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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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the prominent shia cleric. the son of muhammad sadat. now we now know the eisel is claiming responsibility for this attack but it's also interesting to note that at the end of april i will back it all but the leader of eisel is said to have appeared on a video for the first time in five years claiming revenge for the land lost by i saw in both syria and iraq the head of the roman catholic church has issued a new law making it compulsory for all clergy to report cases of sexual abuse pope francis issued the landmark the cream which makes priests and nuns directly accountable for sexual abuse or covering it up they'll be required to report any abuse to their superiors for not necessarily to civilian authorities so they got reports. as head of the catholic church pope francis is a guide for one point two billion people in an institution that governs among many
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things morality but how to lead in an age where the moral compass of the church appears to have been broken by the torrent of sex abuse scandals perpetrated by clerics in positions of power it has cast a devastating shadow over the papacy and what the church in deep crisis the latest lord to create by francis shined more light on how clerics should deal with cases of sexual abuse but the vatican's top sexual crimes investigator gave little indication on the penalties that could be faced i think a universal law has to factoring diversity of cultures can't you know give be too strict because otherwise it will be inoperative you need something that can be flexible enough to work. there are one million priests and nuns in the roman catholic church all of the must now report any cases of sexual abuse to church to paris and any cover ups even in countries where the law does not oblige them to do
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so it follows this year's summit on the issue as well as several high profile scandals such as the conviction of george pell the straight he is highest ranking catholic now serving a six year sentence for sexually abusing two quiet boys in a melbourne cathedral with a chilling cardinals accused and described as they covered up reports of child sexual abuse going back decades to victims of abuse vatican justice still has a long way to go it's the church once again saying that they are going to investigate these allegations in these crimes but they are going to investigate them so i'm afraid that isn't good enough but what's a virus and victims have been shouting for for years is that we cannot trust the church we cannot trust the officials to police themselves and even with a new system in place there is still no requirement to report these crimes to civil
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authorities a gaping hole in a system that has already failed so many victims of clerical sex abuse. al-jazeera . so in this half hour a court in montenegro jails thirteen people including two alleged russian spies for plotting to overthrow the government and kill the prime minister and the remote yemeni island of the un recognized government says the united arab emirates is trying to take over. hello there's been snow in the victorian big surprise this time the means as the fronts coming out of the bite and tuck in some antarctic a behind them are quite active this one's producing rain as it runs through
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victoria new south wales it will leave a disappointing picture i think in melbourne for the whole day on friday thirty degrees and rather dark skies melbourne's back in the sunshine but not much more even in sydney you might expect more than twenty this time here but it's the rain spreads through i think we see that drop down to nineteen degrees perth is doing better low twenty's in the quiet sunshine you'll notice is cloud up in the north as nothing much with it i'm afraid so no rain for the tropical cyclone that's near east timor there is rain though in the south of new zealand and it's running actually south so it probably is going to clear through quite nicely and give you what's the speaking a pretty good day for friday twenty no one thousand in wellington some cloud around a missile a bit maybe rather more coming in on saturday and look at this circular motion you have to watch where that goes directly northwards fine looking weather here too as well a different season for temps actually only slightly higher twenty four in sendai twenty seven in tokyo but quite whether through japan on the korean peninsula.
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the subject of more than half a dozen investigation. of don stone from in ages some. one on one investigate how the nation's coffers will rock on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. wherever you.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera trade talks are underway between china and the u.s. it follows china rejecting accusations of backtracking on trade commitments made by washington iran's foreign minister says the european union should uphold its obligations under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal and that includes normalizing economic ties with tehran this comes after leaders rejected iran's a sixty day ultimatum to protect it from u.s. sanctions and pope francis has issued a new law making it compulsory for all clergy in the catholic church to report cases and cover ups of sexual abuse. thirteen people including two alleged russian spies have been jailed for plotting to overthrow montenegro's government and killed the prime minister in two thousand and sixteen a court concluded that the attempt was part of a bid to stop the country joining nato really come out on
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a bitch has the latest now from. two russian secret service agents. are sentenced to fifteen and twelve years of prison for creating criminal organization and attempt of terrorism in montenegro in two thousand and sixteen from a montenegrin prosecutor they pointed out as main organizers and finance service of a group of serbia and montenegro citizens two of them leaders of opposition democratic front strongest opposition. parliament which mainly represents ethnic serbs in this country according to very day they were planning to arctic montenegrin parliament. elections with weapons take to building capture and kill prime. and. antenatal leadership in order to prevent wanton eggroll from joining nato even though these were strong accusations against
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russia moscow denied any involvement in these events. police in northern ireland have arrested four people in connection with the death of a journalist twenty nine year old leader of a key was killed during the rioting in london there e last month that is rated for houses in the city and the suspects were taken into custody on the terror legislation the new ira the republican faction says one of its members shot like he was opening fire on police. libya's u.n. recognize government has suspended the operations of forty foreign firms who it says violated trade laws they include the french oil company and the german tech giant siemens it comes a day after libyan prime minister fires set out visiting paris to discuss the recent battle for tripoli with the french president the man who in the problem it would be the accusations that the french government is helping the warlord highly
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for half that in his month long offensive to take the capital. yemen's a u.n. recognized government has accused the united arab emirates of sending separatist fighters to a remote yemeni island. which is fighting who the rebels in yemen along with saudi arabia then lies accusations that it's attempting to seize the island. is a unesco world heritage site in the arabian sea that a lot has more. so cartwright is known for his clear waters and serene environment bud is strategic location is creating tensions between nations that up to now have been allies yemen's un recognized government has accused the united arab emirates of sending around one hundred separatist troops to sue contre critics say it's an attempt to undermine the local government and ultimately an expat yemeni island. we yemenis usually speak about how the united arab and i
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want to have a bad day and transform it into another dubai you know the kind of. people to really serve their own economy and so cultural life close to the northeastern coast of africa and to yemen's mainland a key intersection of global shipping routes the island which is a world heritage site also has a military air base. reports of separatist troops arriving on the island were met with criticism yemen's interior minister said the u.a.e. should concentrate on the joint fight against the rebels not on sharing administrative powers of the island this is not the first time there's been tension over so contra last year the u.a.e. central and military equipment to the island but it denies accusations that it was part of a broader plan to take over the territory. yemen is bogged down in
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a four year war between the internationally recognized government. led by president operable months through hottie and with the rebels who've taken over the capital sana. the u.a.e. is part of the saudi like coalition that's backing the government in its fight against who these now with new tension between allies yemenis living on so contre are hoping the island doesn't become a new battleground cards he'll go pursue the yawn al-jazeera. the cia has warned friends and colleagues of murdered journalist jamal ashaji that there are potential targets of the saudi government that's according to a report by time magazine it says that three people have been given security briefings in recent weeks it's told they're being targeted for their criticism of crown prince mohammed bin salon and efforts to continue human rights work. the governing a.n.c.
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is leading in the south african election at fifty seven percent that's with nearly seventy percent of voting districts recorded a record forty eight parties took part in wednesday's vote the a.n.c. has won every election since the end of apartheid twenty five years ago but it looks like its share of the vote has fall that voters have expressed frustration about corruption and employment and racial inequality. is inside the main results center in the city of pretoria. the results are displayed on the screens in the two screens to the side showing results from the provincial elections they were held at the same time people got to vote for provincial governments as well as the national government and the national results are shown in the middle seats in parliament divided up according to the share of the vote that each party gets and any party that gets a majority its leader becomes the president of south africa and all the parties all have desks over here we have their agents who are watching the results as they come
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in the african national congress as expected looks like it's going to keep its majority but with a smaller margin than ever before in second place the democratic alliance south africa's largest opposition party in third place economic freedom fighters sitting here dressed in red is their second election the party was founded just six years ago by politicians who were pushed out of the a.n.c. they've used their home full of seats in parliament since the last election to disrupt proceedings and criticized the a.n.c. looks like their vote share is slightly increasing on this side we have officials from the electoral commission compiling the data only interesting things that we've seen from this data that it's only about sixty five percent lower than it has been in some previous elections and even that number doesn't reflect about one quarter of eligible voters who chose to not even register for this election and what we've seen over successive aleck. as well as the decreasing vote share of the a.n.c.
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is also a decreasing voter turnout so it seems those voters the a.n.c. is losing the support of many of them aren't going to opposition parties they're not convinced by the opposition any more than they are by those in power so a growing number of them are not very saying it's all. fiji's prime minister is sit back and australian politician who suggested fijians move to higher ground to get away from rising seas john alexander made the remarks after frank bainimarama said australia should stop burning so much coal speaking at an emissions reduction summit in melbourne of dynamite imus said the impact of global warming on his country is heartbreaking in fiji we have already moved three communities and have a product. of about some forty others with to be the look at. the decision to look into for your community. is the one what the button in your home
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is in some golden gold plated beaches this is. for those affected to a degree emotional loss. in the. weeks up in the morning. shares of the right hailing app will be listed publicly for the first time with the new york stock exchange on friday at forty five dollars each to be priced at the low end of its targeted range valuing the company at eighty two billion dollars christmas salumi reports though from new york every. hoover app has changed how people get around a bailable in sixty three countries and seven hundred cities around the world its name has become synonymous with right here and now is looking to raise money on the new york stock exchange its initial public offering is likely to make billions of
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dollars for founder travis calendaric and other early investors including the saudi arabian public investment fund this looks always to be the i.p.o. of the year that said the recent public offering of live birth closes competition fell short of expectations and lowered its valuation estimate in the lead up to the sale like lift hoover has yet to make a profit in fact it's lost more than a billion dollars already this year and the whole the sort of grail in the valley has been growth growth growth growth growth growth growth growth growth i think that's beginning to i think losing money on a whole bunch of i.p.o.'s where the growth story is great and route to profitability is uncertain is starting to weigh on the markets. over says driving for the company as a flexible way to earn some extra money but it's come at the expense of full time drivers in particular yellow cab drivers here in new york they say it's increasingly difficult to make a living so much so there's been
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a rash of suicides among them one driver actually shot himself in the head right here outside of city hall to raise awareness of the. problems. that led new york to impose a minimum wage for drivers and a moratorium on new vehicle licenses raising concerns that other cities might follow suit. many of the riders came out to protest the i.p.o. some want to be treated like employees not independent contractors a move hoover says will prevent the company from becoming profitable. or has always treated drivers as if they are expendable they're now looking to cash in on that business and raise enough revenue to take drivers out of the cars all together with the use of ride handling amps continuing to grow worldwide and investing heavily in driverless cars that may be exactly what investors are counting on kristen salumi
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al-jazeera new york. well in today's high tech world spelling mistakes should be a thing of the past but it appears that australia central bank has failed to invest in a spell checker well it should have because it's been left hugely embarrassed by what appears to be a typo on the nation's most circulated bank note the word responsibility on the fifty dollar note is missing its third letter i forty six million of the notes had a ready been in circulation for seven months when the mistake was spotted by a listener to a radio station. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera trade talks between china and the u.s. are underway in washington with president trump's threat of new tariffs on chinese goods looming china has rejected accusations that have backtracked on trade
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commitments with the u.s. a spokesman for beijing's commerce in the streets says the country has quote kept its promises as hopes of reaching a trade agreement failed this week tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods are due to come into force in just a few hours if a deal cannot feel reached we were getting very close to a deal then they started to renegotiate a deal we can have that we can have that so our country can take in one hundred twenty billion dollars a year in tariffs paid for mostly by china by the way not by us a lot of people try and steer it in a different direction really paid ultimately is paid for by largely by china and businesses will for back into our country shows that are making the product it'll be the old fashioned way the way we used to do it we made our own product iran's foreign minister says the european union should uphold its obligations under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal and that includes normalizing economic ties with tehran jadzia reefs tweet comes hours after e.u.
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leaders rejected iran's sixty day ultimatum to protect it from u.s. sanctions and saved a landmark agreement from collapse but they say they are committed to maintaining that the. and president trump says the u.s. is looking very seriously at north korea's latest missile launch south korea says pyongyang has fired would appears to be a two short range missiles from the northwestern city of crew song it's the second such test in less than a week. a suicide attacker is reported to have killed four people after detonating a bomb in a market in the southern city district of baghdad a bomber is thought to have detonated his explosive belt while surrounded by security forces that this strict is predominantly populated by shia muslims and pope francis has issued a new law making it compulsory for all clergy in the catholic church to report cases and cover ups of sexual abuse that they created requires priests and nuns to
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report sex crimes to their superiors. americans are struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited basis if you're. a former governor of the bank is cost the country. we bring you the stories to the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. hollywood blockbusters decadent parties and super yachts the malaysian people who are defrauded on an enormous scale billions of dollars stolen from malaysia's sovereign wealth fund one in d b one zero one nice lists the curtain on the alleged corruption of the former prime minister not uber zack and his wife rose. and investigates how key institutions were rendered powerless as the nation's coffers
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were rolled. and. it's only twenty fifteen and malaysia is internationally celebrating. cartoonist zoo no he's still launching his fans with scathing sketches of the extravagance of the then prime minister and his wife what should we haven't been. pretty. much just been bombing i mean why a bride with. all how much public money for you. you know what in the was a. little sister. but it's
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a dangerous business soon is out on bail and no less the nine criminal charges for his car to. all those. others well. like many others who dared to criticize the government at that time he was branded an enemy of the state and faced the daunting prospect of forty three years behind. the deal ben my boo. read it several times they confiscate that my growing to destroy my c.b. should impose a travel ban on. people keep asking why don't you do we're normal as in no i need to good use and it will expose corruption and this is a release and it would be for me i said this is a duty this duty of cockiness. in may
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last year zuma was finally vindicated by. the photo of the people i was. off to being rude for more than sixty years by the same party malaysians voted out prime minister knology percent and his were oppressive and corrupt government. when finally we achieved the victory for good people because i'm very happy to i couldn't sleep for two days tonight because i'm in the us. we're very very happy to achieve this. with the. sooners work documents no almost decade long rule greed and the alleged billions of dollars stolen from the country sovereign will found one in d.b. are a constant thing as is the former prime minister's wife roles. she's the most. ideal there's no secret. it's all secret she's in power
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but she's a godsend to me as a cartoonist. because they can use her to open up people's eyes about corruption so. that they her two seasons. in soon as world star wars becomes the steel wars. you see this is mary until it she she loves her diamond i mean the mark was there for sure chris. left. but she. chose to die a moment and everything everything. it's been a dramatic fall for the power couple banned from leaving the country police raids on their family home seized almost thirty million dollars in cash and more than two hundred forty million dollars worth of luxury goods and jewelry the most expensive
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piece valued at one point five million dollars there were nearly fifty four boats is going to bring him back and that was simply a bit containing garish jewelry and what. mr knowledge of the area and jelly and ice to make you place mr place deca say thank you in an exclusive interview with one o one east last october the former prime minister claims none know were ill gotten gains because of all the good that a lot. gifts from government yes there were there were there were gifts given you know by friends including. dos and so forth you know i had no intention of using some of the expensive gifts given to me or for the government no intention i want to keep them so that one day i put it in a museum. but his defense is dismissed by malaysian businessman deepak j. christian once
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a close friend and business associate of rolls maher you know she's just plain greedy she wants it all. the diamonds especially the expensive price the spaces. of keeping money it was easy for her to siphon off. the money and to keep interest simple place they've never imagined it will lose the election every magine the police were great the. deepak says local business people lavished rolls marc with jewelry in return for lucrative development contracts i'm not only want to many business men. or would the world would come and visit her in the house every day. and if we have a certain translation business transmission going on we are all smiled at point she would ask us to come to the house and show introduce us to destroy you that just bodies not much two million us. can you please make sure he gets the money by
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friday. so our job was to ensure that we send the money to do. your own money yes of course it's a lot of money believe me you have a billion dollar deal with her she's given you a major concession what the hell. what's a few million between friends you know i made. the most of the time it was in the house and he says no she was aware of the transactions he is spotty to everything in or sometimes even. compton seized the pieces yet meyers them he looks a little bit shocked when they see three million us for this particular seven kevin being diamon but he doesn't sit on by. his fellow aware of everything. and it wasn't just jewelry the businessman says he bored to ingratiate himself with the couple i have given the substantial amount of cash. properties
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cause. all these were given to do it in malaysia or indian u.k. i bought a bentley. for that in. a house in malaysia which was registered under me more that could not get spread that the as it. is part of the gratification. is when a friend eventually deepak says he found himself in twined in the couple's own business dealings i became good proxy invidious property dealings longing for the government i was fast we were choosing the property and this property was then flipped in a couple of months to different institutions organizations sometimes i really need to another government agency. profited more right so they were purchasing these property and then resell it easily and making money out of. that in gross mice and
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yes to business woman it's very difficult for her because last but mr prime minister and any property that she is identified it's always hers it went to a point where every project at the courtroom her. any cabinet minister who defied all start again so was just. you could say she's the defacto prime minister. and it seems from deepak sickout. didn't even trust her. but i was basically have confident. there were many things that. i had to be done including. taking documents from government offices and. for her to check on her husband. that she knew exactly how many contracts were awarded. she wanted. every single.
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might not be as dissipated as the harry potter books but the biography of ross my months according to rosemary's authorized biography her very expensive collection of jewelry came courtesy of official guests. little. tin would be state governments and leading business figure is not only spin up big on her biography they also indulge her singing ambition. over money co-sponsored by a subsidiary of the national petroleum. but today rosemary faces nineteen charges for money laundering and tax evasion as well as soliciting more than forty five million dollars in bribes for a government contract. but it's the world's biggest financial scandal that plagues
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a house but not to resign faces more than forty criminal charges from money laundering to abuse of the majority related to the alleged misappropriation of hundreds of millions of dollars from one n.d.p. and questions unknown being asked about the role his wife played. roles miles son from a previous marriage was a close friend of jolo the now. fugitive malaysian financier an alleged mastermind behind the full point five billion dollar heist razor is it is allegedly received almost two hundred forty million dollars of one m. d.b. money. and according to the united states department of justice used it to produce the hollywood blockbuster movie of wolf street and to buy tens of
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millions of dollars worth of realestate. different wife but no one will benefit more if. they did send it in getting. the one who. so you consider you know that from that also we know that she is very painful for something that seemingly didn't go on no interest by joel. famous for lavish parties private jets under two hundred fifty million dollars superyacht. allegedly laundered more than one billion dollars of one named money buying luxury real estate famous artworks and jewelry not only for supermodels but also for roles. the symbol of corruption. and displaying diamond from. the whereabouts of a pink diamond.


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