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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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as they come in the democratic alliance which is the largest opposition party at the moment is about twenty three or nearly twenty three percent of the votes counted and the fast economic freedom fighters as agents are sitting just over here they're nearly ten percent vote share and the other ten percent of the votes have gone to the other smaller parties of which there are about forty but. in other world news libya's u.n. recognized government says it will give foreign companies forty of them three months to rectify their legal status earlier economy and industry economy and industry ministry had issued a decree suspending them french oil company to germany scenes where among those firms that were going to be affected the decision comes a day after libyan prime minister. visited paris to discuss the recent fighting for control of the capital still ahead on al-jazeera bombings in air strikes in northern syria has government forces continue their push into rebel held areas. the
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crisis in venezuela is hurting the country's health care system and putting transplant patients at risk. they still have the chance of some bits and pieces afraid to the middle east over the next couple of days a little bit of clout the showing up around iraq pushing across into iraq started some wonder whether it was if it is where across northern parts of saudi arabia for the time being the wettest weather is up around the caucuses georgia or armenia azerbaijan could see some showers longer spells of right giles's some rainfall also pushing its way back into that western side of iran over the next day or so you could even see some showers into pakistan but the old show with into afghanistan for a time issue quite enough as you go on it is that cloud just drives its way across
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iran to be a few showers as we go on through the weekend over towards iraq over towards the levant is lossy father drug little of the cool side to beirut temps just picked back to around twenty one degrees celsius meanwhile it'll be a little cooler across northern parts of the arabian peninsula here in kata thirty six celsius winds coming in from the from the se from the gulf so that's just picking those temperatures back it'll feel a little more humid but it should be largely dry over the next day or so you can see it's also wanted to show was there in two cents larry's of saudi arabia which was the red sea you might just catch here which possibly put it down into that western side of yemen.
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welcome back every count of the top stories on al-jazeera european union leaders have rejected iran sixty day i want to mate and to protect it from u.s. sanctions and save the twenty fifty nuclear deal from collapse but they say they are fully committed to the agreement and have cautioned the u.s. against taking any action that would harm their fates. donald trump says he
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believes he can reach a deal with china this week as negotiators from the two sides for pads and meet for trade talks in the coming hours the world's two biggest economies have been knocked in a trade war for the past year and vote counting continues in south africa's general election the ruling african national congress body looks set to retain power but with its smallest ever vote share since the end of apartheid. south korea's military says north korea has fired two unidentified rockets or missiles the launch happened in cool song in the north pyongyang province south korea says the projectiles were directed towards the east rob mcbride has more from seoul. south korean defense officials confirming that two projectiles were fired within half an hour of each other on thursday afternoon local time and assuming that these were short range missiles one of them travel just over four hundred kilometers the other just under three hundred kilometers landing in the sea separating the korean
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peninsula with japan it comes as the u.s. special representative on north korea stephen began is here in seoul meeting with his counterpart looking at ways of trying to restart the dialogue between north korea and the united states this obviously makes that a lot harder for the south korean government has said it's very concerned saying that this does nothing to help ease tensions on the korean peninsula when it comes of course five days after similar provocative firing of rockets and a missile off north korea's east coast taken together this does look as though it's a ratcheting up of the pressure and seems to indicate the growing frustration of north korea the way that negotiations between itself and the u.s. have stalled but as observers will point out if it continues with these tests then it risks derailing that process altogether. the international court of justice is
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hearing cutoffs case against the united arab emirates violating human rights. of a citizen then expel them after an economic blockade was imposed in twenty seventeen stephanie deca has more on the to hearing from the hague. these last three days have all been about the united arab emirates accusing catarrh of how to bring its efforts of implementing what this court ordered last year which is the return of country citizens families and students to the united arab emirates it's all about a website a website that countries need to use to apply for a visa while the emirates he's accusing qatar of blocking it qatar says it's essential why because of security issues it's all part of a bigger political spot for countries blockading qatar egypt saudi arabia bahrain and the u. but the u.a.e. is the only signatory along with qatar to a convention called the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination that is why qatar has taken the u.a.e. to this court comes to this court they've also gone to the committee for the nation
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of racial discrimination and they've also gone to several other places to try to resolve this they have a large political disagreement yes there are legal elements within that so violations of international treaties etc where they do have legal claims and so they've taken those legal issues and brought them to this legal form the political issues will course remain in the political form a lot of. nothing to expect now we're waiting for the judgment. both sides of now finished their closing statements and it's time for the judges to deliberate that could take some time and what legal experts are telling us is that regardless of which way the court decides it's not going to have an impact it's not expected to have an impact on the status of the blockade. yemen's un recognized government has accused the united arab emirates so sending nearly one hundred separatist fighters to every moat many island try is a unesco world heritage site in the arabian sea the u.a.e.
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which is fighting the rebels along with saudi arabia has denied the accusations they have been reports that the u.a.e. has been trying to take over the island last year it was accused of seizing the island when its centimes central. in syria government forces are continuing to push into rebel held areas in hama provinces that capture the town of. in the northwest and as they now hold our reports from beirut fears of a larger offensive. another day of airstrikes. and more civilian casualties. at the other rescue workers moved the wounded and take away that was the cause of the it's been almost two weeks of relentless bombing in northwest syria denied it nation says at least fifty opposition controlled villages have been targeted in northern hama north a lot and southern provinces. we want to see these people running
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away from the country who want to help these families with food with much or says people are under the rubble until. rebels have lost what opposition activists call the first line of defense of it lip syrian government forces have taken ground and in northern countryside of hama the loss of the towns of foreign and arsene a strategic wins rebel supply lines are now vulnerable and the m five international highway linking government controlled cities is a few kilometers east the government wants that road to revive trade and help the economy in nearby aleppo syria's commercial capital remains cut off from most of the countryside and poorly connected to the rest. of syria russia which is backing the campaign says its military is implementing the sochi deal that was agreed with turkey in september foreign minister sergey lavrov said that memorandum is not
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about protecting what he called terrorists and yet another verbal attack against turkey for not creating a demilitarized zone around. love rugs statements indicate the scope of the military operation implementing the sochi deal does not mean a full scale assault to retake the entire province of idlib moscow knows that would threaten its alliance with turkey which wants to prevent a humanitarian crisis along its border and prevent a new wave of refugees crossing into its territory turkey which has military positions around it live under its agreement with russia has not responded to the latest escalation but it too has criticized russia for failing to remove the syrian kurdish group the white p.g. from tel rafah in northern aleppo turkey considers the white peachey a terrorist organization. trying to find a trade of if russia will give them more. money but what we're
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going to do which is on the table to the russian turkey on i think also part of the trying to test the limits of each other to see how far we can go. but serious power brokers are unlikely to push far enough to break a. benefit from neither side wants a large scale assault but even a limited operation is enough to destroy the lives. of six rounds of talks between the u.s. and taliban aimed at ending the war in afghanistan has concluded in qatar negotiators say some progress was made on a draft agreement for when foreign troops might withdraw the u.s. has been pushing the taliban to agree to a cease fire and talk with the afghan governments. in south sudan president salva kiir has said the formation of a unity government should be delayed by at least a year despite i may twelfth deadline in the peace agreement that ended the civil war president here says he doubts the parties and various on forces will be able to
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implement all the agreed security arrangements in the coming months thirteen people including two russian secret service agents have been jailed for prodding to overthrow montenegro's government in an effort to stop it from joining nato russians edwards. between twelve and fifteen years to serbian opposition politicians received five year sentences al-jazeera as milicz joined has more from montenegro capital. two russian secret service agents. are sentenced to fifteen and twelve years of prison for creating criminal organization and attempt of terrorism in montenegro in two thousand and sixteen from a montenegrin prosecutor they pointed out as main organizers and finance service of a group of serbia and montenegro citizens two of them leaders of opposition democratic front strongest opposition qualification in montenegro parliament which
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mainly represents ethnic serbs in this country according to a very direct they were planning to our second one to negron parliament in deny two elections with weapons take to building capture and kill prime minister immunological kind of inch and install proration and antenatal leadership in order to prevent point an integral from joining nato even though these were strong accusations against russia moscow denied any involvement in these events. pope francis has issued a new law making it compulsory for all clergy in the catholic church to report cases or cover ups of child sex abuse the law requires free said nuns to report sex crimes to their superiors but not civilian authorities out of a crime surgery and confession excluded it also requires all churches to have abuse reporting systems and a way to deal with victims in place by june two thousand and twenty michael walsh
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is a papal historian he says it's a step in the right direction. one criticism you might make of this document is that it doesn't actually say what the penalty is off. for clergy or any of the nor bishops. who commit to abuse or attempt to cover it up it doesn't say how they should be punished but they could remove them from this. from their office. they have done recently have a bishop or or a priest i think there are issues still remaining which in a sense are outside the pope's remit first of all of this day there will be opposite i imagine there will be opposition to this from some people will be foot dragging because of one of the things the bishops will now have to do is to set up protocols where they don't already exist which they do already in many countries since the united states and the united kingdom for dealing with the situation within the within the church but there are places where they don't exist in the
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maybe people who has the bishops who who are slow to slow to implement these reforms that the pope has is asking for not asking for requiring now replacing bone marrow can promote the growth of healthy cells and fight cancer for many children a transplant is their only hope but a fading one for venezuela and the government says he can't pay for treatment because of u.s. sanctions and the opposition blames inefficiency and lack of resources terisa bori or some kind of access. giovanni fida was six years old he died two days ago he was suffering from leukemia. he's father says finding medicines to treat him had become a daily struggle but i have no words we were trying to find the things he needed the medicines trying to keep him happy i have no words. been a swell had signed an agreement with it that allowed children like you have on to receive a bone marrow transplant abroad but giovanni never made it giovani was part of
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a group of iran thirty children who were awaiting a bone marrow transplant that whole program depended from venezuela stable company with a week's other problem experienced as currently being affected by sanctions imposed by the united states and that's why the venezuelan government is saying that the united states is to blame for any staff. who went to giuliani's funeral with some of the mothers whose children are also waiting for a transplant. they see the public health system has been failing long before the sanctions were imposed. in a status as daughter elaina the seven years old she also needs a bone marrow transplant she has a twin sister that could be compatible with her. but he missed canada for the tests that look at your name many come in the health system has deteriorated there's no medicine the tests are too expensive and we depend on private foundations to help
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us i want to hospitals to get what we need because nothing is working venezuela has a free health care system that expanded during the government of which i have this but with a drop in oil prices and a failed economic policy the system has collapsed so once you are no lawyer that is if a state can't guarantee the life of all these children then it can't guarantee the life of the country the system was already failing before the u.s. sanctions they suspended the transplant program a year ago but full scale sanctions against perry said were imposed in january this year. from now on u.s. policy is certainly going to have a huge impact on people's lives so it's something that's of sort of government officials saying or menace when there is a victim of donald trump's foreign policy in the sense that i mean a complete so interest troublous very much because most companies do not want to risk angering the united states the world is a globalized economy and the company has links with the united states and what
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we're seeing is that there are many companies who simply do not want to deal with us because they don't want to be punished by the united states. children are particularly vulnerable in this crisis in venezuela johnny was not able to survive but there are many others who are hoping they will have the chance to receive the treatment that will save their lives. will get access. care again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera european union leaders have rejected iran sixty the ultimatum to protect it from u.s. sanctions and save the twenty fifty nuclear deal from collapse but they say they are fully committed to the agreement and have cautioned the u.s. against taking any action that would harm their efforts on wednesday washington impose new sanctions targeting iran's metals industry. their economy is
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a mess ever since i took away the iran deal they have inflation that's the highest number of ever heard they having riots every weekend and during the week even and what they should be doing is calling me up sitting down we can make a deal a fair deal we just don't want to have nuclear weapons not too much to ask and we would help put them back into great shape their bad ship right now i look forward to where we can actually help iran will never look into her garage i want them to be strong and great and have a great economy. u.s. president has also spoken about the trade war with china he says he believes he can reach a trade deal with beijing this week negotiators from the two sides are meeting for talks in the coming hours before washington increases tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods the world's two biggest economies have been locked in a trade war for the past year counting continues in south africa's general election
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the ruling african national congress party looks set to retain power but with its smallest ever vote share since the end of apartheid twenty five years ago. south korea's military says north korea has fired two missiles the launch happen in cool song in the north pyongyang province south korea says the missile directed towards the east. a sixth round of talks between the u.s. sen taliban aimed at ending the war in afghanistan has concluded in qatar negotiators say some progress was made on a draft agreement for when foreign troops smites withdraw the u.s. has been pushing the taliban to agree to a ceasefire and talk with the afghan government but francis has issued a new law making it compulsory for all clergy in the catholic church to report cases all cover ups of child sex abuse the law requires priests and nuns to report sex crimes to their superiors but not to civilian authorities about crimes heard during confession excluded here up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the
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news continues here after inside story do stay with us. could trade talks between the u.s. and china collapse donald trump says beijing is breaking the deal while china and says it won't be pressured into making more concessions so who's winning the trade war this is its own story. hello and welcome to the program i'm imran khan attempts to end the u.s.
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china trade disputes that appeared to be making progress but just what a deal was looking more likely a rift has opened up between the world's two biggest economies the u.s. says china is backtracking on promises such as protecting intellectual property and stopping unfair trade practices president donald trump is raising the tariff on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods from friday beijing is promising to retaliate and says it won't bow to pressure to make any more concessions both sides are taking an aggressive stance as china's vice prime media heads to washington for the latest round of negotiations that broke the day. they can't do that so they'll be paying. we don't make the deal nothing wrong with take it in over one hundred billion dollars a year. hundred billion we never did that before and we won't back down until china stops cheating our workers and stealing our jobs and that's what's going to happen
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otherwise we don't have to do business with them we don't have to do business we can make the product right here if we have to like we used a number like we used to. let's hear from all correspondent a german brown in beijing. well this was supposed to be the week of popping champagne corks after ten months of often torturous negotiations eleven rounds of talks the united states and china were apparently going to finally sign a deal that would end those differences but on sunday night president donald trump detonated an art of the deal grenade just as he did over north korea he seemed to be saying that the chinese side had now begun to drag their feet they were playing for time the talks he said were going to slowly his trade representative robert light hisor went a step further a few days later he said the chinese side had now essentially written aid gone back
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on just about everything they had agreed to in those previous negotiations with the united states now the question is if china has started to backtrack and to backtrack in such a significant way then why well analysts say this is almost certainly down to intervention by president xi jinping who may well feel that his negotiators have been conceding too much giving too much away and this is a year remember when china's president china's leader has to look strong stronger than usual because on october the first china will mark the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china not a year then when a chinese leader can fall to appear weak so president xi jinping once a deal but he doesn't want to deal at any cost so what happens now i think here in beijing among you know most experts analysts you talk to there is a
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a grim realisation i think that these terrorists these new terrorists are going to happen and that chinese negotiators have precious little time to avoid that happening these negotiations after all and on from. now it is of course possible that there will be a surprise breakthrough but most you know analysts i've spoken to say they feel that you know there possibly is going to be a deal eventual e not just now. the question is the key thing is will the two sides continue negotiating if they do i think that'll be enough to stabilize stock markets here in china which have suffered their biggest full incidentally in more than three years big falls as well of course in hong kong but if there is a rupture then of course you know we're going to see market volatility for days if
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not weeks to have to car in the meantime china is saying that it's promising countermeasures against any new sanctions without specifying what they are but it's fair to assume that china has anough in its arsenal to made life very difficult for us corporations here in china if it wants to adrian brown for inside story while campaigning for president donald trump accused china of stealing u.s. jobs he ordered a review of the u.s. trade deficit and its main causes once he entered the white house in march last year trump imposed the first round of tariffs directly targeting chinese products china soon retaliated by july both countries were imposing more than three hundred sixty billion dollars of levies on each other in december the chinese and the us president agreed to hold new tariffs and begin talks but before any agreement could be reached trump renewed his accusations and threats of new tariffs.
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joining us are our guests in beijing dan one analyst at the economist intelligent units access china's service on skype from taipei russ feingold in asia a political risk analyst attorney. and republican political consultant and also in beijing i know it's going in a china political risk analysts who has advised the chinese government on economic and development issues i'd like to begin with. china and the us have had a fruitful relationship for the last thirty years ever since china shall we say pivoted away from communism became a global economy the deal seems to have worked however soon as donald trump takes power they seems to be an issue can you just explain to us what's at the heart of all of this. i think it is a combined result of a shift in power and the interpretation of it because in the past forty years china
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is probably the largest the largest beneficiary from the current trading system has benefited more than a us with a double digit economic growth almost every year or so now and lifted the millions out of poverty and it's becoming the second largest economy in the world but i always look at it on the u.s. economy is doing ok not nearly as impressive as china does and again quality has become a major issue in the u.s. and the politics is very divided so facing the especially after president xi jinping has took office the relationship between u.s. and china has really changed we saw that the u.s. labeled china as a revisionist and then as a competitor so from their original follower of the u.s. china started to rise as this major producer a manufacturer in the world and now it seems that a waiting ten years is probably going to become the largest economy in the world all competing with the u.s.
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even the most advanced technology and this is something that i don't think the us are are ready to accept yet let's bring in russ feingold in taipei. telling is about to become the biggest economy in the world that's just fact competition isn't it as well that it's not tony's fault that the us has an issue with that so why pick a fight well you've mentioned keep words and that's fair competition so what's changed recently or in the time that president has been in office since the beginning in two thousand and seventeen is a consensus in the united states across industry and frankly across both republicans and democrats in in government that china is government and its companies don't always follow the rules of the global trading system and that's where there is actually a lot of support in the united states for some of the policies that president trump has implemented it president trump is been very clear that he wants a trading relationship and he wants u.s. companies to export to china he wants u.s. companies to do business in china but there has to be some observance of reasonable
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rules and laws and we see a pattern of chinese companies involved in intellectual property subsidies from the chinese government which really results in an unfair playing field and that's what president trump's policies are seeking to address let's bring in. beijing also and the u.s. seems to be suggesting that china is cheating that it's not playing fairly. well those are nice talk points but you'll notice that our my colleague hasn't brought forth any particular evidence to that fact the issue is that since donald trump came forward and became president he has been largely involved in a what he does best which is trying to shade the reality of what is happening china has been rising for quite some time if you look at what the u.s.
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has been able to win at the w t o we're talking in excess of three quarters of the time if there are real cases out there what where are they and where have they been lost where has china been stealing there's this narrative that goes on constantly and that seems to be on challenge that china has been doing all these nefarious things yet there isn't a scintilla of proof the instances where you had intellectual theft have been very simple to explain individuals have been stealing things in order to make profits for themselves i know that's a stark revelation but you know it happens everywhere. reality is or not all seem to vidual actors these are often people acting at the urging of the companies that they work for or in some cases government agencies and the number of prosecutions that have occurred in the united states not just recently but this is an ongoing problem going back before the trip administration even if the trial be ministration
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is is more aggressive about bringing prosecutions but to say that there is no evidence of intellectual property that they're being the facts show otherwise and similarly an important issue for us companies in the u.s. government in huge trade talks is what's often called forced technology transfer now the reality is is that american companies in the technology space to do business in china are often have no choice but to work with the chinese partner and again this is something that the u.s. government is trying to address but to say that there's no evidence that the playing field isn't level or that there isn't cheating going on by the chinese corporate world or the government and the factions don't show that this show otherwise can you give us an example ross of what you're talking about a concrete example well that if there are it be besides the number of prosecutions which are well documented it is an ongoing problem but there are rules in china that require a foreign partner to have a chinese partner or the american company or european companies or other
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nationalities they cannot do certain types of business on their own with china in china they're required to have a chinese company as a partner so their option is take on a partner or they're unable to enter the market and certainly from an american or european perspective this is not a level playing field and it is really meant to ensure the chinese companies have the upper hand and that they can acquire technology from foreign companies done up in beijing i want to bring you in the head like a lot of pain if i may. let me see let me also corset let me bring in diane i was just going to add a small point. let me bring in here from beijing done you've heard what the other two guests have had to say a lot of this seems to be about technology technology transfer and what the americans are calling technology fixed china is about to move up in sectors it's about to move into the tech world and that seems to be what's driving this is china
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stealing technology. well. to no intention to defend a lot of practice is the chinese government does it does give unfair comparative advantage to a lot of state owned enterprises but in terms of stealing technology i think there are different interpretation of it because if we're talking about protecting the domestic industry this is an industrial policy and many countries have adopted in their earlier stage of development so we're talking about development policies here you can just open up the market say like the south african one nine hundred eighty s. because before your you have industrial base opening up the market to foreign investors there's bluntly will cause very devastating results because then you will pretty much for lose all your industrial adventure advantage that you could have had because those domestic industry needs some time to grow and for those foreign
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competitors for investors i think it's fair to say that they use technology in exchange to in exchange to get access into the chinese market and it is fair play i know in beijing interesting point that you protect markets in the infancy you develop them but this chinese market isn't in its infancy this is we're talking forty years on now so maybe it is time to have a level playing field well maybe it's time to do a new deal with the us. well i don't know if a new deal with the u.s. on the current terms is in the cards but yes i would agree that china for its own benefit needs to open up and they're doing that exactly i mean the belton road initiative is not contrary to public opinion u.s. international media opinion something that's the fairest aimed at trying to subvert
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countries into a debt trap it's simply the only current economic plan to increase basically what would be w t t o two point zero and that means physical connectivity in addition to the idea that you have these trade alignments so you know i noticed my colleague did not was not able mr feingold was not able to point to any specific advantages talking about numerous prosecutions. this is the narrative that china is facing i mean whether you agree or not with this idea that china has is a developing country that is trying to protect its interests reason grow much as the u.s. was back in the late eighteenth hundreds when it was battling europe as a new entry into the economic sphere and used to routinely dismantle. looms in great britain and then ship them overnight to the us in order to break the
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monopolies that the british had especially on woven goods these are things that happen in the comics but china all right and i'd like to hear from mr fine gold on this has been observant of the w t o this idea that china has been a you know a routine lawless entity and roaming the world and doing not a bang any laws is nonsense every time they have been ruled against at the w t o they have complied and that is more than the u.s. can claim russ feingold your response. well we have to be careful about mixing different issues a dispute over the built in road initiative and whether or not it's nefarious or creates a debt trap for the countries that participate in it is also very much a political question or international security question that's not really what's on the table in discussions about market access in china or protection of intellectual property but to get on the intellectual property issue the number of prosecutions
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the ongoing ones some of which are very high profile including the the one that gets a lot of media attention so she swallowed it which she's accused of stealing intellectual property you know it's so good to say that there's no evidence of an attic that's not accurate but you had to say the china complies with the rules in some situations again that that is not the heart of the dispute or what the united states or europe are trying it in their negotiations they're trying to address market access issues i want to bring you in the head again a guest in beijing are not saying and said that yes it is probably time for a new deal to be made but this one that the u.s. is currently offering all the u.s. and china currently trying to negotiate isn't the right deal what do you think is the right deal. because this is true the war or trade tension was started by
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the us if we think about what happened two years ago it was where they threw away must occasion and that was in terms of calling china a thief. for intellectual property and its lack of production of ip and to be fair over the past one year we have seen china strengthening its ip protection and also widen its market access so now it looks like the new deal with that the u.s. very much one wants to achieve is for china to do more industrial policy change and this is something that actually exactly the thing that china cannot budge because we all know that the u.s. want china to do to go with the market economy this line and then to become more democratic over over time but for china it is a very different political system and has a very different social climate from the u.s. so by just a simpler introducing those market based or rules doesn't the really guarantee us
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the first past the market economy that the u.s. has been drawing so i thing for china to defend its baseline of protecting its domestic industry there's a lot of justification justification to that but in terms of opening more of a domestic market i do think more outside pressure is good for china because from tweets if it's accurate it is actually a reflection of the lack of consensus on the china's top leadership over how much to compromise and what aspect of china should compromise and opening up what what area and how much of the domestic market is the sticking point and i think the more china opens in a faster it does it actually is more beneficial to his future economy russ feingold in taipei this is something that i hate quite a lot and i've been speaking to people about this there is a deal to be done with china. but this isn't one because this is simply fall too aggressive and it's too much for the time for the chinese to actually do and the
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time frame the you would like to give them all you being too aggressive is your administration the best trumpet ministration beings who said well the two sides have been talking for over two years so it's certainly likely are that they want to deal president trump wants a deal yes domestic constituencies that very much want him to reach a deal most notably the agriculture x. borders but if they ask for too much then obviously the chinese side is going to walk away one thing we've learned over the last few years is that the governments and specifically the two leaders they seem to be have a certain risk appetite and i think as analysts are the public we often underestimate their risk tolerance for prolonging this dispute until they get the deal that they want. not tangan what happens if china walks away from any hopes of the u.s. what happens then. well first off china isn't walking away they're the ones who
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have gone to washington with one hundred man team in order to try to figure this thing out and that is after a very aggressive move by donald trump now let's look at this step back a second i mean this is the second time that we've seen donald trump throw something on the table he did it in with young kim and say you know give me everything and then saying oh we broke the deal because he didn't give me everything i mean this is a very standard practice for him now let's step back even further here you have the the most powerful political economic and military nation on earth a nation who has enjoyed part of you know the sixty six percent of the entire world profits over the last thirty years but yet over the last fifteen years. you know the population the middle class population has actually declined ninety percent of the united states is experience minus point four percent drop in real income now they're coming out donald trump leading the charge saying somehow we've been
2:43 am
a victim that's we've been taken advantage of well and they're blaming the people the eighty six percent of the rest of the world who received one third of the world's profits over this period of time yet whose middle classes boomed and saying that somehow they are at fault the issue here is the inequality in the inability of western nations europe and america to distribute their income in a way which benefits society and so you have a lot of anger but it's misplaced anger and you have populists like donald trump who are trying to aim that at the rising nations like china ross i want to bring you in half and type a we all running out of time so but i do want to bring you in very quickly is this don't trump distracting from domestic issues as a guest in beijing seems to be saying. well the president. has been very
2:44 am
good at controlling the narrative when it comes to trade disputes and frankly he's been very good at isolating it from other domestic issues obviously the miller investigation has just concluded there's still a lot of action by democrats in that regard but democrats actually are very supportive of first person who trumps trade policy so you know it's not a situation where he's trying to distract and this is something that american companies in beijing i want to ask you are you confident that ideal can be done between these two very powerful economic countries. i'll be very surprised if there is no deal even if it's a very limited d.-o. it will be good for both sides and these the before it a coming out that's something that donald trump can tell his voters it's because if he worked out a magic and for china's side if there is no deal in the short term as economic performance will be suffered a lot mainly through the lack of confidence in consumption any investment and also
2:45 am
for twenty one thing it's a cheapie growth probably will slow down a lot if there is no deal so the stakes are high well let me thank all our guests an incredibly interesting discussion than one russ feingold and a note saying and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website i would use their adult called and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me and the whole team here and i.
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it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's next ball astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in two thousand and eight b. time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow petards example but how do you measure it many brits are nice happinesses will win sure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. people have to weigh your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a two state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we all see already i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you
2:47 am
would say what has the media been tallied for now the world isn't watching why there's lots of brazen here join me mad the hot sun on up front as my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy means that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have looked away i don't think you can look away any longer sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire and. the world is watching on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera. you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country that you go we listen to that children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the
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stories that matter how does iraq. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. fully back to live from our al-jazeera headquarters in doha this is a news hour coming up in the next sixty minutes did get last night a very beautiful letter from president xi let's work together let's see if we can
2:49 am
get something done u.s. president donald trump says i new trade deal with china is possible this week the two sides are about to meet for another round of talks. the e.u. rejects a sixty day ultimatum given by iran to abide by the twenty fifty nuclear deal but also criticizes the united states also this are bold so being counted in south africa's national election that's being seen as a major test for the governing a.n.c. party. i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories from europe including pope francis' issues a landmark the creek that cracked down on sexual abuse in the roman catholic church . to disport what chance of another european football come back on track frankfurt will see to make it three upset. soon as many nights they face chelsea for a place in the europa league final.
2:50 am
u.s. president donald trump says he believes he can reach a deal with china this week as negotiators from the two sides prepared to meet for trade talks in the coming hours the world's two biggest economies have been locked in a trade war for the past year trump has promised to increase u.t.s. from ten to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods accusing beijing of backtracking on a trade deal but china says it's kept its promises and has vowed to retaliate with similar measures. i have no idea what's going to happen i did get last night a very beautiful letter from president xi let's work together let's see if we can get something done but they renegotiated the deal i mean they took whether it's intellectual property theft they took many many parts of that deal and they renegotiated it can't do that and i'm different than a lot of people i happen to think that tariffs for a country are very powerful you know with a piggy bank that everybody steals from including china. i speak to alan fischer in
2:51 am
washington d.c. for as allan just twenty four hours ago the president was talking tough but his tone seems to have changed a bit more optimistic about a deal with beijing. well certainly if you go back a week ago the americans thought they were very close to a deal but two of the main negotiators had been in beijing and when they returned to the u.s. the certainly all the mood music was this is going to happen then they got a draft document back from the chinese apparently the chinese were saying look we can't introduce a lot of the things that you want us to do particularly alone something like intellectual property theft that is because that would mean changing the laws in china and we're not going to do that so in the last forty eight hours have been hearing more and more even from donald trump saying look there's the possibility that we might not get a deal it's thought that the chinese believe they can perhaps negotiate something stronger for their internal audience because one they think donald trump is
2:52 am
desperately keen to do a deal of some sort and to he's been putting pressure on the head of the federal reserve to drop interest rates and the chinese are reading that as saying that the american economy isn't to strong as donald trump is telling everyone and so they think there's a deal donald trump has even said look the chinese perhaps want to wait until after the next presidential election and negotiate with a democratic president who would be a lot easier on them than me but it just seems that when two sides get together in about three hours there's going to be a lot more ground to cover than we thought and what impact is all this having on the markets allan. well on the stock markets in the far east things have gone down because the chinese were very strong and what they were seeing overnight u.s. time about the possibility of a deal so the markets didn't respond well there in the u.s. things were pretty calm for
2:53 am
a while and when donald trump said i got this beautiful letter from the chinese president the markets actually went up but if there is a row between the two biggest economies in the world there's a possibility that the market will tank how is it impacting elsewhere well just take this is an example washing machines in the united states are no probably running about one hundred dollars more expensive than they were before the tide of sort introduced why is that well first of all the steel and other parts that are being brought into the u.s. cost a lot more that's money that the u.s. taxpayer is paying out not the chinese government something that donald trump when he's speaking in public doesn't seem to understand so certainly there is pressure on all sides to try and get a deal sooner rather than later but certainly what we're hearing from the americans over the last twenty four forty eight hours is that this isn't going to happen before the new tide of skin all right thank you very much for that alan alan
2:54 am
fischer in washington d.c. for us now if the talks fail the u.s. has threatened more restrictive measures against imports from china tax on two hundred billion dollars of chinese products is said to increase from ten to twenty five percent and that will affect chemicals and building materials as well as furniture and some electronics but it seems the u.s. leader doesn't plan to stop threatened to raise more times and that could possibly cover all chinese imports it's bad news for china where many coastal factories serve the u.s. market over all chinese exports the u.s. dropped thirteen percent in april from a year earlier well it's not speak to robert scott who is a senior international economist at the economic pie. see institut his eyes cut from washington thank you so much for being with us on the news hour so what do you make for a civil off president traum supreme os his strategy as negotiations with china are about to resume he says a deal is possible but that tabs are also an excellent a tentative do you think he'll go ahead with the threat. is hard to tell at this
2:55 am
point i would still be surprised if they would head and put up the terrace emplace i think if they do they're going to get a very strong negative reaction in stock markets here and around the world and i think that would be bad for trumpy depends on the strong performance of the stock markets as being one indicator of a strong economy which he plans to run on in twenty twenty so i think that's the bottom line for him and i think it would be at the end of the day a loss as alan said both sides seem very keen to reach a deal but which side in your view is the most vulnerable at this stage of the negotiations well there's no question that china is much more vulnerable than the united states and u.s. exports to china make up about six tenths of one percent of u.s. g.d.p. chinese exports of the u.s. on the other hand are a much bigger share of their economy roughly four percent of total economic output
2:56 am
in china so they're about seven times more vulnerable just on that scale alone so china has much more to lose in this trade battle there's much less that they can do in response to terror in the u.s. what about president trump's claim that tariffs on china will yield one hundred billion dollars annually is that true. i think that said that's a bastard overestimate china has played its ace in the hole in this game they have lowered to their urgency already by nearly seven percent and that's going to offset the effect of the terrorists that are imposed in and in fact last year in two thousand and eighteen the trade deficit with china went up by. more than ten percent almost as much as the old us trade deficit with the world pushing for recycling more. so i wouldn't read too much into the monthly trade triggers that just come out so there's a lot of noise in those. so. you know i think that. that
2:57 am
the deal is that even if we cut a deal it's unlikely to have a big impact on our trade with china that's not the right answer to the problem and i was going to ask you you know even if there is a deal do you think it will ultimately stop the tensions any when it resolve issues like intellectual property rights. now i'm afraid that it won't for two reasons i think that we've had a history of twenty five years of these kinds of deals with not just china but other americans alist asian nations korea japan and so on and yet our trade deficit and our job losses for these countries have continued to grow the best solution to these problems is to realign the dollar to lower the dollar's value by perhaps twenty five to thirty percent against these countries and essentially price them out of the market that would do two things that would make imports more expensive
2:58 am
and yes that's going to be costly but it would also lower the cost of u.s. exports to china japan and the rest of the world and we could then row our way out of these trade problems nesta kate thank you so much for sharing it is with us robert scott senior international khana myside the economic policy institute thank you so much for your time thank you for having. in other world news iran's foreign minister says the european union should uphold its obligations on the twenty fifty nuclear deal and vatican clues normalizing economic ties with tehran cerise tweet comes hours after leaders rejected iran sixty i want to meet him to protect it from us anxious and save the landmark agreement from collapse natasha butler reports some paris. iran wasn't officially on the agenda at the e.u. summit in romania but following tehran's move on wednesday to suspend some of its commitments to the twenty fifty nuclear deal european leaders were forced to discuss the crisis the french president said europe still supported the accord
2:59 am
known as the j c p o a and he urged iran not to break it forced us france's stayed in it and will stay in it and i deeply wish to iran will too it is up to us to work to convince everyone and iran to stay in it the e.u.'s foreign policy chief was one of the deals main negotiators it's a matter of security for us and for the entire world european union investments in nonproliferation continues to be a top priority for us so far we have first see iran fully compliant with all its nuclear related commitments frustration is growing among leaders with being caught between the u.s. and iran the tensions on both sides mount before the summit the e.u. rejected an ultimatum from tehran giving european powers sixty days to come up with a plan to shield iran's economy from the impact of u.s. sanctions in a statement they said we strongly urge iran to continue to implement its
3:00 am
commitments under the j c p o a in full as it is done until now and to refrain from any escalatory steps we reject all ultimatums the statement also criticized the u.s. for imposing sanctions on iran and pulling out of the deal one year ago european powers have been battling to save the twenty fifteen deal they want a payment system which allows for some trade between iran and the european union to so far is limited to only humanitarian items things like medicine and food and it's failed to persuade multinationals to resume trade with iran and risk u.s. penalties so unless e.u. leaders come up with some new solutions some say that tehran might decide that the deal is simply not worth saving. what europe needs to do is first approach the remaining. participants russia and china and urge them to take steps commensurate with what europe is doing but also they need to to find solidarity with our.


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