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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2019 7:33pm-8:01pm +03

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the free health care system that expanded during the government avoid chavis but with a drop in oil prices and a failed economic policy the system has collapsed so one of the lower that if a state can't guarantee the life of all of these children then it can't guarantee the life of the country the system was already failing before the u.s. sanctions they suspended the transplant program a year ago but full scale sanctions against were imposed in january this year from now on u.s. policy is certainly going to have a huge impact on people's lives so many. government officials say menace will is a victim of donald trump's foreign policy. so interest trouble is very much because most companies do not want to risk angering the united states the world is a globalized economy and the company has links with the united states and what we're seeing is that there are many companies who simply do not want to deal with
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us because they don't want to be punished by the united states. children are particularly vulnerable in this crisis in venezuela giovanni was not able to survive but there are many others who are hoping they will have the chance to receive the treatment that will save their lives. fiji's prime minister has said back at the australian politician who suggested that fijians move to higher ground to get away from rising seas and he john alexander made the remarks after franken by and said australia should stop burning so much coal speaking at an emissions reduction summit in melbourne by manorama said the impact of global warming on his country is heartbreaking. in fiji we have already moved to the communities and have approached the queue of some put up as we do to be the look into. the decision to leave look in the fridge and community reasons
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like an easy one but abandoning your home isn't some gold and gold polluted which is this is. for those affected to a degree emotional loss. and how did he join you don't know weeks up in the morning to find the ocean in the bush did slew weather who wait on whom sure enough in the moment would unity. drive his way there but have switched off sin a protest of a pay and working conditions later this week a present to begin something shad's to the public a move that will reap billions of dollars but little will trickle down to the man the women who try the streets rob runnels house los angeles. apps off the rallying cry as ride share drivers stage will one day strike in over a dozen cities in the u.s. u.k. australia and south america how could you have a conscience you should be ashamed of yourself if you drive around yelling out
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accountability. the strike comes days in advance of expected initial public offering of shares on wall street it could be the richest tech company i.p.o. ever expected to reap ninety billion dollars or more these workers rallying outside los angeles international airport won't be sharing that wealth they say has been cutting their share of fares plunging many into poverty i've been driving fulltime for about a year now i live in a really small room in a house with eight other people so i pretty much have what i kind of think is this pretty much the lowest cost of living that you could have it only in this day but now i've just been having to work longer and longer hours steadily longer and longer hours every week to make the same amount of income striker's one an hourly wage of twenty eight dollars which they say is needed to cover the cost of fuel and
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car maintenance they also want benefits like health care and more transparency about what they earn and how much over takes from each ron it's just the wild wild west with these apps they say they're going to pay you so much and then they. take maybe eighty percent of what the pay is over has more than three million drivers worldwide but they are classified as independent operators not employees who are and its chief rival lift have never made a profit and are racing to develop autonomous computer controlled cars to cut out drivers altogether were executives in major investors stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars each when the company goes public it's a conundrum of the new so-called gig economy that while the workers control the means of production namely their cars and do all the work they get little profit give us a little bit we're not asking for the millions of billions you're going to get to
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make it fair i think that's the bottom line for me just make it sound demanding some new rules of the right sharing road rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles well still ahead in sports i worry for the warriors on the n.b.a. as to time and v.p. and then song told the details later.
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welcome back it's time for sports now here's paul and really it sounds like a script from a hollywood movie really yeah absolutely crazy times in the champions league so another stunning semifinal comeback has taken tottenham hotspur through to the
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champions league final for the first time in their history they trailed i.x. one nil from the first leg and found themselves three nil down on the aggregate as the dutch side scored twice first for back in the second half with two quick goals from lucas mora and with the amsterdam side so close to taking it more completed his hat trick in the six minutes of injury time to make it three three on aggregate so spurs go through away goals it's not the best moment. in my career for sure everyone does their business but it looks cordially star of the president because this club is amazing and i'm so happy to be part of the top in him family and to give his to this reporter's joy and in our. think about the final. i said before they are heroes to you in the last six more akin they would beat these sentences i think they're super heroes you know.
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to build. the club to the final of term belleek i feel nice. maybe close to a major goal. well i axes coach said it would take time for his young team to recover from that of the fate after being seconds away from what would have been a first champions league final appearance in twenty three years the. one told the players that it's difficult to find the right words but with this experience of tonight we have to go further you can't ask the players to forget this in one day because this was very bitter to miss the final of the champions league that is such a unique experience however we have to go on to be ready for sunday's league match against utrecht chelsea and frankfurt's will be playing for a place in the europa league final later the londoners are fighting against a transfer ban imposed by fee for chelsea say they'll go to the court of
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arbitration for sport to appeal the punishment for breaking rules on signing young foreign players first up though their semifinal with frankfurt which is tied one one from the first like the other semifinal sees arsenal take a three one lead to form a win as valencia gunners boss you know emery is hoping to win the europa league for a fourth time after three trophies during his time at severe the milwaukee bucks have reached the n.b.a.'s eastern conference player finals for the first time in eighteen years the bucs ended the celtic season on wednesday with eight hundred sixteen to ninety one blowout win in game five and had to cawnpore lead again with twenty points eight rebounds and eight assists the bucs will play either toronto or philadelphia. bigger racine. who will move. in the other two so you know i love the. plan about for ourselves and for the team
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but. the whole city not support nurses it's amazing. over in the west the golden state warriors kevin durant limped out of game five against the houston rockets the two time reigning and repeat got a cough strain in third quarter even without him the warriors battle to eight hundred for ninety nine when clay thompson made twenty seven points to help him over the line they lead the series three two. with. the san jose sharks have set up a meeting with decent louis blues in the n.h.l. western conference finals the sharks captain joe prevails returned from a gruesome head injury to score a goal and an assist in the first period that helped the sharks three three to two win over the colorado avalanche in game seven. now from the sharks to the catch of the day in major league baseball the baltimore orioles thought they'd hit a game winning home run against the boston red sox but one outfielder had other
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ideas. i was sure it. was. a superhuman effort by jackie bradley jr acknowledged with a hat's off by batter trainmen seanie and to cap it all it was boston who went on to win to want us olympic organizers have opened the ticket lottery for next year's games in tokyo with b.m.x. one of the events added in twenty twenty pounds top rider nakamura showed off his skills at the ceremony the lotteries only open to the country's residents from our friends overseas will have to wait until june fifteenth to grab their seats. brazil's president says that rio will host a formula one race in twenty twenty when the city's new racetrack is ready the circuit will be named after former driver and senna the brazilian grand prix has been held in sao paolo for the past thirty years but the into last circuit there
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has run into debt. well. cell polo had public investment and a big hit with that it became impractical to keep formula one of their but coming to rio de janiero the race track will be built in six seven months formula one next year will be held in brazil and in rio de janiero. seventeen time grand slam champion rafael the dollar's through to the last sixteen in madrid and the doll is gearing up for the defense of his french open title later this month the world number two was up against canada's felix i was a seam in the second round a wednesday the canadian teenager has been impressive form but found the going tough against nadal the spaniard winning this one in straight sets i top women's players are making light work of things in madrid well in the morning nine osaka east past alexander sassed of which to reach the quarter finals she dropped just five games in
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a straight sets victory. all right that's all the sport for now more of a lighter side thanks very much to be watching out of their news are with me the roman paul reese say with another full half hour on the other side of the break until and from me on the news our team thanks very much for your time and your company.
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part. of. the climate is changing and time is running out i've never seen an elephant like l.i.l.o. . in a new series earthrise meet some of the people driving the struggle to save the environment scientists are telling us that we have just twelve more to make i guess that any change is to transform every part of our economy and ours the title. coming soon on al jazeera. in a two part series. zero observes the lives of two children. over twenty years. where insights into circumstances that she
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applies. in a rapidly changing world. twenty years of mean starts with blogs and learned to go do stories on how to zero. really liberated as a journalist. getting to the truth as if. that's the job. of the european union warns iran that it won't respond to ultimatums but criticizes the u.s. to. watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha and they're you know ok they're also ahead the u.s. ramps up its rhetoric against china president trump says new tariffs will be
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imposed on friday. vote counting has begun in south africa's national elections and what's being seen as a major test for the governing party. hello e.u. leaders have rejected a sixty day ultimatum issued by iran to fulfill promises under the twenty fifty nuclear deal in a joint statement they also criticize the u.s. is the surgeon to reimpose sanctions after it pulled out of the iran agreement last year while the us president has implemented new restrictions targeting teheran's metals industry which is the second biggest source of revenue after or oil and gas and on wednesday iran rolled back nuclear restrictions but stopped short of violating its twenty fifteen deal with world powers president hassan rouhani has threatened to step up uranium enrichment if to iran doesn't get relief from
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sanctions within the next two months we have two correspondents following the story we'll get latest reaction from tehran in a moment but first over to paris where natasha butler is standing by and the european union is clearly trying to draw its own line on this nuclear issue natasha . that's right the european union putting out a statement earlier trying to set its own boundaries its own limitations even by saying that it rejected pressure from iran it rejected ultimatums from iran and what they were referring to is the fact that on wednesday tehran said that european powers had sixty days to come up with some sort of plan that would help shield iran's economy from u.s. sanctions now clearly that has frustrated the european union they're saying we won't be dictated to if you like because what leaders have said all along is that
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they've been trying very hard to try and maintain and save this deal they also in this statement criticize united states for pulling out of the deal the first place a year ago and imposing further sanctions on wednesday is also interesting that the french defense minister said though that if tehran was to violate the deal after it suggestions that it would suspend some of its commitments to the j c p o a in that case then european leaders could consider imposing sanctions themselves they did say that all sides should try and work towards deescalation of the situation there's no doubt that european leaders are increasingly caught in the middle between the u.s. and iran where there is a summit an e.u. summit going on at the moment in remaining at the french president when he arrived made it clear that although iran had been on the gender in the first place it was certainly be a point of discussion. that in france from the beginning has trouble with the
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nuclear agreement to be signed a negotiated this agreement is not enough that we need to completed by twenty twenty five following your rounds political activity and regulating also the reason and we wish to maintain this pillar of the. we must maintain it must be within this agreement and we will do everything to make sure that happens before. well the question is now can the e.u. come up with anything that is going to really help bypass the impact of those u.s. sanctions on iran so far this year they've launched in the e.u. payment mechanism called in stakes that allows for some trade between iran and european businesses but mainly in humanitarian areas such as medicine and food but it's not going to persuade the big multinationals you know like french oil giant total to start trade again in iran and risk u.s. penalties not really the big problem and what many analysts and experts are saying
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is that it looks very unlikely that the e.u. may be able to come up with something that will contour these u.s. sanctions and that means that this deal is looking increasingly fragile all right natasha butler reporting from paris thank you let's not speak design but he's joining us from tehran so about makes their position very clear has there been any official reaction to this. we've been hearing reactions throughout the course of the evening in in sort of prelude to this announcement from the e.u. but in the last few minutes i've just been informed we've had reaction from iran's parliament now president hassan rouhani is due to grief it runyan parliamentarians next week about the nuclear deal about his decision to lessen iran's cooperation but in the head of that we have been hearing from at least two members of parliament from a rose
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a national security and foreign policy committee and it has to be said iraq's parliament is one of a strong branch of government in the country it was the government entity that cracked down on economic corruption that removed a handful of president hassan rouhani as cabinet so it's no small thing that m.p.'s from this organization are saying that they now feel that the united states and the e.u. are somehow working in tandem where the united states acts as the heavy access the muscle has aggressive policies towards iran and the european union in its own way is stalling and is keeping iran from moving forward and this really reflects a trust deficit there was already an enormous trust deficit between the trumpet ministration between the administration of us present in the white house now and the government in tehran but what we've seen from the nuclear deal is that european partners became western allies of iran over the course of negotiating and signing the deal and it seems that that the trust that was established by that deal is now
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beginning to erode once again. thank you china says it's kept its promises on the u.s. trade deal after president donald trump accused beijing of breaking the deal ahead of trade talks promised to more than double tariffs on two hundred million dollars worth of chinese goods china says it's ready to retaliate with similar measures trade negotiations negotiators excuse me are scheduled to meet in washington on thursday. by the way you see the terrorists would because they're broke that. they broke the law. so they're flying in the vice premier to mars flying a good man but they're broke india. they can't do that so they'll be paying we don't make the deal nothing wrong with taking in over one hundred billion dollars a year. hundred billion we never did that before we won't back down until china stops cheating our workers and stealing our jobs and that's what's going to happen
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otherwise we don't have to do business with them we don't have to do business we can make the product right here if we have to like we used to have there like we used to adrian brown has more from beijing. well i'm oddly defiant message from china's commerce ministry on thursday a spokesman was pressed several times by foreign journalists for his reaction to a report in the overseas media detailing it seems how china has essentially backtracked on just about everything it's so far agreed to in these ongoing trade talks with the united states talks that began more than ten months ago while the official simply said that when china gives its word it sticks to it but he also repeated that china is prepared to take countermeasures if the united states presses ahead with new targets for a volatile itoshi one the us has assigned a lot of labels such as backtracking on going back on one's wood and so on lots of
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promises have been foisted on china the chinese side has valued credibility and has kept its promises this has never changed analysts say there is now a grim realisation here in beijing that that is going to happen there is precious little time left for chinese negotiators to avoid that it's possible there could still be a surprise deal if there isn't and the talks break down the question. more be will those talks resume or continue if they do it might be enough to stabilize markets if there is a complete rupture then we could see the stock markets here in china plummeting again once more as they did earlier this week early results in south africa's general election suggest the ruling a.n.c. party will retain power but its share of the vote could fall below sixty percent for the first time since the end of apartheid voters have expressed frustration
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about corruption unemployment and racial inequality and earlier we spoke to grant masterson who is a political analyst at the electoral institute for sustainable democracy south africa he says the apartheid regime engineered to split in society that still causes massive inequality. we've had two presidents during the current had the very unpopular former president jacob zuma who was so unpopular that even his own party didn't believe they could carry him to the election and since then we've had president ram opposed to come in and really try to steady the ship for the a.n.c. this seems to be a referendum on the that the future of the government and you know people have expressed as you said their dissatisfaction with the state of the economy the state of the country in general the trajectory of past state institutions just generally there's a lot of frustration amongst the voters the apartheid regime engineer to tear economy in south africa one for white south africans and the other for everyone else and even though we are twenty five years into the market to see that it is
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hundred percent accurate that africa remains an incredibly unequal society if you are white and so that africa then life is exceptional your expected quality of living is middle class by any affluent country standards but if you're a black south african really it's a very very different picture and so we have a massive inequality problem in the country and of course up twenty five years this government was meant to have made more progress in liberating the people who are its core voter constituency which is black people who supported it through the liberation struggle they expected more economic dividends by this time. south korea's military says north korea has fired two identified projectiles that long took place in the north pyongyang province south korea says the projectiles were directed towards the bright is joining us from seoul and more details are now emerging about the launch of the two projectiles that's why defense officials here
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in seoul are telling us what they know so far they detected this launch thursday afternoon here two projectiles as you mentioned they're both being launched within half an hour of each other and this is the important part here in the defense officials say we can assume these were short range missiles one traveled four hundred kilometers just over the other one nearly three hundred kilometers both of these projectiles landing in the sea separating the korean peninsula from japan now it's they were fired from a part of north korea where it's known north korea has kept to before now a number of short and medium range ballistic missiles now it's not known if these were indeed ballistic missiles that would if it was true if it was confirmed be a very serious development but nonetheless this is a serious escalation on its own the south korean government says it's extremely concerned it says it's monitoring the situ.


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