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kind of you could to become a con in mid august but you will be missed as you. can then order the baby so to be no we've got the mantel. thank you for. a minute about the content the other thing you mentioned i think it took. gemma from the difficult. there's been a where could you believe what it took gaining it to do you would away up mcnaughton the no one. could looked up gun i thought it would look at about some stuff there it is really about that. some the. gun are missing or the demoted folder. which is.
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what it was. a little fun with over and over. some small cell that's still on hold up on that one on zoom so you know what it is and because you know what we do know from joining in the. game with the study in. this. one minute of the day we can if we could to cut that and then miss you could do. it i would help out with. the board because they could to them. but just as easy prey i thought there was somebody but they're going to mccann and if he did he. begin short a million and a young. batty. that.
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how he turned off and. said how that. could be sold. in the nose. mother they get a kick to the set them up for the count. so it's going to monitor and it's in the end i. get it i'm going to. let all of this come to post in the images of that on. that so that it can also see the jersey of the sun. and i don't know them up close enough to the oath so it says. nothing. in this way you can look and.
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still can talk them into not going to another so now. if it was one. guess not on top of. this size have to be supporting. the same decision in mind that might. decide that a you had a year to me. listening to. this need to decide if he had a good. place.
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to visit it was too much to book a seat dementia it's just a thought but it kinda show you my feet in the goodness i'm in a. bit i don't want to. do it the market the economy of the month. went on the. office i don't. just mean i'm a photographer. shot for this thing. would that we should almost any i mean look we. looked up on the boat a little friend had. planned to do without that and i kept mum told. me that i was on the plane and well and i bet the sat in that act that. stupid goof you had to get out and beg your court this is no big man talking the whole game hoping the mazy live they had it then
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said that. is a lot of work. that. i shall soon whether you know what you were just young park and walk back to my house. or shops walk a mile to the bay if you. let me as it is just in the budget and you know you actually measure see what a little bit and you have to let you know. this doesn't come amiss as it known to be a bit o.t. no way can it get on the whole i'm assuming. that it's nice. if you. will be in so. you will see it in the. meeting new people join us when will. these to. condemn a time seems appropriate. to history because instead of done to us on the model
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being with everybody behind us. and put a little bit from the dome on the top with us and it. does that mean many of the love you have missed one of your children not. alive is the acid i didn't. get that did that and it's not a good job if it was just a share it was just because it was a good job you know a lot of that is nuts. well you know i'm. sure that many of. the it must be sent to. school which of course is me to do so at this point out the door with that to see. that we've been. there and want to settle with the.
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can finish my thought in the shape of an account of. a minister. and if no money and so what i'll show her. off for. just in the fifth and then of that image a little i should. live as. a footnote. in measured pleasure on those already good i'm going to have it all right. there you know some. of the long run manasseh been much of that. day in that i know of some false stuff in. the.
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there must be. a shift. in the thought maybe not measuring. but then the boozy hug kind of stuff and that we're going to attempt to walk. that far. on. this. kind of but i mean as
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a community that what's come watch it like a lot of. others i don't know i don't. know because i know. this but i mean the country just the. and then the woman on phenomenon. because the because they don't want as much of it as at a point. the hake within them at that but impossible unless and is. publishing poison so how could these are not. shotgun or whatever the fuck with. me. so i would also. know that.
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on. her own i need to have much of that is not. my kind of. the make of a. sham to me shut down. south that. michelle michelle got. that so i got the problem to show. i dislike come back after that does. not. make a. play exactly what she thinks. because
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and from. you. it was done in more. and then also the shia. if you take their. experience. the minister caught our infrastructure that. i would say could commit a lot of that feeling. was if if innocent
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thoughts. about in a minute. but can enter a a so it and so at the. got can this war. had a misfire in up on. in the mechanic i destry. a fenian in command. i think the bonded and the not a. vision and sounded. upon in the psalmist know out against. that in many young the flaw
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in. the little office now been issued a little known whose ability to. fund the witness museum are you not any going to be anywhere near. going there is nothing. new there. unforgiving. there is a respect at work i. must discard and so give us an early night on this day that's not there so in that way if you can get those a radio show. live in the early going so that the so it. will hear this. and that means but if it but this is. a good man so i'm not going to move. under in wartime seem
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to fish ray does get out you know and usually. this. is. a good omen i think to. play well today so go ahead and do it in the way the media did say. on the float and the guy. with the little. shoulders are. not going to.
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fly cattle are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. in t. the has a name. al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. rewind returns with updates on the best of the algeciras documentary. the moving
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story of two young tuchman girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after these are progressive taliban occupation. but what has become of their tree so. we wind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera. your child is there i'm still robin and these are all top news stories the european union has rejected the sixty day ultimatum iran gave world powers to fulfill our commitments to the twenty fifty nuclear deal comes after tehran rollback nuclear restrictions but stopped short of violating its twenty fifteen deal with world powers meanwhile the u.s. announced new sanctions targeting iran's a metal and mining industries french president manuel macro told reporters the iran
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nuclear deal must be saved and that the accord signature ease should do all they can to ensure the islamic republic respects it joy look at the end of the earth today learned that in france from the beginning has strongly and gays in the nuclear agreement to be signed in negotiated this agreement is not enough we need to completed by twenty twenty five following iran's political activity and regulating also the regional activity and we wish to maintain this pillar of the pealing we must maintain it iran must stay within this agreement and we will do everything to make sure that happens if china says it has kept its promises on the u.s. trade deal after president trump accused beijing of breaking the deal ahead of trade talks trying to promise to more than double tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods china says it's ready to retaliate with similar measures. early results in south africa's general election suggest the rule against the party
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will retain power but its share of the vote could fall below sixty percent for the first time since the end of apartheid south korea's military north korea says that north korea has fired two unidentified projectiles launched took place in the north of the country south korea says the projectiles were directed towards the east the syrian government has recaptured a town in northwest hammer from opposition forces. medic is that the second town to fall in the past week the nearby town of car fear and now buddha was captured on wednesday. pope francis has issued a new law making it compulsory for all catholic church clergy to report cases all cover ups of child sex abuse the law requires priests and nuns to report sex crimes to their superiors but not civilian authorities crimes heard during confession or excluded it also requires all churches to have abused reporting systems victim care systems in place by june twenty twenty those are the news headlines and back with
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the news are in half an hour to stay with us here on out is a. thank . you and we. thank. you and we. thank.
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a big thank you some of out of it that i might add it up in the sky lot of you are . so off on a man. but it is so it. is a. lot of comes and says i don't so much come in to. a spot of no money for the trip man i love fairly still. am. i thank god thank you there was no pat thank you thank god thank you thank you thank you god i mean i'm.
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surprised if it had. to suffer from me how do you. know about it like me and you be sure. to see. my kids or does something. we have to i'm always happy to have to be intimate with when you talk about the young man. in charge of the show. good soaking. selling a home but not a ticket shall i say to feed. his body shop that is that men aren't happy it's not going to action while they are sure one
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was not seriously out of on a contract are. fundamental to me i think i'm going to shopping on the way i should only solace in this area i must be on to have a new home. one of whom will see. standing. in the sun i want to know the xan. will land. well hello. i'm not. going on about the open mike there are
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a. lot. lot along. and. get my knickers on. in our appearance. that night if i think. this will be a year. to ensure that. the midwest limited isn't going to become a do for the good to be in the set with all the fun. i am thanks miles. man that i'm sorry if it was you run to the front is the filter out of the. ten i really cannot imagine this we may have got that their physical toughness it just
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says my mother was out there that made the stuff that was really. beautiful. because it would be. easy to. be true to me. at the minute a kind of another not that it was about a month on. t.v. i think our. own stuff of me and i've had enough. so i thought. i'm. on t.v. . oh yeah. and off. duty. is off the map on the. go.
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and i think i just should think to commit such as at the twenty. four months. because i'm one as i say that i'm mad at them also but i do want to look. for him in these you do it in a pretty blunt kind memories with making up to people to get. into their mobile there's a lot to be old be sure to show you are still on your show on. the slow stuff aka. i'm. out of the money i'm on.
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top. of. the sharia law. for all seem like there's d.v. for. this. guy that does this it doesn't. go far enough ya. know it's like if we. didn't do the study the. way. to lead an insomniac home you know money. not just come. down on the me in and out of you i mean there's a. mood in there and they assume that you know when young biggest. sort of i think in the. water narratives the norm of him under nothing.
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concrete there said the magnitude of. the sudden you can diminish. your own it's good to know still you hate him. and so do not be for the poor anyway i doubt if it's working. for someone. else have also. got. but i don't. doubt it because i would have been hamam my
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luck on it and the sort of little something that's not on my work my broken down car or our cars because i'm running out of. the on on to the starbucks number not to have a. house that was on. the spot at the last . month or so but just was elizabeth she thought foster mother was put up. on their. way out of there are. my friends. often. knocking off my show. some.
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proof as you know isn't enough it is you know if. it will be the sort. of. busy. you see in you for as you are not the body of. the sea it would be. so fun. for them to enter behind him as he flees or to associate a fiend. the then teenage friend mike. the johnny b. . tree issue a blizzard of the are going to do. much to us here on. the
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how are you. i'm glad you're. here. so are higher than yours are not in our club and i'll call it nationally are. one also locked up. somehow in moscow having trusted shots of one or scalp the last see how far up your stomach on all short of it i feel it up getting clint on his long old horse in his office on the fall have to do one touch another to toss out on another one hundred sixty safety. or would help the cause should not happen. for. i thought most good. by the first down when the same thing. would. be done. by the police
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a bit like this we. do this. on the sets and shouting and that is a man that i think you will sort of mustn't ask mr phenomenon mildly. compared to if they are both. good music good ones who. would turn out the. very best. selling. but. you just said. none of them are. him first of all most often him. hello. just don't come but it. was not of that.
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for him but most in the last mood. i wish you a bit to my home a kind it is dated before but. just. as if i will accept the fact that i own. that is the. fate and content of. overly. much of an open book test much of go to the gym but i don't. put up with his easy stuff of any other this. may give him a little sick yes i think you can use. t.c. as the place to. stand so show.
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of those and. look at the. lovely one. that's it was a little. designer's out so don't assume dave. has no. see his stuff here. and. if not of most of us that non-doing. stopped going to. atheist who keeps a close eye on the numbers nothing. but. the toughest part of the table made. just so you could say. he. never left the closet until. i am outside the.
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lance way went to look on. o'clock. am. they all of. the water. going to. notice. that even if you're in the room the money goes to this you should see what. he's. doing to them to want. to push. up the guy was
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a plan. is the current income under the age of motherhood on comes of money out of the end. too but often aren't. but are not fixed it's just that a lot more primal are just go with the invisible. first fathers who also was a work horse up on their i mean we're not stuck absolutely but they are. that a a kind of. a shuttle aphasia. it is a for those. outcomes
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. started on mom the faith in the the father but i believe something a bit has dissipated anonymous but that up in the days i. opened my eyes at that so frankel in the last moment there in the country i was. finally into a handy play been dug up to be billeted limited ability to merge as it of such an h.p. and time span as ones that do just to get a smile. but that is my. gum aboard one of the and. this is going to be just will be a that's a bit and. go away or even at it just go. on
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a plane. for the photos or should i condemn that idea of god i believe so to say i love the use of it as a visual human closeout that i. play .
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sweden is his home. northern iraq his timeline. from which he ran. camera in hand. to film guys he was time to run. a story soon transformed by a chance encounter. the gal who saved my life i witnessed documentary on mountains in.
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the loss of heavy rain just around the northern half of the amazon basin pushed a little further south than the the main cluster of storms is around paraguayan pushing down into the southeast in cola brazil and this is the same in a sense and in paris why we had some really heavy right over the past few days things have quieted down for the time being but as she just a temporary rest by we have got more showers all along the spells of right in the forecast as we go on through the next couple of days there we go for thursday as laws heats ryann place to say further. sell some rather wet weather pushing its way down across northern parts of argentina into the southeast of brazil into europe was well as graphic and a nudge its way further north as normal for that eastern side of power why will cease more alive the showers further north the showers continue those northern parts of brazil up towards guyana towards venezuela on into the caribbean maybe
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a few showers just around the grates around here is that surrounds it is on the other hand lossie fine and dry philosophy clear skies here a little cloud jesus notice around cuba around haiti into the american republic jamaica could catch your chap to cross the eastern side of the olive as we go on through thursday a little quiet for the weekend. sponsored by category. this is al-jazeera. balance of the robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the e.u. rejects a sixty day ultimatum given by iran to abide by the twenty fifteen nuclear deal but also criticizes the united states also votes being counted in south africa's
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national election as being seen as a major test for the governing and see party. also pope francis issues new rules designed to crack down on sexual abuse within the roman catholic church. in sports tottenham break dutch hearts with a last minute goal against i.x. to set up an all english champions league final with liverpool. welcome to the new leaders have rejected a sixty day ultimatum from iran to fulfill promises made under the twenty fifteen nuclear deal in a joint statement they also criticized the u.s. decision to reimpose sanctions after it pulled out of the iran agreement last year the us president has implemented new restrictions targeting terrans metals industry which is the second largest source of revenue after all and gas and even before to
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iran announced its intention to roll back nuclear restrictions under the twenty fifteen deal the pentagon had already sent an aircraft carrier to the region citing what it calls a credible threat from iran in the past egypt has confirmed the warship has passed through the suez canal. well we'll be getting the latest reaction from tehran and washington d.c. in a moment but first let's go to paris where natasha butler is standing by in the tasha the european union and its signature reads to the j c p a way very clear in their response earlier in the day to iran and their role to meet him but they're really sort of caught between a rock and a hard place and that's the issue. that's right and i think there is a real growing sense of frustration among european powers that they are all caught in the situation in the middle of the u.s. and iran as tensions mount on both sides and i think that sense of frustration was
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perhaps a clear in this joint statement they put out a bit earlier today in which they said that they rejected any ultimatums and what they were referring to there was the fact that on wednesday iran told european powers that they had sixty days to come up with some sort of plan that would help iran's economy survive in a way be able to overcome the full impact of u.s. sanctions while of course sixty days isn't a lot of time the european union have over the past year been battling to try and save this deal and they are perhaps sending the message that they won't be dictated to in terms of deadlines because they say they're doing everything they can well iran wasn't supposed to be on the agenda at an east summit and remain here today but there is no doubt that e.u. leaders will be discussing the crisis a bit earlier various e.u. leaders were arriving and we heard from the french president about all my call who
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also repeated one of the lines of that joint statement and his criticism of the you know night of states of pulling out of the deal in the first place. leaving the twenty fifty nuclear agreement is a mistake because it would undo what we did that is why france is in it and in it and they deeply wish that iran will and this is up to us to work to convince everyone and also you run to take in that there was pressure exerted in reaction to an american decision but i think we must not get we must not get caught up in any escalation you must try to watch over our collective security so we must preserve iran's presence in this agreement. well the leaders have made it very clear that they're all united in wanting to try and save the iran deal but the question really is how exactly are they going to do that because a few months ago they launched an ipad human system to try and bypass some u.s.
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sanctions it's called in stakes and the idea is that allows for trade between some iranian and european businesses trade that's not done in dollars but the moment that's only for some humanitarian items including things like food and medicine it is not enough to persuade multinationals like the french or giant total the german carmaker daimler to return and do business too with iran and risk u.s. penalties so the question is what can the european union do and if they can't really do anything if this deal collapses there is no doubt say many experts looking at this it will be a huge blow to the credibility of the european union's powers of diplomacy well the view from paris and the taj thank you let's cross over to. our correspondent in tehran really a lot for rod to consider firstly they've had to deal with the e.u. statement making the e.u.'s position very clear and also more sanctions being levied. on one of the really their largest exports as well.
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absolutely sanctions on iran's meddle industries after oil it is the largest revenue generator for donald trump u.s. president donald trump and said so himself saying in his statement that it accounted for ten percent of iran's earnings from exports and it is a large employer here in iran and iranian leaders have now reacted for the first time officially to these sanctions to the foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi condemning the new u.s. sanctions on iran's middle industries and hinting at possible legal action that iran might take and saying to the united states that the u.s. would be held responsible for damages presumably financial damages are rising from these sanctions we've also heard from iran's parliament in response to the european stance taken today a member of iran's parliament an m.p.
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muhammad ali also someone who sits on iran's national security and foreign policy commission a very important. and important body part of iran's parliament he said that the e.u. was clearly playing good cop while the united states was playing bad cop and waging economic war against iran in a statement he made he said that it seems the u.s. and the e.u. have divided responsibilities between themselves the u.s. imposes tough and bardos on iran and takes an extremist stance while the e.u. keeps us waiting to find enough time for dismissing its duties the e.u. statement today proves that they want more pressure on iran this is a very significant statement from a very important institution here in the country the iranian parliament is a strong institution they recently cracked down on economic corruption they even dismantled a part of rouhani cabinet president hassan rouhani his cabinet but removing some of his cabinet members so it is a strong and powerful institution and what this illustrates is that. there is
9:56 pm
a growing trust deficit once again between iran and its european allies before the nuclear deal was negotiated there was a trust gap between iran and europe the deal helped build bridges and now it seems once again that that trust is beginning to erode for the moment they will leave it of course come back to that situation changes let's cross over across the atlantic to get to this thing in washington d.c. and kimberly more sanctions from the u.s. an edict to do as i say or else they'll be consequences and one might wonder that while that warning has been made to big business and the way they want to all can't conduct business with iran it's also a veiled threat to the u.s. as allies and therefore i'm suggesting that the u.s. is walking a very fine line at the moment with a group of countries that are very happy with the way the u.s. have been dealing with iran. yeah you're not the only one suggesting that there are
9:57 pm
people all around the world and washington members of congress on both sides of the aisle which is rare in washington to get that kind of agreement at least from some republicans and democrats very concerned about the escalus torrie language that is coming from the trumpet ministration as well and specifically from his national security advisor john bolton as the united states is dispatch warships it is taking a very hawkish approach and really shining some of those international relationships was she the united states says it values particularly when it comes to the european leaders there's a real worry about who's in charge here who's foreign policy this is with respect to iran and the united states you know is this donald trump policy or is he sort of outsource this to his secretary of state mike pompei o as well as his national security advisor john bolton and here's why this is worrying you know john bolton certainly doesn't have a great track record when it comes to flawed intelligence in iraq when he was part
9:58 pm
of the bush administration certainly that's the concern once again and he's made no secret about his intentions of how he feels is best to approach iran authoring an op ed in twenty fifteen in the new york times where he said to stop iran's bomb bomb iran so there's a lot of concern about the language that is coming out of this administration and once again who is sort of directing that language that is making allies very nervous. before the i believe it completes early in the morning every washington which will be reaction through the day and we'll be coaching it with you i'm sure thank you. your message the u.s. and iran are both important strategic partners for iraq but those relationships also mean the country is now coming under increasing diplomatic pressure from both washington from charles strong for the house more than backed out. iraq's foreign minister mohammad al hakim met u.s. diplomats in baghdad on wednesday night for what the foreign ministry said which
9:59 pm
talks about promoting bilateral ties resolving regional crises and tackling terrorism but no one in iraq is on the any illusion about what that means the increasing pressure by the u.s. on iraq's neighbor and big east regional ally iran iraq's politics economy military and majority shia population shared deep geo political and religious ties with iran the more pressure that mounts on the iranian government the more difficult it becomes for u.s. ally in iraq. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei a came to iraq on an on schedule visit on tuesday because of what he said were specific threats to americans in iraq the statement was directed towards what the u.s. calls iran's proxy forces officially there are around sixty thousand iraqi fighters with pro iran armed groups in iraq known as a popular mobilization forces ohashi the xabi they were highly effective in the
10:00 pm
battle against eisel in iraq and syria and were formally incorporated into iraq military and security apparatus in two thousand and sixteen on wednesday evening one has shit a shabby commander in diyala province said any attack by the u.s. on iran would be met with attacks on u.s. interests in iraq. and he walk on the i think all the has to shabby is considered part of the military establishment and there are still armed groups that are difficult to control and the government suffers because these groups have so many weapons that there are around five thousand two hundred u.s. service men and women in iraq president trump said in february u.s. forces should stay in iraq to keep an eye on iran iraq a prime minister under lobdell mehdi says iraq will continue a balanced policy that builds bridges of cooperation and friendship with all neighbors including iran. a mom of a.


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