly that how they cut her of how bring what the courts had suggested last year which is to allow citizens back into the united arab emirates the reunification the reunification of families and also students saying that culture was hampering efforts through blocking a website that the emirates now need to cut to the citizens to apply a visa for and also other different measures are taking the u.a.e. to court here saying that it is discriminating against its citizens the bigger picture is this this is a political dispute that is almost two years in the making a blockade of qatar by four countries closing land borders closing its airspace you have the national carrier qatar airways when it flies down having to circumvent
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saudi arabia the united arab emirates when it flies anywhere it's costing all these countries millions and millions of dollars but also it's become personal they've expelled citizens a company citizens from their country making it far more difficult now to access their studies or families in a region where there is a lot of intermarriage and a lot of family links so this is why we are here this is the biggest court in the world let's say when it comes to disputes between states both teams of hires the best lawyers there are and they are now arguing really into semantics. on toby cadman is an international human rights lawyer he says it's a complex process by the course no except to rule in qatar. the state of qatar has been presented its case and not united arab emirates has presented its response what it what is quite clear is that this is part of a bigger political battle as far as the blockade is concerned but the case before the into court of justice is extremely important because it it really has affected
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thousands of guitar nationals in the u.a.e. it is quite clear that the u.a.e. . has embarked upon a discriminatory practices against qatari nationals and as we've heard it it has affected sars education employment business interests and a whole host of other issues so it's a very important case that needs to be argued the u.a.e. as one would expect has dismissed the allegations as they tend to amount to such as this but it's going to have to provide some strong justification for the actions because the actions are all a well established and based on credible evidence of credible reports so for the court to accept the u.a.e. position they're going to have to be convinced that first of all could tell has done nothing to prevent what they had ruled several months ago but also that the practice continues as we see in the u.a.e.
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is continuing to discriminate against guitar nationals. venezuela now where the country's top court has opened criminal cases against six opposition politicians after last week's failed attempt to oust president nicolas maduro opposition leader backed by several western and regional nations has been leading protests to force my door from power terisa bull reports from caracas. yet tension is everywhere in venice with levy stays and parliament is not an exception. that opposition lawmakers were harassed by government supporters when they entered the building on tuesday. we don't have a mosque we are doing our best in a country that is in a crisis with a government that wants to offer ridiculous things while we are fighting just so people don't starve to death richard blanco is one of the seven lawmakers who were stripped of immunity and accused of treason and rebellion the government says that
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he and six others were part of an attempted coup to overthrow nicola motherhood a one week ago but over the years when the supporters agree to let it go this is not a dictatorship this country is run by the people who do not accept an imposition from the north we are sovereign we are free from the empire if they want to help us they should free the money we have in accounts abroad if they do that then we could buy the medicine we need. opposition leader why those immunity was removed last month but he has not been detained yet this is the first the meeting here at the national assembly says we are pricing a one week ago one way though has acknowledged that he has failed to convince the military to rise up against my will who are now the opposition is evaluating what to do next the military placed a crucial role in venezuela and in spite of remorse of plots and divisions their leadership has remained loyal to. the united states who is actively seeking
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a change in government in venezuela impose sanctions and dozens of an. officials in the past two years. the u.s. vice president mike pence and nance those sanctions are not permanent in an attempt to lure members of the military to rebel against. the united states of america will consider sanctions relief for all those who step forward stand up for the constitution and support the rule of law like general man well christopher. the former chief of the venezuelan intelligence service who just last week broke ranks with the manure regime and rallied to the support of the venezuelan constitution and the national assembly. most analysts say the only way out of the crisis through negotiations. the opposition and the us believe that the
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sanctions can replace negotiations and that is a mistake the chances that material leaves office without a rebellion from the military is almost nonexistent. for now the political and economic crisis have no end in sight caught in the middle a million savannah's who have to struggle every day to survive. still ahead on the. all the rage of the champions league final. one credible comeback in school.
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welcome back the largest sewage treatment facility ever constructed at a refugee settlement is providing a safer and cleaner environment for displaced or hangers close to a million of them fed violence in myanmar and twenty seven thousand and now living in camps in bangladesh and reports a lack of sanitation has become a major concern. from a distance it might not look like much but this treatment plant is changing lives in the world's largest refugee camp in cox's bazar human waste is often dumped in the open becoming a breeding ground for diseases as well as contaminating water supplies. close to a quarter of a million cases of acute diarrhea were recorded last year in the overcrowded range of camps in bangladesh or spiritual infections and skin diseases were rife to all related to poor sanitation and hygiene the potential problems in the camps are huge
12:40 am
this is an area which is endemic to cholera and other water board and. disease so this was a major investment with our partner and it is we hope to be a major solution to stop the transmission of disease outbreak. as the hot sun beams down on the refugees its energy powers pumps providing clean water to a quarter of a million in the camp was drinking water especially in the dry season is scarce in the thirty six areas were hidden just have settled in bangladesh it's expensive to. supply the camps but with the help of solar panels the united nations humanitarian agency aims to provide twenty liters of water daily to every refugee in cox's bizarre. shin maya begum is one of many getting clean water for drinking cooking and even washing. we
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used to get diarrhea called in allergies frequently but thanks to god it doesn't happen to us anymore we're now using water that is safe we're much happier the challenge now though is not a good thing the labyrinth of tends to rain on the weather to provide clean water and sanitation to the entire population of more than a million range or refugees in bangladesh so the height of al-jazeera. folly thank you very much the european champions league semifinals continue on wednesday when we'll find out who will join liverpool in the final liverpool completed one of the most stunning comebacks in european cup history when they beat barcelona four nil on tuesday the reds overturning a three male deficit from the first leg they were pulled at it without star striker most amount of a chance to win europe's top competition for a sixth time for manager you're going club will be his third champions league final
12:42 am
having lost the first two. i said to the boys before the game i am i don't think it's possible but because it's you i think we have a chance. because they're really meant to the giants it's unbelievable that's after the season we played the games we had the injuries we have now in this moment i'm really proud to be the manager of this of this team it's unbelievable what they did tonight is so special i don't know if it happened before i don't know if you can have my gun i really don't know if i will remember remembered forever one percent as for barcelona it's the second year in a row they've let a big lead slip last season they were knocked out by roma in the quarter finals despite winning the first leg for warm they've not reached the final since twenty fifteen. that's because those are some it's almost as wallace in two minutes they scored twice and rolled as over really they played really well and we've got to congratulate them on the performance they put up in the tie as a whole if it's a terrible result for our friends and ourselves we didn't expect
12:43 am
a situation like this this is what happened to us it's really unfortunate well it's now up to tottenham hotspur or i.x. to join liverpool in the final spurs will hope for their own comeback in the semifinal second leg in a few hours' time i aks lead by a goal and they have home advantage in amsterdam autonomy of never reached a european cup final while four time winners i.x. hoping for their first appearance in the final since one nine hundred ninety six. two russian international football is have been jailed for more than a year after assaulting people in moscow last october alexander corcoran of zen it sent petersburg on krasnodar. but was sentenced in a moscow court on wednesday they were convicted on hooliganism charges after being caught on video on a violent spree in the russian capital cochrane had been due to play in last summer's world cup before injury kept him out of. the top women's players are making lights work of things that tennis is madrid open third seeds moana how it
12:44 am
cruised into the quarter finals needing just forty four minutes to beat victoria kuzma six love six love how it faces us the party in the last eight elsewhere topsy nomi of soccer not just five games against alexandra sustenance. i in the men's cane issue corey had a tougher time to reach the last sixteen against qualifier hugo delhi and the six seed taking at seven five seven five mixed up ahead it stung but. this is. from today d.s.t. athletes or those with differences in sexual development like caster semenya will have to curb levels of testosterone with drugs or switch events so manual. lost her case against the international athletics federations rule earlier the double eight hundred meter olympic champion posted this picture on her twitter account signaling she won't comply saying resist the idea has been criticized for the rule by the
12:45 am
world medical association which has asked doctors in one hundred fourteen countries not to assist in implementing it. basketball now and in the n.b.a. the toronto raptors are just one win away from a trip to the eastern conference final for just the second time in franchise history the raptors got their claws into the philadelphia seventy six is in game five cameron's pasco county return from injury and scored twenty five points including not dunk which brought fans to their feet by inside and out on the streets of toronto before let it drop twenty one points on thirteen ring browns in one hundred twenty five twenty nine when it sees the raptors take a three two lead in the best of seven series seventy six years in the n.h.l. leeson louis blues are into the western conference playoff finals hometown harry potter maroons scored five minutes and fifty seconds into the second overtime engaged seven against the dallas stars the goal lifted the blues to
12:46 am
a two torn one as they clinched the semifinal series next by private san jose or colorado. while sorious boffin our pizza will have more lights a fire chief ali thank you so much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we've got plenty more news coming up including a reaction tehran's decision to suspend our so sad nuclear agreement to stay with us. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we know what you are
12:47 am
doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. into the picture from the inside. stella's think russia's foreign policy is too soft going to be the most russian goals for the truth not peace and more diffuse full russia coming soon. becoming a living legend of a young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clout the piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric cantona. rebels begins with a look at the life of. the football he succeeded with politicians should not. deviate from the auditorium. on zero zero.
12:48 am
three. leverage years. of duction killings and unanswered questions we don't know what happened so we can't he told fault lines investigates why native american women vanishing in disproportionate numbers in the us the search. for missing and murdered indigenous women. on al-jazeera is still searching is to be able to look in. iran says it all stepped up you're a name enrichment of the countries that are part of the twenty fifty nuclear deal don't stick to their promises.
12:49 am
this is al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha back to ball also ahead russia offers strong backing to tehran saying irresponsible behavior from the united states prompted the tension over the nuclear deal sudan's opposition leaders warned of more unrest accusing the military of delaying the transfer of power to civilians and heated exchanges as a u.s. . congress debate sanctions on attorney general william barr. world powers have reacted to iran's secession to stop selling his heavy water and enrich uranium and its threat to step up production of both tehran gave signatories of the twenty fifty nuclear agreement sixty days to keep their promises to protect iran's oil and banking sectors from sanctions as the announcement of iran's policy change was made in tehran iran foreign minister was on
12:50 am
a visit to moscow he says the ultimate responsibility lies with the united states do that to continue on because i hadn't he shot these actions by the us government which is a law breaking government there for over the past year iran despite what the us is doing we have state committed to our decision today we made a decision to implement the j c p eight not to stop its implementation not to work against it not like the americans withdraw from it looking at or near the skull that's the intention of the u.s. to send its air carriers to the persian gulf to strengthen its military presence there hinting at the use of force all of this has been lamenting behavior by the u.s. we hear a killer statement from the u.s. to stop and cease any iranian influence not just in syria but across the region still it's unrealistic to terminate this influence and it has no charts as a serious policy on speaking to reporters in london us secretary of state's mike
12:51 am
pump ala took a wait and see approach to the iranian announcements. it will have to wait to see what iran actions actually are they've made a number of statements about actions they threatened to do in order to get the world to jump what we'll see what they actually do the access will wait to observe that and i'm confident that as we watch iran's activity that the united kingdom and our european partners will move forward together to ensure that iran has no pathway for a nuclear weapon system. he has this report on the latest developments exactly one year after the united states pulled out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran says it will suspend some of its commitments under the landmark agreement after the u.s. introduced new sanctions earlier this week designed to target the framework of the deal itself effectively forcing iran's hand president hassan rouhani let world powers know his country will not abide by stockpile limits on enrich uranium and
12:52 am
heavy water he said iran could also restart high level production if world powers don't keep their promises under the joint comprehensive plan of action. the united states wanted to pull out of the j. c.p.o. way to make iran withdraw the day after so that they could refer the case to the un security council in order to redouble pressure on iran however iran did not fall into this trap and did not play in the united states as court our friends including the european countries asked us to give them some time and we said yes because we wanted our people to know we are patient and work in a calculated way we know how important the deal is and scuttling the deal would be costly and detrimental to the region and the world. in a letter to him bastards of the u.k. france germany china and russia president rouhani said those countries had sixty days to implement their promises to protect iran's oil and banking sectors from u.s. sanctions. he said these moves are still in line with the wording of the deal itself
12:53 am
and iran remains committed to it and to peace in the region but analysts say it's a signal iran's patience is running out the iranians are saying that we cannot continue like this we've been waiting for a year since the americans have exited the agreement and we have been waiting to see what the europeans will do and now that we see there doing nothing nothing we have to take some steps iran's announcement comes as washington continues to exert what it calls its maximum pressure campaign against iran with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o making an unannounced visit to iraq where thousands of american troops are still based. u.s. warships have also been deployed to the region in response to what the americans say is a threat posed by iran. he said. during the crisis. i think forty six sixty.
12:54 am
seven that they were texting. her to. take action. to speak. at different times throughout the year leaders of both the united states and iran have suggested they want to avoid a conflict but both sides continue to send strong signals that they are ready for one and as tensions heighten between to her on in washington the latest announcement from president hassan rouhani puts even more pressure on european countries and remaining signatories to the nuclear deal to do something to salvage an agreement that's been in jeopardy since u.s. president donald trump took office saying to her own as i talked to our white house correspondent kimberly how can be as strong show of support for iran from the russians what's been the reaction in washington. yeah well we asked the white house press secretary sara sanders directly given the sort of veering towards conflict
12:55 am
that we've seen since the united states pulled out of the j. c.p.o. era the agreement to limit arrives nuclear program one year ago is the united states preparing for war and her answer was i hope not but the president stands by his positions no one's looking forward to a war you very concerned here in washington by members of congress and critics of the trumpet ministration who have seen these incremental steps in the last year whether it's the decision to pull out of the j c p a way the ratcheting up of the maximum pressure campaign the choking off of iranian oil exports even the controversy will step of listing the i r g c iran revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization and of course on sunday the movement of the carrier strike group the u.s.s. abraham lincoln to the persian gulf there is a real feeling of tension not just in washington but of course around the world because that was met with the words from the national security advisor that there is the unmistakable message the united states is trying to send that any attack on
12:56 am
u.s. interests or allies will be met with unrelenting force so once again this is a concern in washington around the world that while the united states says that its actions are responding to credible threats there is also a questioning of that credibility of that intelligence and also the vagueness of the u.s. language indeed and we saw the u.s. secretary of state michael impale in london today in the americans i guess the question is can the americans rally around their european allies you know to this cause. right well certainly we've seen the difference of opinion particularly even when it came to the j c p a way again that agreement to limit iran's nuclear program we saw the urging of the europeans to ask the united states not to take those steps to withdraw they ignored those heeds of warning and now we're seeing the fall out from that folly i think you have to look at some of the statements coming out of the u.s. congress there is a shared concern about iran's what the united states often calls destabilizing
12:57 am
activity whether it be in yemen whether it be in syria but there is also concern about the trumpet ministrations sort of cycle of escalation as one put it and there is also the reminder coming from capitol hill for a number of senior senators as well as house in the house of representatives well the white house could take this action and it does seem to be marching towards a potential conflict the white house can't declare war that is a power of congress and congress is using this opportunity to once again remind the administration of that kimberly thank you very much for that kimberly hocket is the white house correspondent in washington man now let's remind everyone about the key details of the iran nuclear agreement which is formally known as you heard as a joint comprehensive plan of action the j p o a the landmark deal was signed in two thousand and fifteen by iran and the five permanent members of the u.n. security council germany and the european union under the agreement tehran severely
12:58 am
limited its nuclear enrichment activities and allowed far more intrusive inspections than before in exchange the other parties agreed to nix nuclear related sanctions on iran but that did not include separate u.s. sanctions that were not related to the nuclear program and even before president donald trump old out of the deal last year iran has long complained that washington did not do enough to ease its banking restrictions hillary mann leverett is a former u.s. diplomat and co-author of the book going to tehran why america must accept the islamic republic of iran she says while u.s. national security advisor john bolton has always wanted the military to overthrow the rain in government president trump has until now taken a different approach. is different it is to weaken iran within the middle east to continue america's dominant role there its dominance in the middle east and as well and this is critically important for president trump it is to weaken the relations of other countries with iran and and and amongst themselves so for example it was
12:59 am
important for secretary of state pompei o two miss to just not go to his scheduled meeting with the german chancellor merkel and instead demonstrate the trauma administration's antagonism toward iran the trend of ministration wants to lower its relations cause more tension in its relations with economic powerhouses like germany like china and one of the ways to do so is by as relating the pressure on iran to put more attention in america's relations with other countries like china like germany france the u.k. and russia in other world news sudan's protest leaders are calling for a nationwide civil disobedience movement there accusing the military leaders of delaying transferring power as a civilian by some members of the opposition parties got into a fist fight during a meeting with the military council earlier the military leaders had said they could hold elections in six months if an agreement can't be reached with the
1:00 am
opposition the two sides are at odds over who would lead sudan until new elections are held and for how all of this some of them the from the front we agree to continue demonstrations and escalate our activism this collation in itself is not the goal the revolution has yet to achieve its demands we have not yet transition to a civilian government and we are yet to remove many of the elements from building a disclaimer that the reappearance of security services and the resumption of their activities just like in the old days means the change has not happened yet and that we still have lots to do for all those who lost their lives that's why we will continue to march until we achieve our demands. has more from ca to. the forward two steps backwards this is how some people here are describing the process of negotiations between the protest leaders and the military council today a meeting was held called for by the military council and they said after that meeting that they have received more than
1:01 am
a hundred and seventy seven different visions of how the transitional period should look like and the structure of the government do during this transitional period.


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